God's Unrequited Love….Life is broke and we need to fix it


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Love is the impetus of life....................................................................................... 4

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God makes everything but unbreakable hearts.


My heart got broke a few times on the way to finding God and being all that I can be. It got broken because I needed to make it bigger so that I could love more. It was like the seed inside the husk. If the husk don't break open then the seed cannot germinate. Ouch.


To put that into perspective in the face of God contemplate the following: it is a widely held belief that we have within us a piece of, a spark of, God. We call it our soul and various other words denoting that it comes straight from God and it is our direct communication link with God.


Given that, perhaps this would explain why so many people have not germinated their soul and grown it into being all that they can be. They postulate that if their soul is within a husk within them, and that they need to break open the husk to germinate their soul, well God will go ouch each and every time that one of us 'awakens'.


Actually that only applies to our hearts, and us so that it can grow bigger and love more.


God only goes ouch when one of us dies without having broken open the husk of our soul to germinate it and grow it into being all that we can. Of late God has been saying ouch a lot. Why?


The second belief is that God being the totality of all that was, is and will be; experiences life in the here and now through us, individually and collectively; via our conscious interaction with life. We are God's eyes and senses to the outer world; through our unique personality God does interface with us all, using the data to further the growth and expansion of the universe. So if we die not having awaken our soul to consciousness, then God is 'short-changed' by the experience that it would have given us and thus reflectively back to God.


They say conscious interaction as we are born of bio-organic material, it is relatively mechanical in a universe that is relatively etheric, or pure energy. The materialism is the etheric vibrations at their lowest ebb just so that we can have the experience and reflect it back to God. This is the famous time/space continuum that physics talks of by many sages throughout time. The material is unconscious as it has no personality added to it, but with our soul awakened by the bio-organic machine that we are born as, then we have the chance at becoming conscious, adding our own special 'two cents' to the situation; to life as we see and live it.


If God did not plan nor want this for us, then God would only use the bio-organics and not have placed a part of God (our soul) within us as a device to fully awaken to become consciously enlightened to all that we can, to be as God is, and experience life first hand through us. We are one with God and God is one with us.


So just as we make the ouch better when loving more breaks our heart, so does God feel better when one of us awakens our soul and is more loving. Life really is all about love, requited love.


God created the universe and all that is within it. God created us and asks one thing and one thing only via our free will, from our own experience and volition. God loves us and wants to be loved back as well. God seeks our love, just as God gives us love. Consciously truthful and unconditional! We have the free will to do it, or not; and it is only in living life and being all that we can be that we in fact end up loving God back.


God needs, wants the experiences that we live and from there grows and expands our part of the universe based upon our input. If God were to just use our materialism then there would be no real experience for it would simply be mechanical duplication, such as a cell dividing into two cells, or a behavior pattern being copied by a child from a caregiver. Without the soul, without the personality  there is no uniqueness, no difference in the experience; no sentient (conscious sane) life.

Love is the impetus of life


All living matter is 'born' in some manner. It comes from something that was pre-existent. When we work it all back to it's original source, we end back at God. God is pure energy of everything that was, is and will ever be. We can transform it, but no one could, can, will ever be able to make it but God.


As this energy from the original source was transformed into other things, we say that it was from love that the new thing emerged; just as each living organism was made from some other organism(s) 'making love' as we call it. It is the love of our creator that started the process and it is every one of us that perpetuates it.


Nothing that is alive in the energy sense of our universe is void of the original sense of love. It exists because somehow love was used to transform energy into what it is. Love is a action verb, and thus why we say it was love that created it. Love transformed part of the original source energy 'God' into what the living thing is, but love is not the living thing. The living thing has the love potential, but as it has free will, especially in the case of we humans, then it must of it's own volition act, put into action the use of love; the energy of love. Simply said, it uses it's part of God within to be love, to aspire to be as God.


How? God we can say is the energy of love, for God is the original source from which all else extends; just as two humans mate to create a third in the manner of love-making. The two humans place a part of themselves into the transformation process of combining energy to make a third being. The creation process is not possible without love, as in without God's energy that we call love. God and love are one and the same.


Why? God is the totality, and like something that is all and even more than all, it is the unknown future factored into it as well; thus the unknown darkness that love is at times, the unsure-ness of the ultimate outcome of what will be in loving. This can only be known when we let it be known by our own experiences that are reflected back to God, in our communications, conscious or otherwise.


For those that may be a little stumped, love has no opposite. Think about it. Hate has like. Evil has good. Anger has kindness. Sadness has courage etc. Love just is, was and always will be. What we do with it is the reason for living, the reason why we are here in the first place. God made us in God's image, energy speaking (not in some material form, for God is not material) and given a part of God to see what we will do with it, to experience life and then send all the data back to the source. Our personality is what makes the difference to what we experience and thus not just duplicating in a mechanical manner.


We can accept or reject love in our life, and as such we are accepting or rejecting God in our life. For, it is impossible to be faithless in God and to love, for love requires faith, in oneself and in another. Our first faith in love is really when we love God; or as it could be said, when we realize that we are loving love, (not to be confused with loving being in love). While we may not be conscious of what we are doing, that is the process; learning that as we use action for energy towards another we are setting up a communication for that energy back and forth, thus we are sending data (being reflective) of love back to the original source of love.


However, through all of this, conscious or not, we all live love in some manner and going back to that broken heart, many would rather not think about it for the ouch hurts too much and still 'smarts'. It is just this that gives us impetus to action, for love is action and without action it is dead. Actually it does not really die, even when our physical body dies, it just goes into a state of fear that freezes it until it is better understood. Understanding becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes power to make the energy of love move, to be active.

What is Love in the everyday sense


We all grew up with something that we seldom studied, but if we had it would have eliminated a lot of the confusion we live in. Neuro-linguistics is the understanding that the meaning of a word is one of the most, if not the most, important parts to communication. When two people fully understand the same meaning of a word and it's use then they can communicate better, consciously; as they become conscious of what the other person really means and what they are saying.


Love necessarily needs a few concepts in order for it to function properly. Throughout the ages it has been based upon three precepts: conscious, truth, unconditional.


Consciousness is required for a number of reasons as the main point is the capacity to discern whether the love that we feel for another is of a bio-organic chemical nature, or if it contains the essence of God within it; that is to say, is our soul awake seeing and sensing something that is unique in this encounter, in this communication. Given the fact that most humans encounter their own experiences of love (outside of the family) in the teen years when hormones are developing and are seeking to mate for the propagation of the species, we can easily see that it is mostly of the unconscious kind. It has been said that we think we know a lot at 20, at 30 we are amazed by what we have learned and at 40 we realize that at 20 and 30 we did not know much, of life that is. And, this of course includes the impetus of love. By 50 it is said that wisdom sets in to help us understand it all.


Truthfulness is paramount to being real love, for as God would not lie, tell a white fib etc. and we are to be the best we can be like God. We know in looking back at the history of our world, written and unwritten that truth has all too often been used as a power tool over others use of lies, deceptions, half-truths and the whole gambit of non-truthfulness. Truth is the only thing that can make life enjoyable to all by living and playing on an even field. Those who have it and abuse it are doing it for the power and control over others and their own gain. Thus we end up with what we have just about everywhere on our earth at present. Ambivalence towards finding out the truth, as it is too hard and so why bother. Ambulatory schizophrenia so that we (our psyche and soul) can cope with the fact that we lied, did not tell the truth, and do not want to be responsible for it. Thus we have allowed Evil, the absence of Good to perpetuate itself. This is the part of the life that is broken and we really do need to fix it; or suffer the consequences as we have and are seeing it getting worse.


Unconditional is a factor that must be, for as we are human and thus not infallible. We need a manner in which we all can interact with each other that allows us to grow into being all that we can be, while it helps us to help others as well. When things, actions are done that have a condition attached to it, then we are in fact trying to control the outcome and that in itself negates what could be brought to us for our further growth and understanding. God does not set us up with conditions that we need and must do, all God seeks is that requited love; just as all humans do, consciously or not. So as we seek to be like God, then we should seek to be unconditional in our actions; just remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you and we will all 'get the point'. Necessarily we all have our level of expectations that we need to take into consideration, and these levels are in fact part of our inner psyche and soul's growth; created by what is known as our 'super ego'.


So love in the everyday sense of the word is that action and communication with others that is all encompassing; it has truth, consciousness and is unconditional. It really is what God is when you contemplate it a little.

Why Life is Broken and Needs Fixing?


Most of us would never contemplate that something in life is broken. We just live out our lives the best we can and 'hope' for the best. We assure ourselves that we are doing all that we can here and now, and at the very least, when we retire we will do all of those things that we promised ourselves we would do; find God, learn more about love, play golf, go traveling and what not. Habits are patterns. Patterns are hard to change, as they cannot be broken, only changed into another habit.


Within our daily existence of life, how often have we actually contemplated 'God'? Sure when we go to church if we are not preoccupied with something else, we tend to delve into what 'God' really is, but that is quickly banished from our minds as it is too complicated. Thus, we resort to the statement, erroneous or not, that we are a good person, have a good soul and thus doing our father's will the one who art in heaven, wherever that is.


Funny but it really sounds like something is broken. I actually sound like a broken record that is played over and over, even if it does skip here and there, now and again. We are not seeking to commune with the 'Almighty' as they say, but we are simply justifying what we feel within us, how we think and thereby are simply coping with life. It is all too complicated to think about while we are so busy trying to appease ourselves with self-gratification.


Funny thing is if we were to really think about all of this and work it out logically over a period of time, we would really come to the understanding that, if we were to pay more attention to 'God' on a daily, hourly, minute to minute basis, then like a miracle, God is there paying more attention to us. Perhaps not in the area of the things that are temporary that we would like to have, happen etc; but for sure on all the things that are permanent and thus that affect our soul.


Our inner psychology and thus our attention span towards 'God as Love' are what are really broken. It got broke when we were real young and in most cases it was not fixed as we grew up; mostly because no one really realized that it was broken. Narcissism is when we think more or less that we are God, that we are doing as God wills us. The easy answer is yes we need to do as God always; yet the broken part of us which forms the paradox that we must understand is that we used the I am God, I am doing God's will as the coping mechanism for areas that are lacking in our life and we all have them.


So what we need to do is to go inside of our psyche and see what is up with our thinking process, so that we can correct what needs to be corrected on our path to being all that we can be. We will see that yes as God is love, then that is the most important place to start and where the root of the problem and thus the answer hides. Remember that narcissism is a coping process that is inside of us as we have a weakened self-esteem for some reason and thus we do not love ourselves, properly.

How can we better Love ourselves?


With all of the positive affirmation tapes and manners to boost our morale etc, we are helping ourselves to cope and get somewhere. What we are missing however, is that we are putting a band-aid on the problem instead of fixing it. The problem is one of love in the spiritual sense and by the paradox thereof, of lust in the organism/material sense.


When we take on narcissism as a coping mechanism, consciously or not; (as most will not admit that they are); we are trading in real love for self-gratification love, a.k.a. lust. Our organism has somehow been injured and thus we seek a manner in which to cope with that fact. As we were not necessarily properly nurtured in the psychology of life, we were not taught how to over come this weakness in our way of thinking about ourselves.


With narcissism we are able to make ourselves appear, feel and act better than we really believe (albeit sub-consciously) that we are. Thus we have created a perpetual loop that just keeps going around and around. Sort of like the taped message that plays in our heads, albeit mostly sub-consciously, that says we are like this or like that. We cannot disappoint our inner 'super-ego' and as such we seek out and match/become that taped message. We grab at what we deem love to be, as the physical expression and in doing so we appease our narcissistic need to a better self-esteem by believing that the lust we have is really love.


Prove all of this to yourself. Think of all the things that you say and do behind closed doors with the one that you say you love. Then contemplate the following situations:


Ř    How would you feel if at any time during any of the things that we were doing 'God' came in to talk with you all about your actions and thoughts at that time?

Ř    How would you feel if at some point you were made fully aware without qualifications that your child was doing exactly all the same things that you did, do and want to do?


If you felt uneasy with any of this, it is because you are sensing the lust part of yourself, as the real love part has been injured somewhere in your life and is seeking to be healed. God is everywhere that you are and your children do pick up on everything that you do, even behind closed doors. This is why it becomes so important for all of us to understand who we are, what has been injured and to repair that with real love.


God awaits you asking for help to repair it, no matter how big or small. Just ask your spouse.

The Fun Part of the Game of Life


So as we have come to understand we need to somehow go inside and fix what is broken; we first need to know what is it that really is broken? No matter how much you do self talk, no matter how much you do positive affirmations, you are only coping again and not really fixing it. Remember that we can change one habit of coping with another, but we cannot make it go away; unless we first find out what it really is.


If we see all as part of the game of life and take that positive attitude that no matter what I will find out it is me and if needed, then I will fix it; good, bad or ugly. If we can create some cosmic humor over it all, such as; boy when reincarnating into this life I really picked some weird habits or problems to deal with etc, then at least we will have an upper hand for truthfully looking at ourselves. We need to be truthful as it is paramount to our success, besides when we get to talking to our spouse about it all we will not be able to fool them as we have been fooling our self.

Then as we start to ask questions about what is really going on inside, contemplate that as a human being and made up of a dual process, one that is bio-organic organism and just does action/reaction and the other part a soul that is pretty much a mystery, let alone where is it; then we can ask some fun type questions. (For starters pretend that our soul is everywhere in our body; the answer comes later). 


Ř    What effect does the planets have on us? The Taoist know that the planets affect our internal organs by sending them vibrations that are a set pattern for all of us. The people of India know that these vibrations are received via the chakras. So by reading up on this you will better understand that the lungs relate to sadness and courage from vibrations of Venus; the heart relates to hate and love (this should read liking) from vibrations of Mars; the spleen and pancreas relate to worry and fairness from vibrations of Saturn; the liver and gallbladder (if you still have it) relate to anger and kindness from vibrations of Jupiter; and Mercury govern the bladder and kidneys with fear/stress and gentleness. So go inside and ask all of your organs how they are doing; literally you will be researching how much you love yourself, in the physical health sense. One note of direct experience, (apart from metabolic disorders) all fat people are afflicted by sadness, so please do not accept any other reason.


Ř    How does the soul awaken, grow with that knowledge? You are looking for the weakness in your inner constitution that in turn plays havoc on your physical being which is and of itself a great barrier to being psychologically okay. Your soul wants to see you love yourself better in a good sense not for materialism but for whom you are and not just from words. Thoughts, actions all count for the whole. So ask God for some help as God is waiting to do so and give you what you need; real love.


Ř    Science tapped the mind where the planetary impulse ends up to affect us, but who is doing the consciousness, such as 'oh I see what is happening here' and working with it? Psychologically speaking science has allowed commerce to tap into our minds, do all kinds of stuff like suggestive advertising and even worse. It has allowed commerce to chemically play around with it all, as in I have to have my beer and chips or wine and cheese. It has created somewhat of a big mess in our heads and only we can clean it out. So start eating better in all manners that you can think of and think to yourself, if God were here would I offer that to God to ingest. If the answer is no, then why are you? This part is most likely to be less fun as it seems that a physical addiction is worse than a psychological one. You decide as you work on them both.   

At Least you have some help; your mate?


Okay so maybe you don’t want your mate inside of your head as you go through all of this, but at least do call upon God to be there and help guide you. As a matter of fact why not make an affair out of it with say Christ for women and Mary for men, at least you will be working in the direction to where you will want to go at some point.


An unfortunate part of our society is so consumerism orientated from it's self-gratification needs to the injured self via 'narcissism', is that, most couples are together out of some economic arrangement and at the mid life crisis just about all of them would rather find a new mate (we will cover this and way at the end) than stay with this one. Not so much from wanting a change, but more so as it really was not the right pick to start with. But the good troopers that we all are, we made the best of it all. Or did we?


So as you contemplate asking your mate to help you out, just as you anticipate them asking you, let yourself know that if you or they hesitate to do so, then there is an ouch in the relationship that needs to be addressed. Hopefully for all the failing ones out there, this finding, creating and living real love will in fact fix it all. Thanks to God.


If you do in fact have your mate working with you then you will have access to the strongest energy around, the physical manifestation of God in the here and now. That is to say of God living and experiencing here and now through you, individually. Sexual energy.

Tantric Yoga Sex


Didn't you just know that you were going to have a chapter on this subject in a book about God and real love? It is the seat of all energies that surrounds us and quite literally for those in the belief/know of the deities; those that are not of human origin are jealous of us and see this tool available to us to help transcend so much so fast, with God as our guide. What we can do with it and how we can make each other feel is amazing; but alas given the taboo of sex over the history of mankind it has been too little discussed.


The ancients knew of this practice as yoga for the mind and body are completely immersed and involved. I will not go into all the details as this is one subject that warrants all couples to investigate profoundly as it contains the next best thing for working miracles, to God.


Suffice it to say that it is the process of loving, sacred erotic copulation, in deep profound blissful communication (literally you have to talk to each other with your eyes opened) and involves the total withholding of orgasm for the purpose of transmuting the energy by way of breathing to your mind for conscious enlightenment. Try it you will like it. It does work very well.


So as you and your mate are practicing and practicing and practicing (don't get carried away please, it is nuclear power you are working with) you will note a deeper connection, a more profound oneness that will help both of you open up more and in many cases actually see some things that have been psychologically hidden for aeons. This one point is probably the main key to your better understanding of God, love, and requited love; for you will be actually performing that process of requiting it back.


But things may not be as simple as that given some people's inner coping mechanisms and unwillingness to face and be conscious to and of themselves. Unfortunately they are not looking to be all that they can be.

A new mate?


First let us dispense with those of you who would be contemplating changing due to some reason that is not a virtue, that is not about God; but about your gratification and thus your lust. I often wonder how many people given the chance would change their partners for the sexual thrill of it. To close off these people all I will say is, God does know.


In society as a whole we grow from teens to young adults with somewhat raging hormones and as such when we find a partner it is all too often due to 'a hormonal mating dance' and not a heck of a lot to do with all the real requirements of a perfect loving couple. Most will lament about this and somewhat use the phrase, 'who really knows love and with someone you can grow into it'. Partly correct, but given all the divorces in North America and problems around the world, it is correct to say that something is wrong, or at least went wrong somewhere and needs to be fixed.


Well remember that part about narcissism being a coping mechanism for us as we grew up and even now in middle to old age. The funny thing with this is that you can have two narcissistic people living together as they feed each others needs, but sooner or later it falls apart as narcissism cannot be a base for real love in any manner. A narcissist does not really know how to love and as they have a weak self esteem they have coped by making a bigger self, which means I am to be loved by all and not I should be loving towards all. I am the center and all revolves around me. Anytime they use the word love towards another person, they really really do not know what it means and are paying it lip service only as they have learned to cope with life.


Ergo the reason for so many divorces, due to at least one party being narcissistic.


So what do you do? Well the first step in this last process is to at least understand what you are dealing with and then determining if it is salvageable; as in being that unconditional love. While you are determining that aspect you need to see if you are being conscious of it all and that you are not just trying to hold onto something due to some hidden fear. More often than not it is such.


When you find yourself privately looking at all the other people and in some cases searching another person’s eyes, ask yourself why? When you see your mate or friends doing the same ask yourself why? And, when you talk to your friends that have gone out and had an affair or changed partners, ask why?


In essence it all has to do with God, real love, requited love; one way or another. You see when you really examine what is going on here you will see that it is the requited love that is being sought after. You really are looking for your 'soul-mate' as we humans have termed it. For when you do find that special person, it will be from looking into, gazing into their eyes and they into yours. It will be the exchange of looks from God playing peek-a-boo with you and the other at the same time. Remember God is seeking the experience of living life through each of us with our unique personality added to it all and reflecting it back to the Godhead.


As we go through the cycles of life and have started our family, we more often continue within it saying that if it does not get better then I will leave when the children are grown. Usually this means that the children must grow more than you and this can only happen when they have been exposed to things and nurtured by others that you were not. So more often than not this situation drags on, past our so called 'good years' and then resignation is given in that seeking 'Real Love' is over. In the meantime we still have God, right?


Well actually we always have God, God is always there 24/7 no matter what we are doing etc. for God is at one with man, just as man should be one with God. So at any time when we have the understanding, the gnosis of ourselves, can we decide to do something about it all. We can make it work or make the change, the choice is at least 50% ours.


In choosing to make it work, our mate must necessarily be on the same wavelength as us. We cannot have a spiritual God believing a person trying to grow on one hand and a more narcissistic type of mate that is taking it all on the other hand. There is an absence of common beliefs, values and common goals. Sure in the material sense both can have the same interests, but usually even they are for different reasons and thus some of the inner tension that one does not really understand, but senses it.


When one person is trying to live real love and is thus all giving, with the other looking for nourishment to feed the ego of narcissism, it becomes that endless loop with neither ever really being satisfied. When the giver is always giving and never getting back from the taker, the emotional bank account runs overdraft and then at some point the loan is called in. The taker is in constant fear, albeit subconsciously, of being found out and thus the pressure mounts day to day until something must break. Usually, and in some cases hopefully it is just the relationship.


In the case where the all-else failed and as you seek to grow your soul is being all that it can be whilst the other seeks to coast along in life, then your decision to change has made itself known. But what do you really have to do, for the greatest pitfall is that of leaving one situation, getting into another only to find out that it is the same. Remember that we cannot break a habit but we can change it to another one. This all requires real love of you via God. You need to requite the love to yourself, which is thus requiting God's love.


We always need to have the best possible understanding of who we are from a psychological stand point, and as all the sages have told us, we are our best doctors; we need to undertake our own in-depth self analysis, in our first step into being all that we can be.


Once we have this better understanding of ourselves, and with the use of real love of ourselves as to the truth, being conscious of it, and being unconditional towards ourselves (as in meaning not want to beat ourselves up or throw in the towel) then we can become that love in a healthy psychological manner towards ourselves which then will lead us onward.


That onward is necessary towards more communing with God, be it by ourselves, or with the soul-mate that we had asked God to help us find, being clear and concise in our request and that our God through our eyes helped us to identify.

To see if it is the real love that you are looking for, decide from the start that you are going to handle it as if you are an outsider say to your child's romance and you were asked to give all the input as to what steps to take when. Now think back to the olden days of courting, a suitor and real proper etiquette and you will get a beautiful picture of what it should be. Talk with this new person, do a lot of communicating use those weird but fun tests that help you know someone.


Pretend that you are a God or Goddess and have been asked to direct this new loving couple called 'Adam and Eve' on what needs to be done, to create the perfect couple here and now. The fact is this is what is really happening, as fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and things are not always as they appear to be.


There is only 'God' the Almighty, the unknowable, the consciousness, and the totality of all that was, is and ever will be. The greatest gift that we all have from God is part of God inside of us, if we learn to live that, if we learn to be all that we can be regardless of our actual limitations, then will we have requited God's love and thus we will have requited it back to ourselves, humanity as a whole. God is love and love is God, thus do I say to you all:

God to you.

Some helpful things you can use on your path


Humor is one of them, if not the best medicine, so keep some close. Mine was 'ET101 the Cosmic Instruction Manual' by Mission Control. Ask for help from the deities and you will surely find yours.


For the psychologist in you a definite must is 'New Personality Self Test' that will give you a lot of insight and means and methods on how to fix what is broken. In this case your head :o)


Next for those of you who have a desire to seek out all you can about your birth, and how come all of those planets can in fact affect you the way they do. And, not only that but what about how your parents really did influence you, not to mention your past life. It is all available and quite detailed as well as accurate at www.astrology.com. Reports galore for all of your inquiries, including that new mate you are thinking about, or all about the old one you decided to keep.


Tantric Yoga Sex is a somewhat sensitive area, with many sites and few that have a balanced view to it all. Thus keep with the origin of it and that is the Taoist system. You will find the site www.mantak-chia-universal-tao.com one of the most detailed as well as interesting for all tastes in this ancient and fine art. They also have a lot of works on the energy centers, the chakras as it were.


Of course for those of you that are more technical, more scientific in your approach, then you must read 'How the Mind Works' by Steven Pinker. It is a layman's fascinating read of the bio-mechanics of how our minds work; quite like a computer as a matter of fact and exposes us to those much used (by our habits) neuro-pathways of stimulus/response. While it may not give you the secret to re-writing any of your erroneous programming, it does show you how it all works bio-chemically speaking.


In using your Internet search engine you will find a lot of interesting sites and in briefly surfing them you will intuitively know if it is for you.


And lastly, for those of you that are interested in putting it all together, which thus you may want to make it your first stop, seek out the writing by Sameal Aun Weor entitled 'The Perfect Couple'. It is a synthesis of all of this and more. He was the father of modern Gnosticism with gnosis simply meaning the study of higher spiritual knowledge of your soul as I have come to understand and write about.