Gnosis of Life with God as Love.


The general aim of this writing is to sensitize the reader to that little understood aspect of our inner psychology, which ties our 'soul' (spiritual) into our 'psyche' (psychology). Freud was stumped on what the 'Id' is, and after auditing his works and those of the sages combining in the spiritual side; we have come to find that the 'Id' is the literal 'seat of the seed of the soul', albeit asleep or bottled up.


Spiritual Analysis  (Book One) is about all of this in the 'how and why of life'. It was a great spiritual-psychological find, but how to get psychology to accept this merging with the abstract 'spirituality' is still in the future. 'Just because we do not believe in something, does not mean it is not true'. While this in and of itself is not sufficient for most people to help themselves to awaken to their 'Godliness', we cover a number of areas that help people understand how they got into the situation they are in (their psychological characteristics) and why/how this happened.


We put together a handbook of Gnosis to Being the Real You (spiritual knowledge 'from a psychological point of view') (Book Two) for those who have a lot of questions and don't know where to turn for answers, other than the mass of self-help stuff that does not really synthesis all the data. With an understanding of how and why we are, we now have an opening within that will allow us to understand, in modern language, what Jesus the Christ was saying to us and what he was asking us to do.


The Second Coming of the Messiah: Jesus Renewed  (Book Three) gives us a look at that path and the keys Jesus the Christ was trying to share with us. It asks the question why not a renewal instead of a physical return. It reviews the main points of his sayings, bringing in the esoteric part that many have talk of, but have not tied together and published as such. Much of the tantric sexuality in spiritual-psychology pre-dates Jesus and has a lot of exposure throughout Taoist teachings.


The Humor of Fate the Cosmic Comptroller (Book Four) helps us all along the way, for our own good and seemingly to some of us, not the way we want it. Our desire and wants of our egos, versus our soul's needs has been an age-old problem that has brought us to the world situation we are living at present. Thus we try with humor, to deal with this in depth while giving us the facts as extolled by JC in the 'Nag Hammadi Papers' and more directly in 'Pista Sophia Unveiled'; all the while the story is being told by God, God's self.


As we have now come to realize that we have the egoic problems, which unless addressed will lead us incessantly on the wheel of Samsura, without any hope. What we need to do is to re-parent our soul, not to mention for most of us, our Being. Thus All Souls Need Parenting (Book Five) delves into how and why we can have God do the re-parenting, nurturing of our soul so that we can be all that we can be.


This material is without a doubt becoming more and more in need as our society evolves and the 'boomers' start to look for more answers. As we can all understand, Love has and will always be the answer, but it must be conscious, truthful and unconditional love. It can solve all of our problems, if we can just understand it and how it is in fact, our Godliness; in God's image. There are a good number of books out there that help. There are a good number of other types of aids for people to access on their path.


Ours is the one that works at making a synthesis of it all, bringing not only the material together but mankind as well. 

A brave new joining of the world's religions is possible.

A brave new joining of mankind, we pray for.

A brave new lease on relationships and their problems, definitely.


Globalization is here to help, if we so choose, we have the free will to use it as we please.


Exercise Book, Tables and References is most likely the most enlightening of all the parts, yet it is also the most difficult to swallow as it gets right the heart of Jesus and what he said on how the cosmos functions as well as that our penitence's are for all the karma that we unbalance. It will tell you what happens to someone who swears as much as someone who murders. It also covers a lot of the words that we use and miss use or those that we choose to have double meanings so our ego can make it look like we are all o.k. The meditation part is simplistic and easy to use. A complete list of the source references used to do these writings is also included.


Empire of the Truth is a synthesis of what has been going on with the disinformation (in the material realm) as well as our own lack to choose to awaken to our souls. It does touch on the challenges that economics has for our awakening as well as who seems to be doing what, and why. It is never too late to awaken to ourselves, but we also know that time is running short. A must read if you are looking for some hard truths to help you live your soul as best you can.