What Do We Really See Around Us…


When we are walking to and fro, when we are into our daily routine, what is it that we really see all around us? Do we actually see all that is around us; and more so do we see anything in its' real depths around us?


As we scurry about, passing the passer-bys, of which we are one, are we contemplating any of this beauty that we see, or are we too busy with all the chatter going on inside of our head’s to really take notice of what is there?


Fortunately for all of us, at some time or another we do end up having a so-called ‘accident’ that lends itself to our slowing down and smelling the coffee, so to speak. These ‘accidents’ are actually well orchestrated dances that our inner spirit seeks out for us to try and take notice of what is around us. Try we say, for it does not always work; most times we are just too hurried and harried to be able to see what is in front of us; or what we just bumped into or dropped to pick up etc.


Yet these so called ‘accidents’ contain some of the most memorable experiences that we have in our daily unconscious scattering about. If we should per chance notice the wearing on the step that we slipped on and take consciousness of its' age and wonder how many people, shoes, boots have come and gone before us. Why, maybe even we added something of our own to the smoothness of that marble wear as we have daily taken these same steps to and fro. It could also have been us noticing the wear and tear on an aged person face as we brushly bumped them, thereby taking notice of what, that is to say whom did we jostle, unavoidably as we smiled apologetically to them in our hurried manner. They nodded their acknowledgment, which gave us the chance, for a split second, to see into their eyes and sense somewhat of what they were about.


They may have had a wrinkled complexion, but with great smile lines in the outer corner of their eyes. Or they may have had a clear complexion, yet so much sadness from frown lines on their foreheads. Which ever one it was, we did for a split second, a moment when time stopped; see into the eyes of a fellow human being that was doing as we were, scurrying about; or so we thought to make ourselves believe. Maybe, if we thought of it looking deeper into their eyes, we would see some of their problems, sense their challenges; that in essence would be their eyes reflecting the mirror of our own soul back to us.


We make ourselves believe that they are like us, going places and doing things and happily living life on their terms. Yet, yes they maybe living life on their terms, compared to us with less or lost aspects; but in essence it is we that are really lost, it is we that do not take the time to stop the mind chattering long enough to go deeper and connect with our inner wishes and subconscious thoughts; that are so clearly reflected in the faces, the eyes of all those passer-bys. They do not really know what we are thinking. We do not believe that they can read minds etc, yet in reality they are us; with the same issues, challenges and goals of life.


To be loved, Requited Love that is truthful, conscious and unconditional is what they and we are all seeking. Yet sadly no one talks of it in these terms. We are too busy, too tense to discuss it as other than what we have been indoctrinated with in our homes, schools, society, and movies, TV etc. We really do not understand and know Love other than from the messages sent to us. Should those messages be bias, altered erroneously, then we will in fact live it as such. So how can we be living Requited Real Love? How can we understand that which we were not taught?


Requited Love is God's Love. It is always there when we choose to be conscious of it. It is full of the truths of who and what we are, for God emanates' Love to us continuously. And, of course it is unconditional, for God puts no conditions on God's Love to us all, at least if we should seek it.


We are all looking for that Requited Love, and the more time we have to contemplate it the sadder is our reality that it is so difficult to find. It as if we are seeking out God and not finding God! We see glimpses of God here and there, in this person's eyes or that person's eyes. Yet, sadly we do not take the time, the effort to go right into the heart and soul of that person and literally communion with God. Thus, we shortchange our lives, our very beings of living Requited Love that it God's Love. For were we to give our Real Love to the other person, then we would receive it back in the same manner. But we do not give so freely of deeply of ourselves do we? We are too busy, to preoccupied with life and living it and getting it done that we have yet to really and truly live Real Love.


We live the Love that we were taught, that we assimilated from the all the external impulses; yet what we need do is to connect with the Love that is in waiting in our hearts, our souls, the Love from God that sleeps; just as 'Sleeping Beauty' did, awaiting to be woken. Our internal love is one of the soul and spirit, that God has given us unconditionally; what we do with it is what will determine our future growth, our future expectations and acceptances.


If we allow it to sleep, then we will be too harried to see the other person that we bump into, only catching a glimpse of the Requited Love as we quickly smile and excuse ourselves, while they seek be a few friendly words of acknowledgement that they too exist and are seeking Requite Love in the own way.


Their inquiring sympathetic smile says 'I to am looking for my Requited Love just as you are. Have you seen it? Do you know where it is hiding? Can you help?'


Yet, should we be so fortunate to brush an angel, a person of deep spiritual enlightenment and evolution; regardless of what they may look like on the outside; we will see within their eyes, in the window to their soul, shining back at us a twinkle that seems in our hurried pace to be out of pace, to be inappropriate. It is not, it is God playing peek-a-bo with God's children.


It is the Requited Love that you have brewing inside that is seeking expression, and as it stems from God it need be sent back to God, which as you express this through the other person, God receives the message, all the while the person receives the feelings that are behind it all. You have touched God as it is said, 'two people getting together in my name, shall have me present'.


Share those smiles knowing that is God trying to fulfill your destiny. Requited Real Love.