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Love for others

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See we told you not the be fearful and that we would do a write up, so here it is…
















Most of us realize that at one time or another we did things that are what we could call kind of stupid, in that we don't put all of


ourselves into the task. There is usually a multitude of reasons for this, yet we know somehow, somewhere inside of us that it


is due in part to how we feel about ourselves and thus reflecting it onto what we are doing.




We do not really setup to sabotage our process, yet we cannot seem to start it the way we would like, or keep it going with the


enthusiasm that we know exists somewhere inside of ourselves. Worst of it is that by the time we reach completion stage we are


lost and our energy/focus is almost zero, so the completion is trying and tiring.





This is from the basic parts of us that have not reconciled our will to be, live and do all that we can for ourselves. It is the part


of us that has suffered under so much BS that we no longer can understand what is right, what is wrong and worst, what is.


So we give into our apathy of it all and just throw up our hands in I give up or worst throw in the towel and join the other side. What


is really going on here is that we are living parts of our karma through the reincarnation and it is up to us to turn on the goodness,


actually to live our God-ness and be all we can be, for ourselves and also towards and for others that we come into contact with.












To get rid of it, we first need to understand it. To first understand it we need to understand ourselves and our relation to what we


believe, what we value and most of all how we can live Godly with all souls. So when we start with being Goodly to others we are


giving ourselves a chance to be 'goodwill' towards all beings and then when we keep up the practice, we see results that we did


not think where possible and thus it encourages us to continue on that path.


























Want is another name for desire, and is what propels it in the Being. Our being has needs like air, water, food, and our soul


has needs like God, energy, consciousness and love. But the wants are part of what we created via the egos, not via the soul.


The part we really get mixed up in is that of love, as all souls need love to survive, for it was that unconditional love that created us,


that we feel inside of us. Somewhere along the line we decided to use 'I love you' as an expression of our soul's love. However,


every time we say it, depending on what the cause and effect was, it usually means that ' I want you', referring to a number of things


such as, to cook for me, to fix this or that for me, to have sex with me. So we are not aspiring for a soul-mate ness but in fact for


a wanted desire to be satisfied. All of this leads to a chain reaction.














What we can do is to start to understand our own cause and effect in the actions that we do. To do this we need to try and get a


better understanding of our psychological make-up and why we have evolved as we have. There are many self help books and


tapes that can start us into the world of our inner being, and there are many professionals that we can talk with that can guide us


along the path. But all the real work is done by ourselves, within our own minds. To this end we have a unlimited supply of help


from God and all the energies of love that surround us. Just look at all the beauty and we can see it in work. Aspire to be as a


good/great person and with understanding and help you will be. Emulate that which you aspire to be.
























Here we hit the mother load of all egos/sins and whatever is sinister inside of ourselves. For fear is the main method of having


and instilling control over others. Since the beginning of time, humans have used it in one form or another to control those whom


they wanted to keep below them. It is the thing that most demonstrates what evil is and how it is transmitted from generation to


generation and propagated throughout the different cultures. Unfortunately there are so many humans today that live under the


rule of fear that our world has become a fear monger.

















Without courage inside of ourselves, we are doomed to a life of fear, strife and unhappiness. For how could we ever be happy


when we are controlled by fear, when someone other than God has the upper hand over us and we cannot find the means, the


energy, the understanding to confront it, to challenge it, to really transcend it. We just give up our power to it and if we are angry


enough or some other egoic feeling, we turn around and do it to those who are below us, who rely on us or who submit to us.


Find out what courage is for you, where it resides inside of you, as it does in all of us; and you will see a difference when you


start to live by that virtue of the divine and not by the egos that others project towards you, or about you. It is rooted in the self,




as those with a weak self lack courage to be all they can be.









There is one more step to help us with all of this, and it is for the advanced dummy.