God & Soul 101




Why a book on 'God & Soul' you may well ask? Hum, let's take a look around us and see what the situation is:


     Only partially known historical events of say the last 2000 years and prior to that is almost anyone's guess.

     Many wars of various degrees for all kinds of reasons, from religious to sexual.

     Death from various kinds of diseases never before seen on earth.

     Anger reaching an all time high in just about all cultures.

     Gross lack of adequate nurturing towards too many children.

     Disappearance of 'love thy neighbor'.

     Famine in some areas and over abundance in others.

     Killing, murdering, raping, pillaging etc. at an all time high.

     Skull-duggery acting as if it was the law.

     Mass confusion to what the 'soul' is and where it is.

     Epidemic of 'narcissism' (especially in North America) as the disorder of the 'Soul'.



Basically just about the worse situation we could imagine due to a enormous lack of 'Real Love'; which most of us, somewhere inside of us, if not in our conscious mind, given we sense that we have a 'soul' agree is the best description of 'God'.


Weirdly enough, as it has been said many a time; most of us do not take the time to contemplate on what 'God' really is and generally just go through the motions of religious stuff until we learn the word 'spiritual' and then change from being 'religious' to being 'spiritual'. End of process, contemplation and thus discussion. Besides we conclude, we have a 'soul' and it is spiritual, 'so am I'. As we live in a predominantly 'consensus reality' world it is easy for all of us to stop at that and continue doing whatever it is we are doing.


Then again for some of us it is 'not living life to be all that we can be'; so off we go in search of the 'Holy Grail' so to speak that most would offer advice that 'it really does not exist and as you can't change anything, why bother' and go back to doing whatever it is they are doing.


They still don't know what 'God' is, what their 'soul' is and using the 'escape-hatch' of saying 'God is love in my soul', they leave it all alone so they need not try so hard, and go back to doing whatever it is they where doing. Funny enough at this point they all have something in common with 'God'; they just go back to doing whatever it is they where doing, repeating and repeating so many of the same things/situations; just like 'God' does with all the things 'God' creates as the primordial energy/consciousness of all things. 'God' keeps repeating and repeating the same thing as well; only 'God' repeats that which would 'fix' us and we repeat that which we really don't know why we do, other than self-gratification. God is trying to help us 'awaken our soul', 'enlighten' us; we are just too wrap up in our 'anti-soul' known in all things psyche, psychological and spiritual as our 'egos'. Not the Ego soul but 'erroneously learned behavior patterns'.


So why a book about 'God & Soul'? So that we can get a better understanding of what it is that is wrong with our life on earth, here and now and what it is that we could be doing to make it better. Real Love.



Real Love


For starters we'd better get into a detailed discussion of what Real Love is. Too many would say that 'love' is 'love' and that it can be described in a multitude of ways as each person is different. That for most people, albeit quite unbeknownst to them, is the aspect of 'love' as a self-gratification process and especially when describing it towards our 'mate' it all too often is one of a sexual nature. Real Love is not of that lineage of thoughts; it stems from our 'creator' moves into our 'soul' and thus is the bases of what 'God' is; and how we receive it within us, and thus 'how God can be within us' as well.


In Real Love there are a three adverbs that best describe the action that lies within it:

1.      It is 'Truthful'. That is to say it seeks out the truth in the situation and will not allow even white lies in order to be understood. It realizes that 'no matter' what the truth is between the two people there is nothing that can stop the truth from making the best of the situation; for both parties. (This aspect is quite often referred to as 'God' within us as 'God' could not even allow anything but the 'Truth'.

2.      It is 'Conscious', which to many may sound funny, weird, different and yet it all too often the case that there is 'no real' inner consciousness being put into the situation. As we mentioned as most people live a 'consensus reality' there is no need to think beyond the 'box' and thus 'consciousness' does not become a factor. 'Consciousness' here is about being aware of the inner psychology behind the words and actions; or to put it another way, about the real cause and affect that arrived at this point. (Again this helps to describe 'God' as 'God' could not be anything but 'consciousness' for that is where all fact of cause and effect starts it's process.

3.      And throughout in order to make it happen; it is 'Unconditional'. That is to say that it will all-ways be ready to 'communicate' to make the situation right, workable and not allow 'preconceived notions' to make 'anticipated' results the rule of the relationship. It has no expectation other than the 'truth', 'consciousness' and the 'prayer' that one is dealing with 'sentient beings'. (Sentient Beings are those of us humans that can 'understand and somewhat feel' the other person's situation, just as they can ours; the lack of becomes more 'egoic' and less 'soulful' communication). (This as well and just maybe most importantly is one of the greatest keys to what 'God' is. Imagine a 'God' that was 'not unconditional' and with all the things that are going on, that we have done, albeit much in secret that only 'God' would know; we would have long ago perished by our own actions).


'God is Real Love'; the 'Truth' 'Consciously' without expectations and thus 'Unconditional'!


Such a description of 'God' has been all to little used and shared; yet as we can see it is the 'root' of what our 'soul' is and that we should all be striving to live. That is if we are trying to be all that we can be.


There are of course many levels to this type of 'action and understanding' as we work our way deeper and deeper into understanding 'who and what we are'. At least we can rest assured that as we do have a 'soul' then somehow we do have part of 'God' with us all-ways. What we do with it all is another thing.

As this is a '101' course we will not be going into any of the metaphysical or great existential questions; but we will just cover the material in a easy basic manner; so that we can all get a glimpse at what is really going on inside of us and thus have a clearer view of what it is we are all living in the here and now.



Soul a.k.a Spirit


Some of us my have a great understanding of our inner workings and thus, again, are aware of the various levels of things. If we can vision for a moment the system of how our schools work, then we can a glimpse at what the levels are like. Not all people are in elementary grades or high school etc at the same time. And, so it is with our 'soul'; some are older than others and some are in higher grades than others and not necessarily the older ones in the higher grades. Just as with all things in life; some of us have a hard time learning and understanding things unless we repeat them over and over and over.


For you quick thinkers out there, this does not apply to 'God' and why 'God' would keep on repeating the same thing over and over and over. We will come to understand why a little later on in course '909' as it has to do with how we and 'God' communicate with everyone in a synchronistic manner.


As for the 'soul' there are a few schools of thought, and yet we all have our own view that we generally keep to ourselves for fear of being ridiculed. Those schools of thought generally breakdown as follows:


1.      We don't have one, this is all that there is and when you die there ain't no more, nutin. Sounds like those that really don't give it much thought, inside or out.

2.      We don't have one, but maybe there is something out there that makes it seem like we do; so until they figure it all out and tell me clearly don't come and bother me with it. Doubting Thomas type of person here.

3.      We may have one but unless you can show us where it is so that we can measure it, weight it and test it as we do solid things; my answers are as good as yours; so there. The general scientific answer up to this point in our human history.

4.      We don't see it, don't really know it; don't have time to worry about it or deal with it as we are too busy living. But just in case that we do then I am going to keep going to church to be on the safe side of things. Better safe than sorry. This sounds like all too many church etc goers.

5.      Sure we have one and it will go to paradise and live happily ever after as we are good people doing good things and everything bad that happens is the 'other guys' fault. Here we are getting into at least a belief in something within that can be eternal.

6.      Yes we have a soul and as we are good we are the chosen ones that will build the new kingdom when all the 'other guys' are wiped off the earth. Again, recognizing the soul but not so great with what it is all about.

7.      Us all living things have a soul and as the soul is eternal it will always be a soul. What happens when the physical body dies is another story and hopefully we will go to paradise. Clear about the soul but hazy on the death of the body and thus what about the soul.


Yet if we think about it for a bit, we can come to see that as our 'soul' was created to be 'us' and that it was from our 'Creator/God' then we can understand a little more and deeper of what it is and thus where it goes.


For most of us, we are not so blind when we look up into the sky to think that we are the only planet that is inhabited in the cosmos that we see; but as we have yet to talk with anyone from some where else we will have to deal with what we have.


At this point we are using the fact that we do have a 'soul'; that our 'soul' was made from/by the 'Creator/God' whom we will now start to call 'OM' due to the following reasons:

     OM denotes a vibratory energy that is cosmic in it's origin.

     It is an energy that can be found in all things.

     The use of the word 'God' has gotten so much bad press that too many of us are a bit queasy when it comes to using it.


So 'OM' it will be as we will further explain later on.


We are also using the process that our 'soul' lies within our mind which is a construction of our brain and spirit. The spirit at this point is simply what we could call our higher mind. As well we are working with the process that our 'soul' is somewhat 'asleep' and for those that can understand it; is in fact being help prisoner by our 'egos'. This is due mostly to the way that we were taught; or more than often not taught; about 'OM' and our 'Soul' as they are unseen, untouchable, un-testable, and thus 'out of sight so out of mind'.


If our brain thinks as our mind then we can understand that our 'soul' is as is 'OM'. Albeit these are two concepts that maybe somewhat new to most; yet somewhere inside of us we somehow know that something of it is true and what it all could really be. We have some type of faith that we feel but that we really can't test and weight out to know it for sure. That is at this point in our history; but we can learn the missing links and bring all the pieces together.


Our bodies may die out, but as our 'soul' is part of 'OM' and 'OM' is eternal; thus does it concluded that our 'soul' is eternal for it is made of the energy from our 'Creator' 'OM'. Give it some thought and we will see that it is part of what has been working inside of us for a long time waiting to be understood.


If we take all the pieces thus far, sit down and actually meditate on it all we will come to some conclusion. Such some will come to that of 'hogwash' and stop all further thinking, that is their free-will right; but it will not stop the thoughts from time to time coming back and seeking answers.


Just meditate on it all before you move on to the next section; to give your 'soul' a chance to get some messages though to you.

God & Soul 202 808


And somehow you thought that you would have to go through a stack of reading to get to the '909' lesson. Not at all, just some add-ons that make it all a little easier to understand and answer some questions that may left up in the air; at this point that is.



How does the Soul Work?


We have to remember that all things are of 'energy' and that 'energy' is in 'vibration' to make it whatever it is. This is sort of the basic science part and something that is really tangible to all of us; even a 'Doubting Thomas'. Slower vibrations of voltage and amperage would be things of solid mass like a rock, and higher vibrations would be things like 'electricity'. Taking it a step further; it is well known that all atoms, cells etc of things contain this energy and make it what it is. Yet, what if we go out into the 'ether' world; that is to say the world of 'sound'? We hear just by the movement of the air that is being spoken to us. Weird but we know it works.


Then as we go higher and higher with the vibrations it almost appears as if the thing is vibrating so fast that it disappears. Now we are into the realm of 'quantum physics' that you can study if you are so inclined, giving you all the science to it as well as the math. 'QP', as it is called, is at the highest level of science and it is here that many discoveries are made on a 'leap of faith' that something is and then they work to prove it.


Right across from this; on the other side is it's 'sister/brother' process known as 'metaphysics'. Metaphysics is simply the same process as 'QP' but from the 'spiritual' side of life. It takes all the known data of 'spiritual matters' and works with them to see what it will produce. Necessarily as it is dealing with energy that is vibrating at it highest known level in the spiritual sense it is not something that is easily given to scientific testing; and is usually dealt with within a group of like minds.


The 'metaphysics' work with the process that our soul is our highest inner vibrations and that it is part of 'OM' which is the highest and the 'Totality' of all vibrations. The 'soul' is pure energy contained within a body that is made up of solid matter which is itself of a much lower vibration. Thus at this point we can see that it is easy for paradoxes to occur as in the duality of what we really are. A high level energy vibration 'soul' within one of the lowest energy vibrations of solid matter 'body'.


There are a multitude of levels here as well but we will cover them in the last part '901' so you don't get too big a headache right now.



Some Neuro-Science for Your Brain & Soul


So we have a soul; we have a brain and the mix of the two makes our 'mind'. Yet, the caveat empor in all of this is; 'literally we are what we ingest as well as what we think'. There are some great books out there that will teach you all that you need to know on these subjects; but we do want to give you an overview to get you started.

From a simple 'biological' point of view we have a body that needs certain nutrients to function at its best or close as we can get. Then there are 'things' (could be called food, chemicals etc) that we ingest and that in fact do a greater dis-service to our bodies than we are yet to realize. After all how many of us have study 'neuro-nutrition' as a hobby let alone for a living.


These 'things' that we take in are processed by the body just as if they were good food-stuffs and as such go through the same metabolic process once inside. In basic terms we ingest food, it gets absorbed by the organs and that includes the most important one; the 'brain'. At the brain's level this is where all the 'directions' are given to the other parts of the body to do this or that based upon the condition of each area and more so for the creative generation of our 'hormones' that are in fact our energies in 'movement'. Our 'hormones' make/allow us to do all that we do for they are the signals from the fuels that we take in to keep us going.


The hormones as we have come to learn can be put into imbalances; be they subtle or not. This imbalance is created when the brain sends the wrong signals due to the wrong inputs that it receives. What we can learn is the fact that we can ingest something that we feel is ok for us; but once it gets to the brain; that has it own internal auditor checking the receiving signals known as the 'brain-gate'; this auditor can and often is in fact fooled. It is fooled in that what it thinks to be something ok to enter, or must be kept out; can in fact join with another signal that confuses the 'brain-gate' into thinking the opposite of what is there.


Simply put, when it is ok to let 'thing' A in but not C then along comes a chemical or wrong foodstuff that is B and when combined with A can 'simulate' C and thus fool the 'auditor'. The same goes of signals that we need to enter but with an attachment from a 'no-gooder' the 'auditor' does not allow entry even for the good foodstuff. We have in fact created a 'problem' for ourselves that has to be resolved and many a times is by showing up in our organs; for the brain processes all the data via the hormones to them. These problems can be small at first but over time as we have all come to learn, we can/do get sick and really do not understand what is going on. Left on it own or just treated with the usual chemical pills, we stand to develop bigger problems that manifest themselves within our organs.


This process is very clear and easily understandable with the disorder of diabetes. The brain is telling the body one thing, but the body really needs to being hearing something else. For those that can understand this process the same is also reflective of our soul. Many would ask if our soul is just 'etheric energy' how could it be affected?


The 'soul' is intimately connected to all of our body and thus as it vibrates at it's level; it can feel the affect of imbalances as they vibrate in the various organs. First it is the food that imbalances the organs given what was ingested; then this same process moves into thoughts; which are nothing but the movement of energy within our mind; thus of the soul and in the brain and as the brain is the director of the signals; if we get angry, sad, over excited; hysterically laughing we will have our energy vibrations out of balance. Thus, these vibrations will again send signals to the brain, which will process them to the various organs via the hormones etc and we will end up with even greater problems for now it is not only a question of foodstuff intake but of the thoughts as well.


Most of this is not that foreign to us that we cannot either understand it already; or do some reading on it all and better understand 'what makes us tick'. The Chinese as a culture and the Taoists as a group have given us the oldest and deepest of insights to all of this. We will not debate the issue whether the 'Aruvedic' teachings from India are older, but we do know that they are just as complete. In both the systems they take a 'holistic' look at the 'being'. That is to say they see the body and the soul as both part of one whole, and as such they work to treat both; for they know that just as something ingested can affect an organ; they also know that something thought of can affect it as well. In the case of the soul it is quite interesting as well to understand that many of our thoughts emanate from our organs that are in fact affected by what we ingest; thus proving the old adage 'we are what we eat'. Stranger perhaps, but all so true.


There are many methods of treatment from all these sages of the world and yet so many of us are not taking the advice or advantage of it to be all that we can be; yet, it only requires one simple thing for us to 'consciously' choose to do and that is 'to try'. We are so cemented in our habits and patterns that we seemingly would rather suffer unduly, ask for some quick 'band-aid' and yet never really heal by giving it a 'try'.



The 'Ologies' that can help us.


Astrology, Theology, Philosophy, Mythology and the list goes on and on. All of these are areas of life that have a direct influence on us here and now as to who and what we are and what we are really doing here.


We don't need to be a rocket sciencetist to figure it out; we just need some open-mindedness with our curiosity in order to investigate it for ourselves. There will constantly be to those that this or that is not true and there will those that will check it out for themselves and then decide what is what.


By taking a simple look into our own 'astrological makeup' be it in the general sense or that of 'karma', 'destiny', 'relationships' etc; they all (aside from being free from certain sites on the Internet) have a story to tell us of our own inner as well as outer being. It would be fruitless to discuss it all here, as each one of us is different; yet once we take a 'look and see' into it we will see that at the moment of our birth there were in fact some strange and beautiful things happening to us. While we may have grown up with some not so nice strange things that we lived; they will all be readily visable within the reports that talk to us of who we are. In keeping the open mind we necessarily need to contemplate that as we are a biological body with a brain that forms a mind when integrating with our soul; the astro reports do a good job at addressing both parts; our life in the here and now and our soul's growth. For the bases of astrology is that we are all here doing, learning for the growth of our soul.


All of these 'ologies' are best dealt with in a meditative frame of mind; for that is the most relaxed way and lends our minds to a deeper contemplation of what we are reading. Any doubt that we create within ourselves while reading will unfortunately manifest itself as 'fear' as all doubt is want to do; but with some slow practice we can overcome it to see what we need to see; but perhaps what we don't want to see. You are your best judge.


The realm of these 'ologies' is a vast as the knowledge that is within our human adventure here on earth as well as our soul's ascension as the key part to why we are we. Without the soul we are just a bio-organism that has preset laws and functions that work as long as the heart is beating; and then what? We could go on and on and touch on a little bit here and there, yet the easiest way to get a picture and some insight to all of this is to simply surf the net and follow some of the leads that show up. Your soul will guide you as to where are the best places to go. Besides we are not trying to make rocket scientists here, just give some exposure to what is going on. We will give you more to deal with in the next part, for now keep practicing and practicing. Try.


God & Soul 901



Well you made it this far and it wasn't so mind-bending after all. It is not the amount of data that we take in that counts (although it helps us to assimilate all of the parts) but what we do with it. If we don't take ourselves to task, and 'try' some of the things that we come across; then we are stunting our own soul's growth and us from being all that we can be.


This section is for those that have a keen drive to know what is going on and are not stumped by seemingly paradoxical issues or by the duality process of our biological body and etheric soul. We will not 'pussy-foot' around the material and the issues; we will just give it to you as we 'know it and be it' so that you can take pointers from any of the parts you choose in helping yourself to be all that you can. So here is a run down list of all the things that can help you take a look at the bigger picture, so to speak. What you do with it all is up to you and your soul:


1.      We have within us a part of the eternal energy that is in perpetual motion. This energy that I call 'Real Requited Love' is our creator 'OM' in action as a constant pulsation is all things; thus what our 'soul' is made up of. Even solid objects have something alive that keeps it all together. The process of all of this for our mind's understanding can be found in what is known as the 'Fluxion Process' at the primordality.com website where it is all explained in scientific detail that a lay person can easily understand.

2.      Our true state of being to be 'like our creator' and in that state of 'felicity' is one of duality of human-beings. That duality is not the body/soul construct but the 'male/female energies' operating as one. In this aspect when we 'fuse' together so to speak, we are in fact getting as close as we possibly can to the source energy of our creation. The ironic part is that it is within the 'sexual' energies that 'the answer' is contained all the while it is not 'love' as in 'sexual love' but as in 'Real Requited Love'. The Real Love we read above and as for the 'Requited' part that is not of the dictionary definition but of the 'reciprocal' giving 'out' (be it back to whence it came or to another) with Real Love that which was given you. Sort of like us keeping perpetual motion in motion. The physical aspect as in the Trantric Sexual Yoga sense is only for the highest expression with the one that you deem to be your 'soul-mate'. Anything less and it is bound to fail for the fusing of the 'souls' as one is not the object when it is with someone else; as we have all come to understand it is simply 'self gratification' that is being sought.

3.      Our greatest trials and tribulations in the human form came about in a period known as Atlantis. This was of some 400k years ago and not the remnant that Pluto wrote of. Prior to this time we had been in the stages of Lumuria and Hyperbolia; both stages of 'duality of sexes' as well as of 'higher etheric energy'. Once we study this metaphysical or esoteric periods we have a greater concept of just what the bigger picture in our historical timeline really is. As we come to learn and understand the 'Fluxion Process' it will deeper comprehension to all of this as well as to how all the pieces of the cosmos that we know of and somehow deal with came into being. Just as with Real Love all is about 'relationships' of one thing to another.

4.      As we involuted from 'etheric beings' with various innate mystical capacities we brought along with us from the Atlantean period a disorder that was perpetuated by our continually decreasing energies or to put it another way; as we started to vibrate at slower and slower levels. This disorder we can see as an epidemic today known as 'narcissism'; for within the wounded 'self-esteem' we find the coping mechanism of 'I am God as there is no other'. By reading up on the challenges that they faced in the period known as the Sons of Belial vs the Children of One God, the Light' we will see just how it has all continued to play out up to this day.

5.      All of the 'beings' that have been with us, visited us etc over the time of our occupation of these human-animal-biological-suits that we wear, did in fact first come through the process of being human born. The process and thus the laws of the Fluxion will show us how those associations actually work. And, as there are levels and levels of all things in existence, we know that each time we are reincarnated or do work in the 'inner dimensions' we are doing what our soul has the capacity to handle and deal with. We are never given something to deal with that is greater than we are; and as we are a integral part of the Totality of Primary Consciousness the sky is our only limit; IF.

6.      As evolving man commingled with some of the etheric beings; the inner bio-animalism took rein over the minds creation. As such males contemplated control over females just as it was all too often in the animal kingdom. Instead of evolving as a balanced race with each using their strengths to be all that they can be (from their brain soul mind construct); man created a society that uses women for the own ends. All this did was to reinforce the existent narcissism and created even stronger levels and strains of it. Today we are seeing a turn around in some attitudes, yet the root cause is still being ignored; mostly as 'God has not appeared' then the 'I am God' attitude be it sub-un-conscious or denied runs rampant/amok.

7.      Within all of this timeline we see a strange and weird occurrence. As we seek out the missing links in our historical lineage that we know predates the last 20-40 etc thousands of years, most of the information is missing; for all the reasons imaginable. Yet there is no lack of metaphysical knowledge, data and all their esoteric meaning. This was once said to be as the masses could not handle it, which really meant that those in power want to maintain the blindness of the masses as power rules. The material was not being used for the good; as many of the groups/cults that had actually kept records as best they could underground of it all, tried to; but it was being used to perpetuate control. Thus again we see the perpetuation of narcissism amongst the controllers. All of this has lead to the state of world affairs today and all the skull-duggery that we must contend with.

8.      If we really knew the truth about all the exoteric things that those in power know and do; we would be angry and revolt. If we really knew all the esoteric things that are we would be enlightened to see solutions and glad that we could actually put them into motion. The answer lies within the framework of the Fluxion and Real Love.

9.      For those that have the soulfulness to act with Real Love on their Tantric Sexual Yoga will find that the Fluxion is what makes it all possible. From there our race is only Real Requited Love away from being healed.

10. Then again we could continue to do all the things that we are doing, repeat and repeat things over and over, again and again; sort of like we are trying to get it all right. With that in mind think of this from the Fluxion/OM of Real Requited Love. OM does the same thing over and over, repeating and repeating, and just maybe One Day we will in fact Requite OM's Real Love for Us back to OM.


Namaste to us all.