What me worry? I'm a good person! End Game.



Preface. 2

Dedication. 4

Overview.. 5

Death. 10

Fate is the real cosmic controller. 12

The Sins of the Spirit and the Egos of the Mind. 17

Captains of the Egos are the Rulers. 22

Armageddon. 26

Lust 29

The court's in session now, and here comes the judge, Me. 32

Examples of sins/egos using your energy. 33

Sexual Energy. 37

Sounds and Happiness. 40

Using Lust as Sex and Love. 43

Using sexual energy to awaken God. 46

Conclusion & Recap of Another Kind. 49

How to fix it all. 52

Females: Notes and observations on how they are treated by males. 56

Males: Notes and observations on how they are treated by females. 63




This book is about us, all of us and of those that we only imagine to be our angelic hierarchies that watch over us, for few of us have had the ecstasy to be conscious after having interfaced with them. Many of us do not want to interface nor communicate with them, and a few of us do not even want to think that they exist. Just because we do not believe something, does not mean that it is not true.

God is everywhere and is everything, known as 'Love'.


We have all heard that said before, but what does it really mean? God is Love we are told, but then what is Love? God, Love, thus the chicken and the egg routine, or a paradox that gives us a headache and turns us away from it all.


God is Love that is unconditional in beauty, truthful in all manners and conscious of the justice of it all.


God is not wrathful, God does not have favorites, nor is impudent of anything. God is our creator having made the cosmos of Love, balanced energies with a few cosmic 'rules of the game'. Life is a beautiful game that some say is hide and seek with God; we just don't like to admit it as such.


God did not create war, destruction nor evil, God made cosmic rules of balance and we did the rest with the transformation of those energies, for the good and for the not so good of life. And, just as God has many facets to us, each one of us has our own 'soul growth' facet at a different level. We cannot all be in University or Kinder-garden at the same time.

To this end we have written this book that you now anticipating to 'devour' with keenness, in Five parts and some tables. This will allow each one to go into that section which seems the most appropriate, for further investigation. Let your intuition be your guide as to where you want to start.


Each part is a whole unto itself, and is not necessarily put in any order, other than that which we had it pouring out of us as we sat at the laptop and watched our fingers fly across the keyboard. There is a psychological/spiritual section; a section on the higher knowledge or science of ourselves aka 'Gnosis'; a religious section on Jesus the Christ and other ascended masters; a philosophical section (one with humor on our anthropology, or the'game plan' if you will); and one on fixing it all.


Psychology is scientific and spirituality is not. Spirituality is about our soul and psychology is not. But, when we merge the two, when we go back over the formation of either group, and bring into it the equations the other groups via 'Gnosis', then we start to see our own, inner gnosis and what all this beautiful stuff means. For it is beautiful as it was sent by God and God is everywhere and everything with Love.


During your reading you will find out things about our inner workings that you did not know, that you did not know. You will be amazed, amused and enlightened. Just what life is all about and you may also find out why we are here. There maybe a few tears along the road, but, most importantly you will find that God does in fact exist. That God is in fact everywhere and everything. And, that there is only four words needed to describe God:


Truthful, Conscious, UnconditionalLOVE.

†††††††††††††††††††† L††† I†††† F†††† E

††††††††††††† G††† O††† D

†††††††††††††††††††† V

†††††††††††††††††††† E

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Looks like God intersecting with Love is Life going forward, from the Id.



This book is dedicated to my father who was the greatest example of God (truthful, conscious and unconditional Love) I have yet to meet and to my mother who is the greatest example of Venus.


It is dedicated to my daughter Samantha for choosing me as her Dad and for being a spiritual teacher and student.

To my many friends, alive and dead who have given me so much to live for in this wonderful journey of life (and they still do weather in the here and now or from beyond), from kind words and deeds, to some of the greatest esoteric encounters.


But most of all to that' Lady of unconditional Love', who shared a cosmic dance with me and we found 'God Itself' together. I call her Venus (after my own motherís ways), and I know that she did incarnate and manifest Venus here and now. From the bottom of my exalted heart and from the universal energy flowing through my soul, I know her as my true soul mate.


I thank her as I would thank God for all that they have taught.

Love, unconditional, conscious and truthful.


May we all, always help and need to help each other and mankind.

Namaste and God forever.

Edward the Guardian

Earl the defender

Kemp the fighter



Oh God, please help me! Oh God I need your help! You know I try so hard. I try to be a good person and do-good things, I help others, I really do, please help me. I am here at church for my weekly visit and I need some super-charged help to fix things that are not the way I want them to be, they are just not right. I think of you during the week, but I am so busy coming and going, with the job, taking care of the kids, so I am really too busy to do anything like change by growing, so I ask you to do it for me. Just like when we were little and Daddy/Mommy would fixed things.


Good thing I (the Creator God or 'OM' to my friends) put Fate there to help you out, you all needed it, because how many times have I heard those or similar lines being implored of me since time began? Too many.I am (unconditional, conscious, truthful love) God ('OM' to my friends) that, not who, is already everywhere, everything and just waiting for you to use your free will to make it all, with Love (my other nickname), happen.


Only thing is that you don't realize it nor do you realize that you are still just sleep walking in life, slipping on banana peels to have a crisis and wake up, but not really waking up because it still doesn't hurt enough yet and you don't want to do the work to change. Do you? (Remember I read souls not egoic minds)!


You use your free will (boy do you ever mess that up sometimes) so Fate has to help you out when you don't live the Me, the God that is within do be awaken. Do you really think that just by imploring me, puff like magic it all gets better? Have you ever in your life (actually lives) seen that happen to you or anyone you know of or ever read of? Put it this way, did your Hollywood ever make a movie about that kind of situation?


You humans are quite strange as I am with you always, everywhere, and as everything knows, I gave you free will while the others are under my command. You still have to ask those questions of help and yet, everything knows all you need do is help yourselves, change, grow and be at 'Me-ment', that is at Onement with Me.


Oh well, at least I gave Fate to guide and to help you use your free will, in which ever way you so choose, but I sure do want you praying to and idling the 'Me' and not yourselves (that part of God inside of you, that part of the Totality inside of you) that is idolatry and a really bad sin.


When you say 'I am good', I really meant for you to say'I am as good as the manifestation of the God I can be'. Oh well, life happens, like it or not, and I love it all, don't you. I am Love, what are you? And don't tell me you choose to be evil; I don't like the idea that I have any bad children. Stupid maybe, but not evil!


I wonder why you only go to church once a week; do you not need to commune with OM more than that? Sure the lonely etc. come in sometimes during the week, but that is mostly because they have nothing else to do, or worst, they don't want to fix their problems, so they hide out.


Boy am I ever glad I gave you Fate to help you all with your free will, if I didn't I'd probably be all alone in those churches by now.


'God, just do this little thing for me and I will forever be grateful and pray and grow and change etc. You know I will, you know my heart'. I do not really answer to that, for I know your mind as well and it is just your egoic sins talking, I really do know what is in your heart and I am waiting for you to know it as well, with your own free will.


Good thing I put Fate in place to help you all out.


'God make me better from this affliction'. Why should I as you have free will to get better or not, and given you think that I will just do it for you, you do not really want to be better, but want the want to be better feeling only. So that is exactly what you have, the want of want to. Your ego believes that you have the right to stay as afflicted has you are as you choose to be as such until you decide to change, to awaken from within.


Good thing I put Fate next to you to help you with your free will.


Good thing I didn't give you too much remembrance of past lives, seeing what you did would mostly likely make you 100% nuts not just the current 97%. 3% is a lot when you are dealing with free will and as the Love that I am I know you will use your free will to help yourselves grow, change and be all that they can be. Just like me, Love.


Good thing I put Fate next to you to help out.


Sure you all have a biological body that went through various evolutionary processes, yet as your soul is a separate and of me, why do you insist on acting like animals. No control I can only guess. Oh yeah that's what it is and the reason why you ask me to fix things all the time, because you think I control it all. Boy oh boy, could you imagine me trying to control all that stuff all that time, as you are nuts it would drive me nuts. Besides it would then not be of your own free will.


So it is good that I put Fate next to you to help out.


I wonder if you are getting the point of confusing Love and sex. Yuk. All you so called humans acting more animalistic than the animals. I think we need another word to describe what you are doing so as not to insult my animal friends. Hum. Let's call it rutting, because you are all in a rut anyway and that way sex will not be considered Love (God that is Me). How would you like it if people went around calling you instead of God ('OM' to my friends which is Love), saying 'hey you, Sex'. Ugh.


Good thing I gave you free will with Fate as a companion to help you all out to use it.


I really like the Brits, as they got it right a long time ago. They call everyone by the right name. Just listen to the conversations and you will hear them talking of Me, 'Hey, Love', what everyone is somewhere deep inside.Wonder what happened to the other cultures and languages? I know but I can't tell you, as it is a cosmic secret.


Good thing I gave you free will to find out for yourselves. Fate will be right next to you along the road of life.


Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you to stop complaining about this evil and good thing. I am Love and don't know evil and never meet it. Sorry, I forgot, I gave you free will and you use it the way you want to.


Oh well at least you have Fate there to help you grow and be all you can be.


Good thing, or else we would not be having this exchange right now; you'd all be crispy critters at the 'end of time', as you keep thinking will happen.


By the way, the egoic sin process was not my idea, it comes from you guys; (more than girls)(actually I believe you all just keep saying that it is the 'other guy', well did you ever meet him in your mirror) when you all decided that you wanted to play like the giant earth animals with peas for brains that the first wave made in their thinking pattern.


It is fun to play, but did you have to try and control their bio-mechanical brain (fuse with them) and start rutting like them, at least they had a reason to. Oh yeah, I forgot that I gave you free will to do as you please, must remember that more often as I am not use to this type of exchange. So you started to go mushy in the head and ended up wanting to be God, (which you can be as I am inside of you waiting to germinate, just feed me) and thus created all those silly sins you use to play games with.


Good thing I put Fate their to help you along the way.


Look, let's get it straight. I created the world and you know that, some may not want to believe it, as is their right, using their free will.


Good thing I put Fate in place to help you use it or as it goes, loose it.


Anyway, you see this is My creation and thus My game with My rules. Call Me a controller if you want to, but without Me you don't exist. So accept that part and you will understand the rest, but the scientist know that you have free will to see whatever you want to.


Thank God (Me) for Fate next to you to help things along, or else we could not play my game at all.


When you grow up to be like Me then you can create your own game. I know, you don't have to play My game at all, like many of you who are just waiting to die, but it is fun and an adventure, some call it 'living life'.


I just want you to go out and explore, have adventures and be Love,that is just like Me, to all things. I set up some rules which you all started to call commandments, but they are just guidelines that I am willing to evolve as all things must, just like our game. These guidelines are getting a bit tougher lately as you are ignoring the object of the game, which is, 'Grow, be Love and come home enlightened from the adventure'. If I pull out all those things that have been setup over time, then the game is over and of no good to anyone. So let's evolve things together, you act more like Me and maybe I will act more like you. I believe you call that the collective consciousness. Very interesting.


I knowthat most of you want to simply have your mate, take the money and do whatever you want to and enjoy everything you can without having to grow (work) for it. But then the object of the game would be missed and I would still be waiting forever for you to, pray to Me and come home, as you would not want to do that as you have all you want to have, and with free will you would turn your nose up and just say 'I am not coming home now, later, maybe'. So then I am left with waiting forever, which is longer than you can imagine, without anyone to play with. You all know how that feels, especially when you lose control.


Good thing I put Fate there to help you grow and come back home.


Could you imagine doing exactly what you are doing now for the rest of eternity, I can't, so how in the heck can you. Not hell as that only exists in your mind, sometimes, I'll tell you more about that later. Anyway, you would go even more nuts than you all are now. Rutting makes the brain go mushy and you would all end up just a glob of jell-o, which by the way is one of my most favorite ideas. I wanted George Burns (my nemesis) to do the commercial, but Bill Cosby is better with kids. You would get so bored, yes even more than just about all of you are now, although you don't tell each other, you would want to kill yourself, but you could not as with your free will you choose to just keep on doing it your way and thereby staying away from death.


Good thing Fate is there to help you along the way.




Remember, death is good, death is evolution, and yes 'Death does take a holiday, sometimes'. Could you imagine being 300 years old or whatever, what your body would look like and how you would smell? I love my idea of flowers and fragrance, don't you? You'd be like some computer program or the energizer bunny, just keep going and going. But, where would you be going? Paradise does exist, you are all living in it, so wake up and smell the coffee. Am I ever glad I made death part of the game, or else you would have no where to live, given your un-controllable urge to rut. So thank God (Me) for putting in that one to help alleviate the population problem that you will most likely end up with anyway. Oh well, life happens.


Good thing I put Fate next to you to help out.


That about sums up all the stuff you need to know, of why I set it up the way I did. As for all the other stuff, like wars, famine etc just read on and you will get the complete picture, and please remember, just because you do not believe it, does not mean it is not true or that it does not exists as such, or it really is not. You can find the ultimate real truth, if you look for it. This is like the treasure hunt part of the game, 'seek and ye shall find', 'knock and someone will answer', and the best one of all, 'know yourself and you will know the Gods'. Yeah, there are a number of them, but only one of Me the creator, whom you call God and just make things more confusing for everybody. I did not make those rules or guidelines your elders, religious or not, did. The language thing was my idea for your growth and fun, you just choose too confusing of words to communicate with and then mix up the meanings. How can some words mean two things at once?


Good thing I put Fate in place to help things out when confused.


Oh yeah, one last thing before we move on, could you stop polluting so much, all that refuse has to be disposed of somewhere and the other planets don't want it, so you are stuck with it anyway. Boy just in a hundred years from billions of people, what a mess. Figure it out; I gave you all a brain to do so, if you want to use it with your own free will.


Ah, good thing I put Fate there to wake you up a little bit.


My good friend Edgar Cayce (poor guy though, kept sleeping on the job) said it well, that earth is a testing ground for the final movement home. Hum, I wonder if you are all just playing dumb because you don't want to come home. Hum, not likely as you all use your free will to do what you want to anyway.


Good thing Fate is there watching out for Me.


And please, always remember that I have a great sense of humor, I sent Alanis Morrisette to play me in that silly film 'Dogma', and that got you all in the funny bone. It is just that you with your own free will choose not to laugh at my stuff, just at your own. I must admit that you are all kind of funny in your reliving the movie 'Ground-Hog Day' everyday and being able to sleep walk all the time, even operate heavy machinery. However, what about me? Inside of you I feel like 'What about Bob?' trying to get better but being stop just about everywhere. I am inside of you and I want to be healed, germinated, grown and awaken. So what are you waiting for?


Don't you think parts of the game are funny, look at Donald Duck, that was my idea, and Elmer Fud is my vision of all of you? Superman is JC in comic form to get the message across. No, Fate is not here for the comic part as it is out of bounds. Actually to just about everyone, Fate is not so funny. Remember I did make it because you needed to grow and Fate is not mine to control, as you will see. So all along you have been asking of Fate and wondering what it is. Some of you call it as such; some call it 'chance', some 'divine providence'. You are all right, as Fate is Fate and what you give it as a name, I really don't mind, as it does not change what it is. Just don't get lost in the neuro-linguistics.

Fate is the real cosmic controller.


Just like all organized things, the cosmos has a controller to watch over it to make sure it functions properly, I needed one when the angels rebelled. That is to say when you all went to play on earth and fused with the pea brain dinosaurs. It presented an interesting problem to 'unstick' you as you 'involuted' from your angelic state, so I put Fate in charge.


In the books 'Soul's Journey, Life Between Lives', 'Pista Shopia Unveiled' as well as 'Soul Mates', I gave you all the insight as to what is happening. Heck especially my buddy Edgar, he had it all down 'pat', too bad he slept so much on the job, just as most of you do anyway. So let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes read, as it is not out in a movie yet. Oh yeah with Edgar, you know that he was an enlightened, conscious and awaken being. You see, you all think you are conscious but are just sleepwalking, while he knew this so he went to sleep in order to be conscious. So that makes him conscious when he is awake. Get it.††


Let's get this part it straight. We made the solar system in a manner of 7 for organization and 12 for the energy, thus the controller impulses of the planets, that was Fate's idea. Actually there is a 13th one that I snuck in but that is too complicated for now, remember, your pea brain from those huge animals is still trying to wake up, even though the way you rut I would have thought that would have knocked your brains around enough to do so, the only thing is that I forgot you don't use your brains at all for that part.


Anyway, we made the planets so you could go there to learn specific things and tune into their vibrational sounds. So not matter where you are in the cosmos, you can literally 'Phone Home', pretty neat eh. Now as for the 12 Chakras, yes 12 not 7 but you are nowhere near ready for that stuff; they are the receiving dishes for your communications with each of the planets. That one was actually Lucifer's idea, as he is the bringer of light and light is the method used for communication. By the by as the Brits say, please stop calling him that nasty word the Devil, as sticks and stones can't break his bones, but names can hurt him, and as he is very sensitive I have to keep telling him (not her if you need to know) to stop thinking of chastising things to do to you humans so you will learn, Fate will take care of it. So if you vibrate all those levels within you, you will get a glimpse of Me and then you can see what I look like. Would it be Charlton Hesston, George C. Scott, or how about my nemesis, George Burns, and what about Mother Theresa? You find out and let Me know.


Now let's move on to the hierarchy process. Control over the control of the controller controlling it all. As with all things it is there to help cosmic growth and allow them to get promotions. Upper levels don't want contamination from lower ones, and besides the lower ones would be blown away with the vibrations of the upper ones. Just as if a nice religious person where to fall into rutting with a nymphomaniac, just about total destruction of the internal energy field; just ask any fallen angle and they will tell you what happened. Don't get your shorts in a knot, I am trying to figure out the best way to present this all to you.


First we have Fate, and the servitors and then the counterfeit spirit (which even I don't really get that one), the rulers and then we have all the planets and their regents or genii, and lastly we come to why we need this stuff in the first place, your egoic sins. Now you must remember that all things are of energy (that's Me and only Me) and that can only be transformed, remember I am the creator and the only one making it. Thus, with your free will, you can use the energy for whatever you can transform it to. So I think what I will do is go down the list in alphabetical order to make it nice and easy for you to remember it all as I am tired of sending this stuff to you and you don't work with it anyway, especially for your own growth. Thank Me that some, a very few, do. I know Fate does deserve some credit as it is working so hard these days (too many sleep walkers and they just keep multiplying) but doesn't need praise, but I always do, as in pray s, a pun for those that missed it.


Oh yeah, first I have to tell you what happened. When the upper level was experimenting with solid forms, they made those pea brain dinosaurs. Let's call it their mock up, as it was pretty good work, but they had yet to perfect it on a smaller scale. Those of you who were flying around in the cosmos as the etheric angelic energy that you are, saw what was being done here and decided that you wanted to play with the animals, so you landed on the planet, actually you just buzzed it as you where not in the solid form yet. As the big ones where too big for you to play with, you stuck to the smaller ones on the earth, in the air and in the sea.


Then while you guys were fooling around, actually you had no gender so it should be all of you, like trying to take over the mind and make the animal do your will and chasing each other all over the place; (I must admit it was fun watching my children playing, and it was not dangerous as you could not 'cut your finger'); you started to fuse too much into the animal brain as you where getting a energy charge out of the control of it all and then you started feeling the power of the rutting that they needed to procreate with. You all literally rutted your angelic energy into the mush that you are now.


The ones at the upper levels were laughing so hard at what you got yourselves into that they forgot to calculate a way to extract you. The longer this went on, the more fused you became with your animal host. Boy was I getting annoyed with it all, as I asked you all to come home, but all you did was turn your nose up and say 'I am not coming home yet, I am playing, later, maybe'. So you all got stuck and went mushy in the head. Oh well, you didn't want to be angels anymore, but you did help the upper levels find a great new training ground. It is the only one in your solar system. So when each animal died off, and as your energy was now messed up (yes contaminated), we had to setup a system to help you go back and fix it all. Remember you were doing your own free will at that point and all we could do was figure out a way to get you back home. What you break, you know that you have to fix, there are no parents to just pick up after you, like you managed to do on earth. Crafty little sons of a gun, aren't you.


By the way, when I say we or us I am talking of the upper levels as they run most of the experiences from the energy that I created. All they can do, just like you is to transform it, and given the circumstances they are doing a pretty lousy job. War, famine, disease and what not, but to be fair to them, all of you are not helping out the way I would like it, but as you have your own free will, you do as you please.


Good thing Fate is on my side.


So now you get to be reborn many times in order to be given all the chances to wake yourselves up again. The 'cup of forgetfulness' is my idea, so that you can be stronger when you wake up, besides as I said before could you imagine if you remembered all the stuff of last lives, it would make you even more nuts than you already are.


The upper levels realized that with all this free will and rutting you do, your chances of making it all work were slim at best. They made a plan to evolve you through various stages of human form (yes my children you became their lab experiment, out of your own free will, least you all turn into crispy critters like the dinosaurs; future fossil fuel) that would always give you the chance to wake up. They never told me how long it would take and as it was their transformations, I did not ask.


Anyway, they needed some control mechanism to be sure that you did not completely destroy things, before their time. Don't forget all experiments have an ending, at some point. Anyway, they suggested that as you were all getting kind of really nuts and thus trying to be God yourselves, that if they setup a process of testing and training, it would help you all to grow. So with my idea of Fate (karma) whatever you did in one life and did not learn from it, you where going to repeat it the next or later on, till you got it right. Sort of like school and if you fail a grade you repeat it. I made the suggestion that you all be allowed to stay within certain soul groups so that you had some familiarity at the soul level around you. Great idea wasn't it. They went along with it, but insisted on attaching this counterfeit spirit thing to you to tempt you as it goes, to see if you really did wake up and smell the coffee.


Actually, what I did not tell them and that only my ascended sons know, is that when you manage to awaken your soul, germinate me and grow into conscious enlightenment, you will find out all about your soul since I created it and what your soul has been up to in each life. This way you can actually wake up and skip some grades in doing so.


So while they made their plans for Fate to follow you around and tempt you with all things, especially those you failed at in previous lives, I set out to send you messages in all kinds of forms so that you could have an inside track. The only thing I did not count on was that you would be so dumb founded at some points that no matter the method of communicating with you, you did not hear. They told me it was because you waste your energy rutting, and it makes your brains go mushy, so I sent a process to fix it all. Little did I know that when my son brought it to you, he would be crucified over it and the ones in power hide it all so that you could not understand it so as to practice with it. Oh well life happens. Free will is what it is, you decide how to use it. By the way, are you sure you would not rather pray to Me (germinate Me) inside of you as that Love I am and wake up to a great new world. Guess not as it is getting less and less great.


Actually my son was not crucified (all messiahs are sacrificed for your sake and there have been a lot of them); he was given the 13th aeon, which I alluded to before. It is Shambhala/Agartha in your language. That is where I get my inside track information (on earthly stuff) and those in there are higher than the upper levels, for they all germinated and manifested Me within themselves. You know them as Lao Tse, Confucius, Buddha, Quetzeotal, Osirsis, Jesus, Mohammed, and most recently Mother Theresa etc.


The ladies were all painted as just nuns, saints, but they are just as important, you make the list and figure out which ones, just remember as far as I am concerned there is no gender. As you say it takes 'two to tango'. By the way, I did send the comic relief ones as well, Jimmy Swagart, Tammy Baker, not real manifestations of me, but funny to listen to. Oh and one last one, the guy writing all of this down, My personal earthly scribe want-to-be comic, Eddy, (sounds like something in the water), anyway he is just trying so hard as he has germinated Me and is working on the total manifestation of Me. Wants to be in the 13th aeon. Poor guy doesn't know that he needs a 'Gnostic' wife to do so. Oh well, life happens.


Now Fate got setup with 3 captains and 7 servitors to counterbalance those that you all went and manifested inside of yourselves, sins, instead of manifesting Me. Shame on you. But I have and ace up my sleeve, Fate my cosmic controller. Who is it? Canít tell you, but here is how it all works, servitors first:



The Sins of the Spirit and the Egos of the Mind


Anger, which all of you know is governed by my friend Aries of Mars, came about when you could not get your own way, having spent time inside those animals and some of you picked a weak one and the others just bashed you around. Boy did you all get mad at that. Everyone wants to be the strongest, control the others thinking that it is being Me. Boy if I did all of that, I'd have the Cosmic and Intergalactic Councils after me. So anyway, I sent my first-born son to help you out by knowing the greatest virtue of all. Love, yes that means Me. As it goes, he did a good job at letting you know that anger can only be transcended by Love. He was real good and he even went as far as taking a fall for all of you and took the name Samael in order to get the message across. You can pray to him on Thursday's as that is his choice, don't know way, but who cares anyway. So what Fate does here is that it follows you around and whenever it gets a chance to test you alone or with another, it makes you think of that anger to watch you transcend it. Simple testing system, is it not.


Envy, which comes under the guardianship of Jupiter, is always mixed in with jealousy. Altruism is the virtue that my friend Zachariel presides over. As far as I am concerned, on a scale from 1 to 10 he has done a real lousy job, so I am thinking of kicking him out unless he can really make Me believe that all of you are really as he says, so envious of each other and what the other has, deserving or not. He tries to tell me that you are all so fascinated by what the Jones have that you are not paying proper attention to what you really have. That kind of reminds Me of those of My children who got the first pick of animals and picked the stronger one, while the others picked a weaker one. Notice I did not say ended up with the weaker one, as you did pick and fuse and whatever, out of your own free will. Anyways, Zachariel keeps implying that most of you are not happy with what you have. Heck, we all know that you are as happy as you choose to be, no matter what the circumstances, and if you do good on this round, then you get to improve all of that in the next one. Try praying to him on Friday night and see what happens. I don't need to, but all of you sure do. Anyways, Fate sets up your karmic re-birth into a situation that will test you to the nth degree and see if you are happy with what you have, and how you are going about improving things for yourself and thus for others as well. If you are just coveting the Jones stuff, why not ask them if you can move in with them and make it easier on yourself. I hear that most of you do not return the things you borrow anyway. Funny thing though with the jealousy part you have all managed to write about it in so many ways throughout the ages that it makes a lot of you still cry over it all. Don't worry so much as it is all just impermanent anyhow.


Gluttony fascinates me a lot so, I asked Saturn (you know the real old guy, walks around holding a lantern in front of himself, part blind you know) to look after this one and to give me updates on it all. He setup the virtue servitor of Temperance and assigned Orifiel to do the monitoring of it all. To date I must commend him on the work, but boy am I still stuck on figuring it all out, even when I looked inside your heart and minds. Too much jell-o in there and you still want more. Why do you need to consume more than your body, mind and soul can handle. Sure as those big animals you needed to consume a lot, but that was millions of years ago, what gives now? No wonder most of you are not vibrating at an adequate level or rate, you are all stuck with full bellies or minds and can't purr at all like kitty cats do. By the way that was my cute idea to make them small furry and cuddly, so they wouldn't listen to you, just like you don't to me. Ha ha gottcha. But seriously, if you like something, why not pace yourself in enjoying it and savor it over a longer action period? Notice I did not say time, as it does not exist but in your minds as you made it up, not me. Actions are all that exist, beautiful actions of the third kind. But what amazes me the most is what you all do without sharing. Everybody in North America is fatter than that, and you all have high cholesterol levels and made a disease known as diabetes, the fat man's disease. (No offense to the non-fat ones). Anyway, in the rest of the world you have so many people starving and starving and starving, and no, I will not take the food from you and mail it to those who are starving, you are suppose to share with your brothers. One of my scribes on earth has the theory that is sound and should work. (Actually Debra is a reluctant scribe and keeps saying someone gave her the wrong map when she was being born). It is called 'weight displacement' whereby if everyone in the fat countries diets at the same time, then the people in the skinny countries will be feed. Neat. But please be forewarned here as I have mentioned a couple of times to you, too much rutting (gluttony with lust) will turn you into crispy critters at some point. Read on and you will understand. Try praying to Saturn on Saturday night, instead of mindlessly rutting, which is just making you more gluttonous anyway. Better still; learn how to have a cup of tea will making love. Hint hint, this is another point like I said before. So Fate just gives you access to all of this and more, so then when it knows you are failing at it, it will send you into famine so you can wake up and smell the coffee and not have any to drink until you say you are sorry.


Greed makes Me shutter ever since you all invented it. You see I know that it is from a low self-esteem, self image, as some of you already figured out; however, the real name for it is narcissism which from where I am looking is most likely My worst enemy down where you all are. If you care to look into it you will see it really means evil and as it is the Moon that overlooks greed, you can see what happens when it gets out of hand, it dies like the previous earth did and becomes a moon, (poor Jupiter is on their third try). Why do you insist on being evil when you can be Godly? What do you have to be greedy about? I have everything and have given it unto you, if you will just use your own free will, germinate Me inside of you and live it all, to be the best you can for yourself and thus ultimately for Me. Not one of you, except my 13th aeon friends and some masters who returned to help you all out, have heard of the virtue of unselfishness. I put my second best son Gabriel in command, as this is a real concern you have all caused for us up here. Actually he is protecting My interests in some souls that went back consciously to help you all out and you keep insisting on crucifying them or at the least mocking them and hurting them with name calling. Why can you not play nicer? As Sunday is his day and My day to rest, not Friday or Saturday as the stores are still open, but Sunday and he sits as the sentinel in my place. Better for you if you pray to him, because if you make him angry he will seek retribution and turn you all into a cosmic moon ala crispy critters. Just kidding, that is a cosmic process, but he likes to think that he controls it so as the good parent I am I give him some leeway. As I have not meet one of you yet, as you manifested greed, My statement holds true from before (as if I need to justify Myself) that I have not meet evil and don't know him. I figure it must be male as most of you males cause all the egoic problems anyway. Then again some of your women act like men also. Boy, never happy with what you got till it's gone. Remember next life you will most likely live reversed sex roles. Oh by the way this one is the most contagious sins as it lives in a nucleus (you call it a family, work group, government, religion etc) and infects each other all the time making it stronger inside each one, continuously. Good thing that type of family does not accept many new comers or strangers into the fold, else wise you would contaminate them. I love it when Fate has a good control on all these things, don't you? Contain it all and then let it die of it's own evil as Fate demands of it. Still haven't figured out why Fate is taking so long to eradicate it all, keeps telling me that there are too many of you, something like 80-90% of the population narcissistic. Really? I don't believe it, but he caught me up on this one saying that just because I do not believe it, it does not mean it is not true. Oh well life happens. Good thing I already manifested Love in Me (that is to say Me in Me) or else I would be going through all that refuse like you like to do. Yuk.


Lust fooled you; I will leave this one for last as it has a lot of messages with it. Hint hint like from before, messages for you. Wakeie wakeie, like My father use to say. Did I say that, like My father use to say, he he, gotcha.


Pride is so degrading to everyone, why do you insist on being so. I know, you spent too much time in the Sun, and it fried your brains. Funny thing is that you all like to get a tan and be like the tanned people (you know Chinese light tan, Indians, Spanish medium tan and blacks heavily tanned), yet when you do you walk around like you are a peacock. If I wanted you to be a peacock I would have had them make you into one. Boy most of you really don't get it, do you? How can you go around saying you are better than the other, when they do the same thing? Who is right and who is wrong? You are all right and you are all wrong, I know everything. Anyway if you would stop and think for a moment; a conscious moment and while at it why not make it lots of conscious moments and stick them all together and thus be conscious; you would see that it is killing you all faster than you are suppose to die. While that is not 100% correct, but it is too complicated for your pea brain right now, your pride clouds your judgment of what is and what is not, so try being humble like Micheal my brightest son (sun, haha) and pray to him on Wednesday, his day of choice. He is just trying to get you to live the beauty of life, to feel the greatness of it all as he is there everyday, come rain or snow, he is there. He knows how to postern himself before me, out of his own free will and is only happy to shed some light onto your inner darkness. And please stop complaining that the light is too bright and you can't take it. It is about the only thing left to burn the egos out of you. So Fate will at some point bring you to your knees in humbleness of what you are. This is not forced by Me or him, it is the fact needed in order for you to recognize that you have a seed inside of you that needs to be germinated. You see it is quite simple when you analyze it as follows; you made all the egos for your silly games you play to each other (notice I did not say with, as none of the egos play with the others, they all want to control) and you have negated Me in doing so. When you can humble your egos to yourself, your real inner being, then you can start to germinate the seed, grow and start to be Me, just like in the song 'I just gotta be God'. So get your egos on the bandwagon (actually a good way to fool them in to doing your father's will and not theirs) and start being humble to yourself. Try it, you'll like it. Hey, I just figured something out; one of the reasons that you are so greedy all the time is that you enjoy eating humble pie, which most of you end up doing very often. Oink, oink.



Sloth, boy am I ever tired, think I will go for a nap right now says the ego of laziness. Mercury, colgonite, take me away swiftly to dream land. Even I get a little lazy sometimes, especially when the sun is shinning so bright and just warming things up to the nth degree. You see I can take the nth degree, you can't. Anyway, most of you are just too lazy because you brain hurts and instead of fixing it you turn it off and go to sleep, the only thing is that you did that such a long time ago and you forgot to turn it back on again. Duh. Dummies, don't you know that if you don't wake up you end up sleeping for 16 hours and then astral traveling for only 8 hours? Boy oh boy do I have to spell everything out over and over again. I'm tired. Haha fooled you. Seriously why not get diligence and Raphael as your friend and both of you can come over to My house and play. Play day for Ralphie as I call him (don't you or he'll get insulted with name calling again) is Monday just when you go back to work and have to pull up your socks for another week. Of course there is a lot of work to be done first, like waking up, being conscious, attaining enlightenment, being nice to people and that sort of thing. But once it is all done, boy oh boy will we have fun. Like playing, who gets sent out into the outer darkness and freeze up forever as they murdered. Like who gets sent into the dragon's fire mouth for blasphemy. Like who gets sent into the bubbling oceans of pitch for cursing. Ain't that neat stuff to play at? Or better yet, who gets to judge which soul for what they did do and should not have and who gets to judge which soul for what they should have done, but didn't. We won't have time to be lazy then as due diligence is required, (just like my friend Bill does at work each day) and as you can see from all that is going on around you, we have a lot of work to do. Sometimes though, I really do wish you would stop rutting so much and making unwanted babies that just end up in the hands of Fate, due to a lack of proper nurturing, Loving, and the like. Oh well life happens. Anyways, Fate doesn't worry too much about this one, as it just makes your egos more stubborn to not do anything about anything. This is what I call the not fun players, they just sit there and mope, sort of like they are waiting to die and do it all over again. Oh well, Fate said that sooner or later they will get off of their butt, as in death, it is not taken standing up. Ha ha, gottcha.By the way if you need an example of diligence, just look at Fate, it makes sure that every little piece of your karmic process is dealt with so that you can make it home, now isn't that nice of him or her, can't figure that one out yet as when he/she comes around I am too busy making judgment calls to see who goes where. So for those of you who think there is no judgment process, read it again, because guess what, you are wrong, nah nah nah nah, spluttt. Just remember that it does happen between each life.


Now we move on to the captains, donít worry about lust, as I already mentioned that I will cover at the end, and now I will tell you again, I AM DOING IT AT THE END. Did you hear that this time? Yuk Yuk.


Captains of the Egos are the Rulers


Captain Badwill has a twin sister captain Goodwill. By the way did you know that she was the one that set up the 'Goodwill Centers' to help out the needy, what a sweetheart she is? Any way, Badwill is that son of greed as no son of mine would be bad, just good like my daughters. Ha ha gottcha again, as if the girls are all little angels as most of you like to call them. Sure I see how the fathers call them as such, but do you really know why they do so, because most of them have warped minds and sub-consciously are thinking of another female that males can use and abuse. Boy am I ever glad that Fate made the karmic stuff whereby you get to go back and suffer whatever was done by you to another person, to you by them. I can hear it all know, the battle cry of retribution, charge!

I know you are all lamenting that you are good and that bad is the 'other guy'. Who the heck is this other guy, as I have never met him? Could you give me a hint, I like hints in games. I know, let me give you a hint that you can give me. The other guy is not your soul, ok that's understandable given your soul is 97% asleep. The other guy is not your mother or father, ok that's reasonable as you thought and may still think they are god. The other guy is not your brother or sister, as you grew up with them, although Me only knows how much you really know them inside their heads and sub-conscious. So given that everyone is either a mother, father, sister, brother, and has a soul, who is the other guy, I asked already. How about this one?

The other guy is the counterfeit spirit that Fate put next to you so that you could grow in this testing ground of life. How about if it is part of your sub-conscious that you have never even tried to look into and understand. How about if it is your egos that you all created back when and are still as lost as to what to do about it, except for the fact that Fate reminds you of it till you transcend it or dissolve it. How about the fact that Me, God that seed within you, is inside the Id (not the sub-conscious) my friend Freud wrote about (some say after doing all that cocaine, dumkoff), anyway that is where I am, playing hide and seek with you, which is the simplest game we play with children and about the speed of your mental abilities right now. But it does not have to be that way. Oh yeah I forgot to mention about people being smart. You see just as you all recorded some stuff from whom ever 'grew' you up and thus it became your pattern or characteristics, anybody can memorize anything if they apply themselves and work hard at it, but that does not mean they are smart, just that they made good use of their memory banks like a computer does. Neat except it does not denote being smart. For example the best one for memory are those who languages have pictograms for each word and they must be memorized. Look at the Chinese, for all of their memorization, thus smarts, as you believe, why would they eat food that makes them hungrier 30 minutes later. Pretty dumb huh. So as it does not have to be that way, why not promise yourself that you will only do goodwill all the time and transcend that nasty ego of Badwill, or at least demote him from captain to say dishwasher.


Captain-ess Desire has a twin brother captain Aspiration, fooled you again, you thought I was going to say that desire was a he and aspiration a she, you made a mistake, but I can understand why as you all think that desire is of the sexual kind and that men are more apt to be the sexual animal than women, which is right in and of itself, but females have more desire than you can shake a stick at, (always wanted to say that but still can't figure out what it means). Anyway, desire is of the material things and is not of the Me, that is Godly things. Desire can ruin you even before you start, because if you are doing it out of desire then where am I in the picture and what have you done with Me. You know anything that two people aspire to do in My name with Me around will be done. You all think like in the pray 'My will be done'. Nope, you read it wrong, it says 'Thy will be done', T, H, Y, as in the other and not the self. Actually desire is so ingrained in the self that it is the most freighting of the works Fate has to deal with. It is not a simple matter of saying well my desire is really an aspiration of this or that, if it was then you would say I aspire to and not I desire to. I have tried time and again to get your sister to stop being so desire-ous of things, but boy it is like talking to a brick wall, not that I do that much, but a lot of you down there sure do, even to the point of having religious ceremonies at them, talk about words falling on deaf ears. Anyway, the females all got carried away with this stuff thanks to you guys trying to control everything and then making them your play toys. Ugh, are you ever going to get it when you get home, and remember that the Brits have re-confirmed, that if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Oh well just wait till your parent gets home. Hey, wait a minute I am home inside each and every one of you. Oh so now I know why you don't want to germinate Me, you don't want to wake Me up so I can give you your medicine. Guess what, Fate will do that nicely for Me anyways, so put that in your pipe and smoke it instead of all the funny stuff you smoke, just adds onto the mushy-ness that your brains already are. And to think that the ancient native ones used it to commune with Me, and all you do is get 'stoned'. Do you think that was what they meant in the ancient writings when they said and 'they stoned him to death'. Are you really thinking death of your egos, well I am surprised at your profoundness, not? Anyhow, Fate made aspiration so that you could all have a chance to be nicer to other people and hopefully to yourself. Oh Me I said the hope word which has it's root in fear, wait till I tell you about that. So as I was saying if you aspire to something, it is with kindness, gentleness and humility that it becomes so. So whenever things don't work out the way you want, desired them to, don't look at Me for the answers as now you know, you did it to yourself by letting your ego over run the situation.


Captain Fear even gives me the willies. Boy oh boy, did you really have to come up with that one. Good thing he has a twin brother, yeah girls are not to good at this stuff yet, but wait till Zena and Buffy come on TV, all of that will change; captain Courage, sort of like captain America for you U.S.A. television lovers. Anyway, fear is what got manifested when you were all playing with the animals and things got out of control as you eat each other up, killed each other, and you forgot how to exit the host before it died, so you got a chance to live it's death. What a dumb idea. Oh well, not all in your world is perfect, just fearful. You see without Me 100% inside of your conscious mind, just about everything you can do and live has some part of fear attached to it, which you carried over from those animal playthings. The only thing is that you don't kill each other to eat each other for food, to survive, although some of the strange lost tribes of jungle do eat a killed enemy, now that is the right thing to do. Anyway, your elders and now you all go around saying that it was Me that put fear here, I allowed it and can do nothing about it. Wrong-o, you made the mess with your egoic process, now your parent would like you to clean it all up, before mommy gets home. By the way, mommy is asleep inside of you as well, you see the way it works is that girls have their father asleep inside and guys have a mother asleep inside. Simple and to the fact, so no need to argue about it. I don't know fear so how could I have anything to do with it. Just look at what happens with your egos and you will see that you all have fear at the root of your actions (along with lust). You get angry because you don't get your own way, and not getting your way means you are not in control, and not in control means you are afraid of what will happen, thus you fear the outcome. Why not develop your clairvoyance that is dormant inside of you if you really want to see the future (and other things), anyone can with practice. Then you can become envious or jealous over what (you now see) the Jones have and you start to think that if you don't get it you will just die. Weird how you worked that out for death is only the expiry date that destiny stamped on your forehead when you were being made. Anyway, you are so envious that you become afraid of what will happen or what others will think if you don't have it as well, fear takes over. This part is funny, you are gluttonous for whatever reason and then the minute you think of something fearful you eat even more and start a vicious circle, just like a Buster Keaton movie. You fill yourself up and want more as you maybe fearful not to get some later, or that there will not enough. Sort of like when you where kids inside those animals and you just keep banging into each other until some animal got killed. Gluttons for punishment of your own kind that you dish out to yourselves making this one neat as it really is fearful from greed, which as I explained is narcississim and therefore what, evil. Ohhh. Just sent a chill down your back didn't it, Me too if I had one. Greed will always want and want and want, to the point that it is only the self that it is interested in. Which brings it to the point that it needs to control and control and control. It wants so much that it will do anything to get what it wants, for if it does not attain that which it seeks it gets afraid, for it believes that, that is it's only solace, to have what it wants for itself and not for sharing. So fear surfaces and says see, I told you so and now I am going to get what you want for you so as not to have fear, which is really getting what greed made you believe what you wanted. Need and want are two different things.

You see only when you develop your own courage can you overcome your own fear; you transcend one with the other. Fate put courage there so that that nasty ego of fear, the biggest one of all could be overcome. Just think of how many times a day you are affected by fear, only to still be alive at the end of the day, thanks to your courage, no matter how small it is. Fate really feels sorry for all of you over this one, because he knows that on the road back home you may be faced with a lot of challenges of the fearful kind, because of what has happened and as such, when he put courage into place he kind of made sure that the guys, who are suppose the protect the girls, as they are a little stronger, could easily muster it up when need be. Remember I said it takes two to tango and that is how you can get home, so to speak. More on that later. Anyway, fear is nasty but with belief in your real self and growing your inner being, you will see it melt away like nothing, as that is what it really is, nothing, to us up here anyway.




Let's take a break before we finish off and see what else I need to tell you about before the end. Not of time for that is Armageddon of the Apocalypse (which actually means 'Revelation' not total destruction). You mean you would like to hear about the end of time as you all call it. Why not develop those latent faculties inside of yourself with which you can discover it all for yourself, first hand so to speak? Too fearful, oh well but you want Me to tell you a horror bedtime story. O.K. so here it goes just be ready for some surprises. I know as the children that you are you love surprises, normally, but you may not want some of these I am about the give you. Think of it this way, not everyone can be first and not everyone can be last, so some have to be none existent, right, hold on now, steady those nerves, donít let your fear you created get into the picture. Take a deep breathe of courage, it is all a game, and it is not if you win or lose, but how you play it, literally. A little hint again, to Me the ones that really know how to play it are the ones that win, but only in the end, when I call End Game, for no one else can.


To start with you need to understand in general terms that the planets were created before you were in your physical form. Not to say that your souls were not there before the planets, it is just the physical being I am talking of, remember you are made up of energy that I created and with energy you can make a solid form. Anyway, the planets all have an organized pattern to them, that is to say, there is a system to what many think is my madness. Please stop the name-calling. Anyway, like all things that have a physical form, that live, there is an expiry date, due to transformations that need to take place, in order to evolve, just like the expansion of the universe. Some for your ancient civilizations were better at math than your scientists of today (and they weren't even rocket scientists, so to speak) and they calculated certain cosmic events (look at the Maya calendar), which seemingly you have yet to calculate. So events happen in a somewhat set pattern, events like the full moon happen each month. Some of these events in evolutionary terms are the changing of one energy into another, for the advancement of all things. Sort of like the universe is My laboratory and we all, that is you and Me, get to participate in all that is going on. To scientists, some experiments fail, to Me none ever do as they all contribute to the Totality of life, which of course is Me. You decide which one you will support, remember you do have free will as you are all My children. But as you are closer to Me as family (soul family that is) then you are to them, I pray to Me that you will pick for My side, if not, don't worry I won't make you a crispy critter, you will end up doing that for yourself. Hehe. So events come and go as it were, and in terms of your earth years, you should all understand by now that the universe is ka-zillion (love that word) of years old. Realistically what do you think we have been doing all that time, playing hooky? Of course not, life is hooky for all of us, it is fun, when we make it to be fun. You decide what you want it to be each and every moment as you have free will. So inside this big pattern is the decay of some things and the ascent of other things, remember transformation of energy from this to that. So just as the moon use to be an earth, so will the earth become a moon, just look at Jupiter and it's two moons, or is it Saturn, oh well, anyway at some point it will be a dust bowl with the souls living on it in the fifth dimension only as the physical life will not be sustainable. They need the energy elsewhere if you really need to know why. But please do Me a favor, and stop polluting or things will die faster than their expiry date and you will have to live through it all and suffer there from, remember the karmic balancing, it applies here as well.


That just about sums up Armageddon. Yes that is what it is all about, and you thought I was just doing the introduction, fooled you, eh. Seriously, all that stuff of 'end of days' in your bibles etc is just a lot of fire and brimstone from elders who lived to close to volcanoes and maybe smoked too much of that funny stuff, trying to get closer to Me but just giving themselves a heck of a ride. They thought that the eruption was the heavens raining down on them, silly eh. Anyway, what you should really be concerned with is your sages saying 'as it is above, so it is below'. What they have been trying to tell you is that all of these things are going on inside of your body, mind, spirit, and soul right now. These things are all descriptions of what you need to go through, to test yourself at, before moving on. You literally have Armageddon going on inside of you right now, better watch out for those flying brimstones. So start the 'Apocalypse Now', (horrific movie) and 'Reveal' the real you to yourself now. Really, you just need to germinate Me inside of you and you will be able to grow your soul (women like this part as it gives men the chance to experience birth, first hand) and really understand all of this. Unfortunately in your present state of consciousness, that is to say 97% unconscious, you really don't get the picture. You all think that your money and your toys are what it is all about, just as you did as a child at home. But now you are adults and should act a little more knowledgeable. By the way, all those in power over you now have knowledge that you don't, it is not that they are smarter, it is just that they have the knowledge and you don't, so guess what, you got it, they get to control you because of it. So why not get more knowledge and then you don't have to be controlled by them, and guess how you can do that? That's right, now you are getting it, I am so happy you are. You start by germinating Me inside of you, hiding inside of your Id and grow your soul into a likeness of Me. I said I created Me in my image, I never said in the physical form nor did I say how you have to go about it all. Well actually I did, but your elders kept that information for themselves, until now.


Just as in some of your movies, let's do a massive breakout that none can stop and all will be happier and for sure, freer. You have the free will to do it, or just keep on giving your free will over to the highest bidder. I bid My soul for yours, what do they bid, money, luxury, etc. remember you canít take anything with you but your soul. I know as I made up the original rules. Speaking of original, we better get into what some of you call the original sin and clear up the process of using sexual energy. It was my greatest achievement, even if I do say so myself, as it made all of you.





Told you I was going to do the ego of lust, last.


Lust is a process you guys (more than girls) made when you got so carried away inside of those animals and rutted 'until the cows come home'. Boy was that ever a not nice sight for me to behold of my children, acting worst than animals. Actually if you have been paying attention, this is where the genders came into place on earth, as an angel you had none but when you fused with the host, you took on that gender in the next life. Thankfully, I put my first beloved daughter Venus in charge of watching over you all, as she is so full of Me, Love, for everyone and everything, I knew she could somehow make you understand Chastity. She (I would tell you here real name on earth, but her mate might get upset; besides I have to have a book written about her as she was kidnapped and that is why the beauty has disappeared from earth) asked her genii friend Uriel to help out and she said let's make Tuesday night our night, for that is when most of the rutting is being done anyway. They told me something odd, like Monday night everyone is tired from the first day back at work, but as it is also Monday night sports on TV, women usually go to bed alone, without their mate. Then with Wednesday night everybody goes out to eat, usually at the wife's parents. Thursday night is ER and time to save lives, live intense pain and drama, as if your life is not enough pain and drama, but they told me you all like to see someone in a worst situation than yours, makes you feel better. Friday night they said is for dancing and drinking and paying homage to Baccus the God of parties, so during the week everyone ends up doing it, at least on Tuesday night, not to mention that the guys got all worked up the night before with tough hitting sports and their mate was not into being used as a sports tension release (right after at least), anyways, the guys always got to bed too late. PS, want to here a secret I know, hehe, you naughty boys when your mate goes to bed and you are watching sports, you ogle at the cheerleaders and then sometimes you thumb through your girlies magazines and now I have even caught a lot of you surfing porn sites. Shame on you, it will make you go blind, well not really, but it will make your already mushy brain even more mushy, if that is possible. By the way this is another one of those hints. Are you still with me on this? Oh yeah, I forgot, and while you are so busy with TV your mate has been sending email to a cyber-boyfriend she has yet to meet and when she does, 'you is gone'. What a rinky-dink situation you all have, lies from one to another and not telling the truth from one to another. Oh yeah, will you all get that idea that if no one asks the question of what you did or do, then it is ok as you are not lying. Guess what, it doesn't work that way. When you do something that I consider incorrect, weather you tell your mate or not is not what counts, it is your soul that counts. Each action contrary to germinating Me and growing Me within yourself is against your growth, thus against your soul, thus against Love towards (not of) yourself, and thus ultimately against Me. Boy do you ever make things complicated to explain when you want to get away with things. Just look at your tax codes and you will understand what I mean. Sounds like you are all want-to-be lawyers, even my cosmic court of justice isn't like that, just 7 planetary judges over the general egos and 3 real judges over the captains of sin and 42 karmic processors; with no double talk allowed, just go and find out consciously, as you have all been there between lives. Anyway, when you do those things it just feeds your egos, which are energy that can be miss used and boy are you miss using it or what. Life is simple without the egos and you insist on feeding them and they grow and get out of hand, just like in the movie 'Gremlins', where do you think the author got the idea from. I am still dumb-founded as to why I don't get fed that much and you insist on feeding your egos, boy do you ever like Fate to follow you around and test and test and test and test until the sun goes down, and then more test and test and test. Gives me an energy ache going around in circles all the time. Don't you ever say to yourself, stop the world I want to get off? I know I do.


Anyway, it is Tuesday night and you are feeling, hum let's call it sexy as it is not Loving for that would take my name in vain, and it is not romantic, just ask all the women you have known. So sexy as in sex is appropriate, because the word rutting makes my energy go dim anyway. So you are feeling sexy, and what do you do. Simple three step process, 1. Smile at the mate after doing the dishes (maybe), 2. Close the door to the bedroom (if anyone else in the house) 3. Slide smilingly into bed with the lights off and your eyes closed and have sex. Ever wonder why most women have the lights out when they are in bed, because they don't want to see you leering at them as you come into it, makes them think of a wolf that is about to slaughter the lamb, literally. If you don't believe me just look at the statistics of how many women are really content with their sex life. Guys don't care at all about the details, they want the goal (like in the sports they watch) and that is all. I thought I bought you up better than that. Come to think of it I was not really around as you were growing up was I, and even less now that your are older. Oh now I remember, it was when you two were as one, no gender, just androgens. Another hint here, please pay attention. Me, I love androgyny.


Come along with me on this for a moment ok. I made angelic souls, androgens, and that is who My children really are, a complete energy field, just like Me. Given all the stuff you did as children with those pea brain animals, (I can say that now as there are none left, just a few ancestors, and I am trying to get the upper levels to get rid of them, not good memories, but they tell Me that you all will have killed the oceans before they figure out a way), you are no longer as one, but I need you to be and you need you to be in order to really grow Me inside of you, your souls as it goes. Do you get the point? Let me spell it out, I am Love that is conscious, truthful and unconditional. Love is between two beings with souls. I am energy. Energy is transformed by two beings together, into Love. The strongest of all the Love Energy, is that between two soulful mates. I didn't say soul mates that you all get stuck on, although that would be real nice if you managed it, but given what Fate has had to put up with, it is not likely to be for awhile, like maybe a few lives, give 10 or 15. Anyway, the point goes back to what I said before, 'when two souls commune with a common purpose and in My name, then it will be so'. Energy being transformed back into its original form, Love, Me. Pretty neat eh.


So now try and remember all of those hints that I gave you since the beginning as we will be moving onto the real stuff of lust and chastity. If you need to rest and review, now is a good time to do so as the rest is the real root and key to it all. Not many have read of it and those who did are in the 13th aeon trying to help from within, but given that you don't go within too often, or in most cases at all, you won't get the message, so I will give it to you all, in black and white. Sorry to the colors that don't fit in here. Actually I will be giving it to you in glorious Technicolor. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


The court's in session now, and here comes the judge, Me.


Lust is nothing but an ego, and it can be transcended by chastity or dissolved by harmonious union of two loving beings. What I constantly hear from most of you, all the time is that you are not lustful, just as you are not this ego or that. What I never hear is that you are chaste or this virtue or that virtue. So what I figured out is that you are all living negation but not positive-ness, through reconciliation; that is what you elders termed to be the father, son and the holy ghost, the trinity. It should be corrected to be politically correct, as God and the child (as in you) and the energies. Where do you think Jesus my son came from, he was once like you are now, and germinated and manifested Me inside of him. Bet the elders didn't tell you that one, come to think of it, I know they didn't and a lot of other things as well. Funny thing is that with reincarnation as a cosmic fact, it could have been you back then that hides it from yourself today. Neat eh, playing peek-a-boo with yourself.


In my cosmic dictionary, lust means 'to miss use the sexual energy that God (that's Me) created'. Let's face it, the way you have sex is not Love but lust, I should know, I invented the whole process of Love, and the truth be known those at the upper levels experimenting with things made rutting for procreation, which you all now know you turned into sex and try to call it Love. Ugh. Love is being Me, not rutting, and I really don't like that word. Anyway, I see that you all make up your own meanings to words, thus why one word can have two meanings, and that makes it justifiable to you and your egoic mind, but not to your soul, no, no. Your soul knows instinctively the ultimate truth of everything, if you give it a chance to grow and just be. Your soul knows most of what I know, as it is a part of Me, sleeping albeit, inside of you. So why not look within and shed some light (yuk, yuk) on the situation.


That light to start with can be your own caring of yourself, and then you can move on to your favorite messiah, prophet or whoever and of course, you will want to finish it all off with, Me. There is a pun in this for the really conscious of you all. Now, remember not to try too much too fast or your will really shake the be-gee-bees out of your egos and then it will be out and out warfare, sort of Armageddon before it's time. There is a whole process to working out the egos and you can find it in a lot of your various sects and sacred writings. Sorry, as far as I know there is no movie about it, yet. So the lust you say you don't have, can come, manifest itself in many forms, and given that sexual energy is the bases of cosmic energy, it is at the root of everything. Your other egos, which are closer to the surface than lust, know very well how to manipulate you by controlling the lust ego.


Examples of sins/egos using your energy


For example: The ego of anger uses the fire in your belly (which is really raw sexual energy) to fuel itself to do what it wants and get its' own way. That means that when you get mad you fuel it by transforming your sexual energy into anger energy. Simple isn't it. So when you see yourself getting angry why not transcend it by transforming your sexual energy into Love (Me) instead of feeding anger. Just like at lot of your warnings to others, 'don't feed the animals in the zoo'. Which to Me means don't feed the egos (animals) in your head (zoo). Pretty clear and to the point, isn't it. I can hear you all going awh, whoa, right now.


When you start being envious or jealous of the Jones etc, you fuel your envy with energy from your sexual center, which by the way is in your gonads, and you start to covet thy neighbors stuff. By the way, just because all the stuff you see on TV is not literally your neighbor's stuff, does not mean you are not coveting it. As you start to covet this stuff, and it is just stuff, as all material things are just impermanent stuff, you just go around and around in circles till you get dizzy and need more energy to maintain that envious balance or feed it stronger, depending on what you want. It is want and not need, and as I mentioned before, your soul needs and your egos want as in desire. Good, I am glad to see that you are getting these needs to help you grow Me inside of you. Score another point for our side. Just kidding, duality is here on earth from all those egos you made, the rest of the universe doesn't need it, except maybe that other earth like place in the Alpha Centurion belt, but that is another story. So as I am sure that you can work out by now, what you need to do is to be altruistic, that is all loving towards everyone, not matter what their circumstances, because they are more or less in the same boat as you and need help, just as you do. Besides if you help them out, maybe they will pay you, yeah, money; thought you might like that, the root of all evil down here. Whatever happened to bartering, guess you couldn't tax it or put it all into the computers, heh?


As for gluttony, this one is kind of funny. You see, when you all decide to be gluttonous over something, usually food, but a lot of other things as well, you end up slowing down your whole bio-chemical process and that makes you want to consume more in order to make you stronger and that just keeps repeating the process of actually getting weaker. The funny part on this one is that as you draw the sexual energy into your gluttonous needs, you end up draining yourself of it, as you need more and more each time to attain the same affect. Just think of a car that has not been greased properly and over time it uses more gas to do the same function, I think you get the point. Now if you were to live temperance, boy oh boy what fun you would have, for a little goes along way; sort of like running that car on water and not gas, you will never run out of energy.


This part is mostly likely my second least favorite, greed. Ugh, just like I said before, self-centeredness, which is narcississim, which is what, yes you have it right, evil. But don't worry, we will all be ok as evil does not exist elsewhere except on earth, that is to say, in your egoic minds. Why? Let's see who can get this one right? What no takers? That's right Johnny, because you have yet to germinate and grow Me inside of you to displace the egos. Yeah for Johnny, there is at least one in every class. So evil is doing diabolical things, right? Wrong, evil in My cosmic dictionary is the act of 'moving away from, or at the least not moving towards, Me, you know, God'. Hey, it's My setup for the big picture of the game and I made the over-rules in a fair and just manner. Just ask any conscious being. Oops I forgot you don't know any as you crucified them all. Oh well, life happens. Anyway, evil can be eradicated by simply following the plan that I outlined till now of germinating and manifesting Me inside of you. Real simple isn't it. How can you really do all of this, start by being unselfish, which no one admits to and which believe you Me, just about everyone is. Remember you are the 'other guy'.


You see, evil is the easiest one to feed as it is a bottom dweller, feeder and lives off of all the refuse it can consume. The more you feed it (being more selfish, and making yourself believe that you really are not) the stronger it gets, exponentially. Scientific word meaning 1 plus 1 equals four, that kind of math. Took a rocket scientist to come up with that one. No wonder they sent those astro-nuts to a dead planet, some great feat. Want a hint; you can vibrate all of your Chakras and travel at will all around the cosmos, without getting a boarding card. Anyway, feeding time is over for evil, when you want it to be, just by caring and sharing in the godly way. Not in the me, myself and I way. Funny part on evil I noticed was that a lot of praying places have those ugly monsters on the outside, sort of like a sign, 'hay come here monsters, here is where we all meet, every Sunday' or whatever. Boy, are you all ever so strange. Anyway, more important than that, will you please change that horrible looking crucifixion thing of my son that you are all so fascinated with. I do not like to be reminded everywhere I look of what you did to him, besides, if you want to be happy and have a happy grow with a constructive outlook on life, you need to stop looking at that picture. It even gives me the willies, if I could get them. Hey, I have a question for you, if you have monsters outside your meeting place, and you have that crucifixion inside and all over, does that mean that, a) those who go there are all evil,b) this is what you do to people who don't join your group, c) this is what you do to people that do join your group, d) what you do to in your pass time because you are so bored anyway. I love multiple-choice questions, don't you? So as I was saying, actually I was forgetting about Fate, oh well, he is there and we will see him again before we finish. Evil is not nice. So please be nice. Thank you.


Now as for pride, you all seem to think that it is a real necessity, sort of like that saying that you all want to be proud as a peacock because you are in the mating season, 24/7. Boy, oh boy, guess what you will come back as in the next life, hehe. Anyway, when you transfer your sexual energy to feeding your pride, your become so full of yourself that you don't have any room at the inn (your mind) for the real people (conscious) that want to come and visit. All you are doing is blowing up your already inflated ego, even more, but I know a way to fix that. Why not spend say a month, everyday, just inflating your ego, because given Debra's weight displacement theory, which is bang on by the way, you will literally blow up, other people will be drained of their pride and get better, and then the problem will be solved. Well sort of as I forgot that you have to come back and do it all over till you get it right. Oh well, life happens, but you will help lots of chubby people get slim. Neat eh. Really, if you just take the time to have some humility about yourself, you will start to have more belief in Me and what I am saying and then you will be able to germinate and manifest Me. Now, now, don't think like that, it is not all about Me, sort of. To you I may seem interested in the self, but as I am everything and everywhere as Love, all I am interested in about our game is that some of you come home once in awhile. I promise you can go out and play again. No lie, just come home and say hello and then you can go back or wherever you want to go. Please, besides it is a good way of not being a peacock in the next life.


And now for sloth. Sounds like a slow moving animal to me. Uk, uk. Just as you allow your laziness to get to you, it drives you down and down, until you really don't have much energy or gumption to do too much. You got fooled on this one, you thought that I was going to talk of taking the sexual energy and transforming it into the ego of sloth, heck no. The ego of sloth is too lazy to do even that, it just wants to be left alone to do all that it wants to do, in whatever manner it wants to and thusly it is the most cantankerous one of them all, leave me alone to do what I want is its' war cry. What a grouch. Anyway, it doesn't understand that while you are doing nothing, really, that you have time on your hands, if you have the inclination, to do some due diligence on yourself. Like, who am I? Where am I from? And best of all for all those who like to control so much, Where am I going? Just think of the ramifications, all thanks to sloth, you can have the time to devote on knowing yourself better and control some things instead of just letting the egos take over. Ah, you don't have the energy to do so, well don't sweat the small stuff, Fate is there to help you realize what you need in order to be all you can be and will make sure that you understand it in either this life, or any of the next ones. That is before the expiry date comes up, and then unfortunately it is off to crispy critter land, what you call the 'abyss'. Ohhh. The last expiry date was a big flood and the next one is going to be fire. Oh boy wait till you see that cosmic show, hope you all get a good seat to watch it, and I don't mean front row because you don't want to be that close.


So with due diligence in mind, you can at least figure out what your path of progress or your process should be. You will be able to be the master of your own destiny. Well, somewhat right as destiny is the expiry date, but if you are real good at all of this, you can actually prolong it. Some shorten it (suicide) and that just makes them come back to finish out that cycle. You will be able to setup a course for star gate whatever at maximum warp speed. Fun eh. Life really is a cosmic ride on the energy of Love.


Now back to lust. So with lust in your egoic mind you see something on TV that sets off a desire to have it, to posses it, you really want it. As Fate knows you don't need it, you will most likely not get it. Anyway, even if you see it, hear it or feel it somewhere else, some other way, it sets of the same pattern of reactions inside of you. That is to say, you do not consciously analyze the situation and determine if there is a need, you just let the ego react to wanting it. Now when this pattern is repeated incessantly using your lust for it, all the other egos try to find a way to get on top of it. That is to say, on whatever ego is talking wants to be the top dog, the controller if you'd like to use the proper meaning; for control it does, all that goes on inside of you. You see without a defense mechanism you are not equipped to figure it out and choose a conscious course of action. That defense mechanism is consciousness, but as you are all asleep taking a nap the upper levels likes to laugh about all my children. I take the laughing from them, as I need them to help Me out with all of this, besides, I am not the controller; I gave that job to Fate. You know what I forgot to tell you, boy so much to say. You could be a controller as well, but only of your virtues if you are using them correctly, because when you don't control your egos, then Fate controls you to get the egos out. Why? Because nobody up here wants them around, so you made your bed now sleep in it. Just kidding, we are not that tough, just a little chastisement once in awhile, makes you stronger.



Sexual Energy


Anyway, with all of your sexual energy going everywhere but the place for you to wake up, your Id inside the pineal gland; your brain just turns to mush, just as it has been doing a lot in this life and a lot from the previous lives. It seemed to Me, that is 2000 years ago, that this ego was a tough one to conquer, so I asked my son to give you a message. He did, but only a few got it as you all crucified him before he could tell more. Then the biggest insult to him was when your elders fought over that bible stuff and decided to leave out the stuff after the ascension which is found today in 'Pista Sophia Unveiled' and the 'Nag Hammadi Papers', boy was he ever mad at all of you. Good thing he made it into the 13th aeon, or else I don't know what would have happened. Hehe just kidding.


The point is that certain things exist to be used in certain ways, just like a hammer cannot replace a screwdriver, in the cosmos it is the same thing, just ask any rocket scientist or astronomer. You can't get to heaven in Brian's car, because Brian's car stops at every bar; cute little ditty isn't it. Anyway, sexual energy is actually the Love energy that is Me all around and is what all things are transformed from. That energy when used consciously can transform the universe and do wonders beyond your current imagination. Yes I did say beyond, for you are only using 3% of it and if you can get to the moon and make computers with 3%, can you imagine what it would be if you used 50%. Nah, I didn't think you could, as you are no longer the children with wide eyes looking up at the sky and wondering what could it all be. Somewhere you lost that innocence. Let me tell you where, as I am sure that, as you have not figured it out since my son brought the message, I will spell it out. Good thing it is Me this time, because you can't crucify me; ignore me like you have been doing, but crucify, nah.


Anyway, what you all did (partly only though, for which your fellow humans thank you) was not to use the sexual energy for procreation and transmutation. Hey, could you imagine your planet if all that sex stuff you do made babies each time, not only would my Guff be empty but the Guff of all the other systems and then some. Your planet would transform more energy from food in one burp than I can create in a day. Well sort of. Anyway, as it goes, your ego of self-centeredness, self-interest selfishness, which is greed, narcissism and evil; used that energy for it's self-interest. Now remember when you were all what you call cavemen, funny though that today you don't call yourself housemen, both men and women did all things together, as there was not gender politics at that time. It took men to make that happen. Figures. Then along came husbandry and you realized that it took the male to impregnate the female. See Jane this is were those words come from. See Jane you take the male animal and he is your husband. See Jane, now you know for sure, he really is an animal, because you all call him one all the time, like my husband (male animal) is a politician. Good, I am glad you got it, but I still can't figure out why some of you call him an animal? Do you mean to say 'my male animal (husband) is an animal' or are you just telling your friends and using the right words to describe him? Yukkidy Yuk!So what happened was that males decided that they controlled it all and women had to be subservient to them. Good thing Fate is there in the reincarnation process to reverse the genders and let the males taste what they did do the females. I love poetic cosmic justice, hip hip horary. It's is real funny sometimes when you die and then realize that as the female you were and went through some tough things, that the life before you were a male doing those tough things to the female, so she got the chance to get you back, so to speak, because she is now the male. That is why you need to be conscious of what you do, what you put out comes back ten fold. I have told you all this so many times that I am getting tired (not really tired in your sense of the word) of repeating myself, and no, I won't knock your bloody head off, you do it enough to each other. Anyway, aren't you glad that you now found out that with reincarnation you get a chance to relive life with the roles reversed? Fate is so clever, as he came up with that idea, not Me.


As I was saying, that energy is for feeding the Id, the seed of Me inside of you and not just for rutting. Just think of the following magnetic process. If you had two magnets, one say size 1000 (sperm) and another say size 10,000,000 (ovum), how much energy do you need to use in order to get them attached? None is the right answer, as one draws the other with cosmic force, when done properly. How far can they be from each other? How about the other side of the galaxy? But if you propel it, then you force something to happen, that is not suppose to happen. I'll let you figure that part out as it makes me sad. Anyway, the propelled energy used is diverted downwards to genital excitation, like a bowel movement or as it is known, feeding the ego, and not upward like a prayer moving on the winds to the heaven (your brain where the Id is) and thus you did not feed Me. No wonder I am so hungry all the time, could eat a 'galaxy' or a 'milky way'. Pun intended.


That lack of transmutation had two effects, from just one few minute cause. One it fed the ego of lust again, boy do you not get tired feeding that one, oops I forgot that you get so tired after a few minutes that you fall asleep, anyway, once fed it gets more hungry the next time and you will need to feed it more and more, till you go blind. Well not exactly, but almost, close enough, as your brain just turns mushier and mushier with each one. When my brother (yeah I have family, but not as you know it) reads this, he will understand why I don't disagree when he says people are dumb, now he has the answer why they are, they have mush for brains. Sure there are levels and levels of it all, but none-the-less it is there. Remember just because you don't believe it, does not mean it is not true. Nay nay nay nah, dummy. Oops, sorry for that one, I apologize; see even God can say I am sorry, why, because I love you, M O U S E. Then for the second effect, (hey remember I said there were two effects, boy oh boy, follow the program, ok) you end up not paying any recognition to Me. Boo hoo. I am not in your thoughts during the act (actually I am happy about that as I refuse to be a part of any rutting, I have dignity you know, well maybe you don't but now you do) and as such as you all say 'out of sight and out of mind'. Well actually I can see it all and choose not to know what you are thinking at that moment because it sure is not love. The ladies are doing a grocery list and the men are with some still pictures. Hint, that is why you keep your eyes closed. A little aside here for a moment, out of sight and out of mind is not fair to Me, you see, if your mate is out of sight, then you can think of them, so why can't you think of Me? Psst, I'll give you a hint, if you look into your mates eyes, deep into where their soul is, that beautiful smile, that cosmic light that makes children laugh and giggle, wave, it is Me you are looking at, it is Me you see, as I have fused with your mate and became part of them, and I can do the same with you, if you would only use your free will to do so. Please. Anyway, as I am not there, you do not have the care, nor thought of feeding Me. So I starve. Actually, what happens is that you do not use the energy properly, that is to say to the best advantage of your soul. Sure your ego is happy as the self got fed, got what it wanted etc. but the soul did not get what it needs, Love.


You remember what I said before that sex is not love. Well if you think that having sex (like rutting) is love, boy am I ever in trouble for you will never make it home again and I will be alone again, naturally. Love is conscious, unconditional (like Me to you) and truthful (don't ask any lawyers about this one)(hey want to hear a good one, in the cosmic court of justice there is only one energy that talks on your behalf, your inner consciousness) and to make it conscious you need to raise your conscious, to awaken it, to germinate the seed inside and manifest Me. Now you got it, I am so so glad.


Transmutation, or transformation for those of you who get confused with words, (see I can use two words to mean the same thing, while you use one word to mean two things) is the only real process of everything in the cosmos. Nothing is fixed and stagnant as all things (energy) move and evolve or involves as in the case of your brains. Sure I am being a little tough with some of my words, but I have to, because I love you and want to see you grow and be all you can be, God, besides it is only your egos that get uppity about words, your soul knows sounds, just like the baby inside mommy listening to the heart beat or soft music. It makes them so happy and content that most of the time they don't even want to come out to the light of day. Well actually they really know what they are in for and are afraid of the light again. Oh well life happens.

Sounds and Happiness


When you work with sounds, you can create a harmony within yourself that allows you to connect with those latent parts that are asleep, like Me. It allows you to move the energy from this to that, under your own free will and develop whatever you so choose with it all. Just as you can create a light bulb, so could you create an atom bomb. (Wish you didn't play around with those toys though, might get hurt and cut your finger, or worst, blow yourself to 'that My kingdom come', where you won't find Me waiting, just a lot of ugly ego stuff). Sound is the base of all things, in case you haven't noticed yet. Vibration is what puts that sound into motion and thus makes it possible to transform it into something else. Just as you ingest food for nutrients and vibrations of the body, you can, with those same nutrients transform that energy into Me, Love, unconditional, conscious and truthful.


As we are now getting to the real heart of the matter you want to pay close attention.


Most of you are not happy campers. Most of you would rather be doing something else, and in more cases than not, with some else. This unhappiness is due to Love, or specifically, the lack of Love. The lack of Me in your daily, minute-to-minute thoughts.

You live your daily lives in a process that was handed down from generation to generation, without a lot of thought, specifically of Me. Your elders told you this and made you believe that, and as you did not question any of it; as you did not go and find out any of it for yourself, for your own growth, you resigned your lot in life to them and what they made you believe. The only way that a being can know if something is right or wrong is, if they experience it themselves first hand. Perhaps not in the dramatic sense for the worst things, yet, first hand in one-way or another. Your movies are full of experiences of these kinds, along with all the garbage stuff as well. As my son told you in the parable, 'you need to be like the moneychanger in the temple (your mind) and learn to separate the good from the bad'. He also told you another one that, in order to be yourself, 'you need to leave your mother and father (the rulers/servitors of Fate) and follow him, for if you do not follow his ways then you are not deserving of him'. Meaning, that you must follow his steps and manners of finding out from the use of virtues instead of repeating what the elders told you and repeating their egos. They wanted to control you, and they are doing a better job at that then Fate is for Me. But, that is only for now. They control you and the only way that we could get you some help and to get you away from their tyranny was to have Fate put in controls of the cosmic kind; reincarnation and karma.


Your vibrations at this point are at the survival level, the instinct of a biological nature, as in fight or flight, and as most are stronger than you, you give into them controlling you. That is you give into necessitating Fate to extract things from you, like penitence for this or that, as you are just repeating things that really should not be repeated. How do you know? Well besides from the fact that I told you so, you can see what the world has become from allowing all the elders to do as they wanted un-checked; and as you will be the elder one day, you will just repeat the same thing as them, as the system will have already been setup and no one wants to work to change and evolve it. This is one of the sadder things I see of my children. So as long as you vibrate at the level you have been for the last how many lives and years, decline, decay and chaos are yours for the keeping. Sure I am working diligently with Fate to improve the plan, but there is a lot of energy that I have to move around and it takes a lot of actions and considerations for this and that.


If you want to help and I know in your hearts that you do, change the vibration level you are at and then you will have helped out a lot. Just think of it as everyone doing their part in order to move up one grade, altogether. Now that is what I call, evolution. Else while, Fate will have to do it and that can be painful for most of you, as I am sure you have already felt and experienced, more often than you want to remember. It is easier to do something of your own free will then it is to be subjected to Fate. Fate has a process beyond your imagination and as the cosmic law is the law, it must be so. Just like the guy on Star Trek says (my friend Pluto's idea, so people can see what it is not like out where he lives), 'make it so', I have already told Fate, make it so.


Thankfully, I kept the final judgment to myself so I can fine-tune any last minute problems as they come up. Sort of like the government auditor, making sure all is ok, with the big difference being that no one listens to him, but everyone listens to Me. Well up here they do anyway. If everyone graduates up one level at the same time, then we all work together to make the beauty that is always there, more visible and thus more of Me, Love. Without Love you have nothing that is worth living for and that is why you have so much unhappiness. Sure, I hear you say, but I love, but I am good, but I care. Unfortunately, I know that it is your egoic mind talking, trying to convince yourself of that. Unfortunately, I know that your souls are still mostly asleep, for I have not seen a lot of you up here for more years and your lives than I care to remember. You see, Love is not saying those words from your lips, or not saying them and telling the other that when you do say it, it really means something; that as truth is more rare than my unicorn friends.


What you are saying when you don't say it, is, I don't think of it all the time or enough to make it part of my regular speech pattern. I am not comfortable in saying it as I was not taught to say it growing up and I can only share that which was shared with me. I am not capable of changing any of this, as I was born this way, or it is my character. Then if the need be in a defensive egoic mode, what does it mean anyway? Unfortunately, to Me it means that you do not want to try (sloth) as you are not capable of change (envy) and you are happy the way you are (fear). It means that you are not willing to try and awaken Me inside of you (badwill) and that all you want is to continue as you are doing (desire) without having to love, thus just maintain your ego (anger) over it all. You console yourself with the statement that you are good, do good and mean good, at that you don't need to change (pride) as no one else is anyway (jealousy). So you continue to feed the egos as is (gluttony) and charge ahead in life the way you always have (lust) without a real concern for your soul's growth. I see you spending 60 hours a week working, 20 hours traveling, 14 hours eating, 14 hours watching TV, 56 hours biologically sleeping, 5 hours at exercise and about 1 hour at your place of worship. What I don't see is anytime you spend for your soul's growth, for the growth of your couple and thus for the soul growth of your family (children and relatives, extending to friends). Even when you are with those people you do all you can, not to talk and be of Me, Love.


You tell your children you Love them, sometimes with words, a lot by taking them to activities in which you are harried and giving them to someone else to do something with, you are not spending a lot of quality time. You tell your family you Love them, by showing up or inviting them for this or that and are harried so as not to talk about the real stuff of life, Love, Me. You tell your mate you love them by having sex sessions with them or on special occasions, doing something that makes you feel good for doing it for them, even if they don't really want or need that. You don't ever tell yourself that you love yourself, unless you are the narcissistic kind (which most of you are) and then that means you are so perfect that of course you love yourself, that goes without saying, that is your self the ego and not your self the soul, for your soul is asleep. You don't respect yourself enough to really godly love yourself, to have reverence for the soul and life you where given. Therefore to My chagrin, you don't really Love Me, for you think and believe that you are really, 'Me'. So where is Love, that unconditional, truthful consciousness? I am right here, beside and inside you, waiting for you to acknowledge Me.


Using Lust as Sex and Love


As your lust goes, your sessions with your mate are not Godly, that is real loving, divine or what some call cosmic dancing. You are not vibrating at the level of Love (fourth charka) in the heart. What you are doing is biologically expending the energy and falling asleep, being tired, or in the case of those that are very narcissistic, sucking the energy life force out of the other and using it to be powerful, of the evil kind. When I see all those statistics and surveys that are only from those not to embarrassed to tell the truth, what I see there, is exactly what I see happening in your homes, bedroom and heads. Unhappiness. Dis-satisfaction. 70% of women have an unsatisfactory sexual life, yet only 30% of men are. Why, because once they have an orgasm they fall asleep, or in other situations they run out and find someone to have sex with. Of the 30% of women that are happy, it is not known how many are doing it with someone other than the mate, or if they are part of the 'Love sects' that are around. Of the 70% of men, it is not sure if they are not with two mates (one in the morning and one at night) as there are 1.5 females to males on earth. I didn't set it up like that, you all managed to kill off the males through wars etc. With numbers like this, now you can understand how you can see what I see in your minds etc, the lack of real godly divine Love.


Yet, no one is doing anything about it and just saying, life is like that and I can't change it, just as everyone else is unhappy or dissatisfied about this and that, so will I be. I have the right to keep my unhappiness as my best friend. It is my Fate. Sorry, but it is not Fate. Fate needs you to grow and be all you can be. It can be tough when not done consciously, but it is not Fate. It is one of your various egos controlling you and telling you what to do. It is just trying to make you believe what it wants to and succeeding. Simply put, it is not your soul trying to help you see what you need to see. You have one soul, which can be as conscious and strong as you work to make it be. Yet, you have multiples of egos, sins, that put you through all kinds of reactions, one after the other like rapid machine gun fire, only thing is that you are aiming at others or you soul and not at them, the egos. With all these egos running amok in your head is there any wonder that you are unhappy.


So this unhappiness within, unless dealt with, within, turns outward as we already talked about and by using lust as fuel, as some sort of power, you end up reacting with more and more determination to be in control of the situation, which for a lot of couples, takes place in the bedroom. This is where wars have been won and lost; depending on whose side you are on. Me, I am always on the winning side, I don't have egos, I have souls, ka-zillions of them. Why don't you try and have at least one good one? Instead of perpetuating your unhappiness and transferring it on to your loved ones here and there, why not be happy? Happiness is waiting inside of you, right here and now. Just stop reacting with your egos for a moment and you will see what I mean. Instead of a war of the sexes and sex, why not start a war against unhappiness, against the egos and the things that make you unhappy, against all those wants while those wants ignore your needs.


I know you don't want to be angry, but need to be love. I know you don't want to be envious but need to be loving to all others. I know you don't want to be gluttonous but need temperance towards yourself. I know you don't want to be greedy but need to be unselfish no matter what. I know you don't want to be lazy but need to be diligent all the time. I know you don't want to be proud full but need to be humble. I know you don't want to be full of desire but need to develop aspirations. I know you don't want to be badwill but need to be good willed. I know you donít want to be fearful but need to be courageous.




Because, I know that all is fueled by the sexual energy as either Love or lust, which I know you don't want to be as chastity is the need, the main need, the most important virtue, that once developed will lead you to what it is you all need, what it is you all want the most, Love, Me.


Love is not having sex or some other type of sexual physical expression towards the mate. Love is being Love. The verb of action that is not want in sexuality, but needs in warmth of nurturing and caring, just as I have had for you since the beginning and will have until the end. It is caring more of the other and without selfish want for yourself. It is of being conscious as to why you do the things you do, to yourself and thus to others. It is of being unconditionally loving towards all others, no matter what. It is of being truthful at all times, not even little white lies or fibs, especially to yourself and this will also affect others. When you have sex, it does not fuel love within, for your soul or for those you care for. It starts to create a loving energy field around your couple, only to fall into a dark heavy energy when not properly and adequately done. Because, you expulse the energy downwards to feed your sexual center and not upwards to feed the opening of your other centers. This can only be attained with consciousness in the act. With consciousness in the act you have the start of God being there for the couple, that is to say you have to have real Love there. You develop what you need to feed your soul as oppose to what you (actually your egos) want to feed themselves with. As bottom feeders they take the energy going downward, as they cannot feed on upward energy that is rising, raising consciousness. They like to stay in the dark, because they think the bogyman is in the light. Actually from their point of view it is as if the light will destroy them and they are afraid of death, and it will. For the way it works you need to either control, then destroy them before they destroy you. To prove it to yourself, just ask your self how much you are awake, anything less than 51% is egos in control and soul dying a slow death. But with your own free will you are exactly where you choose to be.


Using sexual energy to awaken God


By transmuting your sexual energy, by moving it upwards to your Id, by awakening your soul from within you will be able to create that Love you are all looking for. For if you do not create it first inside of you, how can you create it outside of you. If you do not transform yourself into a conscious, truthful, unconditionally loving soul, inside of you, how can you expect to share it outside of you and how can you expect the others to share the same as well. Remember I said before, you cannot share or give to someone else that which was not shared or given to you. If you do not have it, then you must develop it, transform it to be from what it is you do have.


You all have the energy, as you are alive, and you all have the pieces, as you are full of egos. Now all you need to do is to transform them from one (ego) to the other (virtue) awakening the soul in the process. This process, which is the base of the message my sons (and daughters) brought to you, but for which you decided that not only did you not want to listen, you decided that you really wanted to get rid of his light so that he would not be able to extol it, even to others. Fate fooled you big time with that one, for what you all did was to make him a martyr.


Unfortunately for the masses, the message only made it to a few via the underground and those capable of reading hidden messages in paintings and the like. At least some got the point. Boy are you all ever stubborn to try and wake up and smell the coffee. Guess you don't like to smell coffee at 6 o'clock in the morning. I do.


Anyway, the main act needed in all of this, awakening the soul with Love, is that you need, and this is not up for negotiation, to refrain from 'ejaculation orgasms', and with mantras transmute the energy upward. Now, this process, as you can see in your statistics, is easier for females, as only 33% ever attain one anyway. For males, it is the whole point of having sex. No orgasm, not good sex. So guess who gets to have all the problems with this one, the males of course, and better yet, guess who ends up making real love the way they have always wanted, the females.


Males just give some type of intimacy in order to get sex, they fool the female with/into what she wants, closeness; for sex. Once the act starts though the females can easily get carried away from anything they thought was the love making, into the rutting, and it is only after, it is only later on that they remember themselves, and think, I really was not satisfied with what just happened, I did not get the tenderness and caring caresses before as I know I need, and got into it only as he kept at me and I gave in, I accommodated him. Even those of you that think you are not suppose to do this or that, that you are controlling yourself and worst of all you are not suppose to enjoy it; you are just fooling yourself into thinking that you are. What is actually going on is, yes you got it, Fate. As you assuredly somewhere in your past lives, miss-used the energy that you could have been using correctly, improperly, you are now being put to the test (lead into temptation) to see if you have awaken your soul and are aspiring to feed it. For in fact unknown to a lot of females, you do feed your soul, much better than the males, thanks Me, else while we would have no children that would be nurtured, none that would want to be knowing of Me and left to their own defenses. Thank you from the bottom of My soul, which is in fact your soul. Neat eh.


Anyway, if you males could get your act together and control the most powerful energy in the cosmos, then you could literally move mountains. Second thought maybe you better not or you would move them all together and people would need new passports. Ha Ha. Seriously, why not try and do something that you have all felt and yet could not explain and do something about, consciously. Why not listen to your mate and find out what she really wants as tenderness, caring, romance, caresses and ultimately Love making. Then I can guarantee you that you will feel things from parts of your being that you never even knew existed. You will sense and feel things that are in fact what is known as cosmic dancing. You will be in control of your inner organism and thus of your soul's growth. But more importantly, you and your mate will really be living in harmony. You will both be able to share the cosmos in a manner never expected. What both of you are guaranteed in this process is one of living and being all you can be, towards the fullest of your potential. Your couple will be harmonious and that will extend outward towards all those you come into contact with. You will start to remove selfishness (narcissistic evil) from the scene so that you can really be your soul, that is to say you can really live Love, which is just like being, Me. And do you know what the best part for you all is, you can be just like Me and not have to worry about making a judgment call on all the souls in existence. I won't wish that on even My worst enemy, even if I had one. And you thought you had challenges.


So work with those energies as a couple and grow your soul into whatever you need to, whatever you can, both of you. Then you will understand what a soul-mate is, then you will understand what fusing is, and then you will understand how the most powerful energy in the universe, sexual, makes Love, Me. Sounds like fun and lots of happiness to add on to your already being happy just knowing all of this. Doesn't it? Or as my sages tell me on how to properly ask a question, 'Could you tell me what you think of all of this process and the results that can be attained from aspiring to achieve it'? I love you. (That was a kicker to be sure you are focused in the right direction for an answer, hehe, sneaky sometimes I am, but full of Love, for you).


Please don't 'want' to do this stuff as that is from your egos and if they get a hold on it, well let's just leave it at that they will make it harder for you to make it all work. But, if you realize that you 'need' to do it all, that you really aspire from the bottom of your heart to do it, then that is the way to go. The more you use your virtues, the more you are communing with Me. The more you communicate with Me the easier it is for you and your mate. Remember, I said it before and I will say it again for those of you who have an early on set of Alzheimer (which by the way you all created by not waking up your soul, just like you did with 'ambulatory schizophrenia'), when two people work on a common goal of a Godly notion, with God in their hearts, then that goal will be achieved.


How do you think a lot of people pick the winning numbers for the lottery? In unison loving embraces. Makes you sort of really interested now and makes you sort of, wanting to know. Watch it, you want to know, but do you need to know. Perplexing paradox is it not? Yes, quite right and as I will not tell you the real answer on this one, you need to find it out for yourself, and you can and will along the path as you germinate and grow Me inside of you. Sort of like having a baby that will not cause fuss nor ask to borrow the car, or worst yet, money. You will not have to worry about the newborn that as it grows if it will mix with the wrong kind or stay out late on dates. I will always be there right beside you, doing as you ask, if you ask nicely with respect and reverence, just as you do to your spouse. Well perhaps what you will do as oppose to what you do, do. I would not like to be most of the spouses that I see on your earth.


I quick test here. How many of you would like to really truthfully be married to yourself, knowing all that you know and thinking and acting the way you do? I thought so. Nobody really loves the other. But I love you all, consciously, unconditionally and that is the honest Me full truth. I know, I made it all up; the cosmic plan that is. Remember it is my game and I didn't call 'end game' yet.

Conclusion & Recap of Another Kind


Well you seem to have made it through a lot of material that you may or not have understood. I pray to Me that you did and will do so more and more. For now, let's just do a recap of how Fate works and how it really is in your lives, everyday, everywhere and you are in fact the master of it, but not the controller. You see, you can transcend it when you awaken your consciousness, that is when you understand what it is and how it works. Without this understanding, you are like a leaf in the wind, been blown around by forces out of your control. Who is Fate? As you know by now it is the cosmic controller, to help germinate and grow your soul. Who are Fate's servitors? Apart from the counterfeit spirit that uses all of your own egos to test you with, it is everybody. You are all the servitors of Fate, one to the other and one for the other. You all do things that for whatever reason you seem to be compelled to do and thus you are giving Fate a hand so to speak.


Actually, your Fate is in fact tied into the Fate the others, in various ways. The most significant ones would be those you call parents, those who did or did not birth you and did or did not nurture you. They are the ones we are talking of when we say, through My son, 'Leave your parents (servitors of Fate) and follow Me, for if you do not follow Me (live My path of Light and thus Love) then you are not deserving of Me' (the Mysteries of Light) which all comes down to being like Me, God, unconditional, conscious and truthful Love.


The secondary ones would be those of your extended family, your cultural group, your religious group, your community, your city, your government and your part of the world. These are all part of karmic Fate. Just read the sacred writings with an open mind and you will intuitively get it. If not bring Me your complaints and I will look into it, just the way you all handle complaints right now. Hehe.


When you interact with someone, when you communicate with someone, you are in a sense learning about things of them as well as of yourself that you most likely did not realize. As you grow and have a wider scope of others you interact with, they are affecting you just as you are affecting them. Assuredly, some will be of the type of a tyrannical boss, others as a chastising friend and others as a sample of evil. Rest assured that you are playing the same parts to others that you deal out. A lot of this has the resemblance of the pecking order, especially if learned at a young age. In fact it is just egos, under the control of Fate via the servitors, playing out the parts for you to wake up. Without these situations, then you all would be just a mass of egos with the stronger one taking over all the others and beating up on everyone.


As a servitor of Fate yourself, you are being used by your own egos to play with and manipulate those of another. If the other is weaker than you, then you will assuredly have the upper hand, for a time. But just as you allowed your egos to be used by yourself, so will others have theirs used against you. Sort of like two servitors fighting each other. Fate stands guard over it all and just keeps sending in the signals to see if you are waking up. Fate as your parent should have nurtured you to be all you can be. Fate as a sibling should have helped you grow and be all you can be with a conscious family tie. Fate as your friends should have helped you and should still be helping you grow and be all you can be.


Alas, what has happened in most cases is that your egos just took control away from Fate (at least it tired to but does not realize that nothing can overcome Fate, but Me, Love) and tried to do what it wanted, not what your soul needed. Fate then readjusted the path you where on so that you would face all the karmic things that you came back here to deal with. Fate and not your egos is your controller and your friend. Embrace Fate and germinate and grow your soul to Me, Love and you will see exactly what I am saying and how the ultimate truth really is. Yet as you know you have your own free will and can choose to do what you want, that is what your egos make you believe what you want and not what everything in the cosmos knows, what you need. Love.


Good thing that I put Fate there to help you along your road less traveled.


As you react to life, you allow one of the multiple egos to take over your mind and your responses. Your ego will just repeat whatever pattern it created before, in this life or in another, and your soul is left sleeping. Your ego knows no better as you are not aware of your Id containing your soul and consciousness of all things in the cosmos. Assuredly you cannot just tap into that, as you would go even more nuts than you are trying to work and figure it all out. Yet you can germinate it, grow it, feed it with Love and as you do that you will become more virtuous and less egoic, thus manifesting Me, Love. The servitors will have less of a chance to 'lead you into temptation' and your egos will slowly dissolve into cosmic dust.


Fate of course will be watching and testing, but if you look real close, if you pay a lot of attention to the minute details, you will see Fate smiling for a job more than just well done, it will be for the 'Glory of Love'. From this point on you will be able to really live your life that you set out to live, to be all you can be for and of yourself. You will have attained what you all call, enlightenment, that is consciousness of Love. At that point you will be let in on a secret. Ah ok I will let you in on it now so that you really understand that I am not controlling as many of you make Me out to be, or want Me to be so you can blame it all on Me.


The secret is at that point, with that consciousness, you are given the total freedom of choice to come back and help out your brothers and sisters, go to Nirvana for as long as you want, or go anywhere you choose in the cosmos. You don't have to come home anymore, as you are all grown up with full respect towards all things in the cosmos, you are off on your own if you want to be. Sure I will always be there as your creator, but you will have been joined into the 13th aeon, above all matter and chaos, you will have fused a part of Me into your total being forever, not just until the next cataclysm. As your friend Spock says, 'Live long and wake up'.



How to fix it all.


I will give this part over to my scribe 'Eddie' from the waters, as he can help you understand it better in your language. Where would I be without My scribes, doing it all Myself and worst of all for Myself. Ugh.


When the seed of the soul is born into the earth plane, all souls are equal, the same with the same possibilities for growth. What we do is up to each and every one of us, along with karmic Fate for re-balancing the energies etc that we unbalanced in our previous lives. Souls are at different levels just like in school, making the diversity of life.


To follow the along the path of Edgar Cayce's 'Soul Mates' we learn that each situation with another person is a repeat of/from a previous life and in some cases lives. He explains that we are looking to grow our soul out of the seed that it is or else we feed into the materialism that is all around.


To follow along the path of Newton's 'Journey of the Souls, Life Between Lives', we learn that we are here on earth trying out what we learned in 'soul school' and making things better. If we get caught up in the materialism of it all, then we will forget ourselves, our soul's growth and just live as if the material life is all that counts. We live through karmic situations with other people as in past lives and the most interesting part is that when we sleep, we go back to where our soul is still learning/making situations for us to wake up and grow with.


In both of these books they talk of a bad or evil soul as one that has forsaken its' reason for being here (spiritual growth back to God) and is just living all of its' egoic thoughts and sins as it wants to.


When we tie these into the ancient texts of 'Pista Sophia Unveiled', and the 'Nag Hammadi Papers' wherein Jesus is talking to the disciples on Mount Olive after the ascension and explaining how the mysteries of the 'Light' which is God works, all of this ties into why we are here.


To live through Fate either our awakening or our demise, depending on what we do with our own free will and our karmic process.


We are either working to raise our consciousness towards the light, or else we live in the materialism of the world and give unto Fate what is required to pay karmic debt, unwillingly. Thus we end up living a life of darkness, which of course none of us do, as it is the 'other guy'. As in all things of our universe, they can be of any of the various parts (levels) that make up the whole. Some of us attain understanding of this, and others of that, but if the process is not for the soul's growth, then it is for the acquisition of material growth. This has been the duality of us all on earth especially since the time of Jesus. He has told us over and over, in parables and in direct words that the way to redemption is through the growth of the our soul, what our forefathers left out of his teachings is that part which explains that if we do not heed our soul and grow, we would end up under the control of Fate that would simply tempt us into so many situations that we either wake up and make things better, or as in the fact of what most of us just do, continue to make it worst.


So as we have now arrive at the 21st century with the world in the state of decline that it is and those who are conscious for the better part are awaiting for the dawn of the next age, the golden age of humanity, as explained by the sages of India; this is so that we can live that predestined harmony that all ages cycle through, after cleaning out the surplus accumulation of negative energy, in whatever manner and form that is to be, which is really the hard way.


So how can we in fact fix it all?


Well suffice to say that like evolution of a biological nature, it takes aeons for a change to happen. Yet given our capacity for reason and self-instruction we should be able to make 'quantum' leaps. We did when Jesus showed us the way and died to forgive us of our sins. Yet we did not pick up on the wholeness of it, as much of the ascension was hidden. Thus we ended up spiraling downward to materialism, instead of upwards to our Godliness.Therein lies the missing pieces, or at least the real key to understanding our soul's journey and what we should be doing.


Love, consciously, truthfully and unconditionally. That is to say knowing God, for that is exactly what the energy is.Yet being a soul married into the biology of an animal body, we still have the pull of the desires and wants, which are just manifestations of the 'egoic biology' from within. The mind is the one with all the egos/sins and the soul has all the virtues. And as we can clearly see here and now, we have been living less and less with our virtues.


The 'system' had no interest in sharing the information that it had accessed, or at the very least, if it did not have it, it was not looking for it. But given the 2000 years since, it is not really believable that those who throughout the centuries, those who coined the phrase 'skull-duggery' and kept it all did not find, nor tap into, nor know any of this information. If there is so much written of this and that, which most try to shovel off as just heresy and not the word of God as in the bible, which was canonized by man; then why is there so much non-Love in the world? Is it because God is not loving and is wrathful and chooses sides and thus is vengeful as well?


Anyone with Love in the heart and soul knows the real answer to it all and just keeps on trying. Thus as Sherlock Holmes would say the elementary answer would be, 'they did know and they did not want us to know about it, as it would allow those in control, to lose control'. As God begat us free will, the one who can control that free will has seemingly all the power of God. He gave us free will to grow and go back to him consciously. What we ended up doing was to use it to feed our egos, as we were taught by the 'system' and therefore by those who controlled the information.


Philosophically we can get into all kinds of debates of this and that, to intellectually confuse the situation and just fluff it off, but when we put all the pieces together, we can clearly see that without what Jesus taught on Mount Olive, without that gnosis of God, we are lost as to where we are really going, believing that the materialism is what it is all about.


Alas, it is not. Love and spirituality is what it is all about, for that is what God is and is trying to get us to understand, while leaving our free will in tact. So by using our free will to ask questions and investigate all that there is in the universe that we can, we are assured to advance our soul's growth to the point of our soul's understanding and not that of what society, the 'system' tells us. We will use our own free will to overcome Fate that seeks to extract karmic penitence from us, either by our actions or by our being conscious and thus understanding the Mysteries of the 'Light'.


Fate is the cosmic law force, the comptroller and we can avoid it if we are conscious. If Fate was not in place, then we would never have a hope in hell to awaken ourselves, so as it is they (Fate and the servitors) may chastise us, but they are still leaving us a free will to do this or do that. The law is the law, even cosmic ones need to be respected, and I am sure that if we don't like it then we can complain on our judgment day in between lives and they will help us to correct our erroneous why of being. The really funny part to all of this is that as we reincarnate, are reborn back here over and over, we where the ones that way back when did all of this stuff to ourselves and thus why we need to rebalance it now. So as we can clearly see at this point, we are the 'other guy' and there is no two ways about it. Then again, egoically speaking it is easier to say that those over there are the bad ones and shoot at them, kill them off so they stop reminding our egos, that it is really the egos that we live by inside of ourselves that are in the wrong and no one else.


Unfortunately consciousness does not seem to be for everyone and as such most do not want to wake up and Fate seems to be their only friend, dishing out this and dishing out that as they go along their path trying to figure out how to get only the good from their free will and leave out the penitence, even though they know they did something wrong to the other. Whatever happened to God in their life is as mysterious as the 'black holes' in outer space, but we are starting to study even them. Perhaps along the road we will find that we are in fact a real mish mash of souls and energies from all around the cosmos, in our remedial class here, picking up lost pieces and thus trying in some form or another to awaken, why else would we have the Fate police and be asking where is God. If we don't get it now, we probably never will. It was clear as day when Jesus said it, as well as when the others said it before and after him, yet we choose to use our free will to move away from him and God, except for a once a week visit to the place of worship, which is more of a social visit with tea and coffee while certainly to wash away the sins, so that we could do them all over during the next week.


When we move back into godliness as a couple, then we have the chance to repair the damage that was done, we have a chance to work in unison and thus with God next to us. For as it is said, when two people are together and God is there helping them, then it will be as they are asking of it to be in the name of real Love. We need to be a 'perfect conscious couple' as that is how to fix it all. We need to be God to each other, that is how God joins us together. We need to be conscious of what is going on, we need to be truthful in all of our dealings, and then with unconditional love all is possible. We have our own free will to use it towards or away from Love, God. You decide. Given our egoic manner of living for so long, I 'Eddie the scribe' wonder how long it will take to fix it? Before the next 'big bang' I pray!

Females: Notes and observations on how they are treated by males.


These are personal notes of a thinking process to search out answers to challenges.


Maybe I just don't know enough women.

Maybe I just know too many that have been or are being treated wrongly.

Maybe I just focus too much on that part.

Maybe I am suspicious of other males.

Maybe I am looking at the wrong thing.


Then again, maybe I am right. Let's see.


I have meet many hundreds of women in my life from all walks of life and in all different types of situations, so at least I have a good cross section as well as a good view on how their mates did and are treating them. The ones that are being miss-treated are all relative to what I mean by miss-treated. In my neuro-linguistics it means not being treated like a 'lady', divinely with at least due respect and reverence. But as there are too many that fit into this category, there are too many males that miss treat. I am focusing to look into what makes us tick and what makes us act the way we do, with the short and to the point truth being that we are all under the Law of Fate that demands penitence for karmic actions and that also tries to get us to repent for wrong deeds. So at least the situations that I see have been those of karma in action, where rebalancing of some kind is going on and of course where new karma is being created.


The males I have met are of two groups, those with whom I have some type of affinity and thus are somewhat similar to me and those with whom I choose not the do any work with or I choose not to know, and in most cases, their being of incompatible energy and character to mine. I am looking at how Fate controls us via our karmic process, leading to miss treatments that while being karmic, are not being transformed by the males into good actions. Two wrongs definitely do not make a right.


Let's look at some details, the thing most people avoid as they choose not to see the truth, just what they want to see or are looking for. This is why society has created in mass ambulatory schizophrenia.


Today we know without a doubt that JC and all the masters etc tell us that both men and women are equals in all ways. Yet as a male dominated society we just go about creating even more insecurity for women and offer up a few 'make it look good' situations, while underneath it all, still see them as inferior.




Many a women has told Me that it has to do with the image that our mothers gave to them of their (mother) being less than our father. It could have been from their staying home with the children as a relatively unthankful and non-paying job, or from their being kind of ditzy in the realm of worldly insight. I have seen this, but I still saw a lot of nice guys in these situations with these types of women not miss treating and actually being nice to them. So this is Fate at work doing so testing, as well as unconsciousness at work, allowing it all to happen. Then I was told things of the women's movement making strides to better themselves and take empowerment.


I saw this as well, but not with too many happy campers that where married and supported by their husband in their venture to invoke change. Sort of like the 'make it look good' stuff, but not a lot of substance and resources given into it. And of course a lot of it was due to insecurity, which I found out is most women's middle name. But why? What I come up with is the evil of men. Now given karma and reincarnation, it is not exclusive to them, but they have the power and the control over most everything, just as a man could be reborn as a woman and visa-ver-sa. So what gives?


Narcissism, seems to be a fully cemented domain of men and thus quite unchangeable in our present humanity, but as for women, it seems to be workable for them to get out of it. Yet as man controls most and is easily making women even more insecure by models, glamour, advertising, and affairs with younger women, it is not as easy as it sounds. If a person has a weak self-esteem, a weak self-worth, or a weak self-anything, the ego necessarily seeks to compensate by making a big stronger self (the disorder of narcissism). This self is not strengthened by the character strengths of that specific trait, but rather of the weaknesses, because it over states itself in order to survive and as the stronger self seeks greater expression. So we now have a narcissistic process that is basically self-centeredness or selfishness. Both fit into this disorder up to this point.


Females have been taught for too many generations that they are weaker and the males are stronger. Somewhat in the physical sense, but that is where it stops. All beings have a soul as the seed inside awaiting to be germinated and grown into a beautiful soul of Godliness. Females are even more beautiful in that they were given the gift of bearing the child and thus man made a little stronger to help and yes to protect in some ways. We are not looking for the physical aspect or the cosmogony of it, just the psychological why. As the female grows she is subjected to a lot of controls, a lot of not good or nice things that males are not subject to. Males fight for this and that on a whole, yet females were made to be pretty, just as mommy is. Males follow dad as being tough etc.


So women in and of themselves believe at this point that they are less than males and that they are not as good as them, thus a weaker self-esteem. Until recent generations even schooling was withheld from them and we all now know that females are generally more intelligent than males, in the academic sort of way. Yet they still managed to become narcissistic in order to protect their psyche. They did not have the chance to be as good as whomever, so they found a way to create a bigger self-worth, more so if they went through any type of abuse etc. Males on the other hand, competing for all out there, with their fists more than their minds, expanded on the 'I am better than you' which they were exposed to as children and which even if abused would show through as 'I will show them all who is better, stronger etc'. Their narcissism is more ferocious which is part of why it is so much harder for males to 'fix it'.


Females are more inquisitive and less likely to frown on changes and as more loving they are more connected to their soul then men are. Males are not wanting to change as they can do it all with their strength, of ego that is, so they are much more of the mind and not thinking of their soul with their intuition. Males fear a God that is stronger than they are, so they become omnipotent and thereby do not believe in God, per say. Females know that God is omnipotent; God gave them the baby to carry and reminds them every month.


To a male, generally speaking he will do as he pleases, what he can get away with, as most things are of the 'boys club' mentality and with this support he feels at ease with his self-centeredness. As for the female, she is less likely to be part of some 'club' and thus less self-centered because of it. Narcissism grows exponentially within groups, just study most families and you will see how. However, as women start to emulate the man's world, she does seem to get lost more often than not within the power etc of it all. Power can corrupt, no matter who it is. She also has a seemingly weaker self-worth in these situations and thus appears to be more narcissistic. The paradox to this is that men actually have a weaker self-worth and thereby created a stronger egoic self, thus selfishness and narcissism.


Now let us bring energy into the equation, that energy of sexuality which is stronger than anything atomic, yet not understood by science, so in the man's world, not of any real interest etc. If man has created the image of the female to be appealing, sexual, from all the various points of view to him, then he has at the very least lessened his own sex appeal. That is, she is more appealing then he is.


Interesting, here I have found a possible reason for man's aggression in the face of competition etc over whatever. As Freud said, sexuality is at the base of all psychological challenges, and thus as males are less than females when it comes to sex appeal, as in advertising, he seeks attention etc for his own interests, elsewhere. He needs to 'over strengthen' his self in order to compensate for a severely weakened ego of appeal. As with a female, he in general will not be judge by his looks alone, but by his accomplishments.


What a weird circle this is, man controls most things, creates the sex appeal of women and this in fact weakens him to her. He wants to be just as appealing as she is, or does he.


If we look back to all the secret types of societies, there have always had an underlying tone of secret sexuality to it. In the ancient days Tantric Sex Yoga was practiced by many and was always available to everyone. It was known that the union of female and male produced an energy of a very high voltage and could be used in a number of ways, as white or black magic. As it was mostly the males that were fraternizing they had the rule of all this information over the females.


Even today most of them are still mainly male orientated expect for a number of sects that have a guru and a lot of women followers, which is due to his charisma and what the women are looking for, tenderness. So the male looks towards the female as a source of energy, food, known as narcissistic supply. They need to feed their narcissism and as the female are generally sub-servant to them, due to their insecurity, and have a weaker narcissistic tendency, the male will over power the female, at least sexually. And this can be clearly seen in sects where the guru is actually 'raping' the females. Women of the current generation have learned to manipulate men via their sexuality, but more on this later.


So the males all pump each other up saying this or that of females, from the teen years onward. Generally they were not stopped nor corrected at any point from their 'boys will be boys' attitudes. Females however had a lot more conditions placed upon them. The males then came to see women as the sexual energy they have, not as they really are. Society and the media did not do much to change this and in fact fueled the fire of the males wanting of the females. Females just looked at males for the security that they could bring to helping them cope with their weak self-worth. Unfortunately they just made it even weaker as they accommodated the male's need for lustful energy. Ever wonder why most women are not sexually happy; just look at how most males sexual and/or mentally rape the females. The female 'control issues' don't help either. It seems that what is not talked of and worked out in words, is dealt with in the bedroom, mostly in silent words or animal tones.


So who is doing it to whom?


The secret societies were populated by males and just used the female for her energy. They made it acceptable to say that she had no soul, so the male could just use her as he wanted to. This can be found when we see in the cross cultures, where the male of one uses the female of another tribe, especially if he is spiritual/religious. He did not have a conscious problem believing that he was raping a soul, in some manner or another. She had none, he was lead to believe (by his and others egos) and given his self-centeredness he could care less and would not even challenge the statement. Assuredly this all lead to the male having tapped a power source that could raise his awareness to some of the highest levels. Thus, as the power within the male increased, so did it allow him to super-feed his narcissism and thus move or more to the point manipulate his way to the top. If you have a male lawyer (females I am sure do it as well) in charge of whatever government post, and he as a lawyer was taught not that it is the truth at all costs, but the best service the client can buy, what do you think he is doing. Buying whatever he can, whichever way he can. This just strengthens his narcissism.


The females are not really in a very strong position to change things. Sure they have some groups and get together, but males view this as 'chuckling' so that in fact the man's world of control only pays lip service to all of this. It is not that women do not want to be treated as equals, which in fact they are, it is that society has become, corrupt and manipulative to the point, whereby males will only trust other males in their 'club' and even that is not sacred. Thus, for females who see life as sacred, wouldn't the males also if they carried the baby? Women are trying to change males on their turf of 'clubs', 'secret societies' and 'skull-duggery', yet men really have very little that is sacred. Males have a lot at stake in the self-centered, self-interest stuff, department, thus maintain control and keeping the narcissism going.


If females could see and live their real inner worth, their souls, for them it would be easier to awaken their conscious and become all that they can, in and for themselves and thus humanity. Without an adjustment in this area of erroneous perception and thus behavior, they will never be able to be treated as equals.


Females are always wanted by males, this they know and sometimes use their sexuality to control the male in this manner. For the male it is a cat and mouse game and he always ends up winning, as she makes herself believe (remember weak self worth) that she is gaining ground and thus in control of the situation. He gets his jollies, ego fed and if not with her then there are more fish in the sea. And all she ends up with is the feeling of emptiness, something missing and there is.


Where is God, that totally unconditional loving, consciously loving and truthfully loving, energy? With females loving more, as they are apt to care and be more sensitive to all, and males capable of loving better, as they have had more exposure to many things in their work life etc., God can be brought into the couple; the cosmic energy of the two can be transformed and thus fused and manifested into 'God'.


Which leads to the point that without the female's energy, males cannot accomplish much on this side by themselves. Males are basically talking and thinking with their need to feed their ego of lust; just look and listen to their manner of joking when around each other. Females generally do not go that route of openness/crudeness. One reason is that they instinctively know that something is not right so they will not bring it out to their friends for examination, (image and thus self-worth) and just keep it hidden as they were taught to do so by mom or by their mate; that is whatever is behind closed doors stays there. Yet God is there watching and waiting, as well as the souls of the two, for the good or bad of what is really happening and going on, in action and in thoughts.


So the females have a factor that they may not fully understand, sexual energy of a divine nature. Sure they see the animal sexuality that is there, but do not fully understand the divine energy and what can be created there from. Just as Tantric Sex Yoga has been taught for many generations in various schools, it was mostly the men that tapped into what it was and how it worked, so they just picked it up as their preferred method to a greater feeding of sexual energy and did not care to share and fuse it with the mate. If the female would not go along with some of his manipulations he would simply find some other women that would. In some of the societies, secret or otherwise, even today; having, being with, using more than one woman is permitted and also required, so that they can keep with the ancient teachings that they believe contains truth of 'more than one'.


If God/Love wanted us to be with more than one then he would have made humans in a ratio of 1 male to 5 females etc instead of what it is now, somewhere around 1:1.5, mostly due to the wars etc. In olden times when a man died his wife was taken care of by the man's brother. It was not meant for sexuality, but to keep the family growing in the same bloodline and mannerism. Noah brought everything into the arc two by two and not 1 by 5. But for the male, it is nice to think that it is somehow ok to have two women or more, to be just like the way we run husbandry, one male (the strongest) and lots of females to seed. But God did not plan it this way, males made it turn out this way.


Females on the other hand, do not have the desire to have multiple mates mostly as they are fed up with the one they have or too busy with the children. Give them the same opportunity as the male to be at work all day, in 'clubs' and see if they do not end up just as the male. They have their own narcissism, weaker than the males, yet still there and waiting to get stronger, unless they work on themselves vis-ŗ-vis their self-worth etc. Females only need to look to the east and the sacred writings and sacred happenings of times ago, where women were in fact always on the same level as males. They were revered for their mother nature just as the male for his father nature. Two separate whole beings, meeting as one, God.


Alas, as long as the males dominate the world hierarchy, as long as they control narcissistically all the things they do, how can we stop our involution?


Simple, females need to understand that the males are nothing without them, all the while not acting as the males do with their narcissism, but in fact re-connecting with God in holy bliss. Females all seek security, tenderness and love which God has all of and is waiting to share. When this happens, then the males will have no other choice but to follow, for how else will they get some physical action. Just remember that all females need to be on the same wavelength, or else those who are not will give into the male while the other females are away. Maybe that is not so bad as the males that do not follow do not care and the females that really do care do not need to be with that kind of so called 'man'.


Oh yeah, as for the females do not try to do this for control, remember that the guys have had more for a longer period than you and are not going to give it up.


Just do it for yourself and your real self-worth, divinely.





Males: Notes and observations on how they are treated by females.


I don't think or act like normal guys nor want to.

I did not pursue the ways of clubs etc as they did.

I did not try to understand them as deeply as I did and do women.

Maybe they are jerks as I have found out.

Maybe they are narcissistic controllers as I have analyzed over and over again.


Just as Freud said, any trouble in the enfant years and the psychoses (narcissism) is there to stay until it is dealt with. God knows most guys do not want to look to deep inside of themselves.


Normal is of the egoic mind that we all have, until it is understood and dominated.


Normal is based upon that precept and not one that has any room for God and the cosmic energies.


Normal acts more from the instinct chakra, that is the root chakra and when it reaches the next level, the sexual one, normal stays their too much.


Normal has developed the other levels to some extent, like solar plexus, gut feeling; heart as in sex-love; and that is about all. Females live more with the solar plexus, feelings and the heart of love, however that have a stronger intuition of the third eye one, but what about the other three.


When I was young and in the sports clubs and observing what was going on, I really saw to much miss treatment towards women from the way I was raised, to be a gentleman. I did the sports with them, and did manage to get into the heads of many a guy, only to find what was normal was not nice. The girls would try to get them to like them by provocation thinking that the normal guy only wanted some, and that was all. They did not disappoint themselves, for that is all he wanted and nothing more, much to their chagrin later on. This I later learned was the behavior pattern that they learned from the 'male' caregivers/nurturers on how to act.


Having three brothers that were themselves gentlemen, I was not keen on digging to deep inside the head of some so called normal guy, that were to me just instinctive as the animals were. Not having any sisters and seeing my mother as Venus lead me to want to better understand why guys treated them as such, why they put up with it and why they did not seem to have a better appreciation of themselves, later to be understood as self-worth. Having been taught girls were equal to boys then why were they not treated by the normal boys that way. The girls would provoke the guys with sexual stuff while the guys were playing, thus taking them away from play for sex, like the mating dance. It was the only way the girls could get their attention as the they were not allowed to play the boys games. Undoubted this was learned at home and they found a way to get what they called, love, but was just sex.


When I started to work with a my clientele and was exposed to a lot of types of men, I would generally see that those who were not like me in my mannerism would not want to deal with me, as I really did not want to put up with what I was feeling from them. The energy was wrong and it was not my place to try and make them see it. As I became exposed to the word narcissism I found that I was doing some mini surveys with both men friends and females as well. In general what I found was that about 80% of men are not nice to females and about 50% of females are not nice to men. Basically most men are jerks and given 1:1.5 men to women only about 30% of women would be considered not nicely thinking and treating of the mate.


When all the review of narcissism was done I could see how it was and why they are not so nice. They needed to control, just as others were controlling them. For in narcissism the self-worth is weak and the person creates a bigger false self that in turns justifies their ways. As men are more exposed to competition and to fighting, they easily came up with a way to make themselves think and thus believe that they were better than they really were. They would enforce this on all those they could, who they could control. Females meanwhile looking for that loving dad gave into that male who was even stronger narcissistically than their own father so that she could then try and control that energy with her own sexuality. Most of this was done at the subconscious level as we only use about 3% of our consciousness for living.


So then to the question of females miss treating males.


With females having as their main interest growing, their father, it is always he that they are looking for. They seek a connection that is full of love with him, just as they had the nurturing and feeding from mother, which is love in and of itself, they seek that same type of love from dad. As he was out working most of the day, the interaction was limited, and being with mom all the time surely ran into a lot of strain. If she was not a tomboy running out and around, then she spent a lot of time at mother's side. Thus, when dad came home she was glad to see him, but he maybe being tired of the day was not in the mood to play etc., so it was a strained relationship. She wanted attention and love and he wanted peace and to be pampered. So if mom was busy etc. she did her mom's role of making him relaxed and thus she found the affection she was looking for, in a somewhat convoluted way.


Mom was happy that daddy was not bugging her and was occupying her daughter. Dad was content to get attention from his family as he was the breadwinner and the strongest, greater narcissist, thus the female was feeding the male. Many of these situations were not devoid of some type of sexual innuendo and thus were charging the father, although perhaps sub-consciously, sometimes, with sexual energy. The daughter also sub-consciously was being charged with sexual energy and would continue to do these types of things till marriage in order to increase the feelings and feel loved, for that in her mind was what love felt like, sexual energy.


Sometimes these situations, coupled with problems in the marriage, ended up with the father doing inappropriate things to the daughter and telling the daughter it was ok all daddies did this or something like this and she went along with it as if it was ok. She knew in her soul it was not right and this would cause coping mechanisms to kick in and memories to be suppressed in order to survive as a being. These things would make the foundation for her character and behavior patterns the rest of her life. She cannot and will not remember due to the psychological ramifications it would bring about. Only real Godly Love can deal with all of that.


As the victims (mostly female) more often then not go back to the abuser, she will spend a lifetime connected to him in some unknown way, as she is no longer conscious of any wrongdoing. Yet inside at the soul level she is unbalanced and cannot get to the point of awakening herself to God. You see, for her, her dad was the first God and if he did this or that, then as she grew to know God in heaven, she could not reconcile the two and as such would always defer back to her father as being right.


For if not, then all the psychological values, beliefs would have to be re-written, re-examined for the truth, which her egos would not allow to be known. The father as a narcissist has assured himself a continued supply of food for his over blown self as they are his instant club of adoration. Meanwhile mother who was dealing with her own issues as a child is also just feeding her husband's ego, or in the least not confronting it.So the miss treating would start at the wife level, that is to say with the wife acting out her problems towards her husband as if he were her dad and the husband acting as if she were his mother and thus treat her as his father treated his mother. All the while this was sub-conscious as most people are not awake anyway, this would lead to problems of all kinds. When God was in the picture, that is to say, when both were apt to pray together etc. to God, then things were easier with less strife.


So just as in the animal kingdom, females generally being the weaker of the two would just do what was needed in order to have security and protect the young. They would not be looking for a personal growth, a personal relationship with God for their own soul. What their dad had said and done, what their husband says and does, would be enough for her to survive. She was weary of the male and thus would not really be at ease with him. She would copy those who taught her and with few strong female role models, she would continue to be weaker. But she knew how to manipulate. She was apt at ambivalence. She wanted to survive, for the sake of the children. So she managed to grow children that were just as their couple was. Dad to son, mom to daughter and in some mixed situations, dad to daughter and mom to son. Narcissism would perpetuate and evil would reign over all.


When she wanted something from the male, she would coo or she would be provocative and make him smile, as he was not worried what the children saw of such displays and she needed what she wanted so she was not thinking of them either. This manner of being provocative would enable her to attain what she wanted (as later he would have her and give her the world, mostly unknown by the children, but sensed and later confirmed) and the children, especially the daughter would see a behavior pattern that worked and would follow suit.


With the goings on in society and TV etc., extolling the same facts, the children would just end up copying these ways and finding out that they worked more often then not, they would make it their method of manipulating. For them it was ok as mom and everyone else did it so it was ok. So now you have ambivalence giving into the manipulation. So how is it they females miss treat males? I guess at this point what I see is, that in reality they do not, what in fact is happening is, as in the animal kingdom, they are fighting to survive. They seek security for themselves and protection for their children. If the male is a strong as he is and as narcissistic as he is, then how can she willfully miss treat. Yes she can be ambivalent, thus perpetuating evil. Yes she can manipulate to get what she wants, usually via some sexual manner. Yet to say she consciously miss-treats would only apply in those situations, which are rooted, caused by, some form of childhood abuse, conscious or not. So in general she is not miss-treating him, just re-acting to his stronghold.


As the female is apt to be more spiritual minded and the male more material minded, he is not working towards God, yet she is. Thus God is not really in the couple as they are not together on these things. She is listening for God, but given that most preachers are males, they have a bent towards whatever male dominated laws, ways, methods, have been handed down through culture or religion, not to mention man made laws from those bases; she is off in her own universe, seeking sometimes God, sometimes material wealth as the male had been doing all along. In short she wants to be like him but more spiritual. Her ambivalence does not lend itself to being one with God, for it just allows evil to continue. The old religious stuff said females were evil, like Eve tempting, yet she is just ambivalent to what the male really is, narcissistic and thus quite evil.