Table: Neuro-Linguistics



The levels of the inner realm hierarchy and thus to enlightenment. 12 of them plus one. Also of time that is so long ago we cannot count that far.


That which does not care nor take an active role towards Godliness.


Energy points within the 'etheric' body of humans. The energy of our hormones is processed through these points. Tied to our virtues and latent abilities and thus also tied to the egos.


The action of being made aware of some sin/ego fault that is a detriment to our soul. Usually from a loved one or a teacher.


The one who with compassion for the suffering soul tries to help by being stern yet gentle in dealing with the penitence of the soul of another.


The one who has manifested God within and thus attained total enlightenment. Known since archaic times as a messiah, savior, Buddha etc..


The attainment of understanding the law of cause and effect, wherein the egos are in control of the mind until they are understood, dissolved and transcended into virtues and enlightenment. As Einstein pointed out we only use 3% of our mental capacity, meaning we are only 3% conscious.

Counterfeit Spirit

Usually known as 'Fate' that leads us onward and working with various servitors extracts karma, especially if we do not repent voluntarily.


The day pre-ordained of our death. Imposed by our karma.


The law of recompenses for which we collect for our good deeds. Opposite of karma.


In psychology of the seven disorders that are tied to the sins. Egos are of the mind and sins are of the being. There are three majors ones that control the seven.





That which can be neither destroyed nor created, only transformed. Thus totally of God.


The attainment of a spiritual understanding, usually from consciousness awakening.


That part of the human system, which is energy. It can be understood when we think of how radio waves, sound travels; through the ether.


That which is moving away from God, that which is not moving towards God and that which is ambivalent to God.


Not to be confused with destiny. The actions of karma that happen from the issuance of the servitors as the egos. Our path when consciousness is not attained and while we are still asleep. What happens to all humans in their present un awaken condition.


Understanding of spiritual knowledge. Usually of oneself.

God / Goddess / IT / OM in joint form

Unconditional conscious love with pure ultimate truth. In common western usage our creator and thus the unknown, or ineffable.


That which is tied to the ego of fear, as in when our hope is not realized then fear sets in as 'what to do' etc.


Psychological term for the unknown chaos part of the mind at birth. Goes with ego and superego. Believed to be the seat of the seed of the soul 'thus God' within human beings.


The law which we live by before awakening the soul, and which governs our actions.


That which is not the whole clear and complete conscious truth.


That which is the manifestation of God within us in the conscious, unconditional and truthful state. Union of male / female energy creating a God-Goddess-ness.


Something that is unknown to our present state of mind of perception.


The act of clearing the mind of egoic thought and then understanding our minds, eventually empting the mind of all thought and just being.


The character state of most human beings. In psychology it is a disorder of self-esteem. In spirituality it is a manifestation and perpetuation of evil.


The actual act of supplicating to God and Jesus the forgiveness of our sins/egos for the salvation of our soul.


One who directs extraction of penitence over us. Usually a parent or adult figure. Done by use of the egos/sins as servitors.


The wheel of karma that we are all on riding around and around. Fate.

Satan / Lucifer

Either, or, in the world of dualities. Son of light in it's divine manifestation, or tempter, challenger in demonic one. A duality within all human beings. Not to be confused with the devil of the demonic under world.


Reference to a manner of consciousness. For the being, one who is and has conscious emotions and feelings. Those without this consciousness of emotions (as most of mankind) are termed insane.


A conscious being in the state of alertness for egoic manifestations.


One who acts upon the psychological egos to have the sins manifest or penitence paid. Usually another ego. 

Seven Sins/Egos

In spirituality that which is activated in order for us to pay penitence or sin again. Virtues are the opposite.


2. Envy=Altruism 

3. Pride=Humility 

4. Greed (narcississim) =Unselfishness

5. Lust=Chastity

6. Gluttony=Temperance

7. Sloth=Diligence



That place of divine cosmic entities (Jesus, Buddha, Moses etc.) known as 'Rigdens'. Found within human beings deep inside past thought where the illuminated void resides. Known as the primordial cosmic mirror of existence. Contains all that is and how it is.


In spirituality 'there are seven ' that are related in psychology to the egos. Thus each sin in the soul has an exact same ego in the mind. There are three captains that control these seven.


The seed of God inside us all that seeks germination. Only awakening consciousness can bring it about.


That which is sent to guide us and help us germinate our soul and grow.


To rise above 'it', to go over 'it'.


Move energy from one spot to another.


That which is without ego and thus of love. Has no limitations and thus not a pre-learned behavior pattern. Literally of the soul.