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Gnosis of Life as a SOUL in a rented HUMAN SUIT







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G God the Creator OM


N Not


O Oppressing


S Souls


i illuminated


S soul-less ones are !



We gnosis that:


1.       We are a soul in a human suit, experiencing our experiments OF LIFE, that we setup

          during our ‘life between lives’; and that nightly; the astral realm is our class rooms

          for work in the ‘here and now’. The fine tuning for those of us that seek to grow our

          soul to be ‘all that we can be’.

2.     We are masters of our own destiny driven by either-or ‘Ego-Personality’ (predation of bio-organisms) with ‘Soul-Spirit’ (spiritual-self) or both; trying to wake up.

3.     The custodians of Planet Earth (read all about them          ) do not want us to gnosis that we are in fact ‘sleep-walkers’; because it would ruin their plans ( here is a video recap too it all      ).

4.     There always was, is and will forever be a soul-u-tion, ‘know thyself’; Egos and Virtues ( link to them    ) and you can awaken yourself to; as it is said, ‘thy will be done, JUST BE SURE, to add “with love”, absence of which it simply ‘evil’, i.e. the Ego manifesting it’s predation and thus control the ‘personality’ to do this or that.

5.     This is our daily judgment leading to the Big-Ultimate one. Was the ‘creator-energy-oneness-conscious mind with you all-ways ??? Is the real question to ask, daily-hourly-minute-second.


We don’t all have to know-see all the horrific-ugly THRUTHS that are out there. To most it will-can paralyze-numb the ‘Being-Human’ to FULL fearfulness, thereby stopping the Soul’s Growth.


WHAT WE ALL NEED TO DO  is to be sure we are living consciously as best we can and being all we can be (for our ‘soul’s growth’, which itself is THE ANSWER to the question of ‘LIFE’ “ why are we HERE’) ? 


Looking at it all as the Big Picture, ‘from above as it were’; we are our own soul, interconnectedness to all Souls; who happen to be living in the material body that has Egos, during this round or incarnation.


Everything in our material life seems to be about strengthening our Egos, BUT, every dark cloud has a spark of Light that helps our soul’s growth; when we use our virtues to look for it.


The ‘Real Truth’ (gnosis there of) is much too strange-horrific for 99% of us (back to the infamous 1%). BUT, as our soul is ours for the Taking to awaken-enlighten, or selling out to the one’s flattering our ego the best; WE NEED NOT FEAR ANYTHING; by simply gnosis-ing ourself (our personality’s set of egos and virtues we live by).


By knowing ourselves we can transcend all things egoic (predation of our bio-organism) and live the REAL LOVE (creator-God-energy-oneness-consciousness) Soul ‘ that spark of ‘OM’ (primordial sound of creation) we all have within us.


N.B. As a soul (spirit) we have endless possibilities in the cosmic sense. Our ego (personality) is from our material self, limited to the predation of our bio-organism that our material body is.


Every day-hour-minute-second-instant we are choosing to react to life as our ego dictates, or live-life (consciously) as our Soul seeks to ‘Be’. What we choose to do tells us ‘who’ we are and what drives us (up to this point in the incarnation);

‘Thusly asked is, ‘are we being all that we can be to whatever level-limit that is’?




Thus the bottom line is:



No matter what happens, now and in the future; all we have to really worry about taking care of is our ‘SOUL’ for it is that part of us that lives on and on growing us from life to life. What ever ‘boogy-man’ angel or demon; friend or foe; alien or human that we encounter are just things for us to ‘test our gnosis of life with’ and they-it can never can or control what our ‘SOUL’ is living. Sure they can create diversions and seemingly chaotic stuff; but in the end they are not the masters of our ‘choices’, WE ARE.









Special thanks to OM-Cosmic (comic) Order Gang, my daughter (actually a wife in previous life; oh boy) and fellow earthlings for this great life as a soul in a rented human suit experiencing here and now to ‘bug out’ the egos that make all of our messes regardless of ET-Aliens-Astronuts-Anunnaki-illuminati-Reptilian-Mafia and other groups/people who know who they are and what a mess they are making.

OM to the Father of Modern Gnosis Samael Aun Weor. Please check him out on how to deal with the egos. NAMASTE


Gnosis of What the Hell is Going On                                                                                                                                    Ego Debugging 


Gnosis of Life as a Soul in a Human Suit Older Stuff        





At last we found a YouTube stream that is jam packed with some of the greatest insights-details of our planetary history that we could ask for.   Makalesi Rodan (YouTube Link) is like a Wikipedia of GNOSIS of our ancient, more hidden than not; PAST.  Her 174 clips vary from 5 to 30 minutes and she presentation is excellent, just like the best teachers we had from school days.


For those that are multi-lingual and really enjoy the GNOSIS of it all, she is seeking out help for voice over’s in any language. Here is her link to the Asking for Help Clip.  Makalesi's Request For Help - YouTube


Enjoy your continued journey of BEING ALL YOU CAN BE with the Gnosis of Life as a Soul in a Rented Human Suit.














From the annals of believe it or not this Open Letter to the then Cardinal Bergoglio now POPE FRANCIS is what Gnostic do and maybe, just maybe will be the start of the fall of the VATICAN. Time will tell as it always does. ( Translated from Spanish ).




In reference to the sermon held in the city of Buenos Aires

on May 16, 2007, when he was still Cardinal


Distinguished Mr. Bergoglio:


Allow us to turn to your person to clarify a few points made by you regarding Gnosis. We, the gnostics of the world, give you a humble answer to your subtle pretension to display Gnosis as a heresy, which incidentally also was attempted by your predecessors in the misnamed “throne of St. Peter”.


You say that we need, before anything, an evangelizing Church. Unquestionably the work of evangelization is very laudable, but you must first of all know that the Catholics are not the only evangelizers of our troubled world, there are also evangelizers of other religious currents that have been very much detested by the Church over which you preside. 


For us, partakes of Gnosis, the work of evangelization is called “The Third factor of the Revolution of the Consciousness”. And in this work we include not only to provide a doctrinaire message to the people, but also to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, teach the ignorant, etc., etc., etc.


You cite the Virgin Mary, whom we also venerate as the mother of Jesus and Initiate in the Mysteries, as was also Mary Magdalene, as stated in the oldest Christian traditions that you and your Church now discredit as “ apocryphal”, a pejorative way to diminish the importance of genuine documents which contradict the pseudo truths of your Church.


Do you, respectable Mr. Bergoglio, know that Maria, Marah, Rea, Insoberta, Cibeles, Sophia, Paula, Aka, Asarte, etc., etc., are divine representations which the civilizations of the past had in order to designate the Inner Divine Mother that each creature carries within and that, incidentally, is the wife of the Holy Spirit, her Sacred- Holy fecundator. Thus it is in the sacred religions of the East such as the Hinduism, which shows us Shiva (representation of the Holy Spirit) as the husband of Shakti, a virgin that symbolizes the eternal divine feminine. In Christianity this Holy Spirit was symbolized, as we all know, by a white dove.


Remind yourself that all true religions, including the ancient theologies, were grounded on a holy Trimurti. Exercise the memory, Mr. Bergoglio and find Osiris, Isis and Horus, in ancient Egypt; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in Hinduism, Kether, Chokmah and Binah in Judaism, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit in early Christianity, etc., etc., etc.


God in Hebrew (Elohim) is translated as Gods and Goddesses. In the Old Testament God is called Jehovah. Well, the word Jehova has two very interesting parts to know about: JAH-HOVAH, the secret Father Mother of each one of us. JOD, as a Hebrew letter is the masculine principle. EVE, HEVE, represents the eternal feminine. Thus, the divine Rabi of Galilee instead of rendering worship to the anthropomorphic Jehova of the Jewry, worshipped his Divine Male-Female (Jah-Hovah), the inner Father-Mother. 


You, Mr. Bergoglio, claim that it is the Holy Spirit who drives your Church, but likewise you have to know that the Holy Spirit cannot give his support to a Church whose priests are, first and foremost, FORNICATORS and many times PEDERASTAS, PEADOPHILES, MASTURBATORS AND RAPISTS OF NUNS. The Holy Spirit, Mr. Bergoglio, above all, requires chastity in order to offer his miracles. But it does not, nor has it ever referred to the abominable clerical abstention that your Church has established since centuries, but rather to a technique through which a man and a woman, knowing how to love each other, do not waste, in any way, their creative energy, but transmute it through what is known as TANTRIC LOVE, SAHAJA MAITHUNA OR SEXUAL MAGIC.


Remember, Mr. Bergoglio, that the very Jesus himself, the Martyr of Calvary, knew these teachings and so did also his apostles and closest disciples.  Hence, all his apostles were married. The Nazarene also practiced this technique with Mary Magdalene, his lawful wife, whom one of his predecessors labeled a prostitute with the malicious intention to discredit her before the history, although she was the best interpreter of the words of the divine Rabbi of Galilee. You know that there existed another Mary who did fit the archetype of a sinner, but that is another story honorable Mr. Bergoglio. This trick was used by your predecessor to display the woman as something sinful and, in this way, justify celibacy before his parishioners and history. Thus an image of the crucified was perpetuated, depicting him as a mere pietistic, unmarried and almost up to denatured or neutered.


Honorable Mr. Bergoglio, your Church turned away from all these things from the very moment in which it made a pact with the Emperor Constantine to become a religion of the Roman Empire and, since then all those not communed with the postulates of your nascent Church (created by you and not by the divine redeemer of Galilee) were anathematized with the qualification of heretics. They were persecuted, they were condemned to the bonfire, they were mutilated, they were tortured, they were imprisoned, etc., etc., etc. And now you speak of a Church supported by the Holy Spirit? You really know no shame or modesty, eminent Mr. Bergoglio.


You say that the Church should not be self-referential or Gnostic. Well, Mr. Bergoglio, know that Gnosis is no other thing than “a revealing and liberating knowledge” that liberates every human creature of his demons and allows him, therefore, to stop being sinful and terminate turned into a true “son of God”. It is a shame that you and your cardinals do not tell your parishioners that it was thanks to the help of the gnostics that the people knew to see Jesus as the Messiah and not John the Baptist.


Let me remind you, Mr. Bergolgio: “The Nazarenes were known as Baptists, Sabeans and Christians of St. John. His belief was that the Messiah was not the son of God, but simply a prophet who wanted to follow John. Origines (Vol. II, page 150) notes that there are some who say of John the Baptist that he was the anointed (Christus). When the metaphysical conceptions of the gnostics, who saw the Logos and the Anointed in Jesus, began to gain ground, the first Christians separated from the doctrines of the Nazarenes, who accused Jesus of perverting the doctrines of John and of changing the “Baptism in the Jordan” for another. (Codex Nazarenus, II, p. 109.)

You and your Church claim not to be self-referential, but it was you yourselves who interposed to the Church that you founded between the Creator and the suffering humanity. And you and your brotherhood of crime have always claimed that the Kingdom of Heavens can only be reached through your Holy Apostolic Roman Church. THIS IS THE WORST OF LIES THAT YOU HAVE CREATED AND THE CAUSE OF THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE ACCEPTED YOUR DECREES: OUT OF FEAR FOR BEING CONDEMNED TO HELL…


Honorable Mr. Bergoglio, Gnosis certainly has an anthropocentric vision of the religious life, because you should know that only by working upon himself can the human being free himself from the chains that bind him to materialism and the loss of his sacred values. We the gnostics call this step the PSYCHOLOGICAL DEATH and, thanks to systems and practices that we know of since immemorial times, do we succeed to cast out the iniquitous from our soul, which the apostle Paul spoke of with a profound knowledge of cause. Your Church mistakenly think that the malicious intrinsic that man carries within can be eliminated by a few simple chest poundings, or by what you have created and named CONFESSION.


No human being, by the fact of being in a seminary for four of five years, has the power to absolve the sins committed by the human masses. Nor will the Holy Spirit give him the power to do so, even though this is what you make the seminaries of you monasteries or convents believe in. In order to have this power it is, above all, necessary for this priest to be chaste in the deepest sense of the word and, then, only then, can he have the luxury to be an intermediary between the Heavens and the humans. But this is not achieved from night to morning, most worthy Mr. Bergoglio, no. This is a fruit of an intense work of psychoanalysis combined with meditations, prayers, serious reflections, fasts, sacrifice, works for others and, above all, Mr. Bergoglio, with the aid provided by the SCIENTIFIC CHASTITY which I have already spoken of above. All this maintained as an intimate, particular and individual work during years…


You speak of a Church of “prayer” to reach all the outskirts of our world. Yes, respectable Mr. Bergoglio, the prayer has a great power as long as the person praying, has faith in his prayer. We refer to a CONSCIOUS FAITH and not a mechanical faith, also called as BLIND FAITH. In order for a prayer to have its effect, Mr. Bergoglio, it must be accompanied by righteous feelings, righteous thoughts and a righteous behavior. And your Church, Mr. Bergoglio, only speaks of this insincerely, because in real life you and your henchmen believe that it is ok if we live a messy and impure daily life, because on Sunday, at Mass, we confess, we receive the host and we will be free from all stain. In other words, what we do does not matter because with the confession GOD FORGIVES US ALL OUR MISDEEDS, no matter how detestable they might be. This is an authentic ingenuousness that can only be accepted by mediocre people who take communion with millstones or parchment hosts…


It is not good, honorable Mr. Bergoglio, to make people believe that with the shed blood of the blessed Master Jesus in the cross, all our sins and filthiness will be forgiven and that, at the time of our death, we will go straight to Heaven. You must know that what the great Kabir Jesus did was to show a drama, previously rehearsed and planned with his apostles, so that it would be written down and in that way show to posterity the way back to the Father who is in the Heavens. Hence the same Nazarene said: “He who wants to follow me, must take up his cross (the cross of the sacrifice of our animal passions during the Tantric Love), deny himself (deny the I, the animal Ego that we all carry within) and follow me (to follow the Nazarene is to give our lives for our fellowmen). These are the Three Factors that will produce the Revolution of the Consciousness in any human being that exists on this Earth. All of this has proper documentation in the apocryphal gospels that you are bent on denying so that people do not know the true message. If people would know all of these things your Church would lose all credibility, more than what it has lost so far and would eventually collapse, dragging down in its fall thousands and millions of parishioners who have put their impoverished faith in you and your ephemeral dogmas.  


Finally, honorable Mr. Bergoglio, allow me to tell you that, although you now walk kissing the feet of inmates of prisons, have stopped to use luxurious cars used by your predecessors, do not wear golden crosses hung on your chest, greet people on the streets, use city buses, do not fit very expensive read shoes, etc., etc., etc., it is not due to this that your Church will change because, and allow me to in this case use a popular saying, “although the monkey dresses in silk, a monkey it is and a monkey it remains”. Deeds and not words is what this humanity asks of your evangelists. Truths and not fallacies is what the human anthill claims. Authentic transformations and not “pietistic poses” are those that make great changes in the scenario of humanity. In your Church, honorable Mr. Bergoglio, there is still MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING.


Allow, at least once in history, your hundreds of cardinals and thousands of priests to marry so that they know what it is to have a family and better understand the mysteries of life and death. Teach them NOT TO BE FORNICATORS NOR ADULTERERS, so that they really feel the divine grace acting in their own flesh and not merely as an intellectual concept. DEEDS SPEAK LOUDER THAN SIMPLE REASONS, Mr. Bergoglio.


Finally, receive our sincere yearning that the DIVINE POWER-GRACE, of which speaks PISTIS SOPHIA, achieves to establish the Light of revelation in your Heart-Temple and thus you can transmit it to so many souls thirsting for true love and starving to partake in the Kingdom of the Father.














2012-1-07 Merry Xmas to all my Eastern friends….


2012-1-06 from my friend Sha’Tara in Western Canada enjoy the insights:


Brief introduction to a short article being offered for enlightenment and comments:  Assuming, of course, that an individual has long ago entered a path of self-empowerment and self-knowledge, the following article by Victor Sanchez could become a good reminder for the coming times.  I must add, for those who would read the following, that it should be read with reverence, not as just another piece of information, like the daily news.  While all power resides within, understanding the following will provide a simple "key" to unlocking that power.  Naturally, the power I speak of is not at all what the System teaches to be power.  This has nothing to do with conquest, or power over others. This is the power to overcome the self's endless demands, turning ceaseless desires that war against the will into something like harmony and equanimity.  How easy it then becomes to realize that life's greatest gift is compassion and why one must become a "warrior" if one would live thus, because compassion is the foremost enemy of any System, but especially of the current System ruling planet Earth I call neo-capitalism. 


Anyone carrying the stigma of compassion will become a target of that System and attacked—not necessarily physically, but in spirit and mentally.  When you begin to really see what is being done to Earth—the endless ways it is being poisoned, polluted, starved, crushed.  When you begin to see the feedlot mentality that drives this world and you begin to feel the pain of it, then you will understand what it means to be "in the world but not of the world."  Such a life is a constant struggle.


The following briefly explains what living "in sudden death overtime" as I refer to my own life, really means.  When death becomes your daily companion rather than your enemy, that is a powerful entity to have on your side.  Hard to defeat death, isn't it. 

Another teaching I received which the article brings to mind:  "When none of it matters, it will all be yours." (Teacher YLea at her cryptic best.) 

Similarly, to quote Victor Sanchez, "Making use of will, control, strategy and awareness of impending death, warriors learn to reduce their needs to nothing." 

It's really saying the same thing, isn't it. 




From: The Teachings of Don Carlos...  By Victor Sanchez


A...Leading the sober life of the warrior gives a person the equilibrium and fortitude necessary to deal with difficult moments on the path of knowledge, regardless of the confusion suffered by reason or the injury caused to ego.

Anything that we do can be done in the manner of a warrior.  A warrior is always in an unyielding state of total war, leaving no room for negligence or surrender.  This transforms our smallest acts into a challenge of power to carry us beyond our limits each time, to be better, more powerful, more gentle, more real.

Among the fundamental elements available to a warrior, we can single out the will as a power that emanates from the self in order to touch and feel the world, even to direct it, a power that will have to be used in ever larger and more intense battles that we would not dare to confront using our reason.  And now, warriors are no longer persons chained to the fears and fantasies of their thought; rather they pay attention to their feelings, moved by their personal power, that substantial energy that they haveC through tremendous struggleC taken so long to increase and store.

Warriors also count on the awareness of their own impending death, performing each act as though it were the last battle and, therefore, the best.  With death as a constant companion who infuses each act with power, they transform into magic their time as living persons on their >Earth.’  The awareness of inevitable death endows them with the disinterest to be free from attachments while at the same time not indulging in denial.  Detached from everything, conscious of life=s brevity, and in constant struggle, warriors begin to arrange life through the power of their decisions.  They work each moment to achieve control over themselves, thereby gaining control over their personal world.. Warriors take the direction of life in their own hands and direct it strategically .  Every little thing is an aspect of their strategy.  In fact, control and strategy are two factors always present in their way of moving through life..

A...The elements that make up the strategy of warriors are the elements of the way with a heart which allows them to derive enjoyment from each moment of time.  Making use of will, control, strategy and awareness of impending death, warriors learn to reduce their needs to nothing.  They realize that needs engender wants and misfortune.  Hence, being free from needs, there are no anxieties or worries.  Warriors can act without the weight of need, anxiety, or unhappiness.  When they cease to need, there is no compulsion so they can involve themselves to any extent required.  Free from needs, all that they have and receiveC even the smallest, simplest itemsC become marvelous gifts; and life, regardless of how much is left to them, remains in a permanent state of abundance.@ (p. 25)


For those who want more, this link may work:  http://www.enlightenment.com/media/bookrevs/sanchez.html








2012-1-01 Time to try and wake-up help enlighten and de-bug ( ego annihilation) the masses :o)








NEW                                                NEW                                      NEW


ChatRooms-Elementals and Reincarnation.pdf       Believe it or not :o)



2011-Jan and prior


For a wrap up of what is happening here and now…..and the only soul-u-tion that seems to work….you can watch my ‘Conclusion’ video clip on YouTube…. ( https://www.youtube.com/user/dredwardom )


First as a good researcher of the truth; Gnostic as most of us are; we need to take a look at what seems to have gotten us to this point.

·       Ego annihilation is the first and last thing we need to think about and what needs to be worked on in order to deal with all that we are faced with. Remember we are a soul in a human suit, experimenting and experiencing life in the here and now, and as such our egos should not be the one controlling us, our higher self should be. If not, then we are simply living our lower base biological functions and are keeping our true spirit suppressed.

·       On the Road Less Traveled we will always encounter People of the Lie who are afflicted with Ambulatory Schizophrenia and we learn the hard way that it all leads to Narcissism and the present Pandemic we are experiencing on earth.  When we use the 80-20 rule we are usually not far off the mark, ergo 80% of us are narcissistic while the other 20% have to deal with it all as what is known as fed-supply. And you thought the illuminati or ETs were the energy consumers.

·       Unfortunately as we didn’t/don’t research and understand the narcissist aspect of ourselves and others it mutated into what is known as Political Ponerology , itself being what the ‘controllers’ are, and thus, what our biggest threat is. (It leads to socio-pathy and then ultimately psycho-pathy, the one where they are willing to kill for what they want…sound like ‘wars’ to anyone). It is not the simple bull-shit per say, nor the various ET groups that have and are still mucking around with us that is the challenge to deal with, Ponerology is.

·       Lloyd Pye showed us all that our physical bodies are not a simple evolution of Neanderthal-Cro-Magnon DNA, but had in fact some ‘other world/ET/Astronuts’ mixing their and our DNA. Remember they only engineered the biological body ‘human suit’ and not our ‘soul’ which is part of the Totality.

·        What we learn from Maurice Cotterell and his Sun Science (that NASA is finally agreeing with) is that most of our challenges in the biological as well as ecological sense come from the Sun (and the other planets); which in turn are worsen by the ‘controllers’ elitist etc.

·       Putting it all together in a ‘true’ historical timeline that we can understand and that makes better sense than what we have been fed so far by the ‘system’ ; even making sense out of the Old Testatment; is Z. Sitchin (r.i.p.) and his last book There Were Giants Upon the Earth. Thanks to his work we are one DNA test away from ‘proving’ the non-earthly-human DNA lineage, on the skeletons held by the British Museum. (Rest assured in the world of skull-duggery the tests have been done long ago and the ‘system’ knows the truth that these are ‘other world’ beings just as Sitchin summarized; but as illuminati, puppet masters go, they will not let that information be known until they can fully use it for their own benefits).

·       To get into the really hard facts of things we need to take a look at Ted Pike and his theological research into the Torah and Talmud in presenting his documentary ‘Why the Mid-East Bleeds’. Unfortunately for the fearful you will not like to see the tie in to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the truth behind the Zionst mafia gangs in control and making a mess of things, as most mafia groups do, as most governments. Add on a quick read into the Secret Instructions of the Jesuits and you have a good look at the big picture of the controllers and fights going on here and now.

·       To bring us into the full picture we need to take a deep look into what all the UFO-ET, Other Beings-Entities is all about. A very good place to start for the skeptic is the video ‘UFO-Greatest Story Ever Denied’.  After seeing this data and footage, if you don’t believe then nothing will convince you short of your own abduction.

·       In fairness to us all we do need to read John Keel ‘Why UFO’ (hard to find from the 1950s printing) to get a big clear picture of the ET gangs, be they extra or intra terrestrial, before we go Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole (What the Bleep Do We Know).

·       One place to continue to in order to get and overview of the ET gangs is Channeling the Visitors where we get insight as to what the various gangs are about and what they are up to in the here and now.

·       As we move into the tougher and harder to swallow stuff be sure to look into David Icke’s Freedom or Fascism Time to Choose, and Zeitigeist. Both of these will give you a clear look at what in the hell is, going on and is wrong.

·       Ego annihilation as we said from the start is the only thing that is going to fix what is wrong with us and the others.


Because ego (and not the soul that many mix it up with; ego is to the physical body as soul is to the spirit of who we are that lives on to experience one life to the next ) is our lowest operating base, the biological one that has predation as it’s m.o.  The soul is our highest part or our true being and while most of the time suppressed within us, it stills seeks whatever way it can to be awaken-let loose to help us be all that we can be.

Try and think of it this way, ‘our soul is connected with the totality-energy of everything’; while our ego is the physical-ness of this dimension and lives in ‘fear’ of predation.

Of all the egos and things within us that make life a challenge that we each have, ‘fear’ is the hardest thing to overcome; but once fear ‘is’ overcome then we really start to live consciously; as fear is a programmed reaction to incoming actions-stimulus.


If you want to read on the ‘creator OM’ part to all of this, go down to the bottom of the page where the older writings are and enjoy the gnosis of your reading.



For those of you that want to go deeper down the rabbit hole and see what is behind our gov’t controlled NWO illuminati gang….and thus who is behind or controlling them…..and ONLY IF YOU HAVE A FEAR-LESS mindset constitution….be sure to watch David Icke interviewing Arizona Wilder in “Revelations of Mother Goddess” AZ_wilder.avi ( caveat emptor… please do not just looking from curiosity sake….if you are serious and fearless then go ahead and watch it…if not DON’T GO THERE….for your own mental health and that of those you care for….Thanks…











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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5 License.




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A few of our explanations on the words being used: 12

Our present day physiology. 13

Egoic manifestations. 14

A paradigm shift 15

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The chosen ones. 18

Nutrition. 19

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Cosmic ‘Us’ 21

Conclusion: 22




Preface: this is my hypothesis arrived at over the years of rational thought, critical analysis and pure logic of situations both in the mundane physical world and that of the spiritual-psychology world; etheric as it is.


Aside from the sayings of the prophets and other sages that preceded us such as ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’; I also have two favorites that follow me everywhere:


When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?


The truth in the hands of one person is still the truth….



Hypothesis: We will work backwards from present day to show the cause and effect of the things we call human, but maybe from non-human sources. In our world of the here and now one thing we can all agree upon is that ‘cause leads to effect’. This is what is known as the causal world and harbors all of the understanding of how something is played out as an effect by showing us what the cause there of is.


Covey method: Starting with the end in mind we will show just how we got into the egoic state we are in, as having it’s start with the Advanced Beings known as the Anunnaki; albeit there were-are not the only Advance Beings that had a hand in our history. However, they definitely have been found to be the biggest perpetuators of ‘war-mongering’ of our physical world, which in psychological terms is equated to the ‘egoicness’ of present day humans. We will also be showing just how and why the Zionist choose to see themselves as the ‘chosen ones’ and what it all means for the rest of humans.


Because of our ego aspects, we have many challenges facing us as we chose to hide in disbelief instead of facing the unknown. In the end it is the unknown part of the egos, the aspects that create the cause and effect that we live with in our daily lives that will cause us the most harm. For without the gnosis of our egos we will have to contend with the problems our egos create for us as well as for others, and it will also stunt our growth to the knowledge of what our creation is all about; and more so what of the Advanced Being that we are involved and evolved from.



A few of our explanations on the words being used:


Soul is that etheric part of us that is eternal. It is spark of pure cosmic energy from the ‘source’, and as we have all well learned and understood, ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed’. It is that of ‘us’ that lives on forever and ever, reincarnating here and there for this reason and that.

Those that have an issue or hard time with reincarnation only have to ask themselves, ‘if this is all that there is, if I don’t have a soul that will live on and on to other lives, places, events; am I being a ‘fatalist and thus living as one’? Please remember that it was always part of our ‘western’ beliefs (having come out of the east as most of our esoteric spiritual gnosis did) and was considered a fact until ‘organized religion’ made sure it was removed, ridiculed and considered blasphemy.


In modern science, as ‘without science we cannot prove or disprove anything’, especially to the satisfaction of the masses; the concept of the ‘soul’ is that which gives all ‘seekers’ that leap of faith that their starting hypothesis is a ‘good one’. Then it turns to the debate of whether or not the soul does in fact exist, and weight in at 21 grams as we have learned of in recent years, making it more concrete to study.


In esoteric terms, the word ‘soul’ is generally related to the astral body that is considered our higher being. It is the astral body that those who have studied ‘it’ recognize that as the body needs its’ physical rest, ‘it’ does not, and leaves the body as we sleep in order to do what ‘it’ needs to do. Those needs are specific to each person and can be determined via the practice of meditation. 


Spirit: Commonly known as the personality, which in many psychological circles they prefer using ‘spirit’ meaning soul and personality as its’ own psychological process or as has been termed ‘the ghost in the machine’; with machine being the brain.


The ‘spirit’ is the matrix made up from the interfacing of the ‘soul’ with the ‘egos’ as it creates the personality that will be externalized, the person we all ‘interface’ with. It is the residual energy that exists once the physical body has extinguished itself, and as it is energy, it can stay around for years until it weakens and dissipates into the ether, back to the source as it were.


The reasoning behind the terms of a ‘good or bad spirit’ is from the results of the ‘soul’ interface with the ‘egos’ and which one becomes the ‘predominant externalization trait’. The behavior patterns matrix is made from this interface, which are themselves based upon what we learned from family, culture and society. So the ‘good or bad’ is a learned trait and not something that we are ‘naturally’ born with; albeit ‘good and bad karma’ does play a part in it all.


Ego: Is the word we use for that ‘built-in biological default system’. Much as we can easily see in the animal world, such and such an action is ‘normal-natural’ to a given species. This biological normalcy goes deep down to the basic cellular level as it ‘seeks to survive as in eat or be eaten’.


In much of modern psychology they have used the term ‘ego’ to define the ‘personality’ thereby creating the paradox with the ‘soul’. As psychology had the science ground versus organized religion with the spiritual ground, the word ‘ego’ was always used in sense of the ‘soul’, while the word ‘soul’ was something mystique that went to heaven when the person died.


Humoristic ally when we look back on it all, given the wise ones or sages and their defining the 7 major sins (as well as their opposite virtues); we see that science has been talking about the sinful part, placing it as our main personality trait that is externalized and our soul only came into the picture, once we died. As our soul was there all our lives why not undertake the gnosis of it and see what science ‘cause and affect’ we can find on the egos.


It is not the body-mind that is sinful as organized religion has spoon fed us. It is not that each human is the problem of collective humanity. It is what we do with the gnosis of anything and our soul’s experimentations in this life’s experience. Are we choosing to live as a ‘soul in a rented human suit for a little season’, or are we living as ‘our biological nature and erroneously learned behavior patterns’.


Karma: Good and bad, we all have it and we all made it, make it and will deal with it; whether we like it or not, believe it or not.  As the sayings go, ‘you reap what you sow’, ‘you made the bed now lie in it’ and ‘do unto others as you’d have them do unto you’; the last being the best way to get people to stop power-mongering, fighting and generally making a mess out of life in the here and now.


Karma is the word that created the issues back when the Bible was being put together and having the concept of reincarnation removed. No one wanted to come back and reap whatever it was they were sowing in this life. Natuarally it was the well-to-do, higher-ups that were behind it, as they really didn’t want to have to rebalance the energies they unbalanced karmic ally; as some of it was, well, as we now know pretty sick stuff.


Yet paradox ally for us all, there is good just as there is bad karma. So the saying ‘do unto others as you do unto yourself’ really does hold water. We have all had some inclination of some sort of ‘instant karma’ in this life, here and now; and it shows us both sides of the same coin and what can happen in the ‘casual world’, that of cause and effect.


 Karma is the cosmic justice balancing things that we unbalance, just like mom saying ‘clean up the mess you made’ and we remember not to do that again :o)



Our present day physiology is not conducive to being explained by simple-complicated evolution. With all the facts presented by Lloyd Pike (see his stuff at YouTube - 1 Everything you know is wrong by Lloyd Pye in several parts), we are hard pressed to refute his findings (which are similar to those of other learned people) that our present bodies have NOT evolved from the Cro-Magnon…Neanderthals. Which of course we have been told had evolved from the original tree-dweller apes. The last report is that we do have some 4% Neanderthal genes, which helps explain some things we humans do.  


He clearly shows the case for genetic manipulation, which of course we know today as being possible, but imagine someone (in the 1950s) saying we were genetically engineered by some Advanced Beings. They would be laughed out of town and they were or became known as the science fiction writers.


To proof this to the masses of present day would require at a minimum a space ship coming from outer space, that we could track in real time visually, and then see some Advanced Beings, ET types, that are not to scary looking, that look a lot like us, doing miracles of some sort in front of our eyes and just maybe we will contemplate the possibility. However if the media etc has decided to create something else out of the event then the consensus reality will take over and what the majority chooses to believe will be what is to be commonly held as the truth. No amount of other proof is possible to change the fixed minds.


So our first challenge, even before we really start knowing is that it is highly unlikely that we will ever change our minds, unless the ‘system’ does something to our minds to make us open our eyes and see what our egos chose not to gnosis anything about. Fear has effectively taken us over and we will not give in to change, even getting fully angry and indignant to those that try to help us see all or any little thing we don’t want to know about.  So before we can even contemplate working our way backwards, if we are willing to take ‘a look and see’ what this ‘maybe’ all about; we need to take a look at ourselves from within, ergo ‘why fear?’ and how can we overcome it.



Egoic manifestations are from our mind-biology mix and are not really something that we consciously chose to be as, to externalize as our personality. We fell into it as the ‘default process’ of having a physical biological body that we have not taken the time to understand ‘just how it works’. We have not studied our own ‘cause and effects’; and as the saying goes ‘if we don’t know something about ourselves how can we know something that is about someone or something else?’


As is known from the animal world’s biology and that of all basic cellular organisms they compete to survive in the ‘dog eat dog world’, of ‘the stronger one wins and thus survives’. Unfortunately as humans we have taken on this as to how we ‘should and thus do live our own lives’. We think that we are only our biology and have just about given up on anything divine; we think our personality is the real us as in our soul, but as we can learn from the Yogis YouTube - How the True Kriya Master Overcomes Ego this is not the case. Yet due mostly to the in-fighting and the horrendous acts that have been committed in our ‘modern times’ in the name of god, we just let it all go hoping someone will figure it out for us and spoon fed us the right answer. Then of course there are those that are awaiting the coming of a ‘savior’ that will vindicate them while sending the rest of humanity to ‘hell in a hand basket’.


If we don’t believe in something, then we cannot be or emulate it. Thus if we don’t really believe in something divine then we cannot emulate being divine ourselves. Yet what the mass of humanity is presently emulating is in direct ‘cause and effect’ of our egos, to the point that ponerology has taken us over as we seek instant satisfaction, material things right here and now. We don’t like to keep our egoic needs waiting to be met.


Because our soul is not a tangible appendage like an arm or a leg, we tend not to pay it much heed, and given the want of organized religion to be fighting for our soul, as if to posses it; we’d rather just forget it all as nonsense and hide behind our being human and physical. ‘I was born this way, so there is nothing I can do about it’ really is the swan song of most humans. Anything esoteric is not for the average of the masses, as those ‘hermits’ and philosophers are a weird bunch anyways.


Alas, but we do have a soul that is spark of the original creation. Our reason for life itself is to become conscious of it, of our soul, of ourselves and that in turns makes us conscious of the ‘creator, which is the totality of consciousness’. We are part of the whole and as Einstein clearly proofed, ‘we can neither create nor destroy energy, only transform it’; therefore we can only transform what we are as that ‘spark of the original creation within us’ is eternal’.


As much of our gnosis of karma, reincarnation ( YouTube - Kriyananda on Doctrine of Reincarnation being removed from the Christian bible.VOB ) comes from the eastern societies, the west has chosen to pay it little notice, but just because we chose to ignore it does not mean it goes away, just as even though we chose not to believe in it, does not make it wrong or non-existential. Sure much of it has been hijacked by the New Agers that have made organized ‘religions’ out of this and that, which simply proves P.T. Barnum’s saying that ‘there is a sucker born every minute’. With this aspect alone we are likely to lose many readers who being ‘fearful’ of the unknown would rather live a life of ignorance than face their fears. So be it, just as so be it that, ‘what we do not know and chose to ignore, just may kill us’.


Google anything on meditation and the egos and you will come across such a large landscape of pointers and sign posts to help you navigate through it and to that place where you feel comfortable learning from. With this you will then be able to further read into what seems to be going on here and what it means for us all.


The basic aspect is that we all live within a realm of the infamous seven sins that have three captains over them, each of which has an opposite virtue that we can consciously chose to ‘be, to live as’ or not. When we chose to consciously live as our virtues then we transform the energy within us for our own and thus higher good. We slowly detach from just being our biology and start to realize that we have a dual aspect, that of our spiritual self, or our spirit we all recognize as being our soul.


To jog your memory here is a list of them all, that we have aligned with various planets that also play a part in who we are as they emit energy and what we do with that energy is up to each of us (just as we know the moon our closest neighbor has effects and gestation, so do all of the planets have effects on various organs and emotions):


Seven sins                               Seven Virtues               
   Anger       Mars                     Love
   Envy        Jupiter                  All love for others
   Pride        Solar                    Belief, Humility
   Greed       Moon                   Unselfishness
   Lust         Venus                   Chastity
   Gluttony Saturn                  Temperance
   Laziness   Mercury               Diligence


Three captains of sin         Three main virtues to emulate
   Desire                                   Aspiration
   Badwill                                 Goodwill
   Fear                                      Courage


If you’d like to know why these egos are associated with various planets and the energy they emit, you can Google them as well as read up on Taoist meditation of the physical body and it’s organs, much presented by Mantak Chia .



A paradigm shift is needed, and now that we have some semblance as to the cause and effect of our fears being from within us, and not some nefarious ‘thing’ out there that goes bump in the night, we can at least ‘take a look and see’ what might make sense and allow us to better understand ourselves and be all that we can be. The upside to all of this, as there is no real downside, unless you want to maintain consensus reality which you will not be able to do with a paradigm shift, is that we will no longer be under the control mind-spirit or otherwise of any entity or system that is not of our own choosing. We will have stopped and thereby reversed the brain-washing we have been subjected to since childhood.


In the esoteric-spiritual sense we will be coming into our own; that is of our own higher self that is a spark of the original creator and not something spoon fed to us as being who and what we are; we will investigate/research for ourselves and gnosis what is really going on. Everything and everyone that has a vested interest in our being as we are and more so if they can dumb us down even more, has invested a lot in the fact that as humans we are relatively lazy and thus we are not likely to spend time and energy on discovering what they don’t want us to gnosis about ourselves and definitely not about them and whatever real agendas they may or may not have.


With a little diligent work we can go along way to understanding that we don’t have to fed into them and their wants-desires (which as the Buddha said ‘is the reason of all suffering’) but will be able to live our needs and aspirations as to being all that we can be.


We will transform our energies for our own work as a soul in human suit for a little season before we move onto our next mission-experience-experiment that has no input or involvement of ‘them’. They are the nefarious ones, as they have hidden agendas and wants to overlord us, but that will only be or work if ‘we allow them to take, or if we give them our, energy’. We have the freedom of choice that nothing will deny us of how we deal with our energy; if we wake up to it that is and do our homework to be all we can be for ourselves which is part of the totality of consciousness. ‘They’ are counting on and doing all they can to keep is lazy and pacificators.


Most of us are baby-boomers and then some, and as we know what we have tried for x number of years does not seem to be working, so we really do need a paradigm shift; which can only be of our conscious decision, or else we default to the biological programming of the organism that we are, which denotes lower-baser needs and thus animal wants.


 Zionism will not be, cannot be, we don’t want it to be, understood as it has that Jewish connection, and thereby that horrible belief in the holocaust that if we question, like the revisionists, we are labeled anti-semitic which seems to be a fate worst than death. But alas if we want to really understand what is going on now, and how it is likely to all play out (without worrying about 2012 fear-mongering) then we need to study the Advanced Beings that genetically engineered us, the Anunnaki from Sumerian-Babylonian times at the center of, or the cradle of so-called ‘human civilization’. Their present day bloodline ancestors seem to be the Zionist that have nothing to do with Judaism, but a lot to do with the ‘mafia’ group of the Khazaria jews of Israel, as well as most of Europe.


We will come back to them as the ‘chosen ones’ after we understand a little about the Anunnaki, whom most of us that have heard of prefer to ignore as it not being possible that they did what they are purported to have done, let alone the translation of ancient texts from Sumer as being literally the history-stories we read in the Old Testament of the Abrahamic religions. 



Anunnaki  are a gang of Advanced Beings (one of the many groups that have visited, did some genetic engineering, stayed-left and in some cases are still here) that are most identifiable as our genetic engineers that cloned our present physical body from that of Cro-Magnon and their own Anunnaki DNA. For the reasons that you can Google and read up on, they made us and now we have them as a problem that we need to understand and deal with. Sure we can wishfully think it is all myths and childhood stories in hopes that it will just go away, fade into the dark (which by the way is where all the egos hang out) so that we do not have to consciously contemplate and deal with it all. BUT, that will not make them any less a factor that we dealt with in the past, who set in motion various causes and effects; and that most likely we will have to deal with again, in the near future.


The general story line is one of raping the earth for minerals, just as we are doing today; and then the story of two brothers who didn’t get along and started warring with each other using the advanced technological weapons that they had. Just like Cain and Abel and many others since then. They managed to get the humans to pick sides as to who was right, stronger and thus should win. One brother, Enlil really disliked humans, saying the fornicated too much; while brother number two Enkik felt sorry for us as having been genetically engineered with many of the Anunnaki characteristics of a higher being ‘turned off’ on our DNA map.


We were physiologically similar to our Cro-Magnon ancestors, but brain or mind wise we were ‘dumb downed’ Anunnaki types. We had their gene pool, but much of their higher or advanced being attributes were ‘turned off’ in our genome so that we would not be as smart as they, thereby we could not threaten to overthrow them in any way possible. This in and of itself goes a long way to explain the ‘idiot-savants’ and other ‘anomalies’ that do not really make sense in the evolutionary scheme of things.


At the time of the great flood (the one depicted as Noah’s flood, which is found on all continents) they had pre-knowledge of the event, but under the leadership of Enlil (his father’s chosen Son) humans were not to be made aware of it as it was hoped that the flood would rid us off the face of the earth. As all stories go there is always someone who will go against the grain, and thus Enkik made it known to as many as he could what was about to happen.


Enlil being incensed by this treason from Enkik started the literally advanced technological weapons warring against his brother, all of which was concluded when the Anu gang had setup Pharaohs and Kingships as their heirs to the control over earth, or at least in the middle eastern-Mesopotamia area as well as Africa; and chose to leave here to return at some future date.


Their exit strategy included, but was not limited to destroying all technology they had been using especially technological weapons of mass destruction. Their final act in order to destroy the various space stations that had been built and used around the Sinai area was to explode a nuclear bomb at the Sinai spaceport with the affect that the radiation extended eastward to Sumer and Babylon eradicating those two cities of all living things, but leaving the structures somewhat in tack.


It is the fantastic sounding of these events that make it hard to believe, yet the remnants are still visible today and no one, not one scientist can really tell us the story behind them, the cause of the effect that we see them existing today. Be they the megalithic stones that lie under the Temple Mount of the Mosque in Jerusalem, or those found in Lebanon and Syria; not to mention the Great Pyramids themselves, in Egypt, South America and Asia. Cut stones that are, were used as foundations for the spaceports measuring hundreds of feet by hundreds of feet and weighting in the hundred of thousands of tons, could not have been made but by the hands of Advanced Beings. As foundations for a spaceport for the very large ships they flew in, it makes rational and logical sense. Or to view it as Sherlock Holmes, we know we didn’t make them so it has to have been some ET, as weird as it may sound. As full of ‘pride’ as we are, someone would have claimed to have made them and make sure it was well known ‘all around the known world’.


When we track the details that Sitchin The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin gave us from his findings at the British Museum (left to rot in the basement; it was it just hidden in plain sight) and his translations of these cuneiforms we can easily see just where the story of our biblical genesis as well as the wonderings of the ‘israelites’ and their ancestral ascendants came from. They all seem to be bloodlines going back to the Anunnaki themselves. In the bible it reads ‘the Nephilm saw the women so fair that they took them for their wives’. The Anu gang did take human wives and had offspring that we have as half human and half Anunnaki. These were the chosen ones that went on to become the Kings of Middle East as well as the Pharaohs in Egypt.


(Thanks to Coast to Coast AM radio show we just came across the author Marshall Farfeld and his book adamthemissinglink.com whom, as a contemporary of the newly departed Sitchin, has some very interesting timelines to explain the ‘Epic of Gilgamesh’ which is the history of Anunnaki on earth since some 450,000 years; and can be found in our Old Testament Bible as the Story of Creation – Genesis. An interesting theory he runs with is the it was in fact the Anunnaki that gave us ‘religion’ and that Marduck one of the more negative Anunnaki was against the Jews and Christians so made 128 laws to abide by, that became the Sherrie Laws of Islam. Thus, all the Abrahamic religions come from the same root but with different outcomes).  


There were many other players that we today know of as parts of mythology be it Egyptian or Greek, but the truth behind it all is that the Anunnaki Advanced Beings did have a hand in our biological creation (our spirit-soul is not of their doing as it is a spark of the original creation and can neither be created nor destroyed, and transformation can only be done by ourselves) thereby leaving us with personages such as Lord Thoth or Goddess Ma’at as well as Hercules and various Greek demi-gods, as having been real beings in the here and now, back at a time when we were still in awe of ‘our creator gods, that fashioned us in their likeness’.  (They were not the only group of Advanced Beings that engineered ‘humans’ in their likeness, but seem to be the ones that played the biggest part and more so in the middle east, where so many of our problems started and are still being played out today). 


Remember that we said they were having wars amongst themselves with their technological weapons and had us humans picking sides as to who was the best. If the gods said to go out and war, then we went out and fought. All of this is the original cause to our own present day warlike behaviors. The chosen ones will dominate and rule the underlings who tow the line or are removed. 


Sure we have our own innate cellular-animal biology that seeks to ‘eat or be eaten’ and thus the strongest will survive, but that is not all of what and whom we are. We have a spark of the original creation of the totality of consciousness and as such, we are also a soul-spirit who by extension is experiencing-experimenting in the here in now by living in a rented human-suit. Due to the process of bio-degradation we can understand why it is only for a hundred years at best; then we move on to our next stage.


While we are introducing you to some ‘fantastic stuff’ we might as well introduce you here to Bob Dean the retired ‘cosmic-top-secret’ military officer talking about UFOs, ET and letting us know that the Anunnaki is camped out on the other side of Mars. Bob Dean Talks About The Anunnaki And Nibiru Video . While this maybe filed in the ‘believe it or not files’, all research, investigation with rational, logical critical thinking leads us to fully believe that these ‘whistle-blowers’ are telling the truth. Besides, ‘big brother’ has little to worry about as the masses of humanity that hear anything about this will just not believe it or even want to go into studying anything found about it. The unknown puts ‘fear’ into humans more than anything else at this point in our evolution. Egos are still riding shotgun in most of us, while the soul or higher self is still repressed behind the wall of the Super-Ego coping mechanism.


The chosen ones as they like to call themselves are the Zionist-israelis. What we have learned from the Anunnaki gang is that the Israelites do in fact fit the bloodline that extends from the Anunnaki. We first had both the Greek myths of half-human half-gods (Anunnaki and gods are interchangeable words), that would clearly denote the Anu-Human first born. Then we had the Pharaohs who show to be of the same lineage as half-human and half-Anunnaki; and mostly likely of Enkik (the good guy) as reported being the one in Egypt with Enlil (the egotistical guy) running all of the middle east and the space-ports stations. Mission control was first setup in the Great Pyramids, but then it was transferred to, of all places, Jerusalem. (Starts the critical thinking of just what those massive foundations stones under the temple-mosque are all about).


Hence the chosen ones wanting to make their way back to their home land of Jerusalem as the mission control center as we await the second coming, which in this case it is clearly the second coming of the Anunnaki-gods. If the translations are correct, and all evidence points to Sitchin having done a good job, then it is clear that present day Israel is to be the returning point of the Anunnaki. With the spaceport foundations still in existence under the Temple-Mosque mount, their spacecraft will be able to land without any problems, just as before.


These chosen ones are today being controlled by the Zionist, who themselves as Ashkenazi- Khazaria and not what is generally seen as the original Israelis leads to a conundrum as to who are the Zionist and what do they really want with the middle east? The first thing that we can say about them, for those who have researched and investigated it, is that, the Zionist are surely the ‘mafia of Judaism’.


Mafia being our current day description of what use to be known as the ‘assassins’ who all can be traced way back to the times of the Kings of Mesopotamia and first Pharaohs of Egypt.  Skull-duggery at work for the power and control over the people; not to mention whatever riches they could pillage and rape for can be read up on in a strange little book titled ‘A History of Secret Societies’ by A. Daraul 1969. 


To get a better understanding of the Judaic aspects, their own in fighting and what it is they had set as their goals, which we believe the Anunnaki set in motion, study up on  Ted Pike - Why The Mid-East Bleeds as he goes through a very detailed historical and very accurate study of what made the Jews of old tick and how that is all playing out today. His analysis will give you an understanding of what is behind the The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. which some consider a hoax by the Russians at the time, but reads too much just as Ted Pike’s research has shown from original ancient Judaic texts. And, to be fair to all, we cannot forget the infamous protocols of Ignatius Loyola who was to put it bluntly ‘pissed off’ at the Vatican of the time and ‘swore’ (remember in the old days it being a big sin to swear) that he would get revenge and take it all over, be sure to read Secret Instruction of the Jesuits -  which is comparable to the ones of Zion, but more nefarious.


Don’t be afraid about the holocaust side of things and thus being called anti-semitic as studies have been carried out proofing that most of what we were spoon fed is at best ‘wildly exaggerated’. See YouTube - gas chamber expert Fred Leuchter to get a scientific view of what the ‘revisionists’ are all talking about.


The questions that arise from this research and investigation include those such as:


Does ‘Why the middle east bleeds’ give more credence to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?


Are the Protocols of the Elders of Zion being played out because as we have learned they are the bloodline of the Anunnaki gods or ‘chosen ones’ and are simply following the god Anu gang’s orders of what the Zionist are suppose to do?


Are the Anunnaki coming back to the middle east and Israelis-Zionist need to be in control of the area as being the chosen ones to welcome them back?


Is this the result of the 2012 possible Sun Science earth changes that need to be addressed in order to ‘save’ some of the Anu bloodline?


We are all starting to understand just how the mafia gangs or what is known as the ‘illuminati’ control just about all things on earth, and as such it begs us to find out if the ‘illuminati’ are in fact Anunnaki controlled, or as their USA operators, NASA and the Industrial Military Complex, are working with another group of Advanced Beings/ETs; the Tall greys with their bio-androids the small greys that most abductees encounter?


Nutrition may seem like a strange topic in all of this, but it is important on the soul-spirit personality level and it does give us a chance to have some fun with looking at the Anu gang’s past and perhaps future dietary needs.


First we will deal with the recent studies on human health and simply say that we have to become aware of what we are consuming as, ‘what we don’t know will kill us’ after making us really dumb and sick.


In all the recent studies on floride-aspertame-MSG (mono-sodium-glutamate) we know for a fact it leads to illnesses and death. Worst, latest reports from Europe (no you won’t hear of this from mainstream media) is that most of the children born in the West within three years from now will have some degree of autism from just these three products that have proliferated into all of our food supplies.


As for the drugs that are labeled ‘illegal’ the report from U.K. Independent Science coming out Nov 10, 2010  (given the professors name, calling him one is just calling out his name :o) shows that alcohol is the worst of all; and it is not even illegal. Marijuana has for a long time known not to be the ‘danger’ the ‘system’ labeled it with and surprisingly even cocaine and heroin are not as bad as ‘alcohol’.


As for the food stuff from Mother Earth, we are seeing the genetically modified seeds spreading like wild-weeds and leaving havoc in their tracks. Monsanto and Big Pharmas are doing all they can in order to dumb-down humanity and get rid of as many of the population as the ‘illuminati-mafia’ wants eliminated. Anything that is genetically modified is intrinsically problematic, just look at the various human types and their collective narcissism for the results.


The only thing-reason-explanation that we can come up with, using Sherlock’s deductive reasoning, is; the GM of food-stuff is for the needs of the incoming Anu gang when they do their ‘second coming’ play in the Greek Comedy-Tragedy sense. If we follow back to the old greek writings of Homer and understand that they were in all likely hood real stories of that time, we had the gods and demi-gods consuming vast, vast quantities of food; especially meat, meat, meat as in they must have been carnivores.


So just maybe, back in those days the food-stuff was pure; then when they set off the nuclear storm to remove all traces of their advanced technology, the radiation played havoc that did not affect us, being half earth-humans. Thus, perhaps they need the food stuff they will consume to be genetically modified to fit-match, be compatible with their own DNA structure. Far fetched, but given the vast quantities of food during the Homer Wars, most consumed by them, there is a possibility it is true.


Don’t discount the other things written above, as I have fun with this; besides it is better than simply thinking the GM-Pharma is all about ‘just killing us off, one way or another’.


Planet Earth as a little aside to all of this, it must be said that with our modern technology and deeper understanding of chemistry and of course physics etc, it is known that should humans stop all human activity on earth, or if we should all completely just disappear from the face of the earth, it would take earth some few hundreds of years to find very little evidence of our ever being here in the first place. More miraculously with a thousand or so years of non-human activity all signs that we were ever here would be gone; zapped away as if by magic; nada, no sign of humans having treaded the face of the lands and oceans. Our fishes, bears and the like would all still be in the here and now having survived where we could not. (see NatGeo ‘Population Zero’)


That being said and as such, it stands to logical reason that there were most likely previous civilizations of some sort on earth, before us and most likely after Dino and his gangs, but we have no proof; or do we. One wonders if the pyramids found in Bonsnia area and older than those of Egypt count as proof; or the paintings in the caves in the area of Spain-France that are calculated as being hundreds of thousands of years old, made by the Neanderthal-Cro-Magnon gangs as being human. Not to mention all of the other findings that generally do not make it to the front pages, or if they do they are a blip on the screen and disappear from sight and thus out of sight and out of our mind. They still exist, were likely from some previous human-civilization of some sort; but we chose not to think about them as being real ‘humans’ as we are and thus the ‘be all that ends all’.


Are we really too afraid to gnosis the truth, or are we just so busy with our socio-economic situation and the toys we have, want and desires yet to be fulfilled that we don’t look into any of this to really understand what is going on? Do we really care?


Planet Earth will survive. Fishies and Bears etc will survive. Our soul spark of the creator will survive, but what of our spirit and personality of the here and now? Do we really need to consciously or more so, un- sub- consciously live as our ‘egos’ and thus perpetuate the narcissistic pandemic? Will we chose to be all that we can be and thereby make our soul-spirit stronger and more conscious of itself and what is here and now; for our next adventure either here or out in the big Cosmos?


Cosmic ‘Us’ is not something very many of us ever contemplated.  We know we have a body as we can feel it and that means we are a bio-chemical composition; yet we forget to factor in the spiritual side of us; our higher self or divine attributes that we came into the life with, grew and will stay with us for all our lives-eons to come.


We all realize just how challenging that part is, for our soul is not something we can touch, nor have many real taught us about it, although it seems that many with hidden agendas want to possess it. If we have a higher self, ‘how come it doesn’t make itself known’ is something many try to hide behind, but the sages, wise ones have told us over and over that it is just an excuse that the ‘egos’ love to use. It helps to keep them in the driver’s seat as our brain gets muddled, and then worst the dam organized religions are not talking straight about it, so we just give up and fall into our default of baser wants.


There is a lot more to our soul than what we have come across in our life time, or what we can imagine it maybe; and that is the real issue; for the powers that be in control of the ‘system’ know this, gnosis all the things that we consider myths, stories, weird, too fantastic or just plain dark magic. They are counting on us not to take an interest in our own ‘being’ and do all they can so we just ‘are’.


Just are as they want us to be, plan out and execute as they want us to be and not pay any attention to what possible ‘cosmic us’ can really do.


There is a lot of other things that go on in the ether world that affects us here and now, and we are not talking of the various UFOs or ET-ED that come and go; we mean things that many consider magik as in simply meaning they have yet to study and understand how it works. All things in our cosmos are explainable, once we have the gnosis of it. (It goes without saying that it does not include who-what made ‘God’ etc as most sages will tell you that is the ‘unknowable’).


Yet there are still a great many things that are termed ‘magik’ but are not, and given the way organized anything likes to put fear into us for control, they are counting that we will never find out. For those that did, do and will, it is not something that the ‘system’ can do very much about as it transcends even all of their own machinations of skull-duggery and covert control over the person.


Simply put, once we attain an understanding of the fluxion process as being ‘the source-original energy in perpetual motion and expansion, seeking consciousness of itself’ as being the ‘creator’ of what we can call ‘Love’; then anything that is outside of us can have no hold, thus control over us as ‘a soul experiencing life in a rented human suit for a little season on this earth in the here and now’.


In Sanskrit and from ancient Tibetan vibrational (energy in perpetual motion) sounds, it is called OM.  
Conclusion:  Sure there are strange things happening all around us and about our history that reads more as something really mythological than do the myths that are suppose to be myths.


OM=LOVE and love heals all wounds, so we just need to remember ourselves as a spark of OM and we will heal ourselves; as no one can do that for us. Love is also the only way that we will ever get rid of the pesky egos-sins that we all seem to being living as, more than our virtues. They are in the driver’s seat right now and steering us all to hell in a hand-basket that we allowed them to weave within us.


Sure we can just keep on living as we are-do as long as we always remember that there is someone or something bigger-stronger and thus meaner than anything we are about. If we are prepared to live under their tyranny instead of our own egoic one, then we don’t have to make any changes, we don’t have to be all that we can be; BUT, if we want to get loose of the hold the psychopaths have over us, then we need first to understand our own egos and how they work; then getting rid of the psychopaths is a simple process. It is basically the same process as getting rid of the egos, for those illuminated psychopaths are simply manifestations of their own egos. Thus we need to ask the ponerlogical question, ‘do we want to be as they are, or as some one that we hold in reverence of respect for who they were-are’?


Learning to meditate in this life will be of great service in the future one’s, as everything we learn in one life is never lost and is in fact of great service to us in future ones. I can honestly say I gnosis that as I have been there and done it.





The more important issue for all of us being a ‘soul in a rented human suit’ is how we choose to face the challenges of learning, being and growing to ‘become all that we can be’.


If we don’t consciously approach it all we will default to our ‘inner nature’ or our lower baser animal (that is cellular biology) and will not be able to expand-awaken our ‘higher-spiritual self’ (soul) with spiritual-psychology or gnosis as it has come to been known.


Sure there are a lot of things to fear, but in the end none that will kill us. Our ‘soul’ cannot and will not die; and as we know our body will die off at some point if from nothing else but old age.


With the gnosis of ETs, UFOs, Skull-duggery here there and everywhere; we opt to be just like one of them through the process of Ponerology, or we can opt to ‘become our true selves’. The one-self that no one and nothing can have control and influence over as we have analyzed the ‘egos’ and replaced them with our ‘virtues’; so that we see consciously what is going on and live this life gnosising as much of the truth as we can.


LOVE=OM when requited is about the only way we can get to that point. Something created our ‘soul’ and we will likely only glimpse at that during ‘our life between lives’ (quite fascinating for seekers) albeit we most likely won’t be any the closer, but should have a better understanding of our soul and that we are ‘really one with all’.


With that gnosis, no matter what the ‘egos of narcissism in this ponerological society’ has to throw at us, we will not live in fear or any other ego over it all. We will have moved up to the casual world, the one of cause and effect; thus we will better understand what really is going on and what really happened and smile at it all as being part of life and not part of paradise, which is in the next dimension.




Namaste to us all…








Ponerology is the name given by Polish psychiatrist Andrzej Łobaczewski to an interdisciplinary study of the causes of periods of social injustice.[1] This discipline makes use of data from psychology, psychopathology, sociology, philosophy, and history to account for such phenomena as aggressive war, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and police states. The original theory and research was conducted by psychologists and psychiatrists working in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary in the years before the institution of Communism such as Kazimierz Dabrowski and Stefan Blachowski.  [2]

Łobaczewski adopted the term from the branch of theology dealing with the study of evil, derived from the Greek word poneros.


For those of you so inclined to take the time to read Andrzej work and our comments, you will find a stunning ‘revelation’ as to just how the governments of most of the western nations and some eastern ones got to be as ‘psychopathic’ as they are.


As human beings experiencing life here and now as a soul in a rented human bio-suit, are job ‘if we choose the challenge’ is to ‘boldly go where no man has really gone before’ (that we know of) and seek out for ourselves just ‘what in god’s name is going on’.


Ponerology has answers that you may very well not like at all, but ‘the truth is still the truth even in the hands of one person’-Gandhi


Political Ponerology, with added comments by ourselves…..




Middle East as promised or prized Land ?????


Most of us wonder just why it is that the Middle East, especially Israel and Palestine is of such great interest on the world stage of `who owns and thus controls what lands’? Major media et al would have us all believe it has to do with the ‘chosen people’s promised land’. If so then why and how did this come to be.


If you are the type of person to frighten easily, or that has chosen not to want to know what really happened in our human history, then you will not appreciate the information we would like to share with you.


If, however you would prefer to know what is really going on, and can accept concepts that may not, will not, fit in with generally accepted conscious understanding of who we are and how we got here, then you will really enjoy what we have to share with you.


Let’s take a look at the area’s big picture, some details of which are not limited to them, but can be found around the world; it is just that in recent history they have a large number of archeological signs that want to talk to us to tell us their story.






Throughout the middle-eastern-Mesopotamia area we can find a great number of immense stones measuring hundreds of feet by hundreds of feet and weighting thousands and thousands of tons. These blocks are all a wonder of technology and even with our present knowledge we cannot and have not been able to replicate nor correctly determine exactly how they were made and why.


The how part usually leans towards some `Advanced Beings` and laser technology, which conjures up visions of ‘UFO-ET’ and mostly somewhat frightening possibilities. Yet most researchers and science minded truth seekers will admit that the technology is just too fantastic for the ape-man humans that are relatively young (in humanoid state somewhere around 30,000 years and in Biblical stuff, about 7000 years old) in having just come out of the trees.


As to the why part, we need to inquire with those that have given themselves over to the research and investigation, with science foremost in the minds, in dealing with the proofs or disproof’s they are seeking. These would be those we can classify as the mythologists as they generally start with some known myth seeking to prove or disprove, disprove or prove, the bases it was formed upon. There are a number of such people that over the last century have provided us with allot of insight, each generally with their area of specialty, as most science types are, and allowing us to weave together their findings to conclude with a bigger picture of what was going on at the time and just how did things really happen or play out.


Zachariah Sitchin is one of the most noted scholars dealing with the various myths of the area. He found many so called myths in written form, from the so called first or cradle of civilization and inquired deeper as to what it all meant, being either myth or reality.


For a civilization that just started to learn, to write and organize itself, to be concerned with writing down stories of myths, that supposedly have no substance; is a big stretch. Big stretch in that why would we take a new found capacity and use it for something not real, especially as the subject goes, if `Advanced Beings` had a hand in it all and were teaching us about ourselves. Besides, we’d have to learn the new technology that was used to write these stories in manners that even today’s laser technology would have a hard time to duplicate. But hey, stories abound as to how the little clay tablets were produced by us humans just out of the trees.


This is such the case in the myth-story of the `Epic of Gilgamesh` from the Sumerian legends of our cradle of civilization. For those that have yet to investigate this piece of human knowledge written on cuneiforms and cylinder seals; a technological feat still unable to be replicated by modern technology; that was written down some time in the 15,000 – 10,000 years B.C.; they will find that it is the exact story of our Old Testament and the creation of mankind. Suffice it to say that the `Epic` being the older of the two, the Old Testament was in fact written from the details of the `Epic of Gilgamesh`.  As Gandhi put it, ‘truth in the hands of one person is still the truth’.


How this ties into our review of the Archeology of present middle-east area, is in the details of the `Epic` itself; that was more than not written as truth handed us by the ‘gods’,  while the Old Testament sections were written by the various and multitude of scribes of the time in parables or codes. 



Epic of Gilgamesh and the Archeology of the Middle-East


Presently any tourist that visit’s the area can find a number of the ancient megalithic stones and marvel at what their function was. Fortresses did not require such large stones, but rocket launch pads, space landing stations and mission control centers do.


Thus, here is the introduction of the part that asks many questions as well as answers just as much. If we chose not to believe in some `Advanced Beings` (called angels-gods in the Old Testament and Greek Mythology of the same B.C. timelines), then it becomes impossible to understand and explain the stones.


But, should we venture into the realm of some of the great minds, researchers and investigators, we can find answers as to how the stones where constructed by the `Advanced Beings` with their advanced technology, for their own space travel needs. From the very big picture perspective it is logical to see these stones as part of the various landing sites they used over the millineas B.C. that they (Advanced Beings) were here. They were written about in many of our ancient texts, be they sacred biblical ones or those from the sages of the time.



The Who and Why of the Advanced Beings


By now most of us have heard something of Planet X, or Nibiru or Anunnaki, which is in our research or investigations of anything that has to do with the ancient history of the middle-east area. We will not go into the details of the Planet or the `Advanced Beings` visitors, but we will say that just as the opening part of the Old Testament, Genesis tells us they as `gods` created man in their image and etc. etc. etc., the Anunnaki can be seen as those ‘gods’.


It is at this juncture in our ancient history big picture overview that we can see just how the other investigators such as Cottrell, Pye etc. have given us great insights and allot of data to understand just how the pieces of Nibiru, Anunnaki and their advanced technology fits into our creation.

Who they are as advanced beings needs to be investigated by each one of us, and why they made us goes even deeper into various cosmic aspects. But suffice it to say, that they did what they did for the reasons they did and have left us with a situation that is currently playing itself out world-wide and more specifically in the middle-east.

So for the middle-east what is left to say so that we can really understand what in `creations` name is going on.



The Promised Prized Land


Let’s see what we have so far :


·       Advanced Beings coming to earth making not only space-stations but launch pads as witnessed by the megalithic stones they left behind. (F1)

·       Creating the present western human beings, albeit not of all the humans races on earth. This can be seen in the genetics of ourselves and our cousins of the humanoid lineage as well as comparing to the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals ancestors. (F2)

·       Warring between various groups of the Anunnaki and their brain-washing of the humans, or at least mind-conditioning of them as `gods` and creators over us. (An interesting aside to all of this, is that no where in all of the writings and artifacts from them do we find them claiming creation of our soul, just our bodies).  (F3)

·       Their intercoursing with humans, first creating a dynasty of Pharaohs as half breeds, then of Kings as the ascendants of the half-breeds; as well as being the gods so well known from Greek mythology, but which is more truth and reality than fiction. The Old Testament stories from Adam down to the Exodus and all the players were found, in the cuneiform seals of written history, to have been of various Anunnaki lineages. (F4)

·       Details of the various types of technological weapons they were using against each other and then against humans of the area before they left sometime around 500 B.C.

·       Finally after doing and getting what they came here for, setting up a pattern of events that would allow them to leave earth in their space-ships without leaving much technological evidence behind in order to make their way to their home planet of Nibiru while it was accessible in our solar local (a cycle of some 3600 years between each visit), and make sure us animal-humans didn’t have ‘Advanced Being’ technology to play around with.

·       The Anunnaki blood-line of half Anu, half human starts with the Abrahamic lineage and descends down all the way to the present day genome project, looking for descendants. As we follow the stories outlined in the Old Testament we can, if we accept the findings of god Anu et al being here, understand the promises made by the ‘god of Abraham’ that if he did this and that, if his people towed the line, then they would be given this and that land. (F3)

·       They literally blasted the main body of what science would call irrefutable evidence away, all the while devastating great areas of the middle-east; be it the Sinai area where nuclear explosions (about 2023 B.C. and can be cross-referenced to the Biblical timelines) were set off to clear out the space-station, thereby setting radioactive winds moving east to wipe out the Mesopotamian cities of Sumer and Babylon; or the Jerusalem were the main mission control was at leaving us with a great Dead Sea in the process. The Pyramids themselves which were built as guide posts seen in outer space were emptied of their technology of crystals used for navigation beams; albeit some contend there is still technology to be found buried beneath them. (F3)

·       The Middle East, Jerusalem in particular was promised to the half-bred humans and Anu descendants; especially for when they return as Earth’s cycles take it through various geological changes where human survival is in the least tricky. (F3)


So the prize part comes in their telling the humans of the period that they would be back to rise up the chosen ones, to create a great end of times Armageddon and thus a rapture where only true believers would be saved.


While we will not go into the details of these parts that can be researched and investigated by each one of us, we will get to the point of the stones.


As history has it, the Anunnaki themselves were very tall beings, in the 7 to 15 foot height rang. Their space ships would have to have been thus greatly larger than any of those we have made ourselves on earth. This, coupled with a rational propulsion system in the same magnitude, allows us to realize just how big everything concerning them was. It puts the big picture into perspective.


SO, if and when they do decide to return, they will need a place to land, a place in the same area that they know so well would be the most logical expectation, in the same area where they have remnants of landing pads or docking stations that they can be used to their advantage in landing.


This is why the middle-east area is such prized land. It is the most logical and likely local of where the Anunnaki will chose to land if and when they return.





If we can add onto all of this the hypothesis, albeit quite convincing for various reasons; that some of the Anunnaki, or their direct and perhaps first generation descendants stayed behind, were here for hundreds of years, and some may still be amongst us; then things of a technological nature start to become clearer. Remember that concurrently to all of this, we still had the Vril project being undertaken in the North of Europe, albeit a few thousand years later, BUT, something must have been going on back in the 5000 B.C. period to set it all up; preparing things for later on. 


For those that have been following these historical lines for themselves, it is clear that any ascendants etc of that lineage are assuredly involved with technology at the highest levels and as such are part of what is known as the industrial-military complex.


The real fight over the middle-east area (not withstanding the energy supplies in the Iraq-Iran area coveted by the USA) is one of biblical proportion, not of sacredness but of the secretiveness of what really happened and was there really some technology found there about, and is there any left to be uncovered; but mostly


Are the Anunnaki coming back for some chosen ones?


For a quick answer from Sitchin, he does not believe it will be anytime soon, i.e. in our lifetime, but our grandchildren could be part of it all.


As boomers we have a tendency to tie unlike things together; eg. Anu et al making humans of the Sumeria areas, thus they made all humans, is in my opinion erroneous, simply due to the great diversity of humans found world-wide and not likely explainable by genetic mutations that take millions of years to play out. That notwithstanding all of the facts and evidence of ‘Advanced Beings’ having been involved in other areas of earth.


More-so, we have the infamous 2012 timeline that we think, say, believe and in many cases ‘wish that’ it is all tied into the Armageddon of biblical rapture etc. The Maya, Aztec, Inca 2012 has more to do with Cosmic movements of the Sun (study Maurice Cotterell’s research), while the Armageddon has more to do with the Anunnaki. Even Cotterell does not see the ‘end of times’ in 2012, as the numbers don’t add up.


As the expression goes, ‘figures do not lie, but liars can figure’. Re-write that using our ‘egotism or narcissism’ and we get:

‘Figures (data) can tell the truth, UNLESS calculated by Egotism’.



F1= Space stations are reported as being in


Great Pyramids





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F4= Heritage Teaching


F5= For some fun viewing about all of this and more, making sense of it that is, here is a list of Documentaries you may enjoy:


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Overview of the systems skull-duggery









Fear of the Gnosis of `who we really are`………..


We must say that it is not only of `who we really are` but also, and in many instances `more-so` of `what is happening to us`. Not the stuff we know about, but all of the stuff that makes us shiver to contemplate knowing any of it.


Fear being one of the biggest obstacles to living a full life and `being all that we can be` is the real controller and thus winner in our short stay in the here and now. Ignorance is the other big obstacle as in `ignorant that we do not know, that we do not know`.


Question is do we really want to know?


The short and direct reply would be yes we do want to know….but what if it activates our fear and thereby makes us run from knowing back into the `ignorance is bliss` part of our mind?


So we are faced with two diametrically opposite choices: 1. to face our `fear` and somehow get over it, or 2. stay asleep and hope like hell no one wakes us up, no matter what.


This is likely the greatest challenge facing all humans, for if we chose `not to know` then in reality we are giving `ourselves` over to ‘fears` control and in doing so we make things worst for those around us, and of course as well as for ourselves.


So here we are at a crossroad of sorts. Not one that we actually went out and made for ourselves (albeit we are supposedly the masters of our own demise) nor that we want to be at; we would prefer to live life blissfully ignorant of all things `fearful`. Trouble is life only has fear in it when we allow fear to exist; fear being the lack of knowing (hopefully in a loving manner to ourselves).


So lets take a look at some of the things that make us feel `fearful` and see if it is worth not knowing about. Just maybe knowing will in fact make the fear dissipate.




Current Events


We see it all around us today, from wars (that have been going on forever so we are pretty immune to them now) to the economic collapses that seem to mostly affect the `other guy`; who by the way is really each and everyone of us for you will never simply find `the other guy`.


The `other guy` next door that annihilated his family was not us, as we would never do it.


As we have seen this become more and more prevalent in the society of today as the problems grow, the `narcissism` that pushed the `other guy` to do what they (females do atrocities as well, just not in the same dramatic manner) do is not only manifested within them. Currently if we are honest with ourselves as humanity we can clearly see there is a pandemic of self-centered-ism worldwide and it is growing rapidly. Of course we are not the ones that are egotistical, it is `the other guy`.


This feeling that is usually hidden and controlled within our minds (as we fear what others would think if they really knew how and what we think, and how we act it out) is usually appeased by the capacity to `buy`, to consume; it is where and how most of the middle class get their satisfaction.


Unfortunately the middle class is going the way of the doo-doo bird and will within our life time become extinct. This is due the economic crisis, collapses and major problems we have allowed to creep up on us. After all it was the fear of knowing the truth of what was happening `behind the scenes` that made us ignore all of the signs and play the proverbial ostrich.


But enough of the money stuff as that is a bigger ball of wax that we can handle in this writing, and truthful (having many years of personal hands on experience to support the findings) it is a well known fact that people will talk about their sex lives before they will about their economics; i.e. how much money they have and what they do with it. So let’s move on. Then again if you want to get the fear out of you, you might very much want to find out what has been going on behind the scene, as your life literally depends on it. The choice is yours of course.


As for governments, well that simply goes hand and hand with money stuff so it is a non-issue as we are not to talk about money.


We could talk about the environmental stuff and the problems that are surrounding mother earth, be it climate changes or genetically modified foods. Oops we forgot, we don’t  pollute, are aware of what we do and besides it is all the `other guy` or `corporation` that is polluting and making things really really bad; by the way, just how really really bad is it?  Oh no, we really don’t want to know all of that.


Just so that we are all on the same wave length let us all realize that the above noted problems, while implemented and maintain by the `elite or puppet-masters` have all been able to exist and grow due to our `fear` of the truth of what really happened, or is happening, as history always repeats’ itself.




Past Actions


First we should all remember that great saying `unless we know our real history we are doomed to repeat it`. That being said, what is meant by `real history`? We need to understand that history is written by the victor, the one that has some vested interest in writing it their way, the one that wants to control something or other, and generally it is all slanted or at the least bias. (In this case we can generally all agree that it is in fact `the other guy` also known as the `elites or puppet-masters`).


But what does that have to do with fear?


We generally first encountered fear from discipline of our caregivers growing up, then there was always `the other guy` who was bigger, faster, prettier and we thought them better than us and we feared we were less. Then of course we just about all ran into some cultural or religious aspect that generally tried to put the `fear of god into` so that we would act as they wanted us to. Finally as teenagers we all found out a truth (albeit for most it is sub-consciously) that solidified our fears (whatever they were by then), and that was that neither our parents, caregivers, mentors etc were not omniscient; that is to say they were not `gods` and were in fact fallible. That set the shivers within and made a lot of doubts come to life that we mostly just repressed so that we did not have to face our fears.


Unfortunately they were just repeating what they learned, added on some new stuff, tried to rationalize some more of the history as it was uncovered and did not question what really happened; due of course to their own fears of this and that. Fear has been with us since time began and our parents-caregivers-etc played the ostrich, just as we do.


So what really was left out of history that would have made such a big difference to us in the here and now? What was written into life that allowed `the other guy, elite, puppet-master` to fear-mongering us to the point where we would all rather just live our `little lives` (not my expression, just quoting what most say to me) day to day, instead of facing the reality of ourselves?


The best place to start is at the point whereby the written word and history was brought into play, in our daily lives. So as Sumer is generally, universally accepted as the center of our start in civilization; we should take a look there. That is the city in Mesopotamia that preceded Babylon in the south of modern day Iraq-Iran, just east of the Sinai area.


An interesting point would be to keep that area in the back of our mind, as it is where so much of our current world strife and wars emanate from. It was the starting point of so much stuff, not too mention where `fear` really gets it start.




 Sumer Revisited


What if the history that we have all been given, be it evolutionary or religious, has been `tampered` with, to say the least; and due to this, those that are rational beings have more often than not simply said, `I don’t want to know about it, because if `they` can’t get it right and are suppose to be smart, scientists and in the know; then how in the hell am I going to`.  Give me my day to day activities and leave me alone with all of that.


What if the `skull-duggery` that has gone stemming from `back then`, is really of such gigantic proportions that it is mind-boggling?  Feeling that twinge of fear trying to stop you from reading on?


Stop the mind, stop the feeling and just relax; as the bottom line is you don’t really have to read further, unless you so choose to do so, when you want to. Please do remember that just as the ostrich places his head in the sand, it is he that does not see the truth, but the truth does see him.


Call on your inner fortitude to help you at least read on, even if you have to say to yourself that this writing is nuts and the author crazy. Humour yourself a bit as you might find something interesting and fascinating to deal with.


Interesting and fascinating in that, once fear is put aside then we can see and learn some things that can help answer a lot of questions, as they will put much into context of `what really happened`.


First we need to at least have an open mind and set aside all preconceived notions of what is what, sort of like making a hypothesis and seeing if it holds true.


Sumer was setup as the center for the engineers that genetically `created` us from modifying their own DNA with that of the humanoids that existed 300,000 years ago. The original start was in Africa (thus the out of Africa for the first humans) but it was not the only `humans` to be created on earth over our history. Until the time of the deluge we were generally just as the animal kingdom, herbivores, and worked at mining and other chores that the Anunnaki had created us for. They were from Nibiru (a.k.a. Planet X or the 12 Planet) and as astronauts looking for some minerals, two brothers and a sister came with about 300 others that we can easily called ‘advanced beings’. Their father was the ruler of Nibiru called Anu, and it was he that is predominantly referred to as `god our creator` by us humans.


(As an interesting science aspect at the beginning of our creation (evolution with genetic modification) we were hybrids and could not mate and procreate; once this gene was adjusted in us then we started to multiple rapidly. For those aware or in the gnosis of it, we are not talking about other areas of earth that had been populated by other advanced beings and did similar genetic engineering, we are dealing with middle-east south to Africa).


The timeline we are particularly interested in is from 13,000 B.C. onward till now; as that is when the start of our civilization (writing and city organizations) begins. It is here that the written history is started on various cylinder seals, stelas and hieroglyphs.


As and aside at this point, fear maybe trying to get at you, to stop you reading and questioning what is going on; and it is only up to you to face that part of your unknown and decide if you want to venture into what some could call a `fairytale` in order to get through it. Maybe you want to do the same.


With all the hard evidence that has been found over the last century from archaeological digs, and translated by a number of respected scholars from various areas, we can at least rest assured that these are not simply fantasy stories that someone created as seemingly `horror stories` for those that are easily frightened.


Truth of what really happened is the best remedy for what ails us, fear of the unknown. The story is a fascinating one and of great interest to each and everyone of us, as our life literally does depend on it; so if you want to read a great book with all the makings of a blockbuster movie pick up Z.Stihchin`s `War of Gods and Man`. Man is us, but gods is not what we think of as God.


For a quick overview in order to get to the main point here is what really (o.k. for the sceptics, supposedly as I don’t remember being there, then either, but as reincarnation goes I most likely was, as were you) happened:

v    Anu sends his two sons (Enki the nice guy that was behind our creation engineering, Enlil the heir apparent who never did like us humans) and his daughter (Sud the Medical specialist) with some 300 astronauts to earth in order to mine minerals etc they need.

v    The Anunnaki workers got fed up with all the toiling and were starting to mutiny so `humans` were created, as workers, from humanoid DNA modified with Anunnaki DNA. It must be said that the Nibiruians live a long long time, thousands of years in earth time; as it takes there planet 3,600 years to circle the Sun. (Maurice Cottrell’s Sun Science can shed some light on this part).

v    This was in Africa and then Mesopotamia, thus not affecting the evolution of the Cro-Magnon in Northern Europe and others in other parts of earth. Sumer was the center with various Space-Out-Ports in cities like Egypt (the pyramids), Baalel (Lebanon) and mission control was first in the Sinai and then Jerusalem. (For those of you that are following this, we can see one of the reasons how the middle east became a hot bed of sorts, all looking for the Holy Grail, that is to say the ‘technology’ of those advanced beings).

v    Of course for us as newly created humans it was easy for them to tell us they were `creators, gods` to us and they would be right, as they did engineer us and had capacities that we have yet to become fully aware of.

v    There space crafts and weapons were of an advanced technology that we have still not even come close to attaining. These and other aspects of technology for navigation and engineering this and that, were kept out of sight of the humans and even from many of their own kind.

v    As they were `advanced beings` they all were known as `gods` to the populace, who were expected to bow down to them. Given their more than not warring ways, it is here that we see first glimmerings of fear being used to control the masses. It gets worst when the demi-gods show up.

v    There is a lot of infighting with the two brothers and their offspring with each taking control of parts of the area and expecting their human workers to treat them as gods. While they are having various aerial combats, they expected the humans to pick a side and if needed conquer the other humans, ergo kill them; or at least put the ‘fear of their god’ into them.

v    Eventually they started with the `marrying of daughter so fair` and created what we have come to know of in Egyptian and Greek history as demi-gods. As time went on this and that lineage was mixed more with humans, with only a little of Anu DNA left; then we see the introduction of kingship over the various cities, albeit the king was also known as the high priest. Heck he was the intercessor between the humans and his ‘god’ i.e. Anu parentage.

v    From the start of written history to about 3000 B.C. (or the time of Abraham) there were constant struggles between the so-called gods and fights that turned into wars, much as we see today. The only difference was that at first it was god fighting god, much of it aerial combat, with lasers and weapons the armies of world today would love to have in their arsenal. Later the gods and demi-gods started to recruit their worshippers in their fights with each other.

v    Mining was still going on through all of this, with ore brought to Sinai for processing and loaded onto space craft for off loading to space barrages in our space (some say to the far side of the moon or bases on Mars) for furtherance to Nibiru when it was close enough to access.

v    After the birth of Abraham we are told of a major struggle that had been going on with Marduk (son of Enki) and the orders from Anu were given that he would have to be exterminated. Weapons of Mass Destruction were used at the Sinai spaceport that was simply put, a nuclear explosion that devastated the peninsula and the radiation wind blown to the east wiped out all of the inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia, thus Sumer came to an abrupt end.  

v    Following the events that are well documented by Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians written artefacts, from Abraham to Isaac, we see where most of the Biblical stories originate from; and why. Our Old Testament is literally a recounting of the Epic of Gilgamesh, or the history of Anu and Sumer etc.



As far as the fear goes, we can feel like this gives us the shivers and forget about it; or we can try and see just what was done to use fear to control us.


Sure the astronauts came and genetically engineered us from their DNA and that of humanoids then evolved. What wasn’t nice on their part was acting as gods (then again we seemed to have coined the term and created the whole myth around it, not them) and using fear in whatever manner, over us.


To be honest in the writings there is no real push in the usage of fear against us, until the point whereby it is many generations after the demi-gods are born from Anunnaki-Human intermixing, that we see them asking for our support in their battles, nay expecting our support or else we could die if `the other guy` wins. Seems like the start of using `the other guy` as fear to control us. Something that is still very much alive and going on to this day.


What we can really understand, as rational, logical human beings that we have become is that, all of the Abrahamic religions (Jewish, Christian, Muslims) having all the same root, have been hiding a lot of `what really happened` and what the Old Testament really is.


Once a look-see study is done on the material from that time period, it is easy to understand that the Old Testament Bible is nothing more than a re-write of what our true history was in the 13,000 B.C. time period. What is the real story of human-biology as hybrids of humanoids and Anunnaki, has become our creation myth that has allowed for the creation of organized religion, much as we now know, to our own detriment.


To our own detriment, for it is from here we see the first signs of `history` being lied about with an unknown creator that has lead to instilling fear into the masses. A warring god(s) picking which side he favours over the other; sure as a conquering astronaut. Mysterious and magical things like angels making things happen; sure as advanced beings are capable of over technological newborns. Fire and brimstone, being used as a threat to keep beings in line; and sure, as advanced beings using weapons of mass destruction a.k.a. nuclear bombs and what-not.


We guess we could say that `technically speaking` our ancestors did not really lie to us, as Anu was ‘god’ and most of the stories are recanted in a mostly factual manner; after all they did give us enough clues with the multiple uses of the word god in plural; `we the gods fashioned man after our own liking`. So they were not talking about our `cosmic creator`, the one that made our soul; just the gang that made these human bio-suits that we rent for `a little season`.


Then again, if we know what we now know, we can rest assured that back then, so did others and those that wrote the history (as sacred biblical or not) knew what they were doing.


Suffice it to say, that none of us will deny any of the great and humane things said or done by Moses, Christ or Mohammed; it is just the Old Testament Bible needs to removed from the `sacred writings` of ‘God-speak’, or else we all need to realize that ‘god’ really means ‘Anunnaki’ and find another word for our `true cosmic creator` (the one that made our soul a.k.a. OM ).


With a few strokes of the pens sometime around 300 A.D., we in the west find the creation of, or the setting into motion of, fear as the controlling mechanism in Biblical proportions; literally. It has been since at least that time that carte-blanche has been given to our supposedly called spiritual leaders to use fear over us; no wonder they wanted to be the intermediary between us and `god` as they did not want us to find out `what the true story` was all about.


So from the clan of Anu creating us and acting as gods over us, with weapons that would still amaze anyone today; to the setting up of sacred written words by their descendants; we find fear mixed in everywhere to our own detriment. At least they did not create our soul and have no control over it, thus we have nothing (on the spiritual level for sure) to fear as they only deal with bio-suits, not souls. From readings in the stories, they seem to be looking for ‘God’ themselves :o)


We can now better see into the seemingly mysterious natural decline of all organized religions as a process of their own demise in the lies told, and secrets hidden. Even their current acceptance of `extra-terrestrials` is not going to flock the masses back to them; unless the masses do it out of fear , which err come to think of it they most likely will.


Shit, they must have had even that angle figured out way back when. Don’t go as they once lied to you and surely will do it again. Meditate and commune with `the cosmic creator` yourself and grow spiritually from there. After all ‘creation’ seeks but to expand by ‘requited love’ of and to ourselves.











History Re-Written…

The Old Testament Bible as History of the Anunnaki





The Bible


History is written by the winners.  ~Alex Haley



To some humans writing anything about the bible is considered unthinkable, chiding that it is God’s word, it is sacred and cannot-should not be questioned. To others that understand that God (creator that is) is the ‘totality of primary consciousness, a part that is within each of us’; then the bible being written by man is part of that ‘godliness’ coming out; filtered by a human brain-mind construct that is not devoid of each writer’s and reader’s humanness, personality and egos.


And so it should be as in a living Bible and not dead letter words. Being alive we can question it, research it and investigate where it comes from; all the while being alive it contains answers do the questions we have.


Please don’t take this as some ‘religious work’ or some attack on the bible; but see it simply as a ‘story of history that we want to take a closer look at’. A story that may not have been portrayed the way it really happened, or a story that was misrepresented as being one thing, while in fact it was something else.


Please keep Haley’s quote in mind as you read on and see some interesting developments, that only the winners and thus the would be controllers wanted us to believe, all the while with the truth in clear sight; especially if we look at other pieces of puzzles that we know of and that seem out of place inthe bigger picture of humanity.


As so much of this is ancient history that we were not there to experience first hand, we will be taking a look at many other parts of our human history and see if there are some missing links that can help us each experience ‘the truth’ without some science or spiritual guide telling us what they want us to hear. We need to investigate it ourselves and see where it takes us.



If anything we are sure that this writing will help many resolve many questions of the bible as well as other mysteries of life that on the face of it all, do not make sense and to which so many of us have given up trying to figure it out; being too busy with day to day life.


So take some time for yourself to delve into our own history written by those that did not win the battles and wars, but did find out the truth that was being hidden in plain sight.






Prehistoric History


Everything you know is wrong.  –Lloyd Pye




One of the hardest things for us to swallow is that what we know of something may in fact be all wrong. No one really wants to be wrong, let alone of what we were taught, what we have learned that has come from so called reliable sources, academia and whatever scholars we have read, followed and believe so unquestionably in.


But what if what they started out to teach did in fact end up with some hidden agenda, thereby teaching us something in the way of ‘truth’ as to how they perceived it, but did not contain all the elements we would need to make an informed decision for ourselves. Like all stories, if we only have one side of the situation and are missing some of the facts, then we can easily and erroneously arrive at the wrong conclusion.


In reading up a bit on Noam Chomsky, one of the greatest linguistics of our time, we will learn to understand just how easy it is for words, phrases and concepts to be placed in such a way that they are seemingly telling the truth, thus allowing the speaker to appear sincere, all the while having some pieces that are missing that would completely alter the truth of it, being left out and the listener is none the wiser.  The same goes for the written words and whatever the writer is trying to make the reader believe in.


In the presentation Lloyd Pye - Everything you Know is Wrong we learn that what main stream science has told us about evolution, particularly from Homo Erectus to our present ‘human body’ is wrong. Wrong in the sense that our present bodies could not have come solely from the evolutionary process even allowing for missing links like ‘Lucy’ and various other skeletal finds.


In using science’s own fossils and records of various finds throughout the ages, he shows us step by step the evolutions that most of us have heard about, some of us have read about and few have studied. His presentation shows in detail what the story of ‘Wrong’ is all about and why.  Then he goes onto some eye opening conclusions that leaves the viewer with that ‘ahhh now that makes sense’ feeling of resolving a question. Further more and quite ironically it does get partly into the support for intelligent design, just perhaps not the way fundamentalist would like it to be.


As we see the development of homo erectus into Neanderthal and then into Cro-Magnon we understand the size of the bones, the strength of the biological body and the length of time needed for changes to take place. At this point when showing our present human form, it becomes self-evident that we did not simply evolve from Cro-Magnon into our present human form. They were around some 35,000 years ago, while the average timeline for structural or physiological changes take 250,000 to 1,000,000 years.


However, when he brings in the evidence we have of ‘yeti-snowman-bigfoot-sasquatch’ we can easily see how evolution to that physiological stage is quite possible to provide a natural transition. Their biological form is much more robust, just as those of the cro-magnon. Unfortunately as main stream science have yet to be given a ‘bigfoot’ for them to test etc, they are not allowing studies to factor in anything that is known about them.


The story does not end there, for fortunately written history had left some cuneiforms in Sumeria that guides us to what is a more likely ‘creationist’ process of how we attained our present biological form. It talks of ‘gods’ with science thrown in, albeit at that time we were still hunter gathers and had no written language. The ‘gods’ gave it all to us.






Sumeria the Cradle of  the Anunnaki Civilization


Sometimes things are just not as they appear to be. – Author Unknown




For those that have not read much on Sumeria, it is well worth the time and effort to study up on it, as it was one of the cradles, if not the main one, of our civilizations as we know them today. It also gives us some background to ourselves from that all important timeline of 10,000 years ago until now. Suffice it to say that in bible terms writings of Nephilim or ‘those that from heaven came’ have created great interest as to what was being written of. Was it angels or some Advanced Beings, or even Alien ET.


First let us take a side trip to be sure that we are well aware that ‘non-earthly beings’ exist. While we may not have a lot of clear pictures of the Beings themselves, we can show you pictures of their space-crafts. A short clip undeniable proof of real aliens - Google Videos should be proof enough, given that it contains dozens of UFO objects all filmed and presented by NASA. If you need more detailed proof then the longer version ufo greatest story ever denied - Google Videos should give you all you need to finally accept that there are ‘non-earth Beings’ out there in our part of the solar system. These Beings, of whatever physiology they have, are simply Advanced Beings acting much like our own astronauts do, exploring and investigating the solar system and universe.


Now that we have some semblance of accepting ‘Aliens’ as real, we can go back to the bible and the Nephilims, to realize that as was clearly left in written history at the time of Sumeria, it was astronauts of a race known as Anunnaki that came to earth to do their thing. While there is some controversy around what it was that they actually wanted here, there are two indisputable facts that fossils and archeology cannot deny or ‘make it all go away’.


First is the written records that have been found on what is know as cuneiform cylinder seals giving us their history, as well as that of our part of the solar system’s cosmology. The cuneiforms themselves are amazing in size, detail and still today we have no way of understanding how they were made; just as we do not with the pyramids. YouTube - The Epic of Gilgamesh #1 has a few parts for those that don’t like too much reading, and in written form The Official Web Site of Zecharia Sitchin has the most detailed analysis of it all. He was a key figure in the translations of the cuneiforms and has also been a target for much negative press from those in science, religion etc that do not want to have to deal with this period in any shape of form; for it contains answers to our questions that ‘don’t make sense’ and they would rather we just stay uninformed and unquestioning.


The second fact is that out of the middle of Sumeria, some thousands of years B.C. we find a civilization that just ‘pops up’ and starts agriculture, construction of cities etc and most of all we find the start of written language. What we will find in this Epic Story that was written down for us to learn from, is the creation part of our solar system leading up to why the Anunnaki came to earth; and just how it is they, that are referred to in the bible as the Nephilim, having come from their own planet Nibiru a.k.a Planet X as the Astronaut’s they are, Advanced Beings and all that it contains.


But perhaps the most fascinating part of it all, is the historical recounting of how our present day human form was ‘created’. It was they, the astronauts from Nibiru, the Anunnaki that actually genetically engineered/created us. All of this is written down on the cuneiform seals as directed by them, for us to learn our real history.


As we had pointed out previously from the analysis of Lloyd Pye, our physical bodies are not purely from an evolutionary process, and as the bible and creationist talk of, ‘the gods fashioned man in their own likeness’. It was from combining the genes of the then homo-erectus or cro-magnon and the genes of the Anunnaki, that we obtained our present physical form. So in fact, divine creation was at play, just not divine in the sense of ‘the creator’; and evolution had already played it’s part producing and ‘homo-erectus being’ that the Anunnaki could work with.


While to some this maybe a big step or leap of faith to understand and believe what really happened, back then; it does tie in directly to Genesis of the bible as if the story of ‘creation’ was in fact the ‘historical account/story’ of the Anunnaki having created the present day human-being. From this point forward the bible (old testament) is very much the written account of what really happened while the Anunnaki were still guiding us, teaching us and doing what they had come here to do. In essence the writing in the old testament is the Epic Story of Gilgamesh and describes in detail what had transpired some thousands of years B.C., starting in Sumeria and spreading out there from.






Consensus Reality


The truth, even if in the hands of only one person; is still the truth. – Gandhi




Organized science and organized religion have to most to gain from consensus reality; the control of the masses by controlling what they think by the way that information is allowed to be presented and of course discounted as folly. Such is that case with Z.Sitchin who did so much to help us understand Sumeria and the cuneiforms; but whom has had more than a fair share of ridicule over his interpretations of the cuneiform; precisely because of what all that information contains.


Science wants us to believe that we fully evolved from ape to human, even if they are missing some ‘links’; while Lloyd Pye makes it clear with science’s own data that it is near impossible for our present day human form to be solely from evolution. 


Religion wants us to believe that it is all ‘god created’, quoting the bible (which they constructed as we have it today) in which we find a ‘god’ of wrath and picking sides, favorites and killing, killing and more killing. Most of us today reject the Old Testament details if only for this one fact. What organized religions don’t want us to know is that just as science and evolution has many holes and missing links, religion has ‘gods’, plural, making us in their likeness; as well detailed in the Epic Story; but which they refuse to acknowledge, rightly fearing they will lose what little control they have left over the masses.  


Both science and religion have created a consensus reality that is easier for the masses to accept and live by, not having to do any work or put in any effort as to ‘what is the real story behind it all’. So facts such as all the missing links in science to prove evolution and artifacts of ancient times proving visitation by ‘those who from the heavens came’ in religion are kept out of the mainstream and anyone found dealing with this information is written off to the fringes of society.


When we read a little on Sitchin, and especially The Wars of Gods and Man from his Earth chronicle series, it becomes quite clear that the Old Testament Bible is in fact the Epic Story of Gilgamesh, repackaged for control over the masses. The Wars of Gods and Man brings into light just why the Old Testament has so much warring, killing and picking of favorites. The Anunnaki were not the kind of benevolent master that we’d like to envision over-lording us.


While some of the pieces from each of the researchers may contain themselves some mistakes or omission (like how is it various cultures world-wide sprung up around the same time, with similar ideas; and yet apparently had never met or at least we have no knowledge/archeology of that happening); at the heart of the matter is information that we can and need to analyze ourselves in order to make an informed decision. At least they are not trying to keep things hidden from the masses for their own agenda; they only want to really know and share the truth, whatever it may turn out to be.






Bloodlines and Perpetuation of Behavior Patterns - Timelines



Conditioned, action-response is the bases for all biological learning. –Maslow





Unfortunately for us, science has never really provided us with a global timeline of events that would integrate so called ‘myths’ or information that science chooses not to deal with, given the ramifications that it would have. So, we have to use our own investigative nature, our own logic and reasoning, all over-viewed by our critical thinking. One thing that we do know from Maslow is that as biological entities we all learn behavior patterns by mimicking them in a manner that becomes conditioned in us as action-reaction. It should be action-response, however unless we have consciously enlightened ourselves as to its functioning, action-reaction is the best we can do.


Naturally the first sign of these repetitive behavior patterns will be found within the same bloodlines, as it is the parents, siblings and family members that teach or from whom each of us primarily learns. Unfortunately if we have nothing to compare this learning to, or if we are not encouraged to freely explore and understand ourselves and humanity; we must default to that which we learn by rote.


And so it has been from the beginning of recorded history, whereby we are still today very much a patriarchal society having learned brawn can submit beauty etc. We may not really want to be this way, but unless we consciously work at changing ourselves, the behavior patterns are perpetuated from generation to generation without question. We are biological bodies and this is our first line of action and-or reaction. Our spirituality comes in a far far second, being buried deep within our psyche.


And so it has been since we were first created in the likeness of the Anunnaki and learn from them their manners and ways of being. As they created us from half of their gene pool, and the other half from the cro-magnon/homo-erectus, we have half baser reactions with a little of higher responses from what portion of their genes they had not shut off within us, that is called today by science as ‘junk dna’. The Anunnaki only allowed the parts of DNA to become active based upon their needs, with/from us.


In understanding their manners and ways from the Old Testatment, from the Epic of Gilgamesh and with Sitchin’s writing in the Wars of Gods and Man; we can see just how the present pandemic of narcissism got its start; and more so just how it has been amplified by a select group of humans. Select in that they are either part of the same bloodline, or of the same group with common goals; all instigated by the Anunnaki back in their time B.C.


When we take their story from Sumeria and go forward with it, we find ourselves in ancient Egypt (6000 B.C. to about 500 B.C.)  with the creation of the various pantheon of ‘gods’ and the start of the Pharaohs. This was at a time when the leaders of the Anunnaki divided the local global areas up into parts to be controlled by one of the number of ‘gods’ or Anunnaki siblings. While Sumeria was still the central point of their stronghold, Africa had already been appointed to one of the siblings, and Egypt was next.


What is interesting in starting with the Egyptian time, is that we start to see the appearance of demi-gods; who will also be encountered later in greek mythology. These demi-gods were in fact beings born of the union of the Anunnaki and the newly created ‘human-being’. In essence, if a ‘human-being’ was half ‘homo-erectus and half Anunnaki’; then the demi-gods were ¼ homo-erectus and ¾ Anunnaki. These were the original ‘choosen ones’; for they had much more of the Anunnaki DNA activated than did the ‘humans’.


As with all families, cultures and between siblings, there were various strifes and in-fighting especially between siblings. Even advanced beings such as the Anunnaki had issues of who was working harder and why should they, than their blood relations (the main reason for creating human-beings as a worker race). Then as with power, some of the demi-gods placed themselves in positions of adoration by the humans, with of course the power going to their heads. It reached a zenith at about the time of Noah’s flood (1500 B.C. ???), which was just a natural cataclysm that earth goes through at various times. The Epic Story tells us that the leaders back on Nibiru would be happy to see all of the humans wiped off the earth for all the trouble it was causing them. 


Concurrently we find that around 1500 B.C. during the time of the Trojan War the stories of Greek Myths start to develop. We have not only the gods, Zesus-Hera but also the demi-gods such as Hercules etc. which once again can simply be written off as myths, or that can be analyzed with critical thinking, factoring in the new data of both the facts of Sumeria as well as the facts found in Egypt. With Homer’s writing of the Iliad and Odyssey that have in modern times been decoded, we find that no only was the Trojan war a true war, but that the travels of Odysseus have been traceable as fact, and given the lineage of ‘gods, demi-gods, kings’ we can see how he was likely part of the direct Anunnaki bloodline (in the sense of human-mother Anunnaki father).


While to many this may seem a bit of a stretch to understand; when we factor in Mt.Olympus as most likely the way-station created by the Anunnaki in our outer space (as written of in the Epic Story) we start to get a clearer picture as to what was going on and who was who in the pantheon of the various players, be they so called ‘gods or demi-gods’.


The probability that the Greek Myths as being true stories is not such a big stretch or leap of faith as organized science and religion would have us believe; they have a vested interest that we keep and hold them all as mythology, fables and children’s tales. In archeology there is surely reasons to consider them as myths, but given the world wide commonalities of these so called myths, and the known facts of ‘advanced beings and unidentified flying objects’ it is realistic to presume that many of these myths are in fact truth hiding in plain sight.


Archeology itself has found many artifacts to which they have no clear nor rational explanation for-of their existence; and yet they continue to deny any other possible explanations. With pyramids built around the world, written stones like cuneiform and hieroglyphs, and of course megalithic stones structures; be they Easter islanders or foundational stones of thousands of tons under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem; to deny ‘advanced being’ involvement in any or all of these, is simply to continue the ‘consensus reality’ created by religion-government-science, and thereby not really wanting the gnosis of our origins.






Present Day Bloodline Controllers



Know yourself and you will know the gods.  –Nilus




Most humans know today that there is a big mess out there. Our money-masters or just plain controllers have gone off the deep end. There are all kinds of economic wars that kill the people or the spirit; lead by their narcissism which is the real pandemic to worry about instead of viruses and the like. When we take a step back and examine history with some new information we now have at hand, we start to get a clearer picture. If our god that we worship and pray to is one of wars, then it goes without saying that our demeanor is one of warring. If we consider ourselves as part of the bloodline that connects back to King David-Solomon etc, then we need to consider ourselves as something special, from a special bloodline and maybe king-like.


And so it goes with the lineages that we first read about in the bible where there are so many begats that begats they go on and on for pages. Why?  To fill the heads of those who want to be special, who want to part of the chosen ones. Chosen by the Anunnaki as part of their heritage; for it is not too likely that the ‘One creator God’ is about to say so and so is better than so and so; nor if you don’t do this I will curse your family unto the nth generation. But, it is easy to contemplate one or another of the Anunnaki advanced beings playing gods with their newly engineered/created ‘human beings’ who would be in awe of their powers and what they can do.


Thus, as we look around us today we can see many of the members of the family of 300, the illuminati and other controller groups be they in government or industry acting without much emotional investment towards us; treating us much as if we were their chattel; and warring and warring much like the ‘gods’ of the Old Testament. I am alluding to something? I am trying to connect some invisible dots? As the saying goes, if the shoe fits wear it.


The attitude that started with Sumerian-Egyptian times and that found it’s way into Greek history, has had to continue somewhere into human history. As the Epic Story relates, at around the 500 B.C. timeline, the Anunnaki finally decided to leave in their space ships for their way station and then onward home to their planet; but not until they first gave us a lineage of ‘kings’ that would dominate the masses and be the controllers over all others. They would be given gnosis of things others would not have access to, some call it the Hidden Esoteric Agenda, and thus with knowledge as power, they would have power over others. It is this lineage of kings that has throughout biblical time and into modern day been the continuation of their legacy, narcissism as they are gods and none can stand up to them.


While this may seem tough to swallow for some, just remember that we learn by mimicking our parents etc, and if the gratification is great then we will learn that much faster and be that much more efficient at what we do; playing ‘kings, demi-gods’ and the like. Of course, this is only for the select few that fit into the bloodline, but there are so many that can easily be manipulated to their ways, wanting to be ‘just as a god’.


In present day the result of all of this is that, we have world leaders and money masters that are as war like as the kin from Anunnaki time of Greece-Egypt-Sumeria. That are as tyrannical as the Anunnaki were in those days dictating all as ‘gods’ to the newly genetically engineered human beings. The wars that are going on in most present day locals have more to do with some faction of one the original Anunnaki siblings and their bloodline, versus another sibling and their bloodline; then it has to do with humans seeking to live the baser animal nature of eat or be eaten. The humans in wars are the puppets controlled by those Anunnaki descendants who see all humans as expendable, having after all created the human-race.


Those humans who have managed to under take meditation, raise their consciousness to become enlightened of all things truthful without hidden agendas, have in fact found the spark of our true ‘creator god’ within themselves and are no longer tied to the consensus reality of the ‘gods’ of the Old Testament. They have realized just how much control the ego of narcissism has had over them and succeeded in annihilating that ego to live as the real soul they are within.


In essence their God is one of compassion and all the loving energies that we would expect of a ‘creator’ that allows free-will to be the primary law.





Contemplations of the Future



What all of this additional information means to each of us, is that we can now start to see to what extent we have been lied to, manipulated and controlled for the benefit of so called chosen ones.  They link themselves back to a ‘god or gods’ of the Old Testament, who is not our ‘creator’ but our genetic engineer that fashioned our biological suits we all rent for a little season. The main point being that we are our soul first and foremost, experiencing life in this human suit until we reincarnate again and again. We are not our body that was fashioned by the Anunnaki engineers, but we are our soul, created by our ‘One Creator-God’.


With this gnosis of who we are and were we have come from we can now consider were we are going. And that is for each one of us to work out for ourselves, once we have our egos under our full control by freeing our soul trapped behind the wall of the super-ego (itself constructed by family-culture-society); and having annihilated the egos as the erroneously learned behavior patterns that they really are. Our creator did not place egos within us, we created them ourselves in our experiencing life in this dimension; thereby it is only us that can get rid of them. They are part of the baser biology, cellular mechanics as it were of ‘eat or be eaten’.


This points toward the infamous 2012 time of change, of which so much has been written with the only thing known for sure being that, we will know much more by then than we have until now, or that we have learnt in the last few decades. The extrapolation of information increases exponentially each month, year as we approach that apex to learn and see just what will be divulged.


Pure gnosis of the truth of who and what we really are: a soul experiencing life here and now in a borrowed human-suit.



Remember to check all of these things out for yourself, for only your own experience of them will allow you the logical and critical thinking as to what it is and thereby what it is not. Just to recap this stuff for easy cross-reference we have:



·        Lloyd Pye has shown us that our present human body structure cannot have been solely the result of the evolutionary process. Advanced Beings genetic engineering was involved as stated in the bible.

·        The Old Testament Bible has shown itself to be the history of the Anunnaki playing ‘god or gods’ here on earth, first creating human-being’s biological suits and then acting as ‘creator gods’ to us.

·        The Sumerian Epic Story of Gilgamesh as translated by Z.Sitchin shows just how this Epic Story of the Anuannki was in fact rewritten as our history in the Old Testament.

·        We have seen pictures taken by NASA of dozens of UFOs clearly demonstrating that as written in the Bible, the Nephilim (those who from the heavens came down) did in fact exist, and was not some parable.

·        The so called myths of Egypt and Greece were in fact true stories of the undertakings or happenings of the Anunnaki as they setup, developed and expanded human civilization. These do not explain all of the developments around the world, but do cover the middle eastern area.

·        Before the Anunnaki left to return to Nibiru they left a lineage of so called ‘demi-gods’ (1/4 human, ¾ Anunnaki bloodline) named some as kings and setup the now infamous chosen ones as masters of earth; at least to their minds being of like mindedness with the Anunnaki.

·        Present day money masters, controllers, be they kings-queens or illuminati types are the continued emotionless bloodlines of the Anunnaki astronaut-siblings that had arrived on earth and created a slave race to exploit the earth resources just as they are still doing today.

·        2012 is more about the timeline of information and knowledge that was previously hidden or unknown being shared, than it is about some type of earthly Armageddon.

·        The more we quite the mind, the deeper within ourselves we can see and thus the easier it is to see the truth for ourselves without the ego filtering the information and making it be what ‘it’ wants it to be. We will be freeing our Soul trapped within the Super-Ego.








Updated 2009-04



Round ‘em up ET Company LLG


What you say, we can’t make fun of the ET gang, especially if it is true because they might annihilate us? HEY buddy, if they had wanted to, they would have; but God knows they need us, maybe even like us as we are a lot like them =:o)


The LLG is for Limited Liability Group as their Ability to Lie is Limited to us and all that we have learned from mainstream; because they Manufactured it without our Consent to give it to us as we know it. Limited as well for when we find out What Really Happened, they will feign no lie-ability on their part as our puppet-money masters did it. You notice how it is always the other guys fault? But, what if, most of it is due to our own faults?

Get ready to ride the wide range of life and find out ‘some things you did not know, that you did not know, you did not know’. I call this time to ‘round ‘em up at the Truth or Consequences’ corral.






Here a list of them all which you can download as well, just right click and save to your desktop: (in wmv format)



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2012 or Bust




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Soul in a Human Suit















What is God?

A better word would be, what is our ‘creator’ that made all of this happen? If our ‘creator’ is everything and everywhere, then it stands to reason that we are taking about ‘energy’; which can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed to whatever our Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration can come up with.


On the science side you will see the word Fluxion coming up and this is how ‘energy’ works. If you are really interested read up on it at www.primordality.com that will satisfy even the hard-headed rocket scientist of today; even the ones that are in cahoots with some of the ET Gang LLG, which by the way is via NASA and the Industrial Military Complex. Do you notice how the Little Boys Club likes to make wars?


As that word is more science-minded, we will call the ’creator’ OM, as the original verb or sound vibration that is Love in perpetual motion with constant expansion. Sure lack of Love can stagnate the expansion and even contract things here and there, but within a multi-universe, even if we humans stagnate to contraction, there are others out there that can fill in where we are lacking.


All funning aside, the Fluxion is shown to be Primary Consciousness that seeks Awakening within a life form (like us etc) and becomes Conscious of itself. If you are interested in learning about the Awake and Conscious part of OM, read up on Awareness - the Center of Being by Zentrum Publishing. If you have questions after reading that and the Fluxion at www.primordality.com then you are really missing the boat and thus Noah’s flood will likely be your demise. What a way to go. 



The Big Bang


So to say, but the Big Bang did not create all of who we are, as science wants us to believe, but it did make a Big Bang with a solar system. You see, the Big Bang is in relation to the physical mass of creation, but not of the etheric energy that gives everything life, as that is OM. Of course the system does not want you to gnosis that, but then again they don’t want us to gnosis anything but what they force fed us.


In the Fluxion you can read all about this, or access all of the other great writings that talk of the Big Bang as a portion of creation; that is to say the locality of our solar system being birthed.



Our Solar System


We are but one of a million, or some astronomical number, of solar systems in the multi-universe that is around us; all which is energy that interacts with each other in some organized way that we are yet to fully understand. What we do know is that there are planets out there that do come and visit us in ours’ once in awhile and some get a bit too close, either do to cyclic patterns or just perhaps due to something the inhabitants do-did etc.


The main thing for us all of course is our Sun, without which, well nothing much would be happening here and we would most likely not even exist; ergo why so many of our ancestors worshipped the Sun for the life giving it is.


Now in modern times, we have someone that showed up and figured things about the Sun that the rocket scientists did not even know. (Or maybe they knew and as usual kept us in the dark about it all). The Sun actually controls the fertility on earth, no only the crops, but human gestation as well. This has to do with the Sun being made of up four zones that spin as well as two poles that inter act with it all. The short of it is that the poles and zones all shift throughout various stages, timelines and actually flip which creates earth having reversed its poles throughout the timeline it has existed; more than once.


In reading Maurice Cotterell`s works you will see the science of how all of this happens and has been accepted in the science community. You can even watch some of his clips on Google-Youtube showing his presentations about the Sun’s magnetic zones, the Van Halen Radiation belt (ergo why no human has ever stepped foot on the moon, much to the disbelief of millions of us, and the chagrin of NASA), and what the numbers of ancient sacred writings showing 666 and 144,000 really mean. ( Okay the insider part if you don’t want to watch is that 144,000 is the real speed of light; ergo those with light shinning as in a halo about their heads will move on up; and, 666 is the numerical value for the human soul, ergo 999 the opposite is the numerical value of our soul).

He was the one that with the gnosis of the Sun’s magnetic zones, decoded not only the Mayan-Aztec architecture but also those of the Tutankhamun Prophecies, showing as well, how all of this relates to Krishna-Buddha-JC in what he calls them the `Super-Gods` having deep knowledge of the cycles of our solar system. Not mystical, but with knowledge about it all. (Okay I will admit that maybe, just maybe some nice ET group gave the knowledge to them). Where this knowledge came from is of course in the Bible and other ancient writings; which of course means that ET is in the Bible as well.


In the cosmos timeline of all of this, we have the solar system showing a planet known as Nibiru and one called Tiamat. Earth was not yet part of the picture although we had most of the planets we still have. As many have pointed out from the Sumurian texts and a lot related to Stichins work and writings, Nibiru circulating into our solar system, smashed into Tiamat, thereby creating what we know as earth and the unexplainable asteroids and comets in our milky way. Believe it or not the rocket science gang cannot tell us were it is from; but our ancestors can; so who are you going to really believe?


The part that is earth was mostly water filled and the tectonic plates moved around to form an elliptic, not circular, ball that we call earth. So our earth at this stage was a WaterWorld and then the tectonic plates started to move from the various Sun magnetic zone changes. The rest of Tiamat is broken up rocks in space, while Nibiru is still circulating around out there and will be coming back for a visit; sometime about 3500 A.D. So it will not be causing us any problems soon, however we can’t say the same for the Sun’s activities.


At this point we don’t have any ET`s in the picture, but in the next act they will be showing up.





Once the earth had solidified into it’s present shape and the evolution started, we have the dinosaurs showing up. Which took a very long time and they lasted for many more years than we can count. These were some types of ancestors, in the biological sense, to us as the apeoid came about, and from them the bipeds such as Neanderthal etc.


Without trying to repeat names I get mixed up with, and a timeline where only science can help us out, I`ll invite you all to look up on Google-Youtube videos, the documentary produced by Lloyd Pye entitled `Everything you Know is Wrong` in relation to evolution and how humanoids came to be. (Yep ET Gang LLG is going to show up). In order to put it all into facts, start with the documentary that clearly shows all you want to know and see about the UFO crafts themselves and has a few pictures of the greys so you know that they in fact do exist. ufo conference 2005 jamie - Google Video . Jamie Maussan is a well known journalist, researcher and presenter on all things UFO-Alien related, and interestingly enough, from Mexico that seems to be having a gold mine of sightings captured on film and video, in both normal and infrared technology. In this film there is nothing that you will not see in the realm of Close Encounters of the 3rd kind.


As Lloyd Pye shows us, the time line used by anthropologists and the generally accepted consensus reality as brought about by Darwin`s evolutionary theory, which is still just a theory as it was never proven and so many of us have issues with various parts of it; is something that we all need to understand. Not that creationism has the answer, for we did not just appear 6000 years ago from the dust. But God did have a hand in it. But who is that God? The one from the Bible? One from any of the pantheons of olden time? Or, how about some ET Gang that showed up at various spots, points in time and appeared as Gods to our ancestors?


What Lloyd Pye clearly shows us with hard facts and examples, are two main points whereby anthropology and evolution have been stating things erroneously to us, in regards to 1. What did the ape-biped humanoid evolve into? 2.How did our own DNA get to be as it is today?


With clear cut samples of skeletons taken from what science has been able to find thus far, and taking details of sighting and some hard evidence of what science wants to call fringe elements; the DVD ‘Everything you Know is Wrong’ makes it clear and to the point, that genetically we cannot be the evolution to the ape-biped humanoid, as the pieces to not fit either in a timeline sequence and more so in the genetic-DNA sequence. But what animal does fit into this picture?


What science and the gov’t don’t want the masses to know about, they will not admit and talk about. Any scientist in the western world caught supporting or talking about what the mainstream calls fringe elements are quickly cut off and thrown out of the community. This leaves us, the masses, believing in a consensus reality way, that the other guy was wrong, as so many of his peers must be right. BUT, as we all have seen throughout life, it takes only one person to make a difference, or as Ghandi said, even if it is only one person with the truth, it is still the truth.


Yeti in China, Snowman in Tibet, Sasquash in Canada, Big Foot in USA. These bi-ped humanoids are, what evolution would make in the purest sense and timeline, without any outside interference from anything but nature itself. There are just too many credible stories from credible witnesses to say they do not exist; and from Lloyd Pye’s analysis of what physical evidence there is on them, it is clear they really are what the bi-ped ape humanoid  evolved into.


There is one particular case in China whereby a female was caught in 1850 and lived amongst the villagers until she died around 1890. As she was used by the local males as a mate, (she couldn’t talk not having the facial structure needed to do so) but she did give birth to 4 children, 2 which survived and have ancestors still living in China today.

Unfortunately, as with all things that are true, and rock the boat of consensus reality, the science community will not openly admit to any of this, or worst are hiding the truth from the masses; much the same way they are doing with UFO and ET Gang LLG.


The second point Lloyd Pye comes to, with collaborating evidence from the genetic community that are working on the genome project, is that ET did do some genetic engineering with our DNA, much the way we are trying to make designer babies today. They made designer us in their own image as it were.


The details he gives are pretty straight forward for anyone with an open mind and a basic rational logical thought process. The genes speak for themselves as he shows the situation at about 250,000 years ago, from the known genes, DNA of those then humanoids-ape-bi-peds compared to what we have today as our DNA imprint. Many things missing and something added to make it all traceable, that we are not 100% evolved as Darwin’s theory tries to prove. We have our bases in evolution, but the fine tuning was from the gods that came in chariots of fire and saw the females so fair, they married them. Had offspring with them that is.


As the documentary makes very clear, and as some of us sense intuitively; our bodies are not exactly the best made machine in the anatomical sense, leaving us to think the designer made some mistakes in calculations. What Pye makes obvious is that the gene engineering to get us to this present body, included some mixing with the ET genes. Those genes that they had no need for ( of the many of the actions we have come to use, but that the bi-peds did need and use) where layed dormant.


ET did not work with their hands, arms, backs as we do; for they engineered us to do all the work they need us to do; extracting minerals from the land, much as they had done previously on Tiamat, when it existed as the planet before earth that it became, after the crash. Ever notice everything is known after the crash. So the physiological structure that we presently have, is a combination of evolution to the bi-ped humanoid stage and that of ET engineering or inter-mixing. The dormant ones are such as mass and strength as ET did not want us stronger than themselves, in the physical sense.


The presentation of the DNA coding and sequence makes it no doubt that we have had our genes engineered, and as has been written about by our ancestors, the ET Gang LLG did come to earth seeking minerals etc (basically gold to repair their atmosphere that you can read all about in various writings by researchers, big and small). They needed a sort of slave type to do the heavy work, but not the humanoid types such as Yeti, BigFoot, for they could not control them as communication was a big issue. The bodies did not have the capacity for speech etc, so they engineered us to communicate and to do their bidding. They portrayed themselves as Gods, doing things we had no idea how (we were just waking up as it were) and had us do all of their biddings; ie the slave work they needed.


This DNA comparison and explanations given by Lloyd Pye make it quite clear that, there were a few mistakes along the way, and some parts of our DNA-genes were shut-off or deactivated so we would not break free as it were. This today is known as our ‘junk DNA’ as science does not know what it is used for, which begs some questions. Does science really think it knows everything? Electricity is relatively new and the light bulb newer. Do we as humans think OM would make some evolved organism with garbage left over? Science likes to think so as their concept of god makes them to be god-like. ET is god to them, so they want to play god to us. Would the science gang really tell us the truth, if of late they have been getting a lot of their technology from ET Gang LLG? Are we so smart that we can, in 100 years, go from the dark ages to making nano-technology as in the disappearing person in a nano suit; see the 17 minute mark from this DVD on google?

 ufo conference 2005 jamie - Google Video


So if we can make things literally disappear, and cannot see in the dark without infrared, then just what do we think that ET Gang LLG is capable of? Pretty much making them appear as gods to us, and with this in mind; if we go back and re-read the bible we will easily see that they are not writing about OM, but of ET Gang LLG that has been here on and off over the millennia. (I always wondered where the writers got that mean old ‘god’ who was killing and maiming and doing all kinds of nasty stuff). When we factor in all the sources that speak of various groups, types of ET Beings; and the various sightings from ancient times in the far corners of the world, we can easily see how it has been ‘more than one group of ET that did gene engineering on our DNA’. This in itself, goes such a long way in explaining all of the various cultures and body types we humans posses.


So, we are literally the outcome of both evolution and intelligent design. The design part just not being OM, but ET Gang LLG.



ET Gang LLG and Our Turning Point - The Soul Within


So here we are at some 250,000 years ago, looking a lot like Neanderthal and company and smelling as strong as BigFoot and Yeti. So the fact that we had some gene engineering to make our present human-suit is o.k. with me, as I am sure all humans feel the same, as we don’t know anything else. In doing so, we end up with a more hospitable body type that will allow for soul integration of a higher vibratory nature.


Our soul, a.k.a our real higher self, is pure light energy that is a spark of OM and is what the Fluxion process calls the animated interface of OM. We are the eyes and ears so to speak, whereby we are all connected to OM, directly without any third party interference, and thus all inter-connected with each other and all living organisms we know of, and the ones we don’t as well. The spirit, personality are part of the brain matrix that is a biological function of the brain and as such, if we live our baser needs we are more egotistical as we are out for ourselves, believing this is it and we are our body. If we live from our spiritual side then we are connecting with our inner higher self and living our virtues as soulful as we can, being at-one-ment with all that is.


Thus we can see that we have a duality to ourselves. Our evolved biological suit that contains our lower or baser organism needs, wants, desires and of course fears. With the spark of OM within us, at a higher vibratory nature than the lower animals, we see that our soul which takes on each new life here or on some other planet or some other dimension; is simply experimenting life as a soul in a human-suit. Who made the suit, who plays with its’ gene-DNA and who manipulates it all; is of a secondary nature for any human being. Our main point of knowledge needs to be that, ‘we are a spark of OM experiencing the here and now as an animated interface; thereby becoming aware of it all, and consciously understanding who and what we really are’. The inter-connectedness of us all is a natural outcome once we understand who OM is and how that energy works.


The challenge that we all face at some point in the multiple lives that we have had, have and will have on earth in the human-suit we have put on for a short season, is, if we can overcome the innate nature of an organisms function of eat or be eaten, of rational thinking from logical learning that has taken us through a growing stage known as ‘narcissism’. It is this one stage that can make us or break us, to become all that we can be, whatever it is that we so choose in our life between lives (see Newton’s book Journey of the Soul - Life Between Lives).


Narcissism simply put, means that we either get through it and develop a healthy self-esteem, self-worth and realize that we are not omnipotent; or, we develop an injured self, that the Super-Ego in order to cope with life, creates a false self that becomes the externalized one. The injured one is suppressed behind the Super-Ego wall, much in the way we talk of the ‘higher self being kept prisoner within the subconscious’.


The false (lower nature) self then goes on to live the organism needs, wants, desires which we call ‘sins or egos’ all the while, the true self is kept out of the picture. At this point the Ego (newly made coping self) takes on the aspect of omnipotence, and as God does not show up to tell us we are wrong; and just as the ET Gang of 250,000 years ago showed some of us, we could become gods like them with the knowledge that they had. They had all of their occult faculties operational, but once they cloned us they ‘turned those switches off’. Fortunately as we read in the Fluxion process, what needs to balance will balance and as genetic engineering is not a precise science they did manage to make some mistakes (such as what we know as ‘idot-savants’) and some humans have been able to tap into their higher self and dimensions.


Our true soul or higher self is of no concern but between ourselves and OM. Sure, ET Gang LLG can play with our biology; sure, they can make like they are gods to some of us living closer to our baser desires and wants; but the bottom line is they cannot control our soul’s growth. That is up to each and everyone of us with OM; in the way that I like to call, ‘if we requite OM’s love then we will be at-one-ment with OM’. We will be co-creating in the expansion of the universe. In Maurice Cotterell’s Secrets of the Supergods, he gives all the details in science terminology as to how it works, as well as, how karma with reincarnation factors into it all.


So yeah, ET Gang LLG did what they did (partly for which we can all thank them), are doing and will continue to do whatever their agenda is; but first and foremost we should always remember that ‘we are a soul experiencing life in a human-suit in the here and now, based upon experiments that we needed to set out for ourselves; in order to become all that we can be’; OM’s requited love.



Aside trip of 250,000 to 25,000 years ago


There are many and varied writings, mostly from the east; of what was going on and what happened during this time period. One of the more recurring themes is that of the continent of Atlantis that some say stretched from the U.K down to S.A. and over to Japan. Then there is Plato’s rendition that has it somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, both of them having been submerged or destroyed by a flood. (On an aside, my contention is that the oil in the middle east is the remains of all the inhabitants of Atlantis, albeit there is no DNA testing that can be done to tell is what that oil is really from; nor carbon dating to till us from what period). In both these story lines we learn of an advanced civilization that ultimately ends up destroying parts of itself due to in fighting, greed and the narcissism of the inhabitants.


When we become knowledgeable of Maurice Cotterell’s data on the Sun and its’ true influence over the earth’s magnetic fields and cyclic geophysical changes, we can easily understand how a civilization can simply disappear; albeit in the case of the more recent ones like Mayan-Aztec and Egyptian great periods we still have hard art factual evidences to deal with. BUT, if we watch the National Geographic Documentary Series YouTube - National Geographic- Aftermath Population Zero Part 1 and other parts, we will learn just how long is does not take for any real hard evidence of human existence to be wiped off the earth. Within a short period of time earth would be fully healed and everything we constructed would have disappeared. Now that is one way to wipe the slate clean and start again, without a trace.


But what we do know of this period is what the Tibetans have told us about, what the Hindu have written about, and, most interestingly what Sumurian artifacts have told us from their tablets that tell us of visitors from the sky. Maurice Cotterell does a great job in bring these tablets and cylinder seals to life, with explanations that only a person of his research, investigation and knowledge can. Watch his documentary on the Supergods and you will understand what has been kept repressed and why.



Patriarchal Biology and Matriarchal Spirituality


It is hard looking back from here, with so little hard evidence or writings or details as to what really happened back then; yet one thing we can be sure of, is that human nature was more of a baser animal organism than not. What we have in the west as our timeline of around say the last 10,000 years (which seems more reliable as to data albeit history is written by the winners or controllers), shows that we generally treated or viewed woman as lesser than men. Perhaps it was not as bad as we can imagine, but then again, with all the things we do have that were written which directly influenced today’s societial anthropology, we can be pretty sure that it was a patriarchal culture just about everywhere.


The wondering question is, ‘was that meant to be or was it from outside influences’? The short answer lies in our understanding of narcissism and it’s propagation from one generation to the next. Sure, in polite company most males will give lip service to being nice to women, (having been birthed from one), but behind the scenes the narcissistic circle kicks in with the stronger narcissist influencing the weaker one. And, with a narcissist thinking that he is a god, adding on some esoteric material that they may come across, it is easy to see the circle maintaining its’ hold over the mass of the males and extrapolating their views to the extent that Baumeister writes of in his book simply titled ‘Evil’.


As for anything that considered the female as an equal, even perhaps a little more due to their sense of mercy and justice; we only find that is cultures and societies whereby OM is present and given the just position OM should have; that of life giving and thus due our loving OM, or requiting OM’s love being better said. That being as it was and still is in many of the esoteric circles, not the mainstream esoteric ones such as the illuminated-freemasons; it seems that over the timeline from once the higher vibratory soul was interfaced with the human-suit, there has been the nefarious ET Gang LLG doing all they can to keep us down and under control, pitting male against female; all the while we had visitors of the kindred spirit kind that tried to get us to wake up and better understand what was really happening; be it Krishna, Buddha, Tutankhamun, Christ or Lord Pacal et al.

They tried to get us to live in harmony with one another, by raising our consciousness to who we really are (a soul experiencing and growing this life in a human-suit); but we still chose the path of least resistance and less work; our materialism over our spiritual nature. So here we are, 2,000 years plus in this era and we are still treating each other like I am a god and you are not, so you must listen to me and do as I say. We really do stink at being a soul in a human-suit; so maybe we weren’t meant to be trying this out as we are? Then again, what is life all about if not experiencing our own experiments in the here and now? If we lived eternity in paradise, we’d get bored pretty fast with not much to do; just as we see happening all over the world right now; which just maybe way we are all acting in the manner we are. Could it be our own fault and not that of ‘the other guy’?



Agendas, Hidden and Not


The problem with hidden stuff is, it gives someone an upper hand over others, and if that which is hidden happens to be in the realm of what is known as esoteric knowledge; then the holder of it thinks they are a god, for they can do things that others cannot. This is exactly what has happened over the millennia as esoteric knowledge was kept away from the masses under the excuse that the profane are not ready for it. How convenient for the controllers to have a pat excuse. It is as if, we never allowed our children to experience anything for themselves, even some of the harder tougher stuff; telling them they are not ready to do so and thus stunting their growth. Then again, there are parents which one or both that do have hidden agendas. These are from their own internal problems and issues that have yet to deal with, and as such has an adverse affect on a child or the children.


Worst is when the agenda comes from a group or gang that is normally not acknowledged in our day to day life; like a consensus reality that states such a group does not exist. As is the case of ET Gang LLG, for the majority of the masses do not want to believe they exist, or in our fear of, refuse to believe they exist. Fear is just one of the many egos we carry around inside of us and is a big challenge to us all, in that it has a seemingly unbreakable connection with all the other egos, but fear must be disconnected if we chose to advance from the lower biological state (of fight or flight) to the one of our spiritual-ness.


As you will clearly see in these documentaries, ET Gang LLG does exist, are here, have been here before and will always be around us in one way or another. Soul to soul I am sure we would all like to met them, communicate with them, learn from them. Mind to mind is another matter, especially if they are of the groups that are in cahoots with NASA, the Little Boys Club a.k.a the Industrial Military Complex. We can’t seem to win with all these fearful things around us, so we chose to live ‘consensus reality’ as if none of this happens in the here and now. As is humorously pointed out in E.T. 101 by Harper Collins, we’d prefer to stay asleep or better yet take our bodies and money off this planet to another more amicable place; yet we signed up for this mission and DO NEED to see it through; for our own and everyone else’s sake.


ET Gang LLG have a hidden agenda that much has been written about, but over which, until we come into direct knowledge of it, we can only surmise as to what it really is. If we put on our Sherlock Holmes thinking cap, we can deduce that whatever it really is, it is in the least not nice, and at the worst nefarious. That being said, we could get our ego of fear activated and run and hide from it all, but then we would not be working on being all that we can be, and we would be letting something worst than our own egos (as if they aren’t bad enough) take control of us and our life as a soul in a human suit experiencing the here and now.


One thing that we can deduce from what we do know, is that ET Gang LLG has been in contact and still is working with the Little Boys Club a.k.a. NASA and the Industrial Military Complex; why else would they be the only group on earth to still refuse to admit UFO and ET exists; given the mass of evidence the people have accumulated over the years and more so over the last decade.


At this point, we could go deeper down the rabbit hole to see where it takes us; but let us leave it all in the knowing that, our world governments, corporations and organizations that say they are of the people and for the people, are simply pawns in the hands of whatever the real Alien Agenda is. Remember that it is not all ET groups that are the not so nice dudes; (just as there are mafia groups in all cultures, but do not make the culture itself the bad-guys); but at this point in our history we really don’t know much about the nice groups; almost as if they have been issued a stay away notice by being shot at with plasma guns developed by NASA.


Yes they have been, as NASA tries to take them down to get more technology that even the greys they are dealing with have. You can even watch this on the google video UFOs-The Greatest Secret Ever Denied. When they were target practicing with this stuff (Tesla weapon), they short-circuited all of the residences on Bell Island of the coast of Newfoundland; with the USA and USSR military showing up the next day to see what went wrong. Short answer is that the island is an electro-magnetic itself.



What About Being All We Can Be?


So here we are, today at the point of knowing some of the things that we did not know that we did not know; with ‘what are we going to do about it’? being the big question.


Fear is not really an option, nor is living consensus reality, for at some point we will all have to face ‘ourselves’ be it here and now, or during our life between lives and deal with it all. In the here and now, our egos (sins) would love for us to allow them to have full control over what we think and do, thereby maintaining status quo which is usually ‘the false self-image created by the Super-Ego at the narcissistic stage that is presently externalized, leaving the true-self-soul suppressed behind the wall of the Super-Ego’.

Nothing is made manifest that is not approved by the Super-Ego, or so it goes. The only area open for investigation is that the founders of psychology had trouble with the Id and this remains the case today. Our point is that the Id is in fact the soul and is seeking externalization; but cannot fight with the egos as our mind is the one that needs to do that.


The question then becomes ‘But how?’.


In the recent documentary ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ by a gang of modern day quantum physics players, supplemented with ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ we get a real inside look at what makes us tick. We see and learn things of how an atom functions, and that is brought into one of the greatest animated productions of how emotions (similar to both egos and virtues) function in a neurological way. The animation really does give us a chance to fully understand and appreciate what goes on inside, when we act as we do, and how we can work to change any pattern and fix what is wrong. But first we have to watch the video and understand what makes us tick. YouTube - What The Bleep Do We Know ! Intro trailer compilation then we can really do something about changes that will better ourselves and give us that happiness we are all looking for.


And, now that you have made it this far, take a break and travel the world with the new BBC documentary with Richard Attenborough titled Planet Earth and Blue Planet; parts of which are on google. These two DVDs were done over a few years to show and contrast various changes; all of which was filmed in Imax for some of the most outstanding footage you will ever see; not to mention things, area, wildlife that you will never likely ever see live. This rest is well worth the time and if needed any money to see what few have ever seen. This will also recharge your batteries in the ready for the wrap up to come.



Round ‘em Up


The one chap that has been working the skull-duggery of life for the longest and going where no man, or so so few have dared to tread; is David Icke. Most that know of him either like him, or really think he belongs in a loony bin; which is understandable as he deals with all of this material and then some in a very direct and pointed way. The just of it being, that the ET Gang LLG has created a bloodline that has since recorded time have had their secret agenda, being carried out by those of what is known as the reptilian bloodline. Is it reptilian because all of the world elite are cold-hearted when it comes to the real issues facing the masses; or is it because the ET Gang LLG are really reptilians? What matters more is, are you one or do you act like one from your lower-baser desires, wants etc?


It matters not, per se, as what really counts is the treasure of information he shares in his DVD ‘Freedom or Fascism: Time to Choose’.

 david icke freedom or fascism - Google Video

There are 3 parts to this series as he takes things from start to finish; with the finish being the bio-electrical magnetic being that we are and how those vibrations work for our betterment or in order to control us. By adding in the documentary Free Movies & Documentaries - (incl. public domain) - Watch free movies online  Century of the Self which is in 3 parts we learn how our psychology works and how the System or is that ET Gang LLG has worked to brain-wash, mind-control us since the early 1900s, once psychology was developed, opening up so many avenues inside to our brain. There are many other great and informative documentaries we can access for free on google; we just need to ‘want to know and learn who we are, where we are from’. The where we are going part is up to us and OM, no one else can tell us anything about that.



2012, End Time and Esoteric Secrets


Until I became fully immersed into Maurice Cotterell’s analysis of the Sun and its ‘importance to all aspects of human life on planet earth, I was at a lost as to what was to be the likely scenario for 2012.

On my science side, I realized there were cyclical cataclysms and with science not having really good data and handle on it all; all we could surmise was that yes we could be wiped out with some meteor, planet or other; to which all life would go extinct until the next cycle comes about.


On my metaphysical side I didn’t want to see the wipe out ala Armageddon in the literal sense; being very much aware as to how close we really are, along with the wants of so many humans for the rapture and what not to happen. This is along the thinking of ‘kill them all off, get me out of here and let god straighten it all out’. Even more so when we realize just how low we have sank to being, living, our baser animal instincts and thus being our egotistical nature with our present narcissistic epidemic and no hope for virtues in sight.


Some of these aspects will be coming into play; but as we have seen from Cotterell’s calculations of the Sun’s affect, what will happen in 2012 will not be the ‘big one’ that so many think, fear or are hoping for. What he points out happening is what he clearly explains happened in Egypt, Maya-Aztec cultures and is scheduled for us in the west. There will be: infertility as the main event, both human and agriculture; drought bringing about some diseases; some seismic activities and maybe a rise in sea levels or splits in the land mass. BUT, it will not be a total destruction that many dooms day seekers are fear mongering about.


We still have the new-agers with a lot of the happy keep smiling stuff, which is great as we need to keep positive; as well as the ‘truth seekers’ that keep running into our ‘controllers who themselves have ET Gang LLG at the head’; yet this does not really tell us what we need to do for ourselves, as so much of this is beyond our individual capacity, unless we are-become like a ‘god incarnated’.


Unfortunately, since at least the last 2,000 years organized religion has used a good dose of fear-mongering to keep us in perpetual repression of seeking to be all that we can be. (So we can put the god-sun on the back burner as one is born human and then becomes a ‘super-human’). They have told us that we are not ready for this and that, all the while being fully aware of the esoteric knowledge that they have that has been with us since ancient times; that the ‘illuminated ones’ (what ever be the name of their group from Assassins to Freemasons and more) have forced fed us means ‘black magic and witches’. (Read Daraul’s History of Secret Societies if you need some insight into all of this).


Yet, all of this knowledge, at least via the mainstream of everyday life since ancient times, has come to us via ‘Wicca’ (meaning the ‘wise ones’ knowing nature’s habits and movements). In Hans Holzer’s book ‘Witches’ he takes us through the anthropology of the ‘wise ones’ up to present day and as a eminent para-psychologist-anthropologist details all the timeline of ‘esoteric knowledge and works’ as related to our ancestors. They understood how the planets affected the plants and ultimately how it affected our daily lives. As it includes some cases of possession, that he well details and analyzes, it maybe an opening into the ET Gang LLG doing some abductions and experiments.


There were rituals, that ultimately were merged into our ‘organized religious system’ so that our controllers could use them over us, all the while telling us it was black magic and put the fear of god into us. Strangely enough, demonstrating that the god of the old testament was someone to fear, makes sense today as we start to realize that it was not our ‘creator OM’ being written about, but the ET Gang LLG playing god. But what both the religious ones and illuminated ones really were doing was trying to control ‘our soul’. For that is the only energy that counts, that can really do something in the big picture of things. So it is here and now with this in mind, that we have to stop our own fears from controlling us and we have to take charge of ourselves.


It is not by bible thumping fire and brimstone seeking the rapture that Armageddon is hoped to bring in the here and now; that will make any difference. Lack of love for the self and-or for others cannot be countered by lack of love in any shape or form. Lack of love really does mean ‘conscious lack of our creator OM’ as the first in mind for us to live life as best we can.


It is not through the use of the gnosis of higher esoteric knowledge which can build pyramids by moving stones weighting tons by simple mind work, or various forms of magik (be it for white or black reasons), that can help us form the lack of love that is a pandemic fueled by narcissism.


Organized religions and illuminated ones have used the higher levels of magik over and over, only to avail themselves of control over us as their economic slaves (as ordained by ET Gang LLG), but only succeeded in repressing our true self, higher self we call our soul. They have not and will never be able to control our soul, as that energy is a spark of our ‘creator OM’ and as such, only OM and each one of us individually have a say over what is the best to reverse the lack of love and in turn be all that we can be. The changes of 2012 will bring this to fruition, one way or another.


As long as the system over-lorded by ET Gang LLG has us repressing our true higher-self via repressing our soul and externalizing our ‘created self-image’; then we will not be able to face, deal with or transcend what they are seeking to do. Thus, they may not have our soul energy to work with, but as long as they can keep us repressed, then they can continue with business as normal.


The Sun has its’ patterns set out and will do as it has, does and will always do; by design. The Sun’s design is not by any of the ET Gang LLG but only by the Fluxion process of OM. We, and that includes ET Gang LLG, are all animated interfaces of the Fluxion, so in essence all have some affect on each other; weather we believe it, like it, or not.


This is simply the formation of the hierarchy structure of the mechanisms that keep the multi-universe functioning without some one or some group causing enough chaos to destroy anything. As all of us, ET Gang LLG included, raise our consciousness and vibrations, the harmonic accords can influence things in our solar system extending to our part of the universe; but by creator design it has to be on a local scale so as not to disrupt others with their own experiments giving them their own experiences.


But, those last parts, the more metaphysical parts, are not the basics we need to worry about, for we all realize that no matter what, our present human-suit will cease to function and we will all move on as the external soul we all are, to our next stage of development; whatever that maybe. Cotterell does a fine job explaining the vibrations of souls and the most likely next incarnation based upon the laws of karma and rebirth; so reading his writings on this will give us some deep insight. Remember you will know the truth when it resonates within you.


As for us individually, and given our tendency to seek quick fixes that are almost magical; some will turn to the esoteric side for the easy way out. This, given our present state of mind (egoic and thus narcissistic as it is) and habits, will simply lead us into areas we are not really ready for. Sure as we develop, awaken to being fully conscious of ourselves, we can access any of the rituals and aids that the ‘wise ones’ have done and left for us to use for the greater benefit of all; once we have cleaned our own house (mind) first. In order to do that we simply need to do an inventory of what we posses and determine if we want to keep it (virtues) or if it posses us (egos, sins) dispose of them.


As we know, egoism is self-centeredness and thus not something that is going to help us grow to be all we can be, given that we are all inter-connected with one another; and yes this includes the ET Gang LLG (who are perhaps our future selves coming back for a visit). Living our virtues does not mean living as simpletons without discernment or the capacity to make our own judgment calls. We need and therefore must discern things we are to do, keep and hold as values, beliefs, morals; all the while judging if they are effective in being beneficial for the whole, which we know is equal to the sum of it’s parts. This may seem worrisome given the present state of our humanity; but as we grow so will our understanding of it all and thus, what this all means in the big picture of life itself.  Eradicate the egos, take back control over ourselves from the egos which are in part fueled by the ‘system’ who themselves are partly controlled by their own egos, as well as, ET Gang LLG; and we will have no more fears of any sort; for we have in fact manifested the Love that OM is, we will be requiting OM’s love for creation as the Fluxion explains.



Recap and Conclusion


Understandably this is a lot of material to take in, and given our tendency to be fearful and thus avoidant, it really does get the egos agitated to the point of wanting to either shot the messenger, or close our eyes with our head in sand and hope it all goes away. It won’t and you can’t. The next few years will see an increase in the vibrations of all things we know of, making us more susceptible to receiving information from deep within ourselves; even if we try to turn it off. This fits into the aspect we have read or heard of in one ancient writing or another: those that are just will be more just, those that are not just will be more not just; those that are loving will be more loving, those that are haters will be more haters; and so on until we get to the point of the family-house divided with brother against brother and daughter against mother, etc. So what we can do is to really take stock of things culminating with ourselves as the vessel that transports us onward.



·        The Big Bang and our Solar System is not as simply made as science would have us to believe. www.primordality.com will bring the Fluxion process into the picture as OM energy of Primary Consciousness being Love in perpetual motion and constant expansion.

·        There are major problems with evolution that need to be looked at to fully understand that part of our biology; as ET Gang LLG did do some intelligent design engineering over our physiology.

·        UFOs and ETs exist, are here and now and will always be around us due to whatever agenda they have; with the not nice group being in cahoots (read controlling over) the Elite that run or try to run Planet Earth for their greed etc.

·        The perpetuation of narcissism from the baser animal nature, through the psychological stage, supplemented by ET Gang LLG playing ‘god’ is our greatest challenge, regardless of what plays out in any area of earth. It is the continued repression of our soul spark of OM within each of us. Only transcending our own egoic nature will correct this to allow us to be all that we can be.

·        Hidden agendas abound. The not nice ET Gang LLG has a strong hold over the money-masters, elite that think they own and thus can run Earth as they please. Various bloodlines with nefarious agendas exist and will continue to play out whatever drama that each of us allows them to play at, by repressing our soul so our own ego mind thinks and acts; just as the ones we despise do.

·        The Sun is the major influence as to life on earth and we are presently entering a cycle of magnetic changes that will see the Sun’s magnetic zones flip, and consequently have a great affect on earth’s structure and rotation. This is not expected to be a great full cataclysm, but it will be a major event in the biblical sense.

·        We are all, each and everyone of us, including ET Gang LLG; a soul experiencing life in a human-suit (ET suit) in the here and now in order to be all that we can be. It is only the egoism of our narcissistic nature that keeps us from succeeding at becoming all we can be.




regardless of our evolved and engineered physiology;

regardless of our baser-lower biological nature;

regardless of all the skull-duggery;

regardless of the Codex Alimentaris mandating genetically modified food internationally by Dec 2009;

regardless of the human error in manufacturing a polio vaccine that created the HIV-Aids virus;

regardless of the economic collapse that is under way as ordained by the New World Order;

regardless of the Sun’s activities;


we are all a spark of OM as a eternal soul, experiencing life and can either accept to be all we can be, or continue to repress our soul behind the wall of our Super-Ego construction.


Try to start by Requiting OM’s life for all that OM created and we will then see things not before visible; and maybe, just maybe when the time comes, is needed We Will Be Able to Move Mountains having faith in our own soul’s worth and eternal existence from life to life, where ever that maybe or lead us to.



Dr. Edward OM










Welcome to the Gnosis of Life at OM!


It is at home or better put with OM that we should have received the education for dealing with all the turmoil we now (2008-2009) are facing and which will only get weirder. 


At this point in the unfolding events it may behoove us to take note that what is still lacking, if not totally missing from all information being shared, is that of our egos. What it is, where it came from and why it does as it does.

IF ANYTHING, at least the following read will help us better understand ourselves and why, what is going on around us is happening as it is. Thus it can be of some help in dealing with all the turmoil that will only heighten until 2012 and whatever will happen at that point. The information presented here may just help you better deal with it all.






Lost Connection? Or is it, Disconnected?



Regardless of the word anyone may use, be it God-Allah-Creator-Totality-Consciousness-Awareness etc, we are all pretty much ‘cognizant’ that there is ‘likely’ something that is or has ‘created us from above-beyond us’; but ‘what’ is still on the menu-du-jour.


So instead of trying to figure it out, really spending our time working at it in whichever way we can, most people opt simply to ignore it, live the day-to-day life (it is so hectic) and become part of consensus reality with the rest of us human-animals trying to become human-beings. Why human-animal, because as we can all plainly see all around us and around the world, we act more from our baser biological nature of fear=fight or flight and eat or be eaten=the strongest survives, then from our higher self or virtues when we know some action is right versus when some action is wrong




Simply put we have all Lost our Connection or is it have been Disconnected with that primal energy that created us all. We didn’t purposely or maliciously do it, but it has happened and the present state of affairs is proof that there is very little divinity left anywhere. Sure there are those that have some, do what they can; but all in all it is the so few (awakened consciousness) versus the so many living their vision of consensus reality.


Regardless of the word you use to describe it, it is pure energy that is everywhere and in everything and conscious of itself and with or through us becomes Awareness. The more we become Aware-Conscious the more we realize that our ‘Creator’ energy is within us, here and now, leading us to call it a ‘soul’ that vibrates with ‘It’ and all other things that have energy; yes meaning with all other things in the cosmos.


The ‘soul’ (or whatever word you choose to call that ‘spark’ of the Creator within yourself) vibrates in connection with ‘Creation’ and cannot be destroyed, least of all by the death of the human body or of any living entity. It is the exclusiveness of the Creator energy, we will call OM, as it vibrates, expands, is loving (o.k. so maybe it is more neutral than positive or negative) but how we describe it denotes how we see it and thus live our life with as least the simple fact that is ‘we all have a spark of OM within the human bio-suit we wear’.


What we do with, about, around it is up to each of us; mostly by and of our own given state of ‘Awareness’ as to what we are. If we never study up on it then we simply default to living consensus reality, which is the case of all things in life. IF WE DID NOT STUDY something, then we have to take another’s word for it. In consensus reality we don’t usually questions another person’s word for things, especially when they fit into our preconceived notions about the subject. So if one errors in their findings then all those that follow in those findings will be erring as well.


WELCOME TO LIFE and the lack of OM or better put the lack of Love; first for ourselves (in the correct manner that is) and then for others all around us. Whenever we deal with another person, interface with them, we are in fact dealing as well with OM that is within them. We are or at least can, effectively see a part of our Creator in them. Sure science won’t tell you that, and the religious system, well they like to control and make you believe what they want; but we all know that sound waves work and we can’t see them or that auras exist but we can’t see them either. Simply there are things that we still have yet to understand.

Let’s face it in the late 1800’s no one would have thought electricity would ever be as we can’t see that either. Here we are some 100 years later and look what electricity has done for us. Kind of makes us wonder if there isn’t really something behind it all, that we don’t know that we don’t know.


There really is, but we have Lost the Connection, have somehow been Disconnected.





Pretty much simply put, ourselves. But as we are somewhat complex beings in that we have a body (so bio-chemistry) and a mind (neuro-psychology) and many surmise a soul (wave energy from the source); we have to have at least a little understanding of it all. In the case of those from the places not fixated with organized religion (or denouncing it), they are still pretty much with the purity of themselves and creation; they know instinctively that somehow they are at onement with everything else, even if they could not describe it using our systems of words, meanings, definitions and phrases.


So for the rest of us in the religiously so-called civilized world, what really is stopping us? Egos, egos and more egos. We have a whole army of them within our brain and as such need to deal with them as they have staked a claim to our grey matter and thus our thinking mind or for those that understand the term ‘minds’ as plural. Plural as there are as many minds within as there are egos, each ego seeking at some point to be in control, or what we call the driver’s seat.


What egos are is quite simply a effect to a cause; which as we were all growing up, become as the behavior psychologist discovered, ‘a conditioned response (effect) to a stimulus (cause)’. Just as the animal trained to ring a bell and get food, ringing the bell made it salivate; so we as we grew developed a set pattern of responses to various stimuli. Be it one of a loving feeling toward someone doing or acting towards us lovingly; or one of fear if someone (even a loved one) did something (action-stimulus) towards us in an aggressive manner; setting off a response (effect) of protection from fear (stimulus) by cowering away (effect). All of this is looped together within our minds as studies of our neuro pathways has shown. The action comes in and our mind decides which file to open for the response. Anger begetting war and kindness begetting love. All cause-effect, stimulus response; for in essence there is very little ‘real thought’ given to us consciously doing an action, versus us ‘re-acting’.


Over our years of life, over the vastness of our life experiences we have all created a myriad of responses to all the stimuli that we have encountered. This has formed the bases of who we are as in how we will react to any given situation. As most of these responses where formed in our younger years, we say that they have become ‘conditioned’ responses as we have used them over and over depending on various situations we encounter. When a response is used over and over it becomes quicker when the stimulus is presented, due to the fact that we have honed the neuro-pathway from our mind-thought to the brain-data bank storage area where the reply has been filed. This is how the best sports people and intelligent minds hone their skills; as they want this response to act as quickly as possible.


Unfortunately for the rest of us, this quick response has nothing to do with our ‘thinking or contemplating’ about it from the stimulus presented, but simply becomes over time of use a conditioned response, to a set stimuli. We have not really consciously chosen how to react, we just did from within. This ‘REACTION’ is from the ‘ego’ mind that has control over that storage area in our brain data banks. It just blurts out the reaction, much as we and kids still do when presented with an action-stimulus that requires a rapid response.


So as we can see from the above, we are not really in charge of the response and this filters over to other parts of our brain-mind operation, meaning that the egos in one area can easily access another area with similar notions, thinking and thus replies.


With all of this stuff going on inside our heads it is easy to understand why we get headaches when thinking about things that are abstract like OM, let alone having to think about the multiple of egos that are keeping us from being all that we can be.





Awaken to consciousness by being in Awareness of all the things we can is the short answer, but how then becomes the next question; like the Russian doll with one question inside the next, inside the next, until we get to the last question and thus the answer. The answer really is inside of us to all the WHY questions and HOW questions we can ask; we just need to take the steps to open up the dolls or as others say, peel back each layer of the onion until we get to the core.


First we need to realize that we are looking to be all that we can be and in order to do so, we need to know who we are. This re    quires work and for the average of us present day humans with a mental age still in our teen-age years, it is difficult to contemplate the work, taking the time to do the work; without all the typical laments of I am too busy, yes mom-dad I will do it later, why are things always so hard, why do I have to do everything.

Well at least to that last one, if we don’t do it, it surely will never get done for no one else is interested in getting inside of our head and doing the work that they are already balking at doing for themselves. (Unless it is the ‘system’ and that is another whole set of egos and not for this write-up). Just like at home, we all had our chores to do and no one else wanted to do them. And, for those with money that paid others to do their chores, this surely is not one you can pay anyone to do, not even psychologists. It is our brain-mind construction and we need to audit it ourselves to see if we built it properly or if there are some things that need re-working. Given all the egos within that we are not too likely Aware of their existence, we have some re-modeling work to do.





In order to become who we are really meant to be, Our Higher Self; or simply in order to become all that we can be, we need to start by taking an inventory of who we are within our mind, that is to say, how the wires in our brain have been fused to make the neuro-pathways we use. It may seem tough, or it may seem like science but in reality it is simply common sense. Not consensus sense, whereby it is whatever we are told to do, or whatever the masses do, what the ‘other guy’ does, but just simple common sense that is based upon the ‘right for everyone to really be themselves without ridicule or control by another’.


To find our mind (as too many think the brain is really the mind when all it is, is the data bank, hard drive within us); as some software within our brain runs it all and that is the mind; made up of the egos and virtues we choose to live by. (Actually it is the ‘soul higher-self’ that is the ‘real’ software as we will see later).


Don’t get hung up on, or frightful of the really big existential questions of life like; ‘what made all this?’, ‘what is god?’, ‘what are we doing here?’, ‘where we from and where are we going?’. All that is stuff the egos like to throw at us to stump us and make us not want to do some simple things; ‘like find out how the egos came to be within us’.  They know instinctively from the psychological pattern they are and has been formed by various erroneously learned behavior patterns, that if we know about them, we can change them and get rid of the ‘bugs’ in our day to day life.


To start the process of ‘auditing ourselves’ all we need to do is to have the resolve that we want to really know and we will take the time to figure it out. So get a piece of paper and pen and write down the following egos-sins and there opposite virtue; this will give us an idea of what we are looking for:


Pride                                                 Humility-Belief


Avarice-Greed                        Altruism-Unselfishness


Lust                                         Chastity


Cholera-Anger                       Love


Laziness                                  Diligence


Gluttony                                 Temperance


Envy                                       Well Being of Others




Desire                                      Aspiration


Badwill                                   Goodwill


Fear                                        Courage



You will notice that there are 10 listed here, whereby most of us have likely heard of ‘the seven sins’; this is because our ancient writers realized that the first seven sins listed are in some way controlled with-from-by the three that they called the Captains in a matrix way, a multiple of multiples giving us a real matrix of what is going on within us.





Please do take note that as you under take your own auto-self analysis, you may come face to face with some things, situations that had been long buried and forgotten or actually repressed due to traumatic events. If this happens, please do yourself a service and seek professional help in dealing with this aspect. When we open up our selves for self examination (as we really are our own best doctors) sometimes we are confronted with situations that we are not adequately equipped to handle. That is to say we have yet to be faced with such a situation-challenge and really don’t know what to do. A professional, even with one simple visit can give us a lot of help and guidance to help us understand or at least deal correctly with the big picture at hand.


Rest assured there will be times when our egos are sensing they are being attacked, as we are questioning what is going on. Don’t be afraid (they fed off of fear) and don’t become mesmerized by them, just take some notes and move on. You will see later on what they are really up to, being so conditioned a response in our brain’s wiring that they have taken up a place in our mind as to an effect that was created by a given cause.


Some like to tell them to buzz off, as if they are some bug or virus in the machine (brain); while others will treat them as little children, as most of them having been developed from childhood; so they feel sorry for them and start to converse with them. Both methods work, just don’t let them steer us from our job at hand, auditing ourself as to what we have and then where did all come from.





So we have our list, checked it twice and now we are going to find out who-what is naughty or nice. We are actually going to audit ourself, our own brain data bank, just as anyone with computer knowledge undertakes to find a bug-virus so they can deal with it. This will lead us into understanding just how our mind thinks.


NOW WE ARE READY, but we need a few hints-pointers on how to keep our mind calm and clear, remember there is likely some automated software program running within and it keeps our mind chattering away, or jumping from topic to topic whereby concentration is difficult. So to help ourself along using the following tips ‘as having been tried and true’ for so many that have boldly gone to where you will be going; exploring the deep inner realms of being a human-soul in a biological suit.


1.     Turn on some soft music. Not with words, but whatever you know to help make you relax and be in the moment; as if philosophizing about life. You are and will be doing just that.

2.     Get yourself freshened up with a nice hot bath-shower and some really comfortable clothes so you are focusing within and not the tight this or that you are wearing; heck pyjamas will do the trick.

3.     Less blaring light is better, but you need to read and then write notes on your pad that is near by.

4.     If this sounds like meditation setup it is, but if you never did any; just relax in a comfortable chair with your writing pad close by and focus on your breathing so that you can really relax very very deeply.

5.     Don’t pay too much attention to all the mind chattering or thoughts flashing within. Focus on the breathing in and out so you can relax and be at inner peace.

6.     Choose one of the various egos-sins on your list and note the opposite virtue. Most of us are aware of some aspect with ourselves that is not of the virtue kind, so use that ego-sin as the example you want to work with.

7.     Once you are ready, start with today and work backwards to the last time you remember that ego having shown itself.
Example: if you picked gluttony, the last time you stuffed your face to the over fill most of us do at festive meals.
Holding that memory try to really describe all that was happening in the situation. The more detailed you get at doing this the clearer it will be as to what was going on and what happened to click this ego into re-action.
Example: Mom put the turkey and all the fixings on the table and you dove in. This re-action is likely something that you repeated many times in life; like mom calling all to the table for supper and everyone fighting to get the best part or more than the other. You where hungry and instead of pacing yourself you ate till you almost busted.

8.     As you review this scene in your mind’s eye, so what was the real stimulus or cause that created the response or effect-re-action; then ask yourself could you have done something different, and if so then what would have happened in the rest of the story.
Example: You paced yourself and where not bulging at the seams, putting on more weight and later on had more room for your favourite mom’s dessert, without being a glutton. In fact did you happen to notice that you may have used ’temperance’ the opposite virtue to pace yourself and thus more enjoyed the dessert.

9.     Using the same ego, go back to previous situations that you can remember where you saw this ego re-acting; and determine what sets it off as to the action you are seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling or thinking about as to it’s base stimulus. You are starting to make clear headway into what makes you tick within and therefore getting closer to ’what is really going on inside’.

10.Take this same ego as back as far as you can remember and don’t worry if you skip anything, as your soul-higher self is now guiding you somewhere to your past actions and re-actions. You want to see if you can find the very first time that you can consciously remember this pattern having started. The first time some stimulus set off the response that became your pattern with the ego in question up until now.

11.When you isolate the first time you remember this action re-action happening, write it down on your note pad, again describing in as much detail as possible the whole scene, the setup, the players, the first to action and the resulting scene that was played out to your reaction.
Example: It is your birthday party and mom made you a favourite cake that you seldom get to have. Your siblings are all there and want some of the cake for sure. After you blow out the candles you eye your sibling licking his-her chops in anticipation of diving in. You know they are bigger than you and can wolf down a lot of the cake, so you don’t wait and dive in to gorge yourself with the cake. Your siblings go ohhhhh as they are not going to eat anything you touched and you keep eating and eating. You love the smell, the taste, the texture and feeling it gives you as it happens and after. Only later on do you get a stomach ache, but the stimulus response has been set.

12.At this point if you see or realize this same pattern has happened to you on many occasions, especially with the near same setup; then you have effectively found the original starting scene where the ego (effect or response) was created from the stimulus (cause or action). You found how the bug got into the machine and became the virus it is. (N.B. this may seem like a simple example, but it is the same pattern that we have used for the creation of all our egos).

13.Now that you have found the root cause of this bug or virus, you are ready to get to work to de-bug the software-hardware (mind and brain wiring) so that it does not happen again, or at least will less and less during the rest of your life. Remember that you have now effectively awakened to part of you by becoming conscious of it.


Oh and don’t forget to forgive ourselves for what happened and what this got us to do over and over on many occasions in life. It is-is not our own fault, but forgive the past to live in the present and set things right. We want to be all that we can be and we are going there. Nothing will stop us unless we let the ego sit in the driver’s seat.  Forgive us our sins. If we don’t do it no one else will.





If it is a bug or ghost in machine we could call the ghost-busters, but as it is likely an E.T. we’d be better off to call OM.


Actually we just need to run an anti-virus program that we already have at hand; the virtue needs to replace the ego-sin for all the right reasons; mostly as we will need to be Aware of what is happening, be Conscious as to what is going on inside and thus Really Think of how we want to ACT, and not re-act as the egos love so much to do. Like little gremlins they just like to jump around, make us smile or laugh and cause havoc that leads to chaos in our lives. In our lives the ego in the psychological sense is what we externalize as our personality. Given the state of the present human affairs we can clearly understand that not too many people have ‘de-bugged the egos-sins’ out of themselves.


14. Continuing with our meditative introspection of what is going on inside; ie auditing     what makes up our beliefs, morals and behavior; we need to take stock of the ego we                 just identified, the discomfort leading to harm that it has done us and contemplate ‘what would have the whole scene been if we had acted from our virtue instead?’


15. Once we realize that had we lived the virtue instead of the ego-sin then we have effectively allowed ourselves the access to re-wiring the brain, which when used just as we had done over and over with the egoic re-action, we will have re-modeled our mind (externalization of our personality) to be as we choose and not based on some past erroneously learned behavior pattern. We will slowly over time of use, rewrite our own inner personality software program to externalize that which we choose and want to be. We will be taking charge of ourselves in order to be all that we can be; and not some one, culture, community or religion’s idea of what we should be, but our own ‘truth be known’ higher self coming into manifestation.


16. As we smile to ourselves for what we have just found out about our inner workings, about the egos-sin manipulation as a conditioned response and our replacing it with that which we deem right and better for ourselves and all others, BE SURE that you send this wave of good-happy-joyful feeling through your body so it to knows how healthy it makes us feel to have succeeded. We are becoming the creators of our own selves and thus our own actions without reacting to egos, ours or another’s.





As we have learned, sometimes we have to repeat and repeat something in order to fully understand it, so now is our chance to go back over all that we just did and learned about any given ego-sin and see if it is clearly imprinted in our mind. Once done, we can move onto doing the same process with each of the egos-sins that we all carry around inside in a varying degree or another. Remember that we are not all alike, so some will have more issues with gluttony while others will be lust, and others anger etc etc.





As a result to all of this, whether we subscribe to the concept of God-Creator or OM, we will have in fact re-connected our own selves that we know as our personality that is externalized to others, with our higher self or soul (for those that use and understand that term). We will be communicating from a better point of view wherein it is calm and goodwill that is acting, replacing frustrations and upset re-actions. Our higher self will in essence start to become our guide and help, teach and encourage us to do what we instinctively know is right, but have not really had a chance to work on making it so in our day-to-day lives.


For those that have studied it, we will in fact become fully Aware of just how much we are becoming Conscious of the Totality of Primary Energy or OM which is the spark we all have inside of us, but are still working on knowing it and ‘Making it So’.









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Metaphysics of the Dark side, or the Fluxion duality


This is an exposé on trying to explain in metaphysical terms the Dark side of things that all humans in the physical world live through at some point.


It maybe a bit strange to understand these premises being put here, but please try to analyze it all from Logic, Rational and then your higher emotions; for if it only your emotions that read this, they will surely be pissed off and not accept any of this look into the paradoxical duality necessary for life in the 3rd dimension physical form.


Much of the precepts come from ancient times as our forefathers, brothers and sisters wrestled with the anger, fear and pain of existence in a seemingly hostile place. Much is from the East, so it is not tainted with paradigms that the West has become to be known for and spoon feed to its inhabitants.


I will try to present it in various formats to give a manner that each can pick and choose from that makes it more comprehensible.





In order to follow this line of thinking we have to have some basic premises erstwhile we are helter skelter all over the place. So:

1.     We are all, an Etheric energy spark of the central point or Creation point that most call Creator. We, as all must at some point, are experiencing life in the physical form as part of our awareness of ourselves and all that is around us. We are co-joined with our body for this experience, but we are not our body no the brain within it.

2.     In order for the Cosmos to function as its perpetual energy in motion, it has laws of the nature kind that cannot be overridden, in order to avoid power control issues as well as chaos ensuing. These are guidelines as it were to what cannot be tampered with; and are not to do with what can be done; that is up to us and our imagination etc.

3.     Everything everywhere vibrates at its own rate, rhythm and voltage etc. All of this energy in perpetual motion is in fact what we call the Creator for it is everything and has each and every one of us to feedback or to be aware of it. We don’t have to consciously do it, it is part of the energy process of what OM and We are.

4.     There is no dark side nor a light side to this energy as it just is what it is; everything everywhere. It is what each entity or conscious being does with it that determines how it will be perceived. Just as the energy is pure etheric or air like at its highest vibrations; at its lowest vibrations we see it as solid objects.

5.     The Fluxion process or waves in Quantum Physics will help those that need to understand the ‘science’ behind it all as to how it works. The math is there for those that require math to proof or explain things; just as the relationship of energies are described as to how it functions as the Totality of Primary Consciousness; also known as ‘It is that it is’.

6.     In order to experience the physical realm ‘duality’ is necessary, for we cannot know what is hot if there is no cold, what is hard if there is no soft and thus all the way to what Dark is if there is no light, and very much so, what is Light if there is no Dark. This last part being the big paradox we all have to go through in order to understand what is going on here and now.

7.     Agreeing at least in that we are a spark or soul or ego or spirit in a human suit, here and now, we can move into the concepts of:

·         Are we some extra-terrestrial laboratory experience?

·        Are we some creation of some extra-terrestrial entity?

·        Are we here by some chemical chance of unknown science?

·        Are we some type of problem entities in quarantine trying to fix what we broke?

·        Are we –you can add in here whatever it is that you would contemplate possible?

·        Or as is seen in many ways, are we part of all the above processes to some degree or another?


8.     If we cannot envision any of these precepts then we cannot really ask much of ourselves and thereby contemplate the Dark Side and resolve all of what is going on here.




Succinctly put, we are ‘eternal energy spirits-souls-egos’ of the primary consciousness that no matter what we experience, we will live on, reincarnate here or somewhere else and continue to live, experiment and grow from whatever experiences we have.


9.     Karma exists in the cosmic sense, in order to both help us grow (as in chastisement) as well as to ensure that once we understand a process, we do not ignorantly or maliciously try to manipulate it to our control, for the power of it. We are all part of each other, however removed and that includes everything that is and everywhere it is found. Again, for those needing more science to this please consult the Fluxion process to understand how OM works.



Dark and Light


To many of ancient metaphysics, once we understand our own psychology and how it functions, our next step is to neutralize the ‘erroneously learned behavior patterns’ within ourselves. This is the process of awakening to who we are, enlightening ourselves as to what is all around us and thus becoming conscious of what processes take place and how they help form who we are and will evolve into.


If we want the Dark side to dissolve in the here and now, then we must make the light dissolve as well, in that, in order for one to exist in the 3rd dimension of our existence; then the other must by necessity exist as well.

If it were only light here now, then we are seeking to create paradise on Earth which is a experiencing planet for a little season, all the while paradise itself is in another dimension; our real OM-base as it were.


If only dark were here now, we’d be living in a perpetual type of Hell with no chance for growth and to better understand what life as the human, as well as, extra-terrestrial entities is all about.


So here on earth, in the physical realm of this 3rd dimension we need duality to function and live it all clearly; in order to understand whatever we can in our growth and path.




The Bad Dark Stuff


As you have read to this point, there is still the existential question in your mind of ‘yeah o.k. but what about all the dark stuff that is happening?’


Well as you may not like the plausible answer, take a minute to reflect on the above and then approach the following with a complete open-mind, no preconceived notions and Real Love in your heart, at least for yourself to learn something:


·        Remember we said the Fluxion as OM energy is that it is and being everywhere and everything is not seeking to control, impose or be controlled etc. It just takes all in consciously and grows there from no matter what it seems like to us.

·        As OM is creation and expands, we can call it creative energy in perpetual motion constantly expanding; something us humans would, could and likely should call Real Love in perpetual motion. OM is not God in the Biblical sense, no matter what cult or group you are from or with; OM is creative energy.

·        Creative energy necessitates a duality in it as in positive-negative just as we see in electricity and how it works; or basic chemistry as in the attraction of two people.

·        As creation or creative energy, OM cannot be at the blame for the bad dark things and Being does; for it does not control but give out for others to transform as they choose. If you choose the water to be 80 degrees and the other chooses it to be 100 degrees; are you wrong and they right; and vice versa? We each have our free will to work with.

·        As there are smarter ones than each of us here and now, there are also smarter ones that are smarter than they. Inevitably we will end up with smarter ones that are not terrestrial in origin, in the same manner that we ourselves cannot be said to be purely terrestrial, for Earth is one of many planets and our own spark of spirit energy comes from the center point, OM.

·        The smarter ones enjoy in the basic animal instinct sense (as our biology has evolved from, but not our spark of OM spirit soul) over powering the weaker in order to control and be the head of the pack. So just as we on earth have power mongers as smarter ones finding ways to control us; there are extra-terrestrial or non-human ones that are smarter and thus can control the human based power mongers.

·        This does not happen because Beings are intently dark-bad, nor as they are errors in their own creation; but due to free-will choices and experiencing what various combinations of manners will produce. Remember that we are only here for a little season and then we move on and reincarnate; bringing our good and challenging karma with us.

·        OM is not letting the Dark exist, just as OM is not letting the Light exist. Both are part of the same thing. When we learn that and what we do with it makes it become manifest what we then see and interface with.

·        Just as there are power mongers in human sense and extra-terrestrial sense, there is always someone trying to control someone, at least in this dimension of Time and Space, which is simply one of many dimensions that we work within.



So the Dark stuff is as we, others etc make it manifest; due in a large part to avoiding the understanding of how it all works. The Darker ones do and manipulate it to their ends; while Light is not control seeking, but freedom or free will giving.


That being said and is as it is, we still have a deeper existential question to the first one:

‘yeah o.k. but what about all the dark HORRIFIC stuff that is happening?’





Karma will not explain everything that is Horrific, but it will give a better view of the bigger picture, from which each Being can then work and grow from.


Please remember that on Earth in this dimension we need duality to understand, no matter how hard we want this to be paradise and live only in paradise; this is here and now and needs to be taken as such.


Logically all of what will follow will work its way back to a point, that we can see as the starting point of where all the problems of Dark nature started and from there have escalated into what we are witnessing now as Horrific stuff. Remember I am not negating or demeaning anything that happens to anyone and have myself my own extreme dislikes of certain actions perpetuated by us humans; but it does not devoid the logic and rational needed to analyze things.


It may come as a bit of a dislikeable shock to many of you, but Karma is a big factor in all we see and hear of, here and now. Karma is part of each of us in our reincarnating aspect, that while we are in our natural state of ‘life between lives’ is not an issue as ‘it has been suspended’ in lets call it paradise, while we learn something there to work on once we reincarnate’. Sure everyone wants to live in paradise all the time, but then there would be no growth, we would conceivably become bored and seek adventure. In fact we’d seek out experiences for a little season to ‘Live as Life’.


As we thus are not aware in the here and now of what Karma we are actually dealing with, having been given the cup of forgetfulness in order to experience this dimension and realm without undue influence of past lives etc, we can barely make out what we have in the way of karma, and thus even less or zero in understanding what another human-being has in their own karmic balancing to do.


So in the area of really horrific stuff going on here and now, we come back to duality and the paradox of karmic re-balancing.


In our concept of paradise, we have had a Hell created that all bad people go to in order to be eternally punished; regardless of the sin. Thus we’d be happy to contemplate that someone that pillaged, molested, raped, killed someone is eternally sitting in Hell-fire without any chance for any type of redemption.


BUT, if OM is not affecting our actions, but we are ourselves, then OM is not putting someone in Hell-fire to burn forever on end; just as OM is not sending this one or that one to paradise forever and ever.


THUS, we question ‘what is the karmic situation behind someone in the here and now that has been robbed, abused or killed?  Honestly, we really don’t know what they did in previous lives to live through that, just as we don’t know what we did in order to live through what we did. We can get inclination of our own stuff, but for the ‘other guy-gal or worst child’ just what is going on.


As I said, we don’t like the answer when it says Karma, but it has to be taken seriously into consideration. Once done, we at least can see some light of the situation; and of course as we still dislike the actions, we can learn from them all and try to correct our own actions and then those of others.


Just as we our individual self have karma to contend with, which by the way all the power mongers are happy we do not factor it into anything we think and do or else they would lose the control they have over us; there is karma that is related to family, community, city, state, country, culture, religion and any other grouping of people that has an action towards others.


Earth herself has a karma that she deals with in the sense of who and what we do with her.





Too many of modern day humans would like to blame all of the problems we now face on ‘the other guy’ no matter where they come from; and especially if it is of the extra-terrestrial kind, which the system is slowly confirming exists but have yet to admit to having had and have dealings with some of the Visitors. It places the onus of the problem and thus of the focus away from the individual that is experimenting with their own experiences in the here and now.


Whether it is the Visitors mucking with our DNA, (that only affects our biological form and not our soul-spirit) or playing magic (as yet to be understood actions) tricks to awe us into thinking they are Gods, to the various testing and implants for brain-washing and mind control (which are generally of man made origins, albeit Visitor aided); none of this allows for any one of us to ‘negate our own hand in the present problem’.


If we are all here and now, then we are all in the same boat and should be seeking a common solution to the pandemic problem. Yet as we see ourselves as divided one from that other, as we see ourselves separated by whatever ism is in mode, we tell ourselves that there is nothing we can do, that we need a miracle savior and thus we fall into the victim mode and are helpless. As duality would have it, if there are helpless victims then there are going to be groups that are angry and thus offensive agitators with a devil may care attitude. Both of these actions perpetuates that nothing is done to understand and help to fix the problem.


In karmic sense, Edgar Cayce the most influential ‘sleeping prophet’ of our times had let us know that the current human population born from the 40s onward are all reincarnated from the Atlantean period here and now, in order to deal with a ‘massive’ karmic rebalancing. What that was to be was unclear, but he did let it be known that it was up to each individual to be all they can be in mimicking the highest good they hold as their mentor.


These mentors throughout our human history have always had the same message, regardless of the time they were here, what area they were in or what group they belonged to.





We have free-will choices and thus we can live the Light side of situations or we can easily fall into the default mode of our basic human biological instincts and live the Dark side of strongest survives or dog eat dog to get ahead.


To OM or the Creator Energy in everything everywhere, it matters not in our point of Time and Space, for What Is, Is and What Will Be, Will Be.


It just depends on what we each individually want to manifest and give our energy towards. What you focus on is what you will give your energy to perpetuating. SO, if you focus on being all you can be and understanding the metaphysics of the dark side and Fluxion karma, you will ultimately understand it.




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Do we really want to know what is going on, or would we rather live a ‘peace of mind’ existence, even if it kills us?


Do we really want to understand the difference between the ‘have and the have nots’?


With present conditions such as a world narcissistic pandemic, endless wars, religion and science still not agreeing on things such as God or the Fluxion, and materiality having beaten out spirituality in all facets of life, ‘what are we going to do about any of it’?


Normally we would want to try to introduce such tough subjects with some ‘wisdom humour’, yet at this juncture even that would not help much with the hard pills we have to swallow to face the truth. Ironically with the word ‘truth’ also known as the wrath of ‘God’! No not some old man with a gray beard out there punishing us; but our own divineness giving us a kick in our own butt to ‘wake up and understand what is going on so we can make things better’.


How? By being all that we can be, which is diametrically opposite to what we are doing now, living the consensus reality we do.


Zeitgeist the movie is likely a good place to start, if we want to know ‘what really happened’ up until now, to the human race. Where many have taken years to piece things together; spending a lot of blood sweat and tears over it all; we can now see the ‘jest’ of it in this two hour riveting and heart wrenching overview of us as humans since at least the times of recorded civilizations.


For sure it hammers away at Religion and Science. It exposes the ‘international monetary system for what it really is and what is behind it all’. It tells us of the truth of 911 and many other ‘acts of human tragedy’.






IT IS FOR those that really do care and want to know what in ‘God’s name has been really going on’ so that we can then at least to the best of our abilities try and fix what we can. With Real Love, consciously, truthfully and unconditionally; a.k.a. OM.


Caveat Emptor: If you are reading this as part of some idle curiosity, or some bored aspect of your life; STOP right now. You will not like what you will be reading; nor will you be able to stop the pain that it will cause. On the hand if you are tired of living someone else’s idea of consensus reality; read on so you can find that which has long been lost. Real Love OM.




Narcissism: Humanities Pandemic


The meaning of the word is as follows:


From Wikipedia:

The terms "narcissism", "narcissistic" and "narcissist" are often used as pejoratives, denoting vanity, conceit, egotism or simple selfishness. Applied to a social group, it is sometimes used to denote elitism or an indifference to the plight of others. Arguably, however, these terms are used to draw parallels between allegations of self-centeredness and Narcissistic personality disorder, rather than toward healthy self-love.

From: Narcissism Malignant Self-Love:  (75% are males)

A pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with one's self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one's gratification, dominance and ambition.

An all-pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration or adulation and lack of empathy, usually beginning by early adulthood and present in various contexts.

So while the above does not give us a ‘pandemic’ outlook, as we research it, investigate and study it, we will in fact see it has taken on a life of its own. It has usurped OM as ‘God’ of humanity.

In various studies which we can view online, along with the Documentary ‘Corporations’ we will find that just as the mass of humanity has some ‘wounded inner child’, the corporations are predominantly ‘psychopathic’ as we analyze them it much that same manner as we would ourselves.


War ‘What is it Good for’? Money making and skullduggery.

As this area is so long in human history, we won’t go into too much detail as the movie covers it all quite nicely. Suffice to say that ‘War’ is the outward behavior of human-animals that have yet to attain the status of human-beings.

Whatever the reason, is not good enough to condone any acts of this kind. So we will leave it off with the paradoxical statement ‘without wars in the experience of living life as a soul in a human-suit, we would not know and fully understand what peace and love truly are’.


Religion and Science: Again!

Where would we be without religion? Where would we be without science?

Think about that and contemplate the answers in a non-consensus reality way. That is to say, don’t just quote by rote what we learned growing up, but say what we studied and came to accept as our highest ideal of how to deal with all facets of life.

Religion is simply a gathering of people with a similar belief in a certain doctrine or way of thinking and acting. Narcissism in itself could be a religion, if the narcissists every believed that the mass of narcissists believe in exactly what they do; over exaggerated self.

Necessarily when we pass our own critique on something, we will come up with contradictions that seem to be un-answerable; especially in the realm of ‘theology’. Thankful we can access a multitude of websites that can help us find the path to the right direction we are trying to go.

A very insightful website to all things that are seemingly ‘contradictory’ is at EMBRACING THE CONTRADICTION that really helps us to be comfortable with what is going on as we learn to interpret the written information ourselves. Dwayne does have a lot of metaphysical and science understanding that lends itself to making this the best place to start, for a serious ‘seeker’ of our spiritual life.

At the same time our friend and science mentor The Spirit of Mike has outlined what present day scientists, especially those advanced to the quantum levels, will come to understand as to what ‘God’ is. Grand UniVerse of Primary Consciousness HandBook to the Void gives us the ‘lock stock and barrel’ of what Fluxion energy really does and how it does it; ‘Creates as our Creator’ and ‘Fluctuates’ as what we call ‘Real Love in Perpetual Motion’. To those that care to study it, they will recognize this as the capstone on the pyramid of life; whereby Religion and Science finally become as ONE. The Totality of Primary Consciousness a.k.a. OM.

Of course the movie Zeitgeist itself will give you some insight to all of this and more as it turns organized religion on it’s head. It really is more like organized mafia operations for the control of the energy of ‘human-beings’. We are all dynamos that produce energy and resell it for ‘a few pieces of sliver’.


Spirituality and Materiality or To Requite God’s Love

In current spiritual parlance, OM (Creator God if that word pleases you) is the ‘Totality of Primary Consciousness of Real Love in perpetual motion’, thus everything everywhere, with us, the souls experiencing life in a human-suit here and now, as the ‘Animated Interfaces’. We capture information and as we are all of ONE, send it all around; which each of us having an effect on the other as we are At-Onement. This is the pure aspect of our spiritual nature for we all have a spark of the divine within us.

The challenge on the other hand is dealing with our material nature; such as our physical bodies, which, being physical by definition, means, that the cells etc are vibrating at a lower than ‘spirit’ state. Just as a rock is even lower to our physical body; and as we know (or should by now) ‘we are not our physical bodies’ but a soul experiencing life in a rented physical body or human-suit. Even the air, or the seemingly void space around us, is in fact the raw energy of OM, seeking to manifest in one way or another.

The paradox we live once we attain a certain understanding of ourselves is that ‘if God loves us then why are we in the state we are in’? 

A simple answer that is well worth investigating is that we are ‘simply’, in a lower vibrational state and as such have to deal with things that our ‘eternal soul’ was not constructed as. We do not say ‘constructed for’, as we were in fact intended to experience life as a soul in a human-suit. 

A deeper answer is that we are sent to this plane in order to awaken, enlighten and become all that we can be; and become aware so that we can become a co-creator with OM in the Multi-Verse of Multi-Dimensions. To requite OM’s Real Love as it were.

SO, then how does God’s Unrequited Love fit into this?

First let us start with ‘what is requited love’. Simply stated it is love that is returned in the manner that it was given (or should have been given) that is to say; Real Love (not lust love or some other kind of love) but Real as it is first and foremost conscious of itself. Yes love is consciousness of OM as it perceives through us to grow. Darkness or any negative trait is just that Love is absent or missing from the situation.

Real Love is truthful, in that it does not seek to live any consensus reality of any kind and always wants to be in the ‘mind-set’ of OM and what would OM do; or more to our level and way of thinking ‘what would Christ do’. It cares only about the truth that is cosmic in many ways; yet is also simplistic in that it is Love as in the verb, as in the action; being truthful.

Then we must contemplate the add-on of ‘unconditional’, which is the opposite of something that is done with a condition attached to it. Such as, I will marry you if you put out the garbage while I do the dishes. Unconditional has no ‘if then’ attached to it. There is no hidden agenda such as ‘if you are not nice then I won’t give you a candy’. Yes this is a typical statement of introducing ‘conditions’ to our children.

So as we contemplate all of this, we come to realize that this is fact the way that we would like to perceive God/OM, at least in our minds. Yet we are not quite there yet. We still have the remnants of what our caregivers, culture and society spoon fed us with, as being what God is. To anyone that has taken the ‘due diligence’ to read the sacred writings like our Old Testament Bible, they will have surely realized that the God written of in it; is not likely to be our creator. In fact we want to make sure that some vindictive tyrant is not the one overseeing all of this.

Fortunately, there is a lot of material to help us understand better what God really is and why we have the one of the bible as he is. Remember that we started this write up with the movie Zeitgeist in mind and now would be a good time to watch it. It is a 2 hour investment of your time for the sake of our world and you soul if you understand what that really is.

To requite God/OM’s Real Love is just that, to think, speak, act in that manner that you know to be of Real Love in being all that you can be; no matter what.

Think of it this way, OM Real Love is positive energy in constant movement and expansion as Consciousness, Truthfulness and Unconditionality. Anything less is devoid of it and thus not Real Love. Not Real Love equates to something that is dark and not light seeking to help and guide growth and expansion.

Unrequited OM’s Real Love stands in wait for us to use our free-will and requite it. When we learn to do this with ourselves and others; we are in fact doing it with OM.



As Edgar Cayce the ‘sleeping prophet’ has said, ‘think, act, be as what you consider your highest ideal and that is what you will manifest’ for your soul’s growth no less. We are all what we think and if we think Real Love then we are that, if we think materialism then we are that instead. If, as most of humanity does, think in terms of consensus reality; then that is exactly what the mass of humanity experiences, for ‘we are all of one’, OM.


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Art: All alchemists realize that art contains a lot of mystical aspects that hopefully the masses can at least contemplate with enjoying it.


Mysticism: The duality to science is in fact the ‘cosmic science’ that is considered magic until science satisfies itself as to what it really is.


Narcissism: Well, trying to play God with a spark of God within us (our soul) is paradoxical in the least. At it’s worst it leads to ‘ego manifestation’ and ‘id/soul’ suppression. Skull-duggery in action.


Skull-duggery: Let us simply say that, that which would keep us down does not want the masses to gnosis the truth; so they continue to keep things hidden or in the least muddled up. The perpetuators of narcissism.


Real Love: Acquainting ourselves with God by being ‘truthful, conscious and unconditional’. Requiting God’s love back is literally sharing it with all of mankind.


OM: That which Was, Is and will Always BE. Energy in perpetual motion that is known as Real Love.



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