Table: Meditation on the death and dissolution of an Ego

1. Self-observation. S.O.L.  Subject. Object. Location
2. Prepare the room and your thoughts.
3. Position yourself comfortably.
4. S.O.L.
5. Ask aid from the Devine Mother Kundalini.
6. Relaxation exercise by visualization.
7. Concentration.
8. Retrospection of the day's events.
9. Reflective analysis of what went on.
10. Superlative:

 A. Describe a scene of egoic reaction.
 B. When did we notice the reaction?
 C. Did we implore the Devine Mother to help us?
 D. Did we work on this ego before?
 E. Which centers were being used by ego?
 F. Did we lose S.O.L. when the ego hit.
 G. What were the exterior causes?
 H. What damage provoked our reaction?
 I.  What are the ego's powers?
 J. What state were we left in?
 K. What is its' psychological song?
 L. When was the 1st time it ever manifested?
 M. What is the ripest ambiance?
 N. If there had been no egoic reaction, how would the scene have been?
 O. How much energy was lost and how much could have been saved?
 P. What is the opposite virtue...

  Three captains of sin
   i.  Desire=Aspiration
   ii. Badwill=Goodwill Thelema
   iii. Fear=Courage

  Seven sins
   i.    Anger =Mars  =Love
   ii.   Envy =Jupiter =All love for others
   iii.  Pride =Solar  =Belief, Humility
   iv.  Greed =Moon =Unselfishness
   v.   Lust =Venus =Chastity
   vi.  Gluttony =Saturn =Temperance
   vii.  Laziness =Mercury =Diligence

 Q. What should you do so as not to feed it?
 R. Did we suffer?

 S. Pray to God to help dissolve this ego?