Thanks to Steven Spielberg and Mission Control for this humorous yet surreal introduction to reality.



What is 'Truth'?. 2

Skull-Duggery, Conspiracy Theories & Mind Control 6

Reality Check. 11

Economics. 17

So what to do?. 22

What is really wrong?. 26

Is it too late?. 30

Epilogue. 32



This book is dedicated to all the light-bearers that have ever graced humanity with their love, truth and humor. It is thanks to them that we are still here and have yet been banished into crispy critter land, where more than too many will end up when the boss calls End Game.

Truth can start the healing process and set all souls free. Truth cannot kill for it is of God.





What is 'Truth'?


The truth is simple. God is Love, which is defined as:


Truthful in all thought, actions and communications, 100%.


Conscious in all interactions with humans, including the self; this is both psychological and spiritual in nature and means to be aware of the cause and effect of why you are thinking, saying and doing all things you do even if from the so-called unconscious.


Unconditional in reactions to the first two that will more than likely go against your preconceived notions; this is without the egos/sins in the picture.


Everything that is thought, said, done etc. without God in the picture and thus done without Love, is not of God and thus it is not of Love and therefore, for the lack of a better word it is all; Evil. And, as it is live spelled backward it is death of the conscious truth, thus of God inside you.


If you are thinking that truth is in the eye of the beholder, or that there are as many truths as there are people, or that the truth is only relative to this or that, or that the truth can never be known; then you should read all of this and understand the truth which in your case is that you are under the control of an alien of demonic power, a.k.a. your egos and that your soul is asleep, bottled up in your being and numbed to any conscious understanding. In simplistic terms, you are possessed. It is your sins that have got you lock, stock and barrel. So what are you going to do about it?


On a lighter note, if you take a look at all the material that is out there, or hone in on your intuition you will see what we are getting at. The point being that the psychological mind is not all that well understood by the average so-called normal human. All of the developments that Freud et al. did were for the advancement of the science, which while you were so busy playing with yourself, the real bad guys; the real 'other guy' took control of your mind through stimulus response programming. All that the ego is, is simply a learned reaction, learned response, learned effect, to a stimulus action or cause. The spiritual mind is the same thing. Your super-ego, which contains your moral, and belief codes were created just as you egos were, through conditioned stimulus response, action and reaction. So all you have to do is re-program them, first the mind to realize the egos are in control and then the start living your virtues 100% truthfully, consciously and your soul will be set free. Then you will really be a spiritual living person.


This does not mean that you are not you, nor does it mean that God is dead and all religions are lies. It just means that you got setup from the start of this life with a pre-packaged programming that the real bad guys made up and made sure you bought. Remember all the peace and love movement of the 60's-70's and what it stood for, truth. The truth did not go away, they just made sure that you bought their programming that focused you away from the virtues within you, thus being all that you can be and that includes respecting the creator. They taught you to live as your ego dictates, which they actually programmed and thus to you living as your sins. This does not take a rocket scientist to figure out, all that it needs is to ask the question, 'Where did all that peace and love go to, seeking the truth of it all?' and on the way to figuring it out, you will see the answer as your own egos, right inside of you, which of course you will swear to God that you did not put them there, you are not like that and you don't really have any.


God is Love that is truthfully conscious and unconditional. So with our own free will, remember God will not do it for you, you have to help yourself first; you can stay as you are, 70% happy, 40% comfortable with your economics, and about 3% conscious of what is going on all around, and most importantly inside of, you. Or you can wake up your soul, be 100% happy with everything, everyone and know that you really are a part of God, known as Love. Would you not rather live life to its' fullest?


Then again, you can get angry and that will stop you from reading and finding out the truth and then you will be sent to crispy critter land, if you don't wake up before the final reel. The problem and truth of the final reel is that we never really know when it will be happening, just like the thief who robs your house, if you knew ahead of time you would have made arrangements to stop it. The thief in all realities that are of our conscious plane come from within us and are in psychology known as our 'egos' and in spirituality our 'sins'. As the saying goes, 'they got you covered'. Or you can argue until you are blue in the face and refuse to accept what is, truth. But this is just a repeat of everything that you have been doing up till now and as such, nothing changes and you don't get to 'pass go and collect two hundred dollars', you just get to 'go to jail' where your soul has been all the time, held prisoner by your egos. Or how about just ignoring it all, avoiding it all, just like when we were kids hiding under the blankets, hoping it will go away. In those days you made it up in your mind so that under the blanket you thought you were safe, as you did not see it, just as you are doing now, ignoring it so that you just will not see it. But don't forget that the boggy man is out there somewhere, waiting to get you, and don't forget that the boggy man is in your head, so even if you do not see him, even if you do not think of him; as he is inside of you, he is thinking of you and how to get you to do his bidding, just like he always did. Mind control, ohhh just like in the movies.


Who are these egos you may be asking? Well to start with they are part of your karmic rebirth in this life. They are the egos of your parents and caregivers that were transferred to you psychologically. They are all of the sins that you went through, created on your own from your inner thoughts that were not of God, weather in this life or in previous ones. They are known as the opposite of light, so if light is Lucifer and the Morning Star, then his name in our society must be the Devil, and unlike Flip Wilson's joke you will not get away with just saying 'the devil made me do it'. They also go by many other names that through out history has made us confused as to the truth, so for modern times, here and now we will make it easy and use his most common name; 'the other guy', the real bad ones.


Did you ever notice that when something is wrong or bad it is always the 'other guy' that did it, should be blamed and held accountable? It was never you, it was never your egos and thus you are not responsible. Denial works well in order for you to cope with your boggy man and all the things that you do that you know are not quite right, but do them anyway and hope you don't get caught. The truth is that you don't really think of the ramifications of the 'judgment' process that you will be putting your soul through in between lives. That is where the truth cannot be hidden, and were you get to be sentenced for the penitence that you have to pay and sent to that area (most of the time right back here on earth) where you have it extracted, unless you become conscious and change.


I know, I know, you are not liking the sound of this and just want to say, let me off this planet and take me to paradise. Mission Control, if I my steal the term, wants you to know that you cannot go anywhere but here until you wake up, repent and be Love. They would like you to become that Godliness that you have sleeping inside of you so that you can go home, to paradise that is. What you forgot, amongst a number of things that you had to do in order to be reborn here or else you would not even be able to function at the 3% level you do, is that you are contaminated with egos and sins which must be de-contaminated first. Just as you dumped the garbage all over earth, the other planets and places do not want you dumping your ego garbage outside this system, nor into other dimensions for those of you that are esoteric thinkers. Sorry, you made the mess, now you have to clean it up here and now, without any escape hatch or clause to get you off the hook.


The cosmic order does not want to frighten you anymore than you are already freaked out by your life, but they need you to know that if it is not cleaned up by the time the thief comes to rob you, then you get to go through all that nice process of the end of days known as Armageddon. If you don't know what that entails you might want to read up on how the ones that are not 100% truthfully conscious will be processed for the de-contamination, which the earth is crying for. Not fun stuff to say the least, and given the state of things all over at the present time, we really don't have a lot of time to handle the situation with kid gloves. If we knew how long it would take you to be that Godliness that is waiting to be set free from within, if we knew exactly when the 'shit will hit the fan', then we could calculate the time lag and handle things with kid gloves for your enjoyment and for your gentle awakening.


The kindred spirits would like you to know that they do not know the exact details, only that it will be sometime within your life time and that they have been fighting a losing battle (on your behalf) for too long against your egos and sins. They are not giving up and never will, they are just taking a tougher stance to it all, without panicking and setting more fear into motion, which is exactly what the 'other guy' wants so that he can steal your energy when the adrenaline starts to pump and they (your egos) run around like the mad hatter. You will have enough of the 'willies' to get you going as you clean out your closet and start to awaken from within, so you don't need any extra stimulus. Or do you? If so then you may need to visit your local BDSM shop, which will effectively put you in the class of those that have passed the effective use date and thus crispy critter land, the Abyss as it goes.


Waking up is so easy to day is a nice song, is it not? Well enough of that, how about the real truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God, and not in the way the lawyers process it all. Where should we start? How about just jumping into the deep end and see if we can swim?


Skull-Duggery, Conspiracy Theories & Mind Control


Love that word skull-duggery, sounds like the cross bones got buried. It denotes unveiling, that the truth is close at hand, if you are willing to look at it. It tells of stories of pirates and the like, it tells of people getting buried so no one will find out. Who cares, they are dead and don't have the same problems as you do, till next life.


Secret societies have been around for a long time and are what is really at the bases of all our woes. Let's face it; if they are secret they have something to hide. Wonder what it is? A hint is the answers to the existential questions of life.


Let's start with the professionals that have their own secrets, say lawyers and accountants. Did you ever wonder why the really good ones, the really smart conscious ones move to offshore tax havens? You know that it is because they no longer have to pay taxes, which is just another away of saying, hey I figured it out and those who pay taxes give a big part of what they think they are worth to a system that is unconscious as it is not a person, but just a bunch of laws that I (the professional) made up and set in motion. It is really a big boggy man that is controlling it which is the cumulative efforts of all the 'other guys'. So I will take my money and run, with all the major corporations and financial institutions in the world, and live a life of leisure while the masses make things work/worst. Besides if a stay any longer within the system, it will make me nuts, or worst I might get caught. It is not 'truth at all costs, but the best legal work that can be paid for', and with all the money I have, especially not paying taxes, I can afford the best.


As for the accountants, well they just decided to get the 'revenge of the nerd', so to speak as they were fed up with you calling them 'bean counters' so they made sure that the tax codes were so complicated that you needed them and their friends the lawyers to figure it all out. They moved offshore to play golf with their lawyer buddies (little boys clubs secret society) about the same time that they invented 'pro-forma' accounting which seems to have replaced 'generally accepted accounting principals'. BS baffles brains is there motto, yet they forget that everybody is brain dead anyway. This pro-forma stuff has allowed the stock market to be overpriced by at least 40%, and there are no signs of it changing, but only getting worst as the 'truth comes out in the wash' as my mother would always say, and we are stuck with the dirty laundry to do, which one done then we will know. God bless her as she was so smart and conscious, yet un-educated. Now that must be an omen, as in educational mind programming, conditioned stimulus response.


So the skull-duggerists made up their own little world, just like I made up a new word that I can never find in the dictionary, maybe it does not really exist, as I am sure they would like us all to believe. They decided that it was the smartest one that would have the most toys when they died, so they created all of the secret societies that have been around, disappeared and the new ones that have yet to come to light, of our knowing that is. Sort of like they would live in another dimension to us and then when they came here, they would rake in whatever fodder that come from you and then take off and let you handle the mess and the clean up.


So we are back at cleaning up your mind, waking up your soul, for if you don't do it no one else will.


As for the skull-duggery, sure it exists just as your egos/sins exist inside of you here and now, they are one and the same as it is from you that they exist, either consciously (you know what I mean) or unconsciously (it hurts to think of this so I won't). Ambivalence and apathy are not excuses in a karmic court of soul-fullness.


So does that mean that the conspiracy theories are real? Of course they are real, each and every one of them is real, just as where there is smoke there is fire. But, you have to figure it all out, just like a jigsaw puzzle, you need to collect all the pieces together to see what you have, and you can be sure that it is the reality of your life. Just remember the motto of a cute website, 'There are two sides to every story, and then there is What Really Happened'. So profound and so Zen-like, which is lots of fun to wake up with, as you will need the humor on your path. The great sages always said that you have to have a sense of humor to deal with it all, and they are not kidding.


So which ones are and which ones are not, real? Ask your self that question when you start looking at your own egos/sins and trying to determine if you really have this one or that one at all. You have them all, you really do and so they are all real. But that in and of itself means nothing, unless you are going to do something about it. If you are 100% happy with all of your egos then you will not investigate any further and thus will not know the truth, just like the conspiracies, if you believe only one side, if you fall for the disinformation then you will not find the truth, which starts deep inside of you, where your soul is sleeping and your super-ego has the control of your morals and beliefs.


The worst thing that is going on with all of this for most humans is that they just give up on themselves as the situations get complicated and they are not use to working with their brains, trying to experience the truth. The truth why this is and how it all happened is in one little three-letter word, sex. It is instant gratification as well as unconscious use of the God's Love and thus miss-use of your godly energy. Sex in and of itself is not bad, when done properly and consciously, but then again who does so, God knows that you donít, otherwise you would not be needing to read this and question skull-duggery or conspiracy theories, you would know intuitively what is right and what is wrong. Use it or lose it is an expression that really explains what is going on here because of sexual energy and once you look into it deeper, then you will see why the world is in the state that it is.


For most of you it does not matter what secrets are hidden, except of the one that Jesus was giving to us so that we could wake up to ourselves, be all that we can be. This was the path he took and told us all to follow him, or else we are not deserving of him. It is white tantric yoga sex, with the key being the transmutation of our sexual energy to awaken our consciousness by simply not rutting and having orgasms like the animals do. We are all spiritual beings and do not need to procreate that way, nor should we if we would like to be conscious and living harmoniously together. We need to learn how to make Love that is truthful, conscious, and unconditional, just like God. Do you get it, do you see it? Spelling it out means that you and your mate, in truthful, conscious, unconditional embraces without orgasm, expelling the energy, but by transmuting it inward and upward, will make a God/Goddess. Try it, you'll like it.


Our skull-duggerist friends do not have to think of that, they don't want to think of it. They have all the money, which they created as a system to control the masses and with the understanding of psychology and stimulus programming, turned the masses into slaves for their economic benefit. God Smod is their answer, he ain't here so they play him as money is power and they have it all. Humans fell into the trap by repeated exposure to it all and endless instant gratification. So with money you can buy toys and as most of the little boys clubs point out, you can buy sex and more gratification. This by the way is not love and happiness, as they are only found once the soul is awaken and lived in its' Godly pursuit. In effect what they are doing is draining the energy of any female (sometimes male as well) that they can buy, and as we know with all the wars going on over oil, energy is the most sought after commodity. Rutting (sex with orgasms) gives them the animal power to believe that they can conquer the world, while leaving the female drained and her mind numbed so much that it is dizzy. Get it. They are just animalistic and are getting greedier each and every time. The real funny part is that if they understood the practice of white tantric sexual yoga, they could make an endless supply of energy, nuclear fusion, for that is exactly what it is, when worked with and handled properly. You can read all about this in most of the sacred texts and it is even in the Bible, if you have the key to unlock the parables.


Most people are comfortably numb and wish to stay that way, so they do not want to hear of skull-duggery and conspiracy theories. It is worst for the females as they are generally the protectors of the young and cannot function thinking that the powers that be (mostly male) are doing all kinds of 'evil' things. Who would want to admit they are married to someone that is evil, so by osmoses, by transference of his egos to her, just as her dad did to her, she takes on the same very way of being evil that she is trying to protect the children from. Besides they get all the benefits that he can bring in, that is to say she sells herself to him and his way. Females are generally not happy with their love life because unknowingly to them, they are being drained of their own energy, their own brain power and become subservient and accommodating, just as in you cannot fight city hall.


The guys for their part are just doing what they were taught to do, fight for the power, get the money and buy whatever you want to buy, as there are a lot of fish in the sea and younger ones coming along all the time. Without the mothers properly nurturing their girls, as their brains and energy are drained, the cycle is an endless loop. Without the fathers properly nurturing the guys to virtues etc they just transfer the animalistic egos and mannerisms. So why would the guys want to change as they have the control, the money and the power? Sure women are trying to be more, do more etc but with most of that controlled by the men and the parts that are not are done more and more as the women acting just like the guys. If God/Love is not in the picture it is just evil. Think about it if you are not too numb to stretch your mind.


The BS exists everywhere around us and around the globe. What we are going to do about it all is the real question; it is the reality of whom we are and what we are trying to do. Many people are just trying to live for their daily bread, food. They have no concept of other things. They see the wealthier places, people as the ones that are not sharing. The wealthier are not sharing just saying that the others should get a job and that they should not be here if they cannot take care of themselves. What they choose to forget, choose not to remember of look at is that, they the wealthier, rape and pillaged their resources, leaving them so little in return. So how can they take care of themselves? Thank God they can live off the land where possible and sustain a life that way.


The reality comes down to this, that we are not truthful 100% of the time with a multitude of reasons why, we are not conscious more than 3% and don't care to improve it all, and most of all we are not unconditional in our actions, although the ones that get caught want us to be to them, so they can do it all over again. End game is coming to your area within your lifetime, think and meditate on it.


You need not fret about the other guy, the ones living in the tax havens, paradise to many; for they will be in the same boat as you. Now most people say that they would rather enjoy all of those fruits if they are going to perish anyway so they want them also. You can have them if you really want them, as you are already half way on the road to attaining that goal. You have your own narcissism in place and as such all you are missing is the money to do it. So if you work hard and become a stronger ego than those controlling you, then and only then will you be able to reach your goal. Just remember that if you do not get it right in this life, and if Armageddon does not happen in this life, then you get to come back and try again, the only problem is that next life it is harder and you need to be even more unconscious and narcissistic.


Look at it this way, with mankind only using 3% of their brain power which has been declining for too long, then we should end up with 0% being used within a short period of time. Remember that in the metaphysical sense time does not exist as it is only of our plane of existence, it is all relative to what is being discussed. So the chances are more than very good, it is almost a forgone conclusion that you will be at 0% usage. So then how will you be able to live as the others do, that you want to emulate? Short answer, you won't be able to. You are slowly becoming fodder for the narcissists in power and as such you will just keep coming back and working your way in involution. They have knowledge that you do not, and they have secrets that they will only share with you if you are one of them.


They can keep running the skull-duggery as long as they want, for they know how the esoteric system works and with their knowledge they can manipulate whatever they want, including you, which is what they are doing a great job at. You have fed into their hands, their ways perfectly, as if you were condition/response to their stimulus and you have been. They have got your mind, via your egos/sins and you don't even know that you don't even know that they have done so. What ego is going to admit that they are not in control of the mind? None, which is why you need to awaken your soul and start to see and live in the light. You can keep ignoring the messages the are trying to come through to you, but at some point you have to wake up to who you are and what is going on.


If you manage to get control of your mind away from your egos you will see a brave new world that is full of endless possibilities and beauty beyond your imagination. It is already here; all around you and what you need to do it just awaken to it. That means living as your soul, 100% truthful at all times, 100% conscious, and 100% unconditional. Sure you will need to be aware of those that are not living as you are, adjusting yourself as you go. This the part where all the sayings of the sages come in like, sometimes fewer words speak louder, meaning don't get into arguments with someone else's egos, advise them of what you see and let it go at that. For sure this will make a big change of those around you, for as you stop the lies, as you stop to be unconscious, having conditions, those that you have been playing that game with will no longer want to play with you and your new ways, your new rules. The balance to this is that you will no longer be under the egos and the other guys control and you can start to be all that you can be.


Reality Check


'Just because you choose not to believe something does not mean that it is not true. Things are not always as they appear to be. Even with a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.'These sayings are things that we need to keep in mind at all times. These will help our conscious understanding of what is going on. There is a lot of material available for you to satisfy yourself that what we are writing is factual. You may not like it, it may frighten you and that is why you have always ignored or avoided it. The truth is the truth and it is the only way to live in harmony with ourselves and thus with all our brothers and sisters.


We all have latent innate powers that are waiting to be awoken. These powers can only be tapped if we have our soul awaken and we are living consciously. This has been known and used throughout the ages by the sages, healers etc. What we are interested in for our discussions is the stuff of our last 100 years, where we made electricity and sent a man to the moon. We will not get too academic, so please do not get hung up on dates etc. It is the concepts that are important, as the BS baffles brains, meaning the details upon details are what tries to mix things up so much, that people give up in frustration and then, for the pleasure of the 'other guy' forgets about it all, drops it all.


Energy as we all know can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed. Oil and gas etc are the many commodities that the world has been fighting over since they realized its' potential. Precious metals are the same, but only for their gratification that we give them. When the money system was created, it was to facilitate bartering and avoid transporting vast amounts of solid gems etc. It was mainly used for the commodities movement and then later was injected as the replacement for bartering. Just imagine how life would be today with our computers if we kept bartering going, no middle man to take his cut.


Way back when the 'other guy' whom we will call the 'illuminati', one as most people are picking on them, two, as they seem to be the 'other guy' and three as we are not talking of any religion, although they have all sold out to money in some way or another, nor are we talking about cultures, groups etc, although each has done it share of selling out. It is the selling out of God as our creator of truth, consciousness and unconditional Love. It was the creation of what we are calling evil, that is to say that which is not moving towards, or that which is moving away from, or that which is ambivalent to God. And, we do not mean a God of wrath, a God of favorites, but one of total real Love, period. The 'illuminati' decided that they would setup a system of total control, or as their ancient manifesto of the 'Protocol of the Elders of Zion' states, a 'New World Order'.


Now, they knew that it would take years, decades, centuries to do all this, but as time is only relevant to those that do not understand 'rebirth', 'reincarnation' it was easy for them to setup such a system. Why would they even envision such a thing(it all pre-dates Jesus) if they did not know how to make it all work for their benefit? They did and still understand it all. The DNA and bloodlines, as the Jehovah Witnesses will tell you, contain a part of the soul, the chemical calling of the soul. When in the process of death and rebirth, the easy homing signal is that of our chemical DNA, thus why some groups disapprove of inter marriages etc. To be sure there is a karmic processing system that we all go through between each life, sort of the judgment day, and with other variables things change, yet remember that evolution takes a long time to change things. The 'illuminati' know that they will be reborn, just as it was part of Christian teachings until it was removed from the Bible, and can count on being back in the same group etc to continue the work. The physical body is just transport material that decays, the soul lives on forever until God calls End Game, or the real Judgment Day.


Does paradise exists and can you go there between lives? Sure if you are clean of egos and sins, else while you will need to come back here and clean up the mess you made. Nirvana awaits anyone that can get there with the work that needs to be done, it is not some automatic process due to the contaminants humans have and are making stronger from life to life. The 'illuminati' know the process, as well as other groups that went out to find the answers. How come you do not know? Saying the 'other guy' did not tell you will not work in front of God or any other conscious being/group, you have to find out for yourself, or else you cannot make it an experience in the truth, thus the reason that everybody lives lies, to some degree or another. Read up on Scott Peck's 'People of the Lie' and see if you are there, your probably are.


So we know have a conspiracy theory of the 'illuminati' trying to attain world control, mostly via a system that they created and put into action, money. Now we know where our forefathers got the concept that 'money is the root of all evil', it is when it is done in their self-satisfaction and new world control manner. If you doubt this then you are either part of the problem or you are just too naÔve (sacred) to see the truth and are thus subservient to them, like it or not. The Buddhist say that we need to help all 'sentient' beings, and that means ones that are not insane from their own soul and consciousness. If you are only living with 3% of your mind at work, awake, then you can be sure that you are not sane, but normal, average, just like everyone else, just like the 'other guy', insane. Now, while the word seems hard, maybe even hurtful to your egos, it is just the point, your soul would not take offense to anything that is the truth, so while you feel injured the 'illuminati' merrily go on their way doing what they want, setting things up as they please, for you are too busy playing with your egos getting angry and sending out all of your energy for them to use as they please. Don't you feel drained when you get upset, angry etc?


The best way to control people if it is not working 100% through money, is mind control. When Freud et al uncovered the processes of the mind they also managed to give the methods to the 'other guy' for mind control. Remember that anything can be used for good or bad, depending on who you are and what you want. Actually it depends on what your egos are dictating to you at the time. The 'illuminati' had their plan all the time and have been working it ever since, they just pick up on the new discoveries and work them to their way. Actually at this point we should fill you in a little on the process of who they are.


Would the following stand up in a earthly court of law, most likely not as it is part of metaphysics and not very many people are strong enough, mentally, to enter into that realm, most of all those that have a lot (image, pride all sins) at stake. We have all heard of 'Atlantis' some lost place from long ago, etc. Well the short version story (read the book) is that 80,000 years ago they came in spaceships and started us. Donít get hung up on unverifiable (in the physical realm) data, be like a scientist and use the theory or hypothesis. They had problems and 50,000 years ago they went under some cataclysmic changes and lost a lot of power, knowledge etc. Then some 20,000 years ago they had a fight, the materialists (Sons of Belial) vs the spiritualists (Children of the Law of One, God)(sound familiar) and due to cosmic energy changes (they tried to play God) they were sunk and some managed to survive and spread out. Guess who the 'illuminati' are? Guess who the materialist are? Yes, they are all one and the same, re-incarnating from life to life in the same manner that we all do. When you have the gnosis of it all, you know the higher spiritual nature of what is happening and thus you can come back as and where you choose. Into the same family, into the same group etc. The knowledge that they had at that time was more advanced then where we are at and they managed to save it for future use. The information was said to have been placed in the 'Hall of Records', which to many is in the mystical astral world, and to others is in the physical world, like the Pyramids of most of the continents. Ever wonder why the pyramids were built as such, never mind how, and that no one has ever gone and drilled etc right inside, throughout etc to see what is really there. We can send a man to the moon, we can x-ray and nuke things, but we just cannot seem to find out what is within or where those 'Arks of Covenant' are? Strange is it not, wonder if there is some secret that is being kept away.


Those that have been able to consciously trace themselves back to Atlantis period (not an easy feat, but sustainable) know that the knowledge has been used over the centuries, millenniums and explains most of the advances in science over the last 100 years. They have accessed the information, how else to explain our society say since the last 5000 years (Moses et al) and now the last 100 years, let alone the last ten years. Incredulous people are the norm, they believe what is spoon feed to them, as they are sacred to be forced fed as they were as a child, so they will not like to read this and even less to find out for themselves, they want to be spoon fed as their egos are in control and their soul is asleep, so what choice do they have. How about living life, instead of being fodder for the egos of others? That sense of 'peace and love, the truth' has all but disappeared throughout the world as instant gratification (rutting) and money have taken over. Therein lies to problems of human beings, weak mind from expulsing energy and greed for money to buy what ever. Just remember you cannot buy your way into cosmic Love etc, you have to earn it from your awaken soul and your heart. Most be do not mind the concept that this is all there is so who cares of crispy critter land. Check it out, the process from now till being there and then ask yourself if you care.


So now you have a bunch of the 'other guys' doing all that they want with your minds and feeding you with mass doses of egoic wants. The virtues have been left to the religions so to speak, and they have mostly sold themselves out the highest bidder, the one with more money and control. Knowledge of the spiritual kind does not enter into the equation. Actually the virtues are not being lived but by a very few people. You are in turmoil of which way is up and thus just give up. Who really wants to know that behind the scenes is a group that have accessed the knowledge from way back when, that most don't believe exists anyway? One day you will probably ask yourself, 'why did I give up trying'. Life is to be lived with Love/Beauty and to the fullest.


Edgar Cayce was one of the few real prophets in our modern times. To this day the government is still perplexed as to how he did what he did. Went into a trance and visited people at an appointed time and place to help heal them. He was a real astral traveler, yet he was not conscious of it when he awoke, notes had to be written from questions asked of him in the trance. He was sure from visiting his own 'Book of Life' that he was an Atlantean amongst others from previous lives. The knowledge is there for those that seek it and have the hard work to get it. Just as the 'illuminati' do and they donít heal people, they control people. This process has been talked of throughout the ages, yet the majority of people, especially in the materialistic western world choose not to believe it, let alone think of it. Yet within the astral world lays all the answers of who we are, where we are from, what we are doing here and where we are going.


The 'system' has done all that it can, and still does, to take your thoughts away from it, just as it is part of the 'illuminati' 'Protocol of the Elders of Zion' or the 'New World Order', religion is to be controlled if not out right banished. Metaphysical thinking, planetary magic and all the myriad of so-called 'occult' (for the unknown) practices will be seek out and destroyed. But, just as the truth from time of Jesus and before, it will remain with us in one form or another. Not everybody wants to sell their soul for a dollar. Do you? Upon awakening your soul, upon getting out from under the control of instant gratification, you will find the true beauty of the world, through the eyes of God/Love. Until real love is lived it cannot be understood, except by the concepts that the egos allowed it to be. Those egos if you remember were forced fed to you by your parents, caregivers and society. Then they were strengthen by your own choice, more so after you went along with free love, instant orgasms and expelled your energy instead of working with it. Just ask yourself, how come this stuff exists and you do not know about it? If you would like millions of examples, just ask as in 'knock and someone will answer'. Get it. The answers are already inside of you but you are really asleep and don't realize it. You are having too much fun playing with yourself, as it goes, for it is all in your own mind, not so telepathy you are picking up on, that would be to easy to stop and change.


So this so called 'system' is ramped with evil, to the point that people do not realize what is evil and what is not. Don't ask your egos for they will make you believe that you are a.o.k. and that you are not evil, or worst, evil does not exist. Try waking up your soul, and then ask your virtues that you are living by what is evil. You will definitely not like what you see, but it will be the cosmic truth. If you can take a little metaphysical look at life over the last 100 hundred years you will see a lot more truth, when you know what you are looking for. Most people only want to be happy, yet that is a state of mind that you are in or not, you cannot work towards being happy, you are and you are not, period. Most people only want to have what they need to survive, but they fail to ask what the minimal is when all they need to do is to look around the globe and see what it means. Food and water to sustain their physical being, yet food for their soul is not even contemplated but as a diversion for many in the new age spiritual movement. So the system is winning and it does not look as if it will ever stop. Goodbye freedom that is only factious anyway and hello control of the masses, which you say is factious anyway. If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. As far as the 'other guys' go it is the 'final solution' that they are after to control it all. Sounds good to many, until they starting stepping on their toes. The day that gun control in the USA is put in to disarm the masses, (while there is a need for control per say) then we will see the total loss of liberty, and especially for a country that has been freedom since the beginning in this matter. Why else would they want to get rid of all your guns, unless they are planning a strike and there are too many of you caring them, let alone owing them. My own hunter family has them and these days I am glad to now where I can get one quickly.


Until we all awaken our souls, or the majority that is to help out our bothers and sisters, there will never be any peace, for this is the system taking control for their own needs and not for the needs of others. Greed is the driving force and it is from low self-esteem, which means the disorder in psychology of 'narcissism'. So while the majority of humanity goes around with inferiority complexes (un-admitted of course) the 'other guys' are busily reaping in the profits as the mayhem exists not in their realm but in that which they contaminate, the masses. They never taught you in school basic psychology about the egos and the sins being the same, because if they did, they could not control you as they do now. You don't know that you don't know, and they are not about to tell you, until they have full global control.


So today more so than ever in our human timeline that you can investigate you are really up the creek without a paddle. All you have is our soul, bottled up inside and trying to get you to awaken and be all that you can be. But this necessitates your conscious rising to areas, things that hurt a little, like taking medicine as a kid that did not taste good. It is far easier to just be ambivalent to it all and dream that if there is an afterlife, you will be in paradise. In the meantime, those in the know so to speak are reaping the benefits of your numbness and they know that you will be back here again to a tougher karma, making it even easier for them to pull the wool over your eyes. You can't see anyways so why are they worried. Actually it comes down to those that have awoken their soul, the ascended masters that we have all come across at some point. They are the ones that the systems really wants to get there hands on, and as such they will stop at no ends in order to do so. You can't have God at the head of the mafia. (No offense to the real one that was trying to protect their own people from the 'illuminati'). But as with all things, if you can't beat them, join them so off they went into the money of it all.


The knowledge from Atlantis, pyramids etc has been tapped. The system wants you to believe that it is myth, yet they know that a new world order is coming, and it will be here within our lifetime. Trying to play God is not a nice thing to do to the creator. The creator created out of Love and is only Love, all else is evil, and so what will happen to all of this. Well if you understand some of the prophecies then you will get idea. Weather it is the Bible telling of Armageddon, or Nostrudamus or Edgar Cayce, they all gave us some information to work with, if we woke up and found the keys. The keys or on St. Peter's belt and it was upon that rock the house was built. The philosopher's stone is nothing less than white tantric sexual yoga and the house is that of two truthfully conscious loving beings, communing with the Creator. All else is just the parables, the metaphors put around to keep the messages there but away from the bad guys. The bad guys took it, mixed in some of their own egoic stuff and released it as Biblical fact. The only thing that they never told you was that they were keeping parts of it out so that you did not know the secret. Remember they just like you have been around for aeons and they have the upper hand at this point.


We left off with the professional before, lawyers and accountants, but they are only the visible part of the iceberg. All of those that have an economic interest in the new world order are part of the system. If you never heard of this, it is likely that you are just a puppet in their play. No one likes to believe this, but remember that you really have no control over anything, this is way you have the self-esteem problem, the narcissist must have total control or else they become psychotic. This is where all the real bad guys come from, but then again everything is in degrees and degrees so if they are at 97% and you are at 80%, what is the real difference. Less than 49% and you have possibilities. All you need to do to remedy this is to wake up your soul and be all that you can be. Within that you will see that truthfully you just sell your soul to the highest bidder, for that is what you believe you are worth. There is no thought of a soul, of doing some virtuous Godly things. You (your egos) want what you can get in this dog eat dog world.


So instead of believing any of the conspiracies theories or skull-duggery, you just turn a blind eye to it so that you can function, throwing up your hands and saying there is nothing you can do. Don't forget the saying that God helps those that help themselves, God really does. Does that mean this stuff is not true? Does it mean that this stuff will just go away? No, it is all true and it is not going to go away. You need to live around it and transcend it all, which is only done by conscious truthful effort to realize that while things are impermanent if you don't get it right this life, karma and fate will come into play. It is nice to think that we will get some more chances at making it all right, awakening. Yet, from the point we are in our evolution, just as with Atlantis, we are trying to play God. This means that we will surely get a visit of cataclysmic proportions for that evil that we are trying to bring to the nth degree.


Think of it this way, simplistically. Life is a game created by the creator with certain rules. We will all agree that rules are needed in order to have structure. The rest is up to us as to how we play it. It use to be, or we were lead to believe that it is not if you win or lose, but how you play the game. Well just as that is virtuous, it is also self-defeating if we are not conscious to how the others are playing. Thus we are back to the self-problems, the greed and the narcissism. If we see problems we must denounce them. If we see evil then we must denounce it. Yet just about everybody is doing some part of evil and therefore no one is denouncing evil. Why?




Call it what you will, money, commodities, precious gems, work for pay etc. It is all leading to the same process, annihilation of not the egos, but of the soul. In our ancient bartering system, you made what you worked for and no one took a cut on it. Your apples where traded for your friends wheat etc. Wars in the name of God (God is Love remember) where fought, with all the economics in the back of it all. No one, except for the brain washed ones, would fight a war in the name of God, in the name of money, under the camouflage of freedom yes, but in the name of God. Why? The creator is the creator, yet there are many Gods of this and that, and they are just part manifestations of the creator. So with economics behind it all, we start to see what is meant by, money is the root of all evil.


Sure in the days of old when one guy was raiding another there was a lot of killing. But why was it going on? Control and economics! If one group was lacking something, normally they could ask help from the other and this favor would be returned at a later date, like bartering. Yet with control and economics at stake man just played his animal part and was not caring at all of his brother and sister. It was always the 'other guy's' fault that started it and needs to be punished. It was never us nor our own egos, nor our own evilness. God was on our side and not on their side. Just think, if you were God would you be picking sides in any of this, especially knowing that economics etc was behind it all? You as God are love and don't want to know about evil. It is not in God's realm but in the human one, due to our rutting and living as animals/egos and not virtues/love. We won't get into the Love part too deeply here, but suffice to say that when you hear the word love, it really means like for selfish reasons. Love is of God, it is conscious (100% not 3%) and it is truthful (100% without little white lies) unconditional being put in for good measure. So if someone is killing someone for whatever reason then God is not in the picture and you must remember that two wrongs don't make it right.


But for money people with do anything. There is nothing that you cannot buy in the egoic world, with money. In the spiritual world, that is another story. Money is used for self-satisfaction, which is part of the low self-esteem and the narcissistic disorder. Men will soul their soul as mercenaries killing whomever for a dollar. Women will sell their bodies (thinking it is not their soul) and do whatever for a dollar. Both are in fact sinning against their soul, like it or not. The soul is held prisoner and the egos are the guard. No amount of money will set a soul free, yet with love of yourself that is not narcissistic you can set your soul free at the only cost of consciousness. Given the power of money in the western world, no one really wants to be conscious, they just pay it lip service and fall back into the egos and it money wants. So in actuality it is the ego that wants the money. It is the ego that spends the money and thus it is the ego that controls you not waking up your soul.


Some people believe that we need money that we must have money, yet with the system before it came into the control we all survived, and when we move to a cashless society we will all survive. It was and will be done on bartering and being self-sufficient. Contemplate all the billions of people in the world. Then factor out the ones that live the western system of money and have many are living, existing with no real monetary system. Billions. Yet we in the west believe that we can only survive based on the economic system that we are made to believe that we must have and this is just the system created to feed our own egos, to make them happy while the soul stays prisoner and asleep deep inside. Why?


In psychology Freud realized that the process of growth from enfant to child required all to go thorough a phase known as 'narcissism' as in the ancient tale of the young man who falls in love with his own reflection. This process is one of basic instincts that the baby living only as it original 'Id' chaos (as Freud coined it) goes through. First it is the crying and food is given. Then it is the crying and comfort shapes cuddle it. Then it is the grasping and holding of things it wants, it needs to grow. It is a process he described as one of the baby somehow thinking, believing it is omnipotent, literally that it is God the creator of an action (stimulus) and then a reaction (response) under its' control, the crying and grasping.

This narcissism is a natural process that is over come when the baby is properly nurtured by conscious caregivers so that it realizes that it is not God and that there is a hierarchy system, whereby the now child will one day be part of it. This process repeats itself again around kinder garden age and then at puberty.


If, at any one of these ages, the child does not get through unaffected, if the child does not realize that God our creator is out there, exists and is Love, conscious, truthful and unconditional, then problems set in. The disorder starts to develop and grows, expands itself to the various degrees that it can be. Reading up on the reality of this disorder will shock most to find parts of themselves in it, as most people are suffering from a low self-esteem which can only be detected through various psychological testing and not just from someone saying that I do not have a low esteem etc. A very interesting part of the disorder and therefore of our own inner cooping mechanisms is that a narcissistic person can easily pass a test that makes it appear that they do not have a low self-esteem. They are so sure of themselves as being omnipotent that there is no weakness therein. When pushed to the extreme this condition becomes a psychoses and pathology.


Remember that the economics, money is the one that is feeding this process. When money is lacking for a person with this psychological character trait, which for reasons of why we will explain later, is the case for just about everybody in the western world; the egos set into motion a vast array of actions in order to attain it. These actions are evil, as they are not of God, and as such they are just weakening the soul further and further. Without the economics of money then people would just be able to work harder and do more for themselves and attain the needs that they are seeking. But, the egos want what they want when they want it and will stop at nothing to attain it. Just like the mercenary killing and the women selling her body and virtues. Money created all of this and is the fuel that perpetuates all of this, so why would you want to maintain the system as it is, allowing the ones that run it to keep doing as they are and reaping unearned (from their work) benefits.


We have all been stuck in situations of monetary problems, unless born with the silver spoon etc, and as such we often say, but we need it to survive, or better yet, I wish I could just move to the country and live off the land. This is because our soul with its' 3% input is trying to tell us that something is wrong, that we are not getting better all the time, but in fact our consciousness is decreasing. Even with the man on the moon, it is not your consciousness that did so, it is the money and the knowledge that were obtained off of your back and without your even knowing it. The money is your taxes and your costs of borrowing, which in a barter system there is no one to take a big cut of yours. The knowledge is the mathematical calculations etc from ancient times, ala 'ark of covenant' so that humanity could advance under the control of the 'other guys', the real bad ones. Yet that everything is in degrees of this and that, you just say that it is all part of the process and as such what can you do. Apathy and unconsciousness are the roads to Armageddon and narcissist makes themselves believe that they will be saved, as they are loving etc, etc.


Before we get to any such type of end, the way the system is setup and what seems to be in the making, which by the way is a great way to control the masses in one swoop, is that of an economic crisis. Why? Because with everyone being even more narcissistic than in previous ones, with everyone living more and more as their egos with the soul bottled up inside, then they are sure of one thing. What? Mass panic, mass mayhem, which will set everybody's egos into action, bickering, strife and whatever else you care to envision that it brings, because you can be sure that it will be there. They need it to control you, they are the masters of condition/response and as such they can play you like a fiddle, just as they have done since the world trade center bombing. Bombing only because it was not an attack but a test of condition/response to see if all was in place, to see if they had it right and to see what you would do, not to mention allowing the government to get a better control over your mind.


We are not talking of some alien doing some mind control by taking over your mind; we are talking of basic psychology, kiddy stuff. They are in university and you are still in kinder garden. They have the control over the economics and money and over your egos, thus you are at this point simply their puppets. Once they set off a crisis, which is inevitable as the new world order has set out their agenda and have been working on it with great success for aeons; you will be sent into a tailspin of proportions that you have never seen let alone felt.


Think of it this way. You have been living most of your life as the egos that control you. They know that but you do not want to think that you are egoic and thus sinful and they have been feeding that part of you for so long now. You have gotten yourself into a frenzy over money and the instant gratification that you can obtain from it. So you continue to accumulate, for the family, for retirement, for whatever reason you give yourself from your egos wants and not from the needs of your soul. As you place so much into money it becomes your idol, and thus you have made sure that God is no longer your idol. Not too important for those with more narcissism, as they believe that they are God anyway. Once this idol is affected, once the system starts to play games with it, then your whole reason for being starts to be affected starts to be challenged. As such, you are angry and want revenge etc or whatever else you can get to appease you. They thrive on your anger as it is just like your rutting, it is dissipated energy which you are not using and which they can tap into and use to their advantage. Once you have suffered for awhile, once they have weakened you even more than mindless rutting does, then they will provide a solution, a way to make it all better. A new world order, a brave new world, and 1984 in whatever year it is. Why? Because they can and because you gave them the power to do it. You soul out your soul for a dollar, not knowing that you did not know that you did.


You thought it would be some suffering to wake up and smell the coffee, the truth of all the BS going on around you that was easier to avoid and deny. So now you get to live in it all in a worst manner than waking up. At least you have some hope, you are now presented with a new world order that is going to make it all better, to appease the hurt and pain you are feeling. At this point you will gladly accept anything that is coming your way and that we allow you do continue to be unconscious to it all, to continue avoiding the truth. And just for good measure, they will let out some of the esoteric secrets that they can further use to control you with and may even bring in the new messiah, after showing you a fake one so that you will at least believe that this is the real one. It won't be as the process goes the antichrist or whatever you want to call him has to show up, take power and then really pull the wool over your eyes. Once this is done then you are at a point of no return. You will be taken lock stock barrel and soul on top of it. It is no longer selling out for a dollar, an idol, it is now believing and following evil itself.


This part of the game of life has been going on for more years than you know about, but have never been able to read about it nor access the astral world to experience its' truth. They will set you up so that you will have no choice but to follow them or perish of your own economic impotence. Your egos will still be in place, battered and really not knowing anything as reality anymore. You will be so emotionally charged that through it all your neurological system will short circuit and you will become a machine of condition/response, mostly as you are now.


Anyone that has ever been into meditation, counseling will tell you that no one wants to wake up from their own volition, what they need is a crisis. Crises come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you need to learn and wake up to. Yet with this most people still manage to just repress more things, bury them deeper and not face their own truth. Admittedly that most of this is due to the lack of real Love that is truthful, conscious and unconditional. Never-the-less if you are not looking for that love which has its' base in God, then how can you ever really be you? You can't. All you can do is be the machine that you have been all these years, repeating the same patterns until a really big crisis hits and shocks you into action. This shock is of such a psychological magnitude that it will either stir you into action or kill you.


Now back to the end part where they have you under their full control and believing that this anti-whatever is your savior that will at least give you food to eat, you are still living as your ego and your soul is still suffering locked up inside. So along comes the real war, the war to end all wars, Armageddon. It is really the egos against the egos and the soul going along for the ride so to speak. You never did clean up you egos so you could be reborn on another planet etc. so now you have to have that crisis to wake you up. If it worked during your mid-life or retirement, then you are probably living as your soul as much as you can, if not then get ready. Just like the thief that did not tell you when he would come to rob you, you are now in the middle of being robbed by the system and seeking comfort from wherever you can. You now turn to God and pray like crazy to get out of the mess and promise this and that. You think that God will definitely save you from it all, as you are a good person. You (actually still your egos) believe that you deserve better than what is happening to you and that you can make it better once you are saved. You have a major crisis on your hands.


You have no economic power to speak of. You are at the mercy of some anti-whatever and you are in the middle of the war to end all wars. Your egos are now hiding in places that you did not know that you did not know that you had inside of you. You are pleading with God and God does not seem to be answering. Why? Look at it this way; God is Love, which is truth, conscious and unconditional, all of the things that you have not been living most of your life. God helps those who help themselves, consciously awaken, which you never choose to work on or undertake during your life, believing what your egos told you all along and never questioning them. You believe that as good as you are you should be saved just as someone who did all the work, who consciously suffered to clean up the mess and helped their brothers and sisters as much as they can against even to their own detriment; while you enjoyed your egoic life and never really contributed to the consciousness of the planet by living God. God can only help you to the extent that you believe in God and help yourself. 100% will get you 100%, just as 3% will get you 3%. Humanity collectively is part of the totality of God, without agreement on these things and how to live life, then God is not in the picture and as such it cannot happen.


So what happens? Well for those that believe in ET etc and have had their egos annihilated within themselves will be pulled out of the mess and used for the repopulation of earth, as it has happened before and will happen again. The writings say (those that believe in them) that you will look of peace and find none, you will look for rest in the mind and it will not find any, and most of all you will look for death and it will not come/happen. You will live the cleaning up of the mess that the egos, yours and the other guys collectively have created. You will somehow have it all burned out of you, consciously. After and during that it could be the abyss, eternal hell, it could be reincarnation in the lower kingdoms as animal, vegetable or mineral, and it could be the reprogramming of your soul in the manner of redoing the energy that it is in electro-therapy manner. Whatever it is, it will not be pleasant and you will live it consciously.

So what to do?


Thought all of that stuff would get your attention and now you ask. Just teasing, don't forget to keep your sense of humor, as you will need it in your world of dualities, cause and effect with karma tied into you. It is all impermanent and as such you will be able to go around and around the wheel of Samsura till you decide to get off.


The only real answer to that question, just as you have been trying to play God via your egos and narcissism, is to literally make your self into part of God (without any self-ism, narcissism that is). Not God the creator but a part of the manifestation of the creator God that you already have inside of you since birth, known as your soul. Inside your Id is the primal chaos that you are born with (as Freud pointed out, but could not explain); this is really the seat of the seed of your soul, which is the energy spark of the creator within you, sort of your homing beacon. At this point the beacon is not turned on but it needs to be if you really want to be all that you can be and avoid the mess that is coming during your lifetime. First you need to let in some light so that the shell can crack open and then you need to germinate it so that you can grow it. It really does need to be nurtured just as your mind and body needed to be growing up but was done so erroneously. Remember that up to this point you do not know that you do not know, that you do not know something is missing. What is it you ask? The most beautiful four-letter word in life when lived truthfully, consciously and unconditionally; Love, a.k.a God.


We won't get into the neuro-linguistics of the word, suffice it to say that you have been using it to mean like in a self-satisfaction way. Remember that self-satisfaction is of the ego of greed and the disorder of narcissism. With the masses of the western world living with the same problem, don't be sad just do something about it. How?


Real truthful conscious unconditional love can only be found through white tantric sexual yoga. This has been known and practiced by the sages throughout all time and has not been well viewed by the system, one as it tells the truth and two as they say it takes others into you bedroom, where the government has always said they would stay out of. Now that the oval office has become the bedroom of the nation(s), you can take it as a safe bet that they won't be bothering you with it anymore.


In the systems mind it is too late for you anyway, because they know all the stuff you are just finding out now and they have a head start. What they are not thinking of nor counting on you doing is to have the resolve of your soul's awakening. This part of the game can be real fun and as it involves sex, which you over indulge anyway, it will be satisfying. Careful with the narcissism please.


Let's go through the basics first. Female energy is stronger than male energy as it is tied into gestating the embryo. Male energy is more focused as it is tied into a mission/goal. Rutting is an act for animals, as they need to ejaculate and thus have an orgasm to procreate. Making love without the need for orgasms is what you should be doing. Sex is an act of rutting and is not what you should be focusing on, if you want to wake up your soul. Pornography is out as it just feeds your egos, erotic is in as long as you do not let it feed your egos. Don't play neuro-linguistics with yourself and allow your ego to justify this or that, just focus on real godly love. Your wife will be so happy.


First you need to start meditating with your mate so that you can both get on the same wavelength and start to talk more intimately about your real truths. You both have to be honest to yourself and the other, all the while being unconditional to the other. This is not a game of egos or revenge, it is a process needed for the awakening to save your souls. This is where you will start to commune with the energies of the cosmos and thus those of God, remember two people getting together with a common goal in the name of God, will have God with them to make it happen. If your mate will not work with you then you must get divorced as your marriage was not sanctified by God and marry someone that will. Simple and to the point, do it or lose it. Together you want to focus on whichever ego you can both agree is the main menace to your couple.


Next you need to find out about any hidden traumas that impede either one from opening up and being truthfully conscious. This process can take some time and as such you should reframe from sex during the period that it takes to resolve them. If there is something that either is not truthful of, or if there is something deeply buried it will come out in the following processes.


Read through one of the many good manuals on creating real love. The Art of Sexual Ecstasy is a good one for the amount of material that it covers. Focus always on love and stay away from the act of sex. Talk and talk to each other and ask a lot of questions in the Covey style, which is listening intently to make sure you are being understood.


When moving into the physical part, please take it all very slowly and pace yourselves over a period of time, depending on the needs of each one. This will build more confidence and trust which is paramount for the process to work.


Start the physical touching as if it were your first times together and you are the best lover in the world. You know exactly how to caress all the outside and as such you are not thinking lascivious thoughts; you are just being caring, tender and loving. Keep your breathing deep and if you understand the process do some mantras at the same time. If not look it up and see what extra benefits it will bring in to the situation. Always keep your eyes open as it allows each one to maintain the gaze into the others soul. Be sure to take turns lying down and caressing the other, tenderly as if your hands were feathers.


The main spot for females to release repression is the infamous G spot, which is why it is so sensitive, and the base of the neck. The main spot for males to release repression is the testicles as they are connected to all of the internal organs and the base of the neck. These points need to be massaged gently and over a long period of time. Both hands are used for the massage, one on either spot while lovingly gazing into each others eyes and talking about the sensations and what is happening. This is the inner opening of the blockages that have been setup as cooping mechanisms and as such are the makings of the narcissistic disorder. Only total trust and confidence will allow this process to succeed with the repressed situations, thoughts etc coming out to the surface. If something comes out that cannot be dealt with by the couple then professional help should be sought.

There is a process known as the Fusion of the Five Elements from the Taoist that can help greatly in this healing process, especially if blockages remain. Remember to take things slowly and lovingly at all times as you are dealing with the germinating of the soul which is still an embryo and very fragile.


Once you are both cleared, so to speak, of your blockages then you are ready for the tantric sex itself. This part is one of high energy transmutation and should not be taken lightly, it should not be played with for if you do, we can guarantee you that you will be burnt like you have never been in your life, unless you have suffered atomic nuclear energy burns. The burns are ones of the mind, the nervous system and emanate from the egos, which is why it is important to have them in check and under house arrest.



When you are in the tantric couple embrace, you will be facing each other and must keep your eyes opened and gazing at each other's soul, this is where the energy exchange happens on the upper part of the body, and you do not need to guess where the lower one is. What you are doing is creating a circle of energy that flows around and around. Breathing in unison will allow you better control over any impulses. If they do get too much to handle, stop and take a rest, have a cup of tea (like those of the east do) or water to cool you down and then start again. Circulate the energy in both directions at nine times each way. Nine is an esoteric number that you can look up if you are so inclined to really know its' meaning. At this point if you do orgasm you will be creating a situation for yourself that you will want to immediately meditate and do mantras on, while praying for forgiveness for your error. By doing mantras in the tantric position you will start moving your energies upwards to your pineal gland, the so-called seat of your soul. To many it is the control center of your brain and it does operate the hormone/energy function of the body.


As you move the energy around and upward, be sure to keep focused on what it is you have both decided to do, weather it be the complete understanding and annihilation of a ego/sin or asking for conscious understanding of yourselves; you can decide and you can thus become the master of your soul's awakening. As you work more and more with these transmutations of your energies, you will find it easier to control yourself, your impulses and as such you will also start living more consciously (with truth having gotten you to where you are at in your practices together). As long as you do not place any conditions on your process you will find that you are living with more of the cosmic energies that surround you. Your health will improve dramatically and your mind will be sharper and seeking out the answers will come easier.


In essence, you will have awoken your soul and it will start to give you information on what it is you actually need in order to be all that you can be. Your love of yourself will start to be completely devoid of self-ism, narcissism and you will be sensing that God is all around you all the time. God was, is and will always be, you just did not know it, as you could not feel, sense it as you were living your egos and your soul was bottled up. Now you are starting to become one with your mate and as this progresses you are becoming at Onement with God. As you become at Onement with God you will sense a totally new world around you that is more than you could have imagined and while you will have bouts of sadness for what is happening and what seems to be the final solution you will also be doing all that you can to change the course, the path of that final solution.


The minimum that you and your mate will get out of this is a better relationship and thus more real love and harmony. Yet, at the other end of this is that the cosmos is the limit as you can literally tap into the energies and do as if you were both angels, helping, visiting and doing as you please, as your truthful, conscious loving hearts know to do. Why, because first of all you are in fact a fallen angel, and secondly because the two energies are in fact making an angel of cosmic proportions.No one told you this before because then you would not want to play their game with their rules, which is there egos taking over your egos. At the point that you become ego-less during this process is the point that you can literally phone-home and visit it as you choose. Then you will really have freedom of choice being used by your soul and being all that you can be.


For sure it is a process that takes time, yet time is only relevant to this physical plane. Time is simply a unit of measure invented by man. The etheric, astral cosmic world does not need time; it lives the dimension of actions. So in reality what actions are done now will remain as actions that you do, forever as it goes. You and your mate will be able to remember all those actions that you both did together and choose to help each other with. Does that mean that you will be with them forever? You decide on what you need consciously and they decide on what they need consciously. If it happens to be the same thing then you can be together forever. Read up on it all and you will get a clearer picture of what is happening and what can happen once your soul is in control.


As the book stated 'this is mission control signing off and wishing you Love' and as the movie said 'ET go home'. We just like to say 'Namaste', you should to.

What is really wrong?


The problem was, is and will always be one of consciousness. That is to say being aware of the cause and effect world that you live in. Just as you live in a world of duality of good and bad, you are subject to the world of cause and effect unless you are conscious and then you can transcend it all. This is also known as the karmic process, rebalancing that which you unbalanced, and collecting good things for good deeds. But narcissism is what keeps you here being unconscious.


As mentioned before, just about all people living in the western world are narcissistic and this is not to the exclusions of others, but let's face it, the western world is controlling everything. This can be witnessed by the unusually high level of pride in say the USA, to name the most apparent one, but rest assured that all have it. In the USA it is the flag waving, which is good for the spirit, but with the attitude of let's nuke them in the 60-70's, let's kill them now and racism way back when, it is the pride of the Biblical sins. Why? Because the narcissism that was set in by various methods over the decades to the point that today just about everything is done for the self.


Go back and think of the changes that happened to the general psychology of the masses after WW2. By that time Freud had unlocked, so the speak, the process of psychic development, the cause and effect method. It was no simple chance that his nephew was the pioneer in using psychology and emotions in the advertising which has reinforced and expanded our own selfism of this that and the other thing. Since WW2 most of the boomers where looking for peace and love, and what they bought into was what the system spoon-fed to them, after having forced fed the multitude of egos from the caregivers. Think of Dr. Spock and the period were all the mothers were told that bottle feeding was better than breast milk for all the reasons they could sell them on. Sure there are problems of chemical this and that from this and that, yet what happened mostly was that the connection (part of the growing through narcissism process) was hampered, was injured by the caregivers. At the same time you had a mass of males coming back from the wars with all kinds of psychological problems, known or not. Now add onto this the advertising towards the egos of the masses and what you have is mayhem in the mind. It was the sudden realization that the self was not getting what it wanted, and having been through a war, they (the egos) were tougher and ready to fight to get all that they want, when they wanted.


When the mass of boomers hit puberty and beyond they turned to peace and love as a smoke screen for free sex. Heck you even got to smoke some weed and drink underage (of conscious responsibility) while doing it with whom and whenever you could. This unconscious use of sexual energy is the one most thing that turned just about everyone away from spiritual growth, as they had questions that needed guidance and growth to understand, yet with all the instant gratifications that were available, it was easier to do them then to really think. The use of sex for anything but communing, as a conscious couple with the divine has been known throughout the ages as being, evil. Evil in the sense that all it does is feeds the ego of self, the disorder of narcissism in making you feel like you are God and thus appeasing the question of where is God. Evil in the sense that it reinforced the problems and their cooping mechanisms that are within the psyche, and deep within the super-ego (morals and beliefs) with the Id (seat of the soul) left to its' own defense.


White tantric sexual yoga has been known of since the beginning of time and here in the west it is just viewed as some quirk of the east. In the east there are many who practice it and yet they are still using the energy for orgasms instead of transmutation. This is the key Jesus brought and was trying to get us to understand, and if you doubt any of this, just try the process for the next thirty 'sex sessions' and see if it makes a difference. God guarantees it will and during the process you will actually commune with the divine cosmic energies. As the expression goes, 'try it you will like it' is an understatement for this 'miracle cure'.


All the information is out there, somewhere when you care to look, but finding it easier to just like the egoic life process, you will have instant gratification until all of your freedom is taken away and then you will just have the narcissistic nucleus, which is known as the family to feed your needs. At some point the family itself will not be sufficient for all the members to fed from and that will lead to seeking the food supply outside. Yet with the masses already into the narcissistic process themselves, at a point of diminishing returns there will be no one left to fed you, unless you take it by force; as the case in a lot more situations than we can imagine at present. So what it left is a mass of people all with the same problem, being controlled by the few, weather it will be the government, the illuminati, the new world order or the other guy, you pick the name as they are all one and the same. It will be ego fighting against ego and not attaining its' desires. This will lead to more strife and conflict at the level of the masses, just as you have seen in any number of movies or television programs. It is all out there and waiting to happen.


Without your freedom to choose what you need to do and what you can do, how can you be all that you can be. Apathy and ambivalence are options, but this leads to more karmic problems and thus a worst time in the next life. So as you work your way down the ladder you get worst and worst with no relief in sight. At some point you will start looking for the Second Coming of the Messiah or Armageddon. When this presents itself you will have been through such turmoil that you will accept anything that seems to be what you want, what the masses of those suffering from narcissism want to gain their self-satisfaction. You will then turn around and do as was done in the 60-70s and sell your self out for a dollar. At this point the dollar may simply be food that you need to sustain your life, just like so many in the third world countries today. The system will know exactly what you want and give it to you for paying homage and respect to them. It will not be what you need for your soul to grow and be all that it can be, it will just be feeding your egos as they are still inside of you and have not been annihilated.


What you have here in reality is the perfect setup for the antichrist or whatever else you want to call it.


The new world order is there and they are tied into the illuminati. The illuminati are setting up whatever they want to take over complete control, even more than what they really have now and they are tied into the protocols of the elders of zion that have been under way for longer than anyone wants to know. Stretch your imagination just a little bit and you will realize that they, the system, the other guy, the real bad ones are just the Sons of Belial from Atlantis doing what they said they would and making the prophecies come true. How could those prophets of yore predict what they did? It is just history repeating itself from the time of Atlantis and you don't realize it yet. Just as there are secret societies that manipulate for control and their agenda, there are secret societies that are underground with the truth. Anyone can tap into the astral world; the world of light, when the work that is required is done in order to make it all happen. This work starts within yourself and is known as conscious enlightenment.


Yet, apathy, laziness and the egos being what they are, you are not likely to be doing to much work in that realm are you. You will live on the basis that you are a good person and when the times comes you will be saved by the 'almighty' and taken to paradise. Just remember what we said before, that you cannot leave this plane of karmic reincarnation until you decontaminate yourself of your egos. After all the tires that you are given and this is usually when the cataclysmic stuff happens, be it something in our solar system hitting us, or the reactive sun flare ups from the anger energy that we create, or Armageddon; then End Game is called and most of you will end up in crispy critter land as a lab experiment that went haywire, that went wrong. Now for most of you with the egoic thought process that you have, will be saying that so what, when I am gone I am gone. As we said before, you must pay karma one way or the other, until you know how to consciously transcend it. This paying of karma will very well be at the end of times, when people seek relief and there is none, when people seek death and it does not come. Then in anger you turn and say this is not a just God, this is not fair as I am good etc. What you are saying in reality is that your egos think's all these things as it was in control all the time and that your soul was always asleep. God is Love remember and God does not know of evil, only of balanced energy that is in your case, male and female.


Karma will be extracted if you do not pay up willingly. Your ego is in control at this point so how else can it go put by the final solution. In the cosmic sense it is when you have gotten to such a point that the earth, its' own living organism has had enough. You can cry all you want, that is just an ego of the self facing loss of control. You can get anger and then you can really live all of those sins, some of which you have repressed so much that you do not even know they exist within you, but they do, just ask your soul when you start waking it up. You will be at a point of no return in that you will be suffering all that was ever written about on this stuff and will not know why. The answer is easy and here it is. You are living as your egos and not your soul. You have not made the effort to know God, conscious truthful unconditional Love. You believe that your narcissism does not exist, that it is the other guy's fault. Well that one is partly right, the only problem is that you feed into the other guy, as you are his fodder. The one with the strongest egos wins, and you can bet there are many stronger than you, no matter who you are.


Remember that we mentioned before that the other guy, the illuminati or whoever you want to call them, have the control. Such they do because you gave it to them. You bought all the programming that they sold you on and now you are stuck with them in control. If you managed to do a narcissistic test on just about anyone in power you will find that their test is clean. Why? Because they have gone beyond the point of any help or possible return, they are psychotic and pathological. If you do not believe this, then study the word, how it comes about within everyone's life and then look at who those people really are, what they are doing and how they are doing it. If they are anything less than a ascended master, anything less than say Gandhi, then you can be sure that they are totally evil, 100% out for themselves. Yet, with your own level of narcissism dictating you via your egos, is there any wonder how that type of person caught into power and is being awed by the masses. The one with the strongest ego will always have the power over the others. Just look at your family and upbringing and honestly contemplate the egos of those caregivers etc. Do you see their strength over yours and in most cases still is today?


You sold out your soul thinking that you are God as God is not around, or that some authority figure was God. You sold out your soul for instant gratification, not caring about tomorrow or whom you injured in the process, especially if you could get away with it and not get caught and be faced with and 'prise de conscience'. This all became a game to you and you fed more and more off of it. God was antique, God was not there helping the wars, the famine etc. So God was relegated to the bottomless pit. God is unconditional love and as such will gladly welcome you home if you use your inner homing beacon, your soul, by waking it up and being all that you can be.


Is it too late?


Only God and the ascended masters know the answer to that one. Yet in reality of the conscious truthful stuff to yourselves you can see that it is very near the time that the prophets talked of. Taking the Mayan calendar wherein they predicted their own disappearance it seems that your time is up somewhere around the next katun 2012-2040. If you take the messages from various other prophets and psychics then it seems to be around now. If you take the economic factors and what is happening on the money scene, it seems to be around 2010 as the oil reserves started their decline empting out by 2025. Suffice it to say that we are somewhere near a major change, and reviewing what was said before, the changes etc to 1900 and then to 2000 and especially the last 10 years, not to mention that we are getting ready to clone a human (which is just why Atlantis sunk, trying to play God), the speed to these changes will get faster and faster, so strap yourself in.


The mind is a wonderful, yet funny thing, in that there are cooping mechanisms in place so that you can deal with the 'shit' that life puts you through and you put yourself through. Denial is the best and most favored of the masses. Just as it was said in the books of yore that people are like sheep and they follow each other, the system is counting on it so that you do exactly that, and while you are bickering and fighting for this that and the other thing, they well gladly hold all of the power and control until you figure it all out and ask for your power and control back. The only thing here with that thought is that your egos believe that they will gladly, freely give you back what you know was yours, but as they took it over it is now theirs. Just as the narcissistic family nucleus works so does the system, and when dad takes on the power and control so does the system. You could not win over your dad so how will win over the system.


As from those that have already gotten out of the system, mostly for there own narcissistic reasons, you can always call it quits and kill yourself from the stress of it all, from the pain of thinking of it all or from the anxiety that the skull-duggery and conspiracies bring you, but that will just cause more and heavier karma to deal with. You can just keep doing as you have always been and this is being fodder for the one in power with the bigger narcissism and egos. Or you can decide with the joint agreement of your mate, as it does take two, to tango with God. In the end, that is the only answer and those that do not believe it do not know that they do not know what is truth and what is fiction.


God is truth, 100% and you know that you have not been living it as such; otherwise you would not be in this situation. God is conscious, 100% (to the truth) and as it has been said so many times you are lucky if you are using 3% of your brain. And, God is 100% unconditional and seeks nothing more than to have the children awaken and come home for a visit. Two truthful, conscious, and unconditionally loving beings in tantric embrace can tap into the energies of the cosmos beyond anything that they can conceive. It takes the two, for as it is written, two people getting together in the name of God, working in common in the name of God, then God will be there and it will be accomplished. Think about that long and hard, as it is your only remaining saving grace. Ignorance receives what it is due, egos receive what it is due and then the soul receives what it is due and needs to be all that it can be.


If mankind is fighting and manipulating the way it is, then how can we stop our own final demise? If you cannot find your path to the light, God, then how can God help you get home, you have the free will to do as you please and as such, you can help it not be too late, or just keep doing as always and then by this you are being a part of the problem and thus it is too late. Remember all those rallies, all those peace days and all of those days of loving mankind. Where has it all gone? If your egos don't know then you better find out, your soul is depending on it.




The esoteric sages, those metaphysical people through out the ages call this time of humanity 'Kali Yuga' the dark time of our fifth race, the dusk before the dawning of the 'Golden Age'. To humans that are mostly narcissistic this conceptual fact does not give any self-satisfaction and as such, it is of no interest. The good thing about it is that those that have been true to their soul, without the selfism, will be glad to see and live a new age dawning, clearing out the dead wood i.e. most of society. The bad part is that those who are not conscious, those that do not know that they do not know, will be living all of their demons, nightmares etc at the same time. Karma must be balanced and paid, while Dharma collected, so at least you will collect some good things that will help to deal with all the suffering that will be extracted by Fate.


The pending oil/energy crunch wherein by 2025 our world oil reserves will be depleted, will era in the end of manufacturing as we know it. Sure other sources of energy will be around, yet the majority of people will be no longer working and as such will be fighting just to sustain their life, obtaining their daily bread. The economic collapse that this will entail, which statistically will start sometime around 2010 will effectively wipe-out any savings that humans believe that they possess, especially if not backed by the time honored gold reserves. As Fate would have it, this will in and of itself put most out of work and as such start the process of involuntary suffering to face reality of what is really going on.


In a narcissistic world, everyone in some shape or form believes themselves to be God, as this is what manifests the disorder in the first place. Believing that one is God makes one idol oneself, reinforcing the narcissism. It is a vicious circle, where the Creator can find no room, where the soul cannot awaken to express itself. The self is everything and thus the soul does not really exist except as the mind, the self. The soul is of virtues and the mind is of the egos. The egos are the same as the sins, which narcissism does not want to recognize, as such the nurturing of the soul is not done and the soul cannot find its' expression. The egos have the control via the sins and once in a while, with some really grave situation, they may have a sudden guilt of consciousness and ask forgiveness. This is again mostly just a narcissistic process in that the ego, because of the super-ego's beliefs and morals seeks comfort that the ego, the self, is really not a bad person. The understanding that the ego is not a person but the un-Godly part of a human is ignored.


With Fate making the rebalancing of something that was unbalanced by extracting penitence in order to forcefully help consciousness, then humans start to suffer, as the extraction is not being done consciously with some understanding as to what is happening and why. If one volunteers to awaken, then they can help control their own process, they will be able to easily understand what is going on. They (the egos) may not like it as it does not feed nor serve the narcissism, yet it does the soul for its' awakening.


Human ego thus narcissistic produced garbage abounds. It is here and now and it is piling up to the point of no return. As with any process, once the critical point is crossed then there can be no return and Fate must proceed with that which is cosmically ordered. The cleaning up of the earth will be done by the outside forces of nature, once again leaving humans in the lurch and succumbing to whatever is thrown at them. God is here, was and always will be, just watching and seeing what we do. God is Love, truthful conscious and unconditional and does not react (egos do) to anything but that. The rebalancing of energies is nature requiring that one organism has unbalanced another. Having been brought up on a God of war and wrath most have exchanged God for their own selfism, saying that they do not start wars etc. as it is always the 'other guy'. God for them, the masses is their own ego and not a Creator of Love, for really they do not know Love.


As the battle continues and gets closer to some type of breaking point, all one can really do is try to find God, which is actually Love, inside of themselves for themselves and others without the egos, with the selfism and thus without the narcissism. It has been written that males are less likely to recover from narcissism, therefore the hopes and prayers of the golden age rest with the females to make it a better world, if it is not too late and if they can get over their own self-defeating challenges as well as their own male induced and fed narcissism.


We can all individually and collectively stop the problems and change things for the better, all that needs to be done is to stop what is going on, regroup with a better understanding of what we are really doing and then plot out a new course, one of consciousness that does not have room for selfism and that is only driven by the gnosis of God, of Love that is always truthful, fully conscious and unconditional.


Unless the egos are understood and annihilated this will never happen. Each one made their own egos and therefore each one must understand them, dominate them and then eradicate them.†††