Table: Meditation


Meditation is the catchall phrase of modern times. The Chinese say that we can meditate while doing just about anything in life from working hard and fixedly at something, to sitting and watching our breath. The Buddhists tell us that we should be able to meditate on any street corner at any time.

Practice does make perfect. But the practice is of nothingness - having nothing in our minds to distract us. Stopping the chatter that is trying to control us. For this is just the egos showing that they are masters and we must follow them. Begin to learn how to meditate by trying the following recipe and see if it works. Don't expect miracles at first but once you get out...!





Set aside a period of time that you will not be disturbed, answer any phone or door etc. Most important, that it will not bother you not to answer.




Put on some mood music such as classical, new age or nature sounds, which will help, soothe you. Become that music. Light a candle to help focus and concentrate on.




Sit with your spine as straight as possible while making sure you are as relaxed as possible.




Say whatever prayer you are comfortable with.




Breathe deeply in and out. Watching how you breathe while focusing on the candle until you want to close your eyes and just feel yourself breathing.




Say to yourself 'there is nothing more important at this moment than to be here meditating, that there is no past or future only the eternal present'.




If your mind wanders, don't fight it; just ask the ego who it is and what it wants from you. Do not identify with it or the egos will take you around the garden path.




Envision the Sun high in the sky and as bright and warm as you have ever seen and felt it. Feel the yellow rays and heat of it coming towards you while both lighting up and warming your feet.




Then watch and feel it wash up each part of your leg, as you name the parts up to your buttocks.




Feel the heat wash up, around and through your genitals towards your stomach and upwards to your chest. Remember to name each part and organ as you go.




Then direct the heat downwards to the base of your spine where it will start to warm up in the dual serpent known as Kundalini, Ida and Pingala, Ying and Yang.




As you continue to watch and feel the Sun's rays, you now see the dual energies moving up your spine in spiral fashion.




When you reach the base of the neck start to focus on the yellow suit of light and warmth that you are wearing.




Remember that if a thought comes do not fight it - just ask what that ego wants and tell it you don't want to follow it.




Then move up the scalp to the top of the head and then down to the forehead, the ears, eyebrows, nose, lips, gums and to the chin, then down the neck. The more detail you concentrate on the more relaxed you will be.




The only part left is the arms and hands. As you move the yellow light down your arms stop at your wrists.




At this point, with only the hands left bare, you will focus back on your breathing so that you can pull out all of the stress in your body.




While breathing in, visualize the light back at your toes, and as you draw it in, feel all the black color of discomfort being pulled by that breath so while your breath takes the same route back, as the heat reaches your wrists you see your hands being painted black.




Then with another 'in' breath you will upon reaching your hands shake them away from you as you watch all the tension go flying away, leaving you at ease.




Then just be. Relaxed. And at Onement with yourself and God.




As you listen to the music. Just be, the music. Think of nothing. Just be.




As you slowly revive yourself, thank whomever you would for a nice meditation and the re-energizing.