God's Unrequited Love


Something's You Do not know that You Do not know


Your Mother Never Told You


You Should know






Dedication. 2

Introduction. 3

Neuro-Linguistics. 4

Cosmic/Comic Structure. 5

Origins of Narcissism and Consensus Reality ala Sons of Belial 9

Christ and the Other Messengers. 12

Love and Evil 14

Requiting OM's Unrequited Love via our sexual energy. 15

Conclusion. 18



This book; thanks to my meeting my soul-mate love, Venus incarnated, who inspired me and spurned me on (read up on the Chaos Theory in Quantum Physics for a better understanding); is dedicated to all of us, all of humanity that is searching and trying to be all that they can be. One Day is the answer.




The expression from the sages is 'that we do not know that we do not know'. Now think of that for a minute or two while asking 'what'. The meaning is for our sub-conscious and not for our minds, as when we process things it is either brain/mind logic or inner-conscious intuition. The logic part is controlled by the PROGRAMMING that we received; (which we will go into later), while the intuition is our innate nature coming through with 'spiritual' material. Our brain seeks concrete facts, as it does not process abstract pieces that our mind (formed by the soul/spirit interface with our brain-logic) can feel.


So our feeling here from the sages is that something important is unknown to us; But what? To use Steven Covey's process we will start with the end in mind, OM/God's Unrequited Love. Why? Because OM/God's Love is also the beginning (alpha and omega) and the Unrequited part is the path of discovery for us all. The end to our search for God/OM.


We do not know, that, we do not know of this love and therefore the expression becomes revealing; or not.


There are basically three kinds of people: 1) those that believe we are a soul (spark essence of our creator) experiencing life in a biological organism, 2) a biological organism that may or may not have a soul within, 3) something in between that believes in a soul or God 'just in case'. Most of us fit into number three 'just in case'. Why? Because we never took the time to study it, contemplate it or figure it out as to what is really happening and what we are really up against. So, just in case we better cover our but(ts).


At some point it all became too hard, hurt our brain and besides we were too busy living life; or so we thought.


Come along on a journey that was long in the taking, difficult in writing but that you can read at ease and at your own pace. It is one of 'being all that you can be'; if you want to.


It is what you don't know that can hurt you and when you add on that you don't know you don't know, it gets even more hurtful.


Allow the healing to Be; you deserve it.




Words, words, words; if only we could communicate with energy feelings? We can but that is for later when we talk of COMMUNICATION AND LOVE.


As the English language is relatively one of the newest around, there is little wonder why words can mean different things to different people, yet more that the definition given to the words is our own meaning that we give it. Mostly no two are really alike.


Our meanings are based on our paradigm and with billions of humans we get lots of meanings. So it is of the utmost importance that when we communicate we do so in explaining what we mean, where we are coming from with the words; how we got them inside of our brain, mixing with our soul to become what they mean to us.


As such, it is easy to see that communication is the start of all things or inter-actions, for without these we are non-existent. We are not 'dead' as that leads to our SOUL'S LIFE, which we will cover later.


We are not these words but we are or can be our higher virtues/emotions that at present are mostly exiled to our sub-conscious and that we have to rescue. That is our waking up, our own enlightenment, and as we will see it is our healing of ourselves with REAL REQUITED LOVE, from/of/by  OM/God.


OM means the Creator God and will be used throughout this book as our divine creator energy that is everywhere and in everything. We will use God to describe the local universe hierarchy.


So please don't get caught up in the words, use your intuition and your heart's love to understand and BE that knowledge known as PISTIS SOPHIA.


Cosmic/Comic Structure


I am playing with the words here as it is clear that we are not 100% sure as to how it all works and is put together; yet we have a lot more information from all places than most of us have ever realized exists. While most of us are busy with the material life, there are many that devote/devoted their life to the spiritual part. Unfortunately there are those that would use this 'gnosis' (meaning knowledge of a higher level) to control those yet instructed in it. I say yet for we all will at some point come to deal with it.


If we use some humor within the more profound parts, we will see it all easier to take in which will allow our intuition the chance to make sense of it. If it goes too deep, too fast the humor will buffer any internal angst we may develop.


All things have an inherent structure to them, a hierarchical order, for without this all falls into Chaos and that would have led to our own complete annihilation long ago. Even Chaos has it's own order of things. What you are about to read in this section is not the 'Totality' but the Gnosis of our cosmos-genesis, that we have uncovered to now. By maintaining an open-mindedness, the thought that things are not all-ways as they appear to be and that there are systems and systems, degrees and degrees of all things; we will be able to put the pieces together and get a good look at the bigger picture that makes up our wonderful-amazing cosmos universe and all that is in it.


We will be dealing with the negative, the shadow side and the parts that lead to evil and what it is, throughout, culminating with the chapter on LOVE VS EVIL AKA NARCISSISM.


OM is the 'creator energy' that created all things, is part of every thing and thus is in every thing. OM is not emotions but can affect the emotions, which are of our making from within us as we inter-face with life at the bio-organism level, solid matter that we are experiencing which is the lowest vibration level of energy.


Yet again, we are not solid matter but an etheric soul/spirit experiencing life at the lowest vibratory level to do that which we choose, should do and make our way to knowing the 'God-head' a.k.a. Paradise of OM. Paradise exists in another dimension to ours and is the highest vibratory level; that we know of that we can attain.


As there are multiple cosmos-universes, solar systems out there; we will focus on OM/Paradise down to ours; then through our solar system to our earth.


As far as we have learned, Paradise and other areas of what we can call 'heaven' exist in the other dimensions. Just as some animals see in 2D and we see in 3D while others in 4D; the 'heavens' as non- solid matter; i.e. not physical, exist in the dimensions that we have yet to understand.  Just as we are only about 100 years old understanding sound waves and movement in what is called the 'ether' (or air) most of us are still in kinder-garden when it comes to other dimensions.


These other dimensions contain all the operating apparatus of our cosmos-universe and are part of the study of Quantum Physics; which interestingly enough when read by most of us lay-people is quite understandable when regarded as inter-actions between people and situations. While the math maybe for those that we humorously call 'rocket-scientists'; we can all understand parts of it without need to being one ourselves.


As OM created the various universes that each contain a multitude of solar-systems, there were multitudes of overseers setup to handle various aspects of it's functioning. Thus we see that there is a multitude of deities that operate all the things that are around us. One point to remember here is that these deities are not human, have not been human and they are just a manifestation of a part of OM that OM setup to monitor and overseer the specifics to the functioning of it all. Without this overseeing we would most likely end up in total Chaos as energies competed with each other for control; sort of as we are doing here and now due to our biological animal nature a.k.a. human-animals.


At this point we can bring in the 'Big Bang' as the chaotic energy that created the solid masses of our solar system. This energy is of OM and has a pattern built into it as we will come to understand.  The solar system, our solar system is over seen by the various 'God's' of the planets; known by some as planetary Gods and not to be confused with our Creator God OM. Each one of these planetary Gods is bestowed by OM with various energy patterns the totality of which, makes up a big part of OM; but not all of what OM is.


The planetary Gods have their own energy sequencing and they operate it based on a preset pattern that is of OM. And, just as all energy requires a positron and negatron in order to function, so do these planetary Gods emit those vibrations throughout our solar system, being felt/captured by all the living organism within. The last part of this chapter will talk of how we are affected by it all.


Just as God/OM created it all and us included, OM gave the planets and their workers/hierarchy the capacity to transform energy into various things. We have the rocks at that lowest vibratory level, dense matter as most of the planets are, then move up to the simple organisms and end up with ourselves the humans that only biologically evolved along similar lines as the animals. The animals were the testing grounds for what preceded from those experiments; and the most humorously interesting part to this piece is that most of us have somehow had a hand in those experiments. For each of us is somewhat attached to a leader that is in fact one of the planetary Gods and are in charge of certain aspects of energy transformation into solid biological matter. Think of it as a school system whereby we learn, do experiments and then move a level. This is what our own soul/spirits path to the Paradise/God-head is all about. This also ties in well with the saying that we are masters of our own destiny; a lot depending upon what and how we did in setting up the experiments that we are in the middle of living in the here and now.


The astral world of ether is something that we are befuddled about for science has yet to tap into it, to make it testable to their manners and ways; and yet exists and is the school system for all those that are not myopic to materialism a.k.a. science. Our soul/spirit needs no rest and so can come and go as it pleases. What we as human-animals doubt and fear is that we go and may not come back, or that it is the boogey-man that is out there doing it, as we have no real control over it. This control makes us fearful of what might be. And, as it has been said we are mostly fearful of the power that lies asleep within is, that is latent to us. We are with our soul/spirit all born having innate capacities that we can tap into and work with, on our path to being all that we can be. Some of us are content with status quo and that is their free-will; just as for others free-will to seek out and understand all that is around them. As long as doubt and fear are not part of the equation, are not stunting our growth; then we can say that we are operating with our free-will.


In the sense of cosmic laws, like that of cause and effect; a.k.a. karma; it is this one that gives us the hardest time of all. There are 42 cosmic laws that are known of and they are intimately tied into our molecular world. This is where the planetary Gods affect us with their energies. Karma however is also part of the process that was required to put order in the chaos that was being created by the inter-facing of the soul/spirit ones and the human-animal organism. The biological process is one of the survival of the fittest; while in the soul/spirit realm all survive unless sent to the abyss by OM. As far as we know there are few that are sent to the abyss, expect for some abominations that we are not qualified to judge. It is safe to say that OM made us and only OM can un-make us. Karma simply gives us a chance to repair any wrong doing of the human-animal that we were in last life, in this life. As we learn more and more, get better and better we can overcome our mistakes by our understanding of what is going on and how it all works.


Many quip that they do not know what they did last life and it is not fair to be treated with karma to pay unless we know what for. This is the strength of the system in two parts: 1) if we had to be conscious all at once of all the things that we did in the past that need rebalancing, we would end up numbed by it all and give up trying to experience life in the human suit, 2) if we knew in our brain/mind what was wrong then we would overly focus on it and maybe even make believe that we are fixing it, when we just end up as an actor in a play, and put on a show. Our real work is to transcend all of this by waking up to who we really are and then consciously working at being all that we can be. We have so much that is innate in us; yet we have repressed it to our sub-conscious and thus we are unconscious of it. Enlightenment will literally shed some light on it all.


As the human-animal was evolved with various shapes and forms we ended up with the present day one some 400k years ago in a period little known called the continent of Atlantis, (not to be confused with the remnant island that Plato wrote of).  It was during this time frame that the biological organism was infused with the soul/spirit in the continuing growth process of our universe, just as it transpires on other worlds, in and out of our solar system.


During this time period the bestiality of the then human-animals was a cause for the 'falling' to sleep of the soul/spirit of those that were infused to them. This infusion as part of the experiment had its problems of which we are still dealing with and trying to over come, trying to rectify. We all like to follow the saying that we are made just like God and that we are prefect like God, yet we mix up the meaning as to what just like God is. We have all been infused with a spark of our Creator God/OM that gives us our soul/spirit and actually ties us all together at Onement. Yet, as we have yet chosen to see the process and understand the gnosis of it all; we continue to live more of our biological organism then that of our soul/spirit.


Many of those that are cognizant of this process tend to call it the fallen angel, the temptation of the Devil etc, yet when closer analyzed it shows us that we are still working on our experiments in unison with our respective leader or planetary God. The planets as we mentioned transmit vibrations of energy that we capture and process within our bio-organism. As mentioned the energy must be dual or it does not operate. This duality is also what makes up the duality of so much that we experience in the here and now. Known by some, but oblivious to most is that our body contains the receiving apparatuses in a physical form that is connected to the etheric/astral form. As energy is transmitted via ether it is captured by our 'Chakras'; a term coined by those of the East meaning 'energy centers within'. These chakras are in turn directly connected to various organs within our bio-organism. So just as the Moon affects not only the waters, it affects the gestation of women and affects certain emotions in males via the adrenalin glands (for those that are curious).


And onward it goes with each planet affecting specific organ(s) via specific chakras. As our receiving equipment (organs/chakras) are in better state of functioning, so will the incoming energy be better received. Dis-alignments with the organs will lead to mis-functioning of the chakras which could mean that we will receive more negative energy that is transformed in the body, then was intended. At this point it is helpful to realize that our soul/spiritual process, awakening and enlightenment have a direct affect as well on all of this.


Thus as we have seen there are both physical and spiritual implications as to how we process energy that is all around us at all times. Now we will factor in both good and bad karma; what I like to call Dharma but not exactly technically correct; thus a play with neuro-linguistics.


 Try looking at it this way. You are in school working on an experiment and now you need to do some further testing with all the information that you have gathered up to now. You are being reincarnated on earth so that you can test all the gnosis that you have attained up to that point, and that will surely give you some more information to work with on all levels of your being. Your being is not one, two or three dimensional but a multitude, just as the universe from Paradise to us is. Yet for most of us we dislike the idea of having to fix or rebalance something that we did not do correctly. This however is somewhat a defeatist attitude for it keeps us from seeing some weaknesses that can be turned into strengths. In all fairness to most of us, a lot of this process is due to the narcissistic epidemic that we will go into later on.


So as we are here, living in a biological human-animal suit as a God/OM created soul/spirit the question we need to ask ourselves is what are we going to do about it. The only answer that makes sense and can keep us sane is 'to be all that we can be'. In so doing we affirm that we are alive, want to be alive and will continue on our path to learning and returning to the God-head, to see what that is all about.


There are many things that have been and can be said about fate and the hierarchy and some inherent evil, but for now try to see it all as simply that they have yet to live a life in a human-suit and as such cannot be empathic/sympathetic to our plights. Thankfully there is God/OM and all the masters/sages/wise one that have been here before us to enlighten the way.


In this sense, this is why studying our own astrological profile can be of such insightfulness to/for us. When we were reincarnated, we were sent back under a specific set of experimental instructions that we wanted to carry out, ala we choose them and those that we needed to carry out, ala karmic fate that we needed to work on. This is not control over us but a learning process, for we still have free-will to ignore that which does not please us; yet we also know that sometimes we find diamonds inside of a lump of coal. It is up to choose.



Origins of Narcissism and Consensus Reality ala Sons of Belial


As humans we like to name/label things so that it becomes easier to identify this from that. So in this vein we will call all that is Evil having had it's roots in the Sons of Belial; which for most of us we have never really heard of them, and just maybe don't want to really know about them. If not skip this chapter, but you maybe missing some real interesting stuff.


We have all heard or read of some problem that is tied into a) fallen angels, b) the jealousy of Lucifer, c) the temptation in the garden of Eden by the Devil, and d) infighting between the siblings of the hierarchy. These all most likely have some truths to them, just as all things do if we can fit it into context as to what really happened back when. For now we will focus on a period that is less 'mystical' and more concrete as it has been written by those that preceded us and can be given more belief as it pertains to us in the human-animal form that we now have and is not 'in the beginning' which we can all agree is real tough to figure out when.


To start with we will explain Consensus Reality as it deals with our mind and the psychological issues that are inherent with being human. Truth is truth, like one and one equals two; or that I have a daughter; yet so many of us say that there are as many truths as there are people and this would be correct if they were just talking about, alluding to the person's Being and who it is and where it is from. However, this thought is generally used to demean the situations and create adistaste for most to investigate them. By repeatedly repeating this thought all of us who capture it and process it inside of our minds create a reality there from. This reality is based upon a consensus that 'there are as many truths as there are beings' and thus negates any individualism in the understanding or investigation into what is really going on. Just as the youths are sure that Billy did the bad deed, one having seen it and talking of it; but as Billy is a good guy, a nice kid that would not normally do such a thing, then a consensus reality is built up around that fact that Billy is good and would not do such a thing; forgetting about the word usually and thus creating a falsehood. It is the consensus of the masses and therefore it must be true.


Now take this process and bring it home to all the things that happen in it, in the community and the government and we start to have un-truths (we won't call them lies as they were not purposely perpetrated) that are governing our reality; by consensus that is. And, just as the consensus can be wrong, so will the reality that we live under in those circumstances. Somehow these untruths have affected our lives, and thus we can even place all that we sense as evil therein. So then what about this evil thing, what is it really and where does it come from.


Most likely the easiest way to understand this is to conceptualize the following, (we will be borrowing from the domain of duality and opposites that exist in the physical world of the lowest vibrations).


We are working on the premise here that God/OM is the energy of Real Love; just as we have all heard it say that God/OM is love but never could really figure it out given all the wars, pain and suffering of others and of ourselves (for those that admit to it). This Real Love is truthful, unconditional and conscious; for it knows what it does. Now at the other end or opposite would be Evil, i.e. the lack of Real Love. It would be untruths, be they lies, white-lies, half truths or even consensus reality. As with all things there are degrees and degrees but one and one are two in the cosmic sense; no half measures that end up being some type of escapism anyways.


Now we can see the formation of evil and yes, it does have something to do with us as we are at the lowest vibration level and we do perpetuate untruths in various manners. So it is a human problem for if it is a cosmic one we are at an even greater lost to resolve it, and again that would be some type of avoidance/escapism. So what went on to make it as such and bring us to the state we are in? Narcissism actually and we will explain.


First we need to go back to Atlantis some 400k years ago. We were at the first stage of our human-animal development in our present biological form. We had been processed through various designs and forms ending up with the present one. In the process of cosmos-genesis we (our soul/spirits) starts out in the etheric state on a chosen planet and we 'evolve' from that into the physical form. This process necessitates the intermingling of the higher vibrations (soul/spirit) with the lower ones the physical matter or bio-organism. This intermingling is done as we de-volute from ether to matter, just as we will evolve from matter to ether in the up coming years.


As there is a cross over between the various races (not all are white or black etc) and that of the higher soul/spirit vibrating ones, the intermarriage of these two created a problem that has lead to all the various myths that we spoke of earlier. It was a natural process for the earlier ones to intermingle with the new comers even if there were differences in manners and occult powers. Specifically the earlier ones still somewhat etheric in nature had some of their occult powers still operating as their vibratory levels were higher. The new comers however were more physical and from a human-animal construction.


What happened was a two-fold scenario that is still with us today and that most people do not want to look at, examine and even less, talk about it. Having sexual relations with ejaculation a.k.a. 'fornication'. For as the more occult empowered ones practiced procreation as the new-comers, ala animal rutting; they lost their inner balance as their own vibrations decreased due to the lost of energy via ejaculation. The new-comers, human-animals knew no difference as they were evolving upward to the God-head and had no occult understanding that the etheric ones did. As these physical sensations via the vibrations started to decrease the etheric ones vibrations, they started to be more animalistic than the new-comers. Why? Because they had occult understanding as well as still some occult powers; be they occult hearing, astral travel, clairvoyance etc. Yet, this in an of itself was not the problem that was created; it was the abuse of these powers that did.


The etheric ones had this occult knowledge that the new-comers were only learning. The etheric ones could thus amaze and bewilder the new-comers with these innate occult powers. They could literally pretend to be some kind of God, as they had been viewed by the new-comers before the intermixing; and thus hood-wink them all into believing that they were. This would have been the very first consensus reality that took hold of the human-animals. That became the root of the problem that would end up becoming an epidemic in our age; especially here in North America. Narcissism.


Psychologically speaking narcissism is a process of a new born where by for the first while it believes itself to be omnipotent as it cries and receives comforting, grasps and can hold things. This stage should be grown out of during the toddler years as it comes to realize that mom and dad are behind a lot of these actions. However at a later stage, adolescents, there is a period where the child starts to realize that the parents are not omnipotent and they start to think that perhaps they are. This is entirely dependant upon the nurturing that the child received growing up, in the formative years and especially in relation to the issues of spirituality and more so of God/OM. Suffice it to say that the lack of this nurturing will lend itself to allowing the narcissism to develop. For without a clear construct of God/OM for the child to go with, the child will create it's own. Thus just as an animal will unlikely have any thoughts of God/OM as it is predominantly a bio-organism; the child will start to develop more on that bases then on some spiritual-mindedness.


This whole process is further hindered by anything that causes a weak(ened) self esteem, self worth. No need to go down that path as all of us have assuredly been exposed to a multitude of issues relating to self-esteem, self-worth and various other issues of the self. This all ends up being the coping mechanism that the brain/mind constructs, sets up in order to cope and deal with life; for the nurturing had failed to develop a balanced self that needed little if any narcissistic behavior to cope with life. If God/OM is there and helping out in whatever manner by whatever process, then the sense of some inner security is a given. If God/OM is absent from the mindset then one needs to be invented in order to cope.


Thus the etheric ones had the new-comers turn to them as Gods and played it for all they could. They instilled that as they had occult powers and the others did not, then they were Gods over the others. All the new-comers could do was to go along with it for a lack of contradicting information. Well not quite as cut and dry as that; the etheric ones had broken up into two groups that ended up facing off to each other, so very much just as we have today around the globe. These two groups became known as the Children of One God (light) and the Sons of Belial (dark). The issues of Godliness that originally infected the etheric ones was becoming less and less an concern as they reinforced all the narcissistic mannerism of their group; they were Gods and there was no other. The Children of One God never lost sight of the One God, but as much as they tried they still got caught up in the act of fornication which further decreased their vibratory energies. As time went on and the continent grew in population to hundreds of millions, there came a major point of contention between the two that had lived together but where not harmonious; it was that of energy usage. Again, just as we have today.


These etheric ones had been adept at using crystals as sources of energy do to the various vibratory characteristics. Yet, there came a time when they could no longer access them at the surface level of the earth and started to dig deeper. As this continued, there ensued the complications of using solar/nuclear power to operate the heavy machinery that was being used to dig deeper. This so called tapping into the sun as a energy source was also be declared as the strongest way to dig deeper faster and access the crystals. Alas, as with all things that man manipulates without the complete understanding; the machine and mannerism to capture and use the solar/nuclear energy of the sun become their undoing. Fortunately for us just before the destruction of the continent by these manipulations the Children of the One God had seen with forewarning the destruction and many of the etheric ones and new comers split into various groups that migrated throughout the globe. Unfortunately however this did not rid us of the psychological issue of narcissism.


Christ and the Other Messengers


It is not completely clear as to when/who was the first messenger/messiah to come to the aid of the now called Aryan race. We do know that some 40k years ago there appeared to the masses in the area of Egypt the Lord Thoth; whom upon detailed examination we can find the greatest of similarities with the story of our most modern one; Jesus the Christ. Further investigation will lead us to the understanding that this is a process that is little understood by most as it is of an esoteric nature and has been kept out of access to the masses. Christification when read in the exoteric or dead-letter manner is one of pain of suffering in order to attain the God-head. When understood in the esoteric spiritual manner it is the story of our capacity as a human-animal with a soul/spirit to transcend our biological innateness and working with our innate/dormant occult powers, to transmute our energies to the ascension over our more basic animalistic instincts. It is the God/OM given right for each human-animal to aspire to attain this process and enlightenment. It maybe considered a long and somewhat arduous path, to our brain/mind construct; but not so to our soul/spirit that knows it to be in the making.


Unfortunately for the masses, this information, method of awakening from within and our subsequent ascension had been kept secret. Hidden out of fear by those in control, of losing control over the masses. Knowledge is the only path to freedom as it contains the truth. We must necessarily know how to keep the good stuff and let the rest go; but even that has now become a major challenge as a lot even within the secret societies has been infected with evil, i.e. lacking in Real Love and thus making it even harder to attain and easier to give it all up in saying 'it is too complicated, who knows the truth; there are as many truths as there are people, billions; so why bother?'; and thus the dark side wins a major part of the battle as the masses give in and give up.


The messengers/messiahs/masters/sages or whatever name you feel comfortable giving them had all come of us in order to show us this process and let us know that it is possible 'to be as God/OM' without the egoic self interfering. Just as we say today that if someone had a cure for cancer, would we not listen; we have had many a cure for our egoic selfishness and yet so few have worked with them. Many will fuss that they have done this and that, yet with the Real Love component missing they were working with a handicap. The Real Love is what all of the messiahs had brought to us and tried so very much to show us, tell us, expose to us; yet as we did not have ears we could not hear. That is to say as we were stuck in the behavioral patterns instilled to us by our so called nurturers who were themselves raised with their own narcissistic problems; we have yet to over come this challenge to being all that we can be.


All of the masters wanted us to realize that with our soul/spirit inside of us that really makes us, US, and is a part of God/OM, we can do it, if we really give it a try. Of course this means detaching from many things that we have become addicted to, but as we age we realize more and more that as things are not all-ways as they appear to be; we can/could/should be trying something else. And from all of them to you that starting point is the easiest, for once captured and understood makes all the rest fall into place. It is that of Real Love, ala God/OM, a.k.a. God/OM; Requited.


We choose not to go into who took what away and why, in this writing, for that would be overly feeding into negative energy while we need all the positive one that we can muster. Suffice it to say that the sages knew of the problem of narcissism and did all that they could in order for us to revere the One Creator God of Real Love; only to be countered by the ruling ones with a myriad of Gods and complicating the issues until the bible came along with God Almighty; whom unfortunately is not the One God of Real Love. So now we will have to go back and see what the distinct difference of Love and Evil are that make God/OM the One God of Creation.


Love and Evil


As we live in a world of duality were we talk of things in opposites in order to ensure that we understand what is going on; we will use that concept to explain Love and Evil.


As was mentioned earlier, God/OM is the energy of our Creator that made everything, is in everything and everywhere. We choose the word love as it is the longest standing one that denotes care, nurturing, compassion, sympathy etc in a long list of it's meaning/definition and one that contains no negative thoughts, process or innuendos.  It is for most if not all of us the purest of emotions which stems from energy being transformed in some shape or manner.


As such it is the perfect description of God/OM if we can remove or still the preconceived notions that we have of God in our heads from all the various conflicting information or so called knowledge that we have received. We need to start our neuro-linguists on a clean slate. We need to rewrite our inner beliefs, that most of us do not use anyways, having exiled them into our sub-conscious. By tapping into it, facing it, we can rewrite our story based upon our own experienced knowledge and understanding of what our beliefs should be. This can be done on the bases of One Creator God/OM that is Real Love and not anything that has to do with any negative thoughts, energy, patterns etc. For complete ease of this process we can relegate all that we do not like, find questionable or nefarious to the realm of the cosmic order hierarchy; the system managers in our solar of the universe; but that cannot stop/interfere with our attainment/communication with God/OM.


God/OM is inside of us here and now in the form of our soul/spirit that is mostly asleep and waiting for us to wake up; grow it, become enlightened and then be all that we can be; just as God/OM is; of course without any selfish/narcissistic connotations to it. We are not God but we can be like God, that is parts of God, various manifestations of God/OM; by transmuting and transforming the energy that we are that comes from God/OM.


Thus as we have Real Love/God/OM at one end of our linear thinking (which most of us are stuck in and with) we have an opposite to it that we need to identify. It is lacking in Love, it is lacking in compassion, it is lacking in caring, nurturing and sympathy. Alas it must be evil; in it's simplest sense and form. Thus as we see the lack of God/OM in our life we can see that there is room for evil; not that we intentionally seek it out, but by default due to our basic human-animal nature and the infestation of narcissism into our psychological process; we end up with a lack of real love and thus evil.


So to sum it up and clarify it, Love is that which is Real Love of the energy of our creator God/OM and anything that lacks that energy, any thought or process etc; is evil as God/OM is not in the picture.


To help us understand with a few words we commonly hear; the word Devil comes from the meaning of 'daemons' that we placed as demons. Daemons are actually non-conscious etheric entities that are part of the hierarchy (the lowest level) of the deities that we have heard of but know so little of. The devil thus is just the concept of these etheric beings that are not understood. The word Satan comes from the planetary God Saturn who is well known to astrologer for the negative side of giving us a real hard time with things and on the balanced side with revealing to us many of the secrets of life; and just as with Lucifer (Venus bringer of the first light; or darkness if absent) a misuse of words as they were translated or used by one culture to another. English still has a lot of learn of the deeper meanings. 

Requiting OM's Unrequited Love via our sexual energy 


As human-animal we have a long history of applying love and sex in the same context. For sure there is the 'love' love but that is relegated to the poets and the like; and for sure the puritans or those that blush to talk of sexuality will say no-no it is all love as sex is procreation etc. Yet, as we are a generation of free-love, free-speech; let us put it to good use and explain all the things that our mother never told us because she did not know because she did not talk of it at home etc.


God/OM as Real Love energy in everything and everywhere, must by definition be in our sexuality as well. Our sexuality has it's roots in the process of procreation on the biological level; but what of the spiritual level? The most people have heard of is the art/practice of Kama Sutra/Tantric Sex making it all more enjoyable and more orgasmic; so where is the spirituality in that? Unfortunately there is none. As was described earlier, anything that is orgasmic is lacking of spirituality as it connects with the basic inner animalism of rutting; which again unfortunately is what just about all human-animals are doing. Fornication is what it was known as, and again the meaning given to the word was not how, it was meant in its use by the messengers.


Fornication has been relegated to the act of adultery in order to control women that men (more narcissistic in nature) believed they owned or possessed as some type of chattel. Yet all the messengers reminded us that both men and women were/are/will all-ways be equals and the fornication was the act of sexual intercourse with orgasm/ejaculation etc. In other words we could say that the act was devoid of, absent of one major thing; Real Love/God/OM; for the energy was not being used to manifest God/OM in any manner but for simple self-gratification. For those that say it was to give to their mate it is either they are encouraging 'fornication' (self-gratification) or they are acting in a accommodating manner, and in too many cases it is simply both. This process most of us have come to realize has been brought on and nurtured by our caregivers, cultures and religions; to which we have yet to question it all and re-write our beliefs/morals on our terms of understanding and gnosis of our spiritual life.


The masses may ask why is this so, why is fornication evil in the sense that it lacks Real Love and thus God/OM?


Aside from the researched fact that just about everyone does not want to think of God/OM in their bedroom during the act, that as with the state, it is not the place for it nor God/OM; they have so many inner thoughts to hide that they would blush or die if the mate knew of them. Fornication/orgasm/ejaculation is the animal act of rutting; in order to ensure the sperm makes it to the egg. In making Real Love (a process of manifesting God/OM) there is no need to ejaculate or orgasm; even if the intent is impregnation. Why? Because the size of the sperm versus the egg as well as the electrical charges that are attracting, in the biochemical sense can be processed simply by the act of intercourse in the simplistic pure tantric manner. The egg can literally due to its electrical charge pull the sperm out of the male gonads and to it; thus conception without orgasm/ejaculation.


An ironic thing for women to understand at this point is that psychological and physiological research has proven that males are more aggressive and in some cases can develop neuroses if they do not ejaculate. Why? Although unknown to basic psychology it is due to the lack of transmutation of that sexual energy. (Also why women become sexually frustrated with their mates at times). How can this happen? First as God/OM is everything and everywhere there is always a current of Real Love energy surrounding us; which is also the bases for sexual energy. Then add on that when we are out of balance, that is to say we have had too much stimulation and God/OM is not in our mind's picture; we capture all that we are exposed to. For this we just need to think of all the constant stimulation of a 'erotic/sexual' nature that we are exposed to daily in our lives and we start to get the picture of where it all comes from. For females the visual is not as important, which is why most of the pictures are of women aimed at men to keep them, well stimulated in some form or manner. Much of this is very subtle yet we all know just how much our brain/mind is a sponge taking it all in; but doing what with it.


Well sadly to say, that if God/OM is not a constant of our thoughts, like our visual perception; then we are not dealing with all the input and just filing it away somewhere inside our brain. That filing system that we know all too little of, having not studied it comes back to haunt us, sub-consciously or un-consciously at a later point when something triggers the memory. It may well be a simple sexy look of the mate the activates the filed information; not in a picturesque manner but via neurological impulses. If you care to do some reading on our neurological process you will see how it all works and thus how easily our minds can be manipulated by visual and nutrient means.


The idea that we need to get to, to understand as the main concept for Real Love making is the truth that was behind the original tantric processes until they became commercialized as a very profitable cash cow. It is the process the actually separates the White and Black Brotherhood of esoteric understanding and wisdom; that of making Real Love without the orgasm/ejaculation and thus very succinctly giving us a chance to invite God/OM into our lives fully and unconditionally. To help us to better accept this way of life we need to remember and clearly understand that making love is the highest form of communication that two humans can share; having sex, much to the dismay of the masses is not a form of communication. Most actually use it in place of heart-felt communication. But they are having trouble understanding that as they are overly inundated with the need for viagra both for males and females. With a few exceptions anyone in that state has psychological issues that have not been addressed with their mate and this is the cosmos way via the planetary Gods of helping them to take notice and do something about it. The pill will only put a band-aid on the wound, but will not heal it.


With this said we will go back to Requiting God's/OM's love. Why some my say do we have to do this, I already do so, it is not necessary God/OM knows I love them etc? Again it is a matter of understanding what is meant and what we are actually doing. Requiting means to give back that which you receive and often is increased. The dictionaries call in compensation etc, but that is part of our misunderstanding of meanings. What we have so far failed to see and realize is that the process is one that starts within us. As was discussed before on narcissism, we have an injured/wounded self esteem/worth that the details of have been relegated to our sub-conscious until we dig it up and heal it. Thus with a self-esteem/worth that has been injured how can we say that we do requite love to ourselves and then/thus to others. One of the pitfalls in narcissism (other than the various degrees) is the need for coping mechanism that make us feel that we are doing the right thing; we actually end up fooling ourselves that we are on the right track when all we are doing is coping.


As for God/OM, as was discussed earlier, most take the position of 'I believe just in case' and thus are not in a constant God/OM or spiritual state of mind. This state of mind generally happens once a week at the house of prayer, if we go, or when some crisis comes about. Unfortunately so far most do not know that they do not know that they have an inner crisis that is sleeping in the sub-conscious and that has created these coping mechanisms. So in order for God/OM to be in the picture healing of some sort is needed.


That healing can simply be the process of saying, 'ok, I have some problems most likely as something was missing when I was being nurtured; that I have yet to address'. Then with that in the open we can take a step towards God/OM and seek our healing through the strongest most available energy of all; Real Love. By paying respect and all the other virtues to God/OM you start a process of recognizing that same energy all around you. Most importantly you will see it in the one that is your mate and they are the ones best placed to help you in the here and now.


By living with the thought of God/OM in you mind constantly, no matter how strong or weak; you will be setting your mind into a pattern of Real Love and will start to see changes within yourself, as the only one you can change; which ironically enough will change those around you as they start to change by being affect by your change. As you work on and extend this process, you will come to an instance whereby you will want to really work on it with you mate in all areas of life.


Ultimately you will be in the bedroom, communicating all the things that need to be communicated, (for starters and to have some fun about it all seek out some of both of your astrological reports and compare notes as to what each planetary God has setup for you as strengths and weaknesses); and then you will be as all humans are, curious enough to take a look into tantric sex. As you are communicating about this the worst that can happen for both involved is that you end up with a better and more  communicative sex making; although that is not the goal here.


You and your mate will find the common grounds that you can work on and you will be happily amazed as to what it is all doing for you. Why some may ask? In truth what you are doing is getting together with God/OM in the picture. This only, as it has been said over and over is where God is, where God/OM manifests before us and helps in doing that which we are doing in the name of God/OM; Real Love and Requiting it, first to ourselves, then to our mate and others and then to God/OM.


For those that may see this as placing God/OM at the end we will let you in on another little known process. God/OM in quantum and metaphysics is often referred to as the 'Totality of Universal Consciousness'. The thoughts/actions/energy that we send out is in fact process through/by God/OM and thus whatever we do God/OM is aware. So now go back to the statement above and read it to be: whatever you are doing to yourself, you are doing to God/OM; whatever you are communicating to your mate you are communicating to God/OM; whatever you are doing with others, you are doing with God/OM and finally whatever you are doing with God/OM you are doing with everyone and everything is some shape or form. Amazingly at that point you are unselfishly being just like God/OM.




A real heart warming and stirring conclusion to all of this (aside for the direct benefit for all of mankind with less warring etc) is that of finding your soul-mate love. In the time of the Buddha it was written that our soul-mate exists in this physical world as we were all once dual in our nature; all before the time of the split in Atlantis.


The catch or what we could call 'caveat emptor' is that 'one or the other may not be ready in this life for the joining with the other'. Ugh you may think, but that would be self-pity for think of all the great adventures and wonderful things that we will learn on this part of the search. A hint here would be that enlightenment, being ego-less, giving should out weight receiving are all ways that will make that date with fate/destiny; even if it is not written in your cards; for you are the master of your own destiny so please guide yourself well.