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Dedication. 4

Where the soul starts. 5

The Formative Years. 7

What Went Wrong! 13

Adults should know better, should at least try harder, but they don't. Why?. 22

Why we don't live Love ?. 25

What is Love?. 27

Who or What is God Anyway?. 27

What is Faith?. 29

What does God Want of Us?. 31

The Need to be Re-Parented by God. 32

How Love is 100% Faith in God! 35

Making it All Happen. 41

Germinating our Soul: transcending negative energy. 44




This book is about us, all of us and of those that we only imagine to be our angelic hierarchies that watch over us, for few of us have had the ecstasy to be conscious after having interfaced with them. Many of us do not want to interface nor communicate with them, and a few of us do not even want to think that they exist. Just because we do not believe something, does not mean that it is not true.

God is everywhere and is everything, known as 'Love'.


We have all heard that said before, but what does it really mean? God is Love we are told, but then what is Love? God, Love, thus the chicken and the egg routine, or a paradox that gives us a headache and turns us away from it all.


God is Love that is unconditional in beauty, truthful in all manners and conscious of the justice of it all.


God is not wrathful, God does not have favorites, nor is impudent of anything. God is our creator having made the cosmos of Love, balanced energies with a few cosmic 'rules of the game'. Life is a beautiful game that some say is hide and seek with God; we just don't like to admit it as such.


God did not create war, destruction nor evil, God made cosmic rules of balance and we did the rest with the transformation of those energies, for the good and for the not so good of life. And, just as God has many facets to us, each one of us has our own 'soul growth' facet at a different level. We cannot all be in University or Kinder-garden at the same time.

To this end we have written this book that you now anticipating to 'devour' with keenness, in Five parts and some tables. This will allow each one to go into that section which seems the most appropriate, for further investigation. Let your intuition be your guide as to where you want to start.


Each part is a whole unto itself, and is not necessarily put in any order, other than that which we had it pouring out of us as we sat at the laptop and watched our fingers fly across the keyboard. There is a psychological/spiritual section; a section on the higher knowledge or science of ourselves aka 'Gnosis'; a religious section on Jesus the Christ and other ascended masters; a philosophical section (one with humor on our anthropology, or the'game plan' if you will); and one on fixing it all.


Psychology is scientific and spirituality is not. Spirituality is about our soul and psychology is not. But, when we merge the two, when we go back over the formation of either group, and bring into it the equations the other groups via 'Gnosis', then we start to see our own, inner gnosis and what all this beautiful stuff means. For it is beautiful as it was sent by God and God is everywhere and everything with Love.


During your reading you will find out things about our inner workings that you did not know, that you did not know. You will be amazed, amused and enlightened. Just what life is all about and you may also find out why we are here. There maybe a few tears along the road, but, most importantly you will find that God does in fact exist. That God is in fact everywhere and everything. And, that there is only four words needed to describe God:


Truthful, Conscious, UnconditionalLOVE.

†††††††††††††††††††† L††† I†††† F†††† E

††††††††††††† G††† O††† D

†††††††††††††††††††† V

†††††††††††††††††††† E

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Looks like God intersecting with Love is Life going forward, from the Id.



This book is dedicated to my father who was the greatest example of God (truthful, conscious and unconditional Love) I have yet to meet and to my mother who is the greatest example of Venus.


It is dedicated to my daughter Samantha for choosing me as her Dad and for being a spiritual teacher and student.

To my many friends, alive and dead who have given me so much to live for in this wonderful journey of life (and they still do weather in the here and now or from beyond), from kind words and deeds, to some of the greatest esoteric encounters.


But most of all to that' Lady of unconditional Love', who shared a cosmic dance with me and we found 'God Itself' together. I call her Venus (after my own motherís ways), and I know that she did incarnate and manifest Venus here and now. From the bottom of my exalted heart and from the universal energy flowing through my soul, I know her as my true soul mate.


I thank her as I would thank God for all that they have taught.

Love, unconditional, conscious and truthful.


May we all, always help and need to help each other and mankind.

Namaste and God forever.

Edward the Guardian

Earl the defender

Kemp the fighter


Where the soul starts


The world is divided as to weather we have a soul that is of God (eternally evolving) or weather 'this' is it and that is all, thus a soul that is really our mind (egoic).


What about the spirit and ego, how do they all fit in to the picture of what our soul is or is not?


Freud discovered that we are born with what he called the Id, an energy of chaos within us that has yet to be defined, and as we grow we develop the ego and the superego. We have discovered that the Id, is in fact, the seat of the seed of the soul within all humans. It is the primordial chaotic energy that we come back into life with. Back into life, because, we do spend a number of lives here on earth testing ourselves and growing into whatever we choose with our own free will to be. It is a sort of homing beacon back to God the Creator whom we will call 'OM' so that we do not get mixed up with the deities of other cultures that are various manifestations of God the Creator, yet are called God none-the-less. This beacon is in varying states of operation in each person, depending on the circumstances of the soul's lives and actions since it was made by 'OM'. There literally is a spot, a space in the astral dimension, the dimension of ether, where a record is kept of our soul's life, sort of like it's own biography.


When we are born, we have had our judgment/review day between the last life and this one, we have seen all the things from our previous lives and been able to focus and what else we need to learn and do in order to regain our angelic state that we lost aeons ago. We won't go into the cosmogony of it here, but we where all once angelic beings and got stuck playing here. Our judgment from what is known as the Mysteries of the Light, requires from us, as with all soul's regardless of where they are, that karma be rebalanced by ourselves, in the reborn life. We, our soul that is, penetrate the physical body and resides in or becomes the Id. As Fate is the cosmic comptroller of Karma, we are given a cup of forgetfulness (the main condition of being reborn here) of all that we saw between lives, as our psyche could not stand the stress that we would be under being fully aware of all those things. The situation gets a little more complicated by the fact that we have to pay penitence for our sins, as most of us do not want to think of things like that, but that is not the focus of this part of the book to cover that area. Suffice to say that the word chastisement does not start in the physical realm. Fate places within us, within our psyche what is known as guides that follow us throughout our life, helping us to do what needs to be done and extracting penitence when we don't pay it up voluntarily. It is all just part of the system that is place for a various number of reasons covered in other parts of the book. Suffice to say that we have a soul that is X number of lives old and is still trying to 'get it right'.


Ed.n. Since writing this material I was privileged to assist in the editing of a book on Quantum Physics to be published in the future. For those of you that are looking for more detail on the workings of the soul etc. and would appreciate the 'scientific' points can read 'The GranUniVerse' by Mike Spirit and you will find exactly what you have been looking for. This book correlates well with my writings, giving the detailed Quantum Physics coverage to it all.


'Getting it right' comes down to understanding that 'OM' is love, which is unconditional, truthful (without any lies) and conscious. Once we understand, embrace and start to live this aspect ourselves, then all starts to be unveiled to us. This has been the hardest thing to understand and accept by mankind since the beginning, which, is covered in more detail in other parts of the book. Suffice to say that we have a soul that knows God exists everywhere as everything and can understand God as 'OM', which is Love.


With these main points, (rebirth, karma and Love) we now have the understanding of the soul. As for the spirit, it is the energy mix of our brain and our soul; it is the stronger of two forms. Unfortunately for most of us we live 97% as our brain, or our neurological organism, which is in reality just our egos as in the egos and sins, process. We do not live our virtues and thus negate 'OM' as we consider ourselves to be God and we are the 'be all and end all'. The spirit is thus a counterfeit spirit that was put into place by Fate to help us with the work we have to do so that we can play in the game and what some call the movie of Life.


Our soul is of the energy of the 'OM', which we all know can neither be created nor destroyed, but only transformed. Once we humble our mind to the fact that we are not creators but transformers, then, we have room in the inn for God to manifest. The more we grow our soul, the more we know 'OM', which is really the reason that we exist. We are here and now to test all that we have learned and been since our soul was created, but where we are all going is up to each and everyone of us.

The Formative Years


We are born with the seed of the soul asleep inside the Id, we have our spirit guide from Fate that actually comes and goes within our mind (while we sleep) until we are about 5 years old, which at that point the system requires that it stays put. This is the part of us that moves out into the astral world each time we sleep as only the physical body needs sleep, not the spirit. Just remember all those strange things you heard and saw as a child, or that your own children have told you about and we all just say it is nonsense and not true and thus from the child's point of view, they must be lying, not really understanding the word lie nor what they are doing that is not right.


This point we will come back to later as to why and how come we (adults) lie.


As Freud explained and is considered generally accepted childhood growth, we go through various stages of learning to breathe (this really helps) cry for and receive food, distinguish shapes, cry for the shape we want (mom and food), suck, grasp and all the various processes of bodily functions and exploration of ourselves. Within these stages there is one that is called 'narcissism', whereby the child is thinking it is God and that all around them are at its' command. This stage more than any of the others is the one that if not properly grown through causes problems later on in adolescence and adulthood. Within this stage is that of feeding, toilet training and love. This is where the problems of self-esteem come from, where the greed comes from and thus the beginning of what many of us might shiver at, evil. We recommend that you read up on it and understand it for yourself.


When the child is first born it requires food and warmth, both which we will all gladly associate with the basic action of love. As it receives this love, it grows steadily into what it has worked out that it needs to do between lives and with the stamp of approval from Fate. The family that it is born into is reflective of and depends upon the lessons that need to be learned. Unfortunately, later in life the child will most assuredly say, regardless of it's circumstances, I really did not want such and such to happen, why me? Because you and Fate choose it without which we end up with mayhem as everybody wants to be what the other is.


Now this child is requiring daily care and love. The daily care on the simplistic things is like changing a diaper, but there is no real love in that, per se. Then it could be being fed, and the love there wares off once the child realizes that the parents have to feed it as all people get fed. So the only spot for love is in the parenting, in the nurturing of the physical child on the outside, but one that also has a soul on the inside.


We generally teach them some good manners that we consider to be enough for their needs, such as share your toys, don't fight, hug your sister or brother as well as, if you are not nice then mommy/daddy can't love you anymore etc. Funny thing is that at this point the child has heard the words I love you said to it, but it does not really understand the meaning, except that it has a good feeling with it, sort of like adults having sex, I am having a good feeling therefore, I love you. Yet, this in and of itself is not the love of the soul. You told the child that your love was conditional if she/he is not nice. As you go about your hectic day, the child is placed or given over to someone else to baby-sit while you go about making money or some other important adult action. The child senses separation and this has its' good and bad points. However, as the child is now just a commodity of sorts, the quality of love, if any is weak. Yet, the parenting goes on, but this time with usually a different approach than mommy and daddy use.


The child is mixed up and is getting two sets of signals as to what the word love means and what the actions associated with it and parenting are. Yet the child will survive thanks to the inner mechanisms of the mind and the ego-superego. The Id at this point is still for the better part asleep and is waiting for someone to help it wake up. Along comes the age of kinder-garden when there is hope of new learning and maybe even Sunday school, which will definitely be of help to the soul. Perhaps the patterns from either Sunday school or grade school will not be sustained at home, as all are busy with a multitude of things, yet the child is getting some type of nurturing. Love at this point has found its' way into a part of the actions that are not shall we say 'soulful', but more for the protection and subsistence of the child.


By now, we also see the development of the child's characteristics clearly. We know that it does this like mommy and that like daddy and that like the sibling, cousin or friend. That is exactly right, the child has repeated the patterns of the parent, both the conscious ones and the unconscious ones. Those that we would like to pass on and those we don't want to pass on. Worst yet, is that if the problem at the narcissistic stage was not noticed and corrected, the child will also have setup an inner protection mechanism that helps it survive those things that the soul would usually use to guide them through, if it was functioning and awake. Many even say that it is the soul that sets up various protection mechanisms that allow it to survive. This is off as it is the spirit that sees what is going on and tries it's best with the help of Fate to protect the soul.


The child is now integrated into society and has started to live the cultural controls and the family ones as well. The child starts to develop the superego of 'morals and beliefs' that will stay with it most of its' life, and in too many cases, haunt them.


We have to remember that we can only give the child what we have, and what we are perhaps aware of that we are lacking. Yet as the saying goes: 'most people do not know that they do not know, about this or that', meaning that it is as the blind leading the blind, with all of us trying so hard to convince ourselves that we had such a good childhood and it would be ok for our child to be the same and, just to be sure I will make sure things will be better. If we do not have our soul awaken, how can we help the child awaken theirs'? Just ask yourself and your friends if you would like your child to live, think and experience exactly everything that you did, and be ready for some surprises.


We all mean well with our children, just as the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Consciousness of ourselves' is needed in order to help the child and Love is the only answer. If you do not love yourself enough about this or that, then how can you expect to love someone else, even a child? You can protect it as you have been protecting yourself, but not love. And remember that while Love does have many manifestations, there is only one meaning, that of being conscious, truthful and unconditional in each and every application.


So now we are faced with a child that is seemingly ok from our point of view and from its' own point of view as well. Now is the time for one of the hardest questions: "what would 'OM' say" if 'OM' came down to you and the child right now and were to tell you all about that child's soul development, its' exposure to the virtues of life, the beauty of life and most of all to unconditional truthful conscious love?


Did the child become exposed to those things that you are ashamed of?


Would 'OM' say that you did in fact parent the child's soul?


Or did you place, albeit innocently, qualifications and conditions on these things with the child?


Has the child seen you do this or that, devoid of virtues, with others even if or when you did not think the child was being aware?


Has the child learned the dos and don'ts of life, both from the point of man and that of the point of 'OM'?


Because without these things, how can the soul be germinated, fed and grow in nurturing and parenting?


We all feed the physical body in whatever manner we choose and feel it suffices. Yet, we are not all that often feeding the soul, as we are too busy working and doing adult things, and justifying to ourselves that we will get to it when we start to do yoga, meditate, and read spiritual books. Yet how can we just do a few hours here and there and believe it is enough. Remember how long it took to understand math and science. How many hours per day for how many years when we were young and like sponges just sopping it all up. Try it now and see what would happen with all of our preconceived notions and fixed opinions that is our egoic mind. The brain is playing its' cassette in our head that it made as a child and unless we stop and rewrite it, we will never get to feeding our soul.


As the child grows in the grade school years, it tests boundaries and starts the rebellion process that will peak in the teen years. All of us have to learn to fly with our own wings, if we have any, or if we were fed to grow them that is. The wings are of our soul, not of our mind as the soul is free but the mind is not. The mind during this stage has been formed and modeled into what the system (parents and society) wanted it to become. Only the courage and the stamina of the soul can override this tape that has been written and is replaying all the time.


By being exposed to many other children, the child is hopefully exposed to a variety of cultural backgrounds in order to appreciated and understand the diversity of our world, and thus its unified Totality. With this exposure also comes the risk of being contaminated by those with fewer virtues than our own, thus conflicting with or even negating the good things learned at home. This then sends to child into another circle of doubt of this and that, while the soul is still helpless to help as the child has yet to germinate it, or at least really grow it into that which can help protect them by making the child conscious of what is going on here and there.


As with all things there is good and bad (until we transcend it all), so with the exposure to the other cultures and ways, we hope instead of praying that the child has the understanding to know how to keep the good and reject the bad. Yet if we or our spouse or the other child rearing ones did not have enough understanding, then how can we, or anyone have given it to our children? Mostly likely we have not and thus Fate will come into play guiding the child to rebalance karma the hard way, while at other times collecting good things for good actions. Don't think that it is a one-way street. Life is full of Love 'OM' that all things balance out in the end towards the side of love, not away from it.


Many children by this time are starting to learn that love and physical good feelings are tied in, that when an adult says to another 'I love you' there is some physical aspect in the meaning. When the grandparents say it to the child it usually means that I have something for you if you come close so that I can get a hug, steal a kiss and give it too you, bad breath and all. The children have learned from their own natural growth of the pleasure principal, but have yet to be exposed to it, unless due to some older person inadvertently exposing the situation, purposely exposing the situation or abusing in some form and then consoling with 'I love you' after the pain.


This is also of older siblings etc where most of the so-called 'sex education' comes from. As with just about everything in life, there is a right time and a wrong time in a child's development to be exposed to various things. The best time cannot really be found, but we do know from experiences and various studies that sexuality is better slower over a longer period later than earlier. When this function starts to be brought into a child's psyche, it will profoundly and forever change the child. Therefore, we need to make sure that the child is mentally ready for this exposure, be it by adult teaching or sibling curiosity. Due to the underling importance and ramifications of the material, the child may end up just adding on another problem to it's already full plate, but that no one really notices and understands from the child's point of view.


The pleasure principal behind sex is such that we seek it for the good feelings that it gives us. It is our neurological candy so to speak. There are times when we say it is needed the way it is done for procreation and at other times for our own enjoyment. Not many, other than the submissive passive spouses, say that it is for the enjoyment of the other, and even less say that it is from and for the communion of the two. And, at the bottom of this pile we have the question, what about the soul in the picture?


The child soul's is still trying to germinate and grow. It seeks the gnosis of each situation in order to adjust it's own ways, superego belief system and live them through their egoic mind. Yet what is over-looked is the soul's need for real pure 'OM' love that it has not been fully exposed to yet. The child has been given a set of physical manners called 'Love' that generates auto satisfaction from the biological instinctive centers, but does nothing for the soul's heart and moving toward the light 'OM'.


In the teen years when most are now exposed to the sexual cycles of boys and girls and the methods there of, the teen-child that is 100% ok or even 10% is pushed into the mating process to some degree by their hormones. The chemical mixing, attraction is making it tougher for their mind to be rational and work things out clearly. If the teen is pre-occupied with some creative endeavors, or has a solid well defined superego of moral beliefs that is well balanced from within, then the child will not be overly pulled by the hormones. Yet, even with this safety mechanism, the pull of peer-pressure and the seeking of instant gratification are greater and greater all the time. What does not resolve it self as either; diverted sexual chemical energy to creative endeavors, or through the release (orgasm) of the energy, will manifest itself in some manner that just adds on to the psychological baggage that is already within. The soul was not really parented as the body was, so there is a gap that any psychological protection mechanism will fill in order so that the teen can survive.


All this time the soul, unless it has been actively fed and nurtured just as the body has been, is bottled up, asleep inside the Id, waiting to be germinated. Its' germination will take place only when the proper mixture of Love 'OM' and parental nurturing is done to it. Most of us can relate to this when we realize later in life that we have many questions of this nature, be it called psychological, philosophical, religious, or any other word that takes away from our direct thinking of Love and 'OM'. We are not getting instant gratification and are therefore seeking a way to put it out of our mind, saying that it will drive us crazy and it is only for the theologians to think about. What they are negating is Love and what sexuality really is, and how it all ties into God.†††


What Went Wrong!


We are mostly of a nature that says, unless we can understand why, then we will not think about it and when brought up by others we will avoid it, make some philosophically sarcastic remark to it and then just push it away. We do not have to think or worry about it as we are too busy with so many other activities that we don't have the time, and when we do, we busy ourselves again so that we don't think about it. Why? What are we avoiding? We went wrong so where and how did we go wrong?


We all believe in love to some degree and those hurt by it, less than others, and those believing more in themselves and instant gratification, even less than the first ones. What we are avoiding is looking inside ourselves, in the essence of 'know yourself and you will know the gods'; to find what love really is, because we are too fearful. If we look that deep, if we ask those or too many questions, then we will have to re-write the psychological tape that has been playing in our head since our childhood, and we will thereby perhaps need to reconstruct our belief system that was spoon feed and in too many cases shoved down our throats.


So, we take love to mean exactly what we want it to mean, regardless of what the others believe. Sometimes we find those that think the same meaning as us and other times we don't. But, for all of us the meaning is devoid of the soul and its' growth. As far as love goes, it is of the heart and yeah; maybe my soul is in my heart. All the while the egoic mind is doing the rationalization. It means so many things, how can we really know what it is? Just about everyone, even those that do not use the word often, say I love you, in the heat of passion, yet this is just 'you make me feel good things', so where is the love.


We never learnt about it properly. We learned what our parents taught us from what they had learned about it from their parents and so on. We learned through some trials and errors with others like ourselves that had their own upbringing and parenting. We learned by the transference, sort of the osmosis of being a child, of what the parents and caregivers had, so did we get, be it right or wrong, or good or bad.


But as for the soul, it was not parented up to this point, it was not germinated and grown so that we could know what was what and what to do. Worst, in the case of just about all the baby-boomers we gave up on seeking peace and love, for sex and money. Once the gratification came along, we did not think about much else but our own pleasure, and without the church to bother us, as most of us pulled away from its' incorrect mannerisms. We just fell by default back into the system that was always in place (that taped psychological song) and that sooner or later takes over our actions as being from our father and mother in parenting us.


The system was not interested in our soul, it wanted only for us to obey it as we had obeyed our caregivers and 'toe the line'. With money as the reward, which would allow us more of pleasures, we did what the system asked of us, thereby almost forever more selling out our soul. The wrong was simply copying the other person without first discerning if the other was right. But, as a child how could we know the difference so we just went along. Yet as an older person, an adult we could tell the difference if we took the time to ask the questions that most of us started in adolescence, but we didn't as we had stopped at instant gratification and were content with that. Besides we do not have enough time on our hands to do the asking and look for the answers. Funny thing though, with Fate as our guide sooner or later it comes to back and bites at us and shocks us awake. Our soul's parenting and growth depend on it.


Have you never seen some old soul's go back to acting and being as a child, they have to as they never had their soul mature and don't know how to be old or what they should be doing at that point. Sure we have all kinds of medical reasons for just about everything under the sun, and some will even say it is part of God's big plan. Yet, who is admitting that it is the lack of the soul's maturity to its' own growth and being all it can be? No one is as most of all we blame God for just about everything and say it is part of God's plan, that way we don't point the finger at ourselves. The real culprit is always the other guy.


With 'OM' being love, 'OM' wants us to be happy and loving to each other, as in the saying when 'two people get together in the name of 'OM' then 'OM' is right there and all things can be accomplished'. The problem with this statement is that it is next to impossible to find two people getting together in the name of 'OM'; it is next to impossible to find two people that really agree on anythingand accomplishing things. Why, even a marriage is for an arrangement of sorts, for an accommodation of sorts, 'OM' is not in the picture, otherwise we would not have so many divorces, unwanted children and enumerable problems with couples and families. While you are thinking, not yours but the 'other guy', just remember that all in all, you are the 'other guy'. He lives somewhere and is somebody.


The biggest part of how we went wrong, in the realm of copying other people, is that we all have 'egos' and they make the havoc. We are not talking of the ego a person needs to have a chance to germinate and grow the soul, as this is what we would call the spirit. We are talking of those psychological defects that are within us, here and now, that get us to do what they want, and that definitely does not include parenting the soul.So we give the job over to Fate, by default, as somehow, somewhere, someone has to do it; and as we can pretty well figure out, Fate is not the easiest parent to grow under, as a matter of fact we can surely use words like chastisement and penitence to describe the actions of Fate.


The egos in the psychological sense have now been tied into the sins of spirituality. That is to say, we have a psychological characteristic that is not of the good virtuous kind and lends itself to us acting in a sinful manner. Sinful mostly in the sense that it is hurting our own soul's awakening and growth. So as we are all sinners, who is parenting the soul? No one but Fate, and as we fight against Fate, deny Fate and swear that we will get the upper hand one way or another, Fate just smiles and jousting with our own egos, gets us moving along our path, one way or another.


Our egos are not to happy with this process, yet they are still content in that they can make our mind believe anything that they want us to believe, including things like, you are 'OM', you are as great as 'OM', you are all o.k., there is no problem. Or, oh that little one will work out, oh that big one was God teaching you a lesson that you did not learn yet and merrily we go along with all of what our mind wants us to believe and do. If at any time we start to question them, the egos that have the control over us, they either run and hide, make us believe that we are 100% A o.k. or; give us a headache and send us to bed.


There the biggest one of all, the deepest rooted into our being can take over and make us forget. It will be either sex for sex, or some other numb-ifier that will make us forget what just happened and put us to sleep like a baby. Now we see that the egos are the ones that are parenting our mind but nobody, except Fate who just watches over, parenting our soul.


We allowed the egos into our mind and thus we can remove them, but we need one thing that most of us do not have a lot of. Courage to face ourselves and realization that as we have come this far with them, of course it will be a battle and some pain to get rid of them, consciously. For without getting rid of them, or at least clearly understanding them and keeping them at bay, we cannot parent our soul, germinate it and awaken from within. We will not get any closer to 'OM' than what we already have. And, for those that make themselves believe that it is enough, mostly as they do not have a lot of time to think about it, wait until you are retired and have a lot of time to do a lot of things, other than just playing golf.


The system that Fate is propelled by has interesting ways to get us to at least realize that we are not living 'OM', and thus, are not being all that we can be. 'OM' would like us to awaken our soul, turn on the homing beacon and be all that we can be. 'OM' does realize that it is not all our fault as no one parented our soul, as no one parented our parents soul and so on. But, in the humor of 'OM', 'OM' would tell us that as we re-incarnate from one life to the next, then we were most likely the ones that started all the none parenting of the soul, and thus we did do it all to ourselves. We guess the joke is on us.


But, seriously we do need to get a handle on the egos and what they are doing to us and thus to society as a whole. We originally got stuck down here in our angelic state, having played brain comptroller to often with the dinosaurs and enjoyed it too much, not to mention so much rutting that we drained our energy to the point of no return. The return is not possible in this present state of 'messed up' energies, due to contaminating the others, as we created the egos of our mind that we have to contend with and no one in the entire cosmos wants them. This is why most of us really don't want to take a real good look inside, we don't want to see our own mistakes that we made, yet they will not just go away or disappear, they are part of who we are, when we put the whole big picture together. That egoic part was not given to us by 'OM' as 'OM' does not know and recognize evil; we just zapped our energy by playing and by rutting it all out of our beings. We made the mess that we are in due to an absence of 'OM' love for ourselves and for others.


As we know, or are learning, sexual energy is the most powerful energy of all, for two beings one positive the other negatively charged, can produce a third one. This is the power of love, which as we said before is part of 'OM'. Yet if we do not parent our soul, that energy just goes to waste as the rutting energy from our playing with the dinosaurs and we are forever (well at least until the next cataclysm) stuck on the wheel of Samsura going around and around, being whatever gets handed to us as karma and re-balancing the actions that we did not know that we did not know that we messed up. There is a whole process to this, which you can look up under the books of 'Pista Sophia Unveiled' and the 'Nag Hammadi Papers, which also explains what happens at the next cataclysm if we are not awake. For those of you who are sleeping, you may want to stay asleep if you don't plan on waking up in time, whenever that is.


The egos are transferred to us, first by our parents then other caregivers, then by society and friends. Just as we learned all the things that we needed to feed, walk, wash ourselves, etc. we also learned to copy the actions of others. Good or bad, at the time we learned them we could not distinguish the difference (hopefully more good than not) sins or virtues and given the complications of neuro-linguistics, we had many a conflicting meaning, sometimes as many meanings as we had care givers. The poor soul was left to fend for itself and more often than not just kept its' eyes closed not wanting to be a part of what was going on.


Thanks to the spirit within us, it managed to setup some protection mechanisms in our psyche when things got really too heavy and bad to deal with. Our parent's egos were as they were, for the good and bad of it, and as children we would not question any of it, or at least we were not allowed to question any of it. We accepted all that they told us as fact and copied their ways, good or bad as our own. Our soul was sleeping or else it was shuffled around in order to make our mind fit the situation at hand for our superego's belief system would not allow us to remake what our parents had made in us. So the soul gets side stepped and who's left minding the store, our egos with Fate watching over things.


Fate is basically neutral in that it is there in order for us to rebalance our actions if 'OM' was not in the picture with the right energy when we did the action. That is to say that Fate helps us to be loving to each other and settle accounts, hopefully lovingly, but many a time as it does lead us into temptation, and as we have not awaken our soul by parenting it, we make things worst than when we started. We have to learn somehow and given the egos control over us, most of us will do nothing about anything until it really, really, really hurts enough, and hopefully it is not too late, or that too much damage was done by then.


Having copied this or that ego from a parent, our mind and our biological process is on its way and doing by copying just as the animals do. Foraging for food and rutting are two very animalistic instincts. Yet, what about the soul, who has been parenting it, who has even been focusing on it enough to say, yeah we have to make sure that junior's soul is fed and nurtured just like his body and mind? Well, actually nobody, for the mind is considered the soul and at that, we just have to make sure that we feed junior's mind with those things that we were fed and so on.


So, we put into process the raising of a child just as we were, our spouse was and how we saw others were as well. Along the road we would ask questions of was this or that right, i.e. the things we did not like in our upbringing, which did not mean the spouse was against it, nor with it either; leaving Love to ask the question, 'Just because you did not like it, was it not a correct method or manner? How did other children fare through this type of situation?'


When things are just copied from one to the other, there is no real thought put into the content of what is being copied. When a glitch comes up we fog it over with some belief that our egoic mind feeds us without really getting to the bottom of what is going on. We start to even believe more in the glitch and how we fogged it over than the thing copied, because it was our minds input, creation and it is better than what was copied because we put our mark on it. At this point it is sort of the animalistic instinct of marking our territory. The soul still has not been fed nor brought into the picture consciously.


You cannot copy a soul, as it is the most distinct energy pattern with no two having the same biography. A soul has to be grown, parented and nurtured, which from the looks of things all around the world has not been done very much.


The copying of egos is done by transference, just as we see transference in a psychological setting were a person is in therapy and transfers their feelings to the therapist. This is due largely to the fact that most people were inadequately parented and just about no one had their soul parented. At this point we hear the protest from all around the global by people saying I taught my child this and that virtue, and made sure that they learned it. This we do not doubt, but if you were to analyze the child and ask them as a mature adult of the process, you may hear some interesting differences of opinions on their take of it all. As they were no doubt raised with a few of your own egos putting in their particular aspects of it all. Let's do a little review of the psychological aspects of the various egos that are what we know as sins and their corresponding virtue and you decide if any of this was ever transferred (used by another to you) to you and thus transferred to your child.


The one that we hear the most of and that everyone will defend until the death (of the ego that is) is pride. Pride has been the cause of many conflicts and wars to the point that it is pride that is fighting pride and the cause becomes forgotten and lost in the mayhem. The virtue that we need to parent our soul with, to displace pride is humility, belief. Belief in that which is greater than ourselves and that direct line is with 'OM' via what Jesus the Christ did. The humility that we need to show is not that of a monk or some other that is not living in the mainstream, but the kind that we just do not go around thinking that we are better, stronger etc. for we all know that ultimately the is some one bigger and better etc than ourselves. Within the ego of pride, our self-esteem having been affected by some caregiver and pride jumped in to defend it, we find that we are just pumping ourselves up so that we can make ourselves believe that we are all o.k., even if we sense deep down inside that we are not. This is a sort of false protection mechanism due to the fact that our soul was not parented and we did not develop 100% belief in 'OM' as the answer.


Anger is offset by love and this is clear and to the point when we take a look at those who came before us, telling us all the time that if we love one another, then we don't have room for anger within. Anger is closer to the animal instincts than we realize, as it is part of the psychological trait of fight or flight, survival of the fittest. It is also one of the ways that fear (which we will talk of later) is used for controlling, even by little children. Learned behavior patterns are learned patterns, no matter what they are and how they are expressed. Each mind process it differently based on their particular biography.


Envy/Jealousy should be offset by altruism, all love for others, yet we are in such a consumer driven society and with more and more mass media, advertising etc. we cannot find any place in our mind that will want us to completely love others, unless we have this and that first, and on the way to getting it if we see anything new that we want we must have it first and then we will be all loving towards others, as we are the haves and they are the have not. To bad this did not work out all the time, then wars would disappear, for we would all be loving those who have not, which is the reason for just about all wars.


Gluttony is of course a disease from our inner weakness to use temperance. But, as we have not parented our soul to be so, actually waking it up to be in control, and just let our egoic mind state control it all, how can we stop acting that way. The problem is that if you have a lot of it you really won't ever get rid of it until you find real love, for that is what the void is that gluttony is filling. And, with the soul asleep you will not be finding real love anytime soon. Try waking up your soul first and see what happens to gluttony. Just remember to use some mind-controlled temperance when you start on the path, otherwise you will make things worst.


Badwill is of the type of poor me, why me etc., and can only be countered by goodwill, by sharing even the little bit of what you have with others. Over the ages the sages have told us and confirmed by the psychologist that when we have a problem and help others at that time, we end up solving our problem as we put it into context of the bigger picture. We see it not so much as poor me any longer, but as look at the good things that I can do, even if I am in this state of poor me.


As for sloth or laziness, just stop listening to your egoic mind, get off of your butt and diligently figure out who you are, where you come from and why you are here. If you are busy at work answering those questions, you will not have enough time to be lazy and for a change, the virtue wins out over the ego. Just remember that the ego is not only of the action itself, but also of the thought in the mind, which ends up with us committing adultery to our own mind, thus our soul, albeit that may still be asleep.


Desire is right up their on the list next to pride, for desire is purely an egoic trait of the mind, as in the story of God's first born wanting (desiring) to be just like him and then rebelling against him. It was the desire or wanting that made him fall in the story. If he had parented the virtue of aspiration within himself, then he would have been able with some humility to see that what he needed was not necessarily what he desired or wanted and 'OM' knows best as what the process should be. Desire is from a weakened self-esteem expecting that it's wants will be fulfilled, while aspiration is of belief that 'OM' knows and sees our needs and will help us to fulfill them, as we help ourselves.


And now we come to the last three (there are seven sins and three captains over them) which are Lust-Chastity, Greed-Unselfishness, and Fear-Courage, which are one as strong as the other, and all seem to work in unison. As we had mentioned before, lust is at the bottom of all of this so it will be treated last.


When we have the egos of another transferred into us, unknowingly of course, and when we transfer them into our child, spouse or someone else, unknowingly of course, in just about all situations we are doing so with the help of fear. It seems that fear is a great motivator, but a horrific ego that even keeps us from knowing 'OM'.


Fear has been used since we first got stuck down here as the motivator to allow another to control us. Control seems to be the biggest motivator behind using fear, as it allows us to have the power, that is the energy of the other person at our disposal. We can literally use their energy not only against them (as some of the martial arts teach us) but also add it on to our own to control others. All of us that have issues of control within our psychological makeup, also have issues of fear as a motivator.


Yet if anyone has courage enough within, to start to face their own fear, they will come to realize that fear, as with all the egos, is just a thin veil that is trying to shroud reality from us and that with a little effort, faith (like that mustard seed in the bible) we can do wonders, if not even assist in miracles. This faith in 'OM' is all that is needed to know that the courage is already there within us and that it is trying to wake up, but this is only possible when we become conscious of what is going on, what we are doing. But, we also need to know what it is that gets people using fear on others and that is were greed comes in.


When we look at greed as that aspect of our wounded or weaken self-esteem, and thus we become egoic towards ourselves, partly as a mind protection mechanism, and partly from our innate weaknesses that will not allow us to show it as such, we become greedy.


This greed is of the type that the ego is blinding us from what the real problem and issues are within us. This greed is our psyche trying to adjust for the problem at the narcissistic development stage that says, I am going to be the all powerful (the child has no concept of God) and I will eat you (or the thing) all up and I will posses it within me. For greed really is a synonym to narcissism, and narcissism is the most well found example of evil in our lives, for it is selfishness, without any emotion of love (or God) within.


It is a clear way to understand how we think and act without love for ourselves and certainly none (but a lot of distain) for the others. Unselfishness is a virtue that can only be taught by those that are unselfish, for many that are selfish have tried to parent others into not being selfish (for the goal of the real selfish one) and the one being parented at some point saw a weakness (actually light coming in from Fate) in what was going on that made them reconsider what was up and to start asking questions.


This questioning of greed, of selfishness can only lead to the ego drawing on fear to get, keep and maintain control. If the one being parented is somewhat awake then the courage maybe strong enough to offset the fear, or at least not give into it. But, as in most situations, where it is in fact the stronger going after the control over the weaker, then selfishness will and does win out over unselfishness. This is one of the things that makes 'OM' the saddest of our lot, for we are really devoid of love, not only for ourselves, but for all our brothers and sisters, to the point that we don't even consider 'OM'. What a mixed up situation.


But what is it that is propelling us not to pay attention to our parenting of our own soul now that we are older and supposedly wiser? What is stopping us from not parenting the soul of our child's or other people that we have an effect on? It comes down to the deeply buried lust or more to the point the absence of chastity. These can be viewed and used as a replacement to any of the other sins and virtues, as they are the strongest, that primordial energy within us and the root to our existence thus creation.


Adults should know better, should at least try harder, but they don't. Why?


Lust is the propellant of our sexual energies, and chastity is the control mechanism of that lust. Lust is a phenomena that affects only the material world, as it is not the joint union of the two energies, but it really is seeking to join the two. Just as we explained at the beginning, when we were in our angelic state playing with the dinosaurs and got stuck, the enlightened ones had to make sure that we stayed as separate energies (all angelic beings are androgynous) into positive, negative or what we call male/female. This was to make the process of awakening easier, or so they thought. What was not really understood at the time is that as the mind becomes weaker, it resorts to the basic animalistic actions without of course any soul consciousness in the picture. Being stuck, being as a bio-mechanical organism, believing that we are 'God', we created a whole matrix of egos that would control us away from being with 'OM' at all costs, for we were going to be the omnipotent ones and do as we pleased, just as in the story of Lucifer being the fallen angel.


Chastity was not an known issue for the enlightened ones as they were of the angelic world were all is love (OM) and many of these things where not known of, just being part of the expansion from what was created. As we became weaker in our feeble attempts to become unstuck (feeble as we wanted the pleasure all the time), as we were having too much fun anyway, the underlying energy that started all of our egoic problems was that which was the strongest one known and the one that came directly from 'OM' or is of 'OM', namely sexual energy, which we in our seeking for that gratification as in possessing it; we became lustful for it more and more. This ego of lust today does not stop at the physical act of sex but impedes in just about all the actions that we do and that take place. For the ego of lust is the fire that burns within all humans and the energy that makes the difference as to weather we will get the homing beacon working or not. The seed of the soul is in fact the source of that energy as it is the direct link to 'OM' and fuels us. Thus, why so many people are seeking to control others, for the god-like energy that is within them. It maybe unconscious to most that this is what they are after or what they are doing, but then again maybe it is not so unconscious. So with the lustful energy being bounced around, sought after, not understood etc. no one is taking care of parenting the soul through this process of working with it properly and therefore germinating and awakening from within. Outside of us is a vast infinite space; inside there is a whole universe that can be accessed with this energy.


As we continue to be ignorant of the power of this energy, it consumes us in various ways, like gluttony, which stems from a lustful nature that has not been tempered with chastity. We need to know ourselves better and how all of this works within us, but, suffice it to say that the expelling of this energy from our body (via orgasm, ejaculation and other non-conscious sexual actions) is the worst thing that we can do to ourselves, as it was back then and still is today the thing that keeps weakening our minds. Our ego of lust is fed the most as it can pick up on any little tidbit from any of the other egos, just as with mass media showing all that they are showing, which is in and of it self not the problem, but the way we perceive it, capture it with our senses, just as they know from their studies, and it goes right inside to activate our egoic mind of this or that. We were like a bad secretary receiving a communication and once looked at it was filed in the wrong place. What should have gone into the garbage went into our sexual center and created a chain reaction of events. Just as the Zen say the butterfly flapping its' wings in Asia causes a tidal wave in America, so does any impulse of the five senses that is not properly dealt with cause a chain reaction.


The reason that this ego is so over used is that we get pleasure of some sort from one of our senses in using it. But as the soul is not parented to make sure the child does not run out of control, our ego (which has not really been studied nor understood) is running ramped as we seek sensations. For most of us this is the affirmation that we are alive as we do not know or understand any other way than from the five senses. The possible existence, use and living with a sixth and seventh sense is beyond what we want to think of, as it means the demise of the ego. Yet, with the egos alive and strong within our mind, we cannot, are not, and to a great extent will-not, parent our soul.


So we live as the egoic minds that we made while growing up and our soul stays asleep. As Einstein said we use about 3% of our brainpower only. The remaining 97% requires consciousness to activated it and to activate it requires our internal energy. This internal energy source is in fact our sexual energy, which can be used for pleasure or consciousness. How did you think all those wise ones, sages since the beginning of time raised their consciousness, by magic? Well, most people can call sexual energy magic, as it is still just an unknown, and as with all things magical, they lose the magic part once they are understood. The main reason for only using 3% of our brain power, the main reason of what went wrong to the point that we are not parenting our soul, is that we miss used and still miss use our sexual energy.


We use it for perceptual gratifications, which places certain types of thoughts in our mind, which we can safely say are not of the virtuous kind. We use it for auditory gratifications, which in many cases other than stimulating those thoughts in our mind as the perceptual ones, damage our hearing. We use it for oral-factory (smell) gratifications, which are more often than not the first stage leading to an increase in the perceptual gratification. It does further stimulate our thoughts that the egos have set in motion and feeds/makes the sexual center spin faster as do all the senses when connected with these thoughts. We use it for the gratification of touch, which is the next step in either a courting dance or a dance of making it.


Whichever one is using it does not matter, as they end up using the energy unconsciously to our soul, but very planned by our egos. Finally if we have gotten the object or if we are rejected the gratification of taste comes into play. We either end up kissing and licking the object attained or we settle for comfort food. Both do the same thing, they put an end to the cycle of the spinning sexual center that has attained its gratification no matter how good or bad. We lost the energy that could have been used to feed and parent our soul, that could have made the whole process unnecessary and that if it (the process) had been done consciously, we would have attained some enlightenment, grace, bliss and a much better relationship with the object.


That poor child soul is still within us asleep and of the ones that are partly awaken, too many have wounds that need repairing. That poor child's soul is still looking for proper nurturing and parenting. That poor child's soul is in need of the most powerful energy in the cosmos to heal it and that has its root in our sexual energy.


That poor child soul is looking for real Love, 'OM' style Love, which very few of us live and act as. But, our parents never got it and therefore could not give it to us. We never got it and thus cannot give it to our children, therefore as our children will not receive it, we know that their children will not either, and thus we all just perpetuate the 'egos'.

Why we don't live Love ?


We are always saying that 'I love you' (or not saying it but when confronted implying it) yet we do not even know what it means. The sarcastic ones will say that it means different things to different people, just like God means different things to different people. The intellectual ones will try to analyze that it is neither a set of words nor a set of actions that can be defined as it refers to the abstract of the heart and soul, if there is such a thing. The religious ones will refer it to God and then to sexuality as the lustful nature behind it. No one is really thinking of it in the pure sense of truthful, unconditional, consciousness, also known as 'OM', the energy of the Mysteries of the Light.


We were not taught love.


We were taught things like, security, safety, friendship, then liking this and hating that, courage of this and fear of that, work hard at this but that is futile, and wanting this when I want it and getting it one way or another. Thus, we were taught the world of dualities, that the world has two meanings, good and bad.


What we were not taught, what we were not parented with, was all the virtues, and even what we picked up at church was mixed messages from all the problems that they had, that the hypocrites made of it, so we just gave up on it. We allowed our soul to stay asleep, not to be germinated, awaken and parented.


As a child we were frozen in fear of it all and then as we grew up and started to realize the gratifications that we could have instantly from our senses, we went with them as it was easier than thinking about the fear and why it was used over us, or how to fix it. It was literally more gratifying than asking questions, trying to parent and thus nurture our own soul. We were told this and made to believe that, and as it was our caregivers extolling their knowledge on us as a child, as a teen and even as an adult, who are we to ask questions, to disagree with the system, to rock the boat or upset the apple cart. We did not think of parenting our soul, we did not think of finding out what love really is, we did not think of God. Thereby we never found out and understood what Love is. We all live our lives as the set of egos that were transferred from the others to us. Yes, with a different spin on this one or that one, but basically the same set of ones your parents and caregivers had, so do you now posses as your own, as you. The problem is that this is not the real you, for your soul is asleep or wounded trying to be feed, parented so it (the real you) can be all that you can be.


The result of this paradox of egos versus the soul can be found in all the psychological situations that we put ourselves through, with a little (or a lot of) help from our friend Fate. These situations can be found throughout our growing periods.


From the tantrums of a child (lack of love and understanding is the problem for the child) through the rebellion of a teen (the lack of love and understanding is the problem for the teen) to the mid-life crisis of an adult (the lack of love and understanding is the problem for the adult) but this time it touches the very core of the being as it has had years of exposure to all of what the system calls reality and has a chance to be comfortably numb and avoid it all, and some have had Fate saying wake up and smell the coffee and the roses. More often than not the egos win out on each and every one of these situations, as they are stronger than the sleeping soul, they are in charge and we would have to displace them and replace them.


They have a strong hold right into our superego where our beliefs and our morals of what was taught to us lie (pun intended) from the system, which have now become part of our unconscious mechanism of defense and coping. It is now ours to do as we please, and to even pass it on to our children. We would have to re-write this prerecorded tape that plays so deep inside that we almost need a miracle to fix it. Or we can ignore it and just transfer our egos to our children just as it has been done since the beginning, yes, when we first got stuck here and we have yet to fix the situation. Just as it was pointed out many a time in some biblical sayings, 'so will it be unto your children and their children' and so on and so on. But, miracles do exist, and the funny thing is that miracles all contain one element above all others, actually two as I am reminding myself, that will do it all the time. Love and Faith, or is it Faith and Love.


Now, now don't go too religious on us at this point, we have always been talking from the psychological and spiritual (our inner mind workings) sense and have said nothing about the system known as organized religion, or organized whatever noun you want to use. In evolution all things have a place, a reason, for the good or the not good of it. But, it is evolution as nothing can stand still and evolve. What stands still, like most marriages and other relationships, just involutes, goes backwards and just makes Fate's job that much harder, not to mention having us repeat 'Groundhog Day' (the movie) so many times until we wake up to ourselves and get on our path, into the program as it were. The program is our re-programming our inner voice of transferred egos that keeps telling us this and that.


Love is 'OM' and Faith is the faith in 'OM' and our homing signal, the beacon inside of us that is not activated, known as our 'Soul'. We need to parent it, but how?


What is Love?


It is safe and factual to say that Love is energy. That love is the energy of all energies. That Love is the primordial energy of the cosmos, universe or what ever word you choose to use. We choose to use 'OM'.


Love is an action, a verb that expresses the soulful ness of the being that we are. Love is all the truthfulness of all the beauty that we have ever seen, do see and will ever see.

Love is unconditional in all is aspects and actions.

Love is consciousness of all our senses, known and unknown, when used in our virtuous ways.

Love is the sexual energies that make up everything and activates everything, just as in the concept of 'perpetual motion'. God thought of it first and made it happen, as to what God is, 'OM'.

Love is the union of two souls (it would be nice if they are awaken first) in which one loves better and the other loves more.

Love is God, 'OM', with the Trinity, the Father (consciousness) the Son (truthfulness) and the Holy Ghost (unconditional-ness).


Who or What is God Anyway?


Just as when we were children and started to ask questions about this and that, where do we come from and those types of questions, the parents with short fuses, the parents that never asked those questions, themselves that did not want to know of the existential questions of life, quickly put and end to most of our souls seeking germination. For how can the seed of the soul be germinated when we do not realize (or do not want to realize) that it is there.


So as we were told God did this and that, we were told not to ask were God came from and worst of all growing up we were told that to think of such a thing would make us crazy. We all went a little crazy thinking about this a bit and then dropped the whole issue, some of us thinking if God did not come from some where then God does not exist. The endless loop known as the wheel of Samsura, around and around until we decide to get off, wake up to our own 'Groundhog Day'. When the gardener does not see the seed and nurture it, nothing will grow. But seeds are resilient and can last a long time waiting to be germinated.


The answer to the question of where does God comes from lies within God. Only God knows the answer to that one and we are not about to get hung up on it, as we know that 'OM' exists and is Love, truthful, unconditional, and conscious. And, given that just knowing that is a handful for most of us, why would we want to know the unknowable, when the unknowable is all around us and most of all inside of us, waiting to be germinated and awakened. At that point we know the 'unknowable'. We just need to 'Be' to 'Act' as in Being/Action the unknowable.


'OM' does not reside outside of your body per say, as 'OM' is everything and everywhere (not to be confused with things like war, which is the absence of love, thus absence of 'OM'). You can rest assured that 'OM' or a part of 'OM' is inside your body, your mind, right now. Take a minute to relax inward and say hello to 'OM'. 'OM' would love that and may even give you a big smile or make you laugh. 'OM' loves you that is for sure and always did, does and forever (as long as your soul lasts) will do so.


We would prefer not going into the 'as long as your soul lasts' here, for it is a little depressing and not the point of this writing as we covered it in the other part of the book in 'Spiritual-Psychology'. Quite frankly talking about it once is enough, and as the saying goes, 'try everything once' we did and now we are on to this subject matter. So do you see or sense 'OM' smiling, laughing or at least giving you a big bear hug. When the system placed 'OM' outside of us, they allowed themselves to come between 'OM' and us. This was a greater part of the message that Jesus brought to us back then, yet it was still manipulated and obscured so that it would not get to the masses as such.


The system wanted the control over us so they put themselves between God and us. They were trying to copy Jesus as they being the path to God, the thing that they forgot was that Jesus as the Son of God, was showing people the 'esoteric' part of nature that is needed in order for the soul to be all that it can be. They did not pick up on this and if they did, boy are they ever in really big trouble with Fate (karma) and 'OM' for the lies or what they legally like to call, the 'incomplete' truths of what the path really is.


What they interjected between us and God was Faith, that was required to be part of their system as the path to God, and this goes for all religions except those that do not have the doctrine of them between God and us. They required us to have Faith in them if we expected God to listen to us and help us. They abused the word Faith, till it made us fed up hearing it and dropped it from our vocabulary. The funny thing with our mind is that when we give up something, something else will take its place. If the inn (our mind) is full, where will we sleep (the words fit in)? So out with one thing and in with another. And, guess what that is, that is taking over where some space is made? Well unless you are working on germinating and parenting that soul child, you just gave your egos more room to run things and take charge. What happened to Love and Faith?

What is Faith?


It is the act of trusting, believing and incorporating something within our system, within our conscious mind that extends to the superego and sets up or reinforces that belief structure. It is having Faith that there is a God ('OM') and that you have a direct line of communication with 'OM', as 'OM' is everything and thus all around. Remember do not confuse the absence of love like war as a mean 'OM', it is the absence of 'OM', just like when Dad would tell the two teen boys that would always be fighting to go out side and fight, and as they went at it out of the sight of Dad (war), he would suddenly appear out of nowhere to set the virtues back in motion, usually through chastisement.


Faith is one of the bigger parts that are lacking in most of us, as we do not even have enough belief in ourselves, as in a good self-esteem and thus many have over compensated by becoming that narcissistic person of the wounded inner child, thus inadvertently evil. The self-esteem having been injured along their growth path, switched to the narcissism of being the best and the strongest to cope with the direct lack of love from the caregivers that could have supported or corrected their weak self-esteem, but, what the parent had themselves they just passed it along, like the genetic code. The egos have there own set as well, albeit etheric. If we do not believe in ourselves, if we have a belief system that has inherent problems to it, then how can we ever believe enough to fix it? Faith with Love.


A neuro surgeon student that was learning from one of the greatest neuro-surgeons ever, told a funny story. As they discussed all of the various factual cells, organisms and chemical reactions of this and that, the surgeon said, 'now class, in order to understand the part that I just detailed you have to take the 'giant leap of faith' in order for it all to make sense'. Very interesting to hear those words from a scientist extraordinaire He must have been a mystic or messenger of God. Suffice it to say that where just about all else fails, when we have been stuck long enough on one side of the veil trying to get through that very thin piece of our mind, that it is starting to hurt enough, along comes Faith (as well as Fate) to give us a hand at what was missing. 'OM' of ourselves.


With Faith we can start to parent our soul. By the time (actually karmic actions from within thanks to Fate) Faith comes along we have at least germinated the soul, and like all new parents, maybe worried or concerned as to what to do. With Faith we all end up finding and doing the right thing to start with anyways. This start is having Faith, knowing that Faith exists within us to strengthen our weakened or wounded self-esteem and start to nurture our soul into being all the it can be.


With Faith you can climb mountains if you want to.


With Faith, you can understand and be Love, that which is being all that you were born with the innate capacity to be.


Faith is trusting in 'OM' and all that it means and represents to our soul, thus to our being and thus to our life. Faith is not a doctrine of this or that, nor is it a belief of this or that. It asks only that you have the belief in God, in a God that is 'OM', manifest in everything, everywhere and knows not of mean and evil, which are simply the absence of 'OM'.


Just like a computer switch ' 1 or 0' which is 'On or Off' which is, in simplistic terms, God with Love 'OM', God with the absence of Love, God. i.e. the word that we keep using all over the world to represent the various manifestations of 'OM', but that is not the totality of 'OM'. A part is missing, and that cannot be for 'OM' is whole and at Onement within.Have a cup of Faith today and see if your awakening soul senses the difference, and, be ready from some loving surprises. 'OM' wants you to.



What does God Want of Us?


It is not what can God do for you, but what can you do for God. Try living and being all that you can be, with 'OM' conscious within your soul that is awaken. 'OM' being what 'OM' is, seeks exactly what you can define 'OM' to be in your world, in you inner soul's world that is. Think of it this way, if you where 'OM' what would you want of you. Not just the little things that you can easily blurt out or think. Take a moment, you have ka-zillions of them anyways, and think. What would I want of me if I where 'OM'? That is the answer. Like to know yourself, so you can know the Gods. To be all that you can be so that you can be your brothers and sisters keeper. To boldly go were few have gone before, 'total conscious love' with unconditional truth added in.


'OM' made us all so we are directly all part of 'OM'. Thus the saying that 'OM' is the 'Totality' of what was, is, will be in any shape or form. We are, that is to say our souls are the children of 'OM', so 'OM' as the parent wants us to be all that we can be and do all that we can do. But, most of all 'OM' would like to be consciously recognized ('OM' gave us free will) as what 'OM' is. Love, unconditional, truthful and conscious. Remember that we were all angelic beings at one point, and got stuck here. We were just out playing, like our children do and had a problem getting home. And, just as we would go out looking for our child and take care of the problem, 'OM' put into motion the process for us to fix the problem and know where home is at the same time. 'OM' put the seed of the soul, our own homing beacon, inside of these bodies that we are stuck in, so we could germinate it, awaken, go home and start it all over again, stronger and fully conscious. Actually, once you become conscious or as they call enlightened, you start to understand it all clearer and with more perspective of the 'Totality', which makes it easier to decide what you would like to do. Don't sweat the big stuff just yet. Work on baby steps and you will get there.


All 'OM' wants of us, is to become conscious, if we want to. 'OM' made the game we call life and 'OM' gets to set the rules. P.S. this is just so that we don't mess things up for all the others that are playing the same game. But, given the fact that we have yet to really awaken our soul, yet to parent it, we need to go back to the beginning and do the job right, for ourselves, if we want to for ourselves and thus for the love of all others. We are all part of the solution or the problem; ambivalence is not an option here. Well actually it is, but then there is a set of karmic situations that it creates. Parenting is better.


The Need to be Re-Parented by God.


So we found out that the seed of soul is asleep within, waiting to be germinated and parented. We have understood that with Love and Faith in 'OM' we can become conscious and enlighten our soul. Yet, we still realize that with our own parents and caregivers not having done the parenting of our soul, how can we do it ourselves. We had enough worries with a physical being and now we have to turn around 180% to re-write a preprogrammed tape playing somewhere in our sub-conscious that is attached to our super-ego and all of this is just abstract to a meat and potatoes kind of person, (vegetarians included).


Hello, just as our parents forgot about the parenting of the soul, are we going to forget about 'OM' now that we know 'OM'?


Are we going to try and do this all ourselves as if 'OM' does not exist?


Why would we even want to think that we could and try?


Does it still not hurt enough yet?


Just as a child, we would ask our parent or caregiver for help and understanding, the miracle in life is that with our direct communications with 'OM', we can ask 'OM' for help and guidance. 'OM' wants us to, wouldn't you if you where 'OM'?


'OM' is not abstract in that 'OM' is everywhere and is the 'Totality'. Our soul was not parented by anyone, so why would we go to just anyone and ask them for help?


They would just turn around and do what they did parenting our physical part, our mind. They would just transfer another set of egos, maybe a different person, a different situation; but none-the-less a set of egos just the same.


Sure we can use anyone as a resource center on where to go to seek the information we are looking for. We can use anyone for help on this part and that part. But, we will also learn in this process that most of those which we will call 'open' ones are seeking the parenting themselves and have their own set of egos, as we all do. What we really need to do is to setup that communication line with 'OM' as our guide and source of inspiration to do all those things that need to be done.


We have lived most of our lives from our egoic mindset and not from our virtues per say. We have not been overly exposed to the inner workings of our psychological nature thus do not really understand our personal characteristics and traits. We have been winging it, and many would like to say doing a good job at it. The sage would ask one simple question to that statement, 'Which ego is saying, doing a good job at it?' Where there is an ego, there is no room for the virtue.


With Faith in 'OM' all things start to become possible and the real essence of life comes through to us as that one beautiful thing that it is (or should be) 'Love'. And as Love is 'OM', we start to actually live as 'OM', that is to say we actually start to live as that loving being we all have within, that is unconditional in it ways and truthful in it's mannerisms and most of all conscious in all things. In fact what we are doing is consciously becoming aware of 'OM' and not just doing it from rote or from fear of this and that.


'OM' will first parent us in our security needs of that when all is said and done, our soul can always count on 'OM' for the things that it needs. Please do not confuse this with want, which is from our ego. Once we feel secure in our place with 'OM' we will be lead onto the feeding of our now germinated soul. This parenting or nurturing will be just like the same steps that a child does, it will be just like watching us parent our own child, only this time we will be the child (as we all have a wounded one inside of us in some shape or form) and 'OM' will be feeding us all those things that we need to grow and be confident, strong and literally all that we can be.


'OM' was, is and will always be there for us. Just as we can count on some relationships coming and others going, due to their impermanent nature, we can count on 'OM' always being there for us, as 'OM' is the only energy that is permanent. Just as when we reincarnate we can come back with a real pure loved one, a sort of soul-mate, but our true soul-mate for eternity is 'OM', always welcoming us back to where ever we are, for wherever we go there we are and there is 'OM'. Everywhere.


'OM' will not punish or make us repent for this and that. 'OM' will not ask of us to pay penitence or extract karmic payments from us. That is the job of Fate, that was required to be setup as we got stuck here and our energies were contaminated with egos, which have no place within 'OM'. Fate will help us see the error of our ways so to speak and once we are conscious of whatever situation, we will know at that point what to do. If we were to try to think of and know all that is to be, our minds could not comprehend and handle it all, as our energies have been dissipated from various things. We would more likely than not go crazy, that is to say, if we are not already, albeit not conscious of it, as we are asleep. It is safe to say the more asleep we are the crazier we are. The only exceptions are the loony-toons, who started to become conscious without 'OM' as their guide and then decided that they would rather stay asleep. This is a real no, no. So if we are not strong enough yet, better just keep asking 'OM' for the courage and strength. As the saying goes, 'OM' will not give you more than you can handle at any time. Just watch out for Fate, it does not have the same meaning as 'OM'.


Aside from most of the forgoing, who would not want to be parented by 'OM'? Who would not want 'OM' as their best friend, constant companion and personal guide in this wonderful world called 'life'? Just use tact when you are telling all your friends about it, some get a little touchy when you start to talk about 'OM'. But, the fun part is that if you want, with your own free will, you can start to tell them all about 'OM' and then they can tell two people and so on and so on. Just like that silly commercial, make one up for the boss as well, 'OM' does have a sense of humor. Look at our predicament.


How Love is 100% Faith in God!


As we need to be parented, nurtured, 'growed up' as they say, both in the physical and spiritual sense; there is one source of food that is paramount, without which we wither away, become a vegetable and die, both spiritually and physically. That source is the source of all that exists, Love, 'OM' style. Without LOVE we cannot do very much. Even those who were wounded in love and love no more, had some of it when they were first born or somewhere in their growing process, otherwise they would not be here to tell us that they don't love. At some point we come to understand that it is just their egos talking, the one that got wounded and is now taking on the job as the wounded inner child. Just look anyone deeply in the eyes, feel their very being and we can see that it is in fact the wound that is talking and not the soul. When the soul talks, it does so in a 'other worldly' manner, just as if it were 'OM' we were talking to or looking at. It is, as the soul is directly connected to 'OM' and if it is at least germinated, then it can be sensed by our intuition, not so by the rational, which is under the control of the egos.


Intuition and all the other innate abilities that we all have but do not use, as we only use about 3% of our brain power; is more an act of faith than an scientific one that can be looked at under a microscope. Faith is of 'OM' and is the tie, into, Love. You really cannot have one without the other, as Love without Faith leads to insecurities and other psychological defects. Faith without Love leads to emptiness and emotional instabilities of the anger kind, sort of like the 'fire and brimstone' of olden times. God on the other hand is always there and has no reason to prove anything to us, to show God's self-etc. It is up to us to prove our consciousness to God, and the only way to do that is to know God as 'OM'.


Who would want a God that is mean?

Who would want a God that is wrathful?

Who would want a God that is conditional?

Who would want a God that is evil?

Who would want a God that can do nothing about, or does nothing about evil?

No one that is of a sane mind, being or whatever is awake and thinking inside of them.


'OM' created our world in a manner that is still being understood, as to the hierarchies, the internal system of energies and control thereof. And, yes some have been here on earth and are still here, that know and understand the process, as they are emissaries of the Mysteries of the Light. Unfortunately for most of us, we do not really want to listen to them for whatever reason. Just because we, that is our egoic mind, does not believe in something, does not mean that it is not true.


So the system is as it is, 'OM' created it, let's call it the game of life, and 'OM' set some basic rules (let us not get into the commandments in this writing) as was a creator's right and will, without which we would not be here. Within this system that 'OM' setup we find our free will, and as to weather it came in from the beginning or that we only have it and the enlightened ones don't, or the angelic ones don't; is not of very much importance to us at this stage. If our soul is not germinated, what does free will mean, when it is only our egoic mind with the multitude of egos, also known as psychological defects, spiritual sins controlling things? Just because we can think of something, or want something, we all know that it does not necessarily work that we will get it. Why?


With the injection of egos because of our greatly reduced energy field when we got stuck in this situation, the egos or that which was at the time, mechanical actions and reactions of a repetitive kind to propel some inert object, is the real reason why things that we can think of from our mind are not always worked out in reality. Our mind works within this dimension only and devoid of the thoughts of Fate, karma and the like. Therefore, our mind is limited to what the egos can make us believe is or is not. As our soul, for the most part of all of us, is abstract and the ego is of the thinking mind, we believe it all. This happens especially if those caregivers that we respected and trusted transferred the egos into us. After all, why would they lie, or at least why would they not tell us the whole truth?


Remember those sayings of Jesus, where it was the blind leading the blind and they would fall into a ditch? Well, our egos are blind to anything outside of the mind and the other egos, and even those they do not really recognize as they are in constant battle over taking the lead position or control. The egos are the single thing that limits us from germinating the seed of the soul, or growing the seed of the soul, or of attaining consciousness. The ego is the dark side if you would like to use the terms of the world of dualities and the sleeping soul is the light that needs light to awaken, survive.


The ego is unconscious of Fate and karma, much less any of the higher enlightened parts of our system and process. Without this knowledge, at least in a basic understanding, the egos will continue to control and parent us the way they want to and not the way our soul needs us to be. Thank 'OM' for Fate, for how can we have Faith in something that is abstract unless we can rationalize, intuitively that with a little bit of Faith in Fate as a guide and help, things will come to be, not so much as we want, but as our souls needs. Just as the saying is, 'thy will be done' we should add on, 'and not mine, that is just what my egos want'.


We have seen situations over and over during our life, that defies explanation of what we would call, 'making sense'; which is really making sense to our ego. Yet, somewhere inside of us we just got that feeling that, yes, that is what is suppose to be, or yes, that is what is needed; even though at the time that is not what we wanted or asked for. What the heck happened? Good luck? Well luck does not really exist per say. Destiny? Well destiny is actually the date of the demise of your physical body, sort of the 'best before' or 'expiry' date. So what was it? Fate.


Fate is making sure that we somehow rebalance our karmic actions that were unbalanced by us, or to us from others. Fate is our guide as we awaken to ourselves and start to parent our soul's growth. Fate is not of the egoic mind, but of the etheric world. Fate does not do what we want it to do, but helps us to do that which we need to do, for the sake of our soul. If the hierarchy of the enlightened ones had their way, we and all of our egos, would simply be wiped off the face of the earth as a contamination of an experimental accident and started anew. But, with 'OM' as Love Fate was setup to help us germinate, parent our soul and grow to be all that we can be.


Sure, Fate does extract karmic rebalancing via chastisement and penitence; what parent would not do as such, if the child, teen or adult was in need of it, but not necessarily wanting it. Fate is not doing this to our soul, which unfortunately is sleeping, but to our ego, and this is what makes it seem worst than it really is because our egos like to dramatize things. Why just take a look at your own personal psychological characteristics and under the part of 'dramatic' (which is part of everyone's character) see if there is not some 'histrionic' thus egoic part which is the weakness of the character trait and thus where and what the ego is playing around with.


As a matter of fact, while we are at it, we can run down the fourteen character traits and match them to the character weakness and see what ego is hiding out there. This makes two character traits for each ego to the power of that result. Boy oh boy, that makes for a whole lot of egos. We have come to the conclusion, albeit a little bit arbitrarily, that, this is what happens to us when we do not parent the soul. Just another really good reason of why we would want 'OM' to parent us.


So with a little understanding and faith in the fact that Fate is around us all the time, guiding us and trying to help out, while not interfering with our free will, then we can start to see that 'OM' is in fact, and, has been in fact, parenting us from the beginning. At this point the skeptics would be saying something like, well if 'OM' has been around doing that since the beginning, and we are in this state that we are, then something is wrong; and they would be right. Remember that we have free will and can choose to be as we choose to be.


If we choose to work at our job 80% then that is all we do. If we choose 110% then that is what we will do. The same thing goes for what we call love. If we choose to love our mate 80% (while telling or making believe that it is 100%) then that is exactly what it will be. We generally do exactly as we make our minds up to do. So how does this fit into our situation with 'OM'? Think for a bit on this question. How much faith do we have in 'OM'? Really think on this for a moment being very truthful to ourselves. That is exactly how much 'OM' has been helping us out since the beginning with our soul's germination, awakening and parenting. Some of us more than others as we all know, due to the fact that they have a higher percentage Faith in 'OM'.


And, what would happen if we had 100% faith in 'OM'? Would we have attained 'true love' and all that goes with it? Think about this for a bit and then try intuitively to answer the question truthfully to ourselves. As much as we value ourselves, so does 'OM' value us. As much as we value 'OM' so does 'OM' value us.


Or, try on this thinking process with the help of 'OM' as our parent and guide to understanding:


If we give of ourselves 100% in a conscious, unconditional, truthful manner, we are expanding and transforming that energy within us. As we do so, and we can all agree on this point, we will be given back at least what we put out and many times, ten times as much. So focus this 100% to having faith in God, 'OM'. This faith will now take up more room within our mind and our being; doing actions that are virtue based and not ego/sin based. We will have a more consistent flow of energy and communication between ourselves and 'OM'. Knock and someone will answer, literally means that 'OM' will always be there answering, in one way or another, based upon the matrix of who we are and how we ask.


Not everyone is in first grade at the same time.


If 'OM' were around us all the time, parenting us; what would be the biggest difference that we could see and feel with ourselves? Love growing within, or, more to the point, our soul growing within. To make it even clearer, our soul that is part of 'OM', who is Love (unconditional, truthful and conscious) and which itself is Love, growing within us, as us being more Love. So now we start to actually be love, from having 'OM' parent us where most others failed, or at least messed up in the process.


We are now turning ourselves into real human beings, real soulful people. We are love, which is itself, 'OM' and thus we are really being a part of 'OM' and thus a part of everything that was, is and will ever be. So, just like One for all and all for One, which in the song became One for Love and Love for All (not really but this works better), being at Onement with Love, that is being Love, is being at Onement with God, 'OM'. From this point of Onement the next natural step is to be at Onement with our mate. This process is easier than it sounds and seems, given that we are now with 'OM' and as we start to extol all those virtues we will see others around us changing for the better. We will see a marked improvement in our relationship with our mate, as we are now two beings getting together in the name of 'OM' and as we mentioned before, where two people get together to do something in the name of 'OM', then 'OM' will be there and it will happen. Just try it and see.


Of course as we are awakening our soul and our mate is doing the same, we will run into challenges that just go to confirm what life is all about and test our resolve to get it all right, in this game of life. Sure, we can give up on ourselves at any time during this process and go back to sleep walking through life. Although we will find that once our soul has been germinated awake we will need to continue on our path to consciousness. Just stay at Onement with 'OM' and we will enjoy the ride. As for our mate's process, it is one of a personal choice, which if the two beings are not on the same path makes for a number of problems within the relationship. This in and of itself is why so many relationships have problems and either end or we see the couple sit and wait for death to take over. We need to talk this out with our mate and do each a favor, that if we are not wanting to be on the same path towards consciousness together with 'OM', then, we should be adult enough to draw the line and call it quits before more karma is incurred that may take many life times to rebalance.


We do have a brave new world facing us at the onset of the mass of 'baby-boomers' coming into retirement and thus having much more time on their hands than ever before, not to mention the children out of the house and only the two mates left to work it out. This pending crisis, and it is a pending crisis as we start to wake up to who we have been all our life, start to relive some of the nostalgia of our teens and early adulthood, and realize that we were looking for something, that we had a burning drive to find it and then took a side trip called 'life', only to find that today we were not really living life to the fullest and that over all that time we really didn't live but were subservient. We will start to anguish over this and that, we will start to re-question those same things we did back then, as the questions never got answered, they just got buried; and as with anthropology, things always come back to the surface, sooner or later.


This sudden reappearance of unresolved questions will necessitate our finding the answers (as we have seen over the last number of years with the explosion of many new-age type methods and centers of this and that) or else we will find ourselves within a myriad of psychological problems that only Alzheimer will be able to cure. This is due to the fact that, at that point if we have not under taken our path, then Fate will be prodding us so that the questions we had buried for so long get answered, or, our super-ego, which can no longer hide them, will seek a way to dispose of them. At this point our super-ego is just reverting to the instinct of fight or flight.


Unfortunately, given all that has happened in the last two thousand years, we would have to put our money on flight. We have become so accustom to avoiding our inner soul's growth, that at the age of retirement, as we have seen for the last two millennium, we are too tired to fight. We just give up, give in and settle for whatever is there, liking it or not. It does not mean that our life is over; we can still travel if healthy enough to do so. We can still play golf and go bowling if so inclined. We can still visit with friends, have parties, consume our favorite 'numb-ifiers', alcohol and drugs (just like in the teen years) and if worst comes to worst, if we really need a fix and cannot deal with just being with the mate, we always have the kids that we can turn to, who by now have our grandchildren and we can divert our attention to whatever havoc we can create there. Besides, if we realize that we really missed out on some things to our own children, we can give them to our grandchildren and complicate things even more.


As the ego wants to do, so will it do, unless we become conscious of who is doing what and why?Besides, in most cases the children would welcome us into the picture for we usually bring that one thing that everyone seeks, that one thing that everyone seems to want the most of and that one thing that hopefully by that time we have extra of, Money. Let's face it we gave up on our quest for the holy grail as a teen-young-adult for it, so now is the time to spend it or at least use it the best way our egos know how.


Remember, our soul was not parented as a child and we did not wake up enough to parent it as an adult, so our soul is still sleeping, waiting for a wake up call. Hopefully, for all of us we just made an error when we set the alarm and it will go off before this life is over, otherwise it is back on the wheel of Samsura and we get to do it all over again, and usually when we repeat something that we have to learn, it is taught in a little harder way so that we get the picture and do not allow our complacence of, did that know that, to mar the way. With that 100% Faith in 'OM' being Love inside of us, we can turn things around, even at retirement to the point that we can start to have that real, truthful, unconditional by now and conscious intimate relationship with our spouse. We do not mean of the physical kind where we are just gratifying ourselves with this or that, we mean a relationship of 'OM' shared by and built by two souls that are mates and that very well maybe soul-mates and don't even know it.

Making it All Happen


We have seen the problems that we are faced with trying to wake up. We have seen the parts that are lacking in our parenting, not only of our being but also of our soul. Now we can, with all that we know of Faith, Fate, Love and God make it happen. Make a relationship that is based upon 'OM' and that cannot falter, no matter what is experienced by it. The process that the couple undertakes is one that will allow two individual souls to be germinated within, awaken and then parented to grow into being all that it can be. These two separate and independent souls can then, as they grow, join to make, to form a couple in a process of 'OM' known as a 'cosmic couple'; in that they are choosing each to do it jointly of their own conscious free-will and they start tapping into the energies of the cosmos, that will guide, aid and heal them.


There is a lot of healing that needs to be done, some of which is noticeable and known by both, some of which each one has been keeping as a secret from the other and some that neither knows that is buried within the unconscious, controlled by the super-ego for non-access, without Love, without 'OM'. They say that truth heals all wounds, or at least allows the healing process to start. Yet, what they keep forgetting to specify is that the healing can only take place with Love, with 'OM'. The energy of Love, the energy of 'OM' is without equal or better in the universe. It is an energy of Faith that has cured the incurable, given sight to the blind, given hearing to the deft, allowed the paralyzed to walk, and put man on the moon. All things are possible with 'OM'. After all is said and done, God is Love in everyway imaginable and unimaginable way. There are more things in the universe than man has ever dreamed of. So as we germinate the seed of our soul, as we awaken from our sleep, remember that our brother and our sister need to be germinated and awaken as well. Remember that our mate, more likely than not has some buried or at least hidden things that need to be healed. Show them that we have faith in ourselves to do it. Show them that we have faith in 'OM' that it will be done and most of all show them that we have faith in them that they can and will do it.


We can start; we can be the ones that take the first steps to being all that we can be. We can go out and find some suitable meditation tapes and music that we will both like to be able to share those daily moments of introspection in the midst of calm and relaxation, knowing that all sorts of answers will pop up at those times. We can go out and find some suitable self-help material on understanding who we are and what makes us tick. We can have fun at this by doing tests together that allow us not only to understand our own psychological makeup, but also our mates and anyone else we care for to share it with. We can identify those weaknesses that need to be better understood. We can talk intimately with our mate and do one of the strongest acts of faith. We can pray together, in our own home, with no one around but the two of us so that we do not feel un at ease, silly or whatever. It is just the two of us and 'OM'. 'OM' would love this so very much. We can help each other better understand the other one and ourselves by being that mirror of loving reflection that will allow a clear, non egoic feed back as it is from Love and with Love that it is being done.


We can really get to know each other to the depths of our soul, because it is now germinated, awaken and growing. We can help parent, nurture and grow each other's soul.


We can go out and find about one of the most interesting, yet exotic topics of all; that has peaked our curiosity on more than one occasion, yet we shied away from it, for whatever reason. We can find out about that which conjures up both the excitement from the mysteries of the east as well as the lamenting of the elders of the west. We have seen it in all its' beauty and seen that even that beauty has been abused by others over the ages. We can investigate what 'white tantric yoga and sex' is that the Taoist, Buddhist and the like have practiced for longer than recorded history. That practice that our Savior and Lord Jesus the Christ was trying to share with us, and which has been brought by all of the emissaries of the Mysteries of the Light. They say that it is a mystical practice and is magic. It is magic, until we know how something works, it is always magic. They say it is the devil within. It is if we practice the 'black' aspect of it as with all things in our world of dualities, it can be used for good or for bad. They say that it will make us crazy. It can if we start on that path to germinate and awaken ourselves and then try to 'jump-ship' without closure as to why. They say that it can accelerate our death. It can if we abuse of the practices. But, as with all things, the duality is also true.


With a pure heart and thoughts as to why we are doing it, the healing of one or both of the mates, then there is no danger for 'OM' is with us. We can learn and understand that the energies of the cosmos are waiting for us to work with them, that 'OM' is waiting for us to be called upon. We will find that sound is the root of all things in the cosmos and can directly heal our bodies and our minds. We will find that the beauty we sensed that was contained within this process is just as we saw it the beauty of everything all combined. We will find that our couple has taken on a new meaning as we see each other, really for the first time as the soul that we really are. We will find that we are looking to be genuinely more intimate with each other in all senses of the word. We will find that while we are older, less apt at certain physical things and less interested in (bluntly put, sex) we have a vested interest and more energy for this type of awakening and healing.


The greatest part that we will be able to experience as a couple is that mystical union we have all heard of, yet doubt it is there. We will start to feel and understand how our sexual energies are for the first time without all the sex behind it, but with the love of 'OM' there. We will literally, once understood, start to heal each other of the challenges, problems, fears, traumas, abuses that we have lived through in this life knowingly. And, we will open up for the biggest healing of all, those buried areas that the super-ego kept in the subconscious out of our sight, as Love was not around to deal with and heal it. We will help each other bring out all the buried pains that have stopped us, up till now, from being all that we can be, because love is in the picture, because we are now two souls uniting in the name of 'OM' and 'OM' is present to see that what is asked for in the name of 'OM' from us, is done. For we have tapped, we have found, we have as a couple, become at Onement, with the Mysteries of the Light, and we have been welcomed to dance with the cosmic energies from our pure heart and thoughts as the 'cosmic couple' as the 'perfect couple' that we can be. We will find that, we, both mates, have become 'OM' as the part that we can be. We are now Love and Love is now us.

Germinating our Soul: transcending negative energy


Now that we have seen our psychological characteristics as the spiritual sins, and, now that we have understood that we are not living Love, for its essence escapes us. Now that we have seen that just about all of us have been erroneously parented, and that our soul was not parented at all; we must take stock as to what our soul needs to germinate and do so to start our process to Love, which when really understood is God the creator and not just a part or a aspect manifested, but the Totality of the Mysteries of the Light. We will concur with Einstein and the fact that we only use about 3% of our brainpower. We will take that a step further and say that we have a 3% germinated soul, without which, we would not be alive.


To be soul-less is not to be, alive, it is to just exist as an object, inert, mechanical, solid, but an object. So with our soul germinated 3%, we have a crack in the husk covering the seed inside which our soul lies sleeping. There is some light that enters, but as the soul sleeps, it is powerless to act. We have Fate helping out in our day-to-day affairs, yet it must rebalance our energies and is not charged with the task of just awakening us. We have our own free-will so we, that is our egoic state of mind, need to comprehend this and need to activate the self towards becoming that soul, all that it can be.


Up to this point most of what we have received is conditioning, versus parenting and nurturing which are the real acts of Love. While we use the words such as parenting and Love, in the world of neuro-linguistics it is easy to make ourselves believe that what we are doing is the right thing. In actuality, what we have received, what has been recorded and just keeps playing and playing inside of our sub-conscious, no matter how much we think and believe otherwise, are aspects of the negative energies that we were exposed to as we grew up. It is all the negative processes that most people take as the positive actions that help us protect ourselves, guide ourselves and finally try to train our soul with, saying that we are a good person just like our parent/caregiver as they were the ones that most effected us, they were the ones that seemed the less harmful to our virgin minds and seed of our souls.


What we need to start by really looking at is who we are. By doing whatever self-tests we can that will give us insight into the workings of our psychological characteristics and thus our egoic mind and how it works. The egos are negative energy that have not been used for balancing ourselves, as we have not been able to transform enough positive energy into what we need to be all that we can be. Within the characteristics of ourselves, we will find that each one has two aspects, the characteristic itself, which we will call a 'virtue' and the weakness or what they call disorder and we will call 'ego'. Thus, we all have 'virtues' and we all have 'egos'. This is what makes our world a varying place of people and possibilities. Yet, if we all just had the virtues, with the number that there are, with the number of exponential possibilities, we could still have billions of people with no two alike. Sadly, the same can be said about the egos, which is the duality that we need to see and overcome.


This starting point calls to us that we need to become 'conscious' of who we are. Consciousness is one of the trinity into germinating the seed of our soul, for without the trinity, we are without God, without Love, for God/Love is conscious, truthful and unconditional; the Totality of all. When we start to become conscious of who we are, what makes us tick, psychologically, what we are about; then we start to become even more conscious. Once, we are underway with that, we start to see that any untruthfulness, part truths, white lies, and lies are all impeding us to really know what is truth and what is fiction. It is the aspect were we start to realize that our openness to direct experiences are the only thing that can allow us to 'know' to attain the direct 'knowledge' of this and that so that the truth is within us and regardless of what others may say, we know what we know for we have experienced it and they have yet to have that chance.


Then once we are even more conscious due to our direct experiences, we start to develop an intimate understanding, a direct knowledge of what 'unconditional' really is. Just as the Buddhists talk of compassion, unconditional is that compassion in its loving form. We are exposed to what is and is not conditional in our lives and what others are doing as well. We have the chance to work on that part of us that more often than not keeps us in untruthfulness and thus requiring us to be less conscious of things, as we have subrogated the truth for something else, no matter what it is; but it is not the truth. At this point, having activated the trinity within us, we have germinated the seed of the soul, we have turned on the homing beacon towards God, the Totality and whatever other name you want to use for the energy of our creator and the Love that the creator is.


Thus we come to our path of enlightenment. Enlightenment, because we are starting to shed light onto who etc we are, and we are seeking the gnosis of our life, which is the Mysteries of the Light; which finally leads us to that which we have germinated within us and will now parent, nurture and grow, Love/God which is light. We will experience dealings with the darkness of ourselves and others, as light can often awaken aspects that we or others are trying to hide from. The analogy is that of the egos hiding within, in all the dark corners etc of our sub-conscious, of our mind and as we turn up the wattage of the light (soul) that has been germinated, we start to see into areas that were unseen before. Those egos, weather ours or those of others, are afraid for their lives, their very existence.


Remember, they have been part of us for as long as we can remember and they, just as those of others, do not want us to change, evolve, expand and thus become all that we can be. They seek status quo, which to us all is just an early onset of death. If we die consciously of the first death, which is that of the egos, then we can be reborn and live again, which will allow us to not be fearful of the second death, the physical one. If we succumb to the egos, then we are not only sleep walking as we are now, dead of soul, but our physical energy and body will start to decay more rapidly. Yes, we can have access to medical help, but with that we just put a band-aid on the problem, not fixing the cause of it.


So, as we access more and more of our consciousness, that is to say, as we make more and more of our unconscious become conscious, then we will awaken ourselves to our enlightenment. This in and of itself is a process that we can all monitor just by redoing the various self-tests on periodic bases. By following our intuition, we will sense that perhaps we should redo some of those self-tests to see where we are advancing and what else we can do to help ourselves. As we gain more gnosis of ourselves, we will be getting closer and closer to being all that we can be, a Loving spark of God. Along our path we will encounter all of the weaknesses of our psychological characteristics. We will come across things that we never knew that we never knew about ourselves. We will literally be exposed to the negative energy that has been recorded into our sub-conscious and that needs to be transformed.


Just the act of this consciousness of ourselves, will help transform some of that energy into the virtues that we have, for the knowledge of something of ourselves, gives us the power to transform that knowledge (which is power) into something else. We will see that the easiest part of this is to simply transform the egos negative energy into the virtues positive one. Thus we will rebalance ourselves to what we really are, positive conscious Love. This Love will enable us to handle more things, deeper things inside that in many instances may require professional help to deal with. We will know what to do when we get there. We need to learn to walk before we can run, and there is always someone to guide us, be it our loved ones, Fate and always God.


Yet, at this point we will be dealing with that negative energy within that says we do not really love ourselves. No one wants to think and believe that of themselves, yet, as they grow, understand the gnosis of themselves and of life; they will clearly see what happens. We need to start taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves, by loving others at the same time. Remember, the best way to learn anything is to do it. Sure, there maybe situations in which we will fall and stumble, did we not do that when we were a child. But, as we get back up on our feet we know that with that sense of enlightenment within, we will make it to our goal. As we move that negative energy into positive one, we will start to see and feel a difference within ourselves. This is our gift from God. That is to say this is the gift of Love to ourselves. We have now started to better understand how to love ourselves, as we do deserve it. It does not mean that all the problems are resolved. It does not mean that we have overcome our self-defeating actions or our self-pity of not deserving or nothing good happens. It simply means that we are conscious that we can transform the energy from negative to positive and are trying to do so.


The Taoist have a process within the 'Fusion of the Five Elements', whereby in working with the energies of the organs, we can heal them which in turn facilitates the transformation of negative energy into positive energy in rebalancing ourselves. Each organ, as they have known and worked with for over five thousand years, is connected to a psychological quality and an emotional aspect. They are also connected to a specific planet and the energies of it; much like the way astrology works for us, the time of birth etc has a varying energy effect on the earth and this is captured in us, by our organs. The 'Tutankhamun Prophecies' explain this well in both laymen and scientific terms.


As we start to work on our truthfulness, we will start to experience life as if at times it is surreal, as if we are an actor in a movie and everything around us is props. This is in fact the point that all of the sages throughout our time, tell us to awaken and realize that we are living a sleep walking existence and that we are just an actor in the movie, usually someone else's movie that we took a part in, that we, that is our egos, sold us for this amount of money or that situation, and as such they are the directors and at a more esoteric level they are the rulers over us.


Just as a king has a hierarchal setup and the mass is at the bottom, as middle class is becoming less evident, we have a part in someone's movie as a part of the mass. This lends itself well to all the stress, anxiety and karma that we all live through on a daily bases. As it was said, if we accept one penny for the work, then that is all we will receive and thus believe that we are worth. Of course our egos think something else and thus we are on the endless wheel of Samsura turning around and around, repeating and repeating without change. Evolution changes nothing within us, and that which it may affect is long suffering to do so. Only our consciousness of our truth can change things.


Once we come to grips with who we really are, why we think honestly that we are here, and were we honestly think we are going; then we can start to live that truthfulness we have been developing inside of ourselves. They have always said that the truth cannot only set us free, but it can start the healing process. To this we add that it can help us to be all that we can be.


When ever we tell something that is not the full and honest truth, part of us inside dies. That part is the respect for ourselves. And, this respect turns itself into Love for ourselves, or it turns us away from ourselves if it is dying, as we do not want to die, but we do want to live. Ask anyone that says often that they just want to die, if we should take the gun and put them out of misery and they will get upset as we are not cajoling there ego of self-pity. They (and that is mostly their egos) do not want to die, they want to live; and keep living as much and as long as possible, the way they think they should and that someone should give to them, after all they did not ask to be born and someone else other than themselves is responsible. Wait till they get to death and life between lives, will they ever get a surprise.


So we see that they are not being truthful to us and therefore something is dying inside of them. Actually, what is dying is the seed of the soul that has not been germinated and just as the 'womb cries every month over an unfertilized ovum' the seed dies partly when we do something to ourselves that does not germinate it. We did not fertilize our inner seed and it starts to wither. The seed needs nourishing, it needs the light of our virtues to shine on it, just as all things on our earth need the Sunlight to grow. As it is above so it is below, is talking of within our being and not just in heaven, which is actually another dimension known as the Astral Plane, home of the Mysteries of the Light and the hierarchies of the cosmos.


What is missing from all of this is Love, for without Love nothing grows and will wither and die. And, just as Love is everywhere, then it is from everything that we can and do draw on its source of Light for nourishment. Unfortunately, we are not conscious of it and thus we do not actively work with it, as we do with those actions of our job and the things we do, consciously.


Once, we have started to be more truthful, we will start to better understand why we did not do so before, and that it was all from our perception of things. It was the part that we thought we were suppose to be playing in the movie called life and did what we were told. The thing that we forgot to ask about, figure out, question was who was telling us what, and, that was both our egos and those of others. We do not live a lie, they make us live the lie, based upon the recording that keeps playing within our sub-conscious, that we need to access and rewrite. Being truthful in all circumstances will bring about a change that will start to give us access to that preset recording and allow us to start to transcend our own egos, and then be able to transform them into the positive energy of Love, that is just awaiting our call, our awakening. With the truth we can understand who we really are, a soul that has been reborn again and again, trying to get it right in the name of Love, that is God our creator. We will start to see where we come from; a spark of the Totality, God the creator, which is Love. And, then we can start to work on, where are we going, for we have the free will to do as we choose, which means listen to our egos, or develop our virtues and be all that we can be. We will become the director of our own movie called Life and we can then ask others to share in our movie as we share in theirs. We are starting to become a real soul, a real person with virtues that will take us places and do things that we never even dreamed of.


This aspect more than the others, will also help us in the greatest way to parent our own soul while at the same time, parent, nurture and grow the souls of our loved ones, especially our children. They will be the recipient of what very few souls have received over the ages; Godly Love as the caregiver. For as we become that, so do we extol that outward. Just as our minds are the sum total of all the parents, caregivers and others that had a direct affect on us, mostly from their egoic process, so will the soul be developed with the virtues that we will be sharing and extolling towards our children. When we start to tell part truths, partial this and that or even those white lies, children with their heightened intuition, with there curiosity pick up on everything, even our sub-conscious and it becomes part of them, as acceptable and later as the norm.


When we do the same with truth paramount; while we may be having to face a whole new set of challenges, we are also setting the virtues in motion and thus allowing the positive energy of Love to rein supreme. With this we become a sort of messenger of Love, as we start to be Love. With this Love comes a responsibility to be 'unconditional', which coupled with truth is never failing. We first get a look at what we have been harboring as conditions for all the situations of our own life and inner workings. Then, as the saying goes 'once we have taken the thorn out of our eye, we can help our brother take his out'; we will start to see and understand those conditions of those around us and why they did it so. We will start to understand their world of cause and effect just as we understand our own. This then leads us to act upon that virtue that we just put in motion, that we will be unconditional towards them, as we are now with the truth and can understand the why of the situations, and, as we are now with consciousness of it all, we can become compassionate towards them with our being unconditional towards them.


Without the consciousness behind us, we cannot be unconditional towards others, as we will not understand why and thus our ego will just jump in and say 'as others do to you, you do to them'. The egos interpretation of this is, 'we do not have to be aware of the truth of the other (conscious) so that way we do not have to let others know our truth' (untruth). This will allow the ego to maintain control, keep us in the dark as it goes, and stunt our souls growth, the nurturing that it needs. The light will not be getting in so it cannot be fed.


By being conscious of the truth, we can be unconditional, by not knowing the truth; we are at a lost and then revert to the sub-conscious and the super ego. We use the beliefs that have been preset into us and just keep playing like the endless loop it is as the conditions for all that we end up doing. We are constantly renewing the negative energy (that which lacks Love) and do not have a chance to become the positive energy that we can be. We lack some of the pieces of the puzzle so that we can be all that we can be. We will not be able to really be unconditional, as we still have the conditions that were spoon or forced fed to us as a child and that have not been examined, adjusted and rewritten in the name of Love. The only name of Love that we know is that which the parents/caregivers gave us. And, if, which is most of the cases, that Love was twisted up with conditions, then they are still with us, as we did not consciously transform them.


The mind and the sub-conscious are just storage components of our computer within. They can only play what was programmed and put into the super-ego, the ego, and our mind via our organs and senses. Our, Id, wherein lies the seed of our soul, is asleep or at the very least held as prisoner, bottled up inside by the egos, by the storage information that is in control of the computer; and as with all computers, garbage in, garbage out. But, imagine virtues in, consciousness in, truthfulness in, unconditional love in; then out comes Love as in the manifestation of 'OM'. We cannot create energy, but we can transform energy into whatever we so choose. With free will we can transform more positive light, and the reverse it true as well. This is just an aspect of our world of dualities, cause and effect as the eastern sages would call it all. Our computer is the Totality of our being, of what we call our human being.


Once, we have transformed the energy of our negative patterns (egos) into those of our positive ones (virtues) we will start to really awaken, to enlighten ourselves and attain things that we did not realize existed, but our soul did; it was just waiting for us to get with the program. Our Id knows that the program is called, 'Conscious, truthful, conditional Love, or in the short from 'OM'. Do you?