Let's Talk About The Taboos

Politics & Money, Sex & God


Politics & Money


Who was it that said you are not suppose to talk about politics, especially in polite company. Well we can if we get right to the point. Politics is the home of our externalization of our economic issues. Without the economic issues, we donít have a government to govern us, and as such, we donít have to worry about politics. Wouldnít that be great for our society; just living a barter system (which we actually do at the home level as no real money changes hands for specific deeds; although there is a lot of economics involved). So politics is run by money and as such is the bases for all the skull-duggery that has, is and will be going on in our lives. But why the money part as it is suppose to just be an energy to use like all others that are simply transformed by us from one thing to another?


Well as it goes money is the Ďroot of all evilí and as you read on you will be able to draw your own conclusions. Certainly it is not the money itself that is the problem, but what we actually do with it. Unfortunately for God (or whatever name you give to that supreme energy) money has upsurge God in the mind of most humans. Perhaps as you are thinking that it is not really the money but what can be done with it! In that you are right with your thinking as the real power money has it the one that goes with our basic primal instinct, without which we would not be here continuing our species; sex.


Sex is the energy at the base of all things as it is needed to perpetuate all living organisms in one way or another. So money is not really at the base of all things, sex is; but we need money in order to attain sex in our physical realm of the here and now. We are no longer in a agriculture society that depended on constant bartering (my veggies for your fruits), but in a consumerism one that needs money to buy what we want (not what we need for that cannot be bought) and appease our physical desires of our self-ism.


Long gone are the days whereby a woman would pick a man based upon his abilities with the land and animals. Long gone are the days whereby a man would pick a woman based upon her abilities with the house and children. Today it is all about what you can Ďbuyí for the other person and not so much (although for now it is still part of our psyche) about what we can share from our provisions and knowledge of living life. Today everything can be bought; yet as it has been throughout all time, the exception to the rule is that of all the things we actually need (apart from food and water).Virtues and things of the soul can only be earned, learned, and attained through conscious will of being all that we can be. But as we are so busy working and buying things that we want, we are missing out on the picture, on the real beauty of life; God, Real Love and thus Real Love Making.


As all things are not as they appear to be and just because you do not believe something does not mean it is not true; read on and see what happens when we openly talk about Sex and God, the highest taboos of most cultures since we can remember. Remember that all wars are fought over some economic interest that has an underlying current of power tied to it. That power necessarily is further tied to the our sexuality and thus to the wars over a women etc.


Politics is not about government, it is about money. Money is not about just buying what we want it is about having power. Power is not for the sake of power, but for the attaining of sex. Sex unfortunately ends up being an end in and of itself, for our self gratification. The good thing about sex for all humans regardless of their situation is that it really is a step away from God; if we can get the self gratification under control and work with that energy while being all that we can be. Thank God that we are just a step away from Ďbeing at Onementí with God; even if it is a really, really big one.

Sex & God


As humans it is no secret that we are often torn between two worlds, one of the physical sensations or bio-organism that our body is and the other our inner spirit or our soul world; for many the unknown. As Jesus had said many a time, we cannot serve two masters, meaning our physical pleasures and our spiritual world. However, the one thing that was said by many sages throughout the years is; we can reconcile the two to a point of balance and harmony that will make us united. In fact it is really being united with God.


To clarify a neuro-linguistic point; God is Real Love that is Everything, Everywhere. God is Truth (which has long been the ultimate unifying religion of the world); God is Consciousness for if we are not awake, aware of cause and effect we are hard pressed to make sense of all things; and God is Unconditional, in Love towards us just as we must be in our Love to each other.


To further the neuro-linguistics, Love is not 'sex' and 'sex' is not Love. Our sexuality can lead us on to higher levels of spirituality when worked with properly; and as many know and heard of heightened spirituality can lead to a sense of 'sexuality' known as ecstasy.


But 'sex' in the common sense of the word's use is simply a biological function that is for procreation as the animals use it and as we have yet to harmonize within ourselves, we use it for self-gratification, pleasures of the senses that is in fact devoid of God and thus Real Love. So all it ends up being is pleasure of the flesh with no goal of connecting with God behind it all. Yet, as God is everything, everywhere we are missing one of the greatest opportunities to really connect with the divine.


We all go through a phase in life whereby we say that what goes on behind our closed doors is up to us and has nothing to do with God. Yet, just as we have the closed door to our mind that we seldom, if at all, allow anyone into, thus do we take that closed door into our bedrooms closed door making ourselves believe that God is not there; mostly as we have yet to really connect and harmonize ourselves with God and the cosmic energies that surround us. Besides, we really donít want God to know what we are up to or at the least are thinking at those moments. Could you imagine if your sex mate could really read your mind behind those closed doors? What a challenge and what openness to work on things; it would be great and beautiful. So maybe we should let God!


Always the Acid Test


An acid test is like we did in elementary chemistry. Test something to see what the response would be and if it was really acid. Thus applying it to our sexual activities we can see what is really up within our psyche; even at the subconscious level. Letís take a look at the easier one first; that of God in our bedrooms then we will take a look at the tough questions; with our children aware of what is going on behind the close door. Always remember that we cannot give to someone something that we do not have and that goes for our spouse, our children and of course for God; mostly because of what we do not give ourselves; true/real love.


We are the masters of our mind; the only problem is we do not know who we really are. Are we the sex kitten that our spouse wants us to be? Are we the housewife turned whore in the bedroom? Are we the gorgeous hunk that makes all the women weak at the knees and thus easier to manhandle? Are we the shadow of ourselves that lives within and that we always suppress only to see it come out behind closed doors or in the bar when drinking or drugging? Actually we are each and everyone of these things to some degree or another. Why?


Because these are our egos, those learned behavior patterns that have become our life in the here and now. These are the reactions that we have created to some action; the effect of some cause. And, due unfortunately to the fact that most of us where not properly nurtured, let alone nurtured at the soul level; this are our erroneous mannerisms that if we really could, if we really had the chance we would change from. But, alas, as others are not trying to, as others do not know how to just as we do not; we will cope and live the way we choose, that is to say the way our erroneous behavior patterns have played themselves out as our egos took control.


So now we take a look inside of our bedrooms, that is to say inside of our heads whereby we process all that we see as sexuality, and that we try to understand as love. We may call it physical love making, but just as God is love and God does not make love with us; we are using a neuro-linguistic process to make ourselves believe that sex is love. Besides all those that came before us have used these terms so they must be right. Well if you really think about it, when the parents tell a child ĎI love youí, it has nothing to do with the physical act. And, most people seem to say ĎI love youí when in physical embrace sort of as if they are in some sort of parent/child role playing. Could this just be the Opedius/Edipus complex playing out?


Actually in part it is, the other part as we said is our egos taking control and doing only that which our mind is limited to. If we do not know how to be Real Love to ourselves, if we do not know how to be Real Love with God, then how can we be Real Love with another person? Our mind is in the bedroom and thank God no one else is there to see what is really going on (not for some voyeuristic reason, but to really see and understand); and most of all know one can really read our minds!


There are those couples that are in unison be it in a loving sensual way, or in a animal sexual manner. Then again most are at some opposite process to each other. The male see the female as his sexual toy to play games with as he has yet to mature into Real Love. The female is doing what too many have done throughout time; giving herself to satisfy him as he does other things for the home that she wants done and this sadly becomes the payment she must make. He is thing of his sexual thoughts, while she has given up on her sensuality and is more often than not thinking of the things she has to do tomorrow, daydreaming of this and that; and in many cases thinking about her Real Love lover being an actual person or a fantasy.


The minute fantasy enters into the bedroom, other than some role play that is being done to seek experience and understanding; the minute is becomes more than just a part of human research into who and how we are; it becomes sex for sex and thus Real Love and God are no where to be found. Yet, we all say that we are good people, moral people and some of us even go to church to prove it. But, if God were to suddenly appear before us and ask us questions about it all, how would we fell about what we had been thinking and doing; knowing full well that God knows all things?


If we are not in harmony within ourselves and with God or whatever we choose to call that supreme power; then how can we be in harmony with anyone else? Yes, we do cope and deal with things in our manner and ways; which in the end perpetuates the situations that we are facing and dealing with in the here and now. Situations that had we became more conscious of them, of ourselves and who we are, we could fix them all or at least really make things better for the next generations.


This is what we need to realize as we contemplate what we are doing to our children. Sadly, just as we coped with so much in life, we are doing the same with our children; we are setting them up, teaching them and showing them how to cope in this hard cruel world; not being all that they can be for themselves, but coping. You see, we see the world as hard/cruel and that is just about how our children will end up seeing it as well. For we cannot give to them that which we do not have! Yet we can try and change ourselves, which in turn will change those around us and so on.


Our challenge comes in undoing not only our inner erroneous behavior patterns that we learnt and keep as ours growing up, but also the ones that we fed to our children knowing it or not. Sure we remember when we were young if we happened to come across something behind the closed bedroom door in our innocents or not. But the bigger part was what we learned from the interaction of our parents; the so called silent messages that where sent out and picked up by the sponges that were seeking nurturing and requited love. The unfortunate part for us all is that we missed out on they were seeking requited love, while at the same time we firmly believed that we nurtured them correctly.


Had we (that is to say, our parents and their parents and so on and so on backwards in time) really nurtured and really did give requited love (Real Godly Love) then we would not be in the state of affairs that we are. Sure we can look all around and say it does not exist, and in most likely hood the worst offenders are not likely to be reading this and they know everything and are not looking to grow and change, so back to the children at home.


We all have to at least ask ourselves, where do the children learn all the things that they do and grow up being as they as. Is all the things that are not of a nice nature always from the other guy as we are so perfect. Actually if you read up on it and study it, you will find out that you and I are the other guy. We are in fact the ones that teach these things to our children, consciously or sub-consciously; directly or indirectly. You see the bases of character are formed in the aptly called formative years (0-8) and this sets the pace for the later add on(s). There are outside of the home influences such as the extend family and friends, but these become secondary. And, unfortunately for most as we do not study or understand it, there is the reincarnation process of what the soul brings back to learn as well as what the planetary influences are; but we will not cover those aspects in this writing, just us and our children.


So we are 20 something, starting a family and a job. We are some what cocky as to believing that we know it all as we forage out on our own. We actually really do not know ourselves and our own issues, which means that we will be giving to our children that which we have, good or bad, unless we notice it and understand it enough to change it. And just as the unknown drew us in to seek itís meaning so will our children be drawn to it and other taboo subjects that are not adequately discussed at home. So now sex in the bedroom is going to make its appearance amongst the household. This is the second and more important issue than having God ask us about our thoughts and actions; because this is the legacy that we will leave our children. But how you may ask?


Manners, Attitudes, Beliefs and Morals

We all want to believe that we are good moral people and that sex no matter what and how we do it is our business and that of our spouse. The problem really is when we realize that one spouse can be and usually is stronger and more dominant than the other. This domination will play out its role in the family household setting up behavior patterns for the children to copy from and act by. It is not the children learning from being nurtured to understand, investigate, think and thus experiment for themselves; it is us teaching, telling and showing, thus disciplining them how to act. This gets further complicated when the child does not know if it wants to be more like daddy or mommy. Usually it is the strongest one that gets copied for it plays to the Ďsurvival of the fittestí and allows for control over other people.


Our manners that we have in the bedroom show up in the unexpected and subtle ways in our daily family interactions. If we are tender and loving to our mate and have a great connection with them while making love, then naturally we will have the same feelings towards our children. If we are more sensual with our spouse with a caring attitude then so will we be with others. If on the other hand we are somewhat animalistic, dominant and self seeking, then we will be as such with the children. If we have sex with our mate and our inner thoughts are those of lust and fantasies, then this is how we will treat the children, as our possessions and in a rough and non-tender manner. Sure we will put up the image of caring and doing our part, but as we are not Ďbeingí that tenderness and sensuality the children cannot learn it and will learn by interaction the manners of being rough, dominant in our dog eat dog animalistic world. It creates an inner sense of competition as well as dominance that is sexual in nature; for all energy is that which pro-creates, transforms one thing to another thing.


In this process of seeing our manners, the children will see the results of the motherís satisfaction of tenderness and caring with loving hugs and kind words along with gentle kisses not only to the spouse but to the children as well. As from the father they will see kindness, caring, tenderness and protection of the loved ones. There is no competition between the two, there is a sharing and nurturing of all concerned. If however it was a night of sex that the mother enjoyed as the lust then the energy level is more that of the animalistic tendencies and both parents could be either short tempered with the children, having wasted all of their energy on acts and thoughts not conducive to upbringing the children, or they could be in a state of continued excitation that will show up as them playing at each other, doing things in front of the children that they would not be doing in front of strangers and in general just acting the lustfulness with out the love. To them and thus what they are teaching the children is that sex is love. The child picks that up and starts to compare it with other things on TV, with the extended family as well as with society as a whole. There mannerisms are those of their parents, good or bad.


So they have an attitude towards life, people and situations that is pretty much like their parents. The parents smile and may at times say this or that is cute as they copy and repeat, but the parents miss the fact that the copying is not only the good things, but the bad as well. The subliminal messages, even if not at all conscious from the parent, are getting through. Most take the attitude that if they are seeing something not correct they will fix it with dominance or at least fear. Few are those that learn their children to teach themselves. It is quicker to teach them do this or that, then to learn them to teach themselves through investigation and experiments.


They believe, just as their parents, grandparents and so on believed; that they have the right set of morals and thus they are right in their attitude and manners. The only thing that they forgot was to really examine what they have deep inside (in their superego), to see where it comes from and why it is there. They really do not know, that they do not know what is really right and what is really wrong. They rely on the saying that there are no rights and wrong only learning. Yes we can say that is partly right, when we seek to understand and do all we can to be all we can. This will improve things with our changing them consciously. Alas, unfortunately what ends up happening is that we repeat what we were taught until we have a crisis with it in middle age and then set out to fix it. In the meantime we have given birth to children that we taught the same things to so that they will have their own mid-life crisis and so on and so on. It is perpetuated infinitum, which yes while we address the issues, it is already too late to make changes with our own children so we turn to our grandchildren, whom we end up spoiling as opposed to nurturing. Remember we still have not nurtured our own soul, we just fixed a few things that gave us our mid-life crisis, which we are glad to get over or rid of, but that did not make us really understand the depth of the situation and how to fix it once and for all.


If any of this was not so right as you read on, then we would not be in that situation globally whereby we are on the brink of some chaotic change that can easily annihilate all of us. We are still not living as brothers and sisters; we are still not sharing our resources and things with all human beings. We are satisfying our own wants and as we hide under I do this and that making ourselves believe what we want to of how good we are; we are still just putting band-aids here and there and leaving it all for the next generation. But donít forget as the next generation was brought up with the same issues that we had and they will only address it in mid-life, there really is no permanent change making things really better.


Too many of us see making things better in relation to what we can get out of life, what we have done to improve our own lot in the physical/material world, yet we have more or less left our spiritual world, that is God out in the cold.


Our children see us toe the line going to church in a superficial manner, or not going and saying that the system is tainted; but doing nothing about it. The message that they pickup on and keep is when faced with a situation that is tainted, some type of a problem is; ignore it, donít pay it any heed and it will go away or at least it will have no meaning for us. They have learned not to face all things and communicate about them in order to make them better, but to simply avoid it and it will somehow miraculously disappear. As you will know they donít, they hide somewhere else until they can show up again, begging to be noticed and dealt with. Oh well maybe on our death bed when they give us a final show we can get rid of it once and for all; besides when we die it is no longer our problem, we reason. Oh well, donít forget about reincarnation and that when we come back we will in fact be dealing with these same issues as no one really did anything about them to fix it once and for all.


Our inner set of morals is guidingus along within the superego, which is a part of psychology that all of us should have studied and understood; as it is the underlying stimulus to all the responses that we give in any situation in life. It is were we store our morals/beliefs and thus how we interact with all things. The system or the other guy if you want, did study it very well, to the point that they are capable of having us change our thinking about this and that by playing on our superego. They can make us all, individually and collectively do things that if we really understood, under conscious situations we would not do or be apathetic about.


Taking it a step further in order to understand it, if our set of inner morals/beliefs was built without conscious contemplation then we can say that they are at the very least, questionable, as in we need to question at least why they are there. If we go further and suggest that perhaps as our global situation is worsening since that last 2000 years and more so the last 100 (when most scientific, i.e. of the physical realm discoveries have been made) our morals and beliefs maybe devoid of our Godliness; more so as we just did not ask the question what would God think about this or that, then you can consider yourself to have beliefs/morals that are in fact evil. For evil is simply that which is devoid of God. Please donít get hung up on the word evil, just take a close look at what is happening.


The whole is the reflection of the parts that make it up. If we have trouble on a global bases and more pertinently especially here in north America, then we can conclude that the parts that make it up have trouble. Sure we do not want to see ourselves as having trouble, making trouble, and even less responsible and having to do something about it. We do, we did and we are; so what are we going to do about it.


Remember the part about our children picking up on what was going on at home. If they are subject to a Godly love filled home then they will imitate it; if it is one of indifference and half truths due to priority interest in self-gratification, then that is what they will be. If unbeknownst to us they picked up on our own unknown sexual manners that are not Godly, but let us call them lustful; then that is what they will be. When we learn of our erroneous behavior patterns during our mid-life crisis, during our psychoanalysis or some other method of introspection; to which we are so happy to finally understand and deal with all the issues clearing them up; did we go back to our children and explain to them in detail what we were going through, went through before and after and thus help them fix their issues?


Remember that while we are say 25-35(starting our family before our mid-life issues) and they are 1-10 (the age of learning, coping and discovering that will be them for the rest of their days, or until mid-life crisis at least), we taught them only what we knew, which was our own erroneous behavior patterns, our inner superegoís beliefs and morals, be they good or bad, right or wrong. But did we make a conscious effort to set the record straight when we found out the things that were let us call it out of whack. Not too likely as most of us do not talk about sex and intimacy (the underlying bases of all our problems that we call love) with our children unless it is in a very superfluous manner. So they keep what we gave them and if they want to change it, then they have to figure it out for themselves.


The unfortunate part is that we as adults are still somewhat tied to our own parents with our own issues that are still not resolved with them and that usually happens only (if) when they are near death. We have given these same issues, albeit disguised, distorted with those of our mates, but none the less still there in one form or another, to our children to figure out for themselves. Well if we do the math on this then we will find that if most families are grown (for nurturing is not an appropriate term here) while we are somewhere before mid-life crisis and the children have there own children before they are in mid-life crisis, (supposing that at least in mid-life we do resolve the inner issues, which is really not all the frequent as most of us just continue to apt, to accommodate that is to cope); then how and by whom are the children actually being helped to fix the issues? So the situation continues with a few exceptions we all end up following each other into the ditch.


Up until now we have had the doctors or other science type of professionals doing all of the so called fixing. Yet as most of us know today, this was only a band-aid at best and even that has long fallen off and the injury is still fully exposed. In our society we have learned well how to cope with things, be it avoiding or finding another thing to focus on and replacing one issue with another. We are innately and can really be our own best doctor, but first we need to know who and what we are; as well as what our deeper issues are that need to be addressed. Given all the forgoing we can conclude that while the global state of affairs are problematic, we now know that it is just a reflection of our own inner state of being. We can realize that in order to fix it once and for all, we need to go within and see what our superego is doing with those beliefs and morals that do not really seem to be all the good as we look back over them in our life.


In order to fix something, we first need to know that something is broken, what it really is and why it is as such. We need to find the original cause to the effect that we are living; and this can only be done in working out the issues in reverse order and not by what some may say, oh donít worry about it just change your attitude to it and it will fix itself. Actually it will just go away and hide till it can better return and take over the spot light.


For those that may not want to believe, think or see that things are broken worst than ever, please consider the following. Children are being more and more left to their own resources as both parents work in order to care for the family as they like to call, but in actuality it is their own self-gratifications that they are seeking. Children are being more and more subject to broken families, multiple step parents and siblings, without really knowing all the underlying causes; heck the separating couple does not even know themselves, especially in the cases of issues of self-gratification. Too many children as they are not yet teens are discovering sex and experimenting with it as would say young adults that are at least older with more years of exposure to dos and doníts; for their own self-gratification. It is not the other guy, it is not only the peer pressure; it is the copying of self-gratification that they learned from the home and are now trying in their day to day life. Yes it is from us, what we taught openly or subconsciously (remember the kids picking up on all things that we donít think they do), good and bad that we did as acts in our manners, from our inner beliefs.


Scott Peck termed most of what we do and refuse to see or admit it, as ambulatory schizophrenia, which should be part of the psychological disorders that we suffer so it can be treated, but that the system or the other guy will not allow to be; will not admit that it exists. Why? Simply put they have their own ambulatory schizophrenia issues to deal with and donít want to think about them or face them. Usually the inner morals/beliefs will not allow us to do some of the things we do, but when they conflict with the superego, then ambulatory schizophrenia is the coping mechanism that is setup in order to deal with the contradictions in our subconscious mind. This is really a good reason for saying that things are not always as they appear to be; even from ourselves to ourselves :o)



The Paradox of Why Chaos is Good


If it were not for chaos nothing would change. Why? Well in the quantum physics sense of things, the meta-physical sense of things chaos was what created the big bang that created us and so on, and so on. Chaos is the result of two energies colliding and creating a third energy, or at least altering the two that collided. It is a paradox because we really donít want chaos in our lives, yet, without the chaos things will not change, as status quo is easier to live with and besides we are innately lazy and donít want to have to make the effort to change or evolve things; so we let nature takes it course, which as we are discovering is really chaos at work.


We can instigate chaos, and most of us do, it is just that we never see it as such let alone want to think of it as such; neuro-linguistics being as it is. Without chaos there is no impetus for change and thus evolution takes place at the speed of evolution; about a hundred miles per millennium. This being one of the reasons that we are so lazy, we donít want things to change because it takes work to make things go faster. Conversely the same goes for figuring out our problems and fixing them; change from evolution is real slow. But chaos can fix that :o)


We have all seen either ourselves or someone that we know procrastinate until a deadline was so close that it took a lot to get it done on time. This is a simplistic example of chaos showing up to get the change in us moving from inertia to action.This same process works on inside us dealing with the issues that we face at a subconscious, superego level. We can choose to face the facts and live a little chaos as we sift through it all, while we work on straightening it out, during which we sometimes do not know which way is up; or we can wait until fate/karma etc has figured out a way for us to deal with it in a slow evolutionary manner. One is a jolt and jump to action, the other is simply long, drawn out and by that fact, painfully evolved. They say many of us only react to pain; that would be the chaos working on inside; so why not face the chaos consciously ourselves and do it now.


Chaos is simply energy that quantum physics explains has two properties that we can understand easily and deal with here. Frequency and impulse, with the first being the number of revolutions per second, and the other the amount of electrical charge or stimulus within it. When we look at this process from a metaphysical standpoint we see the following:

There is a marked difference, a line of separation between that which is frequency and that which is impulse.

The lower frequency and lower impulses work below this median level, preparing themselves to access the higher level.

The higher frequency and impulse work above this line; of which there is no crossing without the effect of chaos entering the picture.

This picture is quite like that of relationships: a prostitute could not live with a priest without chaos ensuing. This in part explains why some relationships are doomed from the start; the energies are not compatible.


Yet should those in the same level (high frequency or impulse) seek out each other then it becomes controlled chaos. Sort of like when the atom is split to create energy. Thus the ensuing chaos is one that has been consciously (hopefully by one of the two) sought out and can be worked with for the highest benefit of all. So in fact this chaos is not really unbridled energy (in the case of relationships, passion) but seemingly controlled interaction seeking change. Seemingly, because we are still not fully cognizant that this is what in fact we are doing and what is going on.


Our children are with us in the home listening to our discussions, words and seeing our mannerisms. When any of the incoming data/information does not make sense to them; first at their Id level which is still unknown as to what it really is, (but that Freud termed the chaos we are born with), then into our superego that is constructed with data from family, community, religion etc; they have their own internal chaos, their own internal contradiction from the paradox they are facing and in order to live or just survive, the superego/Id combination sets up some why to cope. These are, once closely examined the first stages of ambulatory schizophrenia; they make themselves believe that which they need to in order to live and survive. We would never have believed it, based upon our perception of the situation that they have a problem, and if one does come up, we with our training and own ambulatory schizophrenia make sure that they know that they donít have one. So they suppress it in order to avoid conflict and live a subconscious paradox.


Sure some of us treat our mate like a sex object behind closed doors, but we swear that the other one likes it (even if the other does it out of fear of not pleasing or to avoid conflict) and that it stays behind the closed doors; or so we think. The funny thing is that the way we act in one situation is usually the way we act in another. Sure there are exceptions, but again, given out state of affairs and the things that our children are going through now earlier than we ever did and if our parents even did; our actions are coming through loud and clear. There are some that will cry out why blame the parents, it is the other kids parents and that child is putting peer pressure on my child. To this we only have to look at how we prepared our child for dealing with all of lifeís situations. If we are open, honest, direct with some Godliness in our manners with our children, then so will they be with themselves. If on the other hand we hid, and still hide things from them as we have yet to resolve them, or because we just donít want to talk about them; then the child will hid things from us in order to avoid confrontation or dealing with a seemingly (for us based on their perception to us) taboo issue, and then from themselves as the signals are getting mixed. They see and sense what they do, but it does not mess in with what they learned from us, so chaos is appearing and they really donít know what to do with it. In their mid-life crisis they may learn how to fix it all, but that is even harder work as most of us know.


So somehow our low frequency picked a mate that is a low impulse so that life would be easy. If our upbringing was a nurtured one then yes it will be a slow process of evolution to grow and be all that we can be. But as most of us can surmise, most of us were not nurtured really adequately as a child, much less did we continue it growing up and nurturing our soul with God; that is to say Real Love.


Thank God for the chaos, without which we would never get ourselves unstuck from our situation. Sure most of us learned that we need to face the issues by being strong and telling ourselves, with self talk etc that we are ok and that it will get better etc. But in reality how can it if the basic underlying issues are still there, albeit unconscious and we just keep repeating it and repeating it. Teaching it to our mates, our children, the neighborís kids, our grandchildren and so on! If we donít fix it who will and how? Well we have seen that it is not leaving it up to fate to get it done. Fate has enough work trying to get us to figure ourselves out, so how about the children? Will they be left to their own defenses just as we were and then all they are learning is to avoid, to accommodate, to cope; but not really how to be all that they can be.


To Real Love Ourselves is to Create Our Own Chaos

Weather we are ready to understand and believe it or not, Real Love is the only solution to the deepest part of our problems. It is the same problem that God has with us and God lets us figure it out for ourselves. After all God gave us free will within the laws that govern the cosmic order (no we cannot supercede a cosmic law because of our free will) and wants us to find our way home; so to speak. Once we have dealt with all the lesser problems, once we have come about during our mid-life crisis then we will find ourselves facing what the psychologistís call our black bag. This bag contains the big issues from our childhood and upbringing. And, as we said above it is all about Real Love; Love that is truthful, conscious and unconditional; the kind of love that God gives to us and thus what we should copy to give ourselves and others.


Alas, unfortunately as we are all coping with life, we are not ready to seek out our deeper issues until they surface and come to the forefront. This happens in mid-life and thereafter, depending on how good we are at avoiding it all. But just as anyone who has been there and done that will tell you; sooner or later the issues do externalize themselves and you have to face them or succumb to the disease that follows. We are spiritual beings in a bio-organic body that needs to be all that it can be in order for us to be all that we can be. If we give up on a part of that process, if we choose to not know this or that, do go there, then as we have given up on a part of ourselves and thus life we will live with the results that we have created.


When we wake up from the stupor that we have put ourselves in, consciously or subconsciously, then we start to take heed of the fact that we really do not love ourselves in the healthy Godly manner that we should. Sure we will say that we do love ourselves as we do this and that etc, but this is the love of physical needs, like sex that is our self-gratification. It is not the truthfulness of who we are, nor is it the consciousness of who we are. Along this road we are also likely to find out that nor are we unconditional to ourselves.


We are to a great extent our self-esteem; which most of us had somewhat injured in our growing up process, especially at the stage known as the narcissistic one. This occurred at the early toddler age up to about 5 years old. We wonít go into it here, but it is well worth your while to check up on it and see just how much you were affected by it. This internal injure was for the most part never really healed, it was buried as it did not match the Id/superego beliefs and morals and then we developed coping mechanisms in order to live; certainly not to be all that we can be, but to live life, yes. This injury is one of love that was not requited by the caregivers, and in all honesty we can say at this point, unbeknownst to them. So we now have to take matters into our own hands. We need to fix ourselves, for no one else will or really wants to; they have their own issues to deal with.


So as we delve into this area of life we start to feel uneasy, we at times start to panic over whatever as our coping mechanism is no longer functioning as it was in the past. We have now created our own internal chaos that is propelling us to seek out the resolution of the conflicts. It is trying to get us to be all that we can be, for if we donít head in that direction, then we will be swallowed up by the chaos itself and require some sort of long term hospitalization in whatever manner. This in and of itself is why most of us do not want to do any sort of self psychoanalysis; we just want peace and quite and the easy way to death. Talk about being all that we can be, boy what a way to go. Which unfortunately too many have, do and will as we hit the boomer generation and inevitable death.


Yet, perchance should we have the inner fortitude to face our inner shadow, should we be blessed with a mate that is ready, willing and able to do the same and follow suit with us, then can we begin to explore all of our inner workings and fix those old problems of childhood days. And, best yet is that once we have realized what we are starting to do, we can ask for help from God and we will get it. This seems to be the one place where God is constantly on the watch to see what is happening so God can help us, when we ask for it. Sure our present narcissistic self esteem may feel that it can do it all alone etc, or does not have to do it, but God does not take offence to what we the children do or do not. That is for our soul/spirit to work us through.


Once we can our perception of what love really is, from sexuality to sensuality; we develop inner understands that may literally amaze us. As long as we keep the work going, with adequate rest periods and vacations from it all; we will succeed in finding that Real Love for ourselves. And, once we have attained this pinnacle then we are well on our way to healing ourselves and those around us.

Sure the chaos part is not so interesting or easy to take, but once we get going and compare it to all the things that we have done in our lives (we all have done stupid things) then we can start to really turn up the vibrations (frequency and impulse) so that we can literally take quantum leaps; for that is where we will all transform from what we are to being all that we can be. The stronger our narcissistic love of ourselves the stronger the chaos will be.


Once we find that inner Real Love and we will if we are earnest and consistent then we will have a whole new world in front of us. The possibilities will be endless and we will no longer to seek just the easy way and coast in life coping without trying to be all that we can be. Necessarily that Real Love will lead us to improved relationships beyond our imagination along with a new found one, or renewed one with God and the cosmic energies. You decide how and when, God will help to figure out the what.


What you have now succeed in doing, is taking your Real Love and requiting it to yourself. You have given yourself all the love that may have been lacking until now and turned it inward and upward. You have given back to God that which God has always given you, truthful, conscious and unconditional love without the physical act of sex to mess it all up with. Better still as you share this new Real Love with your mate, whom you have a physical relationship, then you will find new things you only read about happening to you. As you do, you can share them with friends and family; to pick up from the pieces that where missed before. You can help by being, by teaching others what to do and how to do it. Your sex life has now become a senses life and that is using all of you to be all that you can be.


So now, if God comes calling, and God will, you will be ready to receive God with open arms. And, most of all when your children have issues you will be able to openly discuss them and set the records straight, for no one will refuse to communicate and discuss things if it is to a benefit of one of them; regardless of how difficult it may appear to be at the outset.


We all seek Real Love, Requited Love, especially from our caregivers so that we know that they to are human, make mistakes, fix them and help us to do the same. That they can help us to find God, which is really the pure energy of Love, which in the final analysis is, Life itself.