The Chaos Theory, thanks to Quantum Physics


In our world all things consist of energy that vibrates. The vibrations follow the various laws of Physics with Quantum being the second as far as highest realms that we know of and deal with, goes. Yet there is a higher level, realm, or dimension and it is that of meta-physics. In meta-physics we can find all the things that are not really classified, as of yet, because we do not really, fully understand them and how they work.


Suffice it to say, that just as all living things, and even innate objects vibrate, at their own voltage and velocity the same things happens in all human relationships. All communications are of the vibrator nature in that while they work on our present state of being, this has an effect on our outer actions and thus future movements and actions.


When we gather up the information that change, in an evolutionary sense, only happens after years and years of subtle changes in the actions, the usage of an energy; we change easily see that changes in our human nature, in our personality characteristics are themselves subject to the energy that surrounds us. We would only change any of these parts of ourselves after years and years of repetitive actions in the same way, until at some point what we can call chaos happens.


Chaos is simply the process whereby an unexpected energy impulse is encountered that changes the usual pattern that we have been living by or accustom to dealing with. It can be best understood when we realize that as humans we fit into various quadrants of energy ourselves. In visualizing a box shape made up of four quadrants we will find the following energies:


1 is where there is the highest amperage and highest velocity

2 is the highest amperage but lowest velocity

3 is the lowest amperage and highest velocity

4 is the lowest amperage and lowest velocity


While this seems simplistic, in reality it covers a much greater area and variables that turn it into a mathematical matrix. The above example is adequate for our explanation purposes.



There is a story that goes as follows: a child visiting the zoo sees the bear sitting there and is visibly upset. The child asks why and the zookeeper explains that the bear is sitting on a nail. Why does it not move inquires the child? Because, answers the zookeeper, it does not hurt enough.


There is a lack of what is called chaos for the bear to make the move; actually to want to make the move. So just as the actions have been going on of all time, the bear will continue to sit in it's same place, in the same way, doing the same things; until that moment when chaos is encountered in order to make the bear move. This encounter with chaos can really come in any shape or form, for it is something that while out of view or understanding of the conscious mind, it does have its state of formation within the sub-conscious mind. To the bear, while not rationalizing as we humans, it does have the rational to know that it is uncomfortable, but not enough to move. Now say a bee was to come along and anger it just by buzzing around it's nose; the bear given the uncomfortable but bearable nail, is actually looking for a rhythm and reason to move, but the impulse is lacking; hence the bee to create in the conscious mind an aggravation, but now added into the sub-conscious with the nail, it, the nail is intolerable and thus the bear moves. To the spectator it would appear to be the bee that did it. To the zookeeper, it was time the bear moved and that was it. To the bear's real process, it was the nail that was seeking out some kind of added energy (chaos) that once encountered would give it the stimulation to move.


We use the word chaos simply as it was unexpected and was of a magnitude to have a definite effect on the situation, but without any fore thought or planning to it. It was by accident so they say. However, we do need to factor in the little known process of the law of karmic fate, which has yet to make it to the science room, as it cannot be measured or weighted etc. None-the-less it is there and active in all situations of our developmental process; which is actually what life is, so it is there with us all the time.


In human relationships, the chaos stimulus is usually felt the greatest when we look at our box from above and then mix someone in quadrant 1 with someone in 4; or someone in 2 with someone in 3. These are the opposites as to velocity as well as to amperage. Thus at these encounters there is a lot of energy that is encountered that will in some way or another have an effect on both people.


In some instances the effect could be considered disastrous and others for the betterment and thus productive. But as we are not cognizant of what we do at the sub-conscious level, here is what goes on when we factor in our karmic fate and need for growing; even through we seemingly would prefer to just go along as we are doing and the way that we want.


Relationship Encountering with Chaos


We are born to live life to the fullest and be all that we can be. Unfortunately we don't all understand the ramifications of karma and it's tie into, but exclusively, to astrological influences. Worst, once born we have the added process of contending with our home and cultural upbringing. All of this makes for the most interesting adventure in the cosmos; physical life on a planet that is still spiritually evolving!


We are born to a bio-mechanical organism, but we are not that organism as we just borrow it for some 100 years and then go back to our real home, our spiritual domain somewhere within our solar system. We say our solar system and not the universe as we are not yet ready to move up and out of our contained area into adventure into the far beyond. This is way it is important to understand ourselves, grow and be all that we can be, just like God; that is if we really want to explore the cosmos.


Unfortunately it seems that most of us are having too hard a time in the here and now, just coping that we are not even thinking of being all that we can be, let alone travel the cosmos. Why? Until we understand the details of who we really are, where we come from, we are at a lost to contemplate were we are going.


We get caught up in the day to day economic survival. We get lost in our needs to cope, for that is our best friend in that it is always there and we can more or less totally control it. We have, based upon our economic situation a multitude of ways to overcome the boredom as we sail aimlessly along trying to make sense of things. With the various stimulants that put us up or down, we think that we are feeling the real emotions that other people have; for our own real inner emotions we do not want to own. In too many cases they frighten us.


It is just this fear that the karmic fate energies work with towards us to get us to do what we need to for our souls growth. They are not malicious in any manner or form, they are simply the various cosmic laws pertaining to energy that must be dealt with; sort of like the evolutionary energies of our bio-organism. Within these laws is that of chaos, which we will see is the most important one for our growth, or in cases were we still refuse to wake up, our demise.


During our state in between lives we mapped out our growth plan for this life. The final seal of approval was given by the karmic order and we where sent on our way to be born into the family, mostly of our own choosing. Karmic fate made sure that we would cover the things that we needed to rebalance and as we live along this life it follows our progression; that is to say we sub-consciously with our soul/spirit monitor things.


When things start to move too far astray, or when we get stuck in our ruts, that happen all too often, karmic fate sends us a message that will make us take notice. This message is usually received as a vibratory energy that seems to go counter to what we really want. And that is the point, counter to what we really want, but exactly what we really need.


As we are interacting with our fellow humans, we can start to see if we remain conscious of the concept that many of our interactions are in fact chaotic to some degree. The ones that are the most chaotic, and thus the most beautiful and harmonious in the opposite state are those with our family and mates. This is our learning ground, this is our stage to act out all that we set out to do in this life.


But even then we are often a times reluctant due to fear to act this way or that, not knowing and thus being able to control the outcome. So we do nothing about it, we avoid it, we accommodate it so much that we start to be a different person than we really are. Fortunately karmic fate sees this and sends in another stronger vibration that tells us we need to wake up and take notice and take charge of ourselves to fix the situation.


All to often what happens is that we develop more fear to this situation as we cannot control the outcome and we are not wanting to face the adventure of the unknown, so we develop more coping mechanisms to add onto the ones that we already have. This in turn leads us to more confusion and unrealized to us, to karmic fate having to devise other methods to get the point across. So along comes a even greater vibrations that can easily turn into total chaos for our unwillingness to face ourselves and be all that we can be.


When we look at accidents that happen, we can easily see that a number of them, if not most of them, are caused by just this type of chaos; hitting us or at least us bringing it into our consciousness at an un-opportune time.


When we look at disease, which is spelt dis-ease we can see that the root cause of it all is within our psychic energy that has gone out of balance. We have encountered a chaotic energy that we are not dealing with in our conscious mind and thus we keep it repressed all the while that it seeks expression. The built up becomes unbearable to the bio-organism which releases it in any way that it can. This build up is in the chaotic energy within us, as we have not faced it and balanced it and then the infamous chain reaction, or what the Buddhists and psychologists call cause and effect is set into motion. Out comes the dis-ease because something is not right. But most people just ask what, why me and do not think to go inside and take a look see at what is happening to them to create the process.


It seems that when we look at it all together, when we factor in the things that we do to avoid ourselves, to appease our self esteem from smoking, drinking, drugs to over spending and over sexing we are just coping, we have out hearts set on just coping. Why? Because this is what we learned at an early age, this is what we setup as our super-ego (our inner beliefs, morals, and value structure) and we all function from our super-ego; albeit unconsciously. And thus the last point.


If we are doing the things that we do unconsciously, how are we to know who we are, what we are doing and thus where are we going? If we are asleep and thereby mostly sleep walking in life, how can we avoid accidents etc? If we are not listening to our real soul/spirit that we have and not the one that we want to be what we want it to be, as we can control it; then who are we listening to?


Well consciously we are listening to our wounded inner person, to our egos that want control. And, all of this gets externalized, by passing internally by the Chaos Theory; because without that impulse of albeit excessive energy we will not do what we need to do and have to come back under a worst scenario and try to get it right.


God is there via anyone of the messiahs/masters to help us out and be as God is; if we just ask for help.


That sounds better and easier than living the Chaos that we too often do; and it really is.