As Stephen Covey says ‘start with the end in mind’ and as we are going to ‘be all that we can be’ we will use a list of what we can attain in being the ‘spiritual human-being’ that we are trying to experience in the here and not; and not the ‘bio-organism human-animal’ that our bodies have evolved as.


1.  By living with respect, dignity and truth we will find that we are in the realm of what can be called ‘Real Love’. Conscious, truthful and unconditional towards ourselves and thus we can be the same towards others.

2.  We will learn to understand that everything is about energy and that in our solar-system, it is emitted by the planets that orbit us.

3.  If energy is emitted in our solar system we need antennas to capture them; thus our charkas or what the sacred writings call ‘churches’ are the receptors of those energies.

4.  Given things mystical, we can if so inclined, take a look into our past life/lives as well as peer into what our future holds (if we do not change anything within ourselves) by way of consulting the various astrological reports on ourselves and loved ones.

5.  As we move on upward/inward into the realm of metaphysical-ness, we will come face-to-face (so to speak) with all that was/is/will be; concerning the deities of the universe.

6.  As we encounter these energies we will start to see our own soul’s growth into the spirit being that we are/can be. All this takes is the Real Love actions for ourselve’s as well as living them with others.

7.  Once we start to know the gnosis of the levels and orders of things; we will start to have a better understanding of how it is that the energies move all things.

8.  In our inner growth, or what we can call knowing of the gnosis of ourselves we will come to dealing with the issue of ‘Christ and Chris-tification’. This, will necessity our facing certain century old myths and twists of logic that we have all been spoon-fed and have yet to investigate/research for ourselves.

9.  This is exactly where we will see that without the Real Love between two beings; one male and one female; we cannot become co-creators of our true destiny; ‘to be all that we can be’.

10.                We will fall back on old habits, concepts, and dogmas over and over during this process to repeat all things until we learn to transcend them.

11.                Once we see the historical past of ourselves, once we fully understand the gnosis of our souls, then will we be able to face the reality of who we are, what we are, where we are from and what possibility is to where we are going. Chris-tification.

12.                It is only via the practice of Real Love Tantric Sexual Yoga (love-making without the animal spasm of orgasm) that we can transcend our bio-organic nature and be all that we can be; as a soul experiencing life here and now in a human suit.

13.                Once we attain this gnosis of things; then we can see outside of our solar system and dimension and start to better understand the grandeur of what we live in and just how we are an integral part of it all; and with the right energy we can move about it all.


All human-animals have a human-being within. The choice on how to live it is our Free-Will.







Let’s take a look at some of the variables that apply to our ‘experiencing life in a human suit’; and as such the experiments that we are working on as the ‘soul/spirit’ that we really are and how we are dealing with it all in the ‘here and now’.


·     Time and space are concepts of our mind in the physical realm; which is itself the realm of the lowest/slowest vibrations of energy and as such forms into physical matter. Time and space are units of measure and not the truth in the cosmic sense of laws. It is however very much the truth of what we live; we are physical matter in our bio-organisms.

·     The first/easy way for us to really understand something is to compare it to it’s opposite; so as we are in the physical state of lowest energy vibrations, the opposite is pure energy in it’s ‘purest etheric state’; our ‘soul/spirit’ is made up of that composition.

·     As humans we use words as concepts; to wit we have come up with one for our ‘creator’ who/that is what can be considered on the science side of life as ‘Totality of Primary Consciousness’ and on the ‘spiritual’ side of life as ‘Love’. That word is God and given it’s misuse over the ages we will call ‘OM’ as that is the mantra vibration of it’s energy. The vibrational sound.

·     ‘OM’ can be seen as the ‘Totality of all energy that is everywhere and everything’. This energy is in perpetual motion, for even a rock as energy will change, albeit over millions of years. And, as all things were created there from we can easily consider this energy as being ‘Love/Creative’.

·     As ‘OM’ is the ‘Totality’ of energies we can say that it has to be ‘The Truth’ whatever that turns out to be as we study and understand. For sure we can see that it is the ‘cosmic laws’ for that is what keeps all things ‘going’ as it were.  We will also see that this energy is ‘conscious’ for it understands/sees all that we have yet to attain the ‘gnosis’ of. And, finally it needs to be seen as unconditional; for if any conditions are attached there-to we end up with a dictator/controller and thus our ‘free-will’ is negated. (Ironically it is our ‘free-will’ that causes our most headaches; for we have that ‘right’ to act as a ‘human-animal bio-organism’ if we so choose; just as we have the right ‘be all that we can be’ while experiencing life as a ‘soul in a human-suit’. We borrowed the suit and don’t have to give it back; it just disintegrates).

·     We don’t really have the conceptual mind to look at things metaphysical, unless we have worked on ourselves over our various lives in the here and now. However we can sort of ‘get it’ that the universe/cosmos/solar system has a structure to it and that structure is what keeps things ‘ticking’ along without our help/guidance not to mention interference.

·     The hierarchy structure could be one area of the most consternation to/for us as we start to glimpse into the other realms and dimensions and fully realize that we are not alone; that we are not the ‘be all to the end all’. Sure we have a step-up on those ‘entities’ that have yet to experience life in a ‘human-suit’; yet they have all the ‘Gnostic-data’ that we seek to fully understand things here and now.

·     We will see that we were in fact given a ‘cup of forgetfulness’ when we were born into this life. This allowed for us to start a new process without the psychological baggage from past lives, albeit we have the karma of it all to deal with. It also allowed us to ‘not be shocked’ by the things that we may have done and should not have, or of the things that we did not do and should have; in past lives. All of these things we will find available to us in the ‘astral world of the Akash records’.  We can access them once we learn how.

·     As we live in ‘our’ solar system we are affected by it’s energy patterns. These patterns emanate from what are known as the ‘planetary Gods/Lords’; literally the planets that orbit us as they are ‘existing (we could say living/breathing) entities/deities’ that govern various functions of what we experience. We can consider it as when in a laboratory the one doing the experiment works with various ‘things/chemicals/energies’ in order to see the results. We are the experimenters and they are the energies.

·      The study of the planetary energies will allow us to gain a better understanding of how the various ‘astrological reports’ work and can in fact provide us with some very insightful information as to ‘who we are’, ‘where we are from’, and ‘where we maybe headed’.

·     As we move through all of this information or ‘gnosis’ we will start to shed a lot of light onto who and what we are; we will be raising our consciousness to enlightenment. This in and of itself will provide reams of data for our understanding what our ‘soul/spirit’ is; a spark of the creator within us here and now. That spark we will see is what is known as ‘eternal’ and keeps on coming back to the here and now in order to make the experiments that we have decided to do, as well as those that were given unto us by cosmic laws and karmic order; in order to experience ‘life as a soul in a human-suit’.

·     As we open ourselves to our real self we will get a better understanding that we are all in fact inter-connected as human beings on earth and that anyone living or trying to live as a simple ‘human-animal bio-organism’ is creating their own difficulties as well as short changing themselves in ‘being all that they can be’.


We understand that once we have experienced something we have what is called the ‘gnosis of it’ and thus we ‘KNOW’ it to be.


Once we ‘KNOW’ something to be and we have accepted it as it is for all the reason that can help us to understand; then that can become a part of us, to ‘BE’ it.


All of this;

Our Universe

Our Solar System

Our Earth

Our Nature

Our Life,

Is due to our Creator ‘OM’ being ‘Real Love’ and us copying/imitating that. That copying is what our soul/spirit seeks to perfect in all it’s beauty.