The Taoist System


Can be considered as our consciousness. Here we find the formation of the ego in our world of dualities, cause and effect.







Here we sense the energy all around us and that all things just are.







The Organs are the software programs of the computer Mind. They have been damaged and are in need of repair.





Wu Chi is the Universal energy emanating to us via the planets of the cosmos.













The body is a biological organism. It has, as with all organisms its' genetic code imprinted that it follows without thought to what is happening. It just does it. It also receives energy input from the various planets which are sending various impulses for the body to function properly when conscious.





The body is governed and controlled by the instincts unless overridden by input from the mind.












The planet have the biggest energy effect on the body and its' functioning. When out of harmony then dis-ease exists.


Astrology works as such as the planets that affect the organs are also manifesting the characteristics of the being.  


Negative energy patterns, dis-ease are caused by chemical imbalances from that which is ingested and by that which our neurological state inputs into the organs.




Our negative emotions are all bottled up in our organs, in one manner or another. This is due from the abuse (food etc.) or trauma (emotional, sexual) that we may have sustained during our childhood and later. These repressions in the organs are manifested outwardly via the egos, or what is none as the sins of the being. 


Karma allows us to heal ourselves here and now, while reinforcing the strength inner soul/energy body for all times as we reincarnate in future lives. Whatever we have unbalanced in our life, or that of others has an affect on our organs and thus creates karma. We must rebalance that karma here and now or we have a harder time with it in our future lives.






Emotions and personality traits can be healed by proper eating, breathing, exercise and thinking, which is achieved by getting the body into physical shape or harmony and working with the eternal and thus internal energies.



Visualization of the energies and thoughts of healing play and integral part in the healing process.



Vibrations are known to help heal the organs and thus the entire body.








Sexual energy is known to be the most potent of cosmic forces and is to be used properly. Opposite to the animal kingdom humans do not need to ejaculate or have orgasms in order to procreate.




There are many loving sexual type of practices that can be done in order to heal the body of past traumas and abuses. All if this can only be done if the giver is unselfishly giving, for the receiver will sense if it is not and blockages will occur that will further the depth of the pain.







Orgasms and ejaculations are the release of physical tensions in the body that have accumulated. The unbalancing of the energies from misuse of the sexual energy will lead to further aggravating any existing problems, discomforts and will ultimately lead to new ones.








Making love is not having sex and for all physically fit being can last for hours at a time.



The Gnostic System


Can be considered as our sub-conscious. Here we find the formation of the super-ego from beliefs and morals based upon caregivers, society and suppressed trauma, abuses and negative emotions or lack of virtues from others.



Here we sense that as we think so we are, therefore we initially think that we are God for as we cry we are feed, held and Loved. Unless we grow through this stage correctly narcissism which is low self-esteem begets greed from self-ism within us.


The Egos, programmed by the organ software are in battle for the goal of externalization themselves.





One Creator God is the Totality of which we are a part, a spark of that love energy. That energy when in the body and misused sexually creates the egos and permits them to bottle the soul up inside keeping it asleep. 









The mind is not an organ such as the brain, but is better known as the being. The mind is the process of the being that thinks, is energy, abstract per se, and tries to be the soul, act as the soul, within the confinements of the body. The mind has been programmed by the body and organs and thus does not allow the soul expression.





The mind is governed and controlled by our internal programming, which comes from a variety of sources. It could be simply our instincts, such as thirst, procreation etc. It could be from stimulus response such as the smell of coffee or of perfume. It could be from on one of our inner egos which run the mind as a sort of a computer system. The mind is not the soul unless the soul has first been awaken and made conscious.


The egos have the biggest effect on the mind, as they truly believe that they are the soul and that they are in charge of the body.


Psychology knows of the egos and the various processes that the mind takes in order to 'Be'.  



Negative actions, are the result of negativity contained within the organs from chemicals ingested as well as from the egoic psychological process, which negates the One Creator God.



The egos are more often than not the creation of the cooping, defense mechanism of our mind's psychology in order to survive whatever the trauma or abuse was the we went through. It could be something mundane or something horrific, all things affect our body. 




Karmic Fate does play a direct role in the egos that we come back with, thus part of the reason that we are born under such and such sign, or at such and such time, or to such and such family. The egos do not like to consider this, as it goes against the precepts of the self, which is selfishly trying to play and be God. Karma is extracted via chastisement and paying penitence which Fate sets up as situations that some call destiny, in order to rebalance that which we unbalanced.


Negative psychological characteristics can be dissolved, leaving only the virtue to live. To do this first requires that the being understand the ego and way it is doing, acting, reacting the way that it is. This is usually from some erroneously learned behavior pattern.  


Visualization of past events and the cause and effects are crucial in psychological healing.




Mantras are known to bring peace and focused concentration when trying to ardently understand any of the egos and finally dissolve them with Love.






The misuse of sexual energy is considered the root of all Evil and as such as that, which feeds the ego the most of all the various sins. Real, pure true Love needs to be cultivated in order to transcend the egoic lusts and wants.


Only the cultivation of pure Love between two caring and giving beings will the healing be able to take place. Once sub-conscious problems are fully understood on the psychological level, it is only the spiritual level of truthful, conscious and unconditional Love, also known as God that can heal the wounds, forever.





Orgasms and ejaculations are of the ego that thinks itself God and all powerful, thus seeking to express that feeling usually with dominance and control in play. This feeding of the ego is detrimental to the psychological well-being of the person and further strengthens the egos and its' selfishness. The mind then becomes hazier and less intelligent. The level of vibrations at this point becomes that of the animal kingdom, thus an involution process.


Those that have dissolved the egos/sins and replaced them with their virtues become conscious of their inner cause and effect and making love then becomes a meditation as each one helps the other one to heal their weaknesses and together they create new and more conscious plans.   



The Atlantis System


Can be considered as our 'Id'.

The Soul when awaken is the manifestation of God within and thus overrides the organ/ego programming. Here we find the seat of the seed of the soul, the inner chaos that we are all born with and need to understand to be all that we can be.


Here we have been Loved adequately, nurtured correctly and taught to know and understand the Love of One Creator God, for all mankind.





We are all the Children of the Law of One God. This is manifested through Universal Consciousness, the energy of the Totality and thus our Soul, which is the energy in harmony with the cosmos.


The soul is that etheric energy of all living things of which very little is understood, except by those who have made it a focus and process of understanding. These people are generally known as Mystics as they study the mysteries of the 'unknown origins of the soul and the existential questions of life'. The soul is also known as the spirit, yet there is what is known as a counterfeit spirit, which is actually part of the mind.


The soul is that part which is eternal. It has no end as it is the energy of the universe that was created by the One Creator God. It is controlled by nothing other than the laws of cosmic order, such as cause and effect, karmic balance and Love. It is a part of the totality unto itself when fully awaken and conscious. This is the biggest reason of why we are here and what we should be doing.



Love is the only thing that can activate the soul, and that Love is in and of itself, truthful to cosmic law, conscious of the One Creator or Totality Energy, and unconditional when living as part of the Universal Consciousness.








Love is the only energy that the soul can relate to and thus is the only energy that can germinate, awaken and nurture it.


Spirituality or metaphysics shows us the way to awaken the seed of the soul which is bottled up by the egos and thus asleep.


As the Soul is part of the energy of the Totality, it cannot be negative, as it is made up of Love energy, which is what God is. Anything that is not Love is not of God, is actually God out of balance from within and thus is of the mind/ego and body/ego.


The soul can only live virtues, which is actually being our inner Godliness. To do so, we first need to germinate the seed of our soul, which is mostly from proper God/Love nurturing and then we need to awakened our consciousness by living those virtues selflessly, consciously, truthfully and unconditionally, thus being all that we can be.


 Karma is part of all the souls when manifesting within the physical realm, and as such, our soul is given a 'cup of forget-fullness' when being reborn in order to allow the being to survive without going mad from all the information of a metaphysic nature. Karma must be paid consciously or unconsciously. Once karma is dealt with then the soul can choose to come back and help others, that soul is an enlightened teacher.



Negativity is dis-harmony with the Universal Conscious. It is from being unconscious of some aspect of the being related to who and what it is. Once the selfish self is transcended by living as a unselfishly giving being, then the soul and virtues replace all the egos and sins.


Visualization and affirmations are indispensable in the re-writing of the sub-conscious from where all the problems take form.


Sound vibrations, weather mantras, crystals or energy waves have been used since forever in the healing process of body/mind combination in order to germinate the soul and raise consciousness of Onement with Universal Consciousness of One Creator God.


Sexual energy is the re-connecting of the two halves as in soul-mates and is sought out in order to complete a whole and the return to literally Onement of ourselves and thus with God.




Sexuality must always be within full consciousness, without which one or both will slip back into an egoic state of wants and lusts without even realizing it. The ego wants  to take and the soul needs to give. Thus only two souls that need to give can actually heal one another, for if one is a taker, thus selfish, the wheel turns back to the egos in charge and any healing of the inner psychic is blocked, with even further trauma in place.


Orgasms  and ejaculations are the by product of a lower consciousness within the being, thus the soul and Universal Consciousness is not in the picture during the act and as such the cosmic dancing, the fusion of the two into one, and the attainment of Ultimate Bliss are not felt. The vibrations that this type of activity creates is of the lowest animal kind and thus lowers the intelligence, especially the emotional one to the lowest of levels.


The ultimate of meditations is when two beings are as one and vibrating in cosmic harmony with each other. This 'Bliss' once attained is the ultimate experience at fusion with the Loved one and thus uniting with Universal Consciousness and God.