Older Writings






All Souls Need Parenting (Book Five)


Body Mind and Soul Comparison (Taoist, Gnostic, Atlantis)


Empire of Truth (E.T. in more than ĎOne Wayí)


Fate the Cosmic Comptroller (Book Four)


Gnosis of Life with God as Love (Book One, Two, Three, Four, Five combined)


Gnosis Handbook (Book Two)


God and Soul 101 (to 901)


God as Life and Love from the Id (The seat of the Soul)


Godís Unrequited Love(Reflecting Back)


Letís Talk About the Taboos (Politics & Money, Sex & God)


OM Godís Unrequited Love (Real Love energy from and back to God)


Reuniting People with Reality (Existential questions of Life)


Second Coming of the Messiah (Book Three)


Spiritual Analysis (Book One)


State of Mind (Some weird-ramblings)


Synopsis (Of book One, Two, Three, Four & Five)


The Chaos Theory (Quantum Physics in everyday life)


What Do We Really See Around Us (Some not so weird ramblings)



Slide Show


End of Times(Caution Strongly Advised)

Love is the Only Answer (But what is Real Love)


Planets & Organ Energy (Taoist style)


Sexual Energy (Gnostic knowledge with Taoist style)

We Can Fix It All If We Become (Conscious of It All)




Exercises to Work With


Exercise Egos Dummies (The basics of what Egos are)


Exercise Egos Intermediate (How Egos operate)


Exercise Egos Advanced (How to Get Rid of Them)


Gnosis on the Internet (Links and more Links)


Karmic Balancing (Metaphysical Table)


Meditation (Basic)


Meditation on the death and dissolution of an Ego (Advanced)


NeuroLinguistics (Words and some meanings)


Personality Test (107 questions to knowing yourself) (requires MSExcel)


References (Books, Videos, Authors etc)