Gnosis of Life with God as Love





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Ultimate Truth, Unconditional Love…Consciously. 4







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L    I     F     E

                            G   O   D




Looks like God intersecting with Love is Life going forward, from the Id.




This book is dedicated to my father who was the greatest example of God (truthful, conscious and unconditional Love) I have yet to meet and to my mother who is the greatest example of Venus.


It is dedicated to my daughter Samantha for choosing me as her Dad and for being a spiritual teacher and student.


To my many friends, alive and dead who have given me so much to live for in this wonderful journey of life, from kind words and deeds, to some of the greatest esoteric encounters.


But most of all to that' Lady of unconditional Love', who shared a cosmic dance with me and we found 'God Itself'. I call her Venus (after my own mother’s ways), and I know that she did incarnate and manifest Venus here and now. From the bottom of my quivering heart and from the universal energy flowing through my soul, I know her as my true soul mate. I thank her as I would thank God for all that they have taught. Love, unconditional, conscious and truthful.


May we all, always help and need to help each other and mankind.


 Namaste and God forever.



Edward the Guardian

Earl the defender

Kemp the fighter



This book is about us, all of us and of those that we only imagine to be our angelic hierarchies that watch over us, for few of us have had the ecstasy to be conscious after having interfaced with them. Many of us do not want to interface nor communicate with them, and a few of us do not even want to think that they exist. Just because we do not believe something, does not mean that it is not true.


God is everywhere and everything, known as Love. We have all heard that said before, but what does it really mean? God is Love we are told, but then what is Love? God, Love, thus the chicken and the egg routine, or a paradox that gives us a headache and turns us away from it all. God is Love that is unconditional in beauty, truthful in all manners and conscious of the justice of it all. God is not wrathful, God does not have favorites, nor impudent of anything. God is our creator having made the cosmos of Love, balanced energies with a few cosmic 'rules of the game'. Life is a beautiful game that some say is hide and seek with God; we just don't like to admit it as such. God did not create war nor destruction, God made cosmic rules of balance and we did the rest with the transformation of those energies, for the good and for the not so good of life. And, just as God has many facets to us, each one of us has our own 'soul growth' facet at a different level. We cannot all be in University or Kinder-garden at the same time.


To this end we have written the book that you now anticipating to 'devour' with keenness, in Five parts and some tables. This will allow each one of us to go into that section which seems the most appropriate, for further investigation. Let your intuition be your guide as to where you want to start. Each part is a whole unto itself, and is not necessarily put in any order, other than that which we had it pouring out of us as we sat at the laptop and watched our fingers fly across the board. There is a psychological/spiritual section; a section on the science of ourselves or 'Gnosis'; a religious section on Jesus the Christ and other ascended masters;  the metaphysics section; a philosophical section; and one with humor on our anthropology, or the  'game plan' if you will. Psychology is scientific and spirituality is not. Spirituality is about our soul and psychology is not. But, when we merge the two, when we go back over the formation of either group, and bring into it the equations the other groups via 'Gnosis', then we start to see our own, inner gnosis and what all this beautiful stuff means. For it is beautiful as it was sent by God and God is everywhere and everything with Love.


During your reading you will find out things about our inner workings that you did not know, that you did not know. You will be amazed, amused and enlightened. Just what life is all about and why we are here. There maybe a few tears along the road, but, most importantly you will find that God does in fact exist. That God is in fact everywhere and everything. And, that there is only four words needed to describe God:


Truthful, Conscious, Unconditional  LOVE.



Back to Basics with Egos and Sins

Ultimate Truth, Unconditional Love…Consciously








Introduction  2

Cosmology  4

Magic or mysticism   6

We are all God  7

Our soul is eternal 8

Love is unconditional, truthful and conscious  9

Egos / Sins (the Other Guy) 10

The process: karma, reincarnation and penitence from the rulers. 11

Control your egos or be controlled by them or those of others. 14

Why the system told us so many lies  16

Jesus Christ Historical and Metaphysical 17

What the spirit world is like and why we are doing all of this. 20

Love then now and it’s reference to Sex  21

Sex: Tantric (or how to transmute our energy, if we want to) 22

Waking up is easier than we think  25

Evil and Narcissism   26

Ambivalence  28

Evil and how it is really viewed with narcissism and ambivalence  30

Chastising  32

Penitence  33

Egos and Sins Tied In  34

How to Be  35

Transcend the Ego and all is possible: as all is known beyond it. 36

Sexual Analysis to Sexual Healing  37





This book is about 'you', who 'you' are, and who 'you' are not, and it is for what 'you' really can be.


It is the start of a spiritual analysis that we need to do in order to understand our psychology and thus ourselves. As Freud was stumped on in psychoanalysis, we are defining the 'Id' (that primal chaos within the child that is not understood), as that where the 'seed of the soul' resides and where divine energy will come into being through a spiritual-analysis, awakening and enlightenment. In psychology the Id leads to the ego and then with society (parents, family, culture) it leads to the super-ego. 


Einstein talked of us only using 3% of our brain and the rest is untapped. We will try to explain and point out a way that you can tap it all, as, most of us do not have any real inclination as to what spirituality is about, much less how it ties into psychology and thus life itself. We have seen so many of these words and did not understand them, so we left it to the theosophists to figure it out as we went on our merry way. The problem was that, they, never told us what the words meant as they had their own bickering to do and we did not want to get involved. 


It is not complicated, nor does it take a 'rocket-scientist' to figure it out. What it takes is Love for yourself and for those around you. With love you can do anything you want, but it must be a conscious love. So where do we start? How about, neuro-linguistic programming?  Funny word or expression, is it not? Without exploring this a little, most of us will be put off with the use of certain words. (You may want to refer to the neuro-linguistics page for the words that are confusing you and how we are meaning them).


As children growing up we learn the meaning of words from those who teach us, and, often they teach us what they learned and thus not necessarily the intuitive meaning of the word. Take evil as an example, what did it just conjure up in our head, bad demons, terrible people or something just as frightening? But what if it simply means something like, ‘that which is moving away from God’? Then we need to think of, well, what does God mean? A biblical person, a gray bearded man or a universal life energy that is all around us and is ultimate truth and unconditional conscious love. So, if God is that, then what of ‘evil’? How about defining it just as we said above, ‘that which is moving away from God’? Thus evil is not of God, but a creation of man in as much as we ‘are not moving towards God’ and thus we are being ‘evil’. Or is it too hard to take that we could be evil and not want to admit it. There is a whole section further on that deals amply with this 'evil'.


Suffice to say that anyone in that realm is not going to read this, or will just pull it apart, or worst, stop reading right here. Please, try to understand that it is not 'evil' in the religious sense of the word, but in the psychological sense, as applied to our Id, which does not know that it does not know what it is or is not doing. It is the greater part of our brain and our untapped unconscious. It is unconscious as we have yet to awaken it.


Slow down and take a deep breathe, this is not too complicated, just a deeper insight to life and love which in reality is God. We just need to think of the words and how we are using them and in what manner we mean them. Remember 'they' said 'they' would create a multitude of languages to confuse us, well guess what, they sure did.


All around us is beauty and love, yet without the truth to it, we just use it at our disposal as society has 'learned' us to do. Why just take it, as ‘it is mine for the taking’? Why not share it, grow it and make it more beautiful?


Venus (Love) would be so happy and Anibus (Truth) would be grateful for our trying to be better at life. It is our life to do with of our own free will. But does that mean to misuse it, to be 'evil'? We now know from all sources that, that is not the plan.


We just need to raise our consciousness and enlighten ourselves and to see what can become of all of this. As the saying goes, ‘The truth is out there’. Funny thing is that we seemed to be looking for it in the 60’s and 70’s, only to trade it in for a fast car, fast buck and a fast mate.


All of this was done without Love (God), unconditional, conscious, truthful cosmic Love. Not the kind that is made up of, ‘I love you’, which really means 'I like what you do for me so you can stay and I will stay'. That really interprets as, 'I will have physical contact with you, as you are what I want'. Wants are moving away from God as they are of the egos/sins. Needs are what we have in the soul to grow and be a better spirit for our next incarnation. And the next. And the next. Yet we must realize that needs are guided by our divineness and not by our animal instincts or our childish (and many times messed up) wants, reactions and desires. Learned behavior patterns that we could have done without. This however is our penitence, by 'Fate', being extracted until we wake up to it all. 


Quite simply put, the egos/sins (those problematic behavior patterns) are like the ones talked of by theology and not the id, ego, and super-ego of psychology. The latter ones do have a tie in with the former ones, but for now let’s focus on the religious ones, as we have all had some exposure to them. Like it or not, please always remember that just because we do not believe something is true does not mean it is not true, it just means that we have yet to experience it.


In psychological parlance the Id (which in the books sub-title is formed by the intersecting of Life and God) is considered our original chaos at birth, that seething energy within us. From our point of view and analysis it is our Godliness ready to jump into action. It cannot be measured by science, nor can the psychologists and the like really put their hands on what is inside it, for it is the total unconscious part of us that we must make conscious via annihilation of the egoic ‘defects’ or ‘sins’, by replacing them with our virtues or at least really strengthening the virtues, thus weakening the egos.




Time for a little side trip and hopfully a few laughs, as humor always helps were the egoic mind is involved.


In the realm of us living in this 3 dimensional world a journey of enlightenment to live God as that unconditionally loving and consciously truthful being we can be, the cosmology is not all that important, except for two things make the exception:

One is that if we have at least a little understanding of where we came from we may be able to figure out our reason for being here and thus our mission, without that we are like a fish out of water.

Second, if we are not interested in the where we are from nor our mission, because we are too caught up in our own self, it can at least help us realize that we are not the 'be all and end all'.


In this version for those of us who are still asleep we will cover matters very simplistically:


In the beginning God created the cosmos from the verb. Simple, just think of what happens when we talk out loud, or think strongly on something, we move energy around, we create (actually transform is the correct word to use) something that starts a cause and effect process. In the case of God 'It' is still going on and on. Just as man has always sought to make/find perpetual motion, God did it a long time ago.


The first race of entities was cellular and responded to light.


The second race was that of molecules responding to vibrations.


The third was that of giants, crude and not very refined in form; remember that they had huge bodies and peanut size brains.


The fourth race was androgens (male/female) combinations and at this point the earth was in decay as the energy was in great use by the beings and an adjustment was needed. This was at the time of the mystical Lemuria (Atlantis followed right after), and were as they still had some of the deep esoteric knowledge that has always existed they were split in two for a better balance, both towards the earth and towards the cosmos. It is said that they had been angelic beings floating around and wanted to play like the animal giants of the third, so they took the physical form and then became trapped in that form as they enjoyed to much food and sex, thus becoming brain dead or unconscious, as to who they are, sort of like us don't you think; 'angels without wings'.


Within the fifth race, us the Aryans, a group was sent and exists in order to help germinate the soul trapped within the being (Id). As the saying goes, 'our soul is bottled up, trapped inside our egos'. The egos evolved from the animal state (biological) and the soul from etheric energy, just what angles are. In psychology we know that from the Id we develop the ego and superego. We are not trying to challenge 'the ego of the being', what most of us are referring to is the soul, but the being as an ego. That is to say we are who we are as humans (albeit asleep on the job) and thus we have an ego in the psychological term. What was never examined or talked of much was our soul (Id), it was left up to the religious system and we all know what they did with it.


Many say that the half-animal half-human figures we see from the Egyptian is that part of how we solidified our angelic souls and got trapped within. Psychologically it proves itself bang on with the egos controlling us. Spiritually it is the battle of good and bad. But most of all, it is part of reality, if we care to investigate.


Please do not pre-judge the writing or yourself, but try to keep that open mind and your freedom of choice and follow along the path. It may take you somewhere you would like to really be and most of all it will give you some insight from an esoteric angle that you were probably never exposed to. This part is likely too much a headache for most, yet as it does contain truths that we have not wanted to look at, being too wrapped up in our suffering, we still need to feed it to our soul to help us grow and be free.


Magic or mysticism


Clairvoyance exists, clairaudience exists, etc. all latent within each person and every soul. But they are not really magic in the sense that with practice, we can all get to the point of doing it.


Magic is that thing which is unknown to us in our present state of mind. We have not yet seen, felt, nor understood it, so it must be magic. Therefore in the world of neuro-linguistics we will call all unknown stuff that happens, magic.


Just as the light bulb was being invented, it was magic for it was unknown, could not be done and thus not so. Even better and more to our times, computers with the 1 'on' and '0' off are what it is all about, and yet, it can help us heal a broken body, help us get to the moon, or communicate around the globe in milliseconds. Magic.


Mysticism would therefore probably be a better term, still a mystery and thus a mystic doing it. So all the inventors of whatever were in fact mystics, for they co-created something that no one else did. We did not say could, for many would say that ‘I could have done that’ once they see the invention, yet they did not. Why? Consciousness. Their co-creation were actually transformations of energy from one thing to another, based upon the obstacles they had to face to do what they 'believed' could be done.


Real magic starts inside ourselves when we realize that we are more than just a 'website' of egos and we start to treat ourselves, goodly. Then we expand that over to our loved ones and they benefit from our magic.


And yes, when we start to really work on our goodliness and we are sincere in what we are doing, we start to receive the real gifts of magic, like clairvoyance etc and thus Godliness.


There are more things in this universe than man has ever dreamed of. Go and find some. We will love the journey, for it is what life is all about, and while we are on our way, bring God with us, for It is just a manifestation of our inner being, conscious unconditional love with ultimate truth, cosmically.


Our soul knows something our egoic mind doesn’t.


We are all God


At least that is the essence of our soul, that part which lives on forever and ever, from one life to the next. Better still, we have Jesus the Christ inside of us and 'It' is just waiting to be re-born. Not as a Christian, but as a part of God manifested, here and now by our divine mother (the female aspect of all souls) who loves us the most and guided by our divine father (our seed of our soul's consciousness) who loves us the best, governs all of this.


God is love (unconditional). God is truth (ultimate, not manmade). God is the energy of it all (conscious). God is in us and wants us to be in 'It'. Thus God is life. And life is a journey of discovery. Not a journey of using and disposing of. Besides if we plan 'It' right and help 'It' all out, we can get ourselves reborn (reincarnated) into the family we started with and made happy, wealthy and wise, consciously.


But alas, the egoic mind of freedom to choose would rather instant pleasure or avoid pain here and now (yet we still live the pain, mostly in silence). Some say that we maintain the inalienable right to keep our unhappiness and not give it up. Thinking of tomorrow is too far and next life, ‘well how about making me happy (or whatever else) in this one, then I will change and grow’. Christmas comes in December and like the wheel of Samsura, it just keeps repeating and repeating itself. Just like giving us all those chances until we get it right. We need to change our way of thinking, we need a radical transformation, but when will we do it and not when is it going to be done for us.


So as a part of God, yes we, all together, form 'It' (God or Goddess), do we want to live unconsciously and treat ourselves as ‘evil’? Or, do we want to know real unconditional love, which goes hand in hand with the ultimate truth? We have the free will to choose, as we did before and as we always will, but somehow something is not working.


Just remember the following when we decide which way we want to go and how we choose to act.


Our soul is eternal


Big surprise. Not really. We were told that it is and will be awaken from the dead at judgment day of Armageddon to live happily ever after. Well actually it does not work that way, it goes from one cataclysm to the next when the totality of negative energy out balances the positive energy and we are reborn all the time based upon a number of factors you will learn about as you read on. All we need to do to understand this is to be more conscious of what we are doing and how we are doing it. Like meeting someone for the first time, yet we know him or her. Of course we do, they are a soul mates of sorts and we were most likely with them during the night, setting up the encounter; or last life, or between lives to setup some fun stuff and also to collect dharma or pay karma. Life is fun even when it may not seem as such. Remember things are not always as they appear to be.


Don’t forget, just because our body and mind sleep, it is not a requirement for our soul to do so, after all it is just energy. Thus our nightly exit into the astral world. Actually they seem to call it the spirit world where all our energies (souls) emanate from, and where we learn what parts of the play or movie on earth we are going to do next. For sure Fate has a hand in it all, but we are still our own actor.  We have the free will to play it as we choose, and pay or collect as we go by raising our consciousness to enlightenment. Whichever we choose is going to be with us as our learning curve and this will lead to others and so on. Yes, from one life to the next. Until we get it right. If we don't choose consciously 'Fate' does.


What we have to get 'right' is inside of us and only 'you' can really know what it is. We just need to meditate on it and use our inner intuition and not our animal instinct to find all or part of our mission. Ours is writing this book, what is yours? Sometimes we do not want to listen to ourselves and we ignore our intuition and go with the instinct. The instinct is usually kicking in due to some egoic situation that requires us to react and thus not act consciously. If we choose to go with the instinct and we should have used our intuition, then God (the love we have inside of us) will help us get back on course, one way or another. Ouch.


Our soul is eternal and it does not matter how hard we fight against things, it will just allow us to find out what we don’t like or want and we will be steered back onto the right path. We all choose most of what we are going through as our own learning curve to strengthen our consciousness and really know God. We do have debts to pay and receipts to collect that make this journey called life, so beautiful, with such great possibilities. Wow.


Love is unconditional, truthful and conscious


God is unconditional in all that 'It' is and does to and for us. We just need to copy or receive transference of 'It’s' way and virtues, instead of the ways of the egos of those around us. When we learned to say 'I love you as a child', it meant that 'I am secure with you and you feed me and help me grow' (conscious love of a child). We are a unit that comes from the soul, an attachment of the Id that is still waiting to be germinated, understood so it can be lived.


While we are growing up and especially in puberty, we start to associate ‘I love you’ with' I want to have physical relations with you ' (or some other equally egoic reason) (unconscious). However, did we first learn intimacy in relationships that will help us in our physical ones? Do we know how to be unconditional? How were we nurtured to it? Were we well parented in the art of 'Love/God'?


All the sages know and agree that the physical expression of love is the ultimate cosmic connection to God and should only be done, when intimacy is there and operational. Most of us just end up replacing sex for intimacy and never work on it. Thus all the relationship books, tapes and conferences are just as wide spread as the sex stuff is. Thus there is no unconditional stuff; all has an attachment to something else. What happened to us in this process? It seems that with peace and free love we just kept going and going, forgetting about our intimacy. Forgetting about our souls and divinity. Bluntly put, we forgot about God. 'It' did not satisfy us.


Why? Just think of the word ego and control and intuitively we should get the picture. If we are in control then we do not need God in our relationships. If our ego tells us what to do (based upon our mixed up learned behavior patterns) then there is no need for us to think of God, that abstract thing. Sure 'It' maybe there when we need 'It' to be, but why think of 'It' when we are in control and don't need 'It'. Our ego wants control and has it, so our ego does not need 'It'.


But if we use the understanding that God is unconditional love, conscious and the ultimate truth of what is and is not real in life, and re-examine all of our relationships, we will be surprised at what we see. Most of us do not yet love ourselves consciously or unconditionally and as for the truth, we prefer to think that there are billions of them out there so we can do as we prefer, just like everyone else does. We can always do as we choose, remember freedom of choice. Thus we can choose to let the ego control us away from God, thus leading us to being evil. Remember 'lead us not into temptation', and we all though it was some devil outside of us they were talking about. But are we really evil? We hear a lot of no's, but then why is it that on earth there is so much, with everyone saying it is the other guy? Who is this 'other guy'? We have all meet a lot of people and communicated with many more in our life, yet did we ever really meet this 'other guy'.


Egos / Sins (the Other Guy)


In everyday life most of us grew up thinking that it was good to have an ego that made us strong and who we are. Ego is the outward part of self-esteem, so it is the psychological neuro-linguistic use; in spirituality it is the unconscious part that does our sins. On the other hand we were 'learned' that sins were a no-no and should be avoided at all cost. So many of us were controlled by fear of us doing sins (having an ego), yet fear itself is one of the three captains of sins, so a sin used to control avoiding sins, what a contradiction, no wonder we are all mixed up with this. What was confusing is that what people really meant to say was it was the soul that was needed to do this and that, but as science has a stronger hold on all of us, the word ego came in and took over, just as it really does in all situations when we are not conscious of what is going on.


Here is a manner of looking at it all from a practical point of view:


Fear is a captain ego which had its' base in fight or flight as a protection mechanism. Its' opposite or virtue is Courage. Desire is the second captain ego, which has been part of problems of mankind since forever. Its' virtue is Aspiration. The third captain is Badwill and its' virtue is Goodwill. These so called captains are the ones that control all the others and are the most prominent in the manner in which we have trouble with control by or towards others.


Anger we all know as a sin and its' virtue is Love. (Here is God trying to be).

Envy is countered by Altruism (all love for others). (Oh boy more God, or is it Gods?)

Pride of which too many people believe to be so good should be Humility. (Like JC).

Greed which comes from a low self-esteem and thus narcissistic is countered by Unselfishness. (Fodder for evil).

Lust the big one that we use as the fire burning within us is countered by Chastity. (Big problem!)

Gluttony as in all things too much is countered by Temperance (Slow down, ok?)

Sloth or laziness is countered by Diligence (Sped up, ok?)


But let's face it, who wants to know that we have sins in us, that we are sinners, let alone find out that our egos (the psychological defects of the human mind) are bad? Everybody should and here is why.


The process: karma, reincarnation and penitence from the rulers.


It is known and has been told for eons that the process is always karmic, until we wake up to the law of cause and effect (world of dualities) and transcend it.


Without getting to technical as you can investigate it all for yourself, the process is one of: as it is above so it is below. So whatever we contemplate happening with God and the energies above, is in fact within us here and now. How the injection of our soul into the physical body happens is a matter of metaphysics, which you can study at anytime from the writings of all the great masters. What is important here and now is to understand what is really going on.


God being un-manifested unconditional conscious truth and love seeks to be within all beings, to manifest. Given we have the seed of a soul within us it seeks to be germinated and thus manifested into God. We need to be consciously and unconditionally loving with pure truth in order to grow our soul, which is presently sleeping within our Id.


Being an experiment of the Sun (total loving light and energy, Sacred Absolute Solar system) we can transform all energy into whatever we so choose. As we have fallen into a deep sleep from lives gone by, we need to take stock of what is going on, wake up to ourselves, if we wish to be all we can be from the transformation and transmutation of the energies.


We erroneously believe that we are this and that. We make ourselves feel this and that. Yet we choose to ignore the totality of who we are and thus just live the wheel of Samsura and its' karmic process. We will repeat all events and happenings until we choose to wake up our soul, germinate God within us. We need to finesse the law of karma like in a card game; it can be done and has been done by many. There is an internal karmic court with judges where we can plead our case, if we so choose.


If we think that we have awaken to our Godliness, then just take a look around and we will see, how things really are. Who are 'they' that kill, maim and lie? We always say 'the others'. Yet our own slate is not so clean. So how can we go about saying it is the others when we are just as at fault? The egos. They will make us believe whatever they want in order for us to function (their way) in this world here and now. They keep us asleep with our fascinations of our material world, without any consciousness of our soul's growth. We give our freedom of choice over to them.


We see calamities and we cry out why God what is going on. Where are you? Help us! Yet we do not even help ourselves be Godly, so how can God live amongst us. Look all around us and at our self. Are we truly a Godly person, or is like most people saying I am good, I am loving, I am peaceful etc (actually I am ambivalent), it is the 'other guy'. But where is our Godliness. 'We', as in a loving God 'got' changed for the 'I' in the ego.


God being the totality of loving conscious unconditional truthful energy, is all around us, to be transformed, transmuted or not. Think of it this way. We have maybe 10% of the world's population as so called spiritual leaders and maybe 10% of people trying to be consciously loving, unconditionally. So what is the other 80% doing? Making bombs. Making wars. Making money for its' own sake. Making lies to hide their fears and their other egos. Making whatever they can to be happy, which they really are not (as the ego will not allow them to give up the right to be unhappy), and so who is making, or germinating, or growing, or transforming God within themselves. Not many. So if we have 80% doing nothing, then we are surely going to end up with 80% none Godliness and thus evil. We are in a world of duality and if God is there so is evil. If we choose to ignore one then the other is not and then we only exist for a life with no after-life, no heaven, no anything once we are gone. Thus we substantiate our ego, selfishness, etc. and our right to be unhappy as it is all 'futile' anyway as there is no God.


But it does not have to be, or does it?


When we are born we are given our 'Fate and Destiny' to play out based upon previous lives and all of our actions. We are placed with egos/sins that tempt us into whatever we must overcome. We must pay penitence for all our egos/sins just as we receive good things for all our virtues we develop. 'Fate' demands that we wake up or repeat the actions all over again, the next time a lot harder. Our egos make sure of that for they are what the system, cosmos, hierarchies or whatever you want to call it, use to extract the penitence.


So unless we wakeup, germinate God from within, be that totally conscious loving person with unconditional pure truth (no lies at all), then we will just create a harder cycle for the next life, if there is one. As we revolve around the wheel of Samsura, and do not wake our soul up, we end up condemning ourselves to the abyss. Some call it 'crispy critters'. This happens at the time of a cataclysm that we have heard of before, just look into the evolution of our earth and we will see it all.


Some do not care or choose not to believe, and yet call themselves loving and thus think of themselves as Godly. How can they be when they will not germinate the soul and awaken to God, love and truth. We are all different characters on the path of life, and we have the free will to follow our egos or our soul. As our soul is bottled up inside, asleep, as it has been for many lives, how can we really be anything but egos and thus our sins? They are one and the same. We are in need of looking at our character weaknesses and changing them into strengths, just like changing our egos/sins into virtues. The personality characteristics are the same as the ego/sins and virtues. We can be a positive charge or a negative one. We all have free will, but for most that was handed over, sold out to, the one that pays us our asking price.


Penitence is extracted by the process, which we live in and it must be paid, consciously or unconsciously. One leads to freedom and enlightenment the other to allowing the egos the control and thus the abyss. Those who chastise us lovingly are trying to help us grow, awaken and germinate the soul. Those who chastise us for control do so for the egoic selfishness (narcissism) that most of us are actually living.

Narcissism is part of the psychological process whereby we realize that there is some power stronger than us and grow into it, thus transcending the narcissism (self-love). If a problem occurs at that infantile stage then we will develop a degree of narcissistic behavior. This is a disorder of low self-esteem (which attaches itself with greed to satisfy its wants). So in order to offset this weakness we create a larger 'self' and pump it up whichever way our egos can, justifying in a way that we are omnipotent and therefore raising the question, where is God; I am God. The seed is still asleep in our Id as it is not yet awaken. As we grow and find ways to feed our narcissistic self-centeredness wants, boosting our self-esteem, we end up truncating the seed, the soul within and appeasing ourselves (egos) in whatever manner we can. It becomes a total lack of consciousness and we perpetuate the evil that narcissism is, pride, lust, gluttony, envy and any other part the ego can get us to swallow, that is to live, in order to pay penitence or retribution for unjust deeds and actions. So the ego is good for those who choose to stay asleep and pay penitence unconsciously. However, as we can see this takes us into an endless loop, whereby we are presented with a situation of penitence and instead of being conscious to it, we react with another ego and this creates another 'karma' to pay, and so on and so on.




Control your egos or be controlled by them or those of others.


Our spirit (soul's Id) enters the fetus in the last months of pregnancy and comes and goes at will. This is to allow the connection between the bio-psychological brain of the fetus and our eternal spirit to create our soul. Something strange but think on it and intuitively you will see what is happening here. Until we are about 5-6 years old our spirit comes and goes as our body sleeps. This sets the pattern for our life of astral travel, which helps us grow and understand. This is the time when children are learning psychological traits and yet are the most attuned to the realities of the world. This is when they see things that we do not, yet we did at their age but forgot it all.


Unfortunately most children, due to cultural and parental habits, are exposed to a great deal of problematic behavior situations. The spirit was cognizant of it all, and tried, and is still trying to help to fix it, to get us to wake up to it all. What a learning process; undo the bad and keep the good. So as we grow from one stage to the next, we bring along our childhood psychological problems, learn some more new ones and , thank Fate, fix some of the old ones.


Our challenge on the journey is who or what is in control, with the first answer as a child being, the goodly instinct, a virtue of our spirit/soul combination. Later we grow into our egos, good and bad, learned from caregivers and society. Eventually we try to spread our wings and be ourselves. The question then becomes 'who are we'?


In the psychological sense, we are our 'unknown Id' that chaos of energy that created an ego from an error in the 'narcissistic' process and then ended up somewhere in the super-ego. The super-ego is that part which is really the subconscious of ourselves that has a set of morals and beliefs spoon fed to us by our caregivers and society, yet was never tested, experienced by us as 'real or ultimate truth'; but that we had to accept as fact in order to survive in this egoic world. Within the sub-conscious space we will also find the energies of all our childhood traumas, abuses, crisis and things that have yet to be resolved, but that were buried in order to cope, to survive. As are Id was not parented, we became our ego, which was.  


As we move into early adulthood and sexuality, we start a family not even knowing if we are ready or capable. And given the state of all of our societies it is apparent that we were not. But why? Transference is the simplest way to teach and learn. So the older transfer their psychological songs (egos and learned behavior patterns) to the younger. Now this is not so bad if the old teaching us are conscious, non-evil (that is working towards God not away from) or they had a good upbringing themselves. 'Introjections' is the term Freud coined for this transference in that it is injected into the ego and super-ego of the child.


More often than not, what happened in our male dominant society, was that seeing how men controlled women and how women accommodated men, (giving in and just allowing things to continue due to fear etc), the child while growing picked up the same patterns as the parents. In other words, the egos of the parents transferred (were injected) into and became those of the child, through obedience and fear, and of course guilt, which was itself strengthened by most of the religious or cultural systems around.


So to answer the question; 'who or what is in charge', we need only look at the psychological egos and/or religious sins within ourselves, to see that it is they, and not really our soul that is in control. This answers in part the problem of the issue of control for so many women as it is the men that are doing the controlling in one form or another.


If we are conscious of these facts, if we can see a little past our egos, where the essence of our soul tries to shine through (tap into the Id), then we can see what is really going on. For it is only being conscious of cause and effect that we can start to awaken to 'what and why' things happen the way they do. It does cause a little bit of suffering to be diggin around inside our psyche and seeing the truth of ourselves, but then again most of us have been suffering inside, in one way or another most of our lives. It is always the ego and not the soul that suffers, and remember that the ego does not want to relinquish its' right to be unhappy. This is how our mid-life crisis comes to be and how the change of life at 50 sends so many of us for a loop, only to finish at retirement with a lot of unresolved issues. If we think that there were some crabby grandparents back when, just wait until the boomers hit old age.


Let’s face it, we have all had or still have feelings of impotence and seek an expression by controlling something, even our sicknesses can be traced to it. So why let anything that is not love (unconditional, truthful, conscious and Godly) control us? Why not live, that which we know intuitively inside ourselves who we really are, but have not been able to express? Why not live that which we have always felt yet seldom understood? We have been doing things the same way for so long that it is just repetitive actions with no thought or consciousness in it. Try another way, at least to see that it is better. Or as they say 'are we waiting until it hurts enough'?


We were not really taught by freedom of thought but more by control on what and how to act. Thus propagating the egos from one generation to the next. So, we already know whom or what is in control, it is just under disguise, which is actually under our consciousness, thus unconscious to us. We have to find ourselves and work on being all that we can be, for ourselves first, God/Love second and then humanity. We are first, as we have the choice or not to follow Love and God to the highest points, that is if we decide that we are worth Loving. But do we really love ourselves enough, or are we fearful enough to give in, give up and just live egoically?


Why the system told us so many lies



If we go back to cultural anthropology, we will see how translations were done and how we evolved from then to now. However, the most amazing parts are the errors that were done. Honest or narcissistic, you decide. Words are words and can be miss-used, translated or just mixed up, as we have seen in the use of neuro-linguistics. Nonetheless when we use our intuition and inner guide(s) we can start to piece together the flow of information. We can start to better understand who did what and why. Thus we see either the ambivalence, or the narcissism at work.


They say that knowledge is power and that ultimate knowledge is ultimate power. The problem that is created here is 'what will we do with it'. Can it be shared, or can it be held onto like crazy glue. With sharing, we start to unravel the falsehoods left by the others and what the underlying truth is. With holding on to it, we end up losing it, as all knowledge is to be shared.


They told us JC was born on Dec 15th. Just like all the messiahs. They told us the angel Gabriel came unto Mary and she had the virgin birth. Gabriel was the head of the elders who’s custom it was to impregnate adult unmarried women, for their ‘secret groups’ needs. They told us that we needed an intercessor between God and us. So they could control us easier. They told us we could buy our way out of hell to feed their narcissistic wants and the fear of damnation, which only exists on earth anyway. They told us JC arose from the dead. Read up on this in any secret society process and you will see what and where the rebirth came from. Long before JC and Moses it was a spiritual ritual process. They told us that reincarnation did not exist, as the Pope’s wife did not want to pay the karmic debt for her adulterous lifestyle, so they removed it even after the council of Nicosia proclaimed it in the bible. What to believe?


The fighting between cultures has been going on since the time of the caveman and while we have evolved, we have involved (regressed) in terms of our spiritual nature to the present age of decay, known mostly as ambivalence, remember that it is not us it is always 'the other guy'.  Like it or not, here we are. But, with all the ambivalence going on, who really cares. We do. There so much BS since ancient times, and unless we fix it, one way or another, we are sealing our grandchildren's 'Fate' and ours, to the wheel of Samsura.


Jesus Christ Historical and Metaphysical


So, as the story goes (mostly from the Masonic and other such groups) JC was born into the top ranking family of his day and was privileged to access many of the ancient mysteries since forgotten. Like the arc of covenant and other ancient texts explaining things that Buddha had access to as well as many others before and since.


As the eldest son (although some say he was a twin, and the other one was crucified) he was heir to a very powerful position. However, having raised his consciousness to the ultimate truth, and knowing God as conscious unconditional love, he was not going to accept the propagation of falsehoods that would continue to allow the less fortunate to be controlled. With freedom in mind he set out to right the wrongs and share the gnosis of being one with God, as is everyone’s right. In essence, to die for our sins, no matter what they are, but he did not say to us that we should keep on sinning, as many believe, from Monday to Saturday.


Reading the various books on this subject will give us much clearer insight into all the BS that the system has handed down to us since then, including ‘Who Wrote the Bible’ and what they left out and why.  How Mary was impregnated by one of the elders called Gabriel and how the resurrection worked for all concerned. When all the narcissists are fed, nobody complains, but truth seekers never stop seeking. (This is actually part of our karmic rebalancing), but they usually somehow end up dead. Then again we all will one day, so that we can be reborn again and again.


We can see how politically corrupt it was in those days, just like today. But moreover, it ties together all the loose ends of the period and gives us back our right to ask questions, and be one with God, without laws or dogmas to control us. Read the Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammed papers to see what JC really said to the disciples and why it has been kept away from us.


Conspiracy theory?  Why not? It is of an advantage to the pure narcissist of the day, and best of all, we have been living that part of the movie for 2000 years. He did have all the metaphysical aspects, but even these where diverted to underground Gnostic lineage in order to protect the truth and convey it from generation to generation. The bad guys in those days had an easier time to wipe out their targets. Today given how things are, who is going to believe any of it anyways.


We know he studied in Alexandria Egypt the site of the best libraries that the world had to offer then. We know that the books were mostly in Greek, which was the language of government and religion at that time; too bad they were all burnt. More important, we learned that he was in India and the east learning all the esoteric things it has to offer. Thus, the metaphysical part comes into the picture. He literally did become one with God, for he attained the Gnosis of how all things on earth and in heaven work and thus ascended to the levels of energy that only a true master/blessed one can. Remember, it is inside of us all as the Id, asleep, unknown yet there, just like magic. He and the others (masters) now reside in Agartha/Shambhala, which is known as the 'cosmic mirror' beyond time and thought. It just is. He was born on the same day that all the great messiahs before and since have been born; Dec 25th, which is chosen day for a multitude of reasons and from this he knew that all of us could touch the divine as much as possible, given the merits of our heart. He managed to spread the word to those who would hear, and thus propagate the ultimate truth and conscious unconditional love. God.


Much was written in parables as he tried to circumvent the system that was 'out to get them', yet many of his and other groups sacred teachings still exist. But, sadly as he said 'be like the money changers and learn to take the good from the bad', so much is used in a corrupt manner. Thank you, that you have intuition and a soul to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Scholars and the like may not want to agree on many of these facets, yet each knows the gnosis of it all and has an interest that it goes their way and not some other. Yet the truth is what it is and not what man made it to be, or molded to what he wants. That is self-interest and thus narcissistic. Many have been privy to a lot of those secrets and yet most have not wanted to share it, for they could have competition in their realm of narcissistic propagation and control. Why would anyone want to hide the arc of covenant that is said to contain a great type of thermal energy source and the ways for building the pyramids, cathedrals and a host of other mathematical processes?


Many times it has been said that ‘They do not tell us the truth of this or that for our own good and some to protect us as we are not ready’. Not ready for what, we are all in the same movie and trying to listen to the director (the Boss) but can’t hear him as we have our minds full of BS, and really don’t know which way is up with all the narcissists yelling go this way or that way. We are all humans, living the same experiences of life on earth, and have a right to know the gnosis of it all, if we are interested and work to it. Some of us need to know, as our soul cannot be made quite by anything but the ultimate truth. They just want us to be the players in their movie and do not like it when we try to direct. God gave you freedom of choice, use it or lose yourself, your energy, to the one you submit to, for a penny or for an awakened conscious.


JC both historical and metaphysical left us many great things, but the most cherished would be that we need no one between God and us for we have God within, waiting to be germinated, grown and lived. And God will wait and wait and wait and wait until we act first (not react, which is from one ego or the other) and ask for help, for God helps those who help themselves. Follow the path of JC and the other prophets and you will find God, yourself. After all it is the greatest story ever told and it is a Love story at that.


The metaphysical part is more obscure, especially in the west, as we do not have the same openness to intuition and mysticism as they do elsewhere. Nonetheless it can be investigated and understood with belief and faith, in ourselves first and then in God. For as we start to fully love ourselves unconditionally and truthfully, we start to raise our awareness (consciousness) and be all we can be. We can then start to undo the egoic entanglement in our minds and thereby live as that unconditional love we all are.


When we give all to God before ourselves (which by the way when it says ‘have no other Gods before me’ means that Godly part of us and not someone outside of us that many try to make us believe) we are not helping ourselves but just asking to be helped. This is a type of process of narcissism in which we center on our problem and then on our pain without taking a look at our self first and saying, 'let me get to the bottom of me' so 'I know myself and thus a part of God'.


If we know 'It' in us, then we can see 'It' in others. If we know 'It' in us, then we can see when 'It' is not being lived in us or in others. Just like child development, when we copy those who nurture us or at least train us and grow us for the first 6 odd years. Baby steps at first and like in the movie ‘What about Bob?’ we will be on the road to being all that we can be. Better for us and better for all those around us.



As Matsuo Basho said ‘Seek not to follow in the footsteps of men of old; seek what they sought’. Freedom of choice as it was.


What the spirit world is like and why we are doing all of this.


The book ‘Journey of the Soul’ talks of life between lives. We know that most people have enough trouble living in this one and are not interested in what was before and what is in another dimension. However, ignorance is what keeps us slaves to our egos, and thus away from being our inner Godliness. Intelligence is the pursuit of goals regardless of the obstacles before us.


The soul chooses what course it wants to learn, what it needs to learn, in order to be all that it can be, all that it was created to be. We can be simple egos bouncing around at the will of Fate, or we can awaken to ourselves and start to be all that it is possible to be in this lifetime and future ones. What is started in one lifetime is never lost and can be regained, as is the case, to help in other ones.


While we sleep at night, our soul is in the other dimensions trying to figure out new, better, different ways to wake us up and to stop the egos from controlling us. To literally stop us from being evil, no matter to what degree we are. We have the freedom to choose, or not, what we will do. Fate is always there resting as well, until we awaken, and then it is back into temptation via the egos. We need to awaken our conscious, and thus enlighten ourselves to a point that we are welcomed back to the inner mysteries of life and share more and more with the energies all around us, as co-creators of what we can and do want to live.


God is total truth, unconditional, conscious love; don’t we think that it is time we started to act a little more like our real being? It seems that we are bound to suffer some way or another, why not make it conscious, then at least we will know why we are, unlike now, when we do most of it in silence for fear of the unknown.


We have not understood ourselves and much less our mates. We have just repeated a pattern that was injected into us by the caregivers, by society and now we are all alone, or so we think. So off we go and get a mate to play in our movie of life, or ride our roller coaster as it were. The only thing is that no one really told us about the 'birds and the bees' from a loving point of view, instead of the physical one that at least some of us got. No one ever mentioned that with God as Love, then anything that is physical Love should have God in the picture. To many of us it would be uncomfortable to have, to think that someone is watching. Alas, do we not think that God knows and sees all of our truths, or is it that we do not want think and know that God knows and is watching?


When anything in life does not contain God, we can all count on one thing, and that is that Fate is there instead of God. This has been going on since our 'angelic fall' and still needs to be understood if we are going to fix all that which is broken.


Love then now and it’s reference to Sex


In those days when women were chattel, as man got stronger, women became more insecure, for man used his strength, his force and his narcissism on her, which she did not have the same degrees of; so they submitted to and accommodated them. Yet JC, as did all the other messiahs, always spoke out frankly that females have all the same rights and possibilities as the males. No more, no less. In fact let us throw in a little extra for the ladies; men cannot attain dissolution of the egos without the female. Why? Ask the ladies and they will most likely know why and never had the ‘chutzpa’ to tell us. Like the unconditional love that they are more than us, they are waiting for their time and season. We will know. So how much could there have been of unconditional conscious love back then, when the male viewed the female as an object, much like today in most parts of the world? Not a lot. So love in those days was for sex (power) and security, as it is today.


When we take a closer look at it, we realize that what most men want sex for is what it gives them, power over the woman and that sexual orgasm that lasts about so many seconds (the average man’s attention span: as we are writing this book we can take a liberty here and there to get the point across, if your ego gets upset ask it why? And while you are at it, make sure it gets mad, maybe you will do something constructive about it). This unfortunately is the self-interest process known as narcissism.  Then the female wanting intimacy that she most likely did not receive growing up as well as closeness, which the mate usually gives her for the sex, submits to or accommodates him in the process. Unfortunately this is known mostly as ambivalence on her part, and thus just another form of narcissism. While often done by the female for security reasons, it is also a latent manner of control over the male. Think about it and we are sure that we can see the causes and effects that are at work here. Remember that things are not always as they appear to be, as there is always some underlying cause and effect, which usually goes way back to childhood and is of our wounded inner child.


So in the olden days as now, love really means sex in one form or another. For how can someone truly love if they do not consciously love themselves (without the narcissism), if they were fed the process and are not living their own Godliness? How can they be Godly (unconditionally loving) to another? We may have sex calling it love and yet it is for our self-interest and not for a divineness from within, thus for a Godly reason. Since antiquity man has talked of divine love and tantric sex. Yet here in the west we think divine is our power and tantric is something over there, with the 'other guy' or in the very least, weird.


If you read the book ‘Sex in History’ by Tannahill you will get a clear picture on how we evolved all of this.


Sex: Tantric (or how to transmute our energy, if we want to)


We are not ones to be crude, but to get a point across allow us this one: as humans we are literally screwing our brains out. How? We all know basic chemistry and evolution, which is to say that at least we understand transformation of one type of energy to another type. Just as a log burns to create heat so does the nutrients we intake transform to create all the physical parts that we need to live and be, our own inner energy.


It has been written of over and over that passion is the animal nature of man and has been related to the Satan, the devil. The part that they are actually talking of is that which we allow to take over us instinctually and not consciously. Our egos. So each time that we have an orgasm (expulsion of energy out of our body) we are literally reducing our state of consciousness. In psychology the biological process has been studied, measured, and they know that it is a manner of riding us of our aggression. Why? Think of a battery that is fully charged and functioning normally, then start to overcharge it with impulses (in our case all the sounds, sights, and touches of more than romantic/erotic nature) and it will over heat and blow up. The pressure build up prior to blowing up is at that point uncontrolled, just as we did not consciously want it to blow up, we just did not pay attention to it. Now bring together a concept of our aggressive world and the current state of decline to decadence and we have a problem. If an orgasm can curb aggression then why are we so aggressive? Simple. We are addicts. Sex is just like a drug we need more and more to attain the same high or result. Worst, as we get older, use to such and such a method or stimulant, we need to seek new ways to attain the same old want, for that is all it is, a want, not a goal/journey like life, not a method of communication like intimacy, but just as many have said, rutting.



So then how does the brain get affected by all of this? By lack of the strongest and most powerful energy in the cosmos feeding it. We just expel it and instead of feeding our consciousness, our soul, our love, our virtues, we feed our egos. Many have told us that too much 'passion' was evil, and that is precisely what we are feeding them. The 'passion' in most cases is just egos of lust, desire, pride and we imagine the others as well, for they are all interconnected somehow, somewhere, in our psyche. So what should we do, stop-making love, many would ask out of narcissistic frustration in condescending attitudes. Thus the ego is getting hyper and not wanting to believe what it is reading, hearing or thinking. Lets get it straight, most of us are not making love, but are in fact having sex, or just rutting. Making love is something divine and something that requires, intimacy, nurturing, caring, tenderness and most of all communication. Consciously. So what have we been doing all these years? Be honest and tell the truth! Don't forget, we were all injected with the egos of those who cared over us, and thus if they did not have it within them and showed us, then we had to find out all about nurturing intimacy ourselves.


So what can we really do to stop the tide from drowning us? Well how about by stopping what we have been doing up to now, re-examine the meaning behind it all and start to communicate with our mate. We will be surprised at what we find. Most of us have the same issues, same egos and thus keep the same things hidden or buried for fear or shame of guilt, ridicule and pride.


Transmutation is a word that has been around for eons, and simply put means the process of changing willfully something into something else. It has been used in the context of our inner energy in esoteric writings for the practice of moving our energy from our genitals (think of our inner hormones and how they are made and act) consciously up to our head. Sort of like giving ourselves hot flashes of the erotic kind. This transmutation has little to do with erotic stuff, but is simply the opening of your various energy canals by conscious breathing and focus, as acupuncture does with the chi in the body. There are books and books written on this process and many talk of the fantastic benefits it brings. Remember that 'truth can start to heal all wounds and Love does heal all wounds'. Yet there are also dangers that lurk behind as well. They are called our egos. 


If we undertake to work in this process with our mate, we need to understand that if we start to play with it 'as a new toy', a new way to reach greater orgasms etc. then we can be assured that we will get burnt. We know that our soul wants to get out from under the egos, but it is so bottled up, that it needs a super charged power, sexual energy to be freed. But if we are just doing it for fun or joy and not really trying to raise our or our mate’s consciousness, then all we are really doing is feeding our egos, in mega doses that can injure and in some cases kill. Lust is the first in line and all the other egos following in line for their morsel of it as well. Remember who is controlling whom? So what happens? The same as before only worse in that we are now looking at an overfed, hungrier ego that is starting to think it is God, invincible, all-powerful and dominant over the mate. Thus, if both are not on this path, it is most assured that one will be even more dominant over the other.  The battery at some point will explode and injure, perhaps profoundly just as some types of child abuse and trauma, so buyer beware.


On the other hand, if we are willing to communicate, to create intimacy, nurturing where only egos once ruled, then we have a chance to really raise our consciousness and be all we can be, for ourselves, for God and for others. Remember that God is unconditional love and ultimate truth, consciously. And, that is what we will be creating within our couple, a Godly union of two energies, just as the cosmos is. But please let us not fool ourselves; beware of the ego, the narcissism. We know that in order to attain this type of consciousness raising we need to withhold the orgasm. Yes we did say withhold it. More to the point, we need to be transmuting it from the genitals to the brain. Just as we fed our egos up to now with the expulsions, we need to transmute the energy up to our brain. Some maybe shocked to hear of this or see it written, but just look at it as magic, we did not know it before and now we do. And, if we are in doubt of this or want more concrete data to satisfy ourselves, then all we need do is research it from the Buddhists, the Taoist and the Gnostics. They all knew and now of this part of the enlightenment process and just how hard it is. But, they also know that the benefits are far greater than the work at doing it right. Besides, if we ask our mate and they are truthful, they will most likely admit that many a time they did not have an orgasm, but felt rested. Try it and see if you happen to notice a difference thereafter, just one try is all that is needed. Why not try it first thing in the morning before starting the day when the energies are all waking up and you are sure to find the day, exhilarating.


Sounds difficult. It all depends on how strong our egos are and how hard we are willing to try. Let’s face it, we have been doing as we have been doing up to now, and it is not making or getting any better. Something is wrong. Try investigating and analyzing it and then we can decide for ourselves what it really is. If anything we are sure it will bring a lot more harmony and joy back into our lives, not to mention a lot of happier relationships.



Waking up is easier than we think


Thanks to God and our soul we have all the tools at hand, we just need to use them. We can choose what and how we want to do it, ‘just do it’.  Look at the things that we do and then see how it would be if ‘conscious unconditional truth and love’ were doing it. Any differences? We have the choice to see or not to see. If we ask for help, divine help at this point, then we are sure that we will get it.


Most of us think that waking up means pain, torture and long hours of this and that. What we forget, is that in our last life, we already attained a certain level that we may or not be awake to at this point in this life. We will know once we wake up to ourselves. Besides, with all the pain we have and do go through, why not take a holiday from our egos and find our soul. Most of all, all the energy that is inside of us needs us to wake up; we are guided by the energy to do it. If we so choose we can listen to our inner voice of intuition or ignore it and maintain our right to be unhappy. Thus the eternal question, why stay asleep in the false images of life, when with truth and beauty we can wake up. Each experience of life is a chance to grow and to know ourselves, higher and higher.


Most people have heard of meditation and all the benefits that it brings to the body and the soul. Yet most people are too busy to do it, so they get weaker and older before their time and become lethargic or ambivalent towards it all, saying ‘I just want to be happy and live a good life’. The question they forget to ask is, ‘how? Yet all the while the ego is saying that we are living a good life and that we have the right to be unhappy. Remember that whatever we think in our egoic mind will happen unless we awaken our consciousness and understand what the challenges are that we are facing.


If we are not happy now, what are we? When will we be happy? When we get this or that? When our narcissism is really satisfied? (Which it can never be, which is a part of the paradox of the narcissist). Thus we would like to be more evil than we really are in order to be happy. Ironic isn’t it, we want to be more like the infamous Satan and not like God who is love and yet which is what we keep telling ourselves that we do, love. But how can we love if we do not really know it? Who did or did not teach us it all through our life and lives? Did we ever really believe anything of God/Love to know that it is inside of us. More interesting, what does ambivalence have to do with love, life, God and evil or at least the lesser twin, narcissism or consciousness?


Evil and Narcissism


First of all let us use the word evil to mean ‘simply that, which moves away from or is not actively moving towards or acting Godly’. Gods means unconditional conscious love. Added in is always ultimate truth, our soul's and not the egos. Of course there is the whole cosmonology of our souls (which you can glimpsed at in 'Karmic Balancing'), if you want to read about it check out 'Pista Sophia' by Samael Aun Weor, father of modern Gnosticism.


We learned from our elders, they learned from theirs and given that man is more apt than not to lie for gain, it is reasonable to accept that non-Godly actions are done in the name of gain, one type or another. So with this inner built self-interest comes self-centeredness, which is also known as narcissism (which is itself a disorder of 'self-esteem'). It is at the bases of all things evil and egoic, from both the psychological level and the spiritual point of view. When we grow up under the control of others, they can either form us into goodly people, or we can be exposed to their own egos that will in fact turn us into not so goodly people, into acts of self-interest, self-centeredness and ultimately narcissistic evil.


Just as from olden times, man has manipulated the truth of most things, thereby creating a narcissistic process that was in fact handed down from generation to generation. Some cultural groups and some religious ones are better at it than others, but suffice to say that they are all affected, except the ones that are not. Since this self interest and self centeredness really got out of proportion in the peace and love era, when all we did was for instance gratification and for the continuation of our consumer society, we created the ultimate disposable, ‘relationships’. Not to say that that had not been in existence before, it is just that we popularized it, as we have a so many things, like narcissism. Think of it, we propagated evil ourselves, just as those before us. Unconsciously, perhaps in some cases, but in most, just a cause and effect of the egoic wants, forgetting the soulful needs.


Within our family units, we find that this is most prevalent when we get into situations that we refuse to see or admit, as those that may have nurtured us cannot be evil or do evil things, therefore, how can we be if we are doing just as they did and are still doing; just as they taught us. We choose to see only what we (the ego) wants to see, and depending on which ego is looking at it, what we don’t want. Thus, self-centeredness is back at play and teaching us gratification from egoic thoughts. So we merrily go along feeding our narcissism (there is a whole story in itself of this process worth understanding) and literally being evil. Supported by like people of like minds (the ones that taught us and put all the stuff that is in our heads, in our head) we believe that we are strong (actually we gave our strength and freedom to the leader who has the strongest control or narcissism over us) and all that we do is right.


If we should encounter someone who is conscious and questions what we do and why we do it, we feel that they are not part of our family or group and thus they are wrong with their questions. Don’t forget at this point if we were to accept their consciousness, then we would have to question ours and it may mean that they are right and that we have been living a lie (albeit a family taught one) all along. So by rejecting them it is easier to stay unconscious and not face reality, the ultimate truth, and thus Fate keeps on extracting its' penitence.


Just as it goes inside of us, so it goes around us. The business world is a reflection of our personal lives. Problems at home, problems at work. Bad relationship at home, bad ones at work. Lies at home and you can be sure lies at work. So the wheel of Samsura takes us around and around. Until we wake up to our divine self, no one knows when it will stop.


Thank God that our spirit and Fate are always there to guide us into being stronger and more awake, like it or not. Did you ever wonder why there is so much substance abuse? It has to do with living reality without God. Like it or not, let’s face it; while we were brought up with ‘I love you’, there was always some condition attached to it. 'If you do this or that, if you say this or that, if you give me what I want or if I want what you give'. So in reality we say I love you but it is without God and just a type of abuse to our soul. It is very rare to see an ‘I love you’ for you and your Godliness, for the respect of you being who you are and not what your egos try to make as an image. That is the way we need to love life, beauty and thus ourselves. That is to say we need to be unconditional, conscious and truthful.


Narcissism does not like this. It cannot control that. Therefore it rejects all that comes to it and that will not feed it on its' own basis. So the wheel of Samsura goes around and around. We are living the lies and thus the evil taught to us and we choose not to wake up to it. What will our generation do when they retire, once they have more time to really think? Try peace and love again. That would be fun instant gratification, but will surely have a lot of problems with it, medical and psychological. So, given our upbringing, our lack of real love, and our move away from Godliness, what can we do? Well firstly, don’t sweat the small stuff, as we will sooner or later learn it all (Fate knows how to extract penitence and teach us). Our spirit will make sure of that. Thank God. Secondly, we need to revisit ourselves and all that we have done, and see if we can wake up to our own causes and effects, we all have them and all that is required is belief that we can do it.

But most of all we need to learn to love ourselves, in the divine way we were meant to. It is all up to us to choose what we want to know and see what we don’t. Until this happens, until we really do care for ourselves and thus for God and others, we cannot be free and happy with who we are. Because quite frankly we are not who we are, but who we were taught to be, just as an animal was taught so were we. Egos, mostly of the instinctive nature, but nonetheless what we are and how we act. So in fact we are no one, not a soul, not a real human being that has a soul, knows Love and thus God. So, where do we want to go today? Nowhere that causes problems, so let us just forget it or brush it off.



As a modern day propagator of evil, we see ambivalence just about everywhere, and we have all been affected by it and worst have fed into it. Just look at the home life we grew up in and that we formed our egos around. It was when we should have done well and did bad, without any guilt or remorse over it. It was when we saw others doing not good things and did not point it out, without at least keeping evil via narcissism in check. We have all been a party to both of those situations, lamenting that there is nothing we can do about it. Just as we lament, that there is nothing we can do about repeating all the patterns that we were taught, and that we have blindly kept as we were told to do. We were made to believe that what we were stuffed with, spoon-fed with, was alright and not to argue about it. Whatever happened to free will ours and that of those around us? Actually we do know what happened, we gave up our free will to the one that was stronger narcissistically than we were/are. It was/is probably some family member, like a spouse or a parent, and as such the wheel of Samsura keeps turning and turning. Thus we fed into narcissism, which must be fed, by being ambivalent, just to survive. Ambivalence today creates more harm than a lot of the nuclear weapons, in as much as; it is one of the main problems of us all. To one degree or another.  Such as it does come in degrees from some little white lie to some out and out fraud.


So why is it there and why does it persist? Three little letters will answer it very nicely and directly. S E X. We all know how to spell; we all know what is meant. Think of all the energy we expulsed from our body and did not use for conception, nor for transmutation of consciousness. Why? Instant gratification. So we became tired and lethargic because we achieved that which we (our egos) were seeking, an orgasm (actually from the biological standpoint we just made ourselves tired physically). That lasts for how long? Good thing we have freedom of choice to do that, just like the animals are doing, rutting. As it has been said, we all have sex because ‘I love you’ means just that, I want to have sex with you, or in the least if you stay around because I say it, then I will have that chance and thus we go on rutting just as the animals do. Just as the animals don't 'talk' during the act it is a none fact that most do not either. Yet that is one of the main things that separates us from the animal kingdom and brings God into the bedroom. As we hear those protest to this, we also now that without that Love in us God is not about to make an appearance, just because we use words, actions always speak louder than words and that is were we find the vibrations that are needed in order to hear properly.


Yet those conscious of their ambivalence come to find that making love with God as the union of the two, after communicating with their mate is what unconditional love, consciousness and truth is all about. They do not allow the ego to take over too much, or in some cases at all. They try their best to be the best they can be and awaken as much as possible to who they are and what they are. They do not fool themselves into false thinking, they just try their Godly best to be, real unconditional conscious love, making things better for themselves and all of those around them. They try and live life with as much truth as possible so that they do not have to maintain ambivalence in their life and thus propagate the evil within. They really do live life to its' fullest potential, or at least they try as hard as they know how. That is what love is all about, trying to the best of our abilities and knowledge. And don't forget that just as with our justice system, ignorance of the laws it not an excuse. 


So where do we go from here?


We have the freedom to choose that which we want, that which we decide. When it is the ego of this or that deciding what we do then we can at least thank God that our spirit will always one way or another get us back on the right track. The only thing is that it is the hard way, for it is not voluntary suffering as is growing up and having a disciplinary person help you be all that you can be, for and of yourself (the chastisement of  nurturing); then they try and help you realize that you to can make a difference to the love of life, through God. Which simply means being unconditional conscious love, truthfully. Most of this stems from our inner psychological song that has been played over and over in our head, as we have yet to re-write it. As JC said, 'be like that money changer and keep the good but reject the bad'. So we have to do the same thing we all the spoon-fed or stuffed into us reactions to actions that we learned by rote but never experienced ourselves to know if it is a real truth. We learned a lot by trial and error of what was real bad, but very little on what was a little bad and next to nothing on what was real good.


Psychology as started by Freud mapped out the thinking process and the effects that all things had on us, sort of like the matrix of our mind. We are helping to map out the method of repair from the weaknesses to the strengths, by being consciousness of ourselves, our Id and by dissolving the egos into virtues. Spirituality is just the continuation of psychology, with God in the picture. That is to say, why we are…Love, unconditional, conscious and truthful. Without God in the picture, is when we made ourselves God, as Freud points out in the 'narcissistic stage'.


The term psycho-spiritual very well describes the path that we are on, learning to see the entanglement of our egos into our Id.

Evil and how it is really viewed with narcissism and ambivalence



What a nasty little word, and funny enough it is live spelled backwards. So we deduct that if we are not living life consciously then we are living evil, which sadly enough seems to be the case. Remember evil is ‘that which is not moving towards, or is moving away from, God’. So if we can each be truthful enough to ourselves and decide which it is, then, yes we can see there is a way out, being that we all have Godliness inside of us.

As we mentioned before, ambivalence is a feed supply to narcissism in that while it may not actively detour or fight against it, ambivalence allows it to continue by not helping to stop it, by not making it conscious of itself. As for the 'it' of narcissism, 'it' does not want to see itself as it truly is and thus uses all the egoic processes it can pull together to manipulate the self as well as the selves around it. Those around it are usually weaker than it, for evil cannot control that which is stronger than it, unless they are very apt in manipulation and the other is very unconscious to its' Godliness.


Thus the psychological game of life continues to grow and grow, all the while rotating on the wheel of life known as Samsura, until we choose to stop the process of retribution and return. Until we are fed up having karma extracted as penitence via Fate, which usually just ends up making more karma for ourselves, as it is the ego in control and not our soul. Something is asleep on the job and we need to wake it up, our soul that is. Nobody likes to think evil exists and nobody wants to think of themselves as evil. Lets face it, it does and some of us are, weather we admit it or not, because somebody really does have to be that 'other guy'.


Poor Lucifer even got the bad rap of it. He was known, pre JC and Moses time, as the first-born Son of God, the bringer of the fire/light. As we brought him/her into our culture we made him ugly and monstrous. Yet, as with all the deities and as well as ourselves (for we are as well) these are just the dual manifestations of that specifice energy. If you split pure energy in two, yin and yang, hot and cold, you see that one does not exist without the other in our world of dualities. Yet being conscious of it allows us the chance to transcend it, to not be affected by it. However, in the case of us humans, only the conscious combination of the two energies will create the 'Totality'. Not meaning that we are not total without one another, a mate, but to really join with another we must be whole ourselves. Basically because that creation of a Totality, is one of Godliness, total unconditionally loving conscious truth.


Try washing in only hot or in only cold water, there is a question in how do you know if it is hot or cold, contrast. But mix the two and you have beauty from that contrast, just as we do when two mates are united in their Godliness. So we continue to be ambivalent towards ourselves and our brothers for this and that reason and thus help to propagate evil amongst ourselves. In the meantime, we feed our own self-interests, narcissism and infect like a virus those under our tutelage. We are all quite unconscious of a lot of this process as can be seen by all the suffering going on. Worse is when we see the evil and at least knowing it to be not right, we do nothing about it, and then we see the suffering and suffer even more from that. We are masters of our own processes and thus make ourselves suffer by not doing something, which we can, about the suffering. Simply put it all lacks consciousness and truthfulness of and to ourselves, and even if we fear things like how to accept and deal with it, we can bring in the unconditional part. But, without the conscious part, most of this cannot work.




When we grew up we always had someone telling us what to do. This was in most cases a basic learning process of life and manners, a basic method of parenting or nurturing. Basic in that our caregivers could only give us that which they had received or learned of, we could not be exposed to anything that our caregivers did not know of. As we aged and were capable of independent actions (thoughts as well, but it was the action people saw) we started to do our own will. Our own will was based upon the behavior and patterns we learned, and yes based upon whatever Fate had in store via our egos in order to pay penitence, to rebalance energies, that is to become conscious to some deed within us that needed correcting. In most of the cases with our actions, we learned by ourselves what we did and did not like. Our ego would accept or reject something based upon the now formed super-ego which is mostly our unconscious. Then with our new point of view (having added in the parents and society's egos) we found what was right and what was wrong, from that perspective. That is to say our super-ego is now the one that tells us o.k. for this and not o.k. for that.


However, many a time we did something for our own egoic reasoning, thinking it was ok or that no one would see, notice etc. These were the times that we had something to learn. These were the times when we got caught. This was the time when we paid by being chastised. Chastisement is from those who love us and are watching out for our soul, or at least this is what it is suppose to be. Given that not too many people are really conscious, most of this goes on unknowingly and in general it is safe to say that most people chastise their young ones in order to control them, to have power over them. If we are reprimanded for a just reason and for our own protection and consciousness of what is going on, then we are being chastised. But if we are being told what to do or reprimanded for what the other wanted us to do but we did not without any real danger around or real psychological growth from the situation, then it is just narcissistic control. The word has two connotations and this is due to the fact the when we as humans view something it is with the eye of our ego or egoic thought. That thought has to do with our manner of living the experience, and let's face it, who wants to be told they did something wrong. Yet in reality, the word just means what it does, and as a word there is no emotions unless we give it some. The emotions generally come from the ego and are not of sound mind.


Our parents are the best example of what went on with this narcissistic control. Mom would chastise us for not putting on our coat when going outside and maybe catch a cold, thus protection of our physical being. Dad said put out the garbage and when we did not he would chastise us for it he wanted to control our movements as in a egoic control, unless, he had said, you know child we all have to pitch in and work together as a family unit to get the chores done because we will all benefit from it and when you are older you will have good manners and habits to share with your family and friends. There is a conscious and non-egoic method and there is an egoic one. The soul knows the difference, but the egos do not. So if you called it the ego then chances are it was of the soul and for the good process, for the soul does not fight such things, but the ego does until its' dissolution.




Whoa, that nasty religious sounding word coming back to haunt us from childhood. Yes it is because for most of us we do not understand its' function in the world and most of all we do not want to pay it, consciously or otherwise. Remember that we said that all is made up of the Law of Karma, balancing and paying debts and collecting receipts, and this is were it all happens. It is for and of the soul that we find the word in our lives. For most of us, we have forgotten religion, or even worst, we participate and yet do not know much of it, just saying that we are good people and thus doing good, so we deserve good and should not or do not have penitence to pay. Penitence does not erase it (the wrong deed, sin etc) only consciousness does.


Thankfully there is no real problem here. The system (of life and the cosmic laws) is such that it knows how to extract penitence if we have not awakened our soul to ourselves. It knows how to use the egos to 'lead us into temptation' and thus if we succumb to temptation penitence is extracted as we are now have a new karma to replace the old one making it even harder to wake up and be conscious. Oh well the wheel of Samsura keeps on turning. Repent ye sinners repent, is something all of us have heard and in most cases it bugs us in that we think (with our egos) feel (with our egos) that we have nothing to repent for. If our parents did it and taught us it, it is ok to do it. (JC said 'leave your parents and follow me, for if you are not like me you do not deserve me, unless you repent'). If society does it then it must be ok. (Society is not moral; it is just a system in which the strongest narcissist is at the top). If my friends and neighbors do it then it must be ok. Thus, free for the blind to lead and follow the blind. As we have said a number of times the wheel of Samsura just keeps turning and turning.


Repenting is simply a conscious act of seeking forgiveness on our behalf of our inner being for what we did/do and hopefully will no longer do. It is like saying sorry for some wrong that we have done, willfully or by mistake. The challenge lies not in repenting or asking forgiveness for the wrong that was done, but in consciously knowing that we did/do something wrong. As we awaken and become more aware of ourselves, and those around us, we have the chance to loosen the bonds of chastisement and break the chains of Fate that have a hold on our egos. We can seek forgiveness for any inequities that we have created and find out that we no longer need to repent for the same action and that the Fate of it has dissolved. If we choose to stay asleep on the job (of life) then we get to repeat and repeat all the things that Fate tempts us with in order to see if we did wake up. Remember, all the times we repeated the same things over and over only to promise ourselves that we would not do it again, or just shruged, 'what is going on here, how come I repeated it, again'. Welcome consciously to the wheel of Samsura, the wheel of Fate, that will extract till your soul is awake and awaken it must or dissolve into whatever destiny is awaiting for us at the end of our cycle. (108 lives is what they tell us from the ancient of days). Oh well, shi_ happens. Fortunately we get to try the 108 times and whatever we learn in one gets put onto our report card for the next session. Just don't forget to wake up to it.


Egos and Sins Tied In


By now we are sure that you had a good look at what the sins are and what the egos are. So if you are asking yourself how is it that they tie in, just think of the following and we are sure it will all fall into place. Since ancient times we have been mostly a God believing human race. We put reverence into what our life is and that of others. We respected Mother Earth and Father Knowledge for all the beauty it was. Then something happened on our way to the forum. Actually it did mostly in their time period of non-belief and feeding Christians to the lions. We lost our beliefs as the system managed to tell us that we need this and that hierarchy to be at one with God. We allowed them (the hierarchy) to extract penitence from us and chastise us (egoically) just as they did. We gave up our freedom of choice over to the strongest one who had been teaching us whatever they wanted, when and how they wanted.


We fed the narcississim of society, which is really reflective of humanity, as the whole is made up of the sum of its' parts. So on it goes into modern time where we are so fed up with all the BS and decided just like the ego of the child being potty trained, not to give into anything and wait until we are good and ready. But just as the child will have to give in at some point, our Fate is there doing its' thing until we wake up. So all we managed to do is change the focus from them, (the system, society), to ourselves just like the child. Only thing is that we forgot that sooner or later it all has to come out and as with Fate it will extract that which is necessary. So we just fed ourselves a bigger dose of narcissistic fodder and then became even more omnipotent and even less close to God than when we started off in this round of life. Yes, the strongest does survive in the animal kingdom, and in the human kingdom the strongest ego takes over, controls and survives (follows us) from one life to the next until we get it right. So a sin is simply an ego from within our 'ego' that has been given power and control over our soul and thus us.


In church they talk of 'stopping sins', in meditation that talk of 'dissolving the egos'. Both are the same, yet we still don't work at it at all. Wake up or not; it is our freedom of choice to do, as we will. Just remember the lords' prayer says 'Thy will be done', meaning not mine, for mine is of the ego. But love of myself is from my soul at times. Germinate it and see what happens.


How to Be


We all really know within us how to be, it is just that, with all that is around us in the material world, we get caught up in it to such a point that we cannot make heads or tails out of how to really be. Our ego confuses us as it sees its' demise on the horizon. Fate tests us to see if we really have the resolve to go through with it. Try one simple thing first. Find time for our self. Go to our favorite spot and relax. No music, no people, just calm and quite. If we find our mind thinking of too many things and bouncing all around, then try humming a sound of a kind that will not bring us to singing but just peace of mind, like the humming of a bird, bug, or our nurturer rocking us. If we are still thinking and cannot reach into meditate, at least think good things, such as who are the people in our life we most admired for who they were/are, and what qualities did they have. We are sure that we will not be describing their egos, but their virtues. Start living that way. Go back to church by our self to find our inner peace. If we are going to church already then change it to another one to reunite with what is really drawing us there. Love of life, from deep within.


Next, take one question that has been perturbing us (as long as it is not who created the creator) and then go out and find the answer. Better still, meditate, pray, supplicate and repent till we get the answer and as any one who has done so will substantiate, we will get the answer. Knock and someone will answer, just be sure to be listening not for what we want to hear, but for the truth, good bad or ugly as our ego may say. In the every day life, we need to try with all our mind (there are a few levels) so be aware of what is going on all around us. Be conscious. See the beauty in everything, even the ugly beggar can teach us something or other. It is all dual and we have been looking at it through the eyes of ego for so long that we forgot what the soul sees. Ask it and if it is awake enough it will show us. Remember it is said that it waits and waits for us to come back to it. But the most important of all is to love our self, consciously and unconditionally as this will be  extend into the family. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is what life with our fellow humans is all about. God is love, conscious, unconditional with a pure truth. Love is living life to its' fullest and living life is being and sharing consciously, unconditionally and truthfully. See what just happened, we became a real conscious part of God. We all can. Namaste to us.


Transcend the Ego and all is possible: as all is known beyond it.


We all want to be happy. Yet our maintains its' right to keep our unhappiness. We all want to have a good life. Yet our ego puts us through more gyrations than a roller coaster. We all want to be good and caring to others, and we have the words that we repeat to ourselves all the time to prove that we are. The problem with these statements is that they are all wants, which are derived from the ego. They are not virtues that we are living here and now, nor are they aspirations of what we would like to live. They are just the ego babbling away of our lot in life; pretending we are this or that, make believing without actually being. Transcend it all. Be above it all. Not in a haughty or arrogant way, but without allowing it to affect us, to 'get to you'. Understand the cause and effect of it. Become conscious of what is going on inside of you and what is happening to and by you.


There are many motivational writers and speakers who can help shed some light on this and get us on the right track. There are a lot of religious communities that are now opening to more and more 'new age' thinking and thus mannerisms.  There are a lot of self-help groups and classes both in the old age and new age that can lend a hand. Try one, anyone to start and we will find what we do not like and thus conversely, what we do like. Transcending the ego is the only answer, but we must start somewhere. We must allow ourselves the time for ourselves without the ego telling us what to do. If we can find the time then we can find the way. Life is a journey along which there are many stops that must and need to be made. This is the most important one, for without this focus we will not really know what we need to do and thus what our real mission in life is. Without our mission we are like a fish out of water and with one we can work magic.

Once we tap into the magic, once we see it clearly happening to us, then we can start to become co-creators of it and thus we can start to be all we can for ourselves and then for those around us.


When we transcend the ego and go into the realm of magic we start to live as God really intended us to. We start to be our soul and we start to see what is really out there in this great big beautiful cosmos. We may have and may still see something that is not so beautiful, but for now just write it off as part of our duality in this world and thus part of seeing the beauty and living it. All the great masters, prophets, saviors, messiahs are awaiting our call upon them in order to attain there help. And help they will if we ask. Unfortunately as it is said of a million that place a call only one continues to communicate with the divine and of the million that communicate only one stays and does the work on the path to consciousness.


Is it really easier to stay asleep? Sometimes even I wonder….


Sexual Analysis to Sexual Healing


As Freud worked out, 'discovered' in his work on our psyche leading to psychoanalysis, all of our challenges and problems of the mind have their base in our innate basic sexuality. This is mainly, as he pointed out, due to the fact that as an organism we seek propagation to continue ourselves. He never managed to tap into the 'Id' and just called it our primary chaos of instincts and the subconscious. To us this is the very seat of the seed of our soul that lies wanting to be germinated and awaken. This in itself can be understood on both the psychological side as well as the spiritual side. If as Freud said, the Id is the basic chaos of our inner workings as well as our instincts, and as we grow we can experience many things others don't (due to a variety of reasons, such as awakening our conscious) then it holds to the fact that as the soul must be grown and must be awaken, as it is with us at birth, thus, for our analysis it is inside the Id which is the chaos and basic instincts. This can be viewed as in the duality in egos and sins, as both are the same. So our Id in psychology is our soul in spirituality.


When we are newborns the only thing we seek is nourishment and this develops into a love object. The love object could then be male or female, as we know no difference. At this point Fate is already at work as we interface with our caregivers who are good or bad towards us, based upon what Fate attached to us as we were born and what karmic situation we must live with those caregivers. This karmic process is either the receiving of payment for past and present virtues or the extraction of penitence for unbalancing the universal harmonic energies in previous incarnations. So, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you' comes into play as we repeat the actions of past lives, this time perhaps the karma is being done us.  


As we grow through our psychological situations and thus into our own psyche creating our future behavior patterns we also experience areas that are problematic, with the most common ones being 'under' or 'not developed' and the next being erroneous methods that will stay with us for a life time, unless we become conscious of them. As it is stated in 'Pista Sophia Unveiled' (ancient esoteric wisdom), we must pay karma for past deeds and thus Fate has attached itself to us in order to make sure that this is done by using the egos of the mind in performing this function and thus as spirituality says, 'leads us not into temptation' and tests our resolve to wake up from our 'sins'.


Added on to this, is the fact that in more situations than we want to believe or accept, are the really tough problems that have in fact created a trauma, an abuse of some kind. What ever the manner that the parent (as it usually is, but not always) miss treated us to the point of our needing to setup a coping mechanism, it stays with us and becomes repressed within, externalizing in many different ways, which is just as detrimental to our mental health as the act that was done to us. From all of this we have the present state of decline within our human race which, as the number of beings grows, so does the number of these kind of situations, and it extrapolates from there. The sins propagate themselves simply by the fact that as egos, which we all have and understand little of (or use to defend ourselves with or cope in the world), we believe that we are good and all is well within. If what we grew up with is bad, how would we know good? The only real way is the soul and its' mission of total enlightenment.


With all of this, when we arrive into teen years, the bases of our sexuality is created. From this point on we then act out and further pursue the same line of discovery, investigation and ultimately our behavior pattern for life. As we have setup our values, morals and the like from our caregivers, which were their egos injected into us, we now have a super-ego of parental and society authority telling us what to do. Right or wrong, as un-awaken beings we just repeat by rote which we learned through what was taught to us without any analysis of good or bad, right or wrong. If they had such and such sin, we mostly likely have the same one because of transference of the ego and thus the perpetuation of erroneous behaviors, known or unknown.


If we have been exposed to inappropriate behavior from someone during this time, it registers in our psyche as a pattern, as we learn things and then repeat them as being ours.

We will also, if the Id, ego and super-ego are in conflict; create a coping manner such as repressing the action into our sub-conscious. This repression will stay locked up until it is worked out. Sort of like the soul is made aware of the situation and has been given the task to watch over it all and figure out a way to make that which is unconscious, conscious. At this point it would seem that the iceberg is getting bigger at the bottom and not at all smaller above water.


As we are not conscious of what has gone on with us, all we can do is live the best way we can and to the best of our abilities, carrying the repressed stuff as a backpack. This in itself leads us into further kinds of 'wrong' or 'erroneous' and 'egoic' actions. Egoic because it is the ego that is dictating what we can and cannot do. From a humoristic point of view, it is as if Fate gave a job to the ego to do but even the ego will not listen and do it. But as Fate must be, we can be sure that it will figure out a way to do so, that is if what the ego is doing is not what Fate needs it to do. Awakened a little and  knowing what is in the backpack, we can transcend it all, which is the mission of the soul, and awaken to become fully conscious.


Given the conflict that is built up between the ego and the super-ego we become unstable as to what is right and what is wrong. Even though the material maybe repressed, as with all psychoses, it must externalize itself somehow. Thus we develop character 'flaws'; that is to say psychological characteristics that are not strengths but weaknesses. This is the coping mechanism. However, it does not heal itself and we can literally live our lives in a state of instability from our psychological manners. This conflict is really the want of Fate due to our sins and will remain as such until we change, which most of us do not want to do. Most of us are not conscious of our sins just as we are not conscious of our own egos, only of what we (the ego) wants us to be conscious of. The externalization of the psychoses is in fact the soul trying to get a message to us that it is bottled up inside and that something is wrong with us. As we age the externalization can change from one thing to another, but it will still be there, nudging us and gnawing at us, something is missing, something is not right.


This instability in the case of our sexuality is usually manifested in the ways we have heard of or seen ourselves, and from all points of view, is what has given women a very bad rap and some men as well. If women were miss treated in some way and grew up believing from the super-ego (were parental and society morals are) that this is the way things are and everyone will treat them as such, they then come to expect it, come to seek it out and thus becomes it, for they doe not know anything else, anything better, or at least any change is not acceptable to the super ego and the coping is necessary. The soul is not in the picture of this instability as it is of the mind and the heart is hurting and thus paralyzed. Women are easy prey for a lot of these problems due to the sexual energy that they contain, being the bearers of children and thus more refined. They will act from the ego as all damage has made the soul even more of a prisoner of the Id, the subconscious. Remember the ego can only repeat things, it cannot use logic as the soul does, for God is not there, as God/Love is conscious in the heart, which is hurting or damaged and sent into the subconscious to cope with it all.


In all parts of behaviorism we could say that if we treat someone as the image they portray, then they will not disappoint us and thus act as that image, which most likely was a coping mechanism in the first place. Things are not always as they appear to be. When we awaken our soul, even a little, we start to see the soul of others and thus we can see the difference between the ego and the soul. The image is of ego; conscious love is of the soul. Just as many a man shows the image of a tough guy, he can just as easily be a softy inside but the coping image of a tough guy was needed in order to survive some wrongdoing towards him as he grew up. He was shown the egos of another, learned to repeat them and then did not allow for the soul's growth, awakening. Those teaching him had the same phenomenon growing up themselves. 


So we have a matrix of people that were in one way or another problematically raised and portray images of what they really are not deep inside, their psyche. Look at ourself in the mirror and we can understand what is meant. Many actors play the movie of life, and those are of the ego/super-ego mix. It is not the real self, but the one created by the growing being in order to cope and do the best they could. At this point we actually have the blind leading the blind, for the parents are just repeating in some form or another what happened to them and what their egos dictated. 'Thou shall not create false images' is one of the commandments and this in and of itself refers to our 'God' (Love) that is within. While we do manage to cope through most of this, we also manage to keep the soul asleep, as we do not take any direct action to awaken it. 'Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear' was meant to be of ourselves (as do most of the sayings) but we have been too busy living our egos to be ourselves. Just think, somebody starts an ego and then 2000 years later everybody in the world (just about) is doing the same. What power, what control, what unconsciousness.


So our sexuality becomes one based in the ego and thus of instincts, of what we learned and were taught to do, willingly or not. It is not of our free will, for that is still un-developed within the Id, which is the unknown chaos within all beings. We did not learn to attach our sexuality to the soul's awakening for consciousness and thus have rutted and thus sinned, (fornication is the sin and even if we are married we can still end up doing the fornicating with our wife) perhaps unknowingly as many believe, but also with a gnawing feeling that something is not right. Sexuality when used and of the soul can set us free from the bonds of Fate. So far we have just become as sheep, following one another and not really knowing where we are going, unconscious and without our inner guide in full state of awaken-ness.  We just repeat whatever and ultimately create our own unhappiness. So we need to be as lambs with the Christ as our guide, helping to awaken us from our egos. This will give us true happiness, as we will then be our true selves and thus a true being, not an egoic one.


So now we know that something is wrong and as long as we just say that it is all this way and there is nothing we can do about it, or that just as the others are doing so can we, or worst, that because our caregivers taught us it must be true; we cannot accept (as we do not understand) to change it that is to make it right. Jesus the Christ said 'leave your parents/rulers and follow me, for if you do not believe in me you do not deserve me'. What is meant to our soul by this is that as we know something is wrong, not right, we need to look at the way we got to this point, how we formulated our egos and super-ego and whatever is bad/weaknesses we need to change it into good/strengths. Just because someone taught us something, does not mean that it is right, unless we have investigated it using our soul and not our egoic mind and thereby experienced the truth of it. The mind will make us believe whatever the egos need it to in order to keep control and perhaps cope psychologically against the truth. Yet as we all know that the truth will set us free and allow the healing of all wounds to start, we literally lie to ourselves and believe that we are not suffering inside. We just pull it all in and say that we are going to be happy. Just remember that the egos want to maintain our unhappiness, so that they stay in control. 


As many so-called human beings miss treated those in their care, we have a number of generations that have a lot more psychological problems than in the past. We have too many people acting in manners that are not conducive to their own mental and physical health, especially were our sexuality is concerned. As it goes, 'lust is the path to evil' and this can be seen as we ignore our soul's awakening and growth for the sake of a few minutes of pleasure instead of days of ecstasy and years of bliss. If we stop the transference now, then we will be able to build a better tomorrow, for tomorrow is now.

Sexuality is good and with sensuality first leads to the road of discovering our real inner being and waking up our Id to re-write our ego and super-ego as we would have it, lovingly and not as it was fed to us, controlling us, then it leads us to the divinity of ourselves, to God/Love within that is waiting to be recognized. Duality exists and it is what we really need to understand within ourselves so that we can shift over into that which is consciously awakening our soul within, as well as that of our mates. The egos are fighting tooth and nail and betting that we do not wake up. How do we know that we have a problem and how can we fix it? From the spiritual point we know things are going downhill fast and thus something is wrong, something needs to be fixed. What?


Take your pick, psychological egos or spiritual sins, both one and the same. The first part is somewhat straight forward, behavior patterns are the first give away and then if we venture into some psychological character testing we will find the things that are not within what the system calls the 'norm'. The norm being made up of those with and those without problems and thus looking at the details of what makes to two different. If we look at those character tests, we will see that a lot of the questions are of a moral and thus a spiritual nature. Now the psychologist is not going to have you think in terms of 'God' when answering, but as you do you will notice the duality of the ego/sin situation. A lot of us that have left the religious system, or attend in body but not really in mind, did so as it did not fit our egoic conception of what we could or could not do, and what we wanted to do with the soul awaken or not.


As for the fixing part, this is where sexual healing comes in. As we know, sexual energy is the strongest energy around as it is what propagates us, and the universe around us, and as we mentioned before, most of us are in the instinctual level and thus just sexing with it and nothing more. At least with birth control we have a lot less people on earth than without, given our behavior patterns of rutting. Tantric/yoga sex practices are specifically what we are talking of. What is needed in this process, is a very loving and understanding couple that is really in love with each and are willing to handle any difficulties that will arise during the healing process. Each will more than likely discover things that they did not realize existed either in themselves or in their partner, especially in the case of abuse or trauma in upbringing. We need to create what is known as the 'Perfect Couple' as it exists within us, but we are just asleep to it. Our soul knows it is there and is waiting for its' chance to make it happen. This conscious love can move mountains, or as it says 'the one with as much faith as a mustard seed' can move mountains. Faith in your soul's divinity to do what true love can do, heal. The soul knows all and with help from the energies of Love/God, it will be revealed as we awaken. 'God/Love will not try/give us more than what we can handle'. Without this commitment to help ourselves heal we cannot heal the other either. We need to be in unison as both energies are required. What this allows for is the fusing of two loves that will overcome the blockage, as it is an energy blockage from repression and once unblocked, healing can begin. As the saying goes 'any two people meeting and acting in the thought and action of God, will have it done'. If we do not awaken our own soul, then we cannot help another awaken. 'First take the thorn out of your eye so that you can help your brother'. If we are two consciously loving soul's with faith, in ourselves and in the other, then we can move that mountain.


Once the focus is set on what we are trying to do then we can start the process. Without focus, as with the focus of the soul's mission to awaken consciousness, where are we really going, what are we going to work on? There are a number of self-help books out there that deal with the art of sexuality between two lovers from a vast array of manners and ways to proceed. What is not wanted in this process is to make it a focus of a sex practice for whatever better 'rutting' manners you have been doing up till now. We want to find 'intimate sensuality leading to sexuality' and this will allow for the opening of the energies that are blocked by the repression and thus bring out what was repressed. The art of tantric yoga/sex is the bases for all of this healing process and once we become exposed to it, we will begin to see what it is all about and why it works. However, buyer beware as it can be misused for unscrupulous ways.


At some point a mental health professional maybe needed in order to deal with the new realities that have been exposed. This will necessitate a commitment from both parties to under go whatever is needed in order to understand what has happened. If either of the two have shown an interest in psychology, then it is possible to at least get things underway and start the development, as when we are conscious, we become our own best psychologist.


In the practical aspect of the healing process; that is as the couple in loving embrace, what we need to do is listed as follows, in general terms. It is not all-inclusive and we should consult one of the many great books written on sexual intimacy that will get us on the road to healing. The soul is waiting for just such a chance at being one with the us, that is for us to be our real self, as such we will be making the 'Perfect Couple'. 

Build a loving trust with each other by sharing our deepest darkest secrets, that way we will be totally truthful and loving to each other. When two souls talk it creates divine guidance from the energies.

Create a ritual around what we would like the encounters to be like; bathing, oils, perfumes, location, music and all the things we can think of that are not obtrusive to either one. Sacredness is a home for each one's soul.

Make a point of having time first for our self each week to meditate and then for the couple to do as well and begin talking in an intimate manner. Our own meditations will allow us to learn to relax and listen and talk from our heart, our soul as it were.

Using one of the many workbooks available on this matter, start to work through them, remembering to follow the steps and when they say no 'sexing' then please adhere to the process, for this is how the trust and intimacy is built up and maintained. We will be on a process of transforming our 'learned' behavior patterns of sexuality into a pattern that is our own (and our partner's), that is from our soul and not from our egos. It is easy to slip back into old patterns, but do not give up and do not beat ourselves up over it either, just keep trying.

Be sure that we do all the touching and caressing in a non-sexual but an erotic manner and stop when the book says to stop. Please do not step over the line that they have so carefully analyzed. Energy being as it is, our soul's enlightenment comes from feeding it to our soul and not the ego. To know the difference when feeding the ego, that is sexually instead of erotically, you can be sure to become conscious of the line between the two.

When it tells us to start with the actual acts, please pay attention to making sure that the calm and that the energies are properly flowing, any interruption or excess will lead to a new blockage, or the blockage simply transferring from one place to another. This transference is also part of the protection/coping mechanism, for the psyche will not allow the repressed material out unless all is in order. The ego senses this shift in energy to the soul's awakening and unless it is done with great conscious feelings, it is easy for the ego to find a new hiding place as it tries to survive the lack of energy feeding it, till it can figure out what to do.

We will notice that the part for the healing of women involves the mysterious or infamous G spot and we will be guided in how to find it and how to massage it while soul gazing into each other's eyes. If we feel that we cannot do this, then we  need to get help so that we can, before we start. As the Id contains the seed of the soul, so does the G spot contain the built up of inappropriate actions that were done to the being. The eastern practices will fill us in on all of this. Gazing into the eyes of each other will allow for a full connection of the souls and coupled with prayers or mantras will allow us to have the energy of God with us. (God being total conscious truthful and unconditional love, which is a must to heal). The easiest place to find help is within our own being, asking those that we believe in for help, whoever they are as they are just waiting for a chance to help.

This is the point that when in each others arms, lovingly looking into each other's soul, creating a joint energy that is the strongest known to man, that we are actually opening up the memory into the sub-conscious to allow it to filter through into the conscious. This can be felt as a jolt at times and the couple must not lose eye or touch contact. The ego could create a sense of fear or angst at this time, as something new is entering into the conscious, which was in fact repressed for coping reasons, and thus this act requires a lot to loving energy to calm and keep calm.

This is where the valley of tears will start a flood. This is where we will find the hidden meanings to so much of the person's being. This is the tip of the iceberg of our consciousness. As Einstein said, we use 3% of our conscious and thus below in the unconscious we will find the 97% that is latent, waiting to be awaken. When we gain that consciousness, then we become real beings following the road less traveled, that of Jesus the Christ, tears will always be there as a prelude to great joys in our world of dualities.


We may not always succeed in tapping into that inner mystery the way we would like to. We may not be able to fully unblock the repression. And, we may not get to the bottom of our process, as the ego is strong and has many manners of fooling us and staying in control, thus alive. But, what we will get is a better understanding as to who the two of us are, a better appreciation for each other, more reverence for each other and thus more real conscious love for each other. We will in fact start to become enlightened beings, real humans. It is not a failure not to get to the bottom of the psychoses; it is a failure to not create that intimacy that is so lacking in just about all relationships. If anything we will have built a better couple and that is success in the process, the evolution of life. Thus, creating or working on creating a 'Perfect Couple' can only bring about great things for all involved.







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Where are we from?  3

What are we doing here?  4

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Apology From Women to Men  8

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What is Gnosis?


As defined by Oxford dictionary: ‘Investigation, knowledge, especially a higher knowledge of spiritual things’. Coined by the Gnostics of biblical time, today it is used more loosely to mean, knowledge, truth of spiritual matters of all religions, cultures and people. When married to anthropology it becomes the study of, the evolution of, that knowledge. Remember to be careful with words, as your egos can be used to fool you into thinking it means one thing, when in reality something else was meant. Neuro-linguistics explains the problems with words. Investigate the word for yourself and decide what it means to you. 



Where are we from?


A good starting point to help answer this question is in the books of Samael Aun Weor father of contemporary Gnosis, as well as in the teachings/ readings of Edgar Cayce in his capacity to see into the other dimensions and thus into the energies that surround us. Of course there are dozens and dozens of books and websites that will give you glimpse into where we have our origins, but for all intense purposes we need to focus on the here and now, with the minimum realization that we are souls and are reborn many times on earth, we are not just here today and gone tomorrow. This gnosis well help us to act and react better to all of life's challenges.

What are we doing here?


Hopefully the first answer for all of us is ‘being happy and having fun’, for all work and no play makes us a sour lot. With all the problems that exist throughout humanity we need to know that we are at least on a path to enlightenment and that we are focusing on and improving on our strengths which in and of itself will weaken our ‘challenges’ that we have. The bottom line for most is that we are trying to consciously raise our souls to know God and be ‘God-like’. While most of the work is already done inside us, we need to tap into that energy flow known as ‘Chi’ (Ying-Yang) so that we can wake it up and be all that we can be in this life. Let your intuition be your guide and let your soul feed on the Gnosis contained herein. Be careful as you start to starve off the egoic mind,  for they ( the egos therein) may get even hungrier than before and want to take over more then they already have.

Where are we going?


Some say to ‘hell’ in a hand-basket, but why focus on the challenges, unless we really know ourselves and where we are from and what really makes us tick and do the things we do, they will just aggravate our 'narcissistic egos'. We can only face challenges when we have the strength and energy source to do so. It would be better to state that we are heading toward total enlightenment and consciousness, so that we may complete our mission and attain the Gnosis of all that we set out to attain. That is to say that we should focus on our strengths while, being conscious of our weaknesses, and transmute all the energies within us, into that which we really are, loving souls. We have been here before and done this and done that, but never from the point that we are now. Things are both vertical and horizontal in life and it is up to each of us to find that spot where we are and the where we need to be. This is best and easiest done with our mission in life at least partly mapped out, for if you want to go to New York from London, you don't want to end up in Tokyo first. Our mission is already inside of us as we set it up before our soul took the body we are in, now all we need do it wake up to it. While this is a matter that is individual in focus, it is also the point that is the most common for all of us to head towards as real  'Love' (God to us that is lived with truth, consciousness and unconditional) is always the answer, but we more often than not forget how to formulate the question. What is my mission in life and what are some of my sub goals. P.S. a place to start is if you said a goal of mine in life is to be happy, you already have a challenge, as if you are not happy now then when will you be. Sort of Zen like, but all the motivational speakers and psychologists will tell you it should be here and now.

Apology From Men to Women

To my divine mother Kundalini also known as Venus, Mary, Maya and all her daughters, before, now, and in the future. To my eternal and that ½ of my internal feminine aspect, especially my soul mate(s).

I apologize for the males and male energies of all times, for their trespasses committed and their lapses in manners and conduct. It is totally unacceptable. I just found out (oh boy was I asleep) how pathetically we have really been treating you. This realization has made me sick (physically and mentally) and I sincerely seek your forgiveness from all of us and (atonement) through repentance. There is no excuse for the way we have treated you and, from what I understand, still do. There is no reason for anything but unconditional love, unselfish sharing and total caring for who and what you are, Goddess in creation.

For so many years, lives, and aeons, we have done you all so very wrong abusing you one way or another, consciously or not (no excuse will ever be acceptable here), and have in fact fueled the fire that retarded humanity's advancement to total enlightenment. We did evil, because we have been absent of guilt. We did evil because we have been absent of God within us, for all evil is, is the absence of a Love that is truthful, conscious and unconditional, aka God.


If some of us do in fact feel guilty then this is a good sign that we are not entirely evil, that there is some consciousness within.


No more, I promise in the name of God which is in the name of real, true, pure Love.

From the wholeness of my soul and with all the life force that flows through me, I/we will communicate the reverence and respect that we have for you all and we will thus start the process of atonement. While JC has already forgiven us of our trespasses, we must take stock and be conscious of what we have done in order to be forgiven of our transgressions. No matter what has happened in the communications of women to men, there is never a justification for any manner that is not divine, godly or pure loving from us to you.

As of now all of this will change in the name of all that we hold sacred.

From now on we will respect you all with the utmost adoration for the giving, nurturing energy of the universe that you are. From now on we will revere your souls more than we do our own, in hopes of atoning for at least some of what we have done, hopefully for it all. From now on we will extol all the virtues of what your womanhood means to the Enlightenment of Humanity. From now on we will keep you on a pedestal so that you can see from up high that we are genuine in our reverence to you and that we really understand and believe we (you and us) are the same all around. The shapes may differ from life to life, but the soul is still the same. It will further protect you and allow those that are not pure of heart to never get near you again and do wrong unto you.

We have such corrupted minds and thoughts that lead us constantly into the abyss and as we are quick minded, devious and evil, it is easy for anyone to be caught in our traps. I guess that we just could not disentangle ourselves from our animal behavior of power of the strongest and thus the greed for that power, over anything, seemingly weaker, especially innocent and pure of energy from the heart (that is extolled, represented and 'just is' by you ladies). That we could control and manipulate you with our fear mongering, whether it was active or passive, obvious or not; it was there, is there but I / We promise it will be removed, we will become conscious of all that we have done unto you.



Apology From Women to Men

I was born to live life, which is love. Therefore I was born to live love. I have been looking for it always, and from what I have found, I have been looking in all the wrong places. Yet I was not able to look elsewhere, I was frozen by my father's egos  which you have inside of you. Why did I think that you could bring me love, when in fact I did not really love myself? Why did I think that you learned from your mother what love really is, when in fact my mother did not really teach me? Why did I think you learned from your father when he did not respect women, because he really did not respect himself?
I am really sorry to have put this burden on you. I am sorry that you do not realize that you do not know what love is. I know what it is not, and that is what we have been doing together. All I understand that with love there is life and life is respect and reverence for it and each other above all else.

I am sorry that I did not teach you enough by the fact that I did not love myself enough and just accommodated myself to you and your way for security. I am so insecure as I was parented that way. I am so afraid to be alone, poor, without, that I let myself fall asleep to life, thinking I was doing it for love, when in fact love had no place in it at all. I was never told of my soul and how to germinated and nurture it. If I tell you that I love you, but I do not respect myself, it means that I really fear you as I do not respect myself. I want, so I say those words for I do not know what love is. My soul needs, but I have not been conscious of it. If I accommodate you, it means I sell myself short for what I believe to be security, safety and three meals a day. I do not want to be a harlot, I became one by default of my upbringing, of not being parented and nurtured correctly.

 I never knew a love that is divine to start, love from God or that universal energy. I forgot the reverence for life, my life, my offspring's life and thus your life as well. I fell into the abyss and could not find my way out. I always was awaiting a white knight to save me and those that came I sent away out of fear, and those that did not come knew that I was not ready as I did not love myself. I did not set out not to love, and sometimes I believe that I really do love, but without the love of God or that universal energy, without the love for myself in the ways of respect and caring of myself, how can I say that I love. Love is conscious, love is the truth no matter what, love is unconditional.  Who taught me who taught them and so on? Did somebody miss something somewhere?

I should have known that just because that my mother did something in a certain way, or that your father did something in a different way etc. that it did not make it right; it did not make it divine. I should have known that divine love is innate in all of us and it is up to us to live it, to be it. After all it is life.

So please forgive me for all that I have done up to now, for my lack of respect and reverence for myself and therefore for others. From now I will live my life based on the divine love from God, the universal energy, respect of myself and thus for others; reverence for every life that is. This will be done by the fact that I will be more conscious of myself and secure in the fact that as God feeds all the non-humans, why should I fear that he would not feed me? And what does God feed us but Love, real and pure forever.

I promise to dissipate the fear that has keep me frozen with in-action; in disrespect in 'sleep mode' to make the pain go away. I will embrace the pain that I have caused to others and myself and by really loving, divinely, consciously and respectfully, I will make restitution for all and any selfish, unconscious acts towards you.

As love is life and life is love, respect and reverence for both is of the utmost importance to all beings. If I should slip, please lend me a hand, for you are stronger than me and I do love you, even though I am only learning about it all, as Love is innate in me as a child bearer. Please work with me on all this so that we can share that road less traveled together, healing one and all, without selfish considerations, for the atonement of our souls. If you watch over me, and I you, then we are in communion with the Divine.

I know that I have a powerful energy (known as Kundalini) that you need to live your life to the fullest, and I know that you have that same powerful energy. By making our love Divine then we will have fused our energies and, by osmosis, we will become that love which we seek. While you may have in the past miss-used and abused that energy, I apologize for not having been assertive in making sure that it is worked with and used properly. You may have felt the need to attain this energy via other means or from younger and younger females, knowing that the more innocent the energy the stronger and more powerful it can be. And I know that this type of energy does not last, for the fire is quickly extinguished when it not kept fueled with Divine love. And I know that you may have gone through one then another then another, all to no avail for it never was Divine, only egoic. I promise you my Divine love that is un-extinguishable; for it is based in that single spark of essence we all have inside of us. I have learned the hard way through traumas with other males in my life, through abuses of all kinds, from not being parented and nurtured properly. But now I know that with Divine love all is possible and will allow us to live life, which is love, and to love each other, which is life. I will be stronger and just do it.

Forgive me for my unconscious re-actions, I promise that they will be no more.

Live Love
Love Life

Forever and ever...together



Ask the Gods to work for you

C. Casey wrote a book titled "How to make the Gods work for you", but 'ask' seems more humble and an easier route into the inner sanctum of the universal energies that make up our universe. Knock and someone will answer, ask and you will receive a reply, a gift, a miracle. miracle, only because we do not understand it or how it works, but it does work, for everyone, no matter what the request, just be ready to hear the answer and deal with any karma you might make for yourself.

The Gods we are talking of here, are the planetary ones that oversee what is going on in each planet's energy system and the ones that have being loving us since it all began. We once knew them well, but since falling asleep, we have lost contact with them, lost touch with those energies. Each aspect of, or more to the point manifestation of our Creator, commonly known as God, has an energy that first of all is within us here and now in some shape of form, and secondly it can be awoken and used to heal us to help us and it really does love us. It really is up to each and every one of us to seek it out and find what we can do to make ourselves better and then be all that we can be.



Astral Travel

The funny thing is that we do it every night. While our body sleeps our soul goes into the astral world to do what it must and teach us things that we need to know. Remember the soul will only allow us to deal with that which we can handle, and the mind will only believe that which we have accepted. So there is no need to worry about the unconscious part that the soul does every night. Then as we move along to a more conscious process of astral traveling such as projection and in advanced cases, at will, we need to first make sure that we are prepared. As the ego is mostly in charge of our minds, we do not necessarily understand the magnitude of what can happen, what we can influence, and the ramifications of these actions. We can help out a lot either ourselves or those who allow us to help them, and we can also go or do things that we are not ready for as we did not do our homework first. Most of us are still in elementary school with all of this and need to study more so that we are ready for the change to high school.

Therefore, we must firstly understand our motives, (or those of the ego) and find out what we are trying to do and why. Secondly we must always state that it be 'Within Universal Karmic Harmony' for if we forget this part then we may inadvertently affect something that could have a karmic action needing to be re-balanced. Thirdly we need to have our own inner safety switch or valve that is like an escape hatch, 'just in case'. This would be something like the Lord's Prayer for protection, which may simply end up being us (our soul)  protecting ourselves from ourselves (our egos). Fourthly we can ask for help in the practice from any of the entities that we believe and love that are just waiting to help us. It could be J.C. or it might be Anael prince of astral light, etc.; you choose whom you are comfortable with.

Ask for guidance in what you are trying to do and be clear about it, or they may not understand how to best help you. They are not God doing the helping, just a servant. So with clarity of mind and purity of heart, seek to envision yourself attaining your mission through them. See yourself traveling as you wish throughout the universe and understanding the gnosis of what you seek. As you start to fall asleep keep repeating to yourself that you will remember astral traveling when you wake up and keep practicing until you have it. Persistence always pays off.






Conscious Love a divine godly relationship…

Believe it or not it is right inside of you now. It always has been, is and forever will be. You just may not be awaken or conscious to it fully. It has been very well described that 'God is love' at its highest level of vibration and life is living that love. So all we need do is live love and we will be living life at its highest vibration level. We will be our inner soul's God, manifested. If you are skeptical, then contemplate the following:

For x number of years you have lived the way you have, struggled the way you have and coped with the way you have. You have chosen, consciously or not to be exactly where you are. Thank yourself for you. You are O.K. in the eyes of your supreme being. You are on your path to enlightenment, when you do not forget your soul. Given that you are not seeking the Holy Grail, which is already in you and not yet awake, try vibrating at a higher level than you have. As everything we know (and don't know) is energy, it vibrates. Even egos vibrate, usually faster than our soul for they do not think per se, they just re-act, based upon some pre-conditioned programmed behavior pattern that we made over a given time line. Just remember that just because you may not believe it, it does not mean that it is not true. Consciousness has different levels and degrees.

So try vibrating. At a faster rate than you have been doing up till now and see what happens. Be conscious of God our Creator and all that has been done for us. Do not get hooked on semantics. Just try and be conscious of the vibrating. Then the lights will start to go on and while bickering of the egos may start from time to time do not stop. Just allow yourself the joy of flowing with the universe instead of against it. Allow yourself to be part of the universe and it will allow you to be a director of it sometimes (known as synchronicity) and thus do the will of universal karmic harmony for that is within your reach, if you choose it to be so, so will it be.

As you vibrate you will raise your conscious and thus be more aware of all that you do and that you should do. You will have a closer connection with your loved ones and that itself will help you develop that deep inner part of you which is unconditional love and therefore universal God.

Love is what it is all about. Don’t ever kid yourself or let someone try to tell you otherwise.  The love we are talking of is of course, unconditional in all aspects and most of all it is conscious. For how can we really love if we are not really conscious? Try by asking your spouse, friend and children what love is and you will get as many answers as there are their numerous matrix of egos. For most of us are unconscious to ourselves and thus unconscious to the other. Unconscious in the sense that we do not really know what makes them tick, only what egos we can please with this and that, or which ones we can agitate with that and this, but not as far as love goes. Pure love that is and always will be truthful and devine. They will talk of what the TV taught them or what they saw in a movie.  They may talk of the spiritual side or part, but look a little confused about this.  All of these answers are pre-packaged by the ego, from growing up with a conditioned cause/effect, action/reaction or stimulus/response.  Where is the divinity that it really is? All the great sages, saints, teachers throughout the ages tried to teach us of love, of God, which is what love really is.  For in God/love contains the totality of consciousness and life itself without the baggage of the ego weighting it down.


So as you become enlightened/conscious, your virtues transform your egoic responses into a new experience that is quite otherworldly.  It becomes what is called transcendental, that is to say it transcends the ego and attains the purity of the soul in its externalization. Love to most people is what mom or dad or other adults did to us.  Thus with their pre-conditioned responses or with their own egoic situations problems etc. They taught us only what they knew and nothing more and then it was up to each of us to find the truth of love, the true meaning and feelings of love. The divinity of it and thus, yes finding God.


To many, love is what is said or felt during the physical ‘love act’ or sex.  In many write-ups today we are starting to realize that in most cases the act of ‘making love’ is actually just having sex, like rutting.  So we need to revisit our inner mindset and see if we cannot rectify this misunderstanding. Love has been, is and always will be the answer to everything that ails the human soul or spirit or psyche.  Conscious love, without putting conditions on it like, 'if you do this or that I will love you', or worst, 'if you don’t do this or that I will not love you', which is all pure egoic garbage.  Love is what made us and what propels us forward, God our creator. Love is the energy of the cosmos. Love is divine, as it is the greatest manifestation of the divine. In fact Love is what we are meant to be, God energy itself, living life as the love life for all that it can be.  It is up to each and every one of us to maximize this process.  It is our only real 'raison d’etre'.


Love is not sexual, as that is for procreation of the animal kingdom.  Love is physical when in the greatest energy field and when with the greatest reverence and the greatest respect for each other.  In other words if you and your mate profoundly find the divine depth in each other then you will have found true pure love and you will in fact start the dance of the universe. Think about it for a while.  Why does having sex only give limited pleasure for a limited time and usually to only one of the two?  Why does it leave you tired to want to sleep and why does it make you a little wobbly or unbalanced after or the next day.  Your energy was zapped in the mating ritual of rutting.  Why?  Sexual energy is the energy that makes us live and grow.  It also makes weak people strong and strong people weak.  For it is used incorrectly.  People usually have some inner ulterior motive for having sex other than for being love itself, and thus call it love to camouflage the truth. Thus we always need to make sure that we are communicating with each other, truthfully.


If you where to approach it as really being ‘making conscious pure love’ with God beside you all the way, (remember God is in you and has plans to help you be the best you can be for yourself, for God and your mate and all others) then there would be no sense of an act but of communicating with the divine, in you and in your mate.  Sort of like a God making conscious love with a Goddess.  Makes you wonder what you have been doing all along.  Yet the worst part is that you then really realize what you have been missing ugh.  Thank God, thank you, that you have now awoken to what is really going on inside and what it will bring about is nothing less than miracles. It is said in the holy writings that when two people are of a like mind, with a common goal, having included God in their quest, then the most favorable outcome is assured.  For it is the unison of the two energies, the duality of God that is at work, and with this miracles do happen.  Try it and see. With this you will find, improved relationships (you really need that first to get somewhere in trying this all out) improved health, as you will not be trying to steal or lose energy but work with it, and most of all you will be starting to be all that you can be for yourself, God and all others.


So don’t let them say what is love, or did you make love, or I love you, say it always as ‘conscious love, profound, divine, Godly, unconditional as if the cosmos is speaking’.  Because in reality it is as you are the creator of your part of the cosmos. So make conscious love, not, 'have sex'.


While we were told that the mythological Gods where male and female, the happiest ones where those who where making conscious love, the ones having sex where always having problems and a lot sadder, even if seemingly more powerful. Things are not always as the appear to be…






In neuro linguistic usage, to us it reads as the CON of a TROL. You know those bad ugly guys from the fairy tales that would trip up and frighten the travelers, especially young innocent girls. As for the con, well let’s face it, it really is because it is not the truth and that is how we are fooled into it.


It has been the most problematic word and action since the beginning of time. Who controls who or who controls what? And yet when we really dig into it, we find that it is not our soul or the other person’s soul, but in fact just our little (or big) egos/sins looking for attention. We all need control in many ways, from controlling bodily movements to thoughts that allow us to do our job. There are good uses, but the complication arises when we use it in communication with other people. Try a little test by using your soul to communicate with someone that seldom does. See how they react to your action while you continue to act from your soul and not react from your egos. At some point you will get into a discussion or worst an argument and then who wins. The one with the stronger ego usually wins, unless you allow your soul to transcend the situation and step back and out of it.


We have seen over time how men control their environment and put women below them. We have seen men do the same with their families and anybody else they can, control. Men often say it is just survival of the fittest, and therefore accept that they are just like the animal kingdom. We have seen how women, controlled by men (starting with a father and maybe a brother and ending up with the mate) control their own children and not in a good way. This is the pecking order, whereby the one at the top dumps on the next one and they dump on the next and so on. Women often do this out of frustration as their mate controls them as their parents did and they have no sense of control over another and thus feel they have no control over themselves.


Control has shown itself time and time again to be tied into a lack of a mission in life. A lack of a fixed purpose and understanding of the answers, in whole or in part to, ‘Where are we from? What are we doing here? Where are we going?’ When we are focused on a mission, we know where it is we are headed and have a good understanding on how to get there. Without this we are just drifting along the journey of life living whatever people and situations have to through at us, doing it all as a reaction from our egoic mind. Thus, others who are more fixed in what they want to do can easily sway us, and we think to ourselves, ‘let me follow that person it looks interesting’. In doing so we will at some point give ourselves up to them and let them lead. As they lead they can easily have power over us and thus do end up controlling us. With our own vision of our own mission, we will be less likely to get side tracked by anyone or thing that will control us and at the same time because we are in fact focused, conscious of ourselves, it is highly unlikely that we will seek to control another for we have our peace of mind of what to do and our work cut up for ourselves. We do not need to control someone else to do it.


Without our own mission and the mini goals that go with it, we feel lost and drifting aimlessly in the sea of live with no direction, without a wheel to steer our boat. Literally out of control. So our egos set in motion to seek control of a situation in whatever manner possible, or even give it over to someone else. This then clicks on to the learned behavior patterns from the ego/sins of those that brought us up and that we just repeat. Repeat what? Control they had over us we continue to seek over others, just like the pecking order. The ego reasons subconsciously that if we cannot control ourselves, maybe and for sure like others did to us, we can do to others. So as we allowed others to do unto us, willingly or not, we seek to do unto others to give ourselves the satisfaction of controlling something or someone else. Usually that control means controlling someone else’s egos, which in life today is usually not to hard given that we are living 80% ego and maybe 20% soul. This does lead to problems of all kinds and strife of all kinds and yes it does lead to fighting and wars. The fighting can be a simple argument and the war can be simply between mates or friends, it does not have to mean world wars etc. yet it all does lead to that one way or another.


Control actually comes from our cosmic inner process. We have egos/sins within that drive us to do certain things. This drive can be viewed as our karmic penitence dealt out to us by another person as they have to put us through a test, and for ourselves it is a test to see if we can detach from the egoic strangle hold. Thus as much as we may think and believe that we are in control, the controlling is actually being done to us, by our egoic mind. That is where all of the sins reside. When our society created the phase ‘being of sound mind’ and used the so-called ‘normal’ person to make the average, they should have termed it ‘being of egoic mind’ as the egos/sins are the ones in control. So the only ones ‘being of sound mind’ are those that have worked on really understanding themselves and their egos and how they acquired them. They have been able to attain consciousness of themselves and of their egos/sins, and if not completely dissolved at least more than less, and totally under control of their soul. So we can see how the saying ‘Why are we here?, to raise our consciousness!’ rings true for all of us.


We actually give other people the control and thus the power over us. So when someone complains that so and so is controlling me; it can mean one of two things, that the other person was given permission (albeit unconscious) to control us, or that we are not in control of those things that we want to be and so strike out at the first target we can.  Believe it or not it is usually a combination of both. For we usually give the control to the other hoping to gain something and then try to do the same thing with another which is just the pecking order of the egos. This works when everyone is in the same game and no one is conscious of who is doing what to whom, it just happens. But as we look at all of society around us we can see that with all the problems, disputes and unhappiness, there are more working with their egos than there are not. Thus if we could only tap into our understanding of our own egos, be conscious of them, then we could get out of this mess and at the same time, end the paying of karmic debt and penitence.


How can we really get away from the control of the tyrants (or whatever you want to call them) when they are all around us? First start by looking deep into yourself and finding out about your own issues of control. He may have had a tyrannical mother he copied from and she may have copied her dad’s. In any case you usually only need to look at your parents to start with, to see what you most likely have buried inside yourself.


The next part is that of your own spirituality. Your own God (not creator) that helps you every day get more and more connected to your soul and be all you can be. It is pure unconditional love and conscious truth. Remember you are not in a courtroom to beat out the other guy on legalities that do not require the truth at all costs; you are inside you and must give the complete conscious truth for your enlightenment. Otherwise why bother trying to figure it out when you are just going to end up lying to yourself. Lying is a sin so it is better not sin and just stay as my brother likes to say  'stupid'.


Given the fact, that all the great messiahs died one way or another for us to be forgiven of our sins, rest assured that as soon as you embrace the path, ask for forgiveness of your ‘stupidity’, you will start getting answers. It is a little bit of work and sometimes we cry over it all, but that is just one of the egos looking to take control or change our mind. The real crying is one of joy when we open up ourselves and start to see the real beauty that we have inside, warts and all. We are a manifestation of God and we can be a God (not a creator) if we so choose. Or, we can just let the control issue be a problem that we carry around just like a backpack, taking it out once in awhile, or a lot, to see what it looks like and how it feels and let it control us, because it does and not, we it. Only our soul can really control something of us for it is of God; our mind, our ego, our sins are just the penitence that we have to go through to see the real beauty and fuse with it. You are not your soul until your attain consciousness of 'It' and that means first knowing your egos/sins consciously and truthfully. As you are on the path, the journey of life, define a mission and see how much easier it is to live without the issue of control cramping your style. Ask God and JC for help, they are waiting 24/365 and the cost is free. For all the best things in life are for free, we have to pay for our egos/sins, and we know that they are not the best life has to offer.




Cutting your losses…karma is at work


Being what it is, karma can come to you as an ego transferred from another person when we are young, or even stranger yet, from cellular and molecular remembrance as in family lineage. Wherever it comes from, you have to become conscious of it or else you get to spend time on the wheel of Samsura going around and around, repeating the same actions and reactions to the situation at hand. It is the manner of extracting penitence for our miss-deeds now and before, yes, previous lives. We broke something so now we have to fix it, make it right, rebalance it.


But the ego loves this roller coaster ride and does not want you to get off. It just wants to continue turning and avoiding anything that maybe considered by it as 'uncomfortable'.

While our soul and intuition may already sense that something is wrong or at least not

quite right, we just continue to go and go without a conscious thought of what is happening. The perfect Groundhog Day movie, only we are the actor and we get to do the repeating. Thankfully we can wake up and find a way off the ride. However, first we must take stock of what is happening.


When the egos were formed in us at an early age, they set patterns for the rest of our life. We do and will repeat that which we were taught, knowingly or unknowingly for it is imprinted into our psychological song and unless we re-write the tape that is playing in our head we cannot get off the ride. To re-write the tape, we must necessarily first look at it much as a scientist would examine some object. We must ask the multitude of questions, with 'why' being the most common next question. We must look at our own psychological monsters in the eye and see what it is afraid of. Once we see it then we must come to grips on how to cut it off, that is how to stop feeding it and thus how to get us off the ride that is going nowhere but around and around.


J.C. was one of the most learned men of his time, and in many cases he was more adamant about keeping the laws than many of the ‘elder’ religious people of the time. However, one thing that is known today of his manners is that he would not accept any law or administration of it without question, especially if it interfered with the person accessing the divine. God. For he knew that it was the ego that stopped man from knowing God and it was man made things that tried to stop people from doing anything about it. How could a devoted believer of God, of a deep religious faith continue to live with another person as a couple, if the other person interfered with their attaining God? How could one person ask or demand obedience of another if it took away their religious and spiritual freedom to find God for themselves? As it is said in the Bible, any two people that agree on some common goal in unison with God in the picture will have it attained, as it is in fact a Godly process.


How can one person give up their God given right to freedom of thought and action (Godly for sure) to another who is not seeking God but seeking to control the other person or coheres them to abandoning the search? It is not acceptable or lawful in any Godly manner. To some man made ideas it might work, submission and control over the weaker, but not by God's standard. So when someone is not on the same track as you, when someone does not hold your beliefs, you are just stunting each other's growth, you are just holding each other away from what both are really looking for. Cut your losses, or you will not attain your goals this life. Unless submission to what is not godly, is your goal.


It is not an easy process to go through, for sure. The egos will fight it tooth and nail till the bitter end. Your own egos will be full of fear and give in so many times that you will have lost count, lost heart and given up on your own soul's journey to enlightenment. Ask for divine help and guidance and it will all come to pass. No problem, situation big or small is too much for the Boss. The energy of cosmos will always help those who help themselves, especially to find God. So the breakup can be viewed egoically as very frightening, or it can be viewed divinely as setting each other's soul free to find what it is looking for. Often the irony is that the egos of both people involved would rather be set free unless the fear of one is greater than the other, and in that case you have a lot of praying for divine help to have it all worked out in due time and circumstance, after paying penitence to the other that is.Just remember that when we consciously choose to stay in an un-Godly situation, we should at least protect our soul via our psyche as much as possible. It is for the love of life that we do this. And the love of life is God.


Then again many of the mystics also know that if a conscious person gives to and feeds an unconscious person, then it is there own Fate that is being pulled into the other person's karma and thus their wheel of life.





Ego Busting



When you are down and you need a helping hand all you need do is call God, the Boss, Mary, Mother Kundalini and they will help you be that reflection of Jesus that you are inside and trying to emulate outside. What J.C. and the others had was the attainment of being '(bad) ego-less'. This allowed them to be themselves; pure souls without obstructive or defensive learned behavior, beliefs or thought processes. Their connection with the Universal Oneness was their being ego less, not thinking or acting or contemplating, but being. They had felt the love of everything and had the gnosis of unconditional love and unselfishness towards all energies in the universe. They focused on what they aspired to on a positive note " I am love" as oppose to saying 'I do not want fear/hate'. Both meaning the same thing in words, but the first being a proactive state being and the second a reactive one.


They attained the gnosis of their own egos long before they were born in previous incarnations and have, do, and will continue to bring us this insight when we knock on heaven's door. When we find ourselves in times of life's turmoil, psychological strife and emotional upheaval, we need to turn to our inner guide, 'The Boss', and ask for help, love and direction. We should not try to fight the ego or actually acknowledge it, but ask for divine guidance and the gnosis of our situation at hand. These egos (dark-side) do not like it when they are exposed to the light (good-side) and want to do battle within us for domination. However, given each one of our own levels of consciousness, we may fight and win the battle but not the war over ourselves.


God said, "let there be light and there was". So let the Oneness shine on you through your supplications, requests or begging to 'let there be light on the situation', for when we understand what is going on, when we have the gnosis of a situation, then we are living in the light and doing the Boss's will, not our own (our ego's own that is). We don't have to beg for help, although it may help our emotions to deal with the situation and take us to a profoundness not yet seen in ourselves, all we need do is to ask and let 'them' answer. BE vigilant and BE open to what will come, not what you want and expect, but what will come, for it will be the truth/gnosis of that situation.


Once this process happens, you will most likely repeat it over various situations and you will find that the ego in question has less of a hold over you than you thought, all thanks (and don't forget to say thanks) to asking for help from the Oneness of the universe. The ego will then start a process of attacking, (they usually are not smart enough to set up a battle plan, although whatever your biggest one is, most certainly will) and causing mental havoc and anguish to get a better grip on you. In these times, remember your love for yourself, ask for help from the divine and please, Do Not Re-Act. Re-action, is not a action that will give you any results (other than in dangerous physical situations) for your total benefit. It is actually called 'feeding the ego'. So when you find yourself feeding the ego or it feeding itself, BUST IT. Put it under house arrest and call the ego-busters to help. Divine Oneness is always there, but you have the free will to ask for help or not. Most likely, with you reading this now, you have tried many ways over the years, and feeding the egos did not really do it for you. So try this on and ask for help and see where it takes you. Remember love conquers all and 'they' do love us unconditionally no matter which path we take.


Energies, working with them

This is not a practice, nor a part, for the faint of heart or those who have yet to at least understand their egos and how they twist and turn within us. A good place to start would be to read James Redfield the "Celestine Prophecies" for it contains, in a very interesting story format, the various processes of what energy is around us and how it all affects us. The more scientific process is that our bodies can function because of our own energy that we transform inside of from various elements that we take in.

So working backward we have our own energy, which is directed by the pineal and thyroid glands. They, in turn, control our gonads, which is the seat of where all the various elements come together in order to have our hormones functioning correctly. The gonads receive nutrients from the blood stream, which has been injected with that of food, water, air as well as thinking, without which our body is actually dead. So we are what we eat and think. For the day-to-day practical matters, we need to focus on what is going on inside our heads and what stimulus we are allowing to enter our minds. With the power, energy, of thought we can move mountains or freeze up our soul so that there is no enlightenment to be had.

Think of how animals react to different people, they sense better than us the energy of humans and can become totally happy in that energy or sometimes threatened by us. A newborn is even better example, for the child has yet to learn any conditioned responses and thus only acts from its soulful instinct. It can in fact be frightened by our energy, our Aura.


As a child growing up we move into the thinking and the various energy levels. This can happen when one parent is kinder or more understanding than the other who may even be mean. As we communicate and inter-act we may find that to us one is a kinder, gentler energy for us with means more loving and caring. When we reach the teenage years our egos are already well formed and growing stronger all the time, each automatic reaction feeds them and they get bigger. At some point, usually around puberty, we start to feel the sexual energies kicking in to play. They want to procreate and boil up our hormones. A person of the opposite sex senses this, or sees it in us and then the mating dance begins.
This is usually a very critical point for it determines, by setting precedent, how our sexual behavior will be. Some of us mature and some of us do not. Thus we end up with the root cause of some life-long problems, or we find the balance that is needed within ourselves to stay vigilant and know who we are and what we should be doing. This type of energy is the strongest and with it we can do the greatest good or the most evil to ourselves.

Sexual energy is the base to all that is in the cosmos, for without it there is no creation and the light could not produce day and the day night. So we need to really understand it and how it affects us at every level as well as to its' subtleties. First and foremost we need to become conscious of our sexuality, which will show us our sexual energy and thus how we can best handle ourselves in various situations. Then how we can best use the energy for the love of who and what we are and not for the instant or continual gratification of a lust nature. Breathe, do your mantras, ask for divine guidance and we will find what we are all about. Be mindful of how your body responses to the vibration of the mantras and how it responds to your sexual energy when activated. This will help you tune into your inner being and as such will allow you to eventually tune into others as well.



Evil, what is it?


The big break through is that we can finally clear up what it is. All of this thanks to Dr.Laura Slesinger’s tape,  'how could you do that to yourself.'


Evil is the absent of any guilty feeling by the doer, even knowing that perhaps what was done is wrong. So, if someone does wrong to another or to themselves, and does not feel any guilt, then we can call that an evil act, and thus an evil person. It goes without saying that if the person does the action and says they were not conscious of it being evil and thus that is why they do not have guilty feelings, then they are evil and unconscious, which leads to psycho-pathology.



Gnostic Movement

Copyright Samael Aun Weor

Chapter III of the book "Esoteric Schools", 1st edition, January 1985, Barcelona, Spain.

The Gnostic Movement is the synthesis movement of the new Age of Aquarius.

The Seven Schools of Yoga are present in Gnosis, but in a synthetical and fully practical form.

There is Tantric Hatha Yoga in Maithuna (Sexual Magic). There is practical Raja Yoga in the work with the chakras; there is Gnana Yoga in the mental tasks and disciplines we have been cultivating in secret for millions of years. We have Bhakti Yoga in our prayers and rituals; Laya Yoga in meditation and breathing exercises; Samadhi (Oneness of mind) in our practical work with Maithuna and during deep meditation. We live the way of Karma Yoga in fair action, thought and feeling.

The secret science of the Sufis and dancing dervishes is present in Gnosticism, as well as the secret doctrines of Buddhism and Taoism. The Sacred Magic of the Nordics is also found here, as is the wisdom of Hermes, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Quetzalcoatl, and so on. The Doctrine of Christ is Gnosis.

Jesus of Nazareth, is, in fact, the Synthetical Man. He was an Essenian who studied Hebrew knowledge; he had two rabbi masters during his childhood. Moreover, besides his profound knowledge of the Zohar, the Talmud and the Torah, he was an Egyptian Initiate, an Egyptian Mason, who studied in the Kefren pyramid. He is an Egyptian Hierophant, who also traveled to Chaldea, Persia, Europe, India and Tibet. These journeys of His were not pleasure tours, Jesus traveled for study purposes.

Secret Tibetan documents indicate that Jesus, the Great Gnostic Master, was in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, and sacred seat of the Dalai Lama.

Jesus visited the sacred Jo Kang Cathedral in Tibet; he acquired magnificent knowledge in these countries and all those ancient Schools of Mysteries...

The Great Master handed us all that Yogic wisdom, all those Buddhist, Hermetic, Zoroastrian, Talmudic, Chaldean and Tibetan teachings in a condensed form, "digested" in His Gnosis.

Jesus did not institute the Roman Catholic Church; He established the Gnostic Church, the one that existed in the times of St. Augustine, to which belonged Geronimo, Empedocles, Saint Thomas, Marcio of Ponto, Clement of Alexandria, Tertulian, Saint Ambrose, Harpocrates and all those early priests of the Church, which, at that time, called itself the Gnostic-Catholic Church.

The Roman Catholic Church in its present form was not established by Jesus; it is a deviation or corruption; a branch detached from the Holy Gnosis; a corpse. The human race needs to return to the starting point; to return to the sacred Gnosis of Jesus the hierophant, to primitive Christianity, the Christianity of Gnosis.

Jesus Christ's teaching is the Doctrine of the Essenians, the Nazarenes, Peratisens or Perates, and so on. In the Doctrine of Jesus Christ there is essential and fundamental Yoga, Tibetan magic, Zen Buddhism, practical Buddhism, Hermetic science, and so on. In Gnosis, all ancient wisdom is fully assimilated, chewed and digested.

Jesus, the Divine Master, is the Instructor of the World. If we truly want inner Self-realization, we should study, practice, and live the path of the gnostic arhat.

The best statement of the Secret Doctrine is found in the Gnosis of Jesus Christ the Hierophant. Gnosis saves us work and study; if it weren't for the synthesis of the Christ, we would have to memorize millions of volumes and travel around the world in search of the Way.

Fortunately, however, One (Man), the Christ, has already done this; He studied in the Buddhist Jo Kang Cathedral, researching ancient Tibetan texts. Why would we need to undertake the same investigation? He has already done this and brought us the whole Yoga, the complete Secret Science under a synthetic form. What more do we want?

Our duty is to study Gnosis and to live it; this is important. That we are laughed at, attacked or slandered, what does it matter to [the] Science, or to us?

Be assured, dear reader, that the best of Yoga is in Gnosis. The best of Buddhism, of Egyptian Science, Zoroastrianism and Caldean teachings is found in Gnosis; so, what more do we want? What else are we looking for?

The Gnostic Movement is the revolutionary of the new Age of Aquarius. At present there are many reactionary, ill-timed, inconvenient individuals and many latecomers who call themselves "gnostics" and who excommunicate us because we teach the Great Arcanum, the Maithuna. They say we are involved in pansexual, sinful work. They do not want mankind to receive the key of inner Self-realization. The Secretary of the Gnostic Institutes has received letters from one of these pseudo-mystic, pseudo-gnostic individuals, who claims to practice Gnosis and Sexual Magic (Maithuna); yet he does not want this key to be delivered to the poor, sickened human race. He says people should be prepared and instructed before giving them Maithuna, etc. Nevertheless, this so-called leader contradicts himself denouncing the Gnostic Movement and the Great Arcanum to certain students, and accusing us of pornography.

Actually, this "leader" does not want other people to enter the Path of the Razor's Edge. These are the people who do not enter, and who will not allow others to enter. He knows the sexual secret, he knows Maithuna, but does not want others to know; he is committed to hiding the truth from the poor human race.

Quite frankly, we have decided to go into a battle without frontiers, a battle to the death in order to bring about the new Age of Aquarius. It makes no difference that we are criticized or betrayed. Gnosis should be delivered to the mankind whatever the consequences. Jesus taught Gnosis and we will deliver it to the human race, whatever the cost.

The Gnostic Movement presents its knowledge in a revolutionary way; it is one hundred percent revolutionary. The Gnostic Movement was formed in order to start a new era, directed by a revolutionary planet, Uranus, the planet of sexuality, of revolution in progress.

In this year of Aquarius, the Universal [Christian] Gnostic Movement must fight strongly the good battle for the new Age of Aquarius.

Each Gnostic Sanctuary should appoint a missionary, and all missionaries should commit themselves to a battle for the victory of Jesus, the Christ.

Each Gnostic Lumisial should undertake the most intense advertising for the Movement, involving leaflets, papers, invitations, lectures, books, communications via radio, TV and so on.

Whoever wants to become Christ-like should be willing to give until the last drop of blood for Christ and for the ailing human race.

The egotists, those who think only of themselves and their own progress, will never reach such a Christ-like state.

At present [N.T.: 1970], the Gnostic Movement has over four million followers throughout America. However, it needs to grow more, to become powerful, massive, and ready to transform the world for the new Age that has already come about.

Last year was terrible ... we were betrayed by a pretentious villain ... but we were victorious, we have won the battle. Now we are more powerful, stronger, more numerous; last year came to an end with complete success for the Gnostic Movement.

This year of Aquarius requires a battle to death against ignorance, fanaticism and error. It is necessary to involve ourselves intensely in the Great Work of the Father, and to bring thousands of people to our ranks. We need to strengthen the World Salvation Army.

Remember, Gnostic brothers and sisters, that the Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ synthesizes the practice of all Yogas, Lodges, orders, religions, schools, systems, and so on.

Our Great Master Jesus Christ studied this Yoga deeply, along with all of ancient wisdom. He immediately delivered his gnosticism to us - already digested, simplified to perfection and under a totally practical form.

There is Gnosticism in the Buddhist Doctrine, in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Japanese Zen Buddhism, Chinese Chan Buddhism, Sufism, in the dancing dervishes and in the wisdom of Egypt, Chaldea, Persia, and Pythagoras, in the Greeks, the Aztecs, the Mayans and the Incas.

Studying the Christian Gospels closely we will find Pythagorean Mathematics, the Chaldean and Babylonian parables and the formidable Buddhist ethics.

The system of teaching adopted by Jesus was that of the Essenes. Certainly, the Essenes were one hundred percent Gnostic in nature.

The Four Gospels are Gnostic, and cannot be understood without Maithuna (Sexual Magic). It is absurd to adulterate Gnosis with different teachings; the Christian Gospels forbid adultery. It is absurd to conceive Gnosis without Maithuna.

We may drink the wine of Gnosis (Divine Wisdom) in a Greek, Buddhist, Sufi, Aztec or Egyptian cup, but we should not adulterate this delicious wine with foreign doctrines.

The Gnostic Movement embodies the Practical Synthesis of Gnosis under a totally revolutionary form.

The Gnostic Movement corresponds to the zodiacal sign of Aquarius and is, thus, totally revolutionary.

Gnostic Lumisials should be esoteric academies and Temples of Solar Liturgy.

The Gnostic Rituals are really Solar Liturgy. Humans do not have, up to now, a Solar Body (Astral Body); this is a luxury for the very few. Presently, man, that is, the "intellectual animal", only possesses a Lunar Body (Molecular Body).

The intellectual animal is a slave to lunar influence. He carries the Moon in his Molecular, negative, ghost-like body. In fact, humans are presently a hybrid mix of plant and ghost.

What the intellectual animal carries within his Lunar Body is only the Legion of the Ego and the sleeping Buddhata.

The Gnostic Movement teaches Maithuna so that humans can fabricate the Solar Body. Man must break free from the Moon to be converted into a Solar Spirit.

The Gnostic Rituals identify us with the solar force. We need to fight the lunar force, to become really free. This is the aim of the Gnostic Movement.

The Moon is death, the Sun is abundant life. The Moon is materialism, drinking binges, banquets, lust, hate, greed, envy, vanity, laziness, disbelief, etc., etc.

The Sun is Fire, Wisdom, Love, Divine Spirit, Splendor, etc.

The Sun is the Cosmic Christ, the Word, the Great Word. The four Gnostic Gospels embody the Solar Drama, the Drama of the Christ.

We must live the Solar Drama; we need to become the center of this Cosmic Drama.

It doesn't matter if we are criticized, detested, hated for teaching Maithuna (Sexual Magic) for the sake of this poor, defeated, stranded human kind.

The degenerate infra-sexuals will never forgive us for advocating Supra-Sexuality.

It is truly painful to see these poor infra-sexuals in the Molecular Worlds after their death. Their lunar bodies turn them into lunar women who wander in the Molecular World like sleepwalkers, asleep, cold, unconscious.

What use would be to these poor infra-sexuals all their subjective practices? What use are to them all their Creeds, Systems, Orders, etc.? In vain will the infra-sexuals search for liberation while they despise sex and renounce Maithuna (Sexual Magic), abstaining from sex or abusing it, following the degenerate way of homosexuals, masturbators, etc.

In vain the sincerely mistaken will try to create the Solar Bodies practicing breathing exercises, Yoga without Maithuna, other exercises or vegetarian diets.

It is totally demonstrated that we were born from sex and that only through sex one can create.

In fact, only through sex we can engender the Solar Bodies. Only the wonderful force of the Third Logos can turn us into Solar Spirits.

We want to teach mankind the Solar Religion. We want to hand over to these lunar ghosts the Solar Doctrine of the Cosmic Christ, with the sole objective that man can Christify himself.

It is urgent that the Christ be born within the heart of Man. Each human being must be turned into a Solar Angel.

The Gnostic Movement has a titanic task in the Age of Aquarius, which we have just entered. We have the Sacred Mission of teaching this poor human race the Doctrine of the Solar Logos.

We should fight to the death to make the Gnostic Movement more and more powerful. This Movement must become Omnipotent for the sake of so many millions of humans who are on their way to the Second Death. We must be compassionate and hand over to Mankind the Solar Doctrine, whatever the cost.


God-Sins/Egos and Bill Gates-Viruses are they the same…?


God created the world and all that is in it…but what is with all the egos and sins?  Why?  Why?  Why?

Bill Gates created mass computing and all that it allows us to do…but what is with the viruses?  Why?  Why?  Why?


Did God create the sins/egos?????

Did Bill Gates create the viruses?????


Interesting paradox given that in all esoteric studies we learn that the Gnosis of the cosmos is 'as it is above, so it is below', sort of the duality of 'good-bad' 'up-down', God in heaven God in us…Bill Gates computing, we are computing.


Put it into perspective; the human machine is really a massive highly advanced computer system that is has one extra thing, God and the soul essence.  Our brain is the central processing unit, calculating massive amounts of data per Nan-no second throughout the hardware, our body.  The Taoist call the organs the software as it has writings from the planets. The PC is the same thing processing mass amounts throughout.


Both are only as smart as the user.  Both can be foolish depending on the reason for using it. Both can receive garbage in so naturally garbage out.  Both need to have maintenance done once in awhile and of course the CPU must be upgraded regularly as the brain must be cleaned out of old stuff or it does not evolve.


So along comes the sins that sit inside the egos waiting for a chance to muck up the system.  Along comes some viruses that if not caught in time muck up the system.


So what is it that allows this to happen?  Problems where not created in order to live and run our lives, we created problems based on too much focus on our being God and not allowing our God within to be conscious, unselfish, unconditionally loving and thus too egotistical. Bad or evil as they call it is just the disorder of the order that we should be living as and under.


So as we decided that we are God without being Godly, we started to create our inner sin network of what psychologists call egos.  We take it from the Id, Ego and Superego to the egos of Desire, Bad-Will, Fear, of Anger, Envy, Pride, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth or the seven deadly sins for they corrupt our environment just as viruses corrupt the computers environment.  We will most likely find that upon tracking a virus maker and analyzing them, their internal mechanism has been corrupted by some ego(s) or sin(s).


Narcissism being what it is, ones egos will take control over the system (as a virus does) and will created havoc, problems and some type of destruction.  They do this for the want of the materialism of the world, which is the activator and catalyst, and the fuel that propels it.  The virus is less damaging as it will only follow its' program.  Then again, as we have our own unique genetic programming, can the ego manipulate the codes to its' advantage once inside, sort of like the super-bugs of late, re-writing code and taking over the system?


But what is there to do about all of this???


Well as with the anti-viruses, we first need to stop the bug from entering the system.  In the case of humans we need to stop feeding the ego or sin by being virtuous and conscious of what is happening within ourselves.  We need to stop all images, thoughts and contemplate the gnosis of them.  Then we need to find their origins and completely understand how they where created if we are going to be successful in deconstructing them.  Be sure at least that they do not to file themselves away somewhere and hide thus leaving us out of the light. If we love ourselves consciously enough and with the belief in a higher energy than us, we will be able to enlighten ourselves and continuously fix and upgrade ourselves, just like the monthly anti-virus upgrades do.


The higher energy has many names, symbols and manifestations, but on the top of it all is the infamous 'conscious love', Godly and unconditional.  Without this love we have a chaotic environment as the world is now and we have no support for our CPU and internal systems that allow for evolution. If we all work in harmonious conscious love, then we will be able to spot the narcissistic ego before it enters the system.  We will then be able to activate the anti-virus that can bring about a cure for what is already inside and for what new things are trying to get in as well.


In essence God did not make sins/egos just as Bill Gates did not make viruses.  We did with our own narcissistic ways and thoughts.

We are lazy and not diligent.

We are gluttons and have not temperance.

We are lustful of a lot of things and not chaste.

We are greedy and not unselfish.

We are proud and not humble.

We are envious and not altruistic.

We are angry and not loving.


And we live:

Desire instead of aspirations.

Bad-will instead of strength.

And most of all,

Fear instead of courage.


Thank God for all the love, and thank Bill for making a system that helps us better understand our own inner workings, and thus helps us attain consciousness and with the grace of God, enlightenment.  One thing for sure the Internet sure does pick up where the churches all ran short.




Healing old wounds…Yours or the couples


How can you (heal old wounds) when you do not know where they have come from or why they still haunt you or your spouse? Simple. Figure it out. Find out what the core of the problem is and you can work on it and make it better. Be careful, as we all have the wounded inner child to some degree or another, and unless the child is analyzed and understood from the egoic point of spirituality then we cannot really work on the healing.


If you have issues that lay unresolved from your past with roots to your childhood, you can be sure that it will affect your couple at some time or another. If your spouse has some issues and even if you cleared and cleaned yours up, you can be sure that it will affect to couple. For old wounds are un-listened to egos that want to be heard and are trying to find a way to get attention. They need an audience to listen to them lament and then someone needs to dissolve them into consciousness. That someone is you. You are the only one (with the help of the energies and God) that can start the healing process.


But first you need to know that you have a loved one helping you and understanding what you are going through and working with you. The combined energies of two loving souls can move mountains, for it is said that any two people working on a common goal with the help of God shall succeed as it is the will of God that they do. If you go it alone, if your spouse is not there to help you or ignores the problem you face, then you will very likely resent them at some point, especially when the work or psychoanalysis gets deep and heavy, as you are in fact extracting an ego that does not want to be extracted.


Healing is a loving process of working with divine energy (God) and can bring miracles to your life, but without a supportive loving person helping you, the process can be longer and in most cases more difficult, for many wounds are so deep that it takes a lot to heal them. If your wound is in fact something from the couple, then at least be sure that you have some divine intervention helping you both out and being on the same wavelength, you can both help each other get over it. For there is nothing that unconditional pure divine love cannot conquer. The universe wants to help and it is just waiting to be asked by both parties.






Not unlike instinct, intuition is innate in every being that thinks. It is a faculty that is more active in females than males due to their instinctual mothering nature. Yet, it is a faculty that can be and should be developed by males as well. To work on this area of our being, we need to work on our egos and keep them in check, as they like to try and control whatever aspects of our mind that they can get their hands on. Ideally we need to dissolve them so that they are no longer a reactionary part of our being and have been replaced by the corresponding virtue. Your intuitive nature comes from deep within and is connected directly to your soul and is in fact your consciousness at work. However, with the multitude of reactionary egos inside of us, we need to be very careful as to weather it is our intuition or our soul talking, the ego can play games with things.

To strengthen this faculty we need to meditate on who we are and what life is for us and how we process our thoughts. When we arrive at understanding ourselves, we arrive at that inner sanctum that allows us the peace of mind and the flow through of Universal energies that are all around us. By calming the mind we allow that energy to speak to us without the ego intercepting the flow and interpreting it its' way. We in essence become that energy and thus know what is really happening and thus we know the meaning intuitively. To test what we feel, ask the question what would pure love think or do about the thought! How do you feel about what you are thinking? Does it naturally feel right as if it just is, no more no less?

Intuition can help us a lot when we are awakening our conscious and dealing with those around us who do not want us to change, who do not want to see us grow. We can sense and thus prevent a lot of uneasy situations as well deal with it all and thus even help the other person better understand who they are.



Evil and Narcissism


What and how is the Evil in us and how is it transmitted from generation to generation…


In psychology we know that we all have egos. Some say good ones and others say bad ones.  Thus the duality of whom we are and how we can be the duality that we are.  You cannot know good if you think there is no evil for how can one be without the other.  Just as we cannot understand hot if there is no cold, love if there is no hate, one is the opposite of the other.  Thus we can find and understand evil once we know and understand God and not the other way around as most of society teaches us and focuses on the bad.  Don’t do this don’t do that.  How about, be divine, be Godly, be loving and thus you give fewer chances for the other side.  Although by this alone, evil will not just go away, you will be able to see and feel love and then find courage.


One of the early Popes wrote out the seven deadly sins based upon biblical texts and life up to that time, what we do not know is why those ones and how come they are so exact, even today. Today we have come to understand that the sins are in fact externalization of the egos that sit in wait in our head to buy us and sometimes drive us crazy.  Think about the way you re-act to any given situation and you will have found the effect of what a original egoic cause did to you.  This is the law of cause and effect, which governs us weather we like it or not. 


Ex. You are a child (just about all development of egos is in the early years up to say 8 years old) and you want to go out to play and your parents say no. You keep asking and the more you ask the louder the no gets, until they scream at you NO which puts fear into you.  You start to cry and they get angry and you cry more and they get angrier.  All of this being a cause and effect, action reaction process going on. Parental ego says no, your ego cries, their ego throws out fear to control you and the rest of your life when someone says NO in that same tone, you become fearful. Now take that example and use it with any of the sins or egos and you start to see that you developed a program that has stayed with you since childhood. It became your psychological song.  So now run down the list of fears and see what you can remember from when they first hit you and who was doing it to you as that child. Was it that infamous, 'The other guy'. Why?


Because they learned the same pattern as you did from the adults in their life and can only teach you what they know and have no way of teaching you what they do not know.  Later we say to ourselves that we will not be like our parents on this or that aspect, yet we really do become just like them unless we make a radical change.  For the apple does not fall far from the tree.  Just look around you and your friends that are in their 20-30-40s etc. and see if their parents are not like them in many ways, especially the egoic ones.  For they learned erroneously from their parents and unless someone helped them change the pattern, it stayed put. Each ego needs to be fed so when we create a pattern inside ourselves it seeks to repeat and repeat itself (like in the movie 'Ground Hog Day') until we wake up to what is going on and become conscious to what is really controlling our re-actions, that is to say what is the effect from the cause. So we think that we are in control of things when in fact all we do is re-act as we where taught at an early age.  Just maybe some evil things were coming towards us then and we didn't know it, heck, we still don't know it now.  As the wise-ones say ‘We do not know that we do not know’ and they are not kidding.


Given these negative, these erroneously learned patterns, the bad egos, how can evil not be fed through all of this process.  It is quite simple for evil to be and get fed, for all of us live with psychological injury(s) or prejudice(s) from a young age, and who is there to help us stop it.  Yes all that is Godly and divine, but how are they really helping if we have lapses, do not see them enough or do not re-write the script in our head that keeps going around and around.  If we do not actively work on acknowledging them daily, they are powerless, as we have kept them out.  So without the divine in our minds constantly, we fall back to what we where doing before, feeding the ego.  Sort of like it takes over by default when we are not vigilant, on guard, conscious of what we are doing or saying and why. If we do not consciously choose to change something, then it stays the same forever.  Well almost forever, you see with our own divine inner compass we slowly begin to works things out to help ourselves even though we are not really conscious of it.  That is Gods plan for us all. Then again, if we are innately feeding the ego the bad the evil in us, we don’t get a chance to live our divinity our Godliness.  So why do we keep feeding it?


Narcissism is a funny word that seems to be so powerful and frightening, but not to those who suffer under it.  For within it lays the evolutionary process of us all now living the evil that is around and controlling us. Those that suffer from it are completely oblivious to it and when you bring it up to them, that is where you really start to see how it works inside of them. Denial is a first step, then when agitated defensive egos kick in. But most of all we can see it from their greed, selfishness etc, all of the things that a conscious, sharing and unselfish person is not.


The dictionary describes it as: self-love, exaggerated concern with the self; lack of concern for others; associated with genital excitation; one is willing to renounce other satisfactions if rewards of affection are promised; immature relationship to life; exaggerated underestimation of oneself; inadequacy and self-accusation; ego growing stronger attempts to obtain possession of the object it seeks and force itself; but mostly seen as having a number of the following traits:



Conditional Love

Visions of grandeur

Total control

Power over others

Lack of Empathy and Emotions


Vanity / Arrogance

Aberrant behaviors

(Better still; search the 'internet' for the explanations, definitions on what it is and how it is viewed psychologically).


Look back at all those not nice, not good things that happened in your life and try to see if one of the above explanations could describe what was happening.  If you use more of your intuition and less of the mind to grasp it all then you should see the clear Godly truth shinning through. But if evil perpetuates itself, feeds itself, then how does it?  You just saw how you where affected by some adult doing something to you at some point, then the natural conclusion is that of evil perpetuating itself. To test it just ask yourself  'Do you not remember any similar thing during your lifetime that fits into this, being done by you'?  Look for the thing you hate most in others and you will find your own ego (bad sin) behind it all. If you turn it around, then evil becomes live and that is what we are suppose to strive to do.  Yet we must dissolve the ego in order to really live or we stay frozen in the fear etc. and thus stop living, loving, expanding and knowing the gnosis of ourselves.


With this general understanding is that the ego picks up bad patterns, and without our divinity we fall into the cycle of reacting, to the causes we learned at a young age, and that our parents taught us just as they had learned at a young age.  Unless we consciously want to change and work hard to change, change does not happen.



As part of the baby-boom generation I can attest to the fact that we all wanted things to improve and wanted peace and love to be extolled from all around the world.  But what happened and why?  Enter the egos of narcissism.  What most of said we did not want was to be like our parents and raping the world of its truth and beauty.  But once we all got into playing unconsciously with the sexual energies (remember free love with every and any one) we froze our psychic at the second lowest vibrational level.  Then we went into the work/money force and really started to live or so we thought.  But without our Godliness, without the divine intervention, without our souls consciousness we just ended up feeding our ego.


We learned that we needed to take care of ourselves and get the best of everything that we could even if we stepped on our brother/sister to do so.  We did not feel over empathetic or sympathetic to them, to our planet and we repeated what our parents did to us with our own children.  Did you ever contemplate the fact that some people for various reasons should not have had children?  I am sure that being honest with yourself you will see something narcissistic behind the various reasons.  Honestly we did not feel nor live many virtues (opposite to sin) but loved living the ego/sins and what it could bring us.  With the number of baby-boomers it was sure to be a mass perpetuation of evil.  Even today with the many things that can be done what is the most prevalent is that which feeds narcissistic tendencies. Just look around, and what do we see, the problems, power struggles over who will dominate whom.  Knowledge is power and as gnosis is knowledge you can see that all things can be used for a dual purpose when you have that knowledge as you can control another or fix your own problems. But with all the selfishness and lack of empathy, where have the virtues of caring and sharing with tender love gone?  Just look in the hospitals, old age homes and the like.  We don’t have time nor want to care for the elders of our tribes.  Let someone else do it and we will show up once in awhile to 'make it look good'.


It is conditional love for if you do this for me then I will do that for you, is the song all egos sing when they find an ego-mate. Someone that each can share and fight for the control of the egos over, as in a marriage, as most marriages are not built on divine love, but on what is known as 'narcissistic sources of food supply'.  That way you can have them feed your egos when you lack the nourishment your ego requires. Self-importance and grandeur go hand in hand so why should I do some lower level thing when I can buy/force (my food supply) do it.  I am too important to stoop down to the level of the commoner.  I am too special.  This is quite true as all egos / sins are quite special. Aberrant behavior is everywhere today as our Godliness has lost it’s footing as the seat of our soul.  We have very little reverence for life and revere only what the dollar can buy us.  The bumper sticker of the baby-boomers reads ‘It is not how you play the game, but how many toys you have when you die’.  So who cares about whom?  God who is love, who is life, does.  If we are not living life as in live then we are in the opposite mode dying as in evil.



How did we get to this point of evil, narcissism and lack of love?


Well the main point seems to be, that we left God at the rest stop and kept on driving without his energy or even thoughts of God. While it is still and will always be in us we simply stopped contacting it and using it daily, each hour, each minute.  We are not conscious.  We are sleepwalking like 'Ground Hog Day' and don’t care to know that this is what we are doing. We are the living dead as talked of so often in the bible. We do not love ourselves in the divine sense but in the egoic one which leads to too many people loving their 'self' too much and this is just feeding narcissism.


Go back to the time of J.C. and you will see an unfolding of it all.  At that time he was extolling the truth of One God One Law of Life - Love- unconditional, unselfish and universal in its divine dance as it was pure truthful and lack of ego.  Then the bad guys got a hold of him and put him to death.  Later we are told it was to forgive man’s sins in front of God, a kind of a mass absolution.  So as we pray to him the sins get wiped away.  Which when taken textually and psychologically is true.  However as the elders of the time saw a way to control the masses with yet another process, they went gusto on it.  They managed to manipulate what he was saying into what they needed in order to have power over us.  The did not want him really telling the truth to everyone out there. And, even to this day they do not like the writings of Nag Hammadi so they kept it all out of the bible(s).  Thus we enter the age of organized religion for the power of the elders.


Their thinking went something like, we want to control the masses and this new religion, which with a built in martyr it can do it for us.  They needed to put something between the masses and God so they could get a cut and ultimate control over us.  Like going to a carnival and you have to pay to see what is inside.  Even today you have to pay but they have hid the price in so many ways.  Thus creating organized religion with its’ hierarchy did the trick.  So far so good as a process of evil did not play that great a role.  Just narcissistic people wanting control, power, and the money it could bring, without empathy for the masses. So not evil in itself, as they were doing it for the good of everyone, yet with their own selfish desires attached to it all. This is one of the things that Jesus talked a lot about how the elders would be the power over us. The next stage we see is the good people of the cloth (monks missionaries nuns) doing good for all people while the power monger or narcissistic ones (the hierarchy) tightened the controls and the laws for the masses to abide by.  Laws on top of laws on top of laws, which Jesus was so against within a spirituality. Ever wonder why the legal system does not say the 'Truth at all Costs' but instead uses the 'Best Defense' you can afford.  Its’ base is right here.  Hierarchy control, which maybe an important process for many things, but not where God is concerned.  There is no one that can come  between the Boss and you. Your soul knows that and your soul knows good from evil when it is conscious of the truth.  But, try telling that to someone who is narcissistic and they will tell you that you are nuts. Of course they have to say that in order to protect there nourishment for the narcissistic ego, otherwise they get mad and some do go nuts.  Control freaks need control and power over others.  They need that to steal the energy of the others in order to use it against the other and anyone else they deem necessary, yet defending as they are oblivious as they do not know who they really are. 


In the next wave came the present government system, with all their multitude of levels, laws, waste and lack of moral empathy for us human beings.  They do a somewhat good job for the masses of people who are unconscious and cannot follow the inner workings of themselves let alone a hierarchy system.  Just read the papers, watch the news, and follow the mass of TV programs, all tailor made to keep up asleep.  For they that run the system knowing what they know and acting as they do, weather it is a dictatorial regime or a so-called democratic society, are all made up of people with narcissistic traits.  Professionals and anyone with a financial interest in business that can directly or indirectly profit from what is happening.  So at this point we see that it is not the money that is the problem but the people using it.  Like they say, guns do not shoot people, people shoot people.  Money does not feed the ego, people and what they do and think of it feeds the egos. 


So now we are stuck with a narcissistic control system all around us, from the organized religions, to governments, schools, work life and then finally to our own families. For how can a person be narcissistic if not learned from the family unit, the parent(s) and supported by the cast of sleep walking people who cannot standup for themselves nor have the courage to give it all over to God?  (Not the evangelist or gurus, but the Boss him/herself/Love, when they do not yet love themselves).


The lack of love for themselves comes from all the egos / sins that where injected into them as a child and as they grew up.  They did not develop a healthy 'self-esteem', yet knew people who have a narcissistic one that controls theirs’.  They did not develop a healthy solid reverence for God but knew someone that could help them find God, connect to God, for a price.  They did not have the chance to have real divine unselfish love, Godly in every way but they knew someone that could make them believe that they are it, if they follow their ways, do their bidding, heed their call.  The perplexing problem of this for all of us is, why getting older did we not grow, expand and fix the problems in us.  Easily understood when we know that a narcissistic system needs its narcissistic nourishment from those it can control and keep as its’ submissive energy feed and this is done in so many ways that it takes a psychologist to weed it all out.  So become your own psychologist and start weeding, don’t be afraid to ask for qualified help when you need it. Your soul is counting on it.


It is a man’s world so no wonder 80% of it is narcissistic.


Ever wonder what it would be like if only 20% where.  No wars to fight over who controls who,  no weapons to kill who is killing whom, crime down to a minimum with the truth as the paramount process, and of course minimal sexual, physical, and verbal abuse.  Sounds like a lot less narcissistic stuff going on does it not.  Why? Because, of the need of feeding the ego of narcissism, they control us and they order us as to what or whatnot to do.  They give us the news, give us the money issues and most abhorrent of all, they give us sex and its' abuses, thus not erotica of some lost thought of poetry, but pornography.  Not nudie pictures but sleazy stuff, from child to snuff.  Free speech for the un-Godly as they are at the center of everything and the Boss is not real to them.  If God was real to them then they would be looking for help to unload their problems of control, aggression and lack of empathy for their fellow human beings.  A bad soul is what it comes down to, lack of guilt for what they do and lack of consciousness with lack of aspirations to be conscious. To say that it is a because of the power is an understatement, they really think that they are God and don't have room for another one.


So they are evil and they may or may not know this, but being narcissistic and getting fed is all that counts for them.  How? The use of sexual energy by man up to now; women are getting into the swing of it but up to now seems that they are mostly just emulating men, for the power.  What happened to empowerment?  Insecurity.  It still is a man’s world and he brings her false security, which she will sell herself for as she has no other choice. We all have free will and do as we want, so when we are asked why we choose the bad over the good, we can defend with free will. Maybe our karma will not be so tough the next time around.


Most people are aware that matter/energy  (as in sexual) cannot be created nor destroyed only transformed.  With this transformation process we can use it for whatever we focus ourselves on from helping a person to being a dictator. In the days before sexual differences, men and women did all things together, hunted, fought and made a home.  Once man realized that it took a male animal to make the baby animals he gained knowledge and then power over the women.  While societies that revered mother earth where not narcissistic, those that did not developed it and helped to perpetuate evil, as we know it today.


Even with all the messiahs, even with all the Saints, male or female, we still have not learned to be ego-less, to be without the narcissistic process of power over the other, to sense the guilt when we do something bad, to seek forgiveness for our trespasses and in general, listen to and try to emulate the energy of those who tried to teach us.  So evil survives and thrives.


Man developed a strong attraction to sex as the power base for his feeling good, feeling strong and invincible.  Yet he did not transmute that energy to a higher level of vibration within himself, for an awakening, it was just for a power over the others.  The Tibetans taught sacred divine Tantric Yoga Sex and man just found a way to exploit it to further his own narcissistic feedings.  Buddha taught transmutation of sexual energies, and the gurus now knew how to capitalize on it, by setting up Tantric brothels.  J.C. taught loving feelings and caring which women wanted and man learned how to use as abuse over her, all so that he could feed his narcissistic egos. He was the center of the universe and no one was going to displace him from it.  Live free or die, is his battle cry, which is o.k. if it is live free of egos and getting better, or give up and throw in the towel. Better a dead narcissus ego than a live one. So what happened and how can we fix it?


Women as receptive and sensual with Man as sexual, aggressive, and narcissistic.


Maybe it should be something like the female side good and male side evil, or maybe it should be the female side feeding and the male side eating, for that is about the reality of things are right now in the world.  Why?


Man became to realize that he wanted all of the sexual energy he could get.  When his wife could not feed him the way he wanted her to he found a lover, then another, then he went younger as they where easier to manipulate, as he got older and wiser.  Then he found out, that it is the really young ones, teens, totally innocent of all contaminations of life that he wanted, to take her energy, be the first one to feed off of her innocence.  He was not against doing the same with young boys who knew not of sexuality, as they nourished him the same way. Besides the older ones were wiser and aware of his tricks.  And all of those that he contaminated with his ways taught their own children that it was o.k., or the way to do it.  Remember you cannot teach what you do not know nor can you  learn what you will not accept after any trauma.  Thus the ego becomes evil for it has now been tainted and traumatized.  With 40% of North American children abused in some form or another, how could it be otherwise?  You learn and you repeat unless you change your way of thinking.


The women have always been the sexual energy force that the men went after.  Their innocence was pure untainted sexual energy that was actually looking for sensuality.  They gave their sexuality to the man in exchange for his sensuality.  But being the center of his universe as a narcissus he kept it all for himself and just kept on feeding.  She was insecure as society showed him to be the provider and she the nurturer, so she could not stop feeding him what he wanted for himself and not for the good of the whole, just for his selfishness.  If she changes something in the mix, then he will look elsewhere to be feed or feed on her by aggression.  Thus the abuse we see all around us. So she learned that the sensuality she sought was the sexuality he had to give. Her insecurity created by the man’s world is assuredly going to keep her there unless she changes her way of thinking and mostly, unless she re-connects to the divine in herself. When we are conscious we recognize what is good and what is bad.  That is the starting point for changes deep within ourselves. His aggressiveness needs to be put through the psychotherapy process in order to be corrected and she needs to feel secure of herself and what she can do with divine help.


So, yes, evil exists, it is all around us every day and unless we choose to change our way of thinking with divine guidance and the Love of God, which is life, it will not dissipate.  Only your divine soul change make it happen, but with it being bottled up by the egos / sins of the mind, what chance does it have, so please free your soul from the grips of the ego.  Yes, you are God and with all of that which is around us, make up the universal consciousness that we all look for outside of ourselves, yet it is inside. When they said 'know yourself and you will know God', they really meant it literally.  For without your psychological process how can you attain your Godliness and thus free your soul from the narcissistic process that seems to have the hold on everyone and everything. Start by repeating in the mirror each morning the beautiful words from India “Namaste” “Namaste” “Namaste”.  God will bless you, that you can count on.


Narcissism and its’ evolution via the family


Why does self-centeredness still propagate itself today? How is it done? How is it possible in a so-called evolved mankind? And most of all, how do we make it right?

When we were the cave man our brains, functioning and values were no better than that of the animal kingdom, survival of the fittest. As we evolved we shared most things with those around us and the women partook in all things with the men, until 'husbandry' (mating of domesticated animals), as we did not understand how copulation worked. But,

once man figured out that it took the male to impregnate the female, he just took over all the control he could muster and placed the women in the receiving role, and thus the main nurturer of offspring. He went hunting to feed the family with food other than what the farm animals provided or what the female grew in the garden.


With the onset of more inventions to help out the work, man started to have more 'thinking time' and started to be his own philosopher. As he was right with the breeding of farm animals it stood to reason that he was right in thought. He was stronger than she as she become more and more domesticated and stayed with the children. His ideas of himself grew more and more egoic, I am strong, I am smart, I am right. He started to do more and more things that were pleasing to him and for his own interests, like sex of course. God was some abstract thing that even today most people believe is outside of them and only revered at the religious mass. He had it all worked out and no one could tell him otherwise. Even if they did, when he got home he was still controlling that environment. So at work and play if someone was stronger than he or controlled him, he would get revenge at home.


She was dumped with all the child rearing work and house stuff so when he came home she did not have the energy to debate with him and if she put up a fuss he would take it out on her or the children. Thus she would go into a defensive mode to protect the children. Sort of like the male animals that try to eat the young so the female protects them. From this he would develop and strengthen his self-centeredness that would be part and parcel of most families, even today.


Narcissism is what it is called and it really is part of our early childhood growth process from a psychological point of view. We need to overcome this stage and move on and grow into sharing for all, knowing that we are not the omni potent one, but that God is. Unfortunately, with just over half of mankind believing in God and a lot of this is in some mixed up way, we are on a clear descent to nowhere. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, meaning that we think with our egoic mind that we are right and therefore do not look for God, saying that he is all around us and will take care of us, saying see I am right and if there was a God why does he let this or that happen, it does not make sense. Of course it does when we know God as total unconditional conscious love. We managed to figure out 'husbandry' so we should be able to see and be with that one thing that is everywhere. Yet we are still narcissist and thus negating God and the real energy, the real Power.


Man likes to think that the power is of his doing and under his control or at least he keeps working to control it. Yet how can a egoic mind living its' own process of sins and the wheel of Samsura be 'Power'. It may end up being in control over others, over this and that, yet it is not even in real control over the person's own being as the egos/sins have that one worked out, locked in place and playing its' game. Fate has the real control and we just refuse to understand it. It is part of our lives, just as God is and we just insist on ignoring it all.


So man goes and has a family, then being the head of the house etc. controls his family to the nth degree, from where they live (with minimal justified reasons) to what they will think and say. Just as he went out to find food for them before, he has now setup a way to have his own narcissist food supply at his fingertips. While he works in a more and more competitive world, he smiles, tows the line and fits into where the stronger one has control over him. He then goes home and repeats the same actions done to him, to the family. So as he is controlled by a self-centered boss he controls the family. He is the boss and everyone must do his deeds and beckoning. By injecting his way onto his mate, she has taken on the attitude that he is somehow, somewhat, better, stronger and to be accommodated, even if it is just to protect the children from his ranting etc. He controls her and thus the children.


As the children grow, and have been learning by copying those nurturing them, they become just like dad and mom. When they try to think for themselves and be all that their little hearts and souls are trying to be, they are quickly put in there place, 'children are to be seen not heard etc'. As their own psychological growth via nurturing is being distorted and not flowed through properly, they end up completely controlled by the parents. Should they be insubordinate then things like 'God will punish you for that' (thus making God a wrathful one and not Love), 'good children don't do that', and 'what would the neighbors say' will be thrown at them to bring them under control. Added onto these fear statements is any other manner that the parental ego can come up with. The parents egos, remember, were built based upon what their own parents did to them. The children go through 'abuses', 'traumas' without ever knowing it (although sometimes at mid-life they have crisis over it all) and with no one around to guide them, to nurture them, they stagnate in their psychological growth and the ego takes over in a form of survival in a hostile world. The ego seeks control in the chaos and to make sense of things by controlling. When God has been well extolled in the family as the total unconditional conscious love It is, then these problems are not seen, at least to a much less degree.


So Dad has a full control over the family with his various egos, usually with anger the strongest and Mom has it (in the pecking order) with fear and guilt of this and that. As Dad usually has a lot of desires of this and that; (for the family he says with it being actually for his own narcissist needs, as the family needs God and he is not extolling it daily or in a way to propagate unconditional conscious love, besides he usually believes he is God or a close copy and given God is not here in body he will do the job) he instills the ego/sin of desire into the family and controls it that way. They need him to get what they want, they depend on him for all things, they are not taught to hunt for themselves but to do his bidding so he can get what he wants and continuously have control over them, even into adulthood.


Problems arise at mid-life for the children when they start to realize that they are not happy and cannot figure out what is wrong, as Dad the copy of God here and now cannot be wrong, for if he is, then the morals, beliefs etc taught by him are wrong. The super-ego will not allow that to happen, unless there is something to replace it. If they are taught enough to make most of their own decisions then they would have taken the good stuff and let go of the bad, unfortunately between Dad/Mom and the society/culture they were told the parents know best.


Mom has been working with guilt on the children and if not guilt then fear with 'wait until your father gets home'. She has been protecting the children from the Dad until the children sort of rebel against her and as she loses control over them, and as she never had control over the Dad (unless she had learned to manipulate with the withholding of sex) she seeks her manner of getting it back. So as her mom taught her and she has seen with others, out comes the guilt. Using societies morals and whatever she can think of she does against her own offspring, what was done against her, who then become accommodating to her, not wanting to hurt her feelings etc. and thus subservient to others, via guilt and when needed fear, just like Dad's anger. There is also a myriad of other 'symptoms' that mom uses to control the offspring or any other children that may fall under her influence, symptoms that she created in herself from her own egos.


So the emotion-less Dad (towards the soul full needs of the children and mate) has his supply of narcissist reverence towards him and he uses all manners of reward for their paying him homage (actually for putting up with his ways, but this is unconscious as is most of the stuff) from praises of this and that, after yelling at them, to this most widely one used by us North Americans, money. Money was what he was after in order to get the gratification he wanted (feed his narcissist wants) and giving it at times like this, the children appease themselves with something different and do not think about what precipitated all of this. He buys their loyalty and they having been given money, even after something so called bad that they did, are reinforced to pleasing their own egos and forgiving anything Dad did. Mom does the same thing of course, but usually it is with other than a monetary exchange, it could be allowing this or that to be done. So now we equate money to control over the other by appeasing their egos.


With all this stuff going on from the self-centeredness of Dad, Mom and children, who has time for God? Besides where is God? Oh well, when he comes we will pay attention at that point. After all we are good people, doing good things and not hurting anyone.

Yet, when we look at the family unit of this narcissus we see that they will in turn go out and have their own offspring and thus raise them in the same manner. They lacked proper nurturing, so will their children. They lacked unconditional conscious love just as their children will. We cannot give to our children that which we did not receive but we can give them whatever we did receive, no matter where it came from. So if our parent's egos/sins are transferred to us, then we will transfer them to ours. If we where shown narcissism and control, then we will transfer it to our children. All of this is fact, unless a miracle happens, and they do happen, but in the meantime narcissism just keeps growing and getting worst.


If we can see that something is wrong between how we were indoctrinated and how God that totally unconditionally conscious loving energy works, then we have a chance to rise above the present chaos of our egos and start to work in earnest on what is happening. It maybe only at the mid-life crisis or when a friend keeps bugging us and reminding us that something is wrong with us and or the family. If that friend really loves us just as the Love of God would be here and now, and if we have not expelled that person from our lives as they affected our own narcissism, then with that loving feeling we have a chance to go inside and dig around.


Looking back over time we come to realize some of the danger signs that narcissism is at work:

Self-centeredness of the elder (even if masked by 'I am doing this for the family' which actually means that I am doing this to have control over my family for it is a dictatorship and not a democracy) is quite evident from the problems of society and the hierarchy process.There were signs of grandiose self-importance commonly known a bragging and much exaggerated. They are special and somehow unique, thus only understood by the same type which usually means the family, as they were trained to pay homage and outsiders were not and of course do not understand our special situation. Besides by keeping it all in the family, the secrets are safe. The joint encouragement means that any outside influence could never succeed in helping, and all outsiders are not welcomed unless they tow the line, give up their freedom and control to the head narcissist. They required a lot of attention, admiration and often would pay to get it, one way or another.

The head on always had the sense that they were entitled to what they could get out of the family, after all it is their family and no one would tell them otherwise on any issue. They often showed envy (especially in the money department) and would suggest that others were envious of them. This is often how an ego works, seeing in others what we really have inside of ourselves, thus in fact they were envious of others and what they had, thus the infamous 'keeping up with the Joneses'. This would lead them all to showing degrees of  haughtiness and arrogance. Remember that by now the children are also demonstrating most of these signs, especially envy and arrogance. They took advantage of others, weather the family or outsiders it did not matter, as long as they could achieve their goal. Mostly, it was the family, as they were trained to perform. Just like circus animals.


Unfortunately, they also had a great lack and no adequate amount of empathy of others, being unable to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others. Their stuff was and still is always first. Who cares for the others as the others never cared for us? Sort of like the real McCoy family feuds going on all the time and unfortunately it really is, as money, prestige and pride are all at stake. The quite sick aspect of it all is that they have few real friends that are not members of their own family and this is usually the biggest tell tale sign of all, for if we are always with our own family, then we cannot expand and take in new thoughts, new ideas from others. We live the same morals and beliefs all the time, right or wrong and we do not develop the discernment to fix this and make that better. We are not seeking enlightenment or consciousness, we are just sleep walking as we were taught as the circus animals that we have become, for a dollar we can jump through the hoop. If we are weekly being fed that same doctrine from within a family nucleus that is narcissist then we cannot change and grow. If we spend more time with the family than with non-family member friends we are stuck in the mud, on the wheel of Samsura going around and around. All organisms need what is know as 'new blood' in order to survive, expand and evolve. These types of people really do show little evidence of any real abilities outside of what their fantasy self and lives is.


As narcissism is a disorder of self-esteem we see that these people are very much lacking in real self-esteem and fabricate it by making a huge Self. This self becomes, self-interest, self-concern, self-love and all the self-words giving birth to pure self-centeredness. The only way to right all of this wrong within ourselves is to first admit that we have some kind of a problem, especially with self-esteem. Then we need to go within and do our own self-analysis to find out what created all of this. Once we have found the various sources we will then be able to re-write the tape in our head by forgiving those who helped us get into or who put us into this place and sincerely ask God to help so that we can focus our work on dissolving all the egos/sins that were created.If we choose to ignore this pattern, then just as children are more food product sensitive today or needing 'Ritalin" to calm them down for school, so will we see more and more self-centeredness with the children. And it is happening, just ask any psychologist or teacher not afraid to speak up, or better still take a look around and think of your own children and those of others. If you are partly guilty to it all then don't be ambivalent, help fix it. You are part of the solution or part of the problem.



Man & Woman United



I came upon an angel that the universe had sent. She sang beautifully and had such an extraordinary yet simple message. RECONCILE. Reconciliation is what the world needs now at many levels and from many viewpoints. However, the most important and far reaching is that of the one between man and woman because while we work towards and at this, we will also be developing a sense of knowing or gnosis of ourselves, and it will show us how this process can be really successful.


Any one of the egos (those nasty sins inside of us that the bible talks of) that we allow to live in us, can create great trials and tribulations in such a process. Yet, thanks to the love that the universe has for us and that our soul knows as the ultimate truth, we can comprehend what exactly is going on if we self-psychoanalyze ourselves and truly get to the root of our being. When we start to understand, to know and to love ourselves, then we can share that gnosis with our loved ones, with our mate. Then we can start to process of the reconciliation. BLUNTLY put, too many men treat women improperly and too many women take it, put up with it. As well, too many women treat men badly with men usually rebelling in nasty ways, many down right evil. What ever happened to chivalry?


Too bad that we could not have been fathered by say Joseph or Buddha or JC or any one of the great loving beings that we know of.  Yet in some ways we have and it is just that somehow we lost contact with the meaning of it all. For within each one of us, in the depth of our souls, lies the possible manifestation of a enlighten being just waiting to awaken. We want to and need to imitate someone that is 'love' so that we can be 'love'. So we seek reconciliation.


Start first with the end in mind. The total harmonic union of two individual beings, one man the other woman, creating a third being, the couple. Pure in its conception and pure in its mind or goal of what it is for, the reunion of man to woman and woman to man. Then move onto what it is you want need to be doing with each other, sharing equally, caring equally and knowing each profoundly, equally. 'Know yourselves and you will know the God(desses)'. We are all the same within and deserve equality. Thus at some point you will be creating equally and in total harmonic union, sort of like nuclear fusion, but without the contaminants. Talk about seeing things never seen or felt before. Watch out because here it comes.


So first thing on your 'to do' list is a thorough examination and cleaning of the head, brain, gray matter or what ever else you want to call it. If you do not know why you do something, then how to you expect someone else to understand you and what you are all about. Thus why should they be your mate and be with you. Sex unfortunately is just a form or prostitution, as in most cases marriages are not marriages as God was not really there making it official as in cosmic talk. Then add on a number of self-help tapes, books, courses, etc in the art of how to talk to the opposite sex. This should be for divine communication and not some quirky way of manipulation. Remember to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Watch some of the old fashion movies that while sometimes corny, do offer direct viewing to ways and methods of gentleman ship and ladyship.  Don’t get carried away with others, try to find your own comfort zone so that you are sincere.


Be sure to have respect and reverence at all times for the other party. They are human beings living loving and searching and if they fail to meet your standards, gently walk away in a compassionate manner that is conscious, and not in an idiotic non-conscious way, the latter being but a hindrance to everyone and the former sometimes being tough or stinging, but nonetheless, caring and loving.  Listen to the other party with two ears and talk with one mouth, that is why God made them in that proportion. Always check to see if your egos are getting in the way.  Most of us do not really see what is happening until they come after us and inject all kinds of havoc and chaos. Remember that both man and woman are equal in all senses of the word and before all universal laws, with love being the ultimate one and the one which explains why man and why woman.






Mars and Venus: when soul-mates find each other

A little story about soul mates, or not.

He is a sentinel an observer and he never really saw it coming, he was stuck on the wheel of Samsura. She is a loving, caring being, and unknowingly paying karmic debts to raise her consciousness. Fate would bring them together. What each had learned as behavior patterns at a younger age, what each had planned as a young adult, what each believed was their duty and moral obligations to God, their families and themselves; was created from free will, which is never devoid of egos. Thus began the process of coming of age for two sentient beings that had known each other before, had shared pure love and worked miracles for the universe and were to come together again for 'their love of mankind'.

He would grow spiritually thorough trial and error, finding out what did not work, what could not be believed and thus what could not be done. She would grow psychologically, seeing fear as the tyrant that it is and stalling her own growth. Only through the intercession of universal harmony could God's will be done and not theirs'. They always had, still do and forever will have, the freedom to do their own will or that of God's, that universal harmony, that Love and life for all souls.

Mars is a fighter and a diplomat always trying to expand, to evolve and be all he can be. Venus was a lover and a mother always trying to take care of and be tender to all who needed love. He forgot to fight for his own honor and she forgot to mother her 'self' and take care of her tender and loving needs. And thus the world was devoid of honor and love for a time while men and women forgot themselves and were pre-occupied by worldly, material things and not things of the heart and soul. Where were the fighters for love? Pure love.

Dis-harmony can only last so long within any given setting before the universe re-sets the course that allows things to right themselves and learn what pure love is and what unselfishness is. Fate demands this, as Fate is the controller when God is absent within the being. So whilst Mars was fighting invisible dragons, Venus woke from her slumber to the energies of what once was: of a love known, felt and that was eternal, from incarnation to incarnation. While Mars tried to remain focused on being with God at all times, through many tears; Venus was learning to love again. Once Mars re-balanced the karma and learned to be with God, God sent Venus to wake up in Mars' arms. Mars would take care of and watch out for her. Once Venus woke from the slumber from one of Mars' kisses and was back to being with God she would slay the invisible dragons that challenged Mars. Mars could love her better, Venus could love him more.

Only vigilance and the maintaining of being with God at all times can keep them growing and knowing each other. Only the vibrations of the universe listened to and heard can be manifested in their love for each other. Only unconditional love and unselfishness can be their goal and answer. All else is not of God but of man. 

Any ego, big or small, bad or good, can unbalance the vibrations and lead them back to dis-harmony. It is easier to fall back into old patterns of learned behavior than it is to awaken to the mysteries and miracles that are done for us by the universe each and every day; yet they are not of our free will and thus not of our belief. Change a belief to unconditional love and unselfishness and you have God, pure love for all. Have God with our own free will and then the miracles happen.

Then and only then will we recognize our mate of the soul. But just as we may have the joy of meeting them in this incarnation, it does not necessarily mean that we will be ready to be with them, or that they will be ready to be with us.


Perfect Marriage

(Copyright by Samael Aun Weor)

Translated from 5th edition in Spanish, Monterrey, Mexico, and September 1976.

I have written this book for the few; and I say it’s for the few because the many, the majority, do not accept it, do not understand it, do not want it.

The first edition of El Matrimonio Perfecto met with an enthusiastic reception from the students and followers of all Schools, Religions, Orders, Sects and Esoteric Societies.

The result of such overwhelming enthusiasm was the establishment of the Gnostic Movement. This Movement began with a handful of reflective people, and became fully international.

Many students of the occult have browsed this book; but very few have grasped its meaning. Many, in their enthusiasm for its thrilling, beautiful theme, joined the ranks of the Gnostic Movement. But those who have remained in the Gnostic Movement can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Many have pledged their loyalty before the Gnostic altar, but, in fact, almost all of them betrayed their pledge and vows.

Some sounded as true Apostles; it would indeed seem a real sacrilege to doubt their commitment, but, on the long run, we had to accept, with infinite sorrow, the fact that they were also traitors. Many times it was enough for these false brothers / brethren to read a book or listen to a new lecturer who had just arrived in town to leave the Gnostic Movement.

In this battle for the New Age of Aquarius starting on February 4th, 1962, between 2 and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we have had to learn that the Abyss is crowded with sincere, well-meaning mistaken people with the best intents and designs.

“El Matrimonio Perfecto” (The Perfect Marriage) and “El Cristo Cosmico” (The Cosmic Christ) embody the Synthesis of all Religions, Schools, Orders, Sects, Lodges, Yogas, etc., etc. But the sad truth is that many who had found the Practical Synthesis have left it to enmesh themselves in the intricate, abstruse maze of theories.

Tradition has it that at the heart, in the middle of the labyrinth there was the Synthesis, that is, the labarum of the Temple. The word “labyrinth” has its ethimological origin in the word “labarum”. The latter was a double-edged axe symbolizing the sexual, Masculine-Feminine force. He who finds the Synthesis in fact commits the greatest of follies in leaving the Center to return to the complex, puzzling corridors of all the theories, which form the labyrinth of the mind. Christ and Sexual Magic are in themselves the Religious Synthesis.

A comparative study of religions will show us that Phalism is the hidden meaning of all Religions, Esoteric Schools and Sects. Let us remember Peristera, a Nymph from the retinue of Venus turned into a pigeon by Love. Remember the Virtuous Venus, remember the procession in honor of the god Priapus in the ancient, august Rome of the Ceasars, when the temple Priestesses, possessed by ecstasies, carried majestically an enormous Phallus made of sacred wood. Freud, the founder of Psychoanalysis, was right in saying that all Religions have a sexual origin.

The Mysteries of Fire are hidden in Hierogamy, the Sacred Marriage. All fire cults are wholly Sexual. The Vestals were true Love Priestesses; with their help the Celibate priests reached the rank of Adepts. It is a pity that the modern priestesses (nuns) ignore the Sexual Magic key. It is a pity that modern-day priests have forgotten the secret sexual key. With the deepest sorrow we see so many Yogis who ignore the supreme key of all Yoga, Sexual Magic, the Paramount Synthesis of the whole Yoga system.

People are struck with horror on being introduced to Sexual Magic, but they do not feel the same horror at giving in to all their sexual “refinements” and carnal passions.

Here you have, dear reader, the Synthesis of all Religions, Schools and Sects. Ours is the Doctrine of the Synthesis.

In the deep night of the centuries there have been powerful civilizations and great mysteries. The great temples of the Higher Mysteries never lacked Priestesses. These holy women were the most beautiful thoughts of Creation turned Flesh. They were the Gates of Eden.

That’s why, dearest brothers, we insist on the Perfect Marriage and the need to learn how to savor love with the utmost wisdom.

Before God took Eve from Adam’s rib, he was alone in Eden.

Man and Woman must become One again, a single being, to return to Eden.

God shines in glory over the perfect couple.

It is better to relish love than to get old amidst the dust of libraries.

He who wants to be converted into a God should not spill his semen (sperm).

One must transmute water into wine.

Water is turned into the wine of Light when we refrain the animal impulse [orgasm].

Man must depart from the woman’s embrace without spilling his semen.

Desire refrained pushes our seminal liquor up to the brain’s Chalice.

Thus the Sacred Fire of the Holy Ghost awakens in us.

Thus awaken all our powers and we are converted into Gods.

The Hindus talk about the awakening of Kundalini, and we state that the Kundalini awakens with the practice of Sexual Magic with the woman in a legitimate home [within monogamous marriage] - that is, with only one woman. One woman can turn us into saints; two will turn us into Devils.

When a man learns to leave the woman without spilling his semen, he acquires the following powers: intuition, clairvoyance, the magic ear, powers over life and death, power for never dying, power over lightning, hurricanes and the earth.

Man left Eden through the gates of sex, and only through these he can enter Eden. Woman is the gate of Eden.

Let’s love woman intensely.

We invite the devotes and faithful of all Cults, Schools and Creeds to undertake a comparative study of Religions.

We invite the students of all inner self-education systems to study the Sexual Esoterism of all the Secret Schools of Mysteries.

We invite all Yogis to study Sexual Yoga, India’s White Tantrism, without which no Yogi can attain absolute Liberation.

Sexual Magic and the Christ are the Synthesis of all Esoteric studies, whatever their name, religious form or educational system.

The attacks to which we have been subject, the persecution, anathemas, ex-communions, etc., are due to ignorance and want of study.

Any religious form or esoteric system is enriched by synthesis. Synthesis can hurt no one. This is the Doctrine of Synthesis. We love dearly all forms of religion; we know them to be the loving manifestation of the Great Cosmic Universal Religion. In the Perfect Marriage lies the Supreme Religious Synthesis. God is Love and Wisdom. In the Christ and in Sex lies the ultimate Synthesis of all Lodges, Orders, Schools, Sects, Systems and Methods for Inner Self-Realization, of East and West, North and South.


Reminders for the Advanced soul

notes from the book by J.Livingston


Perspective: use it or lose it…You are forgetting that what is going on around you is not reality…Think about that…Remember where you came from, where you're going, and why you created the mess you got yourself into in the first place. You're going to die a horrible death, remember. It's all good training, and you'll enjoy it more if you keep the facts in mind. Take your dying with some seriousness, however. Laughing on the way to your execution is not generally understood by less-advanced life forms, and they'll call you crazy.


Learning is finding out what you already know, while doing is demonstrating that you know it and teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you do. We are all learners, doers and teachers. You teach best what you most need to learn.


Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. Being true to anyone else or anything else is not only impossible, but the mark of a fake messiah. The simplest questions are the most profound. Where were you born? Where is your home? Where are you going? What are you doing? Think about these once in awhile, and watch your answers change.


Live never to be ashamed if anything you do or say is published around the world- even if what is published is not true. Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years. The best way to avoid responsibility is to say 'I've got responsibilities'.


You are led through your lifetime by the inner learning creature, the playful spiritual being that is your real self. Don't turn away from possible futures before you're certain you don't have anything to learn from them. You're always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past. There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.


The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof.


Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours. Imagine the universe beautiful, just and perfect…Then be sure of one thing: the 'Is' has imagined it quite a bit better than you have.


A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed…it feels an impulsion…this is the place to go now. But the sky knows the reasons and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons. You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.


The world is your exercise book, the pages on which you do your sums. It is not reality, although you can express reality there if you wish. You are also free to write nonsense, or lies, or to tear the pages. The original sin is to limit the 'Is'. Don't.


If you will practice being fictional for a while, you will understand that fictional characters are sometimes more real than people with bodies and heartbeats. Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness. Listen to it carefully.


Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you. The truth you speak has no past and no future. It is, and that's all it needs to be.


Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't.

In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice. Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.




Sexual energy


Sex.  What a word. It denotes for some the satisfaction of lustful desire.  It is seen as the release of inner stress (as Freud mapped out) for many others, falling asleep right after release to the sadness of others.  It is mostly the simple rutting and behavior patterns that we have made it into.  And for just about all people it means 'I love you', conditionally of course.


Researchers know and have shown us how we all emit chemical smells that attract a mate, and now they are realizing that perfumes used by most alter that smell and thus give off an altered or false signal.  This altered signal then masks the real fact of weather or not that the other person is for us.  It falsifies their message to us.  Oh well, life happens, Fate is our comptroller and so divorce and all the problems we live on our journey, happen. But even without all of this process going on we still manage to get into trouble.  How can we not even live what is our Fate to rebalance and why does that in and of itself create more and harder karma?


Pulling into the picture our learned behavior patterns and the various traumas or abuses of life, done by others to us and expanded upon by our own egos thereby hurting ourselves, we have a starting point that is not soulful, but egoic.  Remember Fate is given to us as our karmic process before birth and we either make it better or make it worst along our journey of life.  We are sure that if you take a detailed inventory of your life from all points right now you will see what side you fall on. Detail of even the littlest situation contains insight as to what we hide inside, on purpose even if it is our egos doing the hiding. Giving you a hint to help out may make it easier. Listing the seven sins and being totally honest with yourself, to what degree are those egos still within you and how are you doing at dissolving them?  Another hint is that 'lust' is the one buried the deepest and thus the last one to be totally dissolved.


So along our road, too often having been traveled before by others, over crowded now and into the foreseeable future, we have our relationships.  That is to say we are looking for our sex-ships and how to dance that dance. The energy of sex, and it is an energy of creation by transformation, is the strongest one in the known cosmos, and propels us left and right until we find someone.  Mixing in all the egos to this process (not to mention Fate watching over us all the time) we find ourselves, as all would agree, not looking for a sex partner but for a mate.  What we all fail to seize in this is that we are fueled by the energy of sex, yet controlled by the egos/sins, which are under the vigilance of Fate. Fate does not do it for us, all it seeks it to make sure that we all rebalance anything that we unbalance. If we are still living on earth and not 100% conscious then we are under its' karmic influence and thus we are paying debts and in some cases collecting receipts.  Yet the most interesting part of this process is that we do not know that we do not know that we are doing it.  We lead ourselves into temptation by our egos and complete the wheel of Samsura (around and around) through our sexual energies.


Sex is not an evil thing, only evil people are evil.  But working backwards we find the following to be true:

Evil people are narcissist as they lack real Love, they play God and they have no real emotions of their own. Narcissist people are self-interested (for some gain, usually some sort of power). The strongest power is sexual energy. So they seek for their self-interest (misuse) sexual energy and use it for their selfishness and make it evil.  Not very complicated when we take an honest look at it and ourselves.


Look around at all the narcissism you can find and see, which is not to hard unless you are yourself and do not want to see it, that it is never happy with what it has attained, it needs to control all the things that surround it at all costs. It is the real perpetuator of evil.  How?  By using the sexual energies of those around them, from a simple big smile to a secretary (lust at work deep inside) to an out and out rutting session of power over their mate. But why? Because they have a weak or non-existent self-esteem carried over from a childhood when they did not completely go through what is known as the 'narcissistic stage' of development. The parenting, care giving that was done to them had flaws in it, and these were not corrected by others nor themselves as they grew up. Truthfully, they did not develop a healthy reverence for God, as they became God themselves.


They take the energy of sex and fuel/fool themselves into thinking that they are the strongest, they are the best, they can have and get whatever they want.  They are egos playing a mind game against others at first and then eventually against themselves.  They are usually emotionless towards others from the intimacy point of view and only know what the sex acts give them in all manners of satisfaction.  They are not looking for a loving, heart filled relationship; they are just looking for sex.  Just take a look at all the politicians through the ages and what they had been notorious for. Just as most relationships are turning out to be here and now, without the real Love that is already inside us all, waiting to wake up. 


So along the road we go till we meet someone that gives us an unconscious signal that we can be together.  If both are unconscious people then the mating dance starts and the weaker ego gives into the stronger one.  The one with the most sins wins, just as in the 'boomers' bumper sticker, 'the one with the most toys (egos) wins'. Thus, off they go to start the process that they were taught, that was cemented into their sub-conscious, all over again which will then filter down to their own offspring and those of others.


They are fueled in the earlier days by the sexual energy and feelings of having conquered the world (actually only the egos of the other one) and end up rutting as in the animal kingdom until a child is born.  Up to this point, the young couple has more likely than not been experiencing whatever they could in the realm of what they called 'love-making', but which is in reality discovering their sexuality.  They just do, act, probe and find out what things are all about.  Based upon their inner beliefs (which most likely was feed to them erroneously) they setup a pattern that will be the underlying manner for the rest of their relationship. I love you means lets have sex and having sex means I love you.


Men usually have the upper hand here, and as they are the stronger one, especially  narcissistically, they do everything to control the situation around them, actively or passively. Women are still in most things, subservient to the man and thus have no control, other than the occasional no sex (no food, energy power) for the mate until he does this or that. He does do this or that for he wants the sexual energy, he wants his gratification so he can sleep better, feel better about himself and thereby strengthen his self-esteem. At this point, along comes a newborn child, the sexual energy changes for some women to a real breathe of a new chance at life, to make it all right. Things will always get better tomorrow, is the oldest egoic song within all of us. To others it means more responsibilities and thus less time for sex.  To others, it is a new one to control and unconsciously tap into as a new sexual energy supply.  And for a lot, it is a new way to avoid sex altogether as it has not turned out to be what they thought it would be.


Sex for most females, is the feeling of closeness, tenderness and caring.  Just like the feeling that they have with a new born.  For most males, it is the wanting of, acting in a manner, that will satisfy their lust, give them the energy power of and over the other and make them sleep better.  The energy is all around both of them, yet it is not being used jointly and for a common good.  Thus God is not in the picture for it has been said ' Any two people coming together with a common goal and with God in the picture will attain it'.  They got the child but did not get each other. Somehow the energies were wrong at some point. 


Remember, the mission inside yourself for your life, it was to do what and attain what?  Without it we all are just adrift in the same sea of egos with the others.  We have no real control over ourselves and thus we default to being controlled by others, which is our own egos to start with.  As we have no control, we seek desperately to control the other.  At this point the female is by now aware of being unhappy and starts to seek a way to fix the problem. She sets up the situations (consciously or not) which the male will find stressful unless he wakes up to her needs, but then he can also manipulate things and make her ideas back fire on her. She falls in love with her child, and this is pure unconditional love, perhaps not too conscious, yet aware of what it is and knowing that it is not sexual at all.  She diverts her own sexual energy towards the child in a nurturing manner and thus there is less of it for the mate.  He sees a decline in this energy and starts to force the issue more instead of working on his inner being and understanding what is happening.  He feels cutoff from her as she loves the child, and he is still looking for sex and not transcending it all into real love. 


As he starts to feel the decrease of the sexual energy within, he starts to become more stressed.  She on the other hand, is saying that she is more stressed with the new responsibilities, which is because he is not helping her keep her energy level up with unconditional love consciously.  He is just saying ' I lost something and want it back'.  This then leads to arguments, strife and various manners of abuse.  It could be he just takes her when he wants or it could start him foraging into the other pastures.  The lack of sexual energy is affecting his brain and his actions. He is living as many say, from his pants and not his soul, and with this many laugh and say that is how men are. Yet what it is really doing is allowing narcissism to continue to expand and infect other people. Ambivalence is not an answer to this situation, as it only allows it to continue through our own avoidance and unconsciousness. If we all remembered that ignorance of the law, manmade or cosmic, is not an excuse, then this type of perpetuating would not continue.


Meanwhile there are other couples living similar situations so they get together, lament, and then decide if they want to give each other, some of that 'seemingly' missing energy or if they want to go out looking for some, somewhere else.  Thus the wheel of Samsura keeps turning and turning and as the egos are being fed in steps Fate to do it its' job by making sure that what gets unbalanced is rebalanced. Without conscious love the sexual energy becomes heavy water in the body with nowhere to go. So we seek an outlet of any kind.  Without unconditional love the sexual energy becomes a control mechanism that one uses over the other, therefore there is no goodly-ness from within.  So the female can now control the male with sex in order to get some form of intimacy.  The male controls the female with projections that he may go elsewhere as there is an abundant number of 'fish in the sea'.  Fear to fear. Oh well the egos are playing with themselves and no one is awake to 'mind the store'.


As the miss use of sexual energy continues to weaken the brain (by sending the egos on a rampage of sorts) and keeps the soul bottled up inside, more of the deeper problems start to surface as the cooping mechanisms become mixed up.  These problems are the real life issues that need to be dealt with, yet the egos had not allowed them to be seen and worked on up to this point, as the being was not ready.  As the ego is not being fed, as it wishes, it starts to weaken and gets angry with the truth being exposed in hateful things.  Had the same process of sex since meeting as a couple been kept up, one way or another, then these issues would not be known as the ego would not allow them to disturb its' control. So the sexual energy can be used to cover things up or to keep them buried.

The covering up is exactly what most people do when they have sex.  They cover over the real feelings of what is buried inside by saying to each other; I will forget this or that as I have my desires fulfilled and my energy moved around.  The only thing is that it is around in circles and up and down, with no mission purpose.  As the womb cries each month for the unborn chance, could you imagine the population if birth control was not available.  Where would all the sperm end up, how many more problems would we have and where would we live.  One thing for sure we would end up draining all the energy of the cosmos to earth (in making the new born) and we would not have enough to support us all. Death and decay, just like the sperm and ovum.


So further along the road we go with a stop off at mid-life crisis.  The male is not happy with his sexual life (or other repressed emotions he mostly denies) and seeks stimulation from where ever he can get it.  His brain is still in a state of control by the ego and seeks only to re-charge the battery, by taking the stress away, not knowing really why it was there in the first place.  He goes outside the couple for love, that is he seeks new and what he thinks are better but are just different manners of sex.  The female handling all the things she can and getting more stressed by the in actions of the 'jerk' ends up re-evaluating her life up to that point.  She is not happy, has not been happy since young adulthood.  As the responsibilities grew so did her unhappiness.  So she seeks outlets.

If either of them has unsatisfied egos they usually through in the towel, unless their egos under the watchful eye of Fate have other plans in the hardships and lessons to learn of life. The school of hard knocks is the slow manner of overcoming the egos. But, usually this just means giving control of our egos over to someone else, thinking and believing that they will make it all better.  Sooner or later we wake up to the truth, which has a lot to do with becoming conscious as to who we are. One thing by then is that we realize that we are lazy and don't want to but in the effort as we are tired (mostly from too much rutting) as we still have not found real love to allow us to live in harmony with the cosmos. 


The sexual energy at this point is just spinning around and out of control inside of us.  It means that we have not been working with it, nor have we been working on the couple, for when we do, we find that the energy is transmuted into the unconditional love that it really is, and then we are capable of having a conscious truthful relationship.  This is the time of life when we are apt to do the stupidest of things and in many cases regret it later.  It could be divorcing when we should not have, or not divorcing when we should have. What a paradox. Fate is at hand waiting for our action and we are further tempted by Fate through karma to meet people that we have through out our lives and really start to pay the debts that are due.  We also have the chance to collect a lot of good things through out this process, if we are choosing to be conscious of our own sins/egos and ask for help while sincerely repenting. We need to realize why we are meeting so and so and doing what we are with them in our life at that point. Our energy then starts to really get mixed in with the energy of another, let's say the newcomer into the picture.  At this point if we are not careful, meaning conscious, we can literally end up taking on some of the other person's karma. This is actually what pure conscious love does, take on another's' karma, but it is more often than not just our egos leading us into and succumbing to temptation. Transference of egos work from parents to offspring, just as it works between people. This new comer is the narcissist food that we need, and as the old food has gone stale we seek a fresh supply.


When we interact with them, they give us something new and thus something our ego is happy with as the game continues and it can play with some new friends, for a while at least.  For as time goes on we start to discover that we are just repeating old patterns and bad habits and that we get stuck in the same rut of not being happy.  We thought we could be happy if we changed the sexual energy.  This is not to be as it is not the changing of the energy that is really needed, but the growth of our mind, the expansion of our inner being. Becoming conscious of who we are and how we tick inside. We walk away saying all the positive things to justify why we are breaking things off, yet we also know that we are filled with the negative stuff as to why we are in fact leaving.  This negative energy doesn't just go away, and unfortunately unless understood it just interferes with our sexual energy. When we are in this new relationship we have brought all of our baggage from previous relationships with us and thus we manage to sabotage the new comer and ourselves.  If we do not get full control over this, we end up cutting off our narcissist food supply and have to start over, with the same mindset of egos, only more determined than ever to succeed. When our supply of food (sexual energy) is threatened we turn to all manners of finding a way to keep it or get it back.  For narcissistically we say to ourselves, how can that person not love and want to feed US.  WE are the best.  WE are great.  WE are whatever.  Thus we are just seeking to feed the self-centeredness of our egos.  Thus a sin is committed thanks to our egos and unless conscious of it we injure our soul, or as we usually do, delay the awakening some more.


As the ego works in wily ways we succumb to things that we never thought of as it seeks whatever manner to express.  It makes us do things that would be horrible under any circumstance, but now it is situation of life or death of the ego. It is losing yet again a source of narcissistic food supply, it is panicking as to who will replace it and we are still devoid of God and Love that can easily help correct it all.


We never knew real love, so we have given up by now on ever being happy and just give into, accommodate our egos by being in a situation that is not were we really want to be. And so Fate sits there waiting for us to do something else, sending us some good situations and some trying ones, and we either jump in with both feet or we pull deeper into our shell and hide from it all. At this point, as in many times in our life we feel as if we are buried deep inside and there is some actor that is playing the image part that we project. There is, and the actor's name is Ego or any one of the sins that you care to be honest about.


We are still seeking a perfect relationship, yet the sad facts are the we cannot have a perfect or even a good relationship with another if we first do not have one with ourselves. If our egos control us, and if the other is controlled by their egos, then who is it that is having the relationship. The truth is inside each and everyone of us, if we care to see it consciously now. If not then we can rest assured that Fate will be waiting for us in our next life seeking to rebalance all that has to be.


Soul Mates

We have heard the term used many a time and it is one of the things that is the most romanticized in poetry and literature throughout the ages. When our ego gets into the analysis of the relationship that we are living with another person, we cannot really be sure what or who they are. On one hand we think soul mate and on the other we think, 'why are they not doing what we expect and want them to?'

Mating of our soul is a simple process once we reach the stage of controlling our own egos for their dissolution; the understanding of ourselves and the other person is at least within our general consciousness level and is a minimal requirement for that to happen. We may feel that a person is our soul mate however this 'feeling' might be a bio-chemical reaction in ourselves or a karmic situation. To really know we need to ask for the gnosis of the situation from the Boss and await clarification.

To really feel the clarification, do the mantras necessary to activate your chakras and you will 'know' the gnosis of what is going on between your soul and your mind. To remind you, the chakras are as follows:




Spinal Base


Solar Plexus


Lungs Heart




Third Eye




Doing the mantra 'ON' will call up your intuition to give you a sign.

This practice will give you some divine insight and help clarify the reasoning behind what you are feeling. Then you can move onto the next step, which is subtler.We need to see if we have any wants or expectations concerning the other person. Do we want them to be our soul mate, do we expect something from them, because we want or think that it is so, even though we have gone through the practice. Because, really finding our soul mate means tuning into vibrations and energies that flow throughout the universe and not the bio-chemical ones, we need to practice and become more conscious.

A soul mate is that person that God already knows is our other half, but due to egoic problems on our side or their side, we have not yet connected in this life and may end up having to wait till next. Even if we have the gnosis of who they are and where they are, there may be some blockage at the Universal Karmic Harmony level that postpones it. Fate is taking its' toll because we have not become conscious of what we need to be conscious of, and that is inside each and everyone of us.

Remember that living life is just that, living it to the fullest and without egos, to be and do the best we can for all souls, not just someone special, who may end up not being that special someone in this lifetime. All souls are created equal, how you wake it up, or up to it, is your free will and of your own devise. At least if we remember to say 'Namaste' to all souls, we are heading in the right direction. Read up on Edgar Cayce and this 'sleeping prophets' explanations, details, and examples of soul mates and all that it entails, you will find a treasure trove of insight. 'Journey of Souls' is also another place to find some great insight as to what is really happening out there, that is to say within our soul's dimension.





The Tibetans have had many a thing to say about the feeling of suffering and referring to the Buddha's teachings on the subject will be of great enlightenment on the profoundness of its nature and reconciling with it. From a simple gnosis point, suffering is the result of a domino effect of egos acting out against each other with 'fear' as being the main one. When fear kicks in our psyche we then have a choice of actions. We can either use our higher being and analysis why we are fearful and proceed to recognize it for what it is, a lack of love in all cases. For love is the opposite virtue to fear. And when we approach the same fear that entered into us with love we can then proceed to be fearless.

Once fear, takes the other route, that of an un-watched reaction from some learned behavior pattern, we automatically step into the next phase, which is 'anger'. This is somewhat relative to the fight or flight response. Thus with anger taking over we no longer feel fearful and our ego makes us believe that we can handle the situation and win the situation without giving into the fear. At some point in this process our conscious says a few words to calm us down, which, unless understood we end up in the domino affect of reacting to this anger with hate, weather it be for the situation that started it, or for the fact that we were asleep on the switch and did not pick up on the fact that we were reacting. Reacting with hate towards the situation does not allow for a conscious moment, but, rather a negative sense that we are doomed and thus if we hate it we do not have to face it, understand it, nor embrace it for being what it is and inside of us.

All of this process could and sometimes does pass in the blink of an eye, and as such we do not even know that we do not know what went on and what was happening. So we need to wake up to our selves and to know what can happen in a split second and stop the reaction. Think of Pavlov's situation of stimulus and learned response. This is how the egos control us. So once we have reached this point, all we can do is 'suffer'. Whether we are conscious about it or not we cannot stop the suffering that was caused via an egoic domino effect from the situation as it started out inside of us. The suffering is usually something that lasts longer than the egoic reactions and is something that we feel right into our soul, for it is under the gun of the egos and at this point cannot escape, nor awaken us to the reality of what happened.

Suffering is not meant to be, (unless Fate knows it is our only way to learn at that point) but is due to a lack of vigilance on our part to automated reactions, responses and the like from within us, based upon what we learned growing up. By this point we realize that all of this is devoid of love and as such is the case, we need to meditate on what happened, why we suffered and seek out the dissolution of those egos. We need to take our becoming conscious serious at this point, if we ever want to be able to properly deal with these egos, in whichever way we need to. Just remember that Fate is watching for our decision and actions.


Tantric Sex and the Ancient Art of
Dissolving Egos as a Couple

Long ago, it is written, sexual union between two beings, was a very sacred process and ritual. The elders gave theoretical training and then they encouraged the physical practice in divine sanctity. Along our evolution of anthropology we moved away from these feelings and towards gratification for gratification. We no longer saw lovemaking as the sacred and divine act that it is, we just turned to sex and thus to the rutting aspect of it, which belongs to the animal kingdom and not our so called human one.

Egos, or the sins of the mind as theologians call them; are a part of each being. Some have more (those whose vibrations and inner harmony is at the lower Chakras levels) and others not as many; yet all beings contain them unless they are really angelic (could also be called Buddhic), at which point they may very well not be visible to our eyes. But we can still hear and feel them. These egos are what really keep us from living/being the sexual union as that ultimate sacred act in honor of our God or Goddess that it is within ourselves. No matter what the ego(s) inside each of us want we cannot attain peace of mind, total enlightenment, if we are not working together as a divine couple, jointly against the dissolution of each other's egos.

It has been known for aeons and still understood by a few today, that sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the universe. It is what fusion (nuclear or other) is all about. It has been the root of man's greatest and, yes, worse deeds. For the energy knows no right or wrong, only what it is and can do when transformed. When a couple sincerely loves each other, and when they will do all that they can for each other, then you have the making for the possible dissolution of egos. For without this common goal how can one partner try and succeed at dissolving an ego, while the other partner takes no interest and may even severely hamper or even prevent the other one from succeeding at the dissolution? The egos (sins) seek only to be the master and control whatever power is given to them. Thus, if the source of power is diverted and focused elsewhere, the feeding stops. Praying is the first step in stopping this. Couple practice is the next when at all possible.

By working in unison, a couple will find that they start to become more tuned into each other and on the same wavelength or path. They start to focus more clearly on common issues, goals and lessen the egoic process within the couple. There is less control of one over the other, less dominance over various matters, less dis-harmony in the 'partnership', and greater joy in all that is done as a couple and family. Instead of having egoic reactions bouncing back and forth in their communication, they have harmony in a common goal of dealing with a given ego. To succeed, each partner must really want to be all that they can be and have this goal in focus always. Not at the expense of another, but in unison with another. All must be harmonious. Remember one loves better and the other loves more. God helps those who help themselves.

When retiring to your sacred space with your loved one, feel the romance of the time and space, not the unbridled passion. See your loved one as a God/Goddess and treat them as such. Jointly decide on which ego you will focus on, for the betterment of the couple/family. This is usually started with the most obvious one that each could easily agree exists. Say whatever prayer you feel most comfortable with and hold each other lovingly. When the breathing of both is one, when the initial passion has transformed to genuine caring and tenderness for the other, then you should agree at that moment on which way to proceed with the actual physical union.

Once united together, stay relaxed and focused on what you seek to accomplish, the understanding of an ego. At this point you may want to do some mantras or some simple breathing in unison. There are many techniques or ways that all of this can unfold in your sacred chamber. You can even have a cup of tea together. Try not to let an ego take over the act or it will assuredly end up being just sex for sex, without any benefit of those energies for the couple/family, but in fact, more often than not, one person stealing the other person's energy. Once you are in harmonious union, start to discuss the situation (ego) that you have agreed upon. Agree between yourselves that neither party will take it as an offense. You are simply trying to discuss an egoic matter in each others loving arms where the ego cannot reach you nor harm you. You are giving each other the security of your love, caring and tenderness, without any battle for control or dominance.

Ask each other where you think the ego (learned reaction) first came into your life and what affect it had on you then and over its evolution. Refer to Ego Busting page. While in your state of union remember to breath deep and pull the energy up from the gonads to the pineal gland, this will have some interesting effects on you and you will definitely approach the ego with a clearer understanding. Remember to maintain the loving caring tender attitude to each other for the 'gnosis' of the situation.

This process will in effect re-energize your body and raise your consciousness, provided that you do not simply finish the act in the so-called 'normal way'. Doing so, will take all the energy that you have been cultivating and dissolve it outwards. Tantric sex tries to send the energy inwards and upwards to where it can best be used.



Torment, Psychological

In revolutionary psychology, we learn that we have a finite need to change - a definite problem that must be faced and dealt with. In cultural cosmonology, we find that this same problem to be faced is our final test at seeing our true inner being and knowing that we are totally loving and not just playing psychological cat and mouse games. The egos (sins of the bible a.k.a. learned behavior patterns that are bad) have their root in all that chaos. These egos are fighting for their survival and well do all they can to hold onto whatever little bit of thread to our mind that they can grasp, even if it is very weak. For they are the master of deceit, and know how to really play our emotions and nerves like a fiddle. They are going to do what they want and feel that nothing can stop them.

Unfortunately for us that is true, as we do not really understand how to dissolve them, nor do we know how to love them; which we must do in the final show-down as they are a part of us and have pushed us to be who we are, good or not so good. In the day to day affairs of life, we do so many things mechanically that it is almost impossible to become cognizant of who is doing what and why inside of us. It is our automatic reactions that where programmed into us as our psychological song and that program just keeps on running. When we try to stop the process by some other means than love, we just start a vicious circle of fear, anger, hate, etc. that gets us feeling worst than before, so we start to feel bad for ourselves and thus our self esteem suffers, etc. We just keep feeding our dislike of ourselves and when this happens our narcissism which is evil, increases. Thus we have created a circle or cycle of torment. If I had not done that, then this would have been better; if I had tried this first then it would have been better; if I try that now then maybe it will be better. On and on we go in an endless circle of doubt (thus fear) self pity (thus anger) and hate (of ourselves).

But your poor old soul did nothing to deserve hate towards it. It did not cause nor feed nor encourage this process of cause and effect until you disliked yourself, more than before. Why? It is always lack of love for who and what you are. Preference to torture yourself and feel bad for yourself, so that you can get yourself back into the circle of feeding the ego to disliking yourself even more and on it goes. So what happens when you have a good knowledge of what your egos are, where they hide and when you have so thoroughly understood them that you are now ready to kill them off and how?

Which ever method you use, your torment of yourself will be a test, for as you seek that inner peace and enlightenment you will find yourself going through a doorway on total calm and bliss, only to come face to face with all the monsters of the egos that were ever  inside of you. You will have to decide how to act upon them and how to get rid of them forever and ever. If you do not know love, pure and unconditional; if you do not know unselfishness for all; how will you get past these monsters of your own minds creation and life's karma? Try and proceed ahead to their total annihilation, without first giving them the kiss Judas gave Jesus before he denounced him to the soldiers. They need to know that you love them no matter what the outcome for them. And then they can die and become the pure child like virtue, that they were always want to be, but where never taught to be.

Truth or Consequences

There are times when we need a reality check to help us focus on what is really going on. We can easily turn away from our goal of consciousness (also known as universal truth), for when we wake up to ourselves, when we wake up to all that is going on around us, then we can say that we have attained our goal, made ourselves aware of what and who we are, found the Gnosis of ourselves, the truth of our universe, weather it be a small part, or a larger part that is all around us. 

The truth is the truth, but is sometimes treated as being different things, depending on which angle we are looking at it from and what it is we are really looking at. However, the profound reality of it does not change and it is what it is, when you see all sides.
We can look on the surface of it or we can look and look all around hoping to find what we are looking for, our image of the truth, and our belief of it as the truth. But we cannot create something that is not there. We can allow our egos to create an image or a view of something that is or can be considered as the truth, for it actually covers up the reality with a smoke screen. Thus what we have is known as the truth from the egoic side of the coin. That is to say, when it all comes down to the bottom line, we have two sides to each coin of truth, the egoic material side and the spiritual metaphysical side.

Which one is right? Both of them are. For anyone can see and understand and believe either side as being the real truth. You could argue a case for each side and each side would win. Why? We live in a realm of levels and degrees, in our world of dualities. While everything is easy and simple, things are usually black or white, thus dual for each side. If you only look at the front of the picture you will not believe the back and if you only look at the back of the picture, you will not believe the front. Thus, two ways of looking at something, leading to two realities and two truths. But which one is the real one? They both are and are not. For they each have their truth based in their vision of what is seen and understood, that is on only half the picture.

Enter universal truth and consciousness.

If you allow yourself to look at all the picture, from all sides and angles, you will see that there is more to it then just the two pieces, you will see the depth that was not there before. For all things are made up of a multi layer process, that can be easily captured by our intuitive sense. Remember now the process of cause and effect that so nicely describes how things usually come to be in this life. If you examine the picture keeping this in mind and asking why to the various processes, then you will come across the only truth that can be for such and such a situation, given all the variables. This situation would in fact be the total cause of what was and is the truth at hand. It may not be very pretty in some instances and it may in fact be very ugly, but it is the truth and the whole truth. So if you really want to know, ask and someone will answer, and do not be afraid, for if you miss it this time around, it will keep coming back until you can get it right. For the consequence of ignoring, refusing to look at or refuting the ultimate truth of a situation, is that, you will re-live and re-live the situation in the same or slightly variable forms until it is understood. So don't worry if you miss it the first time around, you can catch it the second time, just as long as you do not mind repeating history over and over, sort of like 'Ground Hog Day' the movie where at 6 am it was always the same day over and over, until he woke up to the truth of what was really happening.

Also, remember that unless we see and experience the truth of what is going on, we can end up with a repetition of the programming that is handed down from one generation to the next, with all the same situations and pre-programmed meanings. If we choose not the see what is there, then it, with the help of Fate will choose how to best show us what it really is. Remember the universe is perfect and knows how to teach us learn. It all has to do with Love and God, the ultimate consequences of the truth.

With these two aspects gnawing at us from inside, then we will not seek the truth ourselves and just continue to live the lies that we have been for generations and thereby feeding into the system of evil, for it is devoid of the real truth and only wants it's version. Any justification comes from avoiding the ultimate truth and simply saying that there are many truths to this and that. The consequences are then that we just continue to live as our egos dictate and perpetuate the power of evil from within.






Introduction  2

In the Beginning  3

Here and Now   7

What Jesus Really Said  10

The Ten Commandments. 16

Sayings from Jesus  18

The Revelation  37

Varia  43

Fate as Karma and Karma as Fate  44

The End  47

Love  49

Epilogue  51



Just because you do not believe something does not mean that it is not true mostly because things are not always as they appear to be. Sure writing something as profound as this needs to be dealt with carefully, I love God and Jesus with all my heart and soul, so I do not want to write anything that will offend them, and more to the point, set me up for some wicked Karma, I am tired of it and Fate taking it's toll. Aren't you?


With some humor we can start on a light note that will not get us perturbed about it all, as life is so beautiful and such a wondrous experience, we just need to see it with more conscious eyes than we have in the past. History is fraught we garbage of things that we don't even know that we don't know. Yet if we just adhere to that false sense of beauty and think it will all work out, without humor, then we may either ignore our soul's growth or at worst drive ourselves crazy. Look around you, really look into the heart and souls around; what do you think has been going on for the last two millennium.


So let's take a journey back to Jesus and his time, and see what happens when we use our modern language to re-interpret what he said using our neuro-linguistics and all the new found data that has been uncovered since then, and more to the point the data that is now being shared but that was once kept away, secret, from the masses as we slowly turned our brains to mush and killed each other, not so much with objects, but with the total lack of respect and love (which is God the creator) for each other. We are not just talking about country-to-country, or state-to-state, we are talking about brother to sister and husband to wife with parents to child as the worst. There is a reason this all happens and you are the cause of it.


(But first let us do a little cosmonology for the uninitiated).

In the Beginning


God the Creator made the heavens and earth, so please stop mixing up the Gods or deities that are manifestations of virtues and called God(s, desses) by many. The creator God has a different name as the root of sound, so we will call the creator God 'OM' so as not get it mixed up. This is a good example of neuro-linguistics 101.


So as we accept 'OM' as having made all of this, we then see the evolution of our part of the universe as a growth from one source, sort of a transformation by transmutation. However, we can surely accept that 'OM' has a hierarchy that was set in place in order to make it all work well, and given that 'OM' is love, unconditional, ultimate truth and conscious, 'OM' wants us all to be as such, just as Jesus the Christ and others from other regions (that were all born on Dec 25th) became. Seeing life as a beautiful game that has only one rule, the Law of One God 'OM' then we can rest easier, at least not having to see all the other laws as 'OM' made, but rather homemade (manmade). That one law of one God has been translated into all languages and is the greatest beauty of our existence, but so few of us even get close to living it. That law is known as, unconditional, ultimate truth, conscious LOVE. Just what Jesus was trying to get us all to see and be, and we crucified him in the process. No LOVE there.


'OM' decides that with the angelic world already working from the Mysteries of Light that they need to be allowed to transform (that is transform the primal energy 'OM' created) in their own way, and off they go doing all sorts of highly enlightened things that we can only contemplate in our universe and that we can clearly see in the minute details of all organisms. In the first run at things here on earth, it was easy for the students (yes students of 'OM', just as we are all learning, so do the angelic ones) to just transform energy into a molecular form of chaos that would further be transformed into a cellular world, like that of the physical form of the planets and the mountains, trees and all organisms. Of course there are what we would call science competitions in the angelic world with everyone learning from each other and sharing the results. Those more advanced would be copied and those more imaginative would bring in the evolution of organisms as they are transformed into higher or more refined organisms. Never would it be the blind leading the blind as we see so often on earth.


Once they developed good working things like trees and plants etc. they decide that from these models to try and make animals, that is to say, entities that are like the trees in cellular but that can actually move. Sort of like working with a Lego construction set and making it mechanical working. So off they go and all over the cosmos each group (yes they all work as what we know as soul-groups) worked on making some animal forms.

It was a smashing success as they made those giant dinosaurs. 'OM' was happy to see the angelic squad having fun transforming, after all they where the first children of 'OM'. It was like us watching our own children, discover and make something as they evolve.


Of course we all know that those dinosaurs did not have big brains, in that the neuro complexities like we have inside of us had not been developed yet, so they had only a sort of mechanical computer processor to work with. We guess 'OM' must of felt like Bill Gates did when he was making computer history. Anyway, the brains would have to be worked on, but the bases were there. As the angelic group was androgens and they were working with energy that is plus or minus, they made the dinosaurs male and female as they had yet to figure out how to copy themselves therein. This would later lead to how we are today, Ying and Yang, plus or minus in energy terms.


Now in that space and time there was free will in the angelic state that is to move around and go to and fro. They would visit each other at the various schools and find out what they were up to, to compare notes as it goes. Of course they would move from one place to another faster than the speed of light, visiting the various planets in the various solar systems, within various dimensions, knowing where home was in a flash. This was the first wave that came to earth, as we know it.


Each of the planets that have been transformed into a solid form with an animal kingdom  (this was the second wave) was the favorite place to visit and play. Yes, they played with them as they were angelic and could not be harmed, or so they thought, but watch what happens, boy of boy, did they get into trouble.


When we play it is fun, it is part of our humor and our growth. But we can also do too much of something and thus create problems that we are unaware of, at the time of having fun. That is exactly what the angelic ones did. They were able to enter into the animal's brains, which was basically a mechanical nervous system, override it and drive them like robot of sorts. They loved it and would have competitions with each other as do who would out-do whom. 'OM' of course would laugh at the antics of the children just as we love to see our own children having a good and fun time. What they miss calculated in their playing was time, which did not exist in the angelic state, but did in the state of material, impermanent things, trees, flowers, and of course dinosaurs. Too much time was spent inside those brains, running around, and more to the point, chasing and killing one another; not as angelic ones who could not feel but through the animals. They rutted with each other and started to acquire a sense of what the physical form was. This chasing, rutting and killing of each other would draw a lot of their energy out of them. It would zap their energetic strength and make them weak. By now you can perhaps guess what happened. They got a real good taste for the physical senses and wanted more. Greed was starting to become part of them from this animal state.


In another part of the universe, in let us say a larger part of the solar system, one of the groups managed to blow up their experiment and send the pieces of the planet flying throughout space and crashing into earth, killing everything on it. Oh well back to the drawing board, which by now was going to include a lot of new animals that they could play with. Some of their own designs and others from the other groups or schools other than just the dinosaur group. But there was still an issue of those angelic ones having lost there wings and needing to be re-charged, re-energized to get them back.


When the third wave of physical forms came along, we were introduced to the first of what was called hyperborean. These Neanderthal types were large as the dinosaurs so they were able to match them with the apes (when the experiments where starting to be downsized and refined), creating what we really know as the Neanderthal man. Of course back then as with all things, there was an evolution that would come about as the organism adjusted itself to all the cosmic energies that surrounded it and as the angelic ones still enjoyed there space travels, they would now have a even bigger and more refined selection of physical forms to play with. That is really to say, that they could enter into and control it just as they did with the dinosaurs. At this point there was no soul inside theses physical forms, just a biological mechanism that was subject to the dimension of time, that is to say that would decay if not used for something else in the meantime, like food. 


Well as can be expected the angelic ones got carried away as they did before playing around inside these physical forms and the more they played the weaker their reasoning became as they used up most of their energy to play games and rut which took more energy out of them than they could spare. As with all abuses of things they managed to get themselves stuck within the brain of these forms and became un-conscious enough that they could no longer extract themselves. Thus we see the first souls occupying the human form, as we now know it. Unconscious, because they where almost energy dead, as they were not like the energizer battery. But they did act like an energizer rabbit, doing it and doing it, draining even more energy.


A cosmic council of higher enlightened ones choose the course of action that remains with us today, and some of us even say that haunts us, rebirth to get ourselves unstuck from within, from the physical form. Yet knowing 'OM' as the unconditional love, ultimate truth and consciousness 'OM' is, it was a way to 'unstick' the angelic ones so that they could go home and be with 'OM' once again. Without the proper and adequate energy vibrations the angelic ones would not be allowed back into their specific levels in worry of what would happen, but more so in worry of contaminating the others. So they condensed their seed of the creator (which all souls have, sort of like a homing device back to 'OM') in order to awaken it slowly (requiring less energy) and grow it inside for the journey back home. As the Mysteries of Light has it own laws of 'OM', they where given and placed into motion a specific set of instructions, from 'OM' to guide us along, which we will discuss later in the book as 'Karma and Fate'.


As this process was very slow and the angelic ones were still stuck in vibrating at lower levels, the cosmic ones decided to send a fourth wave that would be more like the physical shape of the apes, and separated as to their sex as this would require less energy to work with. This group would become to be known as the Lemurians and would attain great levels of vibration, yet not enough for an easy return home. After all part of their reason for being was to help out their fellow angelic ones that were now stuck inside ape shape bodies. They kept a lot to themselves as they vibrated higher and higher, yet still not attaining perfection of the soul's awakening. They were missing a lot of the Law of One within themselves, as Love is 'OM', and love conquers all, but here on earth it requires time, which they had trouble grasping as they did not fully remember all of their past, as it required too much energy and the cosmic ones worried about contaminations so 'Fate' played a big role at this time, and even more so today.


Things were getting unbalanced for the cosmic energy of 'OM' and we see at this point that the cataclysmic action of the great flood wiped them it all out with only the once Neanderthal, (who became ape that was now mostly in the present human forms we see), remaining. It was progress as they had started to evolve into more rational and less energy using shapes. However, as they still went through the process of procreation by fornication, the enlightened ones knew that it would be Aeons before they would ever get themselves unstuck. What to do? And so a fifth wave was setup. But this time it would not be a wave that would take place of the existing ones or even evolve it on the biological level; it would be one that would help out with the brain, soul awakening by sharing cosmic knowledge. The Lemurians had come in with that knowledge, but managed to undo it with the copying of procreation by fornication, thus the infamous 'eve eating the apple' before the flood of Noah.


This wave was the emissaries of the Mysteries of Light. They did not come in droves but in a limited number as they were 'pure souls' on a sort of mercy mission. They brought most of the esoteric knowledge that we have been using, that is to say mostly miss using since our written history has begun. They were the ones that helped the Mayas, Incas and Aztecs with their calculations and pyramids. They gave the keys of this knowledge to the Egyptians as well. (Other places have also been known to have received this enlightenment). Through all of this many managed to vibrate high enough that they no longer needed to reincarnate and today live in paradise awaiting a better 'season' to return, play and have fun. They also run things on the physical earth with help from the other dimensions.




Here and Now


And God gave his only begotten son to save us from our sins.


So here we are some five to ten thousand years later, after the emissaries dropped off a lot the information to help us out, and look around and decide if you think we are 'getting it'. The clearest lines, which are also quite obscure at times, that we have are those of post Egyptian time with a number of things predating it, but we will pick things up from the post.


Organized religion was not as such back then as we have today. In those days they

believed in 'OM' as in one God. However, much of what has been translated has had a number of fatal problems to it, such as the use of the words. God, Lord, Father, Creator, Christ etc has been a neuro-linguistic nightmare, especially when working with all the more Eastern languages. For sure throughout antiquity all groups said prayers to the God of this and the God of that, meaning in all cases, the manifestation of 'OM' in that way. This is the use of the word God in God's specific aspect of contemplation, not in the sense that there is a multitude of Creator Gods. This has lead to so much distain from one cult or religious group to another. It has been used as the justification of wars and strife since the beginning, and yet it is all over a miss understanding of using the words. Or is it?


Moses was the first that most of us know of as he is quoted so often in just about all-religious circles and with the Old Testament, that covers a major part of all the people on earth. The major part is that all call themselves human beings, yet are continually at war with each other. Why? Well when Moses brought the people out of Egypt, he not only brought them but he brought God, Jehovah with them. The interesting point here is that while it was never explained to us in Sunday school, or growing up, Jehovah was known at the time in Egypt as the God of War, thus the manifestation of 'OM' in the war mode, or as we read in mythology 'Mars' the God of war. So while Moses has the one Creator God, which all will agree was meant, it was a God of Wrath and a God of War. Moses by the way was a general in the Egyptian army. In any case now we can understand a little clearer how the Old Testament has been in much distaste with a 'seemingly' wrathful God. Moses while leaving for the Promised Land had been at Onement with 'OM', that is to say he attained total enlightenment. He had awakened the seed of his soul within him and attained the gnosis of the Mysteries of the Light. The ways and methods of this attainment were known to the Egyptians and had become known to Moses. This gnosis is also part and parcel of what is to be found in the Arc of Covenant. When Moses received the Ten Commandments, he received them from a war God and not from 'OM' who is unconditional love, ultimate truth and consciousness. So in fact while 'Love' or 'OM' is the highest law of all, we have a number of man made laws, or shall we say, laws of 'OM' that have been miss interpreted by man. Such as, 'Thou shall not Kill' is in fact 'Thou shall not commit murder' which in neuro-linguistics is a slight yet significant difference. We will also see how 'Thou shall not commit adultery' has been miss explained and thus miss understood. Weather this was slight errors by translators and scribes, or meant to be by those in authority who canonized it all, is not up to us to judge, but it is up to us all to understand the differences, to figure it all out so the homing beacon inside of us can help us get back home. Moses as such was a master of the Mysteries of the Light and was trying as hard as he could to help his people out. That is what the emissaries are all about, helping mankind. So in fact Moses, as well as, those who came before and after him are all emissaries of the Mysteries of Light, as they had attained 'consciousness'. The problem arises when people take things out of context and miss interpret or miss translate what was said and meant.


This takes us back to the infamous 'neuro-linguistics'. Within all the teachings of Jesus the one Christ, from whom so much has been learned of 'Love', we have miss understood that, he as a master emissary, as a Son of 'OM', totally conscious and awaken to the Mysteries of Light brought the fact that it is Love and not sex that our awakening is all about and needs to be clearly understood. He attained the keys, the gnosis of the cosmos and life itself, yet he was not able to explain it clearly to all, as most would not listen to those types of discussions, yet his apostles knew and shared what they could with whom they could. The Mysteries of the Light can only be unlocked with those keys and it is only though following his path and praying to God that we can attain consciousness. Buddha knew this, Moses did and so did Mohammed.


What his path is has been written of in the New Testament with one main key missing to understanding, from the keys that St.Peter holds in his hand is that 'OM' is Love, unconditional, ultimate truth, consciously. You see, when we use a God of War, with wrath and the like, it is very hard for us to focus on Love and on all the aspects pertaining to Love. We are too busy being afraid of God and trying to run and hide, protect ourselves or worst, just deciding that it is easier to ignore God. But when we go back and re-read all those sacred texts etc. with a God of Love 'OM' in our mind and heart and soul, we start to get a clearer picture of what was and is going on. Coupled with that is the following that clarifies it all. As we mentioned before, the angelic ones that started all of this down here used up a lot of energy as they fornicated for procreation, and this just lead to rutting for the pleasure of it and not for anything sacred or really loving. In order for them to raise their consciousness they needed to work correctly with the energies and transmute or transform them in a most virtuous manner. An orgasm expels a lot of energy unnecessarily. The ovum is ten thousand times the size of a sperm and both are magnetically charged, one plus one minus, so no need to orgasm for men, nor for women to open the cervix.


What we now have is this main reason for the downfall of man, that is to say, the downfall of our angelic innateness of long ago. We are stuck inside of these bodies, evolving downward, as we are not raising our consciousness towards God, 'OM' via any of the messiah's paths that came along the point out the way and help us. They tried desperately to get us to understand that working with the sexual energies is of the utmost importance. Just review any material from the Taoist on the Ancient Art of Healing, most of which is over 5000 years old, and you will get an even clearer picture (and some practices) that will introduce you to it all. In essence what Jesus was trying to clearly point out was that with the proper use of Love and the sexual energies, we can attain what is known as the Christification of our soul. That is to say that we can become totally awaken and totally conscious to the gnosis of ourselves, as well as to the cosmic truths. 


When the elders of authority put all the sacred writings together, they did not, or choose not to include a number of texts that have survived in one form or another and that have just started to see the light of day for the masses. But as with all things esoteric or of a soul growth nature, not all want to believe nor understand what is going on. The short of it is that we are not really looking, fighting with courage to get back to our angelic nature and be all that we can be for ourselves and for God, 'OM'. We are just staying put, living the narcissism that we developed and thus directly saying from deep within, that I am God and the real 'OM' does not exist.


We all have the free will to live as we so choose, and if we want only to live a certain manifestation of God, that is o.k. Yet as we survey all that is going on around us, in every country and home, we see that these manifestations are mostly devoid of 'OM' as the evilness (just the lack of acting as 'OM') is occupying more of our minds than anything Loving, conscious or truthful. No wonder the Mysteries of the Light have been lost to most of us, we are lost to ourselves, and don't even know that we are lost to ourselves. One day, one day!



What Jesus Really Said    

Let he who has ears hear, let he who has eyes see. Consciously.


There is enough material today that exists explaining that in the way most of us have interpreted his sayings we have missed out on the Love and sexual energy aspect. They were most likely never exposed to it so in fact, they would not have been able to decipher what it was and is going on, homicide of our soul, by our own mind and thus by ourselves. 


Jesus never told us to have wars, to do negative things, nor did Moses or any of the others. It is all manmade and thus not cosmic truth, not unconditional love for sure, and most of all not even close to consciousness. He told us everything about love, compassion and all the others virtues of being conscious. He gave us the keys to our sexual energy as the gateway to heaven, which is consciousness, truth and Love, 'OM'. He tried to wake us from our sleep, he tried to help us understand that we are the dead and the dead are the living. Being dead we have the gnosis, until we are re-born physically and then 'Fate' must give us a cup of 'forgetting' what is in between lives so that we can handle being here. Yet we don't even come close to that, as we are all just waiting to die and the paradox is that we don't really want to die, we fear it.


In his sermons, he told us again and again, that we must die and be reborn in order to be saved. He was talking of the death of our egos and reborn of our virtues, with the key being our own sexuality. Stop fornicating and learn to work with the most powerful of all cosmic energy, sexual energy, was his cry, as he came but with the sword of truth representing the dissolution (destruction) of the egos. We have all asked the same questions of ' where was Jesus for those missing years', and if he did not disappear but was resurrected, what happened.


Well to start, he was traveling and learning all the Mysteries of the Light, from the emissaries that are all around us. You probably met one and did not even realize it. He acquired the 'enlightenment' that the wise ones talk so much of. He became a Son of God, as all souls have the right from 'OM' to become. He did the work and he became all he could be. Hard? You read and decide if it was worth it for him, and if you answer anything but 'yes it was worth it', then you better have a good lawyer when your next 'in-between-lives' comes around as you will need one for that judgment day. Remember that ignorance of the law is no excuse, down here or up there, as it is above so it is below.


When he died and came back, he explained all of the process etc to the disciples on Mont Olive. He told them about all the Mysteries of the Light and they all wrote the stuff down, but no one wanted it published. That is to say the writings of the apostles after the ascent were not included in the canonized sacred writings. These manuscripts were left to the so-called 'underground' as witnessed by the Nag Hammadi Papers etc. A great translation and exposure of all of this was in the form of 'Pista Sophia Unveiled', which gives a detailed explanation of what the cosmos is all about and how our souls are received upon the physical death, how our souls are judged by the hierarchy, and how we are exposed to the Mysteries of the Light and then based upon the Karmic re-balancing, reborn again. Sounds like fun, and it is. We just don't have a very good sense of humor like 'OM' does. 'OM' loves us and wants us to be all that we can be, just like 'OM' wants all energies created to be that. Bad or evil things are just an absence of 'OM' in the picture and, with 'OM' all things are possible. We have the freewill to prove it; too bad we don't make proper use of it. Jesus was trying to help us all awaken to who we are. He wanted us to stop being unconscious and just letting Fate and the hierarchy, (because of our Karma and rutting)  control us via our egos and died to forget us of our sins, that is he paid the penitence that we all had to due to our Karma.


The hierarchy was both that of the cosmic Aeons and that of the earthly domain. In his day Jesus was a learned Rabbi and he was conscious of all that was going on. When we read those things he talked about after the ascent, we realize that heaven and earth are at one here, if we can become conscious and awaken our sleeping soul that is. Earlier when we talked about how we fell into a deep sleep and have been trying to get out of it, we cannot just walk back to the inner worlds, paradise and act if nothing was. We would contaminate the other energies with our unbalanced energy. Only through the path of 'Christ' which is part of all religions world wide, just under another name, can we de-contaminate ourselves and be welcomed consciously back into the group.


Jesus was sharing all of this information with us and more openly with those that would listen, as many listen, but not all hear. He was aware of all the problems of the society and hierarchy of the time and was working to set things right as was his mission in life. Those that would listen understood this and they in and of themselves made a life mission of it as well. For without a purpose and mission in our life, we are like a boat in water without any oars and the waters or Fate of life drifts us here and there. At that time, some knew the secrets of sexual energy, but they would keep it to themselves and for their own little groups, as it was knowledge and knowledge was power, which they guarded jealously. With Sodom and Gomorrah as examples of sexual abuse, it was not easy to talk openly of working with sexual energies in order to raise consciousness. In most cases it was matched to the Ten Commandments and interpreted as going against what God wanted. Yet with the commandments being below the Law of One 'OM' which is Love, they were tainted with mankind's definitions.


'Though shall not commit adultery' is more of adulterating our soul by defiling it with the things we think and say, with the lack of respect for ourselves and thus by default, for others. As in we cannot respect someone more than we respect ourselves, the psyche cannot process that type of information, as it does not balance with our 'morals and beliefs'. Most assuredly there are manmade laws that we need to help with social order, as the egos of one easily wants things their own way. Yet these laws would never over-ride the bases of the Law of Love. As Jesus said to us, there is no one that can stop another person from awakening his or her soul for any reason. If the two that are together are not working with God in the picture, that is to say with 'OM' as unconditional, truthful, conscious love, then they are not in fact married in the eyes of 'OM'. If one in fact leaves the other because of this, then that is not adultery, that is growth of the soul for the sake of the soul. This is something that only the conscious soul can understand.


'Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife etc', is from a society were the wife was property. Jesus never said anything about a female being less than a male. He knew that for complete awakening and consciousness it takes the two energies to fuse as one and make a whole. Coveting is part of our egoic traits that want and want, not because we work for it etc, but because we an envious, jealous of what the other has, and we want it. Think about the fact that there are about 1.5 women to each man on earth and you will understand that things are in balance if we are working on awakening our soul. Thus, from one life to the next, we can find ourselves being reborn as a man or a woman, depending upon our own karmic rebalancing that needs to be done.


He taught us that in dealing with the sexual energies, it is the ego of lust that impedes us the most. This ego is the root of all our other egos that we created when we went brain dead back in the pre-human days when we were riding inside the animals etc. He knew that unless we 'know ourselves' that is to say all the egoic makeup and dissolve it, we would not 'know the Gods', which is not 'OM' but the manifestations of our own awaken soul. With Fate in charge of us having to pay penitence, that is to re-balance that which we unbalanced, and the hierarchies down here trying to control us mostly for their own gain, we are at the mercy of it all, unless we awaken as Jesus tried so hard to get us to understand, our souls consciously, to 'OM'. When we awaken we in fact start to transcend what is going on and happening to us as we become aware of our own real truths and can in fact voluntarily, consciously pay retribution for those things that we are tied to with Karma.


Jesus was not going to allow all of this to happen to us and his mission was to die for our sins, that is to die so that we would have a better chance at awakening our souls and Fate would not have as strong a control over us. This would also be reflective of what was happening in society, with the elders controlling the masses and not allowing them to reach their full potential, as it had been in the time of early Egypt who had the gnosis of all of this.


In essence what he was extolling to us was that Love is 'OM' and with consciousness of love and becoming truthful to our soul's growth and living it all as unconditional love, then and only then will we be able to be all that we can be, will we be able to grow into the understanding of the gnosis of ourselves, with the sexual energy of love as being the catalyst that keeps us loving and aware. When we transcend the ego of lust to the virtue of chastity, we start to understand that it not the physical interaction between two people that causes the problems, it is what the (egoic) mind thinks it wants and then plays games to get it. When we start to understand that the ego of lust is controlling us and 'leading us into temptation' weather it be for the want and desire in the senses (orgasm), or for the power over others, we start to unveil the hidden greatness of our soul that seeks expression. Throughout the ages we have seen examples of this paradox, and thankfully for the Masters, we have seen what it can attain, enlightenment and total cosmic harmony with 'OM', not to mention with our brothers/sisters and our spouses.


When one person attains enlightenment, it is to the benefit of millions, if not billions of beings that are asking the questions and looking for the answers. Yet, with the incessant pulsation of lust or what we like to call 'love' working it's way within the egos of our psychological characteristics and behaviors patterns, we are not strong enough to awaken from within. We seek only the gratification of the moment without regard for the process we are doing or for our mission, if we have one. Yet if we just still the mind long enough to look at what the emissaries of the Mysteries of the Light were doing and try to emulate them just a little bit, then with that 'faith of a mustard seed' we will start to grow into the magnificent tree that we can all be. Free will allows it to be so, or not.


Just as we did not learn those things, we realize that our parents, the schools, the system were missing so much that we could have had to help us grow. The courses and learning we did were mostly for the benefit of the system the way it was setup and run for such a long time, with just about everyone agreeing that there are major problems therein and nobody really trying to do anything about it. This in and of itself is as Jesus explained the rulers of the Aeons above that are in fact here and now. We give ourselves over to their control, making ourselves believe that all will be ok, that it will all get better and work out the way it should. What Jesus told us is that the way it should is 'thy will be done' of the father in heaven, the conscious part of our being, not those who will control others for a penny paid or whatever price they can get them for.


When we look around ourselves at all those that we sense and know who have sold themselves short, we can be comforted that Fate will be rebalancing and helping them the way the Karmic order has been setup. However, this does not in and of itself ever lead to consciousness or the saving of our soul. It leads us into temptation to see if we woke up or if it hurts enough to wake ourselves up, but it does not save our souls. Only our awakening from within can do that, and if not then we will no longer live as a soul, here or anywhere else, we will be swallowed back into the primordial chaos never to be again. This for some is ok, as they will justify doing what they want till the end. Their egos have sold their minds on the fact that they are the masters of their Fate and nothing else exists. Yet what the egos did not tell them, and what Jesus told us after his ascent, which has been kept away from us, is that the process is not that simple, as energy has to be rebalanced by energy. So on our way to primordial chaos, we will find that we are going to be subjected to a lot of things that we could not have fathomed, for if we knew about them we would have woken ourselves up.


These things are in many ways much of what we live here and now. So many would turn around and just say that they will get better, stronger than the next person and step on them if they have to. Yet, this is just what the system (those stronger than us and there always are) wants of us, to keep the others down at our level, for they have their own people and their own ways of allowing some to the top. We lived pains of our growing up and nurturing, when it was done without 'OM'. We lived temptations as teenagers and young adults without 'OM', and they still haunt us for most of our lives, even when we succeed in repressing most of them most of the time, sooner or later we must face our own demons of our egos. We live pains of trying to create a life within a system that just wants us to 'tow the line' and not 'rock the boat', leaving us empty inside, knowing that something is lacking and just saying, oh well at least I am better than the next person. Are you really? We live pains of relationships and of the family making that stays with us always, for we found lies to replace 'truth' and 'hate' to replace 'love', as 'OM' was missing in the picture. For those with money, they can buy some softening to all of this, but as they all know they cannot buy happiness. Thus, the saying 'better to be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy' came into being with everyone being more concerned with being materially rich instead of being spiritually rich.


Jesus told us many times and ways, that we cannot be a servant to two masters. We cannot serve materialism and spiritualism at the same time. We are either of our soul or of our body, and when we look all around it is easy to see the answer. Even the have not, have in relation to their situation that they were put into by Fate and thus by their own Karmic deeds. And with Jesus telling us 'it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich person to enter heaven' he meant it. The material wealth becomes our master and precludes us from awakening ourselves; unless we set out to be wealthy and then give it all over to others to sustain us as we work on ourselves to awaken, as we are not really interested in what so many call the unknown things. Thereby, we just give our lives over to Fate to do, as it will. At this point, when we really see the big picture of the world, people have given up so much on their soul's growth and awakening, that it is at the point where, we know it is only Fate doing any work, and desperately trying to help us.


Jesus tried to get us to understand, yet he saw all the problems that would be and how he would have to come back a second time and help us again. Will he come again? For sure! Was he Mohammed? Just one of his manifestations that we still do not understand correctly. When will he come? Well actually he never left, he is still living and breathing in Agartha/Shambala and doing all he can with the other emissaries. If you would like to meet him, you can, all you need to do is go within yourself, awaken your soul and on your way to being all you can be, on your way to being a God (des), you will find him waiting with open arms. If you can't do it that way, then find the 'road less traveled' to Shambala/Agartha, as they are all waiting. Just for you.


We have all been awaiting the Second Coming of Christ. We have all been awaiting a man, a physical being. Why could it not be the mystical person that we all reconnect with, that we reconcile with? As there is the triad, the holy positive, the holy negation and thus the holy reconciliation, why can it not be us reconciling with Jesus in the spirit that he was and still is for us. We will then be able to live his second coming. With the seed of 'OM' asleep inside of us (in psychology known as the Id), 'OM' is awaiting our waking up from our sleep walking in life, to live him just as Jesus did.


The explanations that follow are from having understood the writings of Jesus and the apostles after his accent into heaven. There are two main sources for this, the Nag Hammadi Papers from the Coptic Monks of Egypt and the most important, 'Pista Sophia Unveiled'. The Mysteries of the Light ('OM' and how it all works) are clearly explained there in, but due to the power that it confers to any awaken soul, it was not and is still not widely published. It has been put into the annals of mysticism, which it will remain, until we unveil our own soul, become conscious. Truth is only known when directly experienced, no one is between you and 'OM', never was, is not, and never will be. Investigate it all and you will know that 'OM' is waiting for your homecoming.


I have picked the parts that are the easiest to give the wider view of all the things that are happening when we understand the path of Jesus the Christ as being that of 'White Tantric Sexual Yoga' which has existed since time began, in earthly understanding. It is Love and therefore it is 'OM', conscious, truthful and unconditional. Keep in mind that when they talk of any 'religious types' they are referring to every religion, culture, nation on the bases of the egoic mind and not on the specific religion or culture. Egos are not exclusive to any culture or creed as all of mankind is egoic. It is one God for all and the egos (our inner psychology) are what impair that understanding. One last little note, just because you do not believe it, does not mean it is not true, because things may not always be as they appear to be.


The Ten Commandments.


Do not forget as all things evolve with Love (God, 'OM') so do these.


Deutreonomy 5



1.'Thou shall have none other gods before me'.

As we all have a spark/seed of 'OM' within, we can all become a God (not to be confused with the creator), thus you should hold your Godly spark within when conscious, above all others, above those of other people, know matter whom.


2.'Thou shall not make thee any graven images, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, of that is in the waters beneath the earth'.

Do not make of yourself an image of what 'OM' is in the heaven above, in the earth or waters; for God is within you and when conscious you are in 'OM's' image. 'OM' (the creator God) is the Totality and thus the un-manifested unknown.


3.'Thou shall not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them'.

There is no other God but that within you, to whom you owe service. Once conscious you will understand that you are in the image of 'OM'.


4.'Thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain'.

Jesus is our Lord and is also within us to help with awakening. Do not swear or show vanity in his name.


5.'Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it'.

One day is required for family and communal sacredness and ritual.

'Honor thy father and thy mother'.

Honor your father (the wise of days) who is within you in secret as well as your mother (the divine Kundalini, Pista Sophia) who is within you, here and now.


6.'Thou shall not kill'.

You have no right of judgment to condemn another to death, other than your own egoic sins, which have an energy unto themselves in your mind.


7.'Thou shall not commit adultery'.

It is of lust and can just be from a thought of lust but always against the soul. You are not to be with another married person, unless there is a stoppage of awakening and attaining 'OM', righteously, by their spouse, for the attainment of and the manifestation of 'OM'. 'OM' is the reason we are all here. Marriage is of two souls with 'OM' as the witness. As most marriages are devoid of 'OM' in that it is the ego of the mind that has brought people together, then most marriages are in fact not marriages. Do not fool yourselves and say what God has brought together let no man set asunder, for it was not 'OM' (awaken consciousness, ultimate truth, unconditional love) that brought you together, but rather Fate the cosmic controller over our egos and thus tempting our awakening and our punishments/penitence. 'OM' was really not in the picture for he is not at the church nor in your chemistry, but asleep inside of you waiting to be awaken. Yet within this part lies what is even worst and that is 'fornication' or the sexual act with ejaculation for the pleasure of lust and not for the transmuting of the energies for the awakening of the seed, our soul, within. If 'OM' is not awake within, then 'OM' cannot attend the marriage. It is also when you do things against your soul, when you are acting in a non Godly manner, which then becomes adultery of your mind against your soul's awakening and growth.


8.'Thou shall not steal'.

What is not yours, is not yours, righteously. And this includes another person's energy that our egos can so easily tap into.


9.'Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor'.

You shall not tell a lie, as it is not the truth and thus not of 'OM'. We all have within our living of Fate those energies that are the witness to us and at our judgment day (that 3 day or 72 hours after death) they are the ones that tell of our soul's truth, not the egos. If you tell a secret to three people then they can witness it, but to only one, there is no witness other than the energies and that is only at judgment time. But be sure that they are there.


10.'Thou shall not desire thy neighbor's wife, nor covet his things'.

You shall not be of envy and desire as they are not of 'OM', but of the sins, the egos and thus the evil within.



Sayings from Jesus         

and their esoteric meaning referencing 'Pista Sophia Unveiled'.


 S.Matthew 4.


'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God'.

While the physical body needs bread, the daily bread is the hearing of words from God. As we transform ourselves into our Godliness, it is we with our words that we speak that show others how we are living. Our creator hears all that we say.


'Thou shall not tempt thy God'.

Do not ask proof of God but show God proof of your understanding of God.


'Thou shall worship the Lord thy God, and him only shall thou serve'.

Once we awaken the seed of God within us, God (witin us) then becomes as our Lord, as in 'Our Lord Jesus Christ' and is the only one unto whom we shall serve. Our awakening and germinating the seed is on the path to our own Christification.


'Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand'.

The kingdom of heaven is within you here and now and it is only by conscious repenting that you will be able to raise your consciousness and enter into it.


S.Matthew 5.


'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.'

The poor in spirit (sadness for the situation of the masses) will find it easier to seek the kingdom then those with riches who seek nothing but riches.


'Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.'

Those who mourn over their own lost soul will find increasing comfort as they find their own inner truths (which is part of the reason they mourn) from an their awaken soul.


'Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherited the earth.'

Those who are meek and not arrogant will find comfort here and now.


'Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.' Those who seek (hunger) for the ultimate truth (righteousness) shall find it and be contented.


'Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.'

What you do to others will be done to you by Fate as the cosmic controller. If you are merciful to another so will others be to you. We reap what we sow.


'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.'

With a pure heart of consciousness, truth and love, God reveals unto you, without it there is no place for God to live within you.


'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God'.

God will only recognize those that are peace loving in his image and not strife makers of any kind.


'Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven'.

When in seeking truthful righteousness we are persecuted because of it, we are granted the kingdom of heaven within ourselves, as righteousness is needed to awaken our soul.


'Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake, for great is your reward in heaven'.

If you are persecuted for spreading the word of Jesus then you are consciously aware and receive the Mysteries of the Light.


'Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled'.

The law is the law and must be fulfilled to the end of time. There are 42 laws as governed by the judges of Karma. They must be obeyed and thus fulfilled, which is why Fate as the cosmic controller is there, to be sure that we rebalance the energies.


'Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart'.

A thought of a lustful nature is the adultery of the soul, as lust is a want of the mind and not a need of the soul.


'Whosoever shall put away his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement', 'saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery'.

Divorce is acceptable if there is fornication (the act of ejaculation during coitus). That is to say if there is orgasm during intercourse. If one or the other is a fornicator then the other has not the possibility of manifesting God within. Thus divorce is allowed.


'That ye resist not evil, but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also'.

Do not give into evil and do not let the evil of another control you. Turn the other cheek with your consciousness as all will have their own judgment day between lives.


'Thou shall love thy neighbor and hate thine enemy, but I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you'.

God loves all the same and you must do so as well, being your own godliness. This will give you a chance to test yourself in life. It is known as the psychological gym of the egos and is the way to allow ourselves to see who we really are inside our minds. For what we see and hate inside our enemies is exactly what we see and hate within ourselves. As we are not conscious of this we need to know ourselves and we will know the Gods. Consciously is the only way out of the trap of the egos.


S.Matthew 6


'When thou doest alms, let not they left hand know what thy right hand doeth'.

Give in secret and let no one know, but God, otherwise you are doing it with pride and vanity.


'When thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut the door, pray to thy Father which is in secret'.

Pray within yourself and not without, for God is within. Only you can do this for no other is between you and God. But do not let the others know per say as they will try to hinder you.


'When ye pray use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do'.

God knows and hears before you say anything. So talk to God as if in a intimate relationship.


'Our father who are in heaven'.

That is our father who is within us in secret even unto us. The seed we need to germinate, to awaken and grow into manifesting God within us.


'Hallowed be thy name'.

Your name is holy as the verb, sound.


'Thy kingdom come'.

When God has been awakened within you.


'Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven'.

God's will of the soul and not your will of the ego or sins. From above, in the consciousness of the soul, so shall it be on earth once we awaken from our nightly sleep and astral travels.


'Give us this day our daily bread'.

Help us to receive and know the words of the Lord (Jesus) and God everyday.


'And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors'.

Forgive us of our mistakes and errors by having mercy upon us as we repent consciously and just as we will forgive others of their mistakes and errors to us.


'And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil'.

Do not allow the egoic sins of our mind to guide us, and help us not to be delivered unto them. Fate is always tempting us and therefore we must be vigilant. Keep us within your good grace, always.


'For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen.'

For God within is the conscious kingdom, which is the power and glory our soul seeks to manifest, as the soul reincarnates from life to life.


'Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, but lay up yourselves treasures in heaven, for where your treasure is, there will you heart be also'.

Do not make a treasure of material things that are impermanent, but of spiritual things that are forever, for your heart will follow that which you treasure and your soul will grow there from. Or not.


'No man can serve two masters…Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat and the body than raiment?'

You can only be of one mind, God or selfishness. So do not be concerned with your daily life of what you will eat, drink or wear. Is life not more than eating and dressing? Meaning your soul and spirit. By first seeking the kingdom of God within, and its righteousness, all these things will fall into place. Your awaken consciousness will guide you.


S.Matthew 7


'Judge not, that ye be not judged'.

As you judge another (without the right to do so) so will you be judged. So be careful with words and thus there neuro-linguistic association. Your ego may call it analysis, or criticism but it may just be judgment. Is that what was meant?


'Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye'.

If you see something wrong in another, do not be so hasty to say he has it and have him remove it, as you have it also, but you will not admit it thus you will never see it, just as all hypocrites are; so remove yours first (become conscious first) and then help your brother. We are reflections of each other in various states.


'Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you'.

By asking questions, by seeking and by ardently praying, all will be made known to you. The first and most important is to know and understand your own psychological mind. That is to become conscious which is what the goal of life is.


'Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets'.

Do under others that which you would have them do unto you, for as the law of Karma requires, so as you do to others, it will be done back to you, tenfold. With this you can very well predict the future from it all.


'Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it'.

Few will understand that the strait is the male and narrow the female, which in unison leads to life. Awakening is done when we follow the path Jesus teaches but which the system hid. Just because you do not believe it does not mean it is not true. St.Peter had the keys, but no one allowed us to use them.


'Beware of false prophets…you shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?'

Those who proclaim to be this or that do that can be proved by what they sow and thus what they reap. Evil sown, reaps evil. Goodliness sown, reaps goodliness. What they are extolling is what will allow us to define the difference.


'Therefore, whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock.'

Listening to Jesus and following his way is like the man building a solid foundation for the house upon solid rock. And that rock is the philosopher's stone, which is the process of unison between the male and female.


S. Matthew 8


'The foxes have holes, and the birds have nests; but the son of man hath not where to lay his head.'

While animals live in a physical setting, the conscious son of man is of pure energy and is not in need of a set place. Once conscious the son of man is not in need of any fixed place.


"Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead'.

With our unconscious soul we are sleep walking and thus 'walking dead'. The sleep walking dead can bury the physical dead as the soul has left and moved on.


'Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith?'

Fear is the strongest manipulating sin/ego that requires great courage of faith to overcome, so why do we not have enough courage to overcome it?


'And he said unto (the devils) Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine; and behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.'

The waters are the sexual alchemy between man and woman and is the way to destroy the herd of 'swine' 'devils' that are actually the egos once they are found and worked on as a couple. Once we see our egos, defects and work with our spouse in the alchemy of sexuality, then and only then can we dissolve them and awaken within.


'And they that kept them fled, and went their ways into the city, and told everything and what was befallen to the possessed of the devils. And, behold, the whole city came out to meet Jesus; and when they saw him, they besought him that he would depart out of their coasts.'

Those who did not remove the 'devils' egos from within themselves ran into their city (where the egos hide out) in a state of fear (as it always happens when the ego feels it is under attack) and told others of their fright. When the others saw Jesus (the conscious light) they also became fearful and asked him to leave. The darkness cannot stand the light and is always afraid of it.


S. Matthew 9


'I will have mercy and not sacrifice; for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance'.

It is not the 'righteous' that need mercy and Jesus would not sacrifice the sinners but would show mercy so they would repent.


'Daughter, be of good comfort, thy faith hath made thee whole.'

Faith and doing in his ways is what make us heal ourselves, as all is inside of us here and now.


'Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you'.

Once touched upon by his grace, we will see that which our faith in him sees. We see what we choose to see, thus we are blind to the level we choose faith and see.


'Then saith he unto his disciples, the harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few'. There are a lot a people that need to be cured with faith, yet there are not many that have enough faith to help in the curing, nor are there many of those that need to be cured who want to do the work that needs to be done.


S.Matthew 10


'Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not; But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.'

It is not the Gentiles or Samaritans that will lack faith in my teaching, to them it is new and they can understand, but to those of the house of Israel who know some of the teachings, they will not have as much faith and must be ministered to. They are too held within the dogmas of the doctrines of old.


'For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.'

When in time of need and with faith, your soul will speak the truth as the ego is no longer.


'And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake; but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.'

Normal people will not accept my teachings and thus will hate you and remove you from teaching the truth; but persistence to the end on my path will lead you to total enlightenment.


'It is enough for the disciple that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord'.

All one needs to do is to copy and emulate the one that they believe in, thus as we copy Jesus our master, we become a servant copying the lord.


'Fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul; but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell'.

The body is temporal and can be killed but not the soul, unless it is given unto the egos/sins and cast into non-repentance. Only God (the creator) can judge to the disposition of a soul. It is primordial energy and under God's creation or destruction.


'Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.'

If you tell of my truths to men, then truthfully you will be in fact having me confessing before our Father (your soul) which is within.


'Think not that I am come to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword'. It is not peace that propels me but the sword of justice which is the sexual union of man and woman, in conscious truth. Peace will not work against egos that are selfish and unconscious.


'And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.'

A man's foes (egos) are within his own household (mind), thus of himself. Likewise the family that we grew up with, those that have many of the same inherited egoic patterns from the parents etc. are foes to our soul's growth. They want to do better than us and thereby pull us into competing on the egoic level and are not interested with the soul's development.


'He that loveth father or mother more than me, son or daughter more than me, is not worthy of me.'

If you have more love for a physical person than for the spirit of God, then you are not worthy of God. If you want more to be with your family (physical) than God, then you are not deserving of God. If your father and mother have more influence on you than Jesus, then you are not worthy of Jesus. If your children are more important than Jesus then you are not deserving of Jesus.


'And he that taketh not this cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me'.

If you do not practice tantric yoga sex as Jesus taught then you are not trying and thus worthy to have him within. The cross is the sacrifice of abandonment into the sexual acts. 


'He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.' The one who says he found life, temporal, shall lose it through death. But he that loses temporal life in the practice of tantric yoga sex (the path of Jesus the Christ) will find his real life. Awaken consciousness.


'He that receiveth you, receiveth me; and he that receiveth me, receiveth him that sent me.'

When you (as a conscious being) are received by someone, they are receiving Jesus within us  and thus are receiving the one from within Jesus, God.


S.Matthew 11


'The blind receive their sight, and the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, and the deaf hear, the dead are raised up, and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.'

Blessed is the person that is not offended by Jesus teachings of white tantric yoga sex, because of the results that it gives over and over to conscious enlightenment. Those who choose not to see what is real and what is not, received their sight of reality. Those that have physical limitations overcome them from the healing power within the work. Those that are unclean due to society and cast implications can be cleaned through Jesus and the work. Those who could not hear the truth, can through Jesus and the path. Those that have been declared dead to their culture can be re-born through Jesus, as all of us sleep walking can. The poor adhering to the path can transcend their plight with the teachings of the gospel.


'For this is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.'

This is Jesus that we were told of, the messenger stands before you and his teachings (of the path) will prepare the way for you to enter within yourself, and become consciously awaken. 


'And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.'

Since the knowledge of baptism by water (tantric sex) till now the kingdom of heaven (the conscious mind) has suffered violence, and those that are violent take the mind of another by forceful means.


'He that hath ears to hear, let him hear'.

The person that chooses with free will to hear the truth, let that person hear the truth.


'I thank thee O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hide these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.'

I thank you consciousness of my mind here on earth in this body, as you have hid things from the wise and prudent (those who believe only in themselves, are full of themselves and call themselves as such) and showed the truth to those who are pure of heart. Those who are selfish and vain will not want to know of tantric sex or use it to control others, those who are conscious and pure will understand as they have not been tainted.


'All things are delivered unto me of my Father; and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whosoever the Son will reveal him.'

I know the truth of the father from my awakened soul within. No one can know the son (me the path) but the Father (the awaken soul part of the creator), nor can they know the soul (the awaken conscious part), except if the path is known to them, and that the awaken soul that is the son (the path) will reveal to them.


S.Matthew 12


'For the Son of man is Lord even of the Sabbath day.'

The path taken by the soul when conscious and enlightened is master of self and follows only unto God and no other. No matter what day it is.


'And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.' Being conscious he could understand what they were trying to do. Every person that lives a divided life (material and spiritual), tries to serve two masters (the egos and the soul) that cannot stand and is brought to desolation. Even within the family the same plight is seen as the egos are trying to control all and the souls of the children are trying to awaken. Thus even the house will not stand.


'He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.' You are part of the solution or part of the problem. If you not gathering for under his name, then you are scattered all around with no fixed place for consciousness.


'Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.'

You can repent and receive mercy for most things, but not for blasphemy against; the energies of man/woman, the Law of Love (the Holy Ghost), God and Jesus the Christ.


'For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.'

You will all be held accountable for all the words and thoughts you have. From your actions you will be given the Fate that is required based on them.


'An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it; but the sign of the prophet Jonas.'

Evil and egoic people seek signs that those of faith do not need to be shown, for as with Jonas faith is of the consciousness found along the path of tantric yoga sex when awakening or resurrecting the soul from within the sleeping state.


'Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked then himself, and they enter in and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation.'

He (the unclean spirit partly removed from within the man) takes the seven sins which are more wick (combined) than it alone (as egos have more strength in numbers) and come back to live inside the man (are feed again by the person) to the point that the person is now worst off than before as they let the sins back in. And this will continue for generations as egos/sins are transferred from one to another.


'For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother and sister, and mother'.

Those who do the same as my awaken soul (Father inside of me) which is within me, are in fact as me as they are the Love that is called God.


S.Matthew 13


'So shall it be at the end of the world; the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked from among the just.'

Just as all men believe that they are good and do no wrong, the day of judgment (each day between lives) is assisted by the angels that process us to the required (awakened) level. Those that understand the Mysteries of the Light (tantric yoga sex) will understand the process of elimination, of the egos/sins. So those that understand go to their 'reward' as people like to call it and those that do not, go to their 'chastisement to pay penitence'. There are levels and levels of consciousness therein.



S.Matthew 14


'And said unto his servants, this is John the Baptist; he is risen from the dead; and therefore mighty works do show forth themselves in him.'

Having raised his consciousness, he was baptized (via tantric yoga sex), and re-born again (risen from the dead that are the sleep walkers). And as such his works show themselves as the truth that they are, mighty.


'And they did all eat, and were filled; and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.'

They learned of the 5 and 2 = 7 chakras, and were fed them (knowledge of them) and they were satiated. Then they had the 12 energies (of our solar system, astrologically) working from the full baskets.


'But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me. And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hands, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?.'

As the egos that are working against our awakening see our advancement, they become stronger, especially when working in the union of the couple. At that moment, invoking the Lord within us, Jesus will save us with our supplications. And Jesus asked 'Thou of little faith, wherefore (where along the path, the practice) didst thou doubt (did doubt enter into you and sink you into the water (sexuality) of the practice/path)?


S.Matthew 15


"This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.'

In as much as you say things of honor and worship, it is that which is in your heart that is the truth. You say this and that but in your heart you believe other things. Your ego controls your words and your soul is left prisoner in your heart. But this is in vain, as what you say from your doctrines is that made of man and not which is of God. The commandments of men are used as the doctrine, not the words of Jesus the Christ and God.


'Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man'.

What and how you eat does not make you known as to who you are but what you say, which is from you mind (egos without the soul) and you will be known of those fruits from your own tree.


'Every plant, which my heavenly father hath not planted, shall be rooted up'.

Only those manners and ways of God that have taken seed in the soul will remain once the 'egos' which is not of God have been uprooted.


'Let them alone; they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch'.

Do not pay attention or waste your time and energy on those who have not eyes to see or ears to hear. Those that follow others blindly without questioning or consciousness are living blindly the doctrines of man and not of God. They will all lead one another into the Abyss.


S.Matthew 16


'A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed'.

This generation that adulterates the teaching of God, that are wicked in their egoic ways, they seek proof as they are not believers of God. Therefore no sign will be given unto them, for the signs are all within the soul (the seed of God) which is asleep within.


'And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-jona; for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.'

You are blessed by Jesus when you understand from within, by your own soul's awakening and not by those things that any man says. Follow Jesus and go and learn what he went and learnt.


'And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock will I build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.'

Peter has the keys to the rock (the Philosophers Stone) of tantric sexual yoga, and within the practice of it with your spouse my church (the New Jeruslem Celest) will be built up which nothing, not even the gates of hell and evil can prevail against as it is the sacredness of God. It is the enlightened Onement with God that nothing can corrupt.


'And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven'.

Jesus gives us the keys to the Mysteries of the Light, and whatever we do within us and bring towards us here and now shall be done to our soul (heaven). And whatever we expel and take out of us shall also be taken out of our soul, which is in heaven.


'But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan; thou art an offence unto me; for that savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men'.

Jesus said to the egos of Peter, get behind me as I am working and helping him and you are not of God and thus you offend God. You wish for and want for in the mind of Peter, those things that are of thoughts, made of men and which are not of God.


'Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me.'

If you want to be like me then you must deny your egoic mind, give up the sexual acts and practice 'tantric sexual yoga' to follow me.


'For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.'

If you try to save your life of the egoic here and now, then you will lose the chance to live your soul; and if you really live your soul from my teachings then with this practice you will truly find and live your soul.


'For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?'

What good are any of the earthly egoic things if you lose your soul's awakening from it? And what will you forgo in order to awaken your soul?


S.Matthew 18


'Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you! how long shall I suffer you!'

Jesus was chastising the generation of people that are perverse in their ways and faithless in his teachings, thus of God. He knew of his ending to come and was angst at suffering the non-believers.


'And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief; for verily I say unto you, If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you'.

You are unbelieving, for with the faith of a mustard seed (which grows into a tree just as the seed of your soul grows into your Godliness), you would practice tantric sexual yoga and with those Godly given powers nothing would be impossible unto you.


S.Matthew 18


'Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh'.

There are offences in the world because of men living as their egos, but those that commit an offence must pay the karmic debt it creates.


'Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven'.

For any two people doing something on earth (with their Godliness) that they ask for, then God which is in their souls will grant it unto them.


'So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses'.

If you forgive all those who have offended you from your heart and not your mind, then you will be forgiven by God, for if you do not then what is required to be paid for each trespass will be extracted. The law is the law and forgiveness commutes some parts of it.



S.Matthew 19


'And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder'.

As God made male and female, they need to leave their parents (sometimes called the servitors of Fate, the controllers) and in tantric sexual yoga practice will become of one flesh. In this the seed of the soul awakens, thus God awakens within, and to this end, what God joins in this practice, no man can take apart.


'He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives; but from the beginning it was not so.'

In the beginning male and female where created and happy in unison, but as the hearts hardened Moses allowed for a 'divorce' in writing, as much for the sake of the women as for helping the men soften their hearts. Conscious attainment of God cannot be stopped by marriage if both are not on the path.


'But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible'.

With man living with his own egoic will much of the spiritual and Godly things are impossible, but in combining all things with the male and female energies awakens our Godliness within and all things are possible.


S.Matthew 20


'Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many'.

Once awaken and enlightened with the truth and Godliness within, the Son does not seek anymore the knowledge but the sacrificing of the 'ego' self for the message (sacred and hidden from most) to be given to redeem all believers of the Mysteries of the Light, from their sins/egos.


S.Matthew 21


'And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of them that sold doves'.

The temple of God is within as and we must remove all the egos that cause us to divert our prayers and meditations towards those things made by man. Unless we overthrow these psychological defects, they will always take us away from our spirituality.


'Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.' 

Inside each of us awaits our Jesus to be resurrected and only with faith in his ways and God can it be done. With 100% faith (believing) and (prayer) practicing tantric yoga sex all is possible.


'And whomsoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder'.

The stone is the philosophers stone of tantric sexual yoga, which if we fall onto it we will be able the break our egos from within, however, if is should fall on us, that is to say if we ejaculate our energies, then we will fall into the abyss.


S. Matthew 22


'And when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man which had not on a wedding garment; And he saith unto him, Friend how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? And he was speechless. Then said the king to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

Once enlightenment is attained through the path of Jesus we are given a wedding of our soul, for the angels and hierarchy are happy for us and celebrate. Only those enlightened can attend, that is to say those that still have egos within are stopped from entering the Mysteries of the Light. The king uses his servitors (cherubims etc.) to cast the egoic (sinful) one into the outer darkness based upon what his judgment has been. This is the process of penitence being taken from us as we have not attained enlightenment under the control of Fate. The law is the law.


'Jesus answered and said unto them. Ye do err not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven'.

We can only know the truth by experiencing it or understanding through what was used to make up the sacred writings of all times, or else we do not understand God. Once we resurrect our soul from within the prison of the egoic mind, then we and our spouse are like angels, our original angelic state.


'I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Issac, and the God of Jacob? God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.' 

The dead are those who do not awaken their soul within and the living are those that have attained enlightenment, here and now, not in another dimension.


'Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. Thou shalt love they neighbour as thyself'.

God which is that seed within all of us awaiting to be awaken is the most important and the one to love with all our heart (the loving heart of life) with all our soul (the awakened soul, the spark of the creator) and with all our mind (once the egos have been eliminated). Your brothers and sisters as just as important as you are in life and God, love.


S.Matthew 23


'Saying the scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses seat; all therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works; for they say, and do not.'

The hierarchy has taken over that place of Moses, so do as they do but do not work as they say, for they tell you to do it, but do not do it themselves.


'But be not ye called Rabbi; for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven.' Do not let yourself be flattered by titles for you are not a master (we are all the same brothers and sisters, no masters) and there is only one, God.  And not-with-standing your biological father, your only real father is the one that is in heaven.


'But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men; for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.'

Those that believe they are the rulers, the masters, the ones to whom you must pay homage, they are condemned, for they have not taught the truth of heaven and thereby shut man from accessing it and from having their help gaining the gnosis to enter it.


'Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.'

As you reincarnate, as you are the blood line of the hierarchy of old, you are now the witnesses to the demise of old and to that which you are again doing to the prophets and to the masses.


S.Matthew 24


'And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.'

Man is apt to lie for control and power over others, do not listen to man, but to your awaken soul, God within.


'For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many'.

Once the process of Christification of the soul is understood, there will be many who say they have done as he and really have not. They will say they are the Christ to have you believe them.


'And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.'

As long as the egoic mind controls you, you will feel offended (hurt pride etc.) and thus your egos will attack or react to another's with hate (another ego).


'And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold'.

Because of all the fear that this will create, then those that say they have love (an egoic one as they are not awaken) will start to turn cold towards others. Only Godly love can spare you of waxing cold.


'But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.'

Once you awakened God within you, you will have God's comfort to endure all things till the end. That same awakening is what will save you, in the end.


'For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect'.

Those who believed they have worked on being conscious and who have yet attained enlightenment may believe in one of the false Christs that will come as they will show great signs, as they have awaken inner parts more than others for ungodly use, and they will fool others into following them.


'Verily I say unto you, this generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled'.

This generation, that is to say this race of beings, the fifth race Aryan, will live all of these things before the sixth race can be established.


'Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away'.

As with all cataclysmic events, all seems to be gone except for the words of the ultimate truth which follow us throughout the cosmos.


'Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left'.

Whenever that time comes, we may believe that we are righteous and will be saved, but as most of us are not as couples living our Godliness, one could be saved and the other not, we do not know, unless we awaken God within and be that Love which will be saved and start the sixth race the 'Golden Age', as it has been and always will be.


'The lord of that servant shall come in a day when he looketh not for him, and in an hour that he is not aware of. And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

As we erroneously believe that we are really awake and doing Godly things we do not look and act as we should, always being that Love. Then in a hour of our destiny our judgment will set us apart from God and as is our possible penitence we will be cast into the outer darkness, that is away from our God and Love. This is interestingly one of the basic precepts of Angel lore, whereby they the angles feel so alone as they fought and where sent away from God in order to find their way back to his Light and Love; sounds just like us and in fact it is us.


S.Matthew 25


'They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them; but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps'.

Beings believe themselves more than God and make their own way without asking and listening for help, as such they are often not prepared and have not what is needed to light their own way. Those that have awaken at least to ask of God and Love for help, are never left in the dark.


'And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him and to marriage; and the door was shut'.

Those that did not prepare themselves for tantric sexual yoga can find themselves left out as the marriage to Christ is consumed by the wise and the doors to enlightenment are shut, that is to say the cataclysm is and the elect chosen.


'For unto everyone that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance; but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath'.

Those who have awaken and become enlightened shall receive the Mysteries of the Light and even more, but those who have not awaken and not become their Godliness, what they do have, they will loose. Consciousness begets consciousness and unconscious begets nothing.


'And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me'. Whatever we do unto another person, as far as God we are doing it unto God as Love, as such we will be judged based on all of those actions as if we did it unto God.


'Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me'.

Whatever we do not do and should have done unto a person, in the eyes of God we are not doing it and should have to God.


S.Matthew 26


'For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always'.

The problems and the egos will always be around, but the solution and the belief in our own inner divinity is and will have a judgment day. If we do not follow Jesus then we will just remain with those egos, even until the judgment day.


'And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him'.

When we are on our inner road to consciousness to inner Christification, we are faced at some point with our inner Judas seeking to betray us, the chief of the egos to trap us and stop us from awakening.


"For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins'.

Our inner Christ will give till it's last breathe for us, yet it is not all but only many that will have their sins remised. Consciousness to the path of Christ is the key to this testament of who we really are.


'Then saith he unto them, my soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death; tarry ye here, and watch with me'.

Even till the time of death does our inner soul feel sorrowful of our egos and trying to help all of humanity awaken. We seek the company of like souls, kindred spirits, to go through all that we need to, in order to awaken.


'Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak'.

As our egos weaken our mind and the things we do, and even with a willing spirit, it is easy to fall into temptation as Fate demands of us to test our resolve. Be vigilant wherever the egos are and pray to God for the help needed to awaken.


'Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place; for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword'.

This has two points inter twined. The first is that those who fight with whatever method will die from that method, just as it is the karma from previous lives that need to be balanced. Then he that uses the sword (the male organ) will perish (the egos within us will die) by the using the sword during tantric sexual yoga.


S.Matthew 27


'Now the chief priests, and elders, and all the council sought false witness against Jesus, to put him to death'.

Those in power, those of the hierarchy and of tradition will do all they can in order to prevent change, in order to stop the multitude from attaining consciousness and awakening the seed of God from within. This awakening is a threat to their very survival.


'Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children'.

When the egos succeed in attaining their goals (killing of the spirit and the soul), they will show success in having won over the spirit and accept condemnation even unto their children, for as in the workings of karma and psychological traits, they (the egos) are transferred, interjected from one generation to the next.


S.Matthew 28


'And when they saw him, they worshipped him; but some doubted. And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given into me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.'

Even when proofs of things are given, the incredulous doubt and that can only be remedy by their own experiences, direct, to know the truth. Once Christified we attain total awaken consciousness of our soul and spirit, being our inner self that lives on forever, reincarnating and in the other dimensions. At the same time using much more of our brain capacity we have power over our earthly matters. So we need to go and teach all things Jesus commanded us to teach being sure to baptize (explain tantric sexual yoga) in the name of the Father who is within us in secret, that is to say the seed sleeping awaiting awakening, the Son or daughter, that part of our inner wisdoms not known to us and the Holy Ghosts, the energies that are all around us and not worked with or even contemplated. The Holy Trinity awoken and raised through tantric sexual yoga.


The Revelation


Revelation 1


'And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful Witness, and the first-begotten of the dead, and the Prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood. And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen'.

Within us lies waiting to help our own inner Christ as a Witness to our awakening. First-begotten of the dead is of us as we are known as the walking dead, in that we are not really alive to our soul, we have not waken up from the profound sleep that we are in. He is the Prince of all the kings (that is our glory inside of us) on earth. He loved us so that he gave his own blood so that we would be remised of our sins. By doing so he has made each and every one of us that awaken, a king and a priest of ourselves unto God and his Father that is in secret, thereby giving glory to Jesus and dominion over all that is within us.


'Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him; and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen.'

Although going within to awaken and enlighten ourselves can be veiled in some obscurity, none the less all those that have developed the third eye, both for the good or the evil, will know, detect and see him within. All those on his path will cry with the joy of his coming.


'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty'.

Jesus the Lord Christ within us is our awaken soul, that which always was, is and forever will be.


'Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last; and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus (1), and unto Smyrna (2), and unto Pergamos (3), and unto Thyatira (4), and unto Sardis (5), and unto Philadelphia (6), and unto Laocdicea (7)'.

Understanding the path of Jesus means to activate the seven churches or Chakras in the body (by meditation and tantric practices), as described in Asian meditation and that have a direct correlation in helping us wake up, to Christify ourselves.


'And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned I saw seven golden candlesticks'.

Looking inward to our inner voice of wisdom, our Father who is in secret, the ancient of days, our eternal soul, we see the seven Chakras shinning as they are activated.


'I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death'.

Our inner Christ was dead while we were sleeping, and once awaken will live as such for all times as he has the keys, the path, the Mysteries of the Light, to liberate us from hell and death. These keys as in the keys Peter holds in his hands are those of tantric sexual yoga.


Revelation 2 the Chakras


'Unto the angle of the church of Ephesus (1) write ….. I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil; and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars. And hast borne and hast patience, for my name's sake hast laboured, and hast not fainted. Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou are fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. ….. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God.'

When starting to work with the first chakra (our root center) our inner Jesus is aware of the labour and patience we have and our angst of things that are evil (not working towards God). We will often find that those who teach say they are enlighten but are not really so, their ego is still controlling them. But in the name of Jesus Christ we plough on trying and trying to awaken from within. But as in most things, as we awaken and face our inner reality and truths, we find that we may no longer be compatible with our mate and take another (as well as having realized that we have in fact been absent of God our first Love), this is a source of sorrow for our inner soul. None-the-less as me move on and sincerely repent at the realization of where we have fallen (in error) from, we can do the works of the first chakra and awaken that part or else we will lose it. Once we awaken that chakra (by tantric practices) we are starting to eat of the tree of life and not knowledge, which we know is in the middle of where God is, our own inner seed/soul awaiting to be awoken.


'And unto the angel of the church in Smyrna (2) write; ….. I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich,) and I know the blasphemy of them which, say they are Jews and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer; behold, the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days; be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. ….. He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.' 

The second chakra is our sexual center. No matter our circumstance, knowing that we be in tribulation and poverty but that we are rich in our soul with knowledge. Our soul knows those that lie to tell us to follow them as they are this or that, when in fact they are but moving us away from God, not towards God, as God is not inside a building but inside of us awaiting to be germinated. Whatever we will suffer, whatever we will be tested on, the law of retribution (number ten in kabala) will redeem us if we hold our faith and our belief, and thus attain a real life, with a real soul that is awaken. Not being hurt of the second death is the one of our physical bodies as we start to understand the gnosis of life itself. The first death is that of our egos.


'And to the angel of the church in Pergamos (3) write; ….. I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is; and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth. But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balac to cast a stumbling block before the children of Israel, to eat things sacrificed unto idols, and to commit fornication. ….. Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. ….. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it'. 

The third chakra is of the emotions, the solar plexus. This is the center most used by our egos (sins) and is known as the seat of Satan. But holding onto Jesus in faith even if sensing the martyring of our egos we will succeed. But as we (our egos) have the doctrine of evil within as a stumbling block to eat sacrificed things and commit fornication (ejaculation) we must become aware and sincerely repent. If we do not then the word (verb, sound) will be used against us and we will be punished by the law of the Mysteries of the Light. Overcoming or awakening this chakra will give us the hidden manna (breathe of knowledge) and the white stone (the philosopher's stone) where upon is written the name of Christ. The stone is that of the practice of white tantric sex.


'And unto the angel of the church of Thyatira (4) write; ….. I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith, and thy patience, and thy works; and the last to be more than the first. Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication; and she repented not. Behold, I will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts; and I will give unto every one of you according to your works. But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not know the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden. But that which ye have already hold fast till I come. And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations; and he shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers; even as I received of my Father. And I will give him the morning star'. As the fourth chakra is the heart chakra it is of charity, compassion, faith etc. such that while it takes time and effort and patience to activate it, this makes the last more than the first in both the sense of the last chakra activated will allow for more total gnosis than up to that point, as well, those who are last in their works, can become first in their accessing the doorway. But as this love of the heart can cause a person to be seduced and slide into fornication (ejaculation) we need to repent or all will be cast in with the fornicators and great tribulations will be given to us. Our inner Jesus will not allow someone such as this to be alive, to be undead (enlightened), and the rest of our charkras will know that Jesus will be as the witness in the end and thus we will receive the Mysteries of the Light based upon up to which chakra we have activated. But those of us who have not been exposed to this doctrine and do not really know the depths of Satan either, no other burden (punishment) will be put on us. So we need hold each level we attain in awaiting his return and must not loose it. And as for those who overcome temptation and live by his works (his path), he will give power over the nations (egos) of the egoic mind and with a iron fist working in the fires of tantric sexual yoga, the vessels of a potter (female yoni) shall be broken to shivers as Jesus had received by his Father who is in secret within, the ancient of days. And Jesus will give unto us the morning star, Venus, that Love raising forever.


Revelation 3


'And unto the angel of the church in Sardis (5) write; ….. Be watchful, and strengthen the things that remain, that are already to die; for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard; and hold fast, and repent. If therefore thou shalt not watch, I will come on thee as a thief, and thou shalt not know what hour I will come upon thee. Thou hast a few names even in Sardis which have not defiled their garments; and they shall walk with me in white; for they are worthy. He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels'.

This charkra is the fifth (larynx) one and that of the verb, our words that we speak and thus what we think and live. We must be vigilant with our words and strengthen our resolve to die the second death for our works are yet perfected before God. So remember all that you have learned and repent for those errors committed. If you are not vigilant enough the words slide out as a thief unnoticed. There are some people who have activated this chakra and thus not defiled their inner bodies that they have developed and will be allowed through the doorway of life, for they merited it. As for the ones that overcome (activate) this chakra they will be invited to wed their inner duality and will not be taken out of the book of life for the next Golden Age, and will be told of, witnessed by, Jesus before God.


'And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia (6) write; ….. I know thy works; behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it; for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name. Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep these from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. Behold, I come quickly; hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out; and I will write upon him the name of God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God; and I will write upon him my new name'. 

The sixth chakra is that of the third eye on the forehead, seeing what others do not. Jesus knows our real works, and has opened a door before us, that no man (ego) can shut. As we have little strength to fight all the egos of men, but, as we have kept his word and not denied his name he has helped us activated this chakra for all times. He will take all those who teach falsely and are not real spiritual people, but people of egos, and make them bow to us as we have enlightenment and they are still unconscious. And as we kept the word of his patience he will not allow us to be tempted in the hour when, all of mankind will be tempted by the false Christs. Hold on tightly and consciously to all that you have merited till now, that is up to the crown of glory for Jesus will make a pillar for us (part of the foundation of the new Golden Age), and we will rest therein forever. And he will write the name of God and the new city on us that will come from heaven, from the Godly soul being that we are and give us the new name of Jesus.


'And unto the angel of the church of the Laocdiceans (7) write; ….. I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot; I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich, and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eye-slave, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne'.

As the seventh chakra is activated in the crown of the head, the penal gland, we may feel neither joy nor sorrow having passed through the dimension of dualities and cause and effect, thereby detaching ourselves from the wheel of Samsura. Jesus would have rather that we were one or the other for continued consciousness sake. As we believe to have attained final glory (rich in spiritual and material) we feel that we have it all and need nothing else. However, we do not realize that we are but simple specs of dust in the cosmos until we buy (through work and supplications) from him our golden glory of the new age, which is through the tantric sexual yoga, and be married (in white raiment) to our soul awaken within and put on eye covers (cover the material visible) so that we may truly see that all around us is impermanent illusions and that the truth is to be seen within us. Just as many are loved as are rebuked and chasten away, so be zealous in the repenting. He is standing at the doorway where we must now enter, the 13th aeon, and those who hear and open up all the way will be with him and he with them. And those that do overcome will be taken in and will sit next to Jesus, just as he had done before us. And Jesus is with his Father, just as the one that overcomes will be with his Father.


Revelation 4-10


To understand the esoteric nature of these, please read 'Pista Sophia' and intuitively you will understand.


Revelation 11


'And there was given me a reed like unto a rod; and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein. But the court which is without the temple leave out, and measure it not; for it is given unto the Gentiles; and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months. And I will give power into my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundered and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth'.

In the inner dimension, when working on the path of Jesus the Christ, we are measured by the way we have been working with our chakras, as to how high we have evolved thus activated them. This is the temple of God within us, up to the altar of our conscious mind and heart. All those who practice tantric sexual yoga are to be measured in this manner. But those who are outside (do not practice this) leave it alone for it will be given unto the Gentiles (those who were not born into a religious system and thus do not know of these things). And these Gentiles will trod on the holy city as it is the punishment for disbelief in Jesus and the path. And two witnesses will have power to prophesies; they are Jakin and Boaz of the temple, they are the Holy Ghosts of the church and they are within us once God is manifest within. They are the peace bringers of vigilance over us, the candlesticks within all beings that manifest God.


'And after three days and an half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them. And they heard a great voice from heaven saying unto them, Come up hither. And they ascended up to heaven in a cloud; and their enemies beheld them'.

Upon death we spend three days (72 hours) in retrospection of our life as well as past lives with the Spirit of the Mysteries of the Light in order to fully understand all things. During this time, we are made to understand our own judgment as to our soul's progress as God (Love) calls upon us to account for our self and all of our actions. And as we move up in the dimensions and gnosis is unfolded before us, we are seen with the Spirit by all of those energies (like egos) that had been part of our Fate to do this and that, testing our consciousness; and they are fearful for themselves as to what may become of them given our judgment by the Mysteries of the Light. Their Fate is complete annihilation or to be reborn to us in the next life.



At this point apart from some various expressions that can be commented on, it is better that we read 'Pista Sophia Unveiled' first to understand that the rest is of the punishments that each soul faces given the sins that they did during a life time, and many life times if not repented thereof. 


No one likes to think of punishment and repenting saying that they are good people, yet, based upon how the world is going and Fate as the overseer, it is more than evident that we are still going downward and not waking up to our inner Godliness.


We have a finite number of lives between each cataclysm and as such we use them to wake up to our inner God and be that Love to ourselves and to all others. As we have free will, we can work on it or not, it is up to each one of us. And as the cosmos has free will as well to help in it's evolution and expansion, it can extract penitence for those things that we do and should not as we must always keep the balance and rebalance that which we did not. Consciousness, enlightenment is the knowledge, the path of Jesus the Christ is the way, and tantric sexual yoga is the key.


All are called, some answer. Of many that answer, some come. Of the some that come only a few are chosen. Our egos (psychological sins) are what stops us from being all that we can be and doing our 'Father in heaven's (our awaken soul) will' and not our own egoic one'.



Fate as Karma and Karma as Fate

Do unto others, as you would have them do to you. What goes around comes around.


We have all heard of it and think of it as cute, this word Karma, it comes from over there and does not really mean a lot over here. And as for Fate, will s—t happens so it must be destiny. Not even close, but we can always make ourselves believe whatever we want, we have neuro-linguistics to play with and make the end justified by the meaning.


Destiny is simply the end of a biological organism based upon the decay of that organism. Fate can be re-balanced, but destiny cannot. But, we can transcend (detach ourselves from their cosmic laws) them both.


Fate came into being at the point when we got stuck down here, remember 'in the beginning' when we were angelic and playing with the animals and rutted so much that we went completely unconscious. Well at that point, when the enlightened ones started to work on fixing things 'OM' with infinite Love setup a set of Laws that would govern us until we awoke to what was going on. It was a way of helping us to be sure that we got the awakening of our consciousness right so that we would be accepted back 'in the fold' as they say. These laws were 'Karma and Fate' in order to help us to be all that we can be and live as that Godliness we have sleeping inside of us.


Energy is of 'OM', all the types that we know of and do not know of. Everything below 'OM' can only transform that energy into something else, we can make something, but we cannot create anything, for there is only one ' Creator OM'. When we work with that energy and set it out of balance, that is to say do something that is not of 'Love' with it, then we must re-balance it and set it right, this is our process of Karma, re-balancing that which we unbalanced.


Think of it this way, 'OM' created the energies and we will and do call all of it 'Love'. Due to the various ways that we experiment with it, due to the various ways that we can miss use it, we do not always do 'loving' transformations with it. This in and of itself is going against 'OM' as it is not moving towards union with 'OM' but moving away from 'OM', disunion. As all things are evolutionary, that they evolve forward, expanding no matter what, we can see that moving away from 'OM' is unbalancing the energies. Just as we see the sunspots that coincide with strife, wars, anger and hate on earth, we unbalance other parts of either the smallest particle or the cosmos itself.


So 'OM' gave us Karma to re-balance the energies that we unbalanced. As for Fate, it came in as the ruler of Karma, as the one that oversees and puts into motion the process of helping us to get it right. Fate has a great number of helpers and guides that process us into what we need to awaken our consciousness, to be tested to see if we are understanding and to get us to pay the Karma that must be paid, that is to say to rebalance that which we must.


When the body dies and go through our 'rigpa' or the analysis of our life and past lives to be reborn, we are taken through the Aeons to help us understand what is going on that we are not remembering when in the physical body, as we are not capable of handling it all. When we are given our final review we are processed/sent to that area where we will be working on rebalancing our energies. We will not get into the theology of those areas as they are well described in 'Pista Sophia Unveiled', suffice to say that it is easier to come back here and do the some more work. Also, look around the planet at some of the places and what is going on there, and ask yourself, is that not hell and or punishment on earth. Remember 'as it is above, so it is below'.


When we are coming back, we have within us a set of actions that we need to rebalance. Those actions are governed by Fate, and monitored all the time, so that we can advance on our path to enlightenment. To be sure we do not always listen to our inner soul as most of the time that 'seed of faith' is still un-germinated, not awaken, so with our free will we choose to do what we want. Although that free will is always the egos taking over, but thanks to Fate we have those chastisers around that help us awaken to germinate the seed and grow our soul.


Once we are back here and living our lives, to what we make ourselves believe the best way we can, we are confronted with all kinds of situations that either make us grow, or tempt us into creating more Karma. Perhaps at this point in our evolutionary process, we are unaware of all these things, so, we are in fact working in the dark. (Pun intended). Unless we shed some light (consciousness) on it we will never find our way. So, having been warned that materialism as a master will keep us down and in the dark, we still choose not to look at any of the esoteric facts that have been handed down by the emissaries of the Mysteries of the Light and as such we are still stuck more than if we were conscious of the ramifications we would not want to be. We have come to know that our soul exits the body every night while the physical body sleeps and we head off to the astral dimension were our awaken soul resides, trying to learn and understand what our next move should be. As much as we ignore all of the material that is available from the emissaries, we cannot ignore our own soul in the astral dimension.


So, with the level of our consciousness that we work to, we choose or not to do things that will help us remember. When we don't, Fate comes and nudges us along by lessons of the third kind. These lessons are harder than the chastisements that we should have grown up with, in that we are now older, should know better, or at least should be awaken to ourselves a little bit. Without Fate helping us along, our world would be in total turmoil with only the strong (physically and with mental manipulation) surviving. Thus just a den of thieves that are just the egos of want, devoid of 'OM'. Without Fate we would not want to live here very long and never attain, complete oneness, which leads to harmony, which leads to ecstasy and bliss. Come the think of it, for some of us it sounds like Fate is slacking off. Actually, as we do the actions that move us away from 'OM' we create more Karma, some of which must be rebalanced in this life for our own growth. Given that we now see how Fate is so busy with all the current rebalancing and that we are not clearing up the past, just the present life stuff; how can we ever get things cleared up in this one. This will discuss further when we get to the 'End'.


The ironic thing that we do not understand at all, the thing that we have avoided looking at the most in our lives, is that everything that happens to us or by us has a cause and effect. As such, we are the masters of our own Fate. We set ourselves up for it all in this life, past lives and will also in future ones as well. Jesus talked so much about not serving two masters. So we all gave up (especially the 60's generation) on spirituality and held on for dear life to materiality. We use the saying that as the other countries have nothing and they all want something, that they are not more spiritual than we are, so we justify our going away from 'OM' and thus being what most call, evil. If we choose the master of spirituality, we would then have a chance of realizing that we have not germinated our seed within and need to, for our own sake. As we take care of ourselves, we also take care of others.


The problems, trials and tribulations, the hardships, the disasters that we experience, are of our own making. First by ourselves, next by our family, then friends, our community, our cultural group, our city, our state, our country and finally our Earth, mankind. We are all part and parcel of what is going on, and as the Zen saying goes, 'contemplate the flapping of a butterfly's wings, in Asia making a tidal wave in North America'. The smallest does in fact have a cause and effect on the largest. Evil or bad things in and of themselves do not exist, we make it all possible. Sure we managed to get our angelic state stuck in the animal state down here, but we do not have to stay as such, unless we choose to so with our own free will. And, as the saying goes, if you are still alive and here, you did not get it right, and we add yet, hopefully. That is unless you are part of the emissaries of the Mysteries of the Light, working to help mankind at least know that the seed within them needs to be germinated, and from the fact that we are all still here and not extinct like the dinosaurs that we played with long ago, must mean that there are some.

The End

There is not really an end, just many beginnings. That is if we germinated our soul and wake ourselves up.


Only 'OM' is of the Beginning and the end, so we don't even have to think about that part. What we need to realize is that, while we all wish and hope for our paradise/Shangri-La, we will be coming back here, or to one of the other planets, (many of Edgar Cayce's readings explained this process) to learn and rebalance that which we must. We will be given all the chances that we need to be given until we get it right. Just remember that evolution does not fix the problem, only our awakening consciousness can do that. Why? Because, without awakening consciousness we are not aware of anything and thus we cannot become all that we can be. And as we do not even want to try to get it right, just hoping it will be better in the end, we think that we will just win the lottery. Some do, but it is only one per draw.


Unfortunately, as things stand right now, too many have put there faith in the lottery of life, in that it will be better when we die, as they are all just waiting to die and not living life to it's fullest. Well, we don't won't to burst too many bubbles with all the details which most people will not want to believe anyway, so all we will say is that, we will see you next life as we have in the past ones, in whatever station of life you are given from the merits of your heart. By the way, if we look all around the great planet of ours, we don't see to many really good stations of life, we see a lot of struggling, but not a lot of happiness and fun, unless you have a lot of money in this life, which also brings it own karmic process with it. Just don't forget you can't take it with you into the next life, which for most of us is right back here.


As we talked about before, there have been cataclysms that have affected earth on different occasions, and just as we have our cycle of life, so do the planets around us. We choose not to think of these things happening to us, as it would cause us to think more than we really want to. Comfortably numb is the choice of most, as they have not given themselves the chance to germinate the seed and start to understand the Mysteries of the Light. The cataclysms that we face are just energies moving around, and in many cases, rebalancing themselves, or being pulled towards it's opposite, like most teenagers do when the hormones start running ramped. In the case of our solar system, there is no exception. When there is an over build up of negative energy in one place, then the rebalancing must proceed which is in flux always. At this point, the incredulous like to say, so if there is an over build up of positive energy then it must be rebalanced, not at all. Positive energy is what it is all about, 'OM' that Love energy of the cosmos, made it all to be transformed as we have seen through out history, but not to have a build up of a negative charge which is in fact moving away from 'OM' and thereby not Love. 


As we have seen in the different areas over the history of our planet, when negativity surmounts, (as seen clearly with the Sun spots) we have strife, wars etc. These can only be rebalanced by pure positive, Love 'OM' energy. When this fails to happen, as with any over charged situation, we end up attracting and even greater energy that is needed to rebalance it all. Thus, we end up attracting those cataclysmic events. When and how this happens is still a mystery to us. The Mayans had perfected the reading of the stars/heavens, so they knew when their own end would come. And, as we are not consciously interested in what might be, we just focus on what we are doing without any conscious concern for our awakening and helping in the rebalancing that is needed here and now. In all meditative practices, they talk of living in the present, that the past is gone and the future but a promissory note. They are right, but in the wisdom of our miss using neuro-linguistics, we never really think of that part that says, 'consciously'. Yes, we are all asleep as we have just explained, the seed of our soul has yet to be germinated, and as such we are just sleep walking with materialism as our master and Fate as our lord.


The probability of another cataclysmic event wiping us all out here on earth, or as many like to say the 'Armageddon' of the bible, is there, weather it be the evolution of our solar system or from our negative energies pulling something towards us, it could happen. When? Well let us leave that to 'OM' and the bible to tell us 'as a theft in the night'. So always be ready which really means to always be conscious.



It is the be all and really does make the world go around.


'OM' was, is and forever will be the only answer to everything. With conscious unconditional truth in Love ('OM') all things can be rebalanced. It was told to us from the beginning of time, it was told to us in so many ways, it was brought to us by emissaries, some who sacrificed themselves to get the message across. Love really does make the world go round and evil (moving away from or not moving towards 'OM') is what makes all the problems. And, let's face it, who wants all these problems that we keep re-living over and over? So we just tell all ourselves that all is o.k. and thus we can make ourselves believe anything that we want. But, is it 'OM'?


When we think of Jesus Christ or any of the other masters that we have been exposed to in our life, we think of the Love that they showed and gave to us. They were not the only ones that were loving; yet they had the greatest impact, as they were in fact totally conscious, thus they were living manifestations of 'OM'. When we go around saying 'I love you' what we are really saying is that 'I like you'. There is a reason that we are saying that, not because we are a loving soul that is conscious, unconditional and truthful, but just for the sharing of wants and desires etc., just like with a friend. I scratch your back you scratch mine. So off we go doing whatever we want, or more to the point, whatever our psychological defective egos want, actually sinning against our own soul. Even with most people who only say it when in a physical embrace, it means, 'I like what you do for me' because you allow this physical embrace. 'OM' is not in the picture, and worst of all to the shock of just about everyone, 'OM' was not at their wedding either. How could 'OM' be when it was Fate doing the work that has to be done in order to help us understand the germinating of our soul seed and the awakening of our consciousness to truth and unconditional love.


Love, 'OM' is all we need, yet to attain it, to be it, we are doing all that our egos tell (and makes us believe) us to do, and we are so far off the course that we wonder if we can ever find the path again. Thank 'OM' Fate is there helping out whichever way it can. To experience life with pure Love is a Godsend, for it is God. It makes the difference to all the points of our life that we are trying to live. And, for those of us who make believe that we are 'loving', just look around at the world and at the 'other guy' and remember that the other guy is you. We are part of the solution or part of the problem, there is no in between as ambivalence is also known as evil. We evolve as we choose to evolve, with or without 'OM'. Without 'OM' has basically gotten us to the state we are in, worldwide. We can make ourselves believe that it will get better, or just hope for that paradise after dying and not worry about here and now, for as we all say, 'I am a good person, it is the other guy'. Just remember all of our excuses when judgment time comes in between lives, and in preparing for the next one in this one. We are the cause and effect of it all, and we all have the free will to prove it.


With 'OM' then all things are possible. We can germinate our soul's seed to wake up here and now and turn this all into something better not only for today but for tomorrow as well. We can actually be that Love we all talk about, but nobody really understands or really lives by. We can awaken to being our own angelic souls, helping and evolving to a conscious state that is our 'OM' given right, but which we have chosen to ignore. We can become a 'God' in the most profound manifested sense of all. LOVE. With truthful love, there are no longer the egos to manipulate and control our actions and reactions. With unconditional love, we will know what it is to be at Onement with all living things. With conscious love with will experience not only the bliss of mankind and the ecstasy of each other, but also the bliss that creates it. With all of this, we will experience the One God the Creator of All, 'OM' and the infinite multitude of manifestations that it is. We will see it all around us. We will feel it all around us. And, most of all we will Live it all around us. Paradise found? Not exactly as the process of evolution will continue to expand all things, but, we will have activated the homing beacon so that we will at least know which way is up, and that is, by starting to go inside of ourselves where all the answers lay awaiting our questions.


God is more than just merciful; God is Life lived to the fullest. Namaste.



If you would like some place to start with all of this, we recommend that you get to really know yourself in the believe it or not manner. Start by accessing the multitude of 'know yourself tests' and by actually meditating alone in prayer. If you have trouble with any of this then ask an person that you feel comfortable with and that you sense that has something that they can share with you. They will only be able to point the way of what they know, all the work is up to you as there are no medicine pills to fix or cure what ails you.


Once you start to know yourself, then you will have in your hands the material to help you find out what challenges or weaknesses need to be worked on and turned into strengths. Taking baby steps will ensure your success each and every step of the way. You will be better equipped to handle all of the problems that may come along while you are house (mind) cleaning the egos and when they start to fight you at every turn, at every word that comes into your mind and out of your mouth. They are seeking survival for their lives, that is to say the life that they control, being yours. You control them or they and thus those of other people will control yours.



What me worry? I'm a good person! End Game.




Overview   2

Death  5

Fate is the real cosmic controller. 7

The Sins of the Spirit and the Egos of the Mind  11

Captains of the Egos are the Rulers  15

Armageddon  18

Lust 20

The court's in session now, and here comes the judge, Me. 22

Examples of sins/egos using your energy  22

Sexual Energy  26

Sounds and Happiness  29

Using Lust as Sex and Love  32

Using sexual energy to awaken God  34

Conclusion & Recap of Another Kind  37

How to fix it all. 39

Females: Notes and observations on how they are treated by males. 42

Males: Notes and observations on how they are treated by females. 48



Oh God, please help me! Oh God I need your help! You know I try so hard. I try to be a good person and do-good things, I help others, I really do, please help me. I am here at church for my weekly visit and I need some super-charged help to fix things that are not the way I want them to be, they are just not right. I think of you during the week, but I am so busy coming and going, with the job, taking care of the kids, so I am really too busy to do anything like change by growing, so I ask you to do it for me. Just like when were we little and Daddy/Mommy would fixed things.


Good thing I (God or 'OM' to my friends) put Fate there to help you out, you all needed it, because how many times have I heard those or similar lines being implored of me since time began? Too many.  I am (unconditional, conscious, truthful love) God ('OM' to my friends) that, not who, is already everywhere, everything and just waiting for you to use your free will to make it all, with Love (me), happen. Only thing is that you don't realize it nor do you realize that you are still just sleep walking in life, slipping on banana peels to have a crisis and wake up, but not really waking up because it still doesn't hurt enough yet and you don't want to do the work to change. Do you (remember I read souls not egoic minds)? You use your free will (boy do you ever mess that up sometimes) so Fate has to help you out when you don't live the Me, the God that is within do be awaken. Do you really think that just by imploring me, puff like magic it all gets better? Have you ever in your life (actually lives) seen that happen to you or anyone you know of or ever read of? But it this way, did your Hollywood ever make a movie about that kind of situation?


You humans are quite strange as I am with you always, everywhere, and as everything knows, I gave you free will while the others are under my command. You still have to ask those questions of help and yet, everything knows all you need do is help yourselves, change, grow and be at 'Mement', that is Onement with Me. Oh well, at least I gave Fate to guide to help you use your free will, in which ever way you so choose, but I sure do want you praying to and idling 'Me' and not yourselves, that is idolatry and a really bad sin. When you say 'I am good', I really meant for you to say  'I am good as the manifestation of the God I can be'. Oh well, life happens, like it or not, and I love it all, don't you. I am Love, what are you? And don't tell me you choose to be evil; I don't like the idea that I have any bad children. Stupid maybe, but not evil!


I wonder why you only go to church once a week; do you not need to commune with me more than that? Sure the lonely etc. come in sometimes during the week, but that is mostly because  they have nothing else to do, or worst, they don't want to fix their problems, so they hide out. Boy am I ever glad I gave you Fate to help you all with your free will, if I didn't I'd probably be all-alone in those churches by now. 'God, just do this little thing for me and I will forever be grateful and pray and grow and change etc. You know I will, you know my heart'. I do not really answer to that, for I know it is your mind, your egoic sins talking, I really do know what is in your heart and I am waiting for you to know it as well, with your own free will. Good thing I put Fate in place to help you all out. 'God make me better from this affliction'. Why should I as you have free will to get better or not, and given you think that I will just do it for you, you do not really want to be better, but want the want to be better feeling only. So that is exactly what you have, the want of want to. Good thing I put Fate next to you to help you with your free will.


Good thing I didn't give you too much remembrance of past lives, seeing what you did would mostly likely make you 100% nuts not just the current 97%. 3% is a lot when you are dealing with free will and as the Love that I am I know you will use your free will to help yourselves grow, change and be all that they can be. Just like me, Love. Good thing I put Fate next to you to help out. Sure you all have a biological body that went through various evolutionary processes, yet as your soul is a separate and of me, why do you insist on acting like animals. No control I can only guess. Oh yeah that's what it is and the reason why you ask me to fix things all the time, because you think I control it all. Boy oh boy, could you imagine me trying to control all that stuff all that time, as you are nuts it would drive me nuts. Besides it would then not be of your own free will. So it is good that I put Fate next to you to help out. I wonder if you are getting the point of confusing Love and sex. Yuk, all you so called humans acting more animalistic than the animals. I think we need another word to describe what you are doing so as not to insult my animal friends. Hum, let's call it rutting, because you are all in a rut anyway and that way sex will not be considered Love (Me). How would you like it if people went around calling you instead of God ('OM' to my friends), which is Love, saying 'hey you, Sex'. Ugh.  Good thing I gave you free will with Fate as a companion to help you all out to use it.


I really like the Brits, as they got it right a long time ago. They call everyone by the right name. Just listen to the conversations and you will here them talking of me, 'Hey, Love', what everyone is somewhere deep inside.  Wonder what happened to the other cultures and languages? I know but I can't tell you, as it is a cosmic secret. Good thing I gave you free will to find out for yourselves. Fate will be right next to you along the road of life. Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you to stop complaining about this evil and good thing. I am Love and don't know evil and never meet it. Sorry, I forgot, I gave you free will and you use it the way you want to. Oh well at least you have Fate there to help you grow and be all you can be. Good thing, or else we would not be having this exchange right now; you'd all be crispy critters at the 'end of time', as you keep thinking it will happen.


By the way, the egoic sin process was not my idea, it comes from you guys; (more than girls)(actually I believe you all just keep saying that it is the 'other guy', well did you ever meet him in your mirror) when you all decided that you wanted to play like the giant earth animals with peas for brains that the first wave made in their thinking pattern. It is fun to play, but did you have to try and control their bio-mechanical brain (fuse with them) and start rutting like them, at least they had a reason to. Oh yeah, I forgot that I gave you free will to do as you please, must remember that more often as I am not use to this type of exchange. So you started to go mushy in the head and ended up wanting to be God, (which you can be as I am inside of you waiting to germinate, just feed me) and thus created all those silly sins you use to play games with. Good thing I put Fate their to help you along the way.


Look, let's get it straight. I created the world and you know that, some may not want to believe it, as is their right, using their free will. Good thing I put Fate in place to help you use it or as it goes, loose it.  Anyway, you see this is my creation and thus my game with my rules. Call me a controller if you want to, but without me you don't exist. So accept that part and you will understand the rest, but the scientist know that you have free will to see whatever you want to. Thank God (me) for Fate next to you to help things along, or else we could not play my game at all. When you grow up to be like Me then you can create your own game. I know, you don't have to play my game at all, like many of you who are just waiting to die, but it is fun and an adventure, some call it 'living life'.


I just want you to go out and explore, have adventures and be Love, that is just like me, to all things. I set up some rules which you all started to call commandments, but they are just guidelines that I am willing to evolve as all things must, just like our game. These guidelines are getting a bit tougher lately as you are ignoring the object of the game, which is, 'Grow, be Love and come home enlightened from the adventure'. If I pull out all those things that have been setup over time, then the game is over and of no good to anyone. So let's evolve things together, you act more like Me and maybe I will act more like you. I believe you call that the collective consciousness. Very interesting. I know  that most of you want to simply have your mate, take the money and do whatever you want to and enjoy everything you can without having to grow (work) for it. But then the object of the game would be missed and I would still be waiting forever for you to, pray to me and come home, as you would not want to that as you had all you wanted to have, and with free will you would turn your nose up and just say 'I am not coming home now, later, maybe'. So then I am left with waiting forever, which is longer than you can imagine, without anyone to play with. You all know how that feels, especially when you lose control. Good thing I put Fate there to help you grow and come back home.


Could you imagine doing exactly what you are doing now for the rest of eternity, I can't, so how in the heck can you. Not hell as that only exists in your mind, sometimes, I'll tell you more about that later. Anyway, you would go even more nuts than you all are now. Rutting makes the brain go mushy and you would all end up just a glob of jell-o, which by the way is one of my most favorite ideas. I wanted George Burns (my nemesis) to do the commercial, but Bill Cosby is better with kids. You would get so bored, yes even more than just about all of you are now, although you don't tell each other, you would want to kill yourself, but you could not as with your free will you choose to just keep on doing it your way and thereby staying away from death. Good thing Fate is there to help you along the way.




Remember, death is good, death is evolution, and yes 'Death does take a holiday, sometimes'. Could you imagine being 300 years old or whatever, what your body would look like and how you would smell? I love my idea of flowers and fragrance, don't you? You'd be like some computer program or the energizer bunny, just keep going and going. But, where would you be going? Paradise does exist, you are all living in it, so wake up and smell the coffee. Am I ever glad I made death part of the game, or else you would have no where to live, given your un-controllable urge to rut. So thank God (Me) for putting in that one to help alleviate the population problem that you will most likely end up with anyway. Oh well, life happens. Good thing I put Fate next to you to help out.


That about sums up all the stuff you need to know, of why I set it up the way I did. As for all the other stuff, like wars, famine etc just read on and you will get the complete picture, and please remember, just because you do not believe it, does not mean it is not true or that it does not exists as such, or it really is not. You can find the ultimate real truth, if you look for it. This is like the treasure hunt part of the game, 'seek and ye shall find', 'knock and someone will answer', and the best one of all, 'know yourself and you will now the Gods'. Yeah, there are a number of them, but only one of Me the creator, whom you call God and just make things more confusing for everybody. I did not make those rules or guidelines your elders, religious or not, did. The language thing was my idea for your growth and fun, you just choose too confusing of words to communicate with and then mix up the meanings, how can some words mean two things at once. Good thing I put Fate in place to help things out when confused. Oh yeah, one last thing before we move on, could you stop polluting so much, all that refuse has to be disposed of somewhere and the other planets don't want it, so you are stuck with it anyway. Boy thousands of years from billions of people, what a mess. Figure it out; I gave you all a brain to do so, if you want to use it with your own free will. Ah, good thing I put Fate there to wake you up a little bit.


My good friend Edgar Cayce (poor guy though, kept sleeping on the job) said it well, that earth is a testing ground for the final movement home. Hum, I wonder if you are all just playing dumb because you don't want to come home. Hum, not likely as you all use your free will to do what you want to anyway. Good thing Fate is there watching out for Me. And please, always remember that I have a great sense of humor, I sent Alanis Morrisette to play me in that silly film 'Dogma', and that got you all in the funny bone. It is just that you with your own free will choose not to laugh at my stuff, just at your own. I must admit that you are all kind of funny in your reliving the movie 'Ground-Hog Day' everyday and being able to sleep walk all the time, even operate heavy machinery. However, what about me? Inside of you I feel like 'What about Bob?' trying to get better but being stop just about everywhere. I am inside of you and I want to be healed, germinated, grown and awaken. So what are you waiting for? Don't you think parts of the game are funny, look at Donald Duck, that was my idea, and Elmer Fud is my vision of all of you? Superman is JC in comic form to get the message across. No, Fate is not here for the comic part as it is out of bounds. Actually to just about everyone, Fate is not so funny. Remember I did make it because you needed to grow and Fate is not mine to control, as you will see. So all along you have been asking of Fate and wondering what it is. Some of you call it as such; some call it 'chance', some 'divine providence'. You are all right, as Fate is Fate and what you give it as a name, I really don't mind, as it does not change what it is. Just don't get lost in the neuro-linguistics.

Fate is the real cosmic controller.


Just like all organized things, the cosmos has a controller to watch over it and make sure it function properly, I needed one when the angels rebelled. That is to say when you all went to play on earth and fused with the pea brain dinosaurs. It presented an interesting problem to 'unstick' you as you involuted from your angelic state, so I put Fate in charge.


In the books 'Soul's Journey, Life Between Lives', 'Pista Shopia Unveiled' as well as 'Soul Mates', I gave you all the insight as to what is happening. Heck especially my buddy Edgar, he had it all down 'pat', too bad he slept so much on the job, just as most of you do anyway. So let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes read, as it is not out in a movie yet. Oh yeah with Edgar, you know that he was an enlightened, conscious and awaken being. You see, you all think you are conscious but are just sleepwalking, while he knew this so he went to sleep in order to be conscious. So that makes him conscious when he is awake. Get it.  


Let's get this part it straight. We made the solar system in a manner of 7 for organization and 12 for the energy, thus the controller impulses of the planets, that was Fate's idea. Actually there is a 13th one that I snuck in but that is too complicated for now, remember, your pea brain from those huge animals is still trying to wake up, even though the way you rut I would have thought that would have knocked your brains around enough to do so, the only thing is that I forgot you don't use your brains at all for that part. Anyway, we made the planets so you could go there to learn specific things and tune into their vibrational sounds. So not matter where you are in the cosmos, you can literally 'Phone Home', pretty neat eh. Now as for the 12 Chakras, yes 12 not 7 but you are nowhere even near ready for that stuff; they are the receiving dishes for your communications with each of the planets. That one was actually Lucifer's idea, as he is the bringer of light and light is the method used for communication. By the by as the Brits say, please stop calling him that nasty word the Devil, as sticks and stones can't break his bones, but names can hurt him, and as he is very sensitive I have to keep telling him (not her if you need to know) to stop thinking of chastising things to do to you humans so you will learn, Fate will take care of it. So if you vibrate all those levels within you, you will get a glimpse of Me and then you can see what I look like. Would it be Charlton Hesston, George C. Scott, or how about my nemesis, George Burns, and what about Mother Theresa? You find out and let Me know. 


Now let's move on to the hierarchy process. Control over the control of the controller controlling it all. As with all things it is there to help cosmic growth and allow them to get promotions. Upper levels don't want contamination from lower ones, and besides the lower ones would be blown away with the vibrations of the upper ones. Just as if a nice religious person where to fall into rutting with a nymphomaniac, just about total destruction of the internal energy field; just ask any fallen angle and they will tell you what happened. Don't get your shorts in a knot, I am trying to figure out the best way to present this all to you. First we have Fate, and the servitors and then the counterfeit spirit (which even I don't really get that one), the rulers and then we have all the planets and their regents or genii, and lastly we come to why we need this stuff in the first place, your egoic sins. Now you must remember that all things are of energy (that's Me and only Me) and that can only be transformed, remember I am the creator and the only one making it. Thus, with your free will, you can use the energy for whatever you can transform it to. So I think what I will do is go down the list in alphabetical order to make it nice and easy for you to remember it all as I am tired of sending this stuff to you and you don't work with it anyway, especially for your own growth. Thank Me that some, a very few, do. I know Fate does deserve some credit but it is working to hard these days (too many sleep walkers and they just keep multiplying) and doesn't need praise, but I always do, as in pray s, a pun for those that missed it. 


Oh yeah, first I have to tell you what happened. When the upper level was experimenting with solid forms, they made those pea brain dinosaurs. Let's call it their mock up, as it was pretty good work, but they had yet to perfect it on a smaller scale. Those of you who were flying around in the cosmos as the etheric angelic energy that you are, saw what was being done here and decided that you wanted to play with the animals, so you landed on the planet, actually you just buzzed it as you where not in the solid form yet. As the big ones where too big for you to play with, you stuck to the smaller ones on the earth, in the air and in the sea.


Then while you guys were fooling around, actually you had no gender so it should be all of you, like trying to take over the mind and make the animal do your will and chasing each other all over the place; (I must admit it was fun watching my children playing, and it was not dangerous as you could not 'cut your finger') you started to fuse too much into the animal brain as you where getting a energy charge out of the control of it all and then you started feeling the power of the rutting that they needed to procreate with. You all literally rutted your angelic energy into the mush that you are now. The ones at the upper levels were laughing so hard at what you got yourselves into that they forgot to figure out a way to extract you. The longer this went on, the more fused you became with your animal host. Boy was I getting annoyed with it all, as I asked you all to come home, but all you did was turn your nose up and say 'I am not coming home yet, later, maybe'. So you all got stuck and went mushy in the head. Oh well, you didn't want to be angels anymore, but you did help the upper levels find a great new training ground. It is the only one in your solar system. So when each animal died off, and as your energy was now messed up, we had to setup a system to help you go back and fix it all. Remember you were doing your own free will at that point and all we could do was figure out a way to get you back home. What you break, you know that you have to fix, there are no parents to just pick up after you, like you managed to do on earth. Crafty little sons of a gun, aren't you. 


By the way, when I say we or us I am talking of the upper levels as they run most of the experiences from the energy that I created. All they can do, just like you is to transform it, and given the circumstances they are doing a pretty lousy job. War, famine, disease and what not, but to be fair to them, all of you are not helping out the way I would like it, but as you have your own free will, you do as you please. Good thing Fate is on my side.


So now you get to be reborn many times in order to be given all the chances to wake yourselves up again. The 'cup of forgetfulness is my idea, so that you can be stronger when you wake up, besides as I said before could you imagine if you remembered all the stuff of last lives, it would make you even more nuts than you already are.


The upper levels realized that with all this free will and rutting you do, your chances of making it all work were slim at best. They made a plan to evolve you through various stages of human form (yes my children you became their lab experiment, out of your own free will, least you all turn into crispy critters like the dinosaurs) that would always give you the chance to wake up. They never told me how long it would take and as it was their transformations, I did not ask. Anyway, they needed some control mechanism to be sure that you did not completely destroy things, before their time. Don't forget all experiments have an ending, at some point. Anyway, they suggested that as you were all getting kind of really nuts and thus trying to be God yourselves, that if they setup a process of testing and training, it would help you all to grow. So with my idea of Fate (karma) whatever you did in one life and did not learn from it, you where going to repeat it the next or later on, till you got it right. Sort of like school and if you fail a grade you repeat it. I made the suggestion that you all be allowed to stay within certain soul groups so that you had some familiarity at the soul level around you. Great idea wasn't it. They went along with it, but insisted on attaching this counterfeit spirit thing to you to tempt you as it goes, to see if you really did wake up and smell the coffee.


So while they made their plans for Fate to follow you around and tempt you with all things, especially those you failed at in previous lives, I set out to send you messages in all kinds of forms so that you could have an inside track. The only thing I did not count on was that you would be so dumb founded at some points that no matter the method of communicating with you, you did not hear. They told me it was because you waste your energy rutting, and it makes your brains go mushy, so I sent a process to fix it all. Little did I know that when my son brought it to you, he would be crucified over it and the ones in power hide it all so that you could not understand it so as to practice with it. Oh well life happens. Free will is what it is, you decide how to use it. By the way, are you sure you would not rather pray to me (germinate me) inside of you as that Love I am and wake up to a great new world. Guess not as it is getting less and less great.


Actually my son was not crucified; he was given the 13th aeon, which I alluded to before. It is Shambhala/Agartha in your language. That is where I get my inside track information (on earthly stuff) and those in there are higher than the upper levels, for they all germinated and manifested Me within themselves. You know them as Lao Tse, Confucius, Buddha, Quetzeotal, Osirsis, Jesus, Mohammed, and most recently Mother Theresa. The ladies were all painted as just nuns, saints, but they are just as important, you make the list and figure out which ones, just remember as far as I am concerned there is no gender. As you say it takes 'two to tango'. By the way, I did send the comic relief ones as well, Jimmy Swagart, Tammy Baker, not real manifestations of me, but funny to listen to. Oh and one last one, the guy writing all of this down, my personal earthly scribe want-to-be comic, Eddy, sounds like something in the water, anyway he is just trying so hard as he has germinated me and is working on the total manifestation of me. Wants to be in the 13th aeon. Poor guy doesn't know that he needs a 'Gnostic' wife to do so. Oh well, life happens.


Now Fate got setup with 3 captains and 7 servitors to counterbalance those that you all went and manifested inside of yourselves, sins, instead of manifesting Me. Shame on you. But I have and ace up my sleeve, Fate my cosmic controller. Who is it? Can’t tell you, but here is how it all works, servitors first:



The Sins of the Spirit and the Egos of the Mind


Anger, which all of you know is governed by my friend Aries of Mars, came about when you could not get your own way, having spent time inside those animals and some of you picked a weak one and the others just bashed you around. Boy did you all get mad at that. Everyone wants to be the strongest, control the others thinking that it is being Me. Boy if I did all of that, I'd have the Cosmic and Intergalactic Councils after me. So anyway, I sent my first-born son to help you out by knowing the greatest virtue of all. Love, yes that means Me. As it goes, he did a good job at letting you know that anger can only be transcended by Love. He was real good and he even went as far as taking a fall for all of you and took the name Samael in order to get the message across. You can pray to him on Thursday's as that is his choice, don't know way, but who cares anyway. So what Fate does here is that it follows you around and whenever it gets a chance to test you alone or with another, it makes you think of that anger to watch you transcend it. Simple testing system, is it not.


Envy, which comes under the guardianship of Jupiter, is always mixed in with jealousy. Altruism is the virtue that my friend Zachariel presides over. As far as I am concerned, on a scale from 1 to 10 he has done a real lousy job, so I am thinking of kicking him out unless he can really make me believe that all of you are really as he says, so envious of each other and what the other has, deserving or not. He tries to tell me that you are all so fascinated by what the Jones have that you are not paying proper attention to what you really have. That kind of reminds me of those of my children who got the first pick of animals and picked the stronger one, while the others picked a weaker one. Notice I did not say ended up with the weaker one, as you did pick and fuse and whatever, out of your own free will. Anyways, Zachariel keeps implying that most of you are not happy with what you have. Heck, we all know that you are as happy as you choose to be, no matter what the circumstances, and if you do good on this round, then you get to improve all of that in the next one. Try praying to him on Friday night and see what happens. I don't need to, but all of you sure do. Anyways, Fate sets up your karmic re-birth into a situation that will test you to the nth degree and see if you are happy with what you have, and how you are going about improving things for yourself and thus for others as well. If you are just coveting the Jones stuff, why not ask them if you can move in with them and make it easier on yourself. I hear that most of you do not return the things you borrow anyway. Funny thing though with the jealousy part you have all managed to write about it in so many ways throughout the ages that it makes a lot of you still cry over it all. Don't worry so much as it is all just impermanent anyhow.



Gluttony fascinates me a lot so, I asked Saturn (you know the real old guy, walks around holding a lantern in front of himself, part blind you know) to look after this one and to give me updates on it all. He setup the virtue servitor of Temperance and assigned Orifiel to do the monitoring of it all. To date I must commend him on the work, but boy am I still stuck on figuring it all out, even when I looked inside your heart and minds. Too much jell-o in there and you still want more. Why do you need to consume more than your body, mind and soul can handle. Sure as those big animals you needed to consume a lot, but that was millions of years ago, what gives now? No wonder most of you are not vibrating at an adequate level or rate, you are all stuck with full bellies or minds and can't purr at all like kitty cats do. By the way that was my cute idea to make them small furry and cuddly, so they wouldn't listen to you, just like you don't to me. Ha ha gottcha. But seriously, if you like something, why not pace yourself in enjoying it and savor it over a longer action period? Notice I did not say time, as it does not exist but in your minds as you made it up, not me. Actions are all that exist, beautiful actions of the third kind. But what amazes me the most is what you all do without sharing. Everybody in North America is fatter than that, and you all have high cholesterol levels and made a disease known as diabetes, the fat man's disease. (No offense to the non-fat ones). Anyway, in the rest of the world you have so many people starving and starving and starving, and no, I will not take the food from you and mail it to those who are starving, you are suppose to share with your brothers. One of my scribes on earth has the theory that is sound and should work. It is called 'weight displacement' whereby if everyone in the fat countries diets at the same time, then the people in the skinny countries will be feed. Neat. But please be forewarned here as I have mentioned a couple of times to you, too much rutting (gluttony with lust) will turn you into crispy critters at some point. Read on and you will understand. Try praying to Saturn on Saturday night, instead of mindlessly rutting, which is just making you more gluttonous anyway. Better still; learn how to have a cup of tea will making love. Hint hint, this is another point like I said before. So Fate just gives you access to all of this and more, so then when it knows you are failing at it, it will send you into famine so you can wake up and smell the coffee and not have any to drink until you say you are sorry.


Greed makes me shutter ever since you all invented it. You see I know that it is from a low self-esteem, self image, as some of you already figured out; however, the real name for it is narcissism which from where I am looking is most likely my worst enemy down where you all are. If you care to look into it you will see it really means evil and as it is the Moon that overlooks greed, you can see what happens when it gets out of hand, it dies like the previous earth did and becomes a moon, (poor Jupiter is on their third try). Why do you insist on being evil when you can be Godly? What do you have to be greedy about? I have everything and have given it unto you, if you will just use your own free will, germinate me inside of you and live it all, to the best you can for yourself and thus ultimately for me. Not one of you, except my 13th aeon friends and some masters who returned to help you all out, have heard of the virtue of unselfishness. I put my second best son Gabriel in command, as this is a real concern you have all caused for us up here. Actually he is protecting my interests in some souls that went back consciously to help you all out and you keep insisting on crucifying them or at the least mocking them and hurting them with name calling. Why can you not play nicer? As Sunday is his day and my day to rest, not Friday or Saturday as the stores are still open, but Sunday and he sits as the sentinel in my place. Better for you if you pray to him, because if you make him angry he will seek retribution and turn you all into a cosmic moon ala crispy critters. Just kidding, that is a cosmic process, but he likes to think that he controls it so as the good parent I am I give him some leeway. As I have not meet one of you yet, as you manifested greed, my statement holds true from before (as if I need to justify myself) that I have not meet evil and don't know him. I figure it must be male as most of you males cause all the egoic problems anyway. Then again some of your women act like men also. Boy, never happy with what you got till it's gone. Remember next life you will most likely live reversed sex roles. Oh by the way this one is the most contagious sins as it lives in a nucleus (you call it a family, work group, government, religion etc) and infects each other all the time making it stronger inside each one, continuously. Good thing that type of family does not accept many new comers or strangers into the fold, else wise you would contaminate them. I love it when Fate has a good control on all these things, don't you? Contain it all and then let it die of it's own evil as Fate demands of it. Still haven't figured out why Fate is taking so long to eradicate it all, keeps telling me that there are too many of you, something like 80-90% of the population narcissistic. Really? I don't believe it, but he caught me up on this one saying that just because I do not believe it, it does not mean it is not true. Oh well life happens. Good thing I already manifested Love in me (that is to say Me in Me) or else I would be going through all that refuse like you like to do. Yuk.


Lust fooled you; I will leave this one for last as it has a lot of messages with it. Hint hint like from before, messages for you. Wakeie wakeie, like my father use to say. Did I say that, like my father use to say, he he, gotcha.


Pride is so degrading to everyone, why do you insist on being so. I know, you spent too much time in the Sun, and it fried your brains. Funny thing is that you all like to get a tan and be like the tanned people (you know Chinese light tan, Indians, Spanish medium tan and blacks heavily tanned), yet when you do you walk around like you are a peacock. If I wanted you to be a peacock I would have had them made you into one. Boy most of you really don't get it, do you? How can you go around saying you are better than the other, when they do the same thing? Who is right and who is wrong? You are all right and you are all wrong, I know everything. Anyway if you would stop and think for a moment; a conscious moment and while at it why not make it lots of conscious moments and stick them all together and thus be conscious; you would see that it is killing you all faster than you are suppose to die. While that is not 100% correct, but it is too complicated for your pea brain right now, your pride clouds your judgment of what is and what is not, so try being humble like Micheal my brightest son (sun, haha) and pray to him on Wednesday, his day of choice. He is just trying to get you to live the beauty of life, to feel the greatness of it all as he is there everyday, come rain or snow, he is there. He knows how to postern himself before me, out of his own free will and is only happy to shed some light onto your inner darkness. And please stop complaining that the light is too bright and you can't take it. It is about the only thing left to burn the egos out of you. So Fate will at some point bring you to your knees in humbleness of what you are. This is not forced by me or him, it is the fact needed in order for you to recognize that you have a seed inside of you that needs to be germinated. You see it is quite simple when you analyze it as follows; you made all the egos for your silly games you play to each other (notice I did not say with, as none of the egos play with the others, they all want to control) and you have negated Me in doing so. When you can humble your egos to yourself, your real inner being, then you can start to germinate the seed, grow and start to be Me, just like in the song 'I just gotta be God'. So get your egos on the bandwagon (actually a good way to fool them in to doing your father's will and not theirs) and start being humble to yourself. Try it, you'll like it. Hey, I just figured something out; one of the reasons that you are so greedy all the time is that you enjoy eating humble pie, which most of you end up doing very often. Oink, oink.



Sloth, boy am I ever tired, think I will go for a nap right now says the ego of laziness. Mercury, colgonite, take me away swiftly to dream land. Even I get a little lazy sometimes, especially when the sun is shinning so bright and just warming things up to the nth degree. You see I can take the nth degree, you can't. Anyway, most of you are just too lazy because you brain hurts and instead of fixing it you turn it off and go to sleep, the only thing is that you did that such a long time ago and you forgot to turn it back on again. Duh. Dummies, don't you know that if you don't wake up you end up sleeping for 16 hours and then astral traveling for only 8 hours? Boy oh boy do I have to spell everything out over and over again. I'm tired. Haha fooled you. Seriously why not get diligence and Raphael as your friend and both of you can come over to my house and play. Play day for Ralphie as I call him (don't you or he'll get insulted with name calling again) is Monday just when you go back to work and have to pull up your socks for another week. Of course there is a lot of work to be done first, like waking up, being conscious, attaining enlightenment, being nice to people and that sort of thing. But once it is all done, boy oh boy will we have fun. Like playing, who gets sent out into the outer darkness and freeze up forever as they murdered. Like who gets sent into the dragon's fire mouth for blasphemy. Like who gets sent into the bubbling oceans of pitch for cursing. Ain't that neat stuff to play at? Or better yet, who gets to judge which soul for what they did do and should not have and who gets to judge which soul for what they should have done, but didn't. We won't have time to be lazy then as due diligence is required, (just like my friend Bill does at work each day) and as you can see from all that is going on around you, we have a lot of work to do. Sometimes though, I really do wish you would stop rutting so much and making unwanted babies that just end up in the hands of Fate, due do a lack of proper nurturing, Loving, and the like. Oh well life happens.Anyways, Fate doesn't worry too much about this one, as it just makes your egos more stubborn to not do anything about anything. This is what I call the not fun players, they just sit there and mope, sort of like they are waiting to die and do it all over again. Oh well, Fate said that sooner or later they will get off of their butt, as in death, it is not taken standing up. Ha ha, gottcha.  By the way if you need an example of diligence, just look at Fate, it makes sure that every little piece of your karmic process is dealt with so that you can make it home, now isn't that nice of him or her, can't figure that one out yet as when he/she comes around I am too busy making judgment calls to see who goes where. So for those of you who think there is no judgment process, read it again, because guess what, you are wrong, nah nah nah nah, spluttt. Just remember that it does happen between each life.


Now we move on to the captains, don’t worry about lust, as I already mentioned that I will do it at the end, and now I will tell you again, I AM DOING IT AT THE END. Did you hear that this time? Yuk Yuk.


Captains of the Egos are the Rulers


Captain Badwill has a twin sister captain Goodwill. By the way did you know that she was the one that set up the 'Goodwill Centers' to help out the needy, what a sweetheart she is? Any way, Badwill is that son of greed as no son of mine would be bad, just good like my daughters. Ha ha gottcha again, as if the girls are all little angels as most of you like to call them. Sure I see how the fathers call them as such, but do you really know why they do so, because most of them have warped minds and sub-consciously are thinking of another female that males can use and abuse. Boy am I ever glad that Fate made the karmic stuff whereby you get to go back and suffer whatever was done by you to another person, to you by them. I can hear it all know, the battle cry of retribution, charge!

I know you are all lamenting that you are good and that bad is the 'other guy'. Who the heck is this other guy, as I have never met him? Could you give me a hint, I like hints in games. I know, let me give you a hint that you can give me. The other guy is not your soul, ok that's understandable given your soul is 97% asleep. The other guy is not your mother or father, ok that's reasonable as you thought and may still think they are god. The other guy is not your brother or sister, as you grew up with them, although Me only knows how much you really know them inside their heads and sub-conscious. So given that everyone is either a mother, father, sister, brother, and has a soul, who is the other guy, I asked already. How about this one?

The other guy is the counterfeit spirit that Fate put next to you so that you could grow in this testing ground of life. How about if it is part of your sub-conscious that you have never even tried to look into and understand. How about if it is your egos that you all created back when and are still as lost as to what to do about it, except for the fact that Fate reminds you of it till you transcend it or dissolve it. How about the fact that Me, God that seed within you, is inside the Id (not the sub-conscious) my friend Freud wrote about (some say after doing all that cocaine, dumkoff), anyway that is where I am, playing hide and seek with you, which is the simplest game we play with children and about the speed of your mental abilities right now. But it does not have to be that way. Oh yeah I forgot to mention about people being smart. You see just as you all recorded some stuff from whom ever 'grew' you up and thus it became your pattern or characteristics, anybody can memorize anything if they apply themselves and work hard at it, but that does not mean they are smart, just that they made good use of their memory banks like a computer does. Neat except it does not denote being smart. For example the best one for memory are those who languages have pictograms for each word and they must be memorized. Look at the Chinese, for all of their memorization, thus smarts, as you believe, why would they eat food that makes them hungrier 30 minutes later. Pretty dumb huh. So as it does not have to be that way, why not promise yourself that you will only do goodwill all the time and transcend that nasty ego of Badwill, or at least demote him from captain to say dishwasher.


Captain-ess Desire has a twin brother captain Aspiration, fooled you again, you thought I was going to say that desire was a he and aspiration a she, you made a mistake, but I can understand why as you all think that desire is of the sexual kind and that men are more apt to be the sexual animal than women, which is right in and of itself, but females have more desire than you can shake a stick at, (always wanted to say that but still can't figure out what it means). Anyway, desire is of the material things and is not of the Me, that is Godly things. Desire can ruin you even before you start, because if you are doing it out of desire then where am I in the picture and what have you done with me. You know anything that people aspire to do in my name with me around will be done. You all think like in the pray 'My will be done'. Nope, you read it wrong, it says 'Thy will be done', T, H, Y, as in the other and not the self. Actually desire is so ingrained in the self that it is freighting for most of the works of Fate to deal with it. It is not a simple matter of saying well my desire is really an aspiration of this or that, if it was then you would say I aspire to and not I desire to. I have tried time and again to get your sister to stop being so desire-ous of things, but boy it is like talking to a brick wall, not that I do that much, but a lot of you down there sure do, even to the point of having religious ceremonies at them, talk about words falling on deaf ears. Anyway, the females all got carried away with this stuff thanks to you guys trying to control everything and then making them your play toys. Ugh, are you ever going to get it when you get home, and remember that the Brits have re-confirmed, that if you spare the rod you spoil the child. Oh well just wait till your parent gets home. Hey, wait a minute I am home inside each and every one of you. Oh so now I know why you don't want to germinate Me, you don't want to wake Me up so I can give you your medicine. Guess what, Fate will do that nicely for Me anyways, so put that in your pipe and smoke it instead of all the funny stuff you smoke, just adds onto the mushy-ness  that your brains already are. And to think that the ancient native ones used it to commune with me, and all you do is get 'stoned'. Do you think that was what they meant in the ancient writings when they said and 'they stoned him to death'. Are you really thinking death of your egos, well I am surprised at your profoundness, not? Anyhow, Fate made aspiration so that you could all have a chance to be nicer to other people and hopefully to yourself. Oh Me I said the hope word which has it's root in fear, wait till I tell you about that. So as I was saying if you aspire to something, it is with kindness, gentleness and humility that it becomes so. So whenever things don't work out the way you want, desired them to, don't look at Me for the answers, now you know, you did it to yourself by letting your ego over run the situation.


Captain Fear even gives me the willies. Boy oh boy, did you really have to come up with that one. Good thing he has a twin brother, yeah girls are not to good at this stuff yet, but wait till Zena  and Buffy come on TV, all of that will change; captain Courage, sort of like captain America for you U.S.A. television lovers. Anyway, fear is what got manifested with you were all playing with the animals and things got out of control as you eat each other up, killed each other, and you forgot how to exit the host before it died, so you got a chance to live it's death. What a dumb idea. Oh well, not all in your world is perfect, just fearful. You see without me 100% inside of your conscious mind, just about everything you can do and live has some part of fear attached to it, which you carried over from those animal playthings. The only thing is that you don't kill each other to eat each other for food, to survive, although some of the strange lost tribes of jungle do eat a killed enemy, now that is the right thing to do. Anyway, your elders and now you all go around saying that it was Me that put fear here, I allowed it and can do nothing about it. Wrong-o, you made the mess with your egoic process, now your parent would like you to clean it all up, before mommy gets home. By the way, mommy is asleep inside of you as well, you see the way it works is that girls have their father asleep inside and guys have a mother asleep inside. Simple and to the fact, so no need to argue about it. I don't know fear so how could I have anything to do with it. Just look at what happens with your egos and you will see that you all have fear at the root of your actions (along with lust). You get angry because you don't get your own way, and not getting your way means you are not in control, and not in control means you are afraid of what will happen, thus you fear the outcome. Why not develop your clairvoyance that is dormant inside of you if you really want to see the future (and other things), anyone can with practice. Then you can become envious or jealous over what (you now see) the Jones have and you start to think that if you don't get it you will just die. Weird how you worked that out for death is only the expiry date that destiny stamped on your forehead when you were being made. Anyway, you are so envious that you become afraid of what will happen or what others will think if you don't have it as well, fear takes over. This part is funny, you are gluttonous for whatever reason and then the minute you think of something fearful you eat even more and start a vicious circle, just like a Buster Keaton movie. You fill yourself up and want more as you maybe fearful not to get some later, or that there will not enough. Sort of like when you where kids inside those animals and you just keep banging into each other until some animal got killed. Gluttons for punishment of your own kind that you dish out to yourselves making this one neat as it really is fearful from greed, which as I explained is narcississim and therefore what, evil. Ohhh. Just sent a chill down your back didn't it, Me too if I had one. Greed will always want and want and want, to the point that it is only the self that it is interested in. Which brings it to the point that it needs to control and control and control. It wants so much that it will do anything to get what it wants, for if it does not attain that which it seeks it gets afraid, for it believes that, that is it's only solace, to have what it wants for itself and not for sharing. So fear surfaces and says see, I told you so and know I am going to get what you want for you so as not to have fear, which is really getting what greed made you believe what you wanted. Need and want are two different things.

You see only when you develop your own courage can you overcome your own fear; you transcend one with the other. Fate put courage there so that that nasty ego of fear, the biggest one of all could be overcome. Just think of how many times a day you are affected by fear, only to still be alive at the end of the day, thanks to your courage, no matter how small it is. Fate really feels sorry for all of you over this one, because he knows that on the road back home you may be faced with a lot of challenges of the fearful kind, because of what has happened and as such, when he put courage into place he kind of made sure that the guys, who are suppose the protect the girls, as they are a little stronger, could easily muster it up when need be. Remember I said it takes two to tango and that is how you can get home, so to speak. More on that later. Anyway, fear is nasty but with belief in your real self and growing your inner being, you will see it melt away like nothing, as that is what it really is, nothing, to us up here anyway.




Let's take a break before we finish off and see what else I need to tell you about before the end. Not of time for that is Armageddon. You mean you would like to hear about the end of time as you all call it. Why not develop those latent faculties inside of yourself and with which you can discover it all for yourself, first hand so to speak? Too fearful, oh well but you want Me to tell you a horror bedtime story. O.K. so here it goes just be ready for some surprises. I know as the children that you are you love surprises, normally, but you may not want some of these I am about the give you. Think of it this way, not everyone can be first and not everyone can be last, so some have to be none existent, right, hold on now, steady those nerves, don’t let your fear you created get into the picture. Take a deep breathe of courage, it is all a game, and it is not if you win or lose, but how you play it, literally. A little hint again, to me the ones that really know how to play it are the ones that win, but only in the end, when I call End Game, no one else can.


To start with you need to understand in general terms that the planets were created before you were in your physical form. Not to say that your souls were not there before the planets, it is just the physical being I am talking of, remember you are made up of energy that I created and with energy you can make a solid form. Anyway, the planets all have an organized pattern to them, that is to say, there is a system to what many think is my madness. Please stop the name-calling. Anyway, like all things that have a physical form, that live, there is an expiry date, due to transformations that need to take place, in order to evolve, just like the expansion of the universe. Some for your ancient civilizations were better at math than your scientists of today (and they weren't even rocket scientists, so to speak) and they calculated certain cosmic events (look at the Maya calendar), which seemingly you have yet to calculate. So with the events happening in a somewhat set pattern, events like the full moon happen each month. Some of these events in evolutionary terms are the changing of one energy into another, for the advancement of all things. Sort of like the universe is my laboratory and we all, that is you and Me, get to participate in all that is going on. To scientists, some experiments fail, to me none ever do as they all contribute to the Totality of life, which of course is Me. You decide which one you will support, remember you do have free will as you are all my children. But as you are closer to me as family (soul family that is) then you are to them, I pray to Me that you will pick for my side, if not, don't worry I won't make you a crispy critter, you will end up doing that for yourself. Hehe. So events come and go as it were, and in terms of your earth years, you should all understand by now that the universe is ka-zillion (love that word) of years old. Realistically what do you think we have been doing all that time, playing hooky? Of course not, life is hooky for all of us, it is fun, when we make it to be fun. You decide what you want it to be each and every moment as you have free will. So inside this big pattern is the decay of some things and the ascent of other things, remember transformation of energy from this to that. So just as the moon use to be an earth, so will the earth become a moon, just look at Jupiter and it's two moons, or is it Saturn, oh well, anyway at some point it will be a dust bowl with the souls living on it in the fifth dimension only as the physical life will not be sustainable. They need the energy elsewhere if you really need to know why. But please do me a favor, and stop polluting or things will die faster than their expiry date and you will have to live through it all and suffer there from, remember the karmic balancing, it applies here as well.


That just about sums up Armageddon. Yes that is what it is all about, and you thought I was just doing the introduction, fooled you, eh. Seriously, all that stuff of 'end of days' in your bibles etc is just a lot of fire and brimstone from elders who lived to close to volcanoes and maybe smoked too much of that funny stuff, trying to get closer to Me but just giving themselves a heck of a ride. They thought that the eruption was the heavens raining down on them, silly eh. Anyway, what you should really be concerned with is your sages saying 'as it is above, so it is below'. What they have been trying to tell you is that all of these things are going on inside of your body, mind, spirit, and soul right now. These things are all descriptions of what you need to go through, to test yourself at, before moving on. You literally have Armageddon going on inside of you right now, better watch out for those flying brimstones. Really, you just need to germinate Me inside of you and you will be able to grow your soul (women like this part as it gives men the chance to experience birth, first hand) and really understand all of this. Unfortunately in your present state of consciousness, that is to say 97% unconscious, you really don't get the picture. You all think that your money and your toys are what it is all about, just as you did as a child at home. But now you are adults and should act a little more knowledgeable. By the way, all those in power over you now have knowledge that you don't, it is not that they are smarter, it is just that they have the knowledge and you don't, so guess what, you got it, they get to control you because of it. So why not get more knowledge and then you don't have to be controlled by them, and guess how you can do that? That's right, now you are getting it, I am so happy you are. You start by germinating Me inside of you, hiding inside of your Id and grow your soul into a likeness of Me. I said I created Me in my image, I never said in the physical form nor did I say how you have to go about it all. Well actually I did, but your elders kept that information for themselves, until now.


Just as in some of your movies, let's do a massive breakout that none can stop and all will be happier and for sure, freer. You have the free will to do it, or just keep on giving your free will over to the highest bidder. I bid my soul for yours, what do they bid, money, luxury, etc. remember you can’t take anything with you but your soul. I know as I made up the original rules. Speaking of original, we better get into what some of you call the original sin and clear up the process of using sexual energy. It was my greatest achievement, even if I do say so myself, as it made all of you.





Told you I was going to do the ego of lust, last.


Lust is a process you guys (more than girls) made when you got so carried away inside of those animals and rutted 'until the cows come home'. Boy was that ever a not nice sight for me to behold of my children, acting worst than animals. Actually if you have been paying attention, this is where the genders came into place on earth, as an angel you had none but when you fused with the host, you took on that gender in the next life. Thankfully, I put my first beloved daughter Venus in charge of watching over you all, as she is so full of Me, Love, for everyone and everything, I knew she could somehow make you understand Chastity. She (I would tell you here real name on earth, but her mate might get upset) asked her genii friend Uriel to help out and she said let's make Tuesday night our night, for that is when most of the rutting is being done anyway. They told me something odd, like Monday night everyone is tired from the first day back at work, but as it is also Monday night sports on TV, women usually go to bed alone, without their mate. Then with Wednesday night everybody goes out to eat, usually at the wife's parents. Thursday night is ER and time to save lives, live intense pain and drama, as if your life is not enough pain and drama, but they told me you all like to see someone in a worst situation than yours, makes you feel better. Friday night they said is for dancing and drinking and paying homage to Baccus the God of parties, so during the week everyone ends up doing it, at least on Tuesday night, not to mention that the guys got all worked up the night before with tough hitting sports and their mate was not into being used as a sports tension release (right after at least), anyways, the guys always got to bed too late. PS, want to here a secret I know, hehe, you naughty boys when your mate goes to bed and you are watching sports, you ogle at the cheerleaders and then sometimes you thumb through your girlies magazines and now I have even caught a lot of you surfing porn sites. Shame on you, it will make you go blind, well not really, but it will make your already mushy brain even more mushy, if that is possible. By the way this is another one of those hints. Are you still with me on this? Oh yeah, I forgot, and while you are so busy with TV your mate has been sending email to a cyber-boyfriend she has yet to meet and when she does, 'you is gone'. What a rinky-dink situation you all have, lies from one to another and not telling the truth from one to another. Oh yeah, will you all get that idea that if no one asks the question of what you did or do, then it is ok as you are not lying. Guess what, it doesn't work that way. When you do something that I consider incorrect, weather you tell your mate or not is not what counts, it is your soul that counts. Each action contrary to germinating Me and growing Me within yourself is against your growth, thus against your soul, thus against Love towards (not of) yourself, and thus ultimately against Me. Boy do you ever make things complicated to explain when you want to get away with things. Just look at your tax codes and you will understand what I mean. Sounds like you are all want-to-be lawyers, even my cosmic court of justice isn't like that, just 7 planetary judges over the general egos and 3 real judges over the captains of sin and 42 karmic processors; with no double talk allowed, just go and find out consciously, as you have all been there between lives. Anyway, when you do those things it just feeds your egos, which are energy that can be miss used and boy are you miss using it or what. Life is simple without the egos and you insist on feeding them and they grow and get out of hand, just like in the movie 'Gremlins', where do you think the author got the idea from. I am still dumb-founded as to why I don't get fed that much and you insist on feeding your egos, boy do you ever like Fate to follow you around and test and test and test and test until the sun goes down, and then more test and test and test. Gives me an energy ache going around in circles all the time. Don't you ever say to yourself, stop the world I want to get off? I know I do.


Anyway, it is Tuesday night and you are feeling, hum let's call it sexy as it is not Loving for that would take my name in vain, and it is not romantic, just ask all the women you  have known. So sexy as in sex is appropriate, because the word rutting makes my energy go dim anyway. So you are feeling sexy, and what do you do. Simple three step process, 1. Smile at the mate after doing the dishes (maybe), 2. Close the door to the bedroom (if anyone else in the house) 3. Slide smilingly into bed and have sex. Ever wonder why most women have the lights out when they are in bed, because they don't want to see you leering at them as you come into it, makes them think of a wolf that is about to slaughter the lamb, literally. If you don't believe me just look at the statistics of how many women are really content with their sex life. Guys don't care at all about the details, they want the goal and that is all. I thought I bought you up better than that. Come to think of it I was not really around as you were growing up was I, and even less know that your are older. Oh now I remember, it was when you two were as one, no gender, just androgens. Another hint here, please pay attention. Me, I love androgyny.


Come along with me on this for a moment ok. I made angelic souls, androgens, and that is who my children really are, a complete energy field, just like me. Given all the stuff you did as children with those pea brain animals, (I can say that now as there are none left, just a few ancestors, and I am trying to get the upper levels to get rid of them, not good m