A few comments on things that we use through out this site, will help put things into perspective in what they call neuro-linguistic communications are the following:


© ‘OM’ is the name, sound-vibration of the ‘manifested un-manifested’ of the ‘True Unknowable’ that we normally use the word ‘God’ to describe; but neuro-linguistically speaking this word mixes many of us up as the word has been used and (to many) miss-used to describe all manifestations of our ‘Creator the Unknowable’ as it is understood. 


© We are all a ‘soul’ experiencing life here and now in a ‘human suit’. We do not think of ourselves as our body; but as the body as a bio-organic transport vehicle while we are here, (this life), experiencing at the lowest state of energy vibration. Our ‘soul’ is a construction of our ‘bio-organism’ (lead by our brain thus), our ‘mind’ interfacing with, connected to our ‘True Spirit’. This is explained/clarified by Christ ‘Jesus’ in contrast to the ‘Counterfeit Spirit’ that seeks to displace our ‘transcendence/ascension’ to the higher realms of conscious understanding in the Gnostic scripture ‘Pistis Sophia Unveiled’.


© That there are levels and levels, degrees and degrees of all things, and given life’s seemingly ‘paradox’ in most things; we need to become ‘enlightened/conscious’ of who we are, where we come from and what we are doing here. To this end investigating our ‘Karmic Astrology’ we will see the setup that we came in this life with (of our and divine beings construction) that has been activated via our ‘DNA’. While we investigate the ‘astrological signs’ that we were born with, we can also research the contradictions of ‘Religious’ terminology that we were born into and that has manifested as cultural differences.


© The ‘caveat emptor’ with our life, lives and the way we cope, act and understand the world is from the psychological process of ‘Narcissism’ that we all have to ‘grow through as a child’ and to some degree (thus that which needs to be transcended in order to ascend) or another propels/feeds the ‘Counterfeit Spirit’ or could actually be the counterfeit spirit manifesting itself within.


© The manner in which we can heal ourselves of this ‘Virus or Pathogen’ is in the communion with ‘Real Love’ that we also know as ‘OM’. As we seek ‘A(t)one-ment’ with ‘OM’ we will see that we are in fact ‘Requiting Love’ back to ‘Ourselves’ through the ‘Fluxion’ process of Quantum Physics, that is in Meta-Physics known as the ‘Totality of Primary Consciousness’.




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